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    1 i.i-
Raleigh Personals
aJjsh Beojictr Mkjetfe >i Rich,
•i.ure way tiie recent house guest I
: Mis. Ella of 416 East Ca- I
• •u.'. Stretft I
•flss Claivi Guess of Ntw York!
^ Is visaing her parents. Mr. and I
Jo»- Gufss of South vVe}.t Si !
••nsi Liealenunt Jutu. 1, Whorion
(.'uinp Lee. Vu., speui the week
0 lu the city.
I tit Hev. S. F. Ualy is iinprov
ultei undertioiny an opciation
St. Agnes huspilot.
•Uss Lottii Watford of Colerain.
was the guest of Mrs.
•la Jones i>f 116 East Calturnis St.
'll. A E. Brown jiid Mr. E. R.
am rr. itured to Wilmington on
- .SI week end.
•Vlre. Lillie Wilson Holmes Is stiU
The Busines and Industrial Girls
' lab on last Thursday night pie-
nted Mrs. Christine Toole a gift
their regular meeting. Mrs.
vision u> the advisor of the group.
Miss Marjtrie Williams under-
'ent a tonsilectomy recently.
Miss Jessie Lee Holden and other
.embers of the family are visiting
. Conn.
Mr John Noble recently visited
MS mother In the city.
Mr. and Mr&. James A. Dew of
Vashinglon, D, C.. are visiting Mr.
nd Mrs. William Hurdle of Gat
ing Avenue.
Mr. George Johnson, Jr., of Bal-
' more, Md„ has returned home af-
♦ I a ten day visit with his grand-
'.jrents, Mr. and Mrs. Alex Johii-
ton of 3U8 Fowle Street
Miss Clorine E. Christmas Is re-
• npeigHpg at ber home after un-
-tergolng an uperatoln ot St Aenes
OcconMche* Council Camp to
Open Monday
The Occuneecliee Council Camp
will fall into lull awing ^Mundu.v.
' July 2Ji'd. when the Scoulers and
Scouts from various scctioiu- of
. the Council will gather at Cuiub
‘ Whispering Pines, near Cary. N.
C., fo rthe first week of a three
week period ending August 12th.
• The activities will consist of First
’ Aid, Aquatics. Stalking. Rope.
‘ work. Hikes. Axemanship. Cour-
• tesy and Table Conduct. Personal
• Heallh and Sanitation. Lord Baa-
en-Powell. the founded of the Bo.v
' Scout movement hud this to sa\
about Camping, "the open-air is
th real objective of Scouting and
the kev lo its success. But with
'• too much town life, we art aot
to underlook our object and re
vert to type. "We are not a club
—nor a Sunday school—but a
school ol the woods. We
e.'-t more into the open fo’ the
nialth. whether of the- bodv or the
- soul, of Scout and Scoutmoslei.
“Tht cariiD is what the bo” lo ikr
forward to i/. Scouting and is 'he
Scoutmasters great opportunitv
"The camp cannot fail to grip o”-
- everybov with its outdoor life and
taste of the v.’ild. with its imorr.-
• vL-ied cuok’ng expedient.®. *h"
grme over w.odland or moor, the
tracking the pathinding. the pin--
eering, the minor hardships and
■ the lolly camp fire .sing .songs. In
. camp, the Scoutmaster has hi.-
greatest opportunity for watching
' J-nd getting to know the individii-
The dance group of the Blood-lal® characteristics of each of his
worth Street USO journeyed tOjbry.s, and then aoplv the nece.®-
Fort Bragg on Monday night of sarv direction lo their dev'-lnp- i
this week. Ir.ient.*’
Mr Willie Harris of Ports- Council Courts of Honor
moutto. Va.. Is home vUiting hjs Daring the Council Camping
moiher, Mrs. Hams of Smith St. 'period July 23nl lo August IJto.
.. , _ , -Tliree Courts ol i'.onois will be
Mr James Bryont of Baltimore, ^eid near the end - t eacn Camp-
Md. hs returned home after visit- jng period. As a Sc who spends
iiig his mother, Mrs. Sophia BryafW a week in Camp actually has ..n
•-f 1001 South Person Street o):portunity *.o take part ir. more
. , , . . Scoulcrati during the seven day
Mrs. Annie Johnson of Bledsoe period than he would in filty two
Avenue is able lo be out again. jtroep meetings of one and hull
.. t:—r . hour per meei.n.*. For in cd.n.i -le
Mr. Graham Ham.® ol Neuse was Igpi-nds over I5'J n-mrs ol Camping
1% guest of his aunt recently. Mrn. 'and doing Scouting. Here in Camp
Ann Hams of 713 Ellli.gton St. jwith his Scoutmaster t.^ie Scout
^ ;— iifi able for at least one week lo
Mr General Lucas of Boston, 1 take the "S" of Scouting. The
mu.. G here visiting his sisters. 1 Courts of Honoi will be held each
vee May . Broadie of Chavis Friday during the Camp periods,
Helghl-s and Mrs. Katie Brewer ol July 27. Augist 3rd. and .August
^8 East Davie Street jo-h. Camping if vrta! pur* of
^ ' ’Seo.iting and wi'h.iui some oui-
fhe R. u. 1. Society held Its an- door life for the Scouts m .i
nugl 'n^nksgivinii Seimun at the Troop, the unit will soon go on
}r*ce phapel Church with the pas- the "Roeks."
ipr. Sfsler Mable Gary, officiating. ‘ .
Subieet- The Battle of Life. Hun- A Council Own^d Camp A Great
■red guest: grand financial secre- Need in This Area
Mrs, Dorothy _R PowelJ; With more than I6UU Scouts.
' Washington Hijh
School Offers Sum
mer Proiiram
Mr. ..nd .Mrs Cha.s Ruy, ni;ii-
ried on June 9 nl .“i-ao A M. at
the residence ofthi bride'.-
ents. 121 Fast Si'Utb Stn-»-t. R.i-
Mrs Riiv WHS burr. );. K.ili ixh
and was edui-uU-d at the W.u-Mtip-
!«m Hish S,;i, Sh.iw Ur.ivi.rfc.-
ty and C-.lumbi.i Univei-.-ity, ccmi-
pk-tiiij; C()lle;;i at Shaw at the
ape i.l >7 and recen.nt a .Mas
ters dein'cc in Psy-.-h-jlimy twn
years later at Columbia Un:vi-
sity. She taiicht at Te.ichers' Col
lect-. Winst n-S.ihm, two yea:.-
befurt .she acc p'.t-d ; |)"sitim at
her .Alma Mater a.- teacher .'ind
assistant to the at Shaw
She nyw .succeed.- Mr J Frimcis
Price as Rtcistrai ol the Uni
.Mr. Ray was als.. born in R.i-
Iclgh and rect-ivt-d hi- t-ducatmn
Seahrook Hoad I SO
Entertains Batters
‘B’ Of Port Brajtj:
FAYEirrEVILI.E - On Friday
the l3th. when eveiyont- is waiy
of the f' r-ryday -supefsitiuns — the
Seabrut. Rood USO in cullabtira-
t;;;n with t'.. ineij of Batteiy ‘B"
of tht- imh Seji Bn E'ARTC. Fort
Bragg, put oti a 'Supersttion Par
ty" The Biii.sts entree Was made
under a tail laddt-.-- u.ii-ket and all’
Black « als and l.'J's 11 n. i-\|.
hence at evtry turn - if nne
* d up a yhu.vt - while slu-ut
and all wa- h-ivein-,- vt-t head
■it D.e sami institutions, with
t. V except] -n that t-.e leceivcd hi.s
M.i-lers decree f.i-orn the Unlver-
-Ity ..f .Siiuthei.- C.'.liftrrnia. Mr.
R-i.v I.- member - t the faculty
at Ni.rO, Canilu.j Stale CoUegt
for .Veiiicje-. Diiihar.i. in charge
. I r.'tili' Ri hition.- .iiid has serv
ed THK CARCMNMAN. a local
.V*g:u iKwspapei in Raleigh,
t'.fiy Frltl-i.N evening as radio
Cl menii-t'ir on the Negro News of
•*i, Wrrk He I- now in Califor
nia w-.ere lu will study for a
doctorate during the next year.
Mrs Ra> h..- t-Lsnm-d her work
ill Shaw as Registrar.
The marriage ce-emony was
performed by the bride's uncle,
th. Rt-\ Ellis A Christian,
t-f \V -’oiiit. n D C Dr O. S.
Hiilli.ek, of the First Baptist
Cliurch, R.ileikh. i>.-sLsting.
I.mle Mi.-s Joe Ann High of 7
Chavis W.i> liaa been out of the
Heights tor several days visiting
Mrs. C'haiTiv Robeisuii of 19
Chavis VV'.iy has been ill igid con
fined to her home Tor several days
Hir many fi ie-ids h« pe that she
will .lOon be able to out again.
Mrs- B. Haywood, Sr. of 4 Smith
Pla7a IS spending a few days with
.(l.'iiive- :i N. w Voik City
ilr.s-. J A High of 7 Chavis Way
lelebrated hc-i birthday last Thurs-
'.>y She riL'i'-id many beautiful
R.ALF.ICiH ~ For the past eight
years a pnigrain in Vociiiional hime
Economics has been ,l'i;;reil to the
people III '{iiU-ii.-l. .N'tiu nionths
h.ive been giv.-n to ib.,- .-:eti.iols. de-
' hied mainlv t. the teai hmg .f
chissc.®, club work and the carry
ing .1.) of home proj..« ;> Di .ing Ihc
summer ironth.® >p(ti'!l emphasis i>
plih-td or. Adult Fduc.ii,on in IE me-
making and cluo iicliv.tu.-s >
This siimmei two WMikci- aie
dcvoiinii thiir turn- to the m.inv
Uitercstb of thi peo|..i-, m Ralei,.ii
in vuri 'iH pb; • - of h/memiikin-.
Sonic cour.-e.- that in;i> be incJudid
.-•re — Child Car.-, ci tt.iii;- Ren -
Vh'.ion. .Sewing, Canning and Pie-
.-erving. Slip Covenn-i Fiist Aid.
^'hirm .Sc.‘uH-l .md Chib .Aclivitn-
iu! jthir ^|le^l.,! prcf'leins These
•*iir-i-5 arc offt-od fre.- to the
ni’blie It at anylmvi- y-di sire n
'oin an;- grout, or get , ;tou|> estai'-
Hshetl in your vicinity ..r your
neighborhood, call Miss E t: Duren
■rr Mr® A M. Levingston at 9795
! nr 3-2304
Mb's Riitti Trice is visiting hei
iirother in Brooklyn, New York
Miss Alice Howard and biotlu'i.
Frank, arc- visiting n-latives and
; friends Jii New York
Mrs. Jfe'.sn Hinton and Miss
jJt'.iephine Manuel have returned
I home from their recent visit In
'Michigan City, wtcre Mr.- Hiiiton
I visited her .sister
Mr® Hn^el Jone.s and daughter.
Delo-es. of New Haven. Conn . are
visiting Mrs .Mary Jones on Wade
Avenue. '
Mr, nnd Mr®. W R Hunter of
Vandyke Avenue, had as their re
cent houst guests. .Mr and Mrs
Thomas Harris. Mrs Beatrice Fant.
Mrs, Jone.-. Mis, Mary Nod .ind
ML®s Geraldine Nntl. all of Dur
Group fjr, I nf the Oberlin Bap-
Tist Church spcinsored u Baby
Contest on Friday night, Julv 13
David Rochelle of 903 Oherlin Rond
was the winner of First prize and
Thomns Roy Marshall of 2 Wade
Avenue. w.>n second prize
AN INSTRUCTER and manager
Is needed at Staiiu Beauty Col
lege. Any graduate from this w-buol
uf two or morr years experience
may apply. vViite ntarlu Beauty
College. Raleigh. N. C.
\ Fonwr Raleigh Bov
1 Makes Good
! GREF.N.SHORO — Carl S. Evans.
I foriTierly if RuUigh and a grad
uate of Dudley high School this
>enr. is now head life guard nt
Windsor Center, in
• :i«rnsb(iro. has returned from the
Red Cit.,-- .AcquiUic Srhool which
ttu- held at Tenne.®«e.‘ A and I.
Coll- ge -Nashville June 20-30. His
.itiendeiict- at thi.-. sc! r 1 was made
poMil'It through the eo peration i-f
he Gretn.sbori Chaptc.' Anuric.i.
R*d Cross and t!ie Grcen.sboro Rer-
r ation Department. Wii- the fitih national acqua-
tic M-hod for Negroes and wn.s af-
li-nded by 0.') men and women, rep-
u-.senting Hi dlflercnt state?
Evans who Is ,i 1!*4-1 Eaiile Scot;;.
Iii.ik advance conr e.- in accldi nt
ahd prev nt.on f.i-l -nd and wa'
fe*v 5Ie a/-.', att ndid the Acqua-
tic Schoil coinli'eted .it North C.n-
olin.i Slate College for Negroes,
nurhan. hot- veai w erf he tiaik
lite in.sfactoi'® courses In first
aid acrid nl and preventi in an"
••.‘el - flv He will conduct life
saving courses nti W'ndsoi Cenlei
in Greensboro.
Qiiarantine Orilercd
By Heallli Officer
RALEIGH — Di. A. C. Bulla,
health officer uf the Wake County
Health Department last week, de
clared a quarantine of dogs in Ra-j
Ir-ich and certain sections of Wake I
Coiirt.v, beginning Monday and I
continuing until further notice, in:
a effort to prevent an epidemic ofj
rabies ;
The quarantine will be In effect
in these areas: Cary Township,
south of State Highway No. 1;
that part i-f Swift Creek Township
north of Macedonia running east to
township line: Meredith Township.
Raleigh Township; the City "f Ra-
leich. and an area •■xlendtnp north
from Raleigii aknc Route C-A two
milrs wide on each .side of the
highway, to n di.'tance of ten mile:;
Under the quarantine, ‘'all dugs
in said iquurantinei district shall
^be confined to the premises of Ihel
owner or in a veterinary hospital; ,
provided, a dos may be permitted
to leave the premise.® of the owner
on leash or under the control of iu
owner or other responsible person.
Fu PwinnaMid H»a4
Phone 4100
HanrI Laundry
411 ObwUa Road
t .APl'i.VL (.'tie V-l OI..\
515 W. Morgan SI.
And wlut • meal It will be—
MiasuDed exMtIy rigbl, end ev
ery dlafa boutlng a re«l heme-
cooked flavor.
411 8. BLOUNT 8T.
Every borne should have a Colored
Doll. I7r offer in thi.s sale two
flashy numbers. With hair, moving
eyee. shceii. atorkincx. nicely d re need.
PRICE $4.98 and S6.59
If C-O.D. postage extra.—Dealers-
Agents v/anted
254 West 135tb Kt.. New York, 30
Electric Company
Anything Electrical
3 E^aat Lenior St. Dial 3084
Write For Price LiaG
We Ship Anywhure
1.49 Gal.
12 T**ra of utUfeeiioa. All
Colors—Stains and EnamsU.
Mall Orders Promptly nUod
Railroad Salvage G>.
330 South WUmlngton St
SQUARE of Your
Over 25 ways—vertically—
liurizontally—diagonally -
ti. Ir.tAl VnilR l-K-lcv niim
Staling Peter Lawfurd
Duiiald Crisp
With June Luckliart
Sunday. .Vlonday. Tuesday
In Color
Staring Muna Murtez. Jan Hall
And Turhaii Bey
Wed.. I'bruK.. Fri., snd Set.
In Culoi
With Geurge Raft. Joan Bennett.
Vivian Blaine and Peggie Garner
OK tasty fried
Tea Room
''lalf Chickoa or
A ChiclMo Snadwldb
C«m«r Croaa nad S|,
Fri. amt Sg... July 28, 21
Buster Crabbe In
■ - tlio
Rick Vallin In
Also Serial "The PhsiUosn No. 1
Son. Mon., July 22. 23
Tex Ritter In
■starlight over TEXA8"
Also New Serial
Tues.. Wed.. July 24. 24
Cab Calolway And His Band in
Also Serial
"G-Man V«. Blx-k Dragon” No. 13
Ttiursuay. July 26—Bargalo Day
Mantan Moreland In
Alsu Anne Shirley In
Mr General Lucas uf Booton,
inass.. Is here vltiUng his sistert,
Mtf May Brqadie of Chpvis
Heights and Mrs Katie Brewer of
^8 EdSt Davie Street
The R U. 1. Society held it® an
nual Tlianksdiving Sermon at the
t^race ^apel Church with the pa®-
ipi. Sister Mable Gary, officiating.
Subiecl: The Battle of Life Hun-
■4‘ed guest: grand financial secre
tly. Mrs. Dorothy R. Powell;
grand recording secretary. Mrs.
Ids Allen; Mr. Reid Wal lof Lodge
ifo. 7 and Mr. G. Dunn of Lodge
No. 6; reading by By Mrs. Plor-
Hunter; solo, Miss Cary; )vel-
address. Miss Ruth Dunn; re
sponse, Mr. W M. 'Taylor; solo, the
grand vice president, Mrs Arella
3. Hall.
■ ■^Hjr . .
heQ its regular meeting on Tues
day at the Elks' Home with the
Dt. Ruler Bessie H. Cavis presid
ing- Guests of the evening were
Mrs. Henrietta McBane. Dt. Ruler
hf Star of Orient Temple No 203,
- The Booker T. Washiglon Club
will meet Sunday, July 22. at the
tk^me of Mrs. Pattle L. Higgs. 213
North Tarboro Street. All members
are urged to attend.
The R. V. Lodge No, 36 met on
Monday hi^bt, July 16. and the
following were named as delegates;
Mre. Effie Taylor and Mrs. May L.
Brogetie The c invention will be
held on July 30 at Ellvation church. |
Mr John Brown and Mr. James
Jones of Washington. D. C., who
have been the guests of their cou
sin, Mr. and Mrs. Ollie Chavis,
l^ve returned to D. C-
Mr. and Mrs. PntVin of WII-
liam.sville. N. J., Have returned to
their home af*er being the house
ghests of Mrs. B'-rtha Taylor Ferrell
of 80S South Hiywood Street.
■ Mr. and Mrs. Hofvey Adams of
637 South Swain Street, have as
their gi-vSts, Mr. and Mrs. Nelson
Westming of New York City.
Ml, Alexander Chalmers. 1945
graduate of the Washington High
School and a former ruembM' of the
staff of THE CAROLINIAN, has
returned to Philadelphia after |>e-
ing called home on business.
RALEIGH — The children enter
into the Friday contests with high
spirits. Fourteen children entered
the rope jumping contest last Fri
day while others showed great skill
io stunt jumping. Wjllie Mae
Branch jumped 304 turns and wo’'
first prise. Mildred Hunt jumped
319 turns and won second prize
and Queen Esther Hunt jumped
139 turns and won third prize. Both
^pups ghowed skill and endurance.
Orange sherbet was the Dutch treat
fbr ^e ahernoon. Next Friday’s
contest will be varied with pad
dle tennis, potato race, sack race,
and fullei ed by a cook out
^rtle Center is an agency of
the Community Chest of Raleigh.
v«:ui Ills ■Tvouuuasi.d v;tc .s^wui
is able for at least one week to
take the "S" of Scouting. The
Courts of Honor will be held each
Friday during the Camp periods.
July 27, August Ird. ano August
Camping is vital part uf
beo-itifig and wchuiit aomt- out
door life for the Scouts .n .1
'Troop, the unit will joun gu on
the "Rocks.'’
A Council Own-4J Camp A GreDl
Hoed in ThU Area
, With moie than 16UU Scouts.
Cubs and Scoulers. making up 41
Boy Scout TYoops and nine Cub
Packs to lead all Area Councils
in North Carolina and vie with
the Atlanta Area Council for a**-
iCond place in Region Six is wurtli
oui Scooters looking forward and
planning for that day when tho
Occnneechee mav like other
smaller councils in this State and
Region own their Camp. During
1845 we were not able to allow
o'l of the Sco'jts who desired to
erme lo Camp to registered be
cause of limited facilities.
Ralaigh-Wake County Oivbiertal
I T’he last meeting of the R;.-
It-tgh-Wake County divisional
.committee was held on Tuesday
night uf July lOth at the Blood-
worth Street USO for the sum
mer, The next meeting will he
held on Tuesday September llth.
at which time the officers for 194G
will be elected. During the pd;U
year artd half the Raleigh-Wiike ;
Countv division has moved from
9? Scouts a n d 5 units to 40U
Scouts and Cubs and IS units. 1
Sponoering Institution* to be
Commendad on Catnpkig Spirit
The Charlea T. Norwood Post
of the American Legion, sponsor
ing institution for Bov Scout
Ttoop 57. of Raleigh, the Citizen-s
League sponsoring institution f-jr
Troop 101 of Henderson and the
White Rock First Baptist Church
of Durham, sponsoring institution
for Troop 55. are to be commend
ed for actually aiding the Scouts
sponsored by them in getting to
camp and having adequate super
vision while there, 'These three
institution, the writer was inform
ed. have made funds availnble tn
hi Ip those Scouts who cannot pa.v
all of their expenses, as well ns
aiding the Scoutma.sters in the
transportation of the Scoiitk to
and from the Camp. When a
Troop is first organized one of
the responsibilities a.ssumeri by
the spon.soring institution, is "Se-
Curiag suitable opportunity {or
the- members of the Troop to
spend one or more week® in
camp, with adequate facilities and
supervision. Any troop that
spends ail of its time in a church
basement or a school room is cer
tainly to find a large number of
their bnvs dropping out at thi
end of the charter vear. The ab
sence of the budget plan, the lack
of some o'jtdoor activities and a
’’laisa* faire" attitude on the part
of the BDonsoring institution
means in time a sure death for
n Scout unit. Show me a scout
troop u.sing the budget plan, do
ing .some outdoor Scouting each
month and given some support
hv the soon-soring institution and
the writer will point to vou a
troop with a small percentage of
the Scouts dropping out. and a
FAYKrrtVlU.E - On Friday
tbe l3th. when tveiyune is waiy
of the ev«fryday -supefsitiuns — the
Seabruok Ro,jd USO in coliaburu-
ti..ii with the- meii uf Battery "D"
of the 16th Sep Bn FARTC F'ort
Brii®K. pul on a "Sut>ersiti>n Par
ty ' Till gntiily entrtt- wai- made
undei ii tall ladder b.ii-ket and all'
Bliuk at> and ••. - in e\i-
rtf-nre ot eviry turn - if nne li-ok-
 d up — a phu.-:t - whiK- shi-wl
and iGl w.-e b>veiii|i vvi head -
II. the ifiiter nl iia- fl.Kir -- iriiu-h
t.. the Kia-'t.' di»ni..y wu- Bima-
>1 n vein tery -.M’h m.i- nj.ri. t-ri.v*
Tn .fl ; liii iT'ili >qi.eiiC-^» .•!
the deioiiitioi.: ti.- at in-
teiinis>ii.n w..- .'Xtiii ,-iM-iial, I'iib
trio (N.iiip -.‘■••(i ■' Ml'>e> Ruth But-
I'r, D •ri.thy Mildred Tiivlur
sang "Dill.'; Mi- In, ' "LU Be
Int Vi : .11,(1 " Jentimental
Journey P': rharl*-:- Harii ni.ji
•‘Embrac( abli V"U and "S- Lnnj "
Elmer Tayldr c:i\( ut wit'- I
Reulige Now and •■J'll Live True
Tj You Tluii i!ie B.'tterv > qu.u-
ft St -U the ®h jv with 1 11 Lk.
True t You Pvt \V H ILiller
scored n trenuiiidour hit with the
crowd with ! i-. leii.lit'oi. ••! ‘ I'm
7? wa® a unique affair -- and
thoroughly i-nv^ed I .v lh»- parii
Much prai-L- pee^ lo Mr. J-hu H
Thomp«on. Mr- Van R Bartio Mi*s
Patvida Collin® .1 .hu Smith f-r
their effort.® in makiii-.i the demra-
ton*, a suctees Hottose.® on duly
were Mr.®-. Meta Joen.®. Mit-® Maud
Ho' d Mrs Ida F .wlrr and Mr
' V.inn S Rarne.®
i -V-
' R.AI.EIGH -- Tlu Caioimu Pow-
.er and Light Coni|>any has beiu
jiiotitied that ile tw • most leceiit
J annual report.® have received na-
;tlonul awards for oxiencnre
Tlie Public Utilities Advei Using
i As.® iciatiiin ciwai ded Hie cunipaiiy
I honorable mentim for its 1943 an-
I nual report, submitted in the 1944
'conte.®t m coinprlitinn with .ill pow
er comiipnie.® in the >-.aiion .servina
lOO.UOo to 400,OUO cu.stomcrs eacn
! The •highest merit " award was
i received from the Financial World
in its review of 1944 uninial re-
pfirU-' from various types uf indus-
trise Ihniughout the .lation. The
(iMjnc re|).irt received h nqrab! '
.menkoi) in an annual coniest eon-
.c'ueted by .\.shlon R Citliins 'if
Ni-w York, (irigiiiatnr if Rcddy
Sc-utma.sti-r w,ho look.® upon It;-
Strut rrteefihg as plav riifher than
Campore*. Camporal and Long
Term Camos
A Camp(»n*»* is a big ovemigiV.
camp of Patrol teams, marie up
exactly as thev exist in their
tioop. The Campmce in a wav is
th« tin's® rehear.«al for summer
camo. TrtKvp camping is simplv
nil the Patrols ■Cumpnreo—cainp-
jr.g together," A Comporal i.s the
overnight or week-end camping
o: th(> Troops from vario is coun
cils. The long term camp rrci"
be of variou.s kind.® .such »® In
dian Comntna. Robinson Crusoe
Campina Pioneer Compinq, Trav-
elinq Caiups azrd Caveman Camp-
jtiettiio. sevrtMj tiaj/a vtaiuii*
Mix. Charlie Robe-son uf 19
Cluivu W.iy hus lieeii ill and con
fined to her home'fur itcveral dayk.
|Hr many fiie'idu h pe Uiat she
I w-ill be able to be out again.
Mrk B. Haywood, Sr. of 4 Smith
Pluza 18 spending u few days wdth
..l .tive- ;i. New YniK City.
iir.s J A, High of 7 Cliavik Way
(elebnited hci birthday last T*hur*-
iiiy She recel\,d many beautiful
, . fts.
Mr and .Mr- l.ukt. Tl omui> of 11
!ri«;ell 'r;i jii-e iiiin.'unce the birth
'.r ;, diuight»r uf, July It; ut their
ill,Hie Both iMitiier . nd daughter
arc doing nicely.
I Mis Liiini® Davl- wa.- in the
I Hcmhl® r-ctn‘.!y vlstiting friends
Alts- Samuel Harr and children,
.ic./«e and Jan;'., we;, out of the
city iccently visiting Mr®. Otis Ed- r,f M-tiiod
Ala'ter George and Melvin Me-
D.ini'-! .ind little ®i9l: Moll.v Ann
aie spending a ft w days 111 Garner,
V. iiii,;( 1IU.-11 grandinothei. .Mrs.
' LuL. M.rKiin.
I.ntlc M,.®.® F'ratice^ B-itcher of
' 13 Cl.iivi- W.iy who has been ill
k. i .®J veral wx-ik-. 1- able to be
: > again
, .M'S'Mi.itha H(irv -t 7 Franklin
I'crrace i.- indi-''P>^ed to the regret
I her rronv fiK'iids
Mrr William Davl* and children.
.-\nn and William. Jr. an- ®pend-
mg a few days wiui Mrs Davis'
mothei. .Mr. C'uit;s ot West Ra-
l.MIle Miss Jcs®u Mae Stephenson
-.nd lltMe si.ster. Mildred, uf 21
f’.iunsw-ick T rrHCP, are sp; riding
, their \ aciitiin with their grand-,
nu.ther in ttie rural district.
.Mrs. Effic Dailey of 21 Smith
PI../;, 1- »n the .-ick list. ;
iicl In \rmv On Mav '4.V D- C. — In tht- ptT- 1
ii.d between February 28 and Mav
l. 1945. the Army's Negro
strength increased 10.022. offset
ting a drop of 11,396 previ-'uslv
lepnt-tt-d. the 'War Department
announced todav. Negro person
nel numbered 700.304 on Miiv 1.
ol which 4.1103 were Wars.
A.® nl Mav 1. some 511,493 Ne-
pro« s. including members nf the
W( men's Armv Corps, were serv
ing oversiras.
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310 East Davie Street
Trained Attendants in the recently completely
overhauled Ambulance, equipped with (ao, basin,
running hot and cold water, bassinet, mirror,
electric light and heater; comfortable cot.
Available at all hours by Dialing 2-2635
C. A. HAYWOOD, Owner
20th Century Paint
Exterior and Interior Finishes
FRUIT JARS — J Pt. to .1 Gal.
NTO«4*®TS»« ' ®. 1
JULY 22v23.24
“Between Two Women”
Van Johnson — w'ith — Lionel Barrymore,
Gloria De Haven
“POST WAP JOBS" March of Time NEWS
JULY 2S.26
Here Come The Co-Eds”
News Ck/tDoo “Ski For Two"
"Trail of the Royal Mounted" Chapter 3
FRl.-SAT. (Double Feature) JULY 27-26
‘Death Valley Manhunt”
SlarriiiK — BILL EU.IOTT
“Night Club Girl’
All Colored Cast

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