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WHITEVILLE —A rookie _ state
highway patrolman. It. E. W hit
ten, was acquitted Friday by a
Columbus County Superior Clou "
jury which deliberated only .181
minutes before freeing him on
assault charges brought by re!.,
lives of the Rev. Ed Williams,
itinerant Baptist preacher.
The charges were brought a-1
gainst the young patrolman a
ter the 45-vear-old-120 pound
preacher had been hospitalized
and latei conlined to u stale;
mental hospital following ins
rest last November 30 during j
which he allegedly suffered here!
injuries at the hands oi tin offi
S. M. Ellis, a brother in-law.
and Henry Stephens a n< ignb ■
of Williams were the chief wit
nesses tor the prosecution.
Eilis testified that the petrol
man, a former guard on the uni
versity of North, Carolina football
team, had told him of sinking
Williams twice with his hand
and once v. itn the but of his gun
when the latter ressted arrest.
Stephens declared that he baa
overheard Whitten say that he
had snapped his gun at William
but that it hadn’t fired. Later,
the accuser said, he heard the
policeman tell his victim that he
would have been "a shot mar."
it the gun had gone off.
Oefcnsi atto.ney- denied that
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Step Is “Exception ”
Says Army Secretary
CHARLOTTE—'W. E. Wheeler.
1016 Fairmont Street was found
'Not Guilty” of assault on N. G.
Hazelrigg. white, in Recorder -
Court. Friday.
Mr, Wheeler was arrested at the
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Driver oi Mai 1 Truck
Balks Station Holdup
DURHAM—An early-morn
ing holdup of the Union Sta
tion ticket office at Raleigh
was balked Friday by James
Malkty, a mail truck driver,
who shot and fatally wound
ed the would-be bandit who
had pulled a gun on the wo
man ticket laker at the sta
Miss Minnie Chandler,
while, was on duty alone in
the ticket office, when a
masked man. identified by
Durham police as William H.
Pegram, entered the station
and demanded the money at
Mai ey. who witnessed the
counter from the Negro wait
ing room, drew his own gun
and. fired through a window,
striking the bandit in the
Pegram died seven hours
later in a Durham hcspitai
from the effects of a bullet
in the spine.
N. J. Gov. Praised For
Stand Against J. C. In
State Natn’al Guard Units
New York Congratulations
on his order that Negroes must
be enlisted in the New Jersey Na
tional Guard without segregation
were wired Gwcn-w Alfred
Driscoll at Trenton by Walter
White, NAACP Secretary. Sal 1
Mr. While.
"The NAACP congratulates you
on youi insolence that the left,
and spirit of the Ne w Jersey
state constitution must be oh--
served by all state ageneic-s and
departments end your order that
Negro citizens oe listed without
{••egregatioi) iu the National
Gov Driscoll s action wap taken j
in defiance of the War Depart - ;
rnent, which apparently had. sent
instructions to Opl, E. G. Wolf
chief of Staff of the 50th ArriShn-d :
•Division of the .guard, to follow j
the usual Army policy of segre
gation Col. Wolf then .snent .it)
order to all unit commanders of
Ij■ ■ , _
I ' '"l 'JTJf p Iyi >V\ jT T
I ___^ ——————— l —
it ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★★★★★★ ★ ★★★★★★ ★
CME Bishop C. L, Russell
D’es At Newport News
Bishop C. L. Russell of
Washington, D. C.„ presiding
bishop of the CME Church
and the North Carolina An
nual Conference, died Sun
day morning at the Riverside
Hcspifei at Newport News.
Sec el ary of the Army Kenneth
: Royal! ih-s week gave tempo;
i and conditional approval to New
'Jerse> int--grated Nation;-:
Guard, out mclicnted that such
approval could not be expected
for other Guard units nor fm uu
Regular Army.
Tht Army .Secretary’s approval
was voiced only alter \’ev, Jer
>c-y's Gw. ernor Alfred F. Dns r 1
: had taken a determined stand
’ against racial segregation in the
. State Militia to th- extent of do
1 lying Col. E G. Wolf, chief >1
! staff of (he Join Armored Divis
j jon of the Gawd.
Col. Weif, apparently acting u v
!de: A> my »r.i, rs. had sent order*
|to all unit commanders of the
New .)• . • • National Guard fn:
| the continued segregation of Ne
Governor Acts
Follow. ng p«' it i■ r ous protes t ;
j which called att r.tion to the New
I Jersey State Constitutional pro
j vision against racial segregation
Hr, the State Militia, Governor
i Driscoll sent orders to Major Gen.
j Clifford Powell, chief of staff to
•r*ontinned <v- ■>* * in
Negro Newspaper Week
Program To Be Broadcast
Over 3 Major Networks
NORFOLK. Va. —Observance
this year of National Negro
1 Newspaper Week, commemorat
ing the 121st anniversary of the
founding of the first Negro
raw spa per. FREEDOM'S JOUR
NAL, by John Russwurm. has
.he guard tot continue to scr• ■
gate Negroes.
Gov. Driscoll acted swiftly by
issuing his orders to Map. Gen.
Clifford R. Powell, chief of staff!
- thi Governor, to observe tht
state constitution. The new con
stitution. adopted recently, pro
hibits disc riinmation or segrega
in the state- guard and in public
schools in the slate.
The NAACP also wired James
V. Foirestal. Secretary of De
fense. urging conformant-, with
President Truman’s message on
civil rights on the elimination ol -
riisc-riin illation in the armed
i forces.
Tbm-.:.-. -vl Marshal]. NAACP
: counsel, telegraphed New Jersey
\ Attorney General Waller D Van
: ’‘Entire legal of N. A.
j A. C. P. stands ready to cooperate
with von full as to research and
(therwi 41 - • support Governor :
. DrisfwU’s position.
Funeral services will be
held Thursday in Washing
ton. D. C. The deceased had
held the post of bishop of his
connection for nearly a dec
ade. He was elected at Hot
Springs, Ark., in 1938,
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: of racial discrimination practice-1 j
by post off'iet s m same of the large j
i cities art being 4 in-e stigj'.ed by the j
Senate PoM Office Committee,
was disclosed last w.v.k b> Chau-I
man Langer. Rep.
The charges were brought bj the:
National Allium-: of P >stal Em i
First .-•n the list is the Mempui.: i
post office. followed by (he one tr 1
Knoxville. Tens). Other complaint.-,
i were made against in-. New Or-j
lean . Shreveport. Baoie Rout;-.;
Selma. Ala . and Atlanta y-si oi
According to Lunge 4 - 4 . John T.
Richer was hired as cnief invest!
Cofimied on p-gc eight
been set for March 7th to 13th
Dates f-v; ti-v 1948 observance
weir- announced tr, a proclama
tion issued by Thomas W. Young,
president of tht Negro Newspa
p< Publisher.-. Association, which
. annually sponsors the nation :
wide program.
Highlighting the week's activ
ties will be three radio broad- ’
easts over nation-wide networks
4 0l NBC. CBS and ABC in pro-.
! grams design*. d to point out the
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Twisted Picture Os Negro i
Role Hit By Shaw Speaker
In History Week Address
RALEIGH The importance
of the study of Negro history was
placed in an entirely new lignt
Sunday by Dr John Hope Frank
iin. renowned historian, author
and professor o; history at How
• ard University.
Dr. Franklin, who spoke Sat
urday night ai Si. AugustinoV
College and Sunday afternoon .<1 ,
Shaw University vesper serein. :>
charged presen; day and past hi---
to. i«i«i wji’u urn ucipaung in
“The Great Conspiracy” to "sun- ;
press and distort" the rale of the j
I Negro in American history.
The purpose of this conspiracy, i
E Ei E B & 1 3
RALElGH—Governor R. Gregg !
Cherry' tins week declined to con:- ;
men? on the widely publicized
"Governors Plan lor creation i-.t
simtinvid' regional universities i
and special schools pending op- j
put t inti tv to -'tidy details of the j
The proposal was first voiced :
: -t 'Vc. a! weeks tig in the wake of ;
- t S Supreme Court decisions re j
; 1 firming the light of ali stu- j
cientr to equal educational oppor- j
tunities regardless ot race or col- j
La t week >*r i it was taken an
nga«... -at a Southern Governor:--"
Conference hold at Wakull.i j
Sprmgs. FJa. Govct nor Cherry, l
| who was unable to attend tne con !
: : renoe, sent Dr. Clyde A. Erwin, j
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\ \ U P \sk- Llemencv
For \rnn Prisoner
NF.W YORK The legal depart- 1
j n;..rii o! the NAACP Thursday
:-ten Secj'.tjry of the Arnv. I
N metli C Royali co;,:-idtr a
I petition for denier, cy submitted a,. I
da' association on oohrlf of Will;.?'
j Wilsor. who was originr.'ly .vnienc
! art ■- uent-Tal coiirts-mart’a! !o Jit. j
: itiprisonmem V.- liic h v. a.-- übsc -
S'ji't-ntly reduced to twelve ,v»ur.
j ■ r.,i men to eight.
Dr. Reddick Announces 47
Race Relations Honor Roll
; ol the 14 individuals and five o?
gani/utions on the Honor Roll
I Raci elation, ol 1947 wen an
. D. Ri-u-.iick of the New York Pub
lic library.
Each year a nationwide poll is
conducted by the Schomburg
! Collection of Negro literature to
determine- those Americans, with
, out regard to creed or color, wh >
have most distinguished them
, selves during tne year in improv
; ing race relations. This is a fea
ture of Negro History week.
Dr. Reddick, curator of the
Sehomburg collection, said in t.i ■
course of the announcement that
the efforts of those nanu d "if
; multiplied would help our couo
try immeasurably in meeting the
; challenge of human rights at
' home and abroad.”
' For purpose of identification,
the list is divided into '‘whites”
and 'Negroes ’ No attempt is
made to rank the names.
he said, is ’To place at the di.
posal <d the country a body of
Ideas that support the contention
that Negroes ore unfit to be citi
zens in the ti nest sense of
! word.”
Differs With Stereotype;
Sharply differing with hist or:- j
cal sierc<-types which have depict
, r'd the Negro slave as a happy
and contented chattel. Dr. Frank -
Tin called attention to 250 or more
; rebellions conducted by slaves in
; effort.- to gain their freedom, and
Ito numerotir advertisements in
S newspapers of “he day which
i sought the return of escaped l
Last Rites Conducted For
N. C. P. E. Church Leader
WILMINGTON—FinaI rite* .for
Allen E. Jackson, 88, who died
Fi iday. were conducted Wednes
t p* w
W /
■ ■'
% v v* > , y < f
day afternoon, from St. Mai k'x F. .
L'. Church, when he was a liic
long member. The Rev. Alexan
der Mi di-r, wh-tc rector of St. :
Paul’s P. E. Church, officiated, j
v :th the lit. Rev. Thomas C.
Darsi, white, retired bishop of the
Dioeest of Ea.-t Carolina, deliv
■ ring a short . nd impressive eu
The b: ief and beautiful Episc -
American Heritage Foundation,
foi insisting that the Freedom
tiiiin stop at ’hose places where:
all citizens together could view its
President's Committee on Civil
Rights, j'oi its report calling upon
the government and people to re- i
; vise the liberties of all citizens ;
Actor's Equity Association, lor
its stand against racial segrega- ]
tion in the theatres of the nation's
Southern Methodist University.
for cheerfully playing in Texas a •
gainst the Negro stars of the Penn
State football team.
Archbishop Joseph E. Ritter,
for opening the parochial schools j
of tin St. Louis diocese to all j
qualified students.
The Late Charles H. Huberich, j
for his monumental work, "The j
Political and Legislative History j
of Liberia."
Jackie Robinson, ioi achieve
(Continued eri pajie>
l slaves
The speaker also debunked
claims that the period ol Recon
struction had been marked Iv.
chaos and rnisiulc resulting from .
Negro dominstoln of southern |
: government..
The hand fulls of Negroes :
ed to stan and othei government
offices during that period, he •
■ said, could neve; be considered *
r.s j m ■jori.ty.
He also : itt*d the tendency of
most historians to ignore corn
plstely or to piss owr lightly the j
| contributions to the progress ot |
, ('uiirißiredi on page .eight
pal service was read by the R”v.
Mr. Miller. lon rment followed n
Pine Forest Cemetery, where Mn j
; sonic rites wore accorded the de
: ceased who was <OIO t! f the okies
and most outstanding Masons in [
North Carolina.
Honorary pallbearers wi re Dr. |
Iv’i N. Leary. Prof. F. J. Rogers j
Dr. S J. Howie, pro iding elder
of the A. M. K Zon church, anu
Robert H. Scott. Active pailhca.-:
ers were R. H. Crawk” . T. C J.v- •
vay. Geo. F. King. W H. Rutland j
Horvt v Jom-s, Sr and Alfr< d
Walk'’! .
F I. Davis had charge of Hr
i unor a) arranct’men's.
Mr •k.d’Ofid M S iiiV ;v; .. ■
.• a .mi* '«•; ,’ivjj ' e’ ' 1 ; y. ►.**«.' <A o-.t i A
in Wilmington and was b<>pits' 1
m the white EEpiscopal church
which was situated on the come'
<: Continued on b«uk p;i;/ct
Candidate Wallace Raps
Proposal To Construct
Jim Crow Vet Hospital
bt n. o, mm
DURHAM Senators Clyde R
' Ho'-y and william P Umstead of
• North Carolina have joined win.
•>iu:r national leaden- in ndo; -.rig
Un- $15,000 finance campaign vchic.
! >hc Nm *h Carolina College Alumni:
■ As-viciation is launching Feb. 23
Huey, who was formerly a gov- ;
j ■ rnor of his home ate, told Mat - j
.on S. Johnsc? XernCw fx id j
{secretary for the association; "J i
I have been impressed through tit
' -years with the ma-tnif.cent service j
1 rendered to you? rate in North- .
| Carolina and to t! • whole state, by
he North Cardin ■ (\4levo at Du. 1
1 /wm ; :sd it is most gratifying 11 ,
i note that you intend to pt rpetuai.- j
ihe principles .nd ideals upt-n -
; which this grer- institution was
j founded
-j v. to heartily congratulate 1
] you? Alumni ton in this
i I?--? uis'twart hy est , and 1 trust yo,<
! will lx sucoes? in obtaining me ;
J goal which you t. As hang as the i
! -pint or Dr. Si <ard survives thi -. •
i institution will -until.,u? to have ?
• .n important pmc? in the Slate •
! and nation.’’
Scnatoi Umstead slund- ”1 tak«.
| pleasure in endorsing this worth -1
| while movement and 1 hope you,
I will bo successi 1 in your fiforts,
j 1 : ,m sure that • nds s • raised win
j contribute to th» splendid work ol
Ih-. Ni ?'th Carol; a College.”
NAACP Lands Truman
Civil Rights Message
Washington - Walter White,
secretary of ths NAACP. Monday
wired President Harry S. Truman
j expressing appreciation of the
l NAACP upon the occasion ol his
!recommending unqualified civil
I right?? legislation to Congress.
In commenting upon the Fresi
! dent's forthright stand. Mi White
1 said “ft marks the course which
i must he followed by the Congress
:nd the people of the United
States to put our own house in
i order and. make democracy a .'.iv- j
1 reality.”
*/__r George F. Baker of Sll
erwsi St. is shown with her
three children: A. Joyce. 5-
Gloria Jean. S and Georce
Franklin, Jr., 3, who left Ra
leigh Tuesday morning for
Henry A. Wallace last week,
telegraphed Sin at a • Wayne
Morse, chairman of a sub-commit
| teo of tin- Seium La bo. Commit
tee, demanding rejection ah ”c ut - .
ragoous” of a proposal (SMI4; to
; establish a gated hospital 1
f c Negro veterans in Virginia, j
In another message to Senator
Homer Ferguson, chairman of a
; sub -committee of the Senate Ju
dit ,?: v Committee. Wallace urged
passage of the Wagner-Worse •
, Case anti -lynch bill "to halt prae
; rices which horrify every decent i
American an d disgrace us;
1 throughtout the world.”
Os the prop-vat to establish the
■ segregated homital, Wallace .aid'
| "There could be no more in
i sufferable insult to the men and ;
: women of all races - injured j
| and wounded and killed by the j
jenomies of our nation than ?s ;
| embodied in this outrageous pro- -j
| “it was the Fascist creed of
’ war and racism that wounded and
; killed so many of our young eiti .
rens, in the last war.
U is- a horrible mockery that;
. th’s same creed of racism and,
• that L what segregation means —
should be proposed in the very
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Legislation Must Provide
For Full Rights, NAACP
Heads Tells U. S. Congress
Washington C.-.lling lynch- ■
1 ing but one symptom of sickness
lin a democratic society, Walter'
White, NAACP secretary, told a
subcommittee of the Senate judi
ciary committee Fee. 2 that the
80th Congress should enact not j
: only anti-lynching legislation, but
anti poll tax. KFJPC, and federal
, aid to education' bills, as well as
amend the Senate rules to pre
vent filibuster*.
“To do one of these things,"
sard White, "and ignore the others
is equivalent tot a surgeon re- j
moving one-sixth of a malignant
growth in a patient’s body and
necJarmg the patient cured. For;
the sake of toe democratic pro-;
cess vve plead with the Cor? '. os -
to destroy th» cancer of racism
iin American life by wiping out 1
i alt of these ills- as has been so;
brilliantly and unequivocally v&- 1
California, whence they will
take a chip for Guam to join
their husband and father. S-2c
George F. Baker, wire has been
stationed at fne Pacific outpost
for nearly two years.
People's committee, headed
by Congressman Adam Clay
ton Powell, Jr„ announced
this week that it will hold a
two day city wide action con
ference March 8-7 to make
the recent speech on civil
rights by President Truman
Rep. Pc well said he person
ally had introduced legisla
tion covering five ol the Pres
ident's 10 points, including an
FEPC bill,
The President could have
added two more points to his
speech, ihe congressman said- -
They are: abolition of segre
gation in the District of Co
lumbia and and abolition of
jimerow in all branches of
ihe armed services.
(commended oy the President's
Committee on Civil Fights under
the chairmanship of Charles E.
Wilson, President of the General
Electric Corporation.”
Speaking in support of S. 1352,
j introduced by Senators Robert F.
Wagner (D„ N Y.) and Wayne
Morse (R,. Ore.), Mr. White
scored the compromise proposal,
mentioned in some quarters,
which would eliminate punitive
provisions from the bill.
“Let me say unequivocally that
i it would be better to pass no an bill at all than one
which is toothless «ad ineffective.
A weak bill will merely increase
dangerous disrespect for the law.
c iv ill be iv uic spread resent
ment if a vvorthess bill is passed
1 solely to be used as a political
■ football in the critical 1948 Presi
identia) election.’'

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