Vol. 1 No. 42 SEYMOUR JOHNSON FIELD, N. C. October 2,1943 War Boiid Golf Tourney Stars LL Horton Smith Scoring a twoH3vor>par total of 74, Lt. Horton Smith, An- sistant Spoeial Sonrioo Officer hero on the, field led the en> tire eouroe loit Sunday os golfers from the field competed with Goldsboro players in a War Bond Exhibition Match held at the Goldsboro Country Club. ' Although the .day ended with the ciTilion golfers lead ing the servicemen 10 to 5, Lt. Smith's score was low for the. entire tournament. The program was credited with hav ing sold $8,910.00 worth of War Bonds ond Stamps and fea tured some sterling ploy on the part of all concerned. Lesdiog off the sfterxtoon’s eii- terUinment wse s foursome com posed 3f Colonel Donsid B. Smith, CspUln W. 8. Rhodes sgslnst Orey Rerrln;, sad Dr. Corbett Howard of town; toUls. 99, 96. 84. 88. Itie second foursome featured Lt. E. C. Eckman, who shot a 37 on the out 9 Dole and ffnlsbed with a 79. Lt P. M. Martin with 85 matched against Sam Byrd and W. R. Books who rang up 92 and 84, re spectively. Then. In rapid succession came the following matches: Capt. W. L. Porter and Major R. M. Giles against J. N. Longest and Dr. S. D. Poole (88. 88, 80. 84); Capt E. D.' Truett and Lt, W- J. Ragland against Dr. R. E. WUUams and Charles Et^erton 83, 87, 80. 85); and Sgt. Char;es Lowe and Cpl. goo Malta versus Ray 8. Scog- f ins and W. H. Jenkins 78. 81. I. 78). The last foursome, which drew moht of the gallery, consisted of Capt. A. Knapp who scored two birdies on the In 9 holes and rang up a 77, Lt Horton Smith who made the previously-mentioned 74, J. J. Roberta who acorad 81, and O. - W. Holmes who played sub- par go on the ftr,al 9 to tally 77 for the 16. Before the matches began, Lt. Smith entertained the audience present with a spectacular exhibi tion of Iron and wood shots on the No. 1 tec. Student Officers Given New Duties, Privileges A new organization of Student Officers in the Technical School Groups which will give them more privilegen and new duties and responsibilities wtu announced this week. In addition ot their new privileges, identifying brassards will soon bo issue dto dis tinguish them from regular enlisted men, it was stated. Student Officers who qualify for Officers Candidote Schools and who hove performed efficiently in their assignments will also receive certain credits from the DCS Boord when they are examined. While on duty or in an official capacity, it was announced. Student Officers will re ceive such tokens of military courtesy os being addressed by their proper title, being called "sir," and being soltued properly. In addition, they will be quartered in special separate barracks which no other enlisted men may enter erc^ on business or in line ofduty. ^ While on duty or tn an official Striding throngh a smoke-screen—teor-gos mixture, GI's here on the field get gas ex perience as part of their military training. MajBanick Promoted To LL Col. Promoted last week from the ^ rank of M^or was Lt. Colonel Vincent W. Banlck. Executive Of-i ticer of the Poat Hospital. Lt. Col. I Banlck came to the flHd in Do-1 . cember of last year, after serv- Post Ping Pong Tourney are com- the go-ahead signal, the department began constructing a •''»>« In 'toe etyle. with toe',joining area and aseembling a etafl of instructor*, and iMtngiey Ffclds. majority of the representative or-j * . . Bowling 'Em Over Last week's high score at the Post Bowling Alleys was nmg up by Sgt. James Randall, of the 11th Academic Squadron. He bowled 344 to collect the $3.00 weekly prtae. Runners-up tor pin-smashing records were A-0 Sam Dower with a score of 334, and Dan OrsybowaU. with 330. SJF Ping Pong Mil. Tng. Program Makes Soldiers Faster* Better *'Your Today Creates Tomorrow's Headlines." With that motto and a hard-working staff of commis- sioned^emd non-commissioned officers, the Military Training Section. Office of S-3, is giving soldiers the fundamemtals of arts that will help to keep them alive and defeat their ene mies. Instituted some six months ago, the military training program was established at a time when no provisions for it Squadron > eliminations In the were authorized by the Technicol Training Command. With naUve'of Scranton. Peanj5yl./"*J””7 “ Today, they teach the funda-^ vsnia, LL Col. Banlck Is 35 years having already cbos- ^entala of such subJtets as Close’o* Arms. Interior Guard, and the old and a graduate of Jefferson en their men. nriii A»tM> nnii i®cbool of a Soldier. Medical College In Philadelphia, j Paddlemasters from aU aouad-Military Training, Prior to his entry Into the Army tons wlU engage In the Playoffs at P*'®li«ihiary Marksmanship. Pat- Major Peter O. Miller has a staff hi the spring of 1841. he teught the New Sports Arena on or about BoUlng and 'Tent-Pitching, Hasty consisting of Captain BayllsMc- (Continued on Pjge Three) Oct 8rd. ‘Field PortUlcattons the Manuel Henderson. Field Fifth Army Takes Naples As Soviets Forces Battle For Kiev Italy's third greatest city, Na ples. has been captured >7 Lt. Oect. M%fk W- Clark's American Fifth Army who threw ttbe Ger man defenders back upon the de fenses of Rome. 130 alrmllm to the north. American found the of Germans' The time at which the port was seised bM not hem given. the entry into the city has been described as the greatest victory yet won by UtO Allies in their 1943 offensive to smash HltleFa *70- ropean Portress. Battle Kiev LONDON — The BattUe Of Tlev. expected here to be cm® .of the de cisive struggles of the war, raged with unabated fury Friday with both Russians and Germans throw ing tremendous forces of artillery Infantry and air power into the fight to achieve mastery ot the Dnieper line Officer, and Second Lteut. WUbur Ragland. His staff of enisled men Is divided Into instructors and ordnance men who keep small arms In condition. Instructors are: T-^ts. John Bartoe, Ralph Beam- er. and S. B. Franklin Jr.; 8-8gts. Alex Assanoff. Bernard PVleden- berg, Eklgar Burkland, and T. B. Mayfield; SgU. 8. M. Oideos. Wil liam De^e, M. O. Eskoff, Louis .Paezosa, Lm Schneider. John Friday placed one spearhead of I Stone; CdIs.'f. F. Bralser. S. ~ Ausrtalians a half mile from the Homan. D. T. Popkey: Pfc. Mal- well-protected harbor of Finsch- cohn L. Carr; Pvts. E. A. Such- bskfen. ma, and B. A. Knak. The Japanese, ejected bloodily | Ordnance men Include Sgt. R. ..A from all high ground before 'helA. Conway. Opls. A. A. Croutbamel i.’JSi 0«rm»n MtUemut. now,W- O- Kerr. U. C. Hlghduch. *nl ktvi Rritiah fAn-M'ISa ^ft_S?(OPPoee the enclrclUig assault troops iA. F. Inanni. In charge of admin- wveTwtoS Si VL «*?- . Hie time »t which ^t.tnl.n ermTS flc™ across the 100-yard wa'ver barrier I™ Auswauana. that separate Kiev from its ea^ ern bank suburbs, already in So viet bands. In the battle may rest the fate ot the German armies In the great Dnieper bend south of Kiev and tn the Crimea, as well as control of the Black nea. New Ootera — New Guinea front line repo^ Attaofclag Village In their drive which opened Sept 33 six miles north of Pm^- hafen. the Aussles crossed the Ing and Non-Com Schools are T- Set. William Turner and S-8gt. Edward Arnaud. In stating the purpose of this program. Captain McKee said. *The need for proper discipline and mit ... . ... - - —.Itsry training cannot be overem- Bunu River, sent two columns. phased regardltts of whether **>• swinging west and south, then {soldier is an A. M., a took, or any turned back towards the mam other type of r is the part of the village. The line of endeavor of all men in fills de- prognu resembles a booftipartznttu to give an peraaonal m w4th the point directed eastward. (CotiUnued on Page Throe) capacity, It was announced. Stu dent Officers will receive such tokens of military courtesy as being addressed by their proper title, being called "sir," and being saluted properly, m addition, they will be Qui^red in spedal sepa rate barracks which no other en listed men may enter except on business or In line of duty. Most pcHiular of the new reg- ulatlMis was expected to be the change in bed-check time for Stu dent Officers in the commissioned grades. Their time wlU be one hour later than other students. Pending the Issuance of brassards for wear on the arm. the commis sioned and non-commissioned ranks of studenL officers and their indentifying symbols are designated tsa follows: Student Colonel or Lt. Colonel- Wing C. O.—Blade button with white stripe. Student MaJor->Oroup O. O.— Blue button. Studeot Captain—Squadroa C- O. —Green button. Student Lieutenant—Flight C. O. —Red button. Student Plight Sergeant—Non- Com.—Yellow button. Also included in the new memorandum were provisions for sending with shipping Student Of ficers a latter of recommendation together with an ai^ropriate entry in their service record. After graduation, it was stated. Student Officers wUl not be de tailed to fatigue du^ or Mess Man agement unless non-commlssiODed officers of the permanent party are also scheduled for sudti duties. Weekly meetings, held by the Squadron Commander together with student officers will be held to determine policies, solve jwoh- lems and complaints, and Improve conditions and morale among the sUxlent body. Bond Drive Ends; Total $150,000 AM on the heels of the announoe- ment from Washington that our nation -wide Third War Loan Drive baa gone well over Its $15,000800,- 000 limit, news came that Seymour Johnson Field's quota had been blown to bits u the field finUhAS Its one-month drive with a total of $150475 worth oi bond purebaM. Drged on by huge individual pur chases, the drive sky-rocketed through its first three wedfs, reach ing the aaslbied quota of $100,000 long before the drive came to a close. With 30 organliationa on the field iTiore than meeting their quota, and with some doubling and tripling tbetrs. the drive gathered momenium with each day and pushed over the top in record time —a symbol of thejdetennlnaUon of Seymour Johnson neld persmioet to back tltolr government to the limit In this stnugle. A total of 33 $1800 bonds and 30 $500 bonds were bought by Individ uals. ClaM "'O" Coupon-bearing bond sales whidti were limited to organlaUnni. rearticd the $33808 mark ar aooth’s end, as the Pl- nanee Department kept Its M-bour service schedule—M boms betwsro (Gontinoed on Page Three)

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