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The local Scouts' Annua.
Ccokie sals got ofi to a goor
start when Prof. C. H. McLen
don, principal of Washington
Higr, School, shewn above, pm
Students, Faculty Would
Hire Negro Professors
INSi. i s u'L?• v-j Ir»! \
LAnOd, W« it i it iii *
LAGOS. Nip' si . AVsi itfr..
,'a;s!-m 4 !.;:■ ' fYitvtTf:, - ?•••• .tp .'*
mdividu: is so: ec v ■' ’ - ! ’'
nationalities !i\ ’•->.• ■>■ Tie ia. me
in Glove H .11 !c- - - e • 1 -■
Nigeria Irislitvi ■ ot R is. l •
a bod> 'S me has. i ■ W w c •:
aims \h<- pfoivKUitvn <0 ai?ii••> «'»*kj
understanding araunt: a)i •;■«•*.
The 01 ...jiiin.- ini 1 11 '• '•■■'■ e\\ i •
of a proposal : I.:s s 'ess JanuEi’y A'
to “develop social in eid its ii s
tivilies that would 1 ip eomimt an-::
irr.l. ii ve rood nbn iur:- i:■> t ■•■■. •' ■;
Membership in ikr -
open to till person: from different.
:.,(! -. mid fr-.i's b c.' s- ■. i>: oh'.-:
i(ointimn :i ■>'■■ ': >; _d- :
johiihon (»oes !o \ fail \
As First Ran I ores Hr
(ANP> —Jas P Johnson - •-•■.■■
arrive in Haiti from the U ant'd
States this rtiont-Ji the rirst Xe
gro to ester ever to work in * f• =
ti. In fact it is stud that ■ Johnson
is the only km wn Negio forestc
in the United States.
He is a graduate of the Uni
versity of Mkwipan Lorn wnich
institution hr- hold* a row :■•*
degree in the s-cienci ot>
He Will kt'd : : i •;, S. i ■■• • •
ter graduation with the rxc '/<
tion.’of a period in the now ■• her
he became a t..spe:io exp: r, w.
one of the lany-s’ lurnbei < - ■• s
pa nif is in the oorthe. est.
Johnson v-Pi • th
Haitian An i•.:. . u -\jf-:: t: fu. d
Development comp ny, better
known l.v its French initials
Okla. U. Sure It Can Dodge
Supreme Court Ruling;
J. C. School Law Still Valid
Norman. Okla. (AMP) Uni
versitv of Oklahoma and stata
officials are not completely do •
i'eatod by tin recent supreme
court decision 'o admit Negroes
to the law school next sesm-sn
According to a member of tin.
university board of regents hero
last week, who did not wish hi '
nan'!!- to be us- 1. there is a state
law which prohibits Negroes and
whites from all ending the same
schools and “the court did not, ;o
tar as I know, declare the law
unconstitutional "
The case involved Miss Ada
Lois Sipuel. 23. who was turner;
down two years ago when -lm
rppliecl for admission to the uni
versity. The supreme court ruled
that Oklahoma must prov ;
equal facilities lor both Nog -<>
and white students.
However, mvversirv and state
officials refused to concede that
the supreme court had upset Ok
bhoma's sap,, "Cation sys 1 e ini .
While they effused to comment
for publication, pending n meet • I
mg of the nugeuts, fir. M. A. !
chased the fir»<: box front 3 com: i
Beulah Riddick. The pt cjecJ
began on January if. and wiM
continue through next Saiur•
o?y, January 24.
Ithaca, N. T A.\P) - - . ..: nu. . [
; membtu.’S and student.s at Cor-j
, noli university &iv not whol : *• ;
i against the hiriiig of or working i
with Negro instructors. As u mat- !
u ot tact, i siig u mi jority -
I f i —1 oSi:is 1., -.I .Siia v -a: £f ia. l - - j
ing ,N. g"i •.'<•-■ as teachers and pro j
. . ; . I
Tins conclusion was reoefcc-a >y
; the Corncil IvAACP chapter her: ]
I rc.v-.iilly end was based ot.. a sur- \
ivey tondut y -.l ,imong 4h d.-pw* j
'inc-ftt chhcoi cn- i-f -v-nrious co>- : 'i
lege-j at tic ii nr t rsitv am; :o ot., -
i students themselves.
The NAACP branch distribut
; cd a questlio-nna;re during the last •
I sprhig i< rm vxhith said they wh e ;
"interested in finding out hr. »v j
t .•_ faculty feels about accaptim,, .
. Meg rocs on the staff. We are in- j
; ter viewing the chairmen of the j
. b, I pa. rt men I s wc- foci tlu*.y ;
: can tell us mere about tne J.c |
!• partment and at 1 'time-.
Six questions "•■ re .:.ske;U The
Jir-t, relatin'; to employing a
qualified Negro, dre'n n v a :>t ■
71 pc: c; nt foi !hc aic cy ::n;l fa*
I per corf against. A sited ! ‘ “any
' ( ih igUi’S v.uiid obiect to Ir v
ine Net.:v on the stafi,' the
Ir.n: I U • n .!• • K ~. ••••: ■
Court Segrega
St. Louis ;AMPj Tic S'.
Louis Post-Dirpsteh took tie
out to review edilurinlly tne et
fret the U. S. Supreme court de
cjsi a, in th« Oklahorna verse
Sinut-- 1 case. iv--. on tno svite of
Missouri with, its c-parav-
scho<u expen:■ n: c.
The editor:;:!, a opes, ring in the
Jan. 13 edition, declared that the
Li. S. Suprem- court unamir.ous
iv "has put it up square]•■• to the :
University o. Oklahoma to admit i
a Negro girl who was bflr.od fi..-m
the state's law -ckc; :v Norman
solely because of the color ci ;r. ,
Pointing out that the decision ;
was directed at Oklahoma e
Nosh, the .-it:-’ chancellor. !
said, 'Tie n gems be!;, ve Okla- i
lionet's problem is now one to be ;
M - ttk:d by citizens through j
their legislate)!;.'' t
Studert opinion seems to be ,
equally’ div!d”d on the case, but !
pi,U conducted by the student !
newspaper sn vwed opinion pro ;
do;n.,nantly against u complete
• hreakdoy.'iv of racial restrictions. !
• University o r ardent., Dr. George !
jL. Cross, took the position that
be had no personal objections to
i admitting Negroes to the univer
, si tv
Pi ess comments from the Okla
horn a Daily hold the 'belief the' :
S the school and state official'' can- j
j not escape- th <k*< ; sk.n Mean
while, Miss Siouei is making
plans io enroll in the school next
i semester.
According t Roseof- Dynj-- .
editor of the Black Dispatch and
i a NAACP leader, an Atlanta stu
! dent interested in entering the !
university’s mcdi ca 1 school,;
j "would probably make applied :
lion also.” Tie- student was re- I
1 jeeted admission last year.
\ ULL’ME XX\il, .NO. 2:) UALEKiIi. Xf.'lT.g; tAi.UIiNA ■'.!•■■:'K' it-NiUNO - \’ : ;ii > ' JAM ■ i.c- HfjU'E •-
V- b t : J*
ifir + ir * 'k "k -k 'ik & ft k k k k 'k * 'k & ik k k k
fAD I 17 A rvrrp c p ,: ICO f T'T . , *iV rs fl I
VJUi Ij. lL.rt,Ju y a.,- IV - .5 \JtCSk & s i . ■ ij:Li k ... . • u.-Lji
W » JTTg * « f V*S' # 7 T"^
ignoring F von K t <y its v
Os f * A- „ f f
1’ I’T i > ■'■ x"-! M • ~'Vm
Vw f i 7% i# W , A &4:M , j *■ X. * W Z-'t -M i -
j uAL!, ; jAlLiHci .':
gm? f\ S\n ? r ■
.Tr|g- ft k s
j ’ £k\- t* * f 4*- fev ft .•' K‘f‘ V V Al» f? . ' '!•'
:f 11 eg v -- f t;? C 1
! • f? A **'i i*oU' fc t / %» g>- 'a
j ’•' : ■ i-n T;.f
r .V S n'A . c ’ ■ ■ -
j M .i<ro X>eir.i«.H r :rntic; -...v -.-caiaort h. ;
• . • •• '■
i ;O.t*Oo txSf* OCl.ilO iVi. • :>. I)/ . J, a : !
I -i )Asi week,
) fm<. .imr} lo;aj f u rupn,
j An;or-f the ofi;ofrx eioc-eci were; j
: J • ‘ |
: Clim p•• s ut*v:’: T) . vV• •*. ;
Lev lews High
tilings ebon l tfir o -vision nv-.ici
ii remarkable.
"1: j; u-.i-- •! diiibi oni'i foi .
stays idler the : oorf hesrd o.«; \
arguments. It bear: rue seldom '■
ced words ‘the marv’et hUI i - :
rue forthwith. If go r b;ycd lm
C 2 dot isisc m the Gain-: • etr-" '
10 years ago"
Heretofore cases were be
cursed. • ; k-nKtii -.vishm thv court
and r crTH;iri un'oeiried for week -
menthr T,-v j-utii tunc for i.
A' r - k, as i
i . ... * •?)?• • H : a- k vW, ■eSiiMrfSfifc;
..- ,f,flfa«ir.. f : t v
, € ir .O- ,m - -
Pictured above are member
of the Old North State Per,Jed
Society which rod at Si. Agno-.
Hospital, here mi January 12.
; i.eii-oya; ot tfir- ewii ri'Svts
* -fL 4- ; -,,p , .s* v -i ’' ••' 1 * I ft' u*' t.i 1 '
'• ■. fiO ? ci l'e OI H’.'" t*’ Vg i I!\’ i lL -
I ••'i.iouel Kriisgs
;GUiMUmu.J i. :
Aeasvi *- S > Uy
NEW YORK -Hailing the U. 5 :
i ( ’ .... ; :- c i w. L fk'c' '
i Srpuci with a legal education .mi
j a stale suppoi U-O s.v bpid so etc
; otiicr iiroup* \'Vc>: <i j
: Ii v NAACP as fc?st rp
|co ite i, said she op nj >n of Jan I
: ''"it ‘ls one step beyond tic-j
f. ■ . .-- r>r • ifJy : c-c.
! Dufllcv 'm tout the court order
;cd thtii its manda-v imie emth- i
; Ist row; Dvs, A. L. Cromwell,
1 W:nston-S».iem; H. V. Hicks,
1 Oxford; G. K. P.uiinr field, Wii
I son, M. iu, VVuiis. W»
I'f-fio f q üßf
A dfiti a fi ,**}• -j’kfl //* /Vv
IT & » 1!
I b.. ti on Keaci \
051O 51 ,s A? 7 ?
History Week
M. Sessoaas. Reeky Mount; The
ir es Watkins. Sr.. Chailcitc< A.
i J. Wi!si;?ms, Charlotte,
i Caiitiuucd or. p.ige agist.
hr, i
••••'■ iv it i
‘ > . ;;r v :
%ps wiiiM
■e ■ f'ifr't*'p . Astk ■ -'•g
, , Ij
■ ", -i ,i' ' ; ' C Tf*m
' - .' ■ • v
%• ' ‘ - . :'• ■& .... -wV-'V -. 'A': 'y'vi
i's i’ 1 ?
f 1 \ .'•■
*♦ \JF M 7 2: ■w I V it-11C
*' Ls If' ••: . :
j j. ‘• ejudice bf; sc*<i n: r;«•;*c. ;
I vvcvd, >■ ,y x. and origin i
j ..octal . ialiia is a tnsA<k'**c;4 wne o' j
j tHc* eh lei ov r ' h : of niotun-'n c*v<o..a- ;
Uor. anti a condition win u ieiius at • j
■ ' -A'y,'.
II lowar4 (rt*is L iJMlif
| iicscavrk Ck>r?lrarl
’ versify \o -to research w:*rk on I
!r. i-i! ;ny>j.••.•'. in the 50h0..1 > ;
ttninxi of Chemistry, it wna j
I nnrautwotl lodav by University i
j riie coiu.-ae 4 ••emvsents, jf>s v
j DxLot! Hydrely: - i
i mine.'' which was submitted to;
I s .;'.vh! in"hv.rvh offieDis fay I.’:
Ik. r> B. ifo ri i. a idate Pro
I fr-sso; ;.i An apnro- i
I priatJon of f.-L.oOii.OO for finnrcirsg j
; .(.'■£*.cfCT.lTO h f' iT; t COt hsSS ft?* j
| r-?t.vvd I>a- tl’ie l-nivcrrilty.
■ ; * it. trio j ref • ,0 nys**G ' *y» I
! rrrnSfeefion%»v‘4/ the t.'% 5 !
«i i„r. rfccrtrf ifepai&K.!
a ’ ' ‘T*
- .:. t?iv Known
.. ,* ■ alor Heads
nrham School
(Siaf* Crrrespondoni)
DURHAM—Dr.' Alfonso Elder,;
grr.duate professor of education j
iai North Carolina Coll. who j
, served as the institution .• aca- 1
cm ■■ < 1 :. 4 ri i , nineteen years,;
■ r- ■■ ■ ■ i d p rh nt of the eol
he".' Tu< so. ay £i:.env><m by!
f•, , . >' ' t , . tel ;■
nmg. It sS ;
end. that President Elder!
•vili wrrk in dose cooperation
Mi! ... Lodge With White,
i c a Member Is Now
Mill’on Dollar Enterprise
! MOUND BAYOU- Mi*s. The j
| nujiiri.i: str.-cn;::.:; and sclidaiity of j
j i,c .i aiid Daugiitea: o£ Id- |
; -cv .'raohies-D' b;' Sir. P. M !
j -ng rip rflcsnt iift.v-eighth annual}
5d Kfa-doji iff tbt ... 1
i '.fw-ri i
! ‘ ' ~ , „ . !
:ii rn.-.'i leader’.’!; annem i
that tfc |
'ti i: - .■ ■ <'■■:' CaSo" .
’ flys» tiiit- j
J idi?r fiotlm i woab ai UiS#jrace and!
OT’j.',i’n;:n;>,l -oi i-nJ ;ra n sort. !
; i . .u a Uinni -.-l a .'itlai'a ;
ihe iatem .-'rf beiay SS&a.Pfi®. • !
i j.". iskiniioii hse tw.-ri ou * move ihaii r
; - , ~ . , . . 1;
;!H-aoMiivs ar u'-jirns -it.itsc •
’ it:-- tuun- u’id.T the Stale Irt- j'
■ ifwa n cu;sv;nd ,iTac-ii‘: a-v. ■- ■
’i.-'- cn-i - _ .nil.les rv ati j
-, ■ r-v.. - hold ■).100 -i«r i tjSrl'J ev t uli .
Allontn i ANF) - A lashing at
! tack i,n attempts to disfranchise
: ■aihi-rn Nt < through “trick
-1 erv and subtoifuge*’ was made
: recently by Gov. Henry
i 'l'hosnpson.
’l' ” innson demanded that an
:d be mad ■ io efforts to disfran
e •- \cgrcf; and called upon
-date to • accept the letter and
.•bunt es tin- federal court deci
sions and adjust it primary eke
i tions accordingly,”
Declaring Mint he would never
i "be a party to trickery and sub
, or otherwise in any at
f'laiii to evade the spirit or let
tor of the law," he further ad
i vneated 'reasonable and impnr
-1 Mail v' administered educational
ri. quirami nts for voters applied
•"Quimbly to both whites and No-
S uv’rt-s."
Speaking editorially of the gov
i enter s stand, the State newspa
• P ( ’r. white diu.y of Columbia, S.
|C... asserted. ‘ ila appeals to us
■ -a trank, ev.-n blunt statement
~ ii)ci r>;< acuiailv independent
1 one lor a southern governor •
j though not unique,
i, "WJivfhts one agree-- with what
j he savci <-,r not. his apparent ear
u~sfni s: and ad;'!- r--ra a- to con
; tea ?;c-e must bv mlm-red And he
| ls tilso \ oicing the approach of the
Ii *; \ -: j n;’ an-; acccpiing; it with
j y<iod grace Other govern difes and
' i en'iijrrnvc party .*leaders might
j a i-hie ye the better part of valor
| *->V folio,long his train of
| thought.'*
littleToc k
I-fll I >.« pCTe
l?L I 0
s ?SO PPfl p&rccMT
MiTTf.,l Itrtciv iA\p, _ \
i-d ri of $50,000 toward the build
■nt. fund to Philander .Smith
i oerje wjvs announced !«-.<
' -ni j.
i- 5 -’- Harris s.,hr was not at
liberty to reveal tin identity of
t.bc donor, hut did soy that
tie-- money i-anr- from lh<-
< ' «!' a •'non-Arkansas"'
white person.
Flic sre.‘it’ti brings th- total
collected toward a SI ,000.000
expansion land goal up to s&itO--
Flic boat! of trustees of the
s chcc! Mos already sought teeh.
n»cal advice from federal agen
-;■ and experts from the
<b----rge Peabody college for de
nim- of a proposed new layout
eaHt d for by the fund, accord
ing to Or. Harris.
i during i.h-.r early days with the
interim committee which has
been adminisrennu the- college's
affairs since (he death of the in
itut ion's pres,dent-founder, Da
James E. Shepard, last October
The appointment of the 49-year
old Georgian as successor to Dr.
Shepard put an end to speculation
on.i i'Uinors that involved several
, of Negro educators in this
; country and abroad.
D E! !cr, who was bom in
fCfinlinu. d on back page.
a stun of $80,949.66 was paid
■ c ; oims tiM year Su Smith fnr
jiber revealed.
In Mistirsippi. the Knights and
r lei-s of Tabor have a member*
■ fit *«■«; including many
i v. liile poirvas. There are 29 frater
i v or ordvrs in the Stole.
The Knight? ana Daughters of
i'T".bor opcv -tc- the v-meus Taborion
i Hospital, foumled in 1942 at an
j ovbrall cost oi 5100..000. which will
i • ’C-bi’.-U’ its sixth anniversary
1 Petflfuavy 12 The hospital service
i vas fcv-..i! •: esponsible for reducing
:!k ranrlaiity ruio for the srea by
utiering fee, Hwi" are v* : ry low.
Rep. esentatives oi the medical
i worla from all over the country
IwUl be present for the February
•12 ;;n:vversa.y program. Assisting
v. oc.ii m .•ar.goraents other that?
.:sm■;.» D ...P. M. George,
. ..- ihc ,U( div.u ano X- V a\ D-. -
• >«:i tme-iit. Dr. J. Hubert Clark,
chief of surgery, and Dr. A, L,
Johnson, associate surgeon.

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