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    Gallinger,St.Elasbeth To Amit Race Midics
WASHINGTON - federal Seem '
ity Administrator Oseru R. Kwin
announced this week that Neino j
physicians and interne:' will be ><.l- i
milted to practice a! Galling i j
Municipal and St. Elizabeth’s men I
tai Hospital in Wa ; hin ton D. C.‘ ;
Exclusion ol' Negro medical mo i
and trainees Irom the two insutu
tions has long been a outce 0:1
acute dissatisfaction among Negro i
medical men. educators and citizens'
oi the Nation's Capital.
The situation was particularly ,
onerous as far as the Gallinger sr
.tation was concerned in view of;
the fact that a la'ge majority o' !
the city's Negro patients, compri*- j
ing 70 per cent of tin. institution ■;
ward load were treated there.
As was pointed out and condemn • j
ed in the recent report on Wash- i
ing*on conditions of the Pres, j
dent's Civil Rights Committee, cx
elusion of Negro physicians £roi .
Gallinger seriously limited oppor i
»unities for training oi Negro r.
•iciaus. and prevented many ph
r-icians from contlnuim. treat nun 1
of their patients once they wet
hospitalized "
As a result of the opening !
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Council Against Intolerance in
America this week announced
the names of eight winners of
the Thomas Jefferson prizes tor
the advancement of democracy
during the past year,
Jackie Robinson, the first of
bis race to crash major league
baseball. was the only Negro
among those listed. Others in
Public Service: lord Frick,
Branch Rickey and Jackie Rob
inson "for breaking the color
harrier in American baseball."
education: Archbishop Joseph
¥. Rdi«r <>> \.c. Utaia * £v, 1 ;
fight against amt prevention of
segregation in the parochial
schools of his archdiocese.”
Arts: Bill Maud in "ior his
powerrui cartoons on be ha it
of racial and religious equali
Labor: Phillip Murray: “fur
esUbiikbin an effectively fur
thering the. Committee to Abol
ish Segregation in the CTO.
Industry: Charles F.. Wilson,
president of General Electric,
"for his work as chairman of
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Wallace lor President
Club Organized Here
RALEIGH Thr nucleus of the
Wallace-For-President. Club of R,i
ieigh held its first meeting Frida
night in the regional office of tht
FTA (CIO*, with' Tinsky 1.. Sprag
gin: of St. Augustine's College
treasurer of the Progressive Parly
of North Carolina and student o !
St. Aufustinc's College and Shaw
University leading the discussion
as to the possibility of ■rgciiiizin f .
a club here
The following poisons were elec!-
-d lertifmftrily .ffieers William
Dai-ity. Shaw, chairman; Miss Dell;.
K. Parker. S' Augustine': score
'ary; Sylvester E Then pc. treastu
or. and Walter R. Keyes Shaw. ;ii
rector of publicity
Others present include Mis
V. Clarke St. Augustine's; Mir
Janie Keyes Shaw; and Miss Eunice
Tucker, regional office secretary j
oi the FTA (CIO*.
Next meeting will be held in the
FTA office Friday night, February
2d. at fi:(Ki at which lime all civ:.-
minded citizens are urged to be
NEA Reports Schools
“Woefully Inadequate”
Legal, political and professional developmen* this week marked
the nation-wide storm of controversy over conditions in the nation's
At the legal end of the picture, the Unit'-n States Supreme
Court, declined to issue an order for the immediate admittance of
Mrs Ada Lois Sipuel Fisher to the University of Oklahoma Law.
In an unassigned opinion tb s
Court disagreed with the conten
tion of Mrs. Fisher’s attorneys
that the Oklahoma authorities
bad disobeyed the Supreme Court
ruling that she would have to b
accorded opportunity for ‘an
eequal education as soon as appli
cants of any other group”
Governors Act
As a direct aftermath of the
Supreme Court ruling. Governor -
of a number of Southern state*
moved ahead with their proposal
tor the creation of regional col
leges and universities for |hc two
kkkkkk★kkk★★kkkk k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k
Citizens Blast School Plan
jr+kkkkkkkkk k k k k k k k k k k k
U. S. School Needs ‘'Sham,etui”
On lour
’ rK!Vr '"
lL '-. *
Wm ~ : % -
Dr. Madeline ftoiK-herea.i. as
sistant professor of Romance
Languages at Fisk University,
ufiovi is currently appearing
throughout the country on an in
ternational affairs program un
der allspices of the East-West As
NEW YORK 1 AN Pi Sydenham
hospital has added tour Negroes ou‘
of its lost five appoiniiYients to t. o
j rtaff because there ;>ie few hos.
{.it..!.. >\ ■ tf: gel '.•< opei ,-d
-.•ancemcnt to the medical ’aft.
Dr Peter Mai shall Mu ray oi ib-.;
hospital staff told union leaders ia.v
He was speaking belore lime:.-
eon .“roup a! the Rocscvr h hole!
mi the Sydennam institute fcllo-- -
• bin at whirl: W'.ban. H Dii-a
Former chairman ol the War La
tor hoard received a •fellows.lip"
According • Lb Merr.iy. an
•lavmti . hori pc of Negro special
(Sts exi.As Oi 25. WW medical pec
tnli-ts ir: ;h( nalion. less Ilian iOi
»rc colored He said Sydenham w..
trying do what it could to h.-ic
The shortage, the medical lead
cr said, was caused by lack ol
!raining facilities lor Negroes, no:
j only in tht south, but in the west
i middle west, and north too.
j Os Sydenham's Interracial staff
oi physicians. 30 are Nygroos. Dr
! Murray said (he Harlem institution
could not train all Negro specialists
It could not. he revealed, supply
llu needs of the state ol New York
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j races.
Governor Cherry of North Cm
olina became *ht tenth Governor
to sign the unfit which is aimed
at joint state financing of the
schools which otherwise would be
! far beyond the financial ennabili
| ties of any of the individual states
| involved,
| In this manner the state exeeu
j trees hope to maintain the South's
I tradition of --eparate schools for
I the races while- still meeting the
I Supreme Court mandate for
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WASHINGTON - T. e no- : e
ili:’ll of the Pillion's fieaho.
f.-'i-. pointed up re
• men fount: uutit tor miiilaiy
duty in ihc last wait .vill be Gis
cussed et a national <:<-teronc•' e.
May called 'ey iho Federal Sere.
,ty Administration in response
a mandate from President Truman
High on the agenda of the > m
ferenct which aims at me setting o!
rr.uona! health goal: for toe ova.
;rn years will be the i re: ■’. '•
pro health educatic-n. nation:*'
neafth insurance and Fedora. >uo*
idles for medical , !,ui(:U!g.
Oscar R. Ewing. Federal Reouzi
i" Administration described "•
Presidential order for the hold'.
iif the- coni. rencc as 'me ol ' *
■ ■{os! important assignments eve:
given m peace!ime to a Fcdcmm
Admin i-strai Or Kevin,, ::lso n
bounced thr /ppoinirtH -vt oi * 21
member executive comintu-c wiik.i
vill sc! up «u-. panels !"
■iChi VV.ll. M.'-C.lo pin SC:: of l,’<.
iicalth problo rndwrinc the foui
day conlfirence expect'd to t« ai
ended by more than 800 phys;
i Con tinned on i/ack page!
Negro U s imd T rantein
Slain Near Mimieh
MUNICH Grrnian;. 'ANIL
Two unidentified Arne; 1 con Ncg.
•mldiors and an unidentified Gc:
man v-'iman were found dead re.,,
Muniro i.tst week by two Uniter
Slates constabulary trooper-. ib
woman land been cut. and the mot
WASHINGTON—Find Lieutenant Nancy C. Leftenant,
Amityville. New York, is the first Nejjrto lo be- accepted
in the Regular Army Nurse Carps, the Army said today.
She graduated from ihe Lincoln School of Nursing, New
York City, in 1344. and was appointed second lieutenant.
Reserve Army Nurse Corps on February 2 1H45.
Lieutenant Leftenanl served a! Loveli General Hos
pital, Fort Devens Massachusetts and Cushing General
Hospital Framingham, Massachusetts, before receiving her
present assignment at l.ockbevrne Air Base. Columbus.
Truman To Visit Hastie;
Negro Newsmen In Party
jll Shaw Students Filed
For Outstanding %m : k
Eleven student.:; of Shaw Uni- :
! versity were cited for outstand-!
I ing scholarship recently by A*
| pha Kappa Mu National H<>ne- i
I Society.
Members continuing it oir, last ;
I year include. Thelma Gumbs. j
i Henderson, president; Gwendolyn
' Larkin. Raleigh, secretary; Van- j
■ zola Bond. Gate;;: John R Man j
; ley. Como; and James D. Ron- ;
! erts, Spandale.
New members include. Doro |
I thy Saunders Raleigh: Arlelha J
jG White. Angier; Carolyn V. j
Prunty. North Fork, West, Va : 1
i Laura A. Burnette. Me bane; Mary j
iI. Cogdell, Fayetteville. Helen J j
Harrison, Wilson: John C. Hairs -1
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Three-Hour Meeting Js
Marked By Heated And
Vi go ro us Discus si on s
RALEICStT —Schcfiuic-ri pics-.' > ntal.i.jh o: i>lun; lor a sprrtii scnoi.i
L'iX ]*“,v :•( -. r-loped ill": a flilt tJr-.! gv<i debar- i.\ - : i -'.- r icruioi
ini qiiMiitu ■■ os .School Supc-crnl-md v nt <). •” -.nih I'-S'in mn .Vlon*
1 i.v night with mo-rrvi 1 s o' the N- ry • <: >•; >. - :!i:ni:li.e< .it "-■■■
Bh/oilworth St,-.el LWCA.
The three hour meeting between Mr. Sanderson and mei.iixi.-:
: :a. "lip's :-:io(hn:vi! i ' ' ■
o "a oted :i- - - ! l ,-.a''S :
by the former and school needs charged by the hitter.
While here was r.o disagree-
■men! or the need tor the propose'!
1 3-cent 'ax levy for increasing sr.i
ari- . p ovitijrm sick ‘or icroh
! ;rs and incrcostnc pc 'sonm >
,st rone differences of opinion de
velofS-ri on other !'x of m-.
: ciiool i»: ograni.
The major poll: i disagree
. . . Vl . ven . ctn;om)ia;.s din diseut- :
.ion of plans .yet in the future* so.
rai l"-, .r; ■u! rociMTiniC'. dut.onr of i
The Peabody Report a school sw !
• v f• v i-econtly oon<.io<‘i6» '< •- 1 uncovi ■ [
:we iKne'-M's in the school
In keeping with thoi-c --
d lion: Supt rin ten < i n! Senrietsom
hits announced his define, coifei:
red in by the Board o; Education.
I to use the city's two existing vvr.iU;
erecting a new building to serve us
Ell conned ion with Washington :
•eiiv s Ncj'To htjgh v chool cm*
• .e«u pSans c&U lor »o ctKin of
b,ymnasiuir. and th- pvovisK-n O* •
he* facilities anneci a. more rus r
i\ enabling p to m>. c* the need j
; -a uieh u is supposed * . serve.
The N vi" jpoUt sn'i. - wove
vren extremely ci’Tlichl of Ibis , !-:d •
ler propbSiii. eoritcudi iitof ’.h
birilding i ro lociit'ti >...- h> provici •
M>i ou> traffic ,mr! ticmih h.-z; :d
They also charged tnal 'be p -
j WASHINGTON 'AND - Ptc.-i- '
' dent Truman will spend W.i.-.v-:. -
I ton's birthday in tin Virgin island
ias guest of Gov< r;\or William H
Kastie. if his present plans are not
| changed.
Tee long -delayed (oui of the !
1 Caribbean will begin next Friday
i when th<. President will start or
jin- 14-dav trip. He expects to have,
i luncheon with Gov Jesus Pinc.c i
I >t Puerto Rico on Saturday, Feo !
i 21. sailing for Si Thomas in the j
i Virgin islands early Sunday morn |
j mg. After having lunch with Gov j
| flastie. he will be entertained War: ;
reception at the government
j house The president will in tun ;
i 'rave a party aboard .m William:!- 1
' burg for Gov. Hastie
On the following day. he expect, j
Ito sail to St Croix another of tin .
j Virgin islands whore he will be i
I guest 'o!' mother reception i.e.iving
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-ciii location '* s*uni .tic.:. *—-*
ln::cct .-f.rib'k 5 he- "iinse (>i ia» k k
vicquatc street* ■ 'id ptioue tkanj
,ion Yv * ii’cli r. rial red it
iv unsuited for community use.
‘ Member*, of the committee toM
Mi. Sanderson that the location
bounded by &. c.c\ v<ei 1 . ,v. iv.* Jr*
u-acks vnv ihe proposed site ol a
A- «uirc sgainsl the School S'Ui>
r intense l )•; i.\s cln inis Un- central To
eat; or. of thr ex is bog sfcool. a cor.--
iTjltttx; spol:..smar! pointed out thir
it is si turned at the we,! 'end ot ihe
iConuntied on bock page >
! nmm av?. l*
*oitoi 1 80 v/ b.» 5
Washington 'A.VPi -- Pr ■ vi,,
Truman agair. snub-boa Flop.
Adam Ci.:yt.on P-avOI Jr. by f<;i!
■ng to inviir him lb attend t l '-'
. nnuai state- n- cop*.ion giv- n ::t
the Whit<‘ Hi.jsc Tuo.vdriy' i.ignt
The traditior.a! reception giv
for imrnb:;': i the senate and
hoii.-jv l turned out to bo sonn'v/bvl
.if a ilmi as as numbers •
concern., d. Or. ■ about one-half of
tin- invited guest- turned up.
making this Ire su'iallost -ifni. 1
1-f pi,"m h."id ■ ' ihe Whit- H >o,
!h:s Winter.
Re p. W:: ■ 1 ■ i... > i ws*>:'
ai>o conspicuously absent. Me at
tiibuted his absence to the favi
that a receni ueAth in his wife s
larrii’iy hfid pr.'wntt'd them from
.■ccen'ini; any -aiguil V.-ti e:
It is said ti >t not enough rli
(niUicaris shaweti up to nr-ake a
quorum and dal tht Democrais
stayed away cm masse.
Because- oi 'he recent cont'-e
Vvrsy wilbut the ranks of f h e
Dentocratif oarty. il is believed
ibat the Dernoi. a's stayed aw: ;
Irom tin Whi'v House 1 eceplio.
(etitinurri an pace eis,'i>!
Wallace Committees
Organized In 12 St ales
NEW YORK Twelve state
Wallace loi President Committees
have now been established' with
organising committes at work m
fourteen others, Elmer A. Ben
son, chairman of the National
Wallace -For-PrcstdeiH Committee
announced Tuesday.
State-wide commit tes ar< now
established in Connecticut. Indi
ana, Maryland, Massachusetts
Michigan. Missouri, New Jersey.
Penagyh ania. Ohio, North Caro
lina, Oklahoma and Louisian,-.,
and organizing committees are in
formation in Colorado. Delaware
Florida. Gi-orgir., Kansas, Maine.
Nebraska. New York. Oregon.
Rhode Island. Tex us, Virginia and
West Virginia,
\nol!irr Tirst
y .■ I:: civ.-'t f/L
J’-f-tpr.-d :ibi>v- vs IW’ss Juanita
Teuy o, j,<«s \iisvclc* >'n.ii omn,.
was ret-, ntlj apt) -aits-d wt-re-tary
by Congresswoman ii. lon tiaha*
stars iIV, ('al!i... Miss Terry is tin
nr--i \(-tm in hold ihc posninr.
~f secret u>. for a white reprexui
taSive in tin- nation's capital.
Regional University Plan
• 71 Lr * t « *J*
V f*: i\ t ; f** L %{• \ ", fM
! Iliy-Jlii Sit; I'< L* **T
Tjr y * *> $ ii, pof
i -w. i% f* O Itof 5 i»ii
NEW YORK, N. Y.- -After ve
i eeiving an irony,-nous U !c: on
i behalf oi 300 imputes of a Texas !
n (’Wisp, tin No
: 1 om.l Asocijtooi to,; the Aci
i-aneene re -.; ; Jotvd People h u
protested to the Governor of {ha
Sta’e . ; T' x‘i- .-..gainst s he- iru-id
. equate facilities arid Tfc<- abuse oi
the prisoners in the camp.
Tin- letter from the anonymous
inmate read, in part. "There is 1
no one we can go to and Tel!
our troubles without, being beat
t r and kicked oke w are does—
j not even a doc tor. Wo w< have (
t to be beaten arci run hire cattle
merely bee-t us ’ w«- are in prison" !
( Do we hat'; to he worked in the '
'Continued on rwet page >
I BOSTON ' ANP> - Represent;- j
j lives of four collides of greatet J
| Boston itiis week denied the charges
• jf a Negro court officer. John Lane j
. that they had domed admission to |
jibs daughter, an honor graduate. j
Tiu schools are Boston Univer- J
• -iiy, ■Radriiffe. .Simmon:-- and Jack ;
I on College. They caint to tht-u i
| nvvi defense after Lime told a let!- j
! irloti'. f < intmittee of the alleged ,
j iias in iei.iimony tavoi rig a pro :
I posed hill creating a medal cottt
| iniMee to .investigate a 1 lewd di«
j i-itTiiti uioti in Massachusetts non
| xiuriati colleges.
! Mrs. Leonard Cronkhitf. dean of j
j hie Uadi'll he gr-iduate school said*
J hot school .1 id net even ask fjues-j
! liens about nice creed or eolor j
f '‘Tee :>■ esUh in of <(ur senior class !
; is a colored girt*' rtu said.
Spokesmen for each of the other ]
- ■vli. cds .-seo their institutions had :
| large number.-: of coloi ed students. |
i Lane said Simmons fimUy artmii- {
i led hi.s dsughtei although she Had •
! been rejected once. She aUendect j
i {Toward University three years, he j
jadded. i
Death Ends Career Os
Noted Chicago Physician
d.dinted by the refusal of the
fourth circuit court of appeals tc
•train :> rehearing i.t thr. legal strug
-ic ov" Federal District Judge J
Waites Wai ing's decision bolding
that Negiiits are entitled to pnrti
cipji l.e in primtiry elections. South
Car.’iitia Democratic part.’- leader*
ate planning to take me malic, p,-
\viih the u A. Supreme Court,
-.'.a,- (iisciiofcd here last week.
At.t> Christie Bend, counsel for
ii-» Democratic party, said that I! "
st.;pr*'-tnc court would be asked tor
a writ of cert Him Vi and also a stay
holdu-.g lb, cr,.’- in status quo unti'
the court could band down a rul
in'-- The parly has 30 days to seek
the wvit but Btnet Indicated t.-iat
tltey fell the matter was one writ-,
'■Mould I- pre.s-.-ea the earliest
-ible decision.
The- V. S. fourth ~ ire.nit coin I de
-11 i'. 1 1 ir. C pC ! {lO •’ i i C'V ; <f i\ it. A I '! n g 0} 'I
iho (*!mtcnlion "tlH’* ooliticn*
• I V'r-A.l ,j .. \ ll'i .DC uV;C•: aC<ili O s 1 Ol -('•
‘Couiinuod o;.ck page.»
PLE'i: 7c
Tiown Ordered To Allow
Race Use Os Swim Pool
CHARLESTON, W, Va.—. Ruling that denial at use to all citi
zens of municipal facilities is s deprivation of Constitutional
rights, Judge Ben Moore of Federal court this week ordered the
town of Montgomery, W. V tc permit Negroes to use the town's
swimming pool any lime it. is open or to provide them with
■au?i facilities.
Judge Moore's deci-d ‘grew *' f a *u*i brought ’>y
Paul Lawrence and ether iv^.ulyc-iftexy c.;.-s;Aea *no ha*s * «»n
denied use of the pool last summer,
The town, which has a population of about 3.000, had financed
the pool through a public bond issue.
The Federal Court Judge issued an injunction restraining the
town from barring Lawrence or other colored Montgomery resi
dents from the pool.
New Yw k. >*. Y. Declaring .;
the NAACP unalterably opposed ;
to the establishment of segregat- i
:ed regional colleges the Board ;
of Directors c.i the National As- j
> social ion for the Advancement of •
' Colored People passed toe ioliow ;
;ng resolution at its meeting on j
February to
■WHEREAS, t h t- Southtv n j
Governors' Conference, m a move :
ito circumvent .ecent decisions of |
the the United States Supi-eirr ]
: Court, hokling that time provide •
the same educational opportune I
■ties for Negroes, nave adopted a j
plan a’ set up regional colleges j
on a segregated basis;
-‘WHEREAS, ii such a plan be !
comes a reality Ik immediati >e i
' salt, wiil Ik- the beginning of a j
new pattern of segregation which
i in effect will perpetuate the sep
arate bui equal educational myth
and destroy all present gains o' ,
intercultuial understanding ml
education; and
•WHEREAS, it is the polity . : |
, 1 hi.s Association to condemn seg- j
: l egation in any form;
I -NOW THEREFORE.* be it re j
; solved that til'- NAACP is unal- i
, lerably opposed to the passage oi j
| any legislation, state or federal, i
'designed to authorize any state!
|to join with, appropriate funds I
j for or officially associate w->lh J
•my -natt.- or groups of states for j
: the purpose el establishing re- j
; giuiial colleges designed to sop- !
j arate the races in educational op- I
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Racial Bias Charged To
Pennsylvania Railroad
NEW YORK. N Y.- -Charging -
that the delay of the State Com ■
mission Against Discrimination
seriously damaging the rights .
of Negro workers of the Penn- ■
sylvania Railroad who hud filed
a complaint with the Comm is - \
sion in June, 1946, the NAACP I
urged SCAD to make a deter- ,
mi nation as to whether the No j
".re worker-, have “probate'-• j
cause” for then- charges of ra- j
rial discrixnination
The i-ise fib-4 before the Com -
mission involves the use of su
per-seniority rights; for rci rd'v i
hired white veterans to place ,
them in the grade of mechanic ;
with greater seniority than Nc- j
gro workers of long standing who i
had not been promoted to the <
CHICAGO More than four de«
....ik" f medical rod ■! servlet’
i u) his iitrople and the nation were
' ended suddenly 1 ■ i>i Midian O
: Rousth Id Monday, when the pmm-
Mu n' civic and medical leader tied
jut Ins home of a heart attack
Tim RS-ycar-old physician's career
j was marked by outstanding service
i Mti munv i'iHis professional city
j state and national boat ns, and com
j missions as well as a tour of duty
wn i tlv Arm.' I the United State?
io. which he received the Lefcion
i of Merit
\ r .-ident of Chicago since 1.111
jhe was . i former member of the
Ci.u'iu’o Board::, or. Health and
Education Chicaa.i: ai.d National
Urban I .(-ague. Prt.-vidc.nt Hospital
: and VMCA Boards and an acadcm
j ic fcDow of the InsUtule "f M.’ii
i cine in Chicago.
Ott the national scene lie was a
j member of advisory committees to
i more than thirty nation'll. state and
j local bi'ihc: devoted to he.uth
j nousing, and social work its gvn
j oral
1 Simr'l.v hes >re World vVar <1 hr
I was .pp.notcb by Preside .' Tense
: volt to the planning committee on
; the White Hous< Conference on
i Clutch <•:; in t Democracy. In this
; performed out-landing
•. rv ,i* as a mentor:! oi the sub
b’ai.ips or Children in Racial asc
Ethnic. 1 Minorities and Public
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Monrovia. Liberia (A-NP)
!i. -ivi-mmcnt officials led by Pres
j idem W Y. S. Tubman, members
|ol the dip tome tic and consular
j corps, Liberians and Americans
land citizens of other countries
! residing ir; this land, gathered in
| Trinity Pro-Cathedral here Jan.
30 to pay homage to the mem
on and life -if the late President
Franklin Delano Roosevelt of the
! ii. s.
| The services, held on the birth
i;,\ of the late President, was
j sponsored by 1?. O'Hara Lamer,
! American minister to Liberia.
Bishop Bravid W. Harris of the
i Methodist Episcopal church, led
; the services m the cathedral,
j which was artistically decorated
| with palm:- and the Stars and
Stripes hanging alongside the
Lone Star.
| Reviewing the career of Pres
ident Roosevelt, President Tub
| man declared: “I believe that he
j was more than a Democrat by
I party fealty. I believe that if by
Continued on pain- right
grade oi tnectefenic prior to thr
' wai because of racial discrimi
i ncuon by the company and the
. union.
In a let to.- to Col. Charles Car
side, Chairman of the Commis
sion. the NAACP attorneys stat
' ed:
Wc can think of no reason
; why it should take more than
j eighteen -months to make a de
termination as to whethci or not
the complainants have probable
cause for their charges of racial
discrimination against the Penn
igvjv.mia Railroad. The failure of
the commission to make any find
ing on this sisue is seriously dam
; aging to the complain an is’ ant-
S ployment status since under the
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