North Carolina Newspapers

SATURDAY. Af>RlL'7.1846
Raleigh Personals
The R. U. S. held iheir iumual
auarlerly buaid lucelHiu iasl Friday
at Ihp Union Hall ..a West South!
SI with the ijic.'idcal, Wi. U- R.
'lusidiiiij. The oac day
.•ed to be a very i.ueceashd
. lor the group.
r..e F'idehty Lodge No. 211 ol j
Klka and Capitol City Teiaple No.
310 will liold their bduculioiial Day
Program at the Saint Alallhew
Church on Sunday. Apul ttth at
3 30. The public is coidially invited.
Mr. 1.. H. Wilcox, Lxallfd Kulei.
Mrs. ilissie H. Cliuvib. Lit. Hulti
and Mr. U. Towiies. iiiaslei ol ccie-
The Idle-A-While Social Club met
at the home ol Mis. Hazel Williams,
Club piesideiiL, .*1 lUid South »
son Street on Thursday night. Alter
Ihc ol the, a avli-
cious Ii.joid by all
The Marching Team of Flka w.ll
meet on Wednesday nigh’, Apul 11
at the home ot Miss F.lizabelh I’ugh
505 South Saiidei.-* Slicel All men.
bers arc iiiged to attend
Mrs. C. S Ininci spent the hoh-
days visiting .MisS nciliude- Wi
liams .\lK .Mum Oi'ol. Savaii
nab. Gu.
Mrs. Frazer
.il e.iy la..; 1
. ui umlc .'ta;
[•lived in the cap.-
e llai 1
Misses I.uiiisc .Sp. aimai.
Thelma Nehon visited Miss S
mans paieiiLs m l.nmbeitoii uve-i j
the vvee'k end.
Mis. Minnie Thomas Buckle of
1201 Fast tame Stievi and her lit
tle giandsoii. George, Jr,
Wedne.vday. March 28th. lor New
York. N. Y.. to visit her sons Mr
und Mrs. Samuel Thomas and Air
and Mrs. Alexander Thomas. 4lli W,
147th Street
Progie-ssive* Cotmcil of Flks will
meet at the Elk’s Home on Monuay.
April nth at 8:00.
The Booker T V’ashinglon Club
will meet Tuesday night at the
, home of Mr. and Mrs.
Cobb, 405 West Lenoir Street. April
Mrs. Oriie Chavis of -120 Smith St.
spent the holidays in Hamlet, where
she j lined her husband.
Mrs. John Lewis of 423 SouUi
Swain Street celebrated her birth
day recently with a dinner party at
her home.
Mis;, Eva Mae Cress of 713 ^‘St
Martin Street, celebrlaed Inrth-
day on Monday, April 2nd. Sh'-
eiiurlained by several friends with
a surprise party.
A welcome newcomer to Raleigh
is Mrs. Charles Rivera Fraicr. Jr..
the former Misa Val
of Nashville. Tenn.. and St. PauL
ruZciV "t I-:- I
Hci uu;iOunU, LI.. L. 11- li-i-'v.. .
ar., - uCvl.t glaamiic oI eltna.ij
.kd.c.o CoiltgC. •- .mcUillle at UlU
11..e ut me Loii.i. U. I t.ilups Uos-
,Uul .1. il. Louis, .UO.
rills .s .Vila I'laZcl scculid trip
N..llli I -a. ilie lolUicuJ
taught ..lid u.ii-ileU u.-mulKs al
.N.,UU I alulma .-Mate Co.iegc HI
Mi> r.a/e. IS a giau.iatv of f isr,
ClilVLl.-,.ly and sue has dolii
li Hi the luk Luivclsity
.•vbhi.H>l of tine Alls.
The Cos:i.cU1ob.=1 Club ol Kai-
1 iiii.t at till' ..aii.e ol Mis. .Vial-
llawcs on .-'vpiil 3. iy4' H‘
tiice i'f Ike piesiUei.l, me mvet-
\\u.- lutormally aim
lulls f’he bpimg z\l-
r u.e OU.-...CSS was lakei. val Ol.
• • V- •.•.».e playd
:U ..pp. plait coll....-m‘b ol
led vhickiu. tu.Uvi git.i. peas,
Iiiulo salad .cU-J liot loll- Ke lea
... ;Jh uiv*".i,t' ..nd i.vim- mai*'
ii.d i-ike tiii >:t.-eil.
V pu-iUt U-. .Mu t•^ CoA-
• u HUaii.. ^ I' I •“
.iji,,,-, i.'ii.i
,i.t |. . |‘ii 1 .'•aaiidels aiid is.
'Itiv.iiia Wc •••.cii- nappy to kav.
ItMl-i. of T..IO.... Uwad
.. 1 iiiW I. einbci.
Ill.OODVlOlMli ST.
H.\LE1GH TTie Blooilworlh St
L'SO eiitei l.iiiicd .' servicemen
[ fioimCainp Buiiiei. Fo.l Bragg, and
ivaii.p l.ejuue with a easier Fiulu |
: 1. i.aa.., Ap. il 2.
I IT:, days acl.vity began with a
aMukfa..l ii.iiice .it the Club ti'.iii
:y.3o a. Ill I'l I2.3l> p. m. This was
loUoWed oy a .'troll to the Chavis
Hiiglits Rceic.i'.i.iii Cciilei wijeie a
.'ofiOail gaii.e wa' staged between
jEUs auii iviviceiueii icatuinig
' ixed ti.iiiis One CiSO puls it this
.v.iy • Alter mis'ing more balls
11..11 w caiiglii 11; ,'hghtly tired
Hill juuilaiil Seiviccinen and GSOs
."iiirii d to lie- club for an egg
hunt V'. Inch bad been prcparetl by
■e uiii'Clor. Mr Taylor, olhci st.ilf
iii hi i- .iiid Volunteers.”
On the stinll to the paik and buck
.'iiap .hot.' weic lakt n oi
!.• cioup.
S' ... 'i .’cii egg' w.-re found
I uihI ihi' side and back of the
N. C. College Schedules 4th An
nual Marriage Family Conference
I DURHAM — ■'Iinpiovement of
; P,-r.-ionul R. latioiiships that lead lo-
I ward' better Marriage and Family
Life" is the theme of the 4th annual
ciinferciue on the onservallon of
Marriage and the Family to he held
here at North Carolina State Col-
Hi.:.- -r the
Whi' there
Setoi'd lift-' to be
I' filtered Ihe main
club .i':d. took pait
Hiiia ' Sgt Paul
'III' pi /.e and .Miss
Thi- d.iys acti-
•ilh lur.'rmal g.iiiit's
ii.f.' at
Life ’ Miss Grace Reeves, director
of the Hampton Institute Ueparl-
ment of Home Economics. "The Role
of the New Family m the Postwar
Period" and Edward Stainbrook,
Duke University psychologist. "A
p.sychology for a Democracy.”
Other participants on the program
■who will serve as chairman consult
ants and leaders of special interest
areas include Dr. Muriel PetlonI
Woolfolk of Bennett College.
Greensboro; Dr. Flimmie P. Kil-
trell Howard University, Washing
ton; Mrs. Marie B. Schanks. Plan-
nei Parenthood Federation, New
York City; Mrs. Dorothy Miller,
principal of the Margaret Washing
ton Volational School, Washington,
D C • Mrs Louise THpg. health ed
ucator. Alabama State Department
of Public He.iUh. Montgomery; Mrs.
KALEIGH — On April 14,
from 3:00 to 5:00 p. m...*U T. W.
C. A. members trtU rMber at
(Itc Central YWCA to vote on
national YWCA Imaes and dls-
cUM plans which were to have
Deen part of National Convtsi-
Uon plana.
Becauso the National Con
vention been called off, this
process of disposing of Nation
al Imues Is very neeeaaary. All
KoJou.ner Truth-YWCA mem
bers are urged to attend. Thia
is an All Association Meeting of
Branch and Central members.
Mrs. Nora E. Lockhart la the
Branch Delegate.
Electric Company
Anything Electrical
3 East Lenlor St
Dial 20841
ITu- Fuuilu Wald Fluial Club nu t
,t ilu liuii.v ol .Mis. Same Giuy
k.u-ii '■! Tik iiivvliue vvjs ver,
McvsbuB A mail vv... giNcu to
vb'' l.uL. UaVi' m.idt oy llu ir.em-
Lers. The clul. was vvivvu by Mrs
Giav-Mi's. A dvi.ciwui cdui.v
of pulala salad, p.cklv. Olangf ItC,
viiidy. Next .mcling will be wiU.
Mis. Bvidiv Huiilti-'
Members piv.'eni follow. Mes
May 1' l-"y. "(--“‘““V
Hiith D.ivts. Iica.ui.i; lia la ‘■‘J-
.vcRlay, May W.ll.aj.. SM-
lie Giay. Ella Crosslmg. Ada Bat
I'hcr, Maiy Johtis. i., Della DilHc,
Builk Lak. Davis, BU.ucbaid Dov-
.-r Col .c‘li. .-AiUims, Hatt.e Johii-
v.,n. E-s;.n MvddUn. El
- , Ulvi.n, Matlio WilliuiJ'.s. Eliza
beth I’ugh. Margaret Bulchei. Fran
cis Butcher.
.'..ief Petty office.- Harold S
\datns spent Easier weei;eml with
:.,s family. Mrs. Corume b. Adams
sons. Haiold and Ullie. Chiel
ns IS stationed at Earle. N. J-
aiiu was b.rmeily attached to Uie
local Navy Recruiting station
Cluef ai.d Mu H. S. Adams had
a.s their holiday guests,
and Mis. Harmon Fiteh. Sgt. Pitch
|,s stationed at Camp LeJuene. N
t Ml. K.Mh ".“K'"* ““ T
li,; win.loTi.SMcm where she Is a
' teacher. SM. F.tch's i lormcr rank-
iini{ national tennis star.
V - • ■ -
(,S0 Gil ls To Kiilei lain
kAl.Fliill ihc GSO of the
L, a j.voilh SUi-il L*SO Will eiiter-
,1111 a Qii.iil--rnisat'r TiiicKiiig Unit
;i.c t.Iuu FiKliiy Evening. April
i.i. ol » p. ni. with a formal dance
.ally .vuinissioit to tile paily will
H- .-y GSo caids only.
OBEHUN k6^ news
Cfil. Eparg-oii Hayo'. Jr, has not-
.lied Ms paieiii.', .M;. and Mrs
bp.irgi-on', of hi, safe airival
:i. France.
Ee .mail I'l Class Ri-beit Durham,
of U. S, Navy, i.' in the city visiting
MS paiei.ts, .Mr. and Mis. Charles
Durham on ObeiTln H -ad. He is sta-
'.loned at Oieul Lakes, HI On re-
l.nniiig he will stop I'l Ilariisburg,
'■ ■ v .-.t o'her friends and rela-
N'o’ira Mae Manuel of
Gietiis'ooro k..d as-her week end
gue-i, .Mr> Rebecca Manuel and
'.lUphli-r, Kathleen, and Helen
■. fliiiiler.
Mrn. J-’lia Blown i, visiting her
....'band 111 Flulida.
Mi.-ssis Ins Peelik.'. Mary Leake.
> btia Fields and Juanita Stratford
•pcin Easter Sunday visiting friends
.1 N C. State College, Durham.
Mr. Herbert L. Kelly, Sr., visited
relatives in Durham during the
FasliT holidays.
Miss Margaret Manuel and Mr.
.Nathaniel- Hunter of Mary Potter,
Oxfutd. visited their relatives dur
ing the holidays.
Mr CTiri'topher D^bnam of A.
Mis (li.idys Ho.^land Gloves,
direi-lor of llie .M.iiiiagi and Fam
ily Count-.I ol Ci.apel HiU and
piof. h.'oi f sociology in the grad
uate sehuol at North Cai-.lma Col
kge, 1.' due. ting the 4lii annual
am.-i'lice oil the Conservation of
ki.iiagi- olid III. Family convm-
ig at the eolk-gC Friday and Sat-
.vlay. Apul U-i. Mrs. Groves.
li,. eslabli.shed the conference
,i iy4l, IS an outstanding authori
ty .,11 and family prob-
gi- April (i l.
Co-sponsoied by the college and
the n;arriag- and family council,
the conference this yci r. as for the
past three years, will be under the
direction of Mrs. (llaovs Huagland
Binves of Chapel Hill noted author
ity on marriage and family prob-
Proiniiwnl among the speakers
•hedulcd to i-ddrcss the two days’
sessions whlrh will meet in Duke
Auditorium and the college’s Ad-
ministrati'n Building, are Charles
> Bniwmine. nation,.! representa- "f l!>e Chicago D.fender who
will spenk FraL.y niphl in Duke
.\iidi1orinm on "What Newspapers
Can I)n For Marriage and Family
,s Mrs. Charles winston-Salem where’.m’ n
the former Mis.s Val 11'‘cher Sgt. Fitch is h lormcr rank
of Nashvillo. Tenn.. ond SI. io„„is olar.
Minnesota. “
Nu Eukler since Uuie began lia;.
known niure suf'feiing than has Uie
bcasou which is now euuing. No
spriiigliuie iiiia brought uss hope,
'i'hiuughuul must ol the habitable
eaiUi inulheis cry like it.tchei for
their bons. and will not oc cutu-
furteJ for Uteir sons ai dead ui
treading llie dusty way > dcatli
Fathers blinded by li-ai.' stfl the
nans of Uieir homes to luid the
bodies of Uieir children. Man's in
humanity to null has dune its
W'ursl. It has mounted to the heav
ens, towards which eyes were once
Riled for mercy, and swept tRv
world wiUi luc and dcstiueUon. But
when Ilian has done lus worst he
must still reckon wUli God. Once
before we did our worst. On cal
vary- we eiuclRed Jesu.' Christ
Then God did Ins best. On EasUi
lie raised Christ fiom the dead, to
become llie first iruils of them Uiul
slept. For us in Adam all die, even
80 111 Chiist shall all be made aUve.
Almiglity God, who through Thine
only begotten sun, Jesus Christ, has
overcome dealii and opened unto
us the gate of eveilasiing life; wc
humbly beseech Thee that, as by
Thine special grace preventing us
Thou dost put unto our minds goixl
desire, so by Tliy continued help
we may bring the same to good
effect through Jesus Christ out
Lord, who hvelh and reigned with
Thee and the Holy Ghost, ever one
God world without end. Amen.
I Editorial the Christian Century
of March 28. 1945. )
Repeal ol Uie poll tax by South
ern States is better than a statute
by Congress for’oiddiiig poll uxes.
The best law, the enduring and the
respected law, is an expression ol
the common sense of the people af
fected. So Georgia’s repeal of the
poll tax is a milestone in our hls-
ti.ry. The Georgi.i of Governor El
lis Arnall is a different and a bet
ter place than the realm in which
his predecessor, Gene TaUnadge,
rose to power by appealing to the
basest instincts of hl.s fellow citi
The poll tax is obviously a com
plex and a highly poliUcal issue
both North and South. Long ago
the payment of taxes was the gen
eral qiiullficalions for voting thru-
out the land. Gradually men who
didn't pay taxes won the right to
vote. The property qualification was
'“removed so far as white men over
21 years of age were concerned.
Much later, years Thter In soi^
states, women also were permitted
to vote. Meantime In some South
ern states, poll taxes were used for
a new purpose. This was to restrict
voting by Negroes. The Civil War
amendments made indirection nec-
e.ssaiy if voting were to be liniiled
au allei tile lUCoiiatiuclioii ye-ns,
Uetieei.-. the giaiidUlhci clause, Uic
poll tax and other sclielues le piC-
veiil Nkbieca iioii; '.oUiig were
tried. The poll lux lurvivcu the
cuiisUluiional oidi-ai ol die iusl iew
decades uulu it came under poliU
cal alUck,
As long as Uu- Negio popululU'ii
if Norlhelu bUlea wa.-, „iiiali, iheic
was Rule agiWlion Noiln or buolli
for lilt- repeal of the poU taXea.
When, however, Negro volea in
Haileui, for exui.iple, evuld uelcr-
liiliie the vole of New Yolk Guy,
or of tile Slate oi of ,1 eloae I'rea
idential election, the a.iuaiioii wa,
radically changed.
The inuvenieiil of Ncgiocs lion
the SouUi to the Noilh ui.d Wea.
erealeu the demand in Gongrcas lot
a bUilule outlawing puU laxo
.Many cungreasmen and olliura have
aaid that a fedeial act would be
uiiconstituUonal. Opinions of huii
eat men aa to llie authority of Con-
giess diifer, but the question ol
conslitutionalily is real. ,More press
ing than coiialitutionai doubts haa
been die urgency felt by
congrcaainen. The Negio vole, onee
for yiais. KepuObcans ami Demo-
eiats alike Iruin Ikinois, Ohio,
Fcnnsylvumu, New York and other
slruiig indiiatrial alates have clam
ored for aiiti-poll-iax legislation in
order to hold or regain the Negro
These practical poRlical consider
ations are upail from the merits ol
poU-lax repeal. Of course, the poU
taxes should be repealed. Negroes
and whiles, men and women, should
be enfranchised on the same terms,
.md the payment of poll tax should
mn be the test of fi’ness to vote.
But il is vastly better to have the
restriction removed voluntarily by
the Stairs that impooed them
than to hove the central govern-
nicnt impose its political wUl thru-
out the land.
Compulsion is something unavoid
able. but persuasion is greatly to
be preferred. In a m:dKr as deli
cate as race relation?, oil the good
attainable is needed. So the nation
will hope that the other seven states
that retain poll Ifix laws will follow
Georgia's lead.
Ediorlal Collier’s of April 7. 194.D
.Mi>s Ar.-ig.iim aklllWi allU Ml.
Nathaniel Hunter of Mary Potter.
Ox(ord,^ visited Uietr relatives dur
ing the holidays.
•Mr. Christopher Df.bnam of A.
and T. College, Giecnsboru spent
the holidays with relatives in .the
.Miss Cora M. Smith of Durham
was the week end guest of Miss
Mary Kelly,
.Miss Doris Malone of Sedalia, vis-
Utd her parenls over llie week end
Miss ARce G. Bust had as her
week end guest I’fc. John N. Tor-
:ciice of Greensboro.
.Mrs. Gertrude Webb continues Hi
..t her home on UbeiTm Road.
Mrs, Callienne L. Kelly is ill at
her home on Cluinberlain Street, We
wish her much speed in iccovcriiig.
Mrs. Lizzie Gaiter and sou, Mr.
Howard Penix of Greensboro, were
the holiday guests of relatives m
.e city.
.Miss Nannie Morgan spent the
_aster Holidays iu Ph.ludelhpia. Pa..
riMting relatives.
Fuends and relatives regret to
k-arn of the pa.'Sing ol .Mrs. Paulin:
Chiisliiias who died uu Saturday.
Fuiieial sLivjce.-, were lielu at Ute
ObeiTm Baptist Church on Tuesday
Mr. and Mrs. George Wall of Bal
iiiuuic-, iMd.. are visiting friends and
.lauves in the city.
The ii.eiidly Nine Roeial Club met
at the home of Mrs. Josenia Till-
man on Thursday evening.
Miss Grace Reeves, head of the
Haniploii Institute Home Econo
mics Uepui iment, was on program
for the kevnole opening speech of
the 4lli annual Marriage and
Family Conference convening at
Norlh GaiuUna College in Dur
ham April C and 7. A former
professor at Columbia University
in New York and at Plum Blos
som College iu Osaka Japan. Miss
Reeves was listed to discuss "zhe
postwar Family.” _
; Jessie P. Guzman, director of Ref
erence and He.-,earch, Tuskegee In
stilute and many local and State
AugirenUiig the assistance ol the
limited number of outside special
Ists in marriage and family prob
lems, members of the North Caro
lina College faculty will parUcipaie
as chairman of geneial group oia-
cussions. leaders of forums, and
special consultants. In addition to
Mrs Groves, who communtes from
her work at the University of
NdYtft Carolina In Chapel HIU In
clude, Dr. Joseph H. Taylor and Dr.
John Hope Franklin nf the Depart
ment of History. Charles A. Ray, di
rector of the News Bureau, the Rev.
H H Mitchell, college minister and
Miss Gladys M. Brown, win
some North Carolina Stale Col
lege, Durham, senior Sociology
major, has been elected "Burma
Sweetheart” by a contingent of
U, S. American Aviation Engin
eers stationed along the famous
Ledo Road in Burma in the Chi
na Burma India Theatre.
Notice of Miss Browns' selection
as "Hruma Sweetheart” was con
tained in a communication sent to
North Carolina College last month
by Cpl FrisseU Lassiter of Rich
mond. Va,, reporter for the GI’s
in India all of whom he said had
bren in the CBI theatre for more
than 30 months.
Miss Brown, whose home town
is Handsom. Va.. was elected
through the efforts of the follow
ing Gl’s;
Cpl. John Gordon of Louisa, Va :
Pfe Edward Shipman of Lumber-
ton N. C ; Cpl- Maurice Davis of
Boston, Mass: Pvt, Redrica Bron-
chee of New Haven. Conm; S^-
Roy Kay of Anderson, S. C., Sp,
Levy Sanders of Charleston, a. c.,
Sgt Torrls Tacneau of New Or-
leans, La.; Cpl. William B'cMr-
son ol Charleston. S C.l Pvt
Curtis Wrenn of Rlchmo^. Va.,
Sgt Marion 'Walton of Jeffersom
Tex,; and Cpl. FrisseU Lassiter of
RichmMid, Va.
The North Carolina Indent Health
AssoolBlion will hold lu
Meeting on April 20 and 21 at Shaw
University, The State
was to have been ho« to the Na
tional Association this
this meeting has been
rompllsnee with «>-J“*Sg.«on
Ofllce ol Defense Transpo^Uon
Arthur P. Chlppey. ta
science at St. Augustine t College is
SesMent of the association and
Miss Jennie L. Douglass Is founder
and executive director.
For PenoaaUaed Hud Laundry
Phone GOO
Hand Laundry
411 ObwllB Road
Cash and Carry
325 S. Bloodworth St.
Write For Price LUU
We Ship Anywhere
Beauty Products Co.
BrMklya. (18i, New York
A study of cotton farms in South
Carofma reveals that ’I' •’if”
farms made the lowest yields.
Starmer bad If. «
cost him more per pound to pro
duce the cotton.
Tea Room
:hicken shack
Half Chicknn or
A Chicken Sandwich
Comer Croat end Leke St.
And what a weal It wUl be—
wasoaed exaetiy right, and av-
ery dish boaaUng a real haoie
•oaked ftovar.
411 8. JBtOUNT 8T.
■ ■ !■ .1^ I a
Friday and Saturday
Sunday and Monday
Tuaaday and Wadnaaday
with an All Star Colorad Caaf
Doubla Faatura
Dr. Fleiiiuiic 1*. KiiU'cll of Wush-
hiiigloii, D. C., head «! the How
ard Univci.^ily Home Economics
Uepaiimcnt, was sthcduled to
participate on a special panel dis
cussion of "Improvcniciits of Per-
buiial Relationships that lead to
ward better Marriages’ at the an
nual Marriage and Family Con
ference in Durham this week. Dr.
Kittrell is active in Negro wom
en's orgiinizailious in many sec
tions of the country.
liiuudwui-lii oireel o3U
Lutertaius killi luazy
vluJo. Uf. Jllll'llll 11. ‘JJlhl an.
John Hope Franklin nf the Depart
ment of History. Charles A. Ray, di
rector of the News Bureau, the Rev.
H H Mitchell, college minister and
Dr. Leroy Russell Swift, director
of the college’s Department of Pub-
lie Health.
Several outslaiidlng Durhamites
from the educational religious and
business fields are on program dur
ing the two days’ meetings. Includ
ed in this group are Dr. Miles M
Fisher, pastor of the White Rock
Baptist Church; Miss Rupert
Blanchhard, secretary of Harriet,
Tubman YWCA; Mrs. Plorlce
Holmes, dean of girls at Hillside
High School; Mrs. Ethel Wiggins
and Mrs. Catherine Oroves Peele.
of the Durham Family Service As
sociation; W. J Kennedy. Jr,, ylw
president of the N. C, Mutual Life
Insurance Company and R. N. Har
ris. of the Bankers' Fire Insurance
Company. ,
Dr. Milton J. Rosenau, director
of public healUi at the University o*
Norlli Carolina. Mrs. Ada M. J**’'***
gin, president of the North Caro
lina Conference of Parents and
Teachers and Mrs, Alberta Levlng*
ston of RaU-igh. Family Life Co-or-
ilinator. are among other partici
pants scheduled for Ihe sessions
(llll'y UIV I
1.49 Cal.
11 TMT* ol aatlalnclion*
Railroad Salvage Co.
32# South Wilmington St
i’vt. Ciavio T. V*’aiicii ol Fort
Devon ib visiimg his wite, Mrs. Ger-
Uude Bates Waiivii of 14 Simlli
J’vl. Eugene Wi-al«.i was home
ioUiiig Ins family ol 12 Graiidvilie
mace ever Uii holidays.
Ihc Rev. and Alls. 1’. H- John-
jii and .'on and aMr. and *Vlrs. Rich
mond Sanders were the uiunei
xjcsls oi Mr.-. Eaftio Jacksou of 2
Smiih Plaza on Ea.'tc. Monday.
pvt. William Duvis, Sr., ol New
JciNcy is plaiiiiiiig to vis*l in-' fami
ly who lives at b Smith Plaza Uns
Mrs. John A. High and futnily ol
Chavis Way spe-m Uie Easter
lioliduys m Oxlurd, visiting .Mrs.
' High’s parents.
Mrs. Alallic Junes of li Chatham
Terrace spent the Easter holidays
III Chapel Hill with leluUvcs and
Mrs. Oscar Kendall of 21 Chavis
Way has returned to the city after
.spending several day., visiting her
hiisbaiKl in New Jersey.
.Mrs. atlauel Osburen of 4 Hyde
Terrace has relumed home after
vi.siting her daughter. Queen, who
s in Washington, U. C., and uth-
elutives in Baltimore. Md.
fvU inends are glad to hear that
Mrs. Georganna Hunter of 9 Hyde
Terrace is able to be out again after
being confined for several days.
aMrif. Hester Ferrell of 4 Chavis
Way is doing nicely after being on
the sick list for seveial days. We
wish for her a quick recovery.
Mr. Leun Carson of 7 Brunswick
Terrace was reported much better
after being shut in for several days
with a cold.
Mrs. Paltie Brown of Cary, was
in the city Tuesday visiting her sis
ter-in-law, Mrs. Lola Brown of •
Chatham Terrace.
RALEIGH — demon Barbour of
214 West Lenoir Street, suffered a
broken leg and painful bruises F-*
day night whin a car Ftruck him oa
he crossed West South Street near
the railroad underpass. His condi
tion is “well as could be expected"
at Saint Agnes Hospital
The driver of the car was James ! j- ----:. —__ . , __ ,
Rogers Brown, white, of Raleigh. THE ATTACK ! ?
Route 4. ^
itAi-l-JGii Aa a pall ol cei-
biatiuii ol Al.L tUuLb L>a> oeie-
iialioii at luv B1U0UV.U1IU Z>Ueel
.,bU llie UbU apolUtaied a Ki>^
t\.aiiiiVal Salurda>, .Uaich 31. !
alluii pixvcd to be veiy pupulai
wiUi bulk seivu-umeii and voluu
The club was decoialed wiU
buotiis of vaiiuud deaciiplion and
crazy slog.uis. Tlie ceiling lights
were out and lighling -vta.' luinislied
from each booUi-
Fealures at the Kamival weie
the following; Cryslal Gazing uy
Mrs. E. M. Kelly; Apple bobbing
by Mrs. Ruby Fain; Lucky Chances
by Miss M. E. Leach, tish I’aud by
MBs Luciie Norniuu; Wheel of
Fortune by Miss GsUy /Yrringlon.
The Fieuk Show by AIB^ E. M.
Williams featured the ftlurphy
Family. Hairless and Leglcsa Dog,
Pride and Beauty of Hawaii, Para
dise on Ecarth, Ruins of China. For
Women Only, For Meu Only, The
Three Ink Spots. A Swimming
Match, and the Tumblers.
Misses Mary Duno and Susie
Moure sponsored the "Jitterbug
The OPA Cafe by Misses Ruby
E. Ellison, Morrison, Chandler was
Uie center of attraction This fea
ture was one of tlie more popular
features for It offered a breathing
spell from '|)oint m nhematics’ m
order tn obtain a marsel of food.
Everybody loaded up at this booth
arid .'enl the Siuit-k Bar down on
crushes for the remainder of the
A Chance in a Jug wa-i sponsored
by Miss E. M. Mitchell. Mrs. J. M.
Strickland of the Bloodworth St.
U.SO Staff helped with this feature.
Mrs, M. Kearney had charge of the
Bowling chances.
Other volunteers serving as pro
gram assistants were; Misses Cevi
lia Phillips and Ernestine Moore. J
Mrs. Mary Alice Hmton. mei^
her of the ServicowivcH club serv'"
os chairman of the decorating cor
mittee. This committee dl do flrj
job at getting the carnival effect
the club.
HENDERSON - An asphalt tank
which was being heated for road re
pair work exploded at the Vance
County prison camp rear here wsi
Wednesday and one j-.risoner, Ollle
Vick, was fatally burned at a r^t.
One guard and six other prison-
-8 received severe bums.
You Too May Get
relief FROM
Do ihutft wheeling
tAckekeap you fccm yyj**v„
rob you of
half a centiOT BR^WS TOW
eounUe* to
ot3&xr¥ povroiR^ M
ncud. loite •lu Voz |l.l»
noner mSa to i» dirtrt. No
good, m*^ COIX
John K. Brater & Co.
3rd Ave, New York, N.Y. (H)
51S W. Morgan 8L
Now FIot’K*
with — AU ItM Coot
•toot* SuDdoy. April 8
AprU II - April 17
la Techatceloi
SUN. -M ON. - TUES. APRIL 8-9-10
Wing And A Prayer
Don Ameche, Dana Andrews, William Eythe
APRIL 11 -12
Till We Meet Again
Cartoon “Big Heel Wolbo” NP«*
Chop. 3, “Volley of Voniohmg Mon” with Bill ElKolt
Thai the »ed occilort ol •
fuDoral U obeerved wUk the
ulmoit dlguliy aad boou-
ty—U Toa uk MO to Uke
care ol erory dotaO-
Raleigh Funeral Home
C. A, HAYWOOD, Piooldonl
Phono 1-18M
lUlolsk. North CarsUna
FRl. - SAT.
APRIL 12 - 14
Texas Rangers Ride Again
John Howard, ESlen Drew, Akira Tamirolf
Behind Prison Walls

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