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    Pies. Tnunan Uiges Equal Protection Foi All
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Nation’s Chief Executive
Speaks For Human Rights
In State of 1 Jnion Message
his “State of the UMon” message
to a joint session of the house ,
•and senate Wednesday. Pres idem '
Truman ur>;od that vast legisla
tive body to concentrate its at
tention upon the things whi.-it
bind us together in this country
and for “common aspirations so.
the future welfate and securit.,
of the people in the United
His first plea was for a great
er consideration of human right,
lie urged the nation to regard
the four freedoms, and emphasiz
ed the necessity of overs citizen
to have the right to vote He
spoke out against discrimination,
arm favored equal protection un
der the law for all citizens.
He pointed out the need for
eqßai educational opportunities
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RALEIGH If America is *o -
lhe bulwark of democracy as 5...
was so recently the arsenal of dc n
ocracy, she must first eliminate hr.
justices at home based on rac
weed. national origin and claL
-aid Jud;*e Hubert T. Delanv i>. .„•
address at St. Augustine’s Colley;
January to. The -ccasion was the
celebration of the local college •'
80 th anmvc rsary.
Judge Del any. woo was born
too campus of S’.. Augustine’s, .mu
graduated from its academic de
partment it'i 1919, is a justice of ' ■
Domestic Relations Court if the
City of New York.
Paying tribute it> two of tli
members of the present faculty re -
det whom ha studied 30 years as >
Vfis. M M. Latham and Assisti-re
Dean Reginald L Lynch, the speak
er also said that he had learned j
as a bfr y a’ St Augustine’s that *?r
people were born mean and y
kind.” and here he referred feeling
ly to the late Dr. and Mrs A
Hunter (white,) to. ;,>s many ye..
head of St. Augustine’s School .-n
St Ames Hospital rc- i-echveiy.
In a challenging pea lor thr
ab: lit:on of the "dual standard s,f
citizenship and Christianity" ,lud.:-
Delany said that he spoke so aii
American Negroes when, ho assert
ed. 'I do not '-cant to be a second
class; citizen all my fife j word
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200 Ask for r.harlcs H.
Houston As Washington
tith>n requesting t.u appoinlmev
cf Charles K. Ho-u-toi commis
sioner of the District .if Columb.t
signed by 20,000 votnie.-s citizens »>
the nation.- capital war presentee.
Monday to Phi He Nash officia'
representative of President T< u :
Th(se spokesmen declared that.
'Mr. Houston's ability . nd roc.
of public service masre him ivi 1
qualified for a position whies
should go to the ablest exponent
• f home rule who can be di’. fuo
for the assignment.'
It was also pointed out by this
committee that like ... powerful
force, the appointment of Mr. Hour
tor. would throw a nn. around th.
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A. C. Powell For Eisenhower
First, Henry Wallace 2nd
NEW YORK—(ANP)—Far th:
first time since he was stricken
bye. heart attack last spring,
Rep. Adam Clayton Powell ap
peared before a crowd ol 1.500
persons here last week and warm
lv endorsed Gen. Dwight Eisen
hower as a lib<.val he would sup
pan for President.
“I believe in Eisenhower,
Powell shouted, ‘and I am will
ing to go out for him.”
If the Republican party fail*
to nominate Gen. Eisenhower
however. Congressman Powell
said that he would go all out for
Henry Wallace—“my old political
hi end."
Powell’s mentioning of Wallace j
brought prolonged applause from i
his listeners, who had walked I
through snow shushed streets to 1
get to the Golden Gate ballroom j
where the rally was held in a
he all css auditonu rn.
About his own political plans.!
• Powell had little to say. If the j
major parties insist on nominal- ’
mg some "hack,” it was made
plain, he will definitely be a can-!
dictate to succeed himself. Oth
erwise, 'Congressman Powell im
plied, he will throw his support:
t.« the strongest auaiiliMt C - r h
-.kiw .. . \ 5
.4:.. k
mi ■ M
Mis. Emma Perry Boyer was
elected to the post of executive
director of the Sojourner Truth
YWCA at a meeting of Use hoard
of directors Thursday morning
succeeding Mrs. Ruby B. Stroud
who resigned on January i
Mrs F.’oyer, daughter oi Mr
and Airs. William \. Pi tt s, w a
horn and reared in Raleigh she
received her A. B degree from
St. Augustine's College in ly.'Kt,
a diploma of socical work tram
Bishop Ttittle School of Soi tat
Woi'k ill !<i:'ig ami graduated from
the Atlanta l nivers.ity School of
social Work in 1945 she taught
at the K, < Lawson Institute in
Southern Pines for two year- and
served as teaclier-priiuipat in th<
same school for n additional two
and a half years before going to
Atlanta t nivrr.iyy she dial her
field work with the Associated
( ii.utUes in Winston-Salem and
with the Fulton t «usity, (icorgia,
Department of Public Welfare
and the Atlanta t ihait l eague.
title w«s employed as i as
worker and dirertor of recrea
tion at the State Training School
for Delinquent finds at Itorky
Mount and Kinston from 1944 to
September i'UT when she gave
up her position to return to Ra
leigh So he with her husband,
James A. Boyer, who is a profes
sor in the English Department of
St. Augustine's College Mrs Boy -
er a'reunit'd tier duties at lb*-
YWCA on January if).
Whiteville A disappearance
mystery came into tne open here
Saturday as law enforcement of
fleers revealed that Neil McNai*
had vanished from his home in
; the Hallsboro section..
| Officers had been quietly in
vestigating the disappearance for
, the past eight days after the man
■had vanished 10 days before but
no report so la. has been made.
According to reports McNair
Jett home oi. lire morning of De
cember 20. without any cclothing
for a Lip, with a single-barrel
‘ shotgun whib he had borrowed
from Charles Nichols. neighbor,
to go hunting and his wife who
said she knew no reason why he
should have gent away said she
had had no report front him since
his departure
From what he said about hous
ing. the high cost of living and
jobs, it was evident that Rep.
Powell was sounding a call to
arms and had already opened his
campaign tor «• election.
Among other things, he prom
ised to finance a grocery store in
every church in Harlem if offi
cials of the cooperating church
es would furnish the manpower
lor such ventures, He added
that butter could be bought in
the store at Abyssinian church
; for 89 cents a pound although
'some storekeepers here a-o
icharging as much as $1.04 a
i pound,
Powe.ll promised also to again
: show Harlemites what a picket
l line is supposed to be. He men
i tinned the city's largest dairy and
. several brewing concerns by
; name and claimed, if these corn -
1 panics continue to refuse employ
j ment to Negroes, that he wuM
'personally If ad a boycott against
| other products
! “And don’t think," lie admen
-1 ished a few Negro store owners
,j present “that we won't picket
. your store for carrying the wrong
g , ?.'" a s , , T , .-our shrives,”
_ ■''■■■■ —— —^■— J
, VOUJMK XXVII, NO 2S KALKiCII, AOR/Hf CAUOUNA WELK l-'.N i >.\i. :-A i : !-‘i)AV, JaV AilY 17. i ; H-: FUK'K 7 c
Prison Break Ends In Death
-«c it■ -k ★ it ★ '4r ★ ★ ir ★ it; ~k ★ ★ ★ it ~k ir ★ P
Gangster “Fashion Killers Out On Bond
IT AM Kill A pri-oner <«n
'•vied »! murder, kidnapping
and robbery fell t<. hi- death
from a Centra! Prison wall and
a -z- ire.’ prisoner who hud been
convicted mi cioTit charge-; of
breaking and entering and
damage to property was iceup
turerl immediately after he had
jumped to th< ground oaf sidle
the wall in an attempted pri
-ou tiri.ik ,u i(J:SC here Tuesday’
Ihe two men were T imer C.
Turner. 3*-year-old Kanapolis
white man who died instantly
"hen he fell from the wall hack
into the jirix>n yard, breaking
Ids neck, and Ho-ea Parker oi
< aharrus County who jumped
from tile 15-foot high uiison
v> ail practically into the arms
o' the farm foreman at tin
IS H. Wilson, prison warden,
-aid the two nice were in the
Sirjson y ard during ihe morning,
but were assigned to no parti
cnlar job. and added:
“.Apparently they figured that
in view of the cloudy. dark
weather no one would pay pai -
lirttiar attention to their ac
They apparently mined across
the wall near the hospital and
skinned up a drain jiipt there,
turner Dipped and fell to his
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100.000 NEGROES
NKW YORK Rupoi’ts fre»-i
Campaign Diveclois indicate- that
more than 100.000 Negro volun
teers will pariicipate in the- 1948
■ March of Di.::os, Charkr NT. By
! num, Director ’ Interracial Ac
tivities for the MTati mal Found •
, tion for Infantjlc Paralysis.
just announced.
Mr. Bvnuir staled that more
■ than 80.000 pn-suns had bet-n
.-trickened by infantile paralysis
during the five-year period 194.';'
45 and there is a steadily incres
ing number of victims requiring
after-effect, care.”
Volunteers, according to Mr
Bynum, work in the service pro
gram of the National Foundation
as well as in the March of Dimes.
The 1948 March of Dimes, Jan
uary 15 30, marks the tenth anni
versary of the National Fo nida
tion for Infantile Paralysis.
NASHVILLE. Term. - Funds
raised in last ve.iv’s March of
| Dimer of the National Founda
tion for Infantile Paralysis pro
vided 18 scholarships amounting
I to s3l.6f)fi, Charles H Bynum,
, Dirocti.i of Intersacial Ac'iyitics
, of the National Foundation, an
, couneed at , kick-off dinne:
. meeting of Nashville volunteer
. . wot ken s
Mr. Bynum stated that nm
i i fit a’es are represented by the
t j scholarship winners They are
: Alabama. Florida. Georgia, llli*
t ' r.ois, Mississipoi. Missouri, New
• York, South Carolina and Ten
.! nessee Illinois had the largest
'number with four winners.
1 ; The students are enrolled at
I j Columbia, Howard, Nortliwestern
! and Harvard universities: the
-jCollege of Medical Evangelists.
?. I Lomu Linda, Calif.: North Caro
i jlina College, Durham, N C.: _the
? 1 universities of Illinois. lowa, Chi
t (Coot-ihueri of) pn"")
j Fellowship Winners j
March of Dimes funds enable t c National Foundation for InfanHie I'.iriily .is to provide feliov.-hips
for training medical social workers, health educators, orthopedic nurses, ansi physical therapists.
Shown above are represeniati -. s of these four fields in winch twelve Ns-gio '-Laienls hold Na
tional Foundation fellowships. Left to right: Gilbert Rivers, studying physical therapy at New York
University; Airs. Pauline b. NorviUe, medical social work at Howard Unlvczsil.v: Mrs. Mildred
V. Uatchings, orthopedic nursing at Northwestern University; and Thomas F Roberson, Su-dth
education at North Carolina State College, Durham, N. C. *
Dentists,Of North State
Dental Society Hold Meet
M;iSHun:Uui ; oß
SEDALIA AN?) - - The
annual roll call and "gift
day" participated in by ;tu
dents, teachers and aiomui. of
Palmer Memorial institute
; neiied ihe school the sum of
51.843.65 hera last week. The
"gift day” is an annual affair
1 held on the day students re
turn from their vacation, the
whole school turning cut lo
make gifts fur some par lieu
i lar purpose suggested by the
president. Dr Charlotte Haw
kins Brcw’n.
Os the amount iaired, SSOT?
will go i_ rep.act school
funds used in part payment
of the bus purchased last
year. More than $2,000 wih
be used to set up the starting
fund of Slot‘,o3o as a nest
egg for a prepnsed half mil
lion dollar endowment.
Jewish Congress Letter
Sets Forth Basic Principles
For Fair Educational Act
( ) J
NEW YORK sir. David I".
i .wsk>. executive clirettot of it:
! American Jewish Congress. dcciiu
| fd this week that authoritative :v
! ports that Gove.-no.: Div.i.-y wouib :
I call for the i.rie: imenj of a j.■ ■.
i educational practices bill at tins
* -cssion of the New 'i ;;rk Stave Ixy
g i i
- j :stature- was s \l; iiuC, cnciJujVi
; in £ i new* ane: a,,,.,|q ii,-.\ . -, e . ;
j dons significance throughout th-.
... | entire coußtry.
' Dr Pc-tegcvsk;. said ‘hat Go.
| nor Drvi’pe would probably incc-i
» ! poratv ids i ot*om men chit 10i.v.-: n-. ]
: l such action in a special messag . b•,
r ! ;he legislature within tv.\ week's |
! In a lengthy left-, r published t: |
• • j the New York. Times on January V.
c j Dr. Petegorsky -et lor*h six ba.-..--
c j principles which .--n •nieetivy :.e
-1 educational practices act would,
- i
” : Stive ts, con'.a m.
" j l. The law must u,.equ<vo<au;.
i vorbid discriminatpoo because G
t | race, color, religion o national on
i gin in the admission of students but
“ ; -'hoidd allow denominational ins -i ,
f - i m turns to prefer ;.<ppln ations law |
I their denomination
j, I 2. 11 should assign an hub pood
. , cm. administration in too State I>. j
j i timer t of Education the respou j
T■ s.ip y .:
■ W*‘P x
: l- w,. ' a
cy.’l 9■; A . ’ •• i‘S.
’A ’
at res- ■'. it--
Stale D-tl .1 StaS:y met in .. one j
oay session at Si. A■> Hospital;
‘ hcic Monday. A clmk: on the ana :
tomy of t’he head and nccl. !'
i a.uc'C-d by Dr Keiineth 1,. !
of Raleigh, featured the first he.i:
< >.)i Ihe meet ing D>' Join;; • -. \*< ho ;
1 ritest O-CFitai -aageoitr i n v h)> rcciioo i
among otiii'i tiungs. tne o*
: 1.11 pa cted m < >la rs.
Tili? was the in s- meeting of nye >
Old Nor tit State Denial Society a
«a oody mdep .ncieui of tne Oic \
"is o rtli St at t Medic a {. Dent; 1 1 utu ;
Pharma reuuea 1 Si cieiy. from wblen
‘the demists withdrew last year. The j
second naif of the -a .'-siGn v-a*s o '
votec to a business meeting, indue • j
: ux.. plaiis for the convunfion of -.he |
new i.focsy which ill be .noid a. j
I June
Dr G K BmIU liI: id. of Wils-.u, i
rangoiTientA for the Kadeugh mecu-!
-ja A; were in diurge of Da. M. L.\
Yu.. ID. focal pavclitioiicr aod sac a- 1
'lu.jitV 0/ niv-.-iig tin* complain l-:
<'l' discrimination.
! It >,U: jui d aut'h-:*; ■/. the <<■*/a 1 rt
j-it rater to investix.-u either .■ ft> i ;
receiving complain os 1 ■; on hi* ow.'i J
: initiative.
-t 1: should tun power dti .idn-it.- 1
isiratoi <>t attempt ••• c-ilrrunaie on-!
t.-ir pvacUerCs by cordevence ana'
5. If such persuasion t!i— J
.iriministrator should i>" 1 napower
ch p> ■.issue a formal <• *mplainrt ivi
1 the purpose of ofe'ritilr.:: a rij
' .cl re the Kc-gcnt:; .>f the Slate o.
i New York.
h. h the ■iriplaijr. 1. siisfainea ;
I the Results sit on Id he ii .■ 1 1 ; ionizer! , .
i a judicial],; c.'.'ifoi'i cable o"u> :
;• •. qui'-im; the iiisliiutio!. to ••-. iimui :
I the unfair practice and so-cowei
' ,:nd desist, Ji Mta further disci unio-!
I i.iion.
Dr. Steplii a Vi’ '.l .-.let< ;• • < i
[ the American Jewe*. CVn./rex
-1 s-civcct ms a member oi the Pres: '
ic-n!'s Commission on Bittner Kriu-j
. cation which recently began llv- |
' publication of its epoch-making w
: port. He was also a member of thej
: .••penal sub-committee on equal L- • •
ng educational opportunity which.
I called for the bam mg of scgiega-j
j tier. and laws to ptvi giscriminMif-h ■
s§s&&!. ■
mm ‘ 'jm
pc imtm
lil .a
Nation Pays TrißuU to
Geor«e W. ('.arv*T
.Noted Race Scientist
late Dr. George Washington
Carver was a "great inspire
lion lo his people- and ail of
America regardless of race,
color or creed,' declared Jin
cent R. ImpelHtteri, president
of the city council, here last
week, lie was speaking at a
meeting sponsored by the Na
tional Alliance of Poslai err-■
ploves in the Harlem. Brar.c *
Postal employes, friends
and admirers were gathered
to pay tribute to the memory
cf the scienii.-t and educator,
in whose honor a 3-cent
commemorative stamp was
released loccdy.
Speaking ci the peanut
wizard, ' Mr. Impellitteri said,
" We are honoring r great
American who in the lifetime*
oi perseverance and accom
plishment, reflected honor on
his people. He traced Dr.
Carver’s life works, and laid
emphasis on his devotion lo
the betterment of his fellow -
man in a day when many
men devoted their gifts whol
ly to the quest of profits.
NEW YOT-IX- A request that
[ I lie American delegation on Iht
!drafting committee of tin- UN
i : j mmiss I »>n 0 n Human Rig Itl s,
: ••recommend ana vigorously sup
port £h>: establishment of an .n
! i.eraalicfjnal court of human ;ig-hls
! with authority to receive and irt
*st ....h c'.n'.ur 1 ltd: >■' the mis
i tu*u: men! of luriiorifies in an.s
; member nalion'' wan given con
-1 sidcration el the recent meet-trig
iin Geneva, according to Mrs. Ei
i. a nor Fioo'.isa v. , 1 . t nr... ivian ax the
I committee
j The suggest it n was in the. foil*)
’of a cablegram to the committee
| from tite board oi directors ri
I I h e NAAC P M. s Hn. se vc. t
i wrote the NAACP- "The subcotn
j mittee on upplcntenlaiiun is con
js-dering the suggestions m your
' foiegnirn. ’
v ,.
-'d *' fe
LUX)NGTON —■ Thu two white]
men of Angn a. charge? with ib-jj
;.r ; gster~fasiuon shooting of fifty •j J
old diaries Suntil in Tnovcuv | ’
,n: jj i<■ on! lhi.s ihTK ire- 1
jd'oi -i £5,000 i:ond c.-.c!:. Tiv- bi.i.ds ■’
e.\ sot follovvinii n decision of l 1
■Urere-t Smlh-Hoi- Jack Hooks tire
: M-c-k io hav<- !he meu ivied on sec- j]
<-iKi :•.< ;; ,t. -nui•'.oi' vh:icgos enure'‘ ;
Tut- H ‘OK'il Gi-aad jurj indicteo 1
, iho two. Wv.u! Adams. 23. and Alar
vin Matthews, 24. last week on;'
first ,;!('-'rcn- murder charges.
Brut’> • ding.l to ■ Hi;,i,r a bnbe >. .
!ds f or his clieivs were halieUo
. a ! .'■ nit 1 DiiU'i reivre of Dunn, i
;; iC t-lv.rfc.s rtdufod, Th’
is plareung. he says, to prepare hire'
, L-auitrl -rese to foiretai! ,
re * temptaion on the part of t': 1 .
■ - q.vtor v. dviti|c his mind at the !
h- ~ks. Vi:.'- feefs dire 1
:h D 5 - a sJi-oijs case" against li.o
ivi:i ■ ill pres ret lie tii.i ut the
Vire i n-vir: of th Uamt’tl Superiu* ,
vC•‘i*•.ni on y/ccVt p3jv v
NEW YOBK— Predicting tb;M
; Negro voters will play a sigmft
'• cunt and potent islly decisive part
v'lertiun tri >” key:
Walter White told the 39th
reuiirei reevti!:; of the N.Ui(.-nut
AssLciutton for fnv Advjivx men' .
. . Colo 1 I PeopU .. Jaiiuary u. that .
•■HI - A -ho love democracy _must,
their be.l’ets wisely unu '■ r< -
■-vir.shiv t i the ena mat the best
i .indidatt.-N are elected, jrrespee
: live .»4 politi-rd parly.”
; f.:i c.\ iz D..'.-'tors v.» •
ieefed for trereo-vear Icitoa:
Mrs Lillian A Alexander, N. Y.
Threvic.iv -M. Beire. Cincin-;
• :(i. Ohio; Rabbi Judah Calm,
i N Y. C Ru.'-.'.> Dunjeo, Okla
' i.o’na CiV. okla.: Rev John
Jlavnes- Holmes N Y C... Charlres'
11. Hourtosi, AYasr.-.ngton, D. C.- ,
Hon. Herlx » H 1./.-hman. N Y. •
Dr. Allred Baker Lew is. Green
wich. C.<nr, ' Dr. J imfs J. Mc-
Clendon. Ds-ir.'.d. Mich.- T. V.
re .iigu‘ . St; n-svilj; N. Ku- j
g. NT. ivi..; Atlanta, Go .
Bor. Vre. -no Morse. Eugene. Ota ; ;
M-s Are- Spincarn N Y. C.t i
tCivnfinuod ov back p.ig -)
AJC Asks FCC To Deny
Daily News Radio Permit
WASHINGTON - Aincn ca u
’ Jewish Congress Monday filed a '
! brief with the Federal Cominun- |
, kvitions Commission urging it to I
adhere to its decision denying a j
i req-uency modulation <FM‘
broadcasting Met mi t to the New ;
Yor k Daily News.
In the brief just filed, the A
mcri: m Jewish Congress argues evidence' which it submit
ted to Hie Commission shows that
Vie News -has demonstrated anti
' Se.i-.Uc and anti-Negro bias in its
; ditojaa! and policies. The
I brief urges that these policies, if
Willowed on the air, "would ue
de’nniental to riidio broadcast
iriß." *
• Alter rcl'etring to previous de
cisions in which the Commission
; considered past publishing as woJ!
‘us hioadcasting activities of ap
plicants for liconsei the brief ar
gues 1 hat ‘this approach was b,\
1 »K* TYWiLTiS Oxl.O blc 1-0 the
' News at the omset of these pro
ceedings. Its application rested
on e\ erv favorable inference
.which it couid draw frAtn its pas;
■ publishing activities and. the
‘Jr&fck M-ftteinent- that ;"Tlus policy
pears certain that Negroes will
have the right to vote this year
in the primaries in the south, and
as a matter of fact nothing in
the cauldron of race vote is mote
Tin U. S Supreme court since
1927 by several decisions has out
lawed primary elections limited
by state laws to racial groups.
Tin Supreme court voted defi
nitely against the white primary
in 1944. Quickly South Carolina
responded with a legislative act
repealing all reference to the pri
mary 'in the state code paving
tiro way for making the primary
the function of a club which os
tensibly could determine the
qualifications for members. As
a private club the Democratic
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DURHAM ■ The special trustee
; emmiltee seeking a successo.
to the late Dr. James 10. Shepard a,
president the Not In Carolina
College it Durham has defers to
nominating < successor for Dr
Shepard for "one and possibly two
more meetings,' according to Dr
Edgar VV Knight of Chapel HR!
chairman of the nominating com
la a telephone conversation v. iUt
this correspondent last Saturday
nvrnii... Dt Knight sard his
nutice met in Chapel Hill "for the
better part of tin J -y ' last Friday
,i T Pritchett of Lct.oir was the
only member of the sut>-comm«Use
who was unable to be present, Dx.
Knight ska.
Dr. R. L. Flowers ci Durham,
■tru-nre chairman, sal in Friday's
,■ : ■ OS ltOUl f
' > * > f \<
While saying' that Ins committee
had made progress. Dr. Kuighi a,-
; phasized that "One and possso.y
.iriore meetings vs the nouiina.-
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i Washington - _ The Urn ted
States Supreme Court Monday
unanimously ordered Oklahoma
to immediately admit Mw-. A<n
Luis to the state university lav
school in a decision vvhicn ru.ed
• i'.at Mias Lois is entitled to cdu
tulum in a stale -supported edu
cational institution, and tout me
Mate must provide it as aneo-.uiy
as it does so white applicants.
The speed with which •he court
a ted : uii-d out any possibility
that Oklahoma might erect a Ne
gri. law school to comply with
the court decision, and ruled that
Miss Lois is fully qualified for
admission to the university, but
has been domed admission for 2
rears because she is Negio.
The to- -non ■ :ud she is entitled
to -secure education afforded by
the state institution, and contin
ued :
"To Shis time it has been denied
> her. although during the same
period many v hite applicants
have been afforded legal educa
tion Ip th state. The state must
1 provide it. fur her in conformity
with the equal protection clause
of the 14th amendment anti pro
• vide it as soon as it does lor ap
plicants of any other group.”
will cany ov..s to the tadio sta
; lion."
| The brief further ion tends that
| "There is nothing in the Com
mission s treatment of the other
j applicants in this case which jus
j tifies the conclusion that only
i favorable evidence may be con
sidered. it would be an anom
alous state of affairs, to say the
; least, if the Commission adopted
the “see no evil, he.n- no evil,
.speak no evil” attitude which the
; News v. ouki impose upon it.
Declaring that, its charges a
j gainst the News "are of the ut
most gravity," the AJC argues
j “that if the News is granted a
’ construction permit in place of
j other qualified applicants ,the
: Commission will have approved
"Suren the fact that policies
bias in a contest with, fairness,
of the News which are to be
i.O:. iC-vi uix-i to ilte air are no#-
; tile to American principles of e
quality • , • is a factor affect
■: ing the public interest more di
j rectly and. furdsmentally than
any other which coaid be su|<

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