North Carolina Newspapers

    Vol. No. 1 No. 44
October 16,1943
“Brovnte”. muoot of ttw
AAF Band, died iMt
that abnple amteoc^fSS* eU
mootha of derotlfiD-iS^a boxtdi
of fellows, smA as few do^
ever |lTe, Brownie, who studc
with Band as thejr aored
from SFM to area, didn't live to
see the latest move, as the sn»
tire outfit eras attsAed to the
Bq and Hq ^uadroo. with
Captain RmukI Beabury as
OoPMnandlnc Officer. After two
weeks Illness, nursed night and
day by loyal men In the squad
ron Brownie passed away.
Open Non-Com’s
Club On Field!
l^ng-owoited tines Ssymofir Johnson Field Jirst smsrgsd from ths cottMi and tobacco-iielda bf North Carolina, the
Post Non-Com's Club is now a working realitr- Opening one wing this week, the Club got under way to o fast stoTt, with
lounging facilities, and gomes already installed for members' conrenience.
nte building situated at SUi
Street between O o streets, is
the work of the Post Engineers
and several aquqdron mechanics.
When the Club reaches its peak
of operation, officials states ail
wings of the building will be oper.
On tap within a few weeks wlU
be a tunteen selling soft drinks,
cudy and cigarettes. Also avail
able at that time will be manv
games, reading material, radios,
and comfortable furniture. Big at-
tracUons in weeks to come are
the dinners, dances, and shows pui
on for the benefit of members.
With the coming of a Post Non-
com 8 club, rules and regulations
we.e, w 'c Pitsioent M. Sgt Charle.-
bers and guests. Wives, it was su.
ed. may be brought in at any time.
But mends may not. Soldiers from
other fields, whether they *u-e non-
coins or not, may be brought in
by a member-friend, however.
A $3.50 initiation fee with $i oC
per month dues are standard rate*.
m membership, and the privilege;
•M ■ « oP®o fof all non-coms from Cov-
When good wllows g«t togethei at the Non-Coms Club, poral to Master Sergeant, inclusive
neineiiiwei oeuuy uwui(»i> wui oponod, the old con flies thick and fast in the bright, con- cards may be obtained
Sr^BobSS,''’aSd“uii"«^S?lpi FrldK. the jfiKl, Mil runs throush fivial eurroundinge. Here’s (left to right) Cpl. Howard Da- 8crBeah?^o?*Uiri!Sh “Sn'ei^^tlve
resoecUvely Now ibew ^on t Saturday and Sunday. Two shows vis, Hq & Hq. listening while Cpl. John Thompson of the member of the club living in tn«
be “^re Uite Onie.' tM Unds some outfit spins a tale for the president of the Non-Com's "“““Kb msny men
. arc
*Schlepperman’ In USO
Show Here Next Week!
You dig us reel, Jackson! itoured Army camps and Navy bae
«... U» ion.
parade of USO Campshow presen- belly laughs. It was good
tattons hits Seymour Johnson Field enough to merit their appearing tn
nest week^anl for s threedsy stop- mo^ nictures wlUi Joe E. Brwn.
over. It s s belty. ” ‘"“f
Show .be iwl. and lamles of thel of • sto-dsrt JoraUM
USO see bringing with them tlus set, Raymond Pike, Jr. rounds out
time — “Step Lively” is the title the USO presentation with b i e
and that's Just what It does. applause-grabbing stunts with the
Remember •'Sohlepp- clubs, balls, etc. Tsugbt by hla
er: from the Jeck Benny dsd, the youngster Is now reci*-
8^w7 He’s here under his regular gjje of w best In me
name of Sam Hearn, bringing you
a passle of guffaws straight from ***^1**^*^, °° j leading ^u-
the lights of old Broadway. Dig
this Joker if you don't mind get- "Otels in the U. S.
ting your OD’s dusty from rolling Rereading the lineup, it does
In the aisles. ^ though we’ve got a J^elj
Remember Benny Goodman and |
tiite Onie.' but Undo * '**5' s™® a *°'e *01 ••'e president of the Non-Com's "“tough msny
1 eve ftllbiB cuLie who everythbig straight? „ c-. rt- r- .. |h®''o alreaiW Joined, openings
Ice at^mf aty'sIUto: y™ there. Club, M. Sgt. George Craft. 1^“ M wUl^Ss.
Yank Troops Gain In SUily; 60
Flying Forts Lost Over Germany
used to dance at Radio City'
bow Room to the mualc of these
solid senders will be in the cast
of "Step Lively,” to tltUate your
eye muscles and set those mets-
tsr*'**'? :s»'ping.
Remember “Hellsapoppln,” ” 11
Happened On Ice.” and “Streets
of Paris?" No. you won’t get Ol
sen and JohoMn or Sonja Henle,
but you will get the Read Sisters,
FlOV ATUl ajfmwfhm thofl^ SUli*
bronzed daughters of the Lone Star The U. B and British troops are,tain backbone of Italy
Stata They’ve J^i coS»e^a c k ^ Allied Rolling up the enemy's coastal
from overseas and what's Algiers reports as|ancbor, an amphibious force of
enough for the lads in Bite’-te is forces of the Allied Fifth i British Infantry and tanks that
go ( Ugh for u^. ' Army poured across the Voltumo landed from British vtasels on the
Doing the honors as Master of River into the newly won bridge- north side of the Volumo’s mouth
Ceremonies will be gUb Joe Lane heads Friday and dispatches from early Wednesday, dug In positions
and ^ will also hold up another I^t. Oen. Mark W. Clark's battle along a canal while British naval
part of the show when m does a headquarters said the British and guns belched steel Into the strong
comedy, singing and quip act wuc Americans were throwing the ene- German defensive positions be-
bls female foil Pear Harbor. The my back along the entire front hind the coastal railroad line on
timely and topical act which has from the west coast to the moun-
the river-
U. 8. Fortresses Lest
. , - — — continue ?o
as long as the club is In opera-
President M. Sgt. George Craft
I announced the list of staff mem-
jWrs who began planning the duo
back In October of 1841. Thev
I were, Vice-President M. Bgt Charl-
Harold O.
iPbutoer M. Clem OanUne
ana Joe Suter. Boanl of Oovernoi,
? i?®, ®'“'’ >”u'udes u. SRte John
IjjL Plebls. Roger E. Wood (Acting
lycamrer), T. Sgt. Oeorge '
Students Hear ‘All-Guns’
Brown, Pacific Air Vet
out of three Nazi roller and ball
bearing plants at Schwelnfurt
The Fortresses, with their fight
er escorts downed at least 104 en
emy planes as probably the great
est ever fought over the oontlneni
high ground four miles north of raged for two hours all the way
from the European coast to the
Sixty American Plying Portress-(Wrjght. and IstSgts. George Camo
es were shot down Ihursday in a®** Alma L. Davies (WAC*
heavy force that made a shambles E*«cuUve members from whom In-
targets In Centra] Germany
back again
^rmation and memberships mav
be obtained ere:
• M. Sgt. John T. Lynam, «vi B
Hq AB Sq: M. Sgt. John A
Fields, Bq and Hq Bq; 1st Sgt.
PiMil t. Sampsem, 36th T. 8 8 -
Svf Ro-er E. Wood, 11th Aca'
demlc Sq: T. Sgt. George V. Wrighi
Medical Det T. Sgt. WUliam Kus-
nltsof 7th AAF Band: T. Sgt. Cur-
V Prem’ev a«»th Mess l^.- T
Sgt Bennet B. Benson 906th QM
8«. Victor C. Wolfe 40th
Mess Sq.: T. Bgt. Vernon E. BaU.
3061st Ord Det: 8. B^. Raymond
L. Krueger, 797th T. 8. 6.; 8. Sgt.
Wprvev P Haddad. 794th T. 8. S.:
8. Sgt Adrian L. Bull. 713th Tng.
Gp: 8. Sgt.' Robert B. Corrigan.
7nd T 6. 8.; Cpl. Norman C
Suthenr'nd. 85Stb Slg C Det: Ci4
Ho®-.* « Newkirk. 715th Tng. op.
With Major J. B. Murr as Cus
todian and Captain David Saper*
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Dam Wrecked
The waters of the great Dnieper
dam—the largest in Europe—were
sent rolling over the Russian
countryside once more by German
the Berlin radio reported
A veteran of World War n at Friday in acknowledging their
the age of 23. Snd Lt. Russell D. ’ night from Zaporozhe, their long-
(AU Guns) Brown, of Galesburg,  beld southern key base and guar-
ZU.. was heard bi an informal talk'dian fortress of the Crimea
on bis experiences In the Bouth-I News that the $110,000000'Dne-
west Pacific where he served fli-jpoetroy dam had been blown io
teen ironths on thirty-eight mis- by.the enemy, indicated that they
sions as combat crewman In a| (Continued on Page Three)
Flying Fortress. An avid audience
of A. M. students crowded thel
floor of Hangar No. 4 as Lt.{
Brown addressed them from an
elevated runway. |
Brown enlisted at Chanute Field
In 1939 while he was a freshman
at Knox College. Galesburg. He
went from there to Scott Field and ^
taence to Lowry Field, Denver. He, . P* Seymour Johnson Field’s golfing talent will com-
thus attended three major posts of P*Ia players from Goldsboro in a special tournament
the Training Command and is a Sunday. October 17. at the Goldsboro Country Club near
bombsighi marn'enance expert as^ ^1*^- j ^
well as an armament graduate. Be , ,^fAwn from commissioned and enlisted ranks soldier-golfers will
saUed for 31ark Field, Manila, players as Col. Donald B. Smith. Oommandiu Officer
October 19« and was on that field IMajor Baylis McKee. Major cSwlS LaiLon’
when most of the American air;S®Pil.A- “* Kn»PP. Capt. E.A C. __***"**™'
L. Porter, k friendly get-together in answer
SJF and G’boio
Golfers to Play
power was destroyed on the around IP’ Tniett, Capt.
oy the first Japanese raid. I^P^- 8. H. Gordon, Lt. E.
to the competition of some weeks
back when Goldsboro players took
our team 10-5. the ^ay will be oy
foursomea using the "beat ball”
plan of scoring.
"~waSl *oTjmnM^ mvitatiOTs are T^gt. Charles Teeing off from Boles 1 fn«t 19
(Continued on P^e Three) Pvt. Wiltlam Wright. Plao^ as (Continued on Page- Three)

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