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Opposition To Washington High Site Mounts
RALEIGH Opposition to the South Fayettc
ville Street plot as the site to development of
Raleigh's projected Negro junior and senior
high school plant gained mono, this week
as the Washington High School PTA and the
interdenominational Ministerial Alliance wept
on record as opposing the location.
The parent-teacher group's opposition to the
site was revealed Thursday nhrht following a
ik ?nmm : ws \ \im
■ IbP!
£mm§ i * WSm.
J.lewellyn A. Col*s ;lefti edi
tor-m-ohivf of the O'hio Siak
,%ew\ < olamrno, reimscrHini;
th* Negro Vewspapt* Publisher*
Association, was among .’)* rc
j»oit%T's and cameramen »•<>. •.■■««.
ed to President Tremn's pr<>*-
partv for hi> trip to the Car Hi
tran. About to hoard Can Ames
Vet Sues to Enter
Alabama Inst
William Bell. 27-year o[-.i x-Gl i
sophomore u Alabama Slate Teach- !
College. filed ..pplic; tion for |
admission to she AJaa P.JyTC:- |
nil Instil.,;!-' SchiH.s ■>; «rc*hr.f'i-iU‘. ■
at Auburn Saturda) Til m.-v* . ;
follow-up of an N'AACP nolle,: j
four and t hail niou’hs th,. I
court action would ue taker. U. ;
open admissions a! tr.c- University !
of Alabama and the n oly!eohr.- I
Institute to N'egio s tiioeiUK.
Bell, who serv-d \ c-n veers r |
the army was a vatr'-'j- ■
and spent 411 niont'e ir rvers:., i
service in Africa Sicily. Italv. Co - ;
sica Alaska and the Aleutians. K |
is studying ,t Alabama stair under !
IbggT bill.
According to Reg;.-am Chalks;
Edwards, who said that Beil’s ap !
plication has neon received out his j
credits had not arrived, i' wii* j
probably be about July ! before;
the school act upon application.-, it.
the. school of architecture.
"1 think 801 l is untitled to an
education in architecture. but v
have a dual system of education ir |
Alabama, and I don't know if we ;
could admit him legally, nor not." j
ho said.
Dr. Austin H Meadows, super.n- J
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Governor W. H. Hastie,
Virgin Islanders In Warm
Welcome For Tn iman
attivn rm
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the interests of Raieich’s ehu-rch
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the t'AKOLIMtN each week
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IAN, you- own newspaper.
i: .11 ». iijip-r ">lo.oii!g star" at
Wstsliifigtoo National • • jwrl last
i-nv.aj merumg. with Coles is p
Be-nara Vi un%, 1, cdltor-in.
eUi.-.’ oi tbi- Xertolk .(rtimiai and
..... o ..... * eit amtli ...i.
ccrresponArnt and a me inner oi
iiu piano’s rt'ew. . PhoU; b>
KoiiCTC McNeill;
i o :i 1 mep
i NEW YORK—More people it'
j the United SlCes, both Negro
i ;md white, die from heart disease
I than any other known cause, the
i American Heath Association re
! ported In am.-Ho'icing its national
j educational campaign fund drive
j here last week.
j Since 1928 heart disease has
I killed more Nil.gioc.s than any
| other disease. Dr. Herman Julian
| Lewis, recognized Negro medicai
; authoritiy and associate professor
c.f Pathology at the University
; book. 'The Biology of the Ne
| gro,” and this has been true cf
| white people since 1912.
Before hear* disease became
the leading cruise o; death in
the United Sb.'es, Tubc.eulosb
ranked first i'-.»r both races, bat
j according to Florence Murray's
: “Negro Handbook 26,978 Ne*
! gross died of heart disease in
11938, 32,737 in 1941 and 34,173
jin 1943. the nr so of Negro deaths
ito the total population being
approximated -ne- tenth.
Editor-in-Chief. Ohio Slate News
Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas.
V. !. (By Wired Arriving here
Sunday. President Truman tori
thousands of residents of the is
land that “Political freedom is
one thing, but it is only the be
ginning. Wi: roust have freedom
of spirit religious freedom
freedom from want and freedom
from fear,” in response to a wel
come address -delivered bv Gov
ernor William H. Hastie.
The President -eceived an en
graved mahogany scroll of wel
come from Ralph Paiewonsky,
chairman of the reception com
mittee, as a gilt from the people
of she community. Mr. Truman
: honored the citizens when be up
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discussion of the Peabody n pon and its pro
posed effect upon the Raleigh school system
delivered b\ School Superintendent Jesse (>.
Sanderson at the organization's monthly meet
A week earlier Mr. Sanderson had appeared
before the sub-committee on education of the
Citizens' Committee where similar opposition to
the site was voiced during a heated session.
Highway Clash Kills Three
tied and a loco!, was seriously
: n.jir.(i e;.rl> Monday morning
, v i. J 34; Buirk ci. plied into
,-w Oiiit i -niKii oi. Uu Lu.ii
'•.(•,:Hiway near S-ndy Run.
'Ok three vead, -0 '...'ssengers n.
: . T-j'; 1 r-k •:; v it. • ' .1. Yk:iv.t: 4 •
Damrt Crawford. 25. and Charii-:
Me It ji l is. 27> AH wive barbers all
;vs*deutc of Fayei:«?vi]ii .
Os c;n John.--in. white, the
driver of the truck, whith uv.?
’iji-deri with c:.:i.. 1 y pre' uce craft .
.ariicn to Pittman Hot pipe
. hen he was treated ior injuries
~ :vrd in the liCcd-i'i. eollisio.i.
Accord suit a' '.' .iij ! :'>..-rs r ‘i m-.
war SO viols'.
oi i-ie r,co vehicle.' v.ev
*irt-wn about c foot
1 VNK< fXfl.onED
I 1 could noi be act, riaiivU im
: odiately hov. .'.'ei. whether lb
... ■ a ciirfc; or-\>!t of the crash <
in the e>:pit's.ior> of the Wrick •
fifty-gallon -las tanks which
followed closely upon llie coHisk'i’
Tire truck knocked around iti lb .
highway • fell ovc, upon tie
* lassengoi car, of which only a
. h . v d and twisted ei.. »is remain
• o<i after the flame.- had tied. Tu>
riginr ■•; the car was hurled nbou'
50 fee' ltbi road •.: a re suit oi
i toe explosion
Melvin, one of ihf dead, \va-. the
; son of the Rev :nd Mis Forte'
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Omnibus Civil Rights
Bill Seen Paving Way
To Program’s Defeat
'i. • nK'Miri embody in;* all ‘ -
; ecommendaions math bv Uv
President's Committee ori C.v’’
ri gnts recently, is expected to b
offeree to congress by Preside! J
Truman, it was learned here las’
week This is despite the threatens. ''
revolt by Southern Democrats fi'in:
, MIN'!- Fetes Diplomats
' VW SHINGTON f ANPi - Josepn
I ; Cbfii’i-’* ambassador oi Haiti, and
C D B King, envoy ext.raordin.i -
> .nd nunist r pirntipotcritiary iron
' Liberia '.ver< -labo'atcly entertain
’ ed at a reception Sunday nigh
' given ; v i f National Council oi
Negro women.
;• -i.S representing 16 na
lions were among the liOO guest* m
.he beautiful reception room of <h«
council house and the .spacious dm
ing roi-m where an abundance ot
refrtspinents wen.- served
In the receiving line wore Mrs
, j M;;.ry McLeod Belhui'c. prer-iden*
jot NONW !!-!•: tiosioss of the atiyii
(Continued on >.cl. ytog/s)
Vif-ta < ■, no pihi riii-niim
:ratJun: . , (on:- Aiti.inet
are -ran 'it as ihr> .met at the
iilmdwar.h Street yMt \ to draft
a it elution caiiutg for the rcloca
tu;n ot the Washington Hign
ihr rc.-olution.s presented to
the Alliani-i thi> week, urges tht
th-- existing high school be reno
rated and t»ied as a combination
elemeni.trj ;md .'.unior high -eheol
i. i that a !,- V\ S gill iiigh s-iKHii
h, constructed in a more cenirai.
;n e'.-itil’ and de iiahU- ioi-aiion j
Opposition to the pecsent sit:
has been increasing ir. (he .Negro
community for a number «l years
and was crystalizcd ii:lo requests
tor erc.'iion of a ri'-ii building so)
3 t: ho-ional poif.V-
The- question now s- ems to be
.-/gf-tfiet' '-hi:- will tokc-ii
whether the prcskJifu will hoi.
the bill back for mauatk'n pur
Truman in scndi/ig the otuui
ous bill to Sen. Alben ’V. Barkle.v
the minoritv leader, let i; be known
ihat hr. preferred a 'MI-swetp"
car.tiling (~! Ur prt-'blee:
The program, us con'uined in th
single rui-ij.- uri.-, -.-ails f<.j !,be estob
iislimem of a pci mßiivni cofnmi
i: on civil ritfits, je-:n congr' -
.-:-nal c<.'tiuni:.tcc on crv ; l rights -
j .'.-ivil riehts division <« the ;usi'-n
j department, si rung Turning, of pro
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snmwiL s\\ s
m \ai sicn,
'Washington The loceni pre
; while supremacy resolution pass
ed by the Southern -Govcrnoi.-
: Cotlfri'enct- at Wakulla Springy,
' Fia., f ob. 8 of Un Americanism
by rcprcseutativc-s at geverntner.
this country ru>s seen in many
The Director of the Washington
i Bureau of the National Fratcfrtud
Council of 'NT gro Churches of
American niaiic the statement
, here Thursday r, connection with
hi.- announef-mrnt that the Coun
cii would conduct a second Pray
. cr March on Washington as arc
-1 ply to an assertion by Governor
Fielding Wriqbt of Mississippi
that it was time foi Southern
' . Governors to march on the Na
tion's- Capitol.
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Un Alomifiy, the Intct denominational Minis
b.'i'iai Alliunc" o! Raleigh discussed the matter
at ibs \vi;ekl\ nn>eling and vo' appointment
of a committee for the drafting of a resolution
urging construct ion of a new senior high school
building on a more central site and use of the
present building i\i§ elementary and junior high
iu\\).ffc& cUinGIIG itM'S.t *>t piaif
foj i•oVftMiirit.ntri i>l tbi* Half ij’ii
i >ysli m >*» o pr«\ s<(i
cb eit-mofitary.'*M' L'U;h am)
smuij V- sc ho**‘ .‘'tvisuish.
Shown n* the ufoup arr. i to-r;
Tl*! Kp\ ( \ Kr irnc l . OAVir
Wins $2,000 Settlement in
Suit Over Bus Segregation
CHARLESTON, W. Va.-(ANP)—-Charlie B. Hauser,
instructor at West Vtrgnia Slate College, was awarded
$2,000 by the Atlantic Greyhound corporation in an out
of court settlement of his suit against the company for
false arre t and attempted segregation in interstate travel,
rie was represented by T. G. Nutter, Attorney.
While traveling from Winston-Salem, N. C\. li Charles
ton, W, Va„ on a WSnsion-Salem-Charleston bus, the col
lege professor was arrested Or 13, 1947 m Moutit Asry,
N. C.. for violating the slate jimcrOw laws. Bus driver
Charles Edds signed a warrant for his arrest alter Hauser
refused to move to the rear of the coach,
Xn the subsequent trial at the Mount Airy Recorder's
court Judge Harry Llewellyn dismissed the charge, saying
that Hauser's ticket showed that he was in interstate
travel and did rici violate the stale segregation law. He
based his decision On a recent U. S. Supreme court ruling.
Following this, the teacher sued the s»us company,
in settling the matter out of court the bus firm said the
driver had violated instructions in signing a warrant against
a passenger. Company representatives promised that like
incidents would not recur on their lines.
- ,
I Three Fayetteville men cited
early Monday morning when
, ihctr car, whose smouldering
1 wreckage is shown above, crash -
t*r. M»yic«-tan: tn.- Rev. e. • . i.»«
ei >hc, l x uncr«*sae*iual. E. i.
Ku.urtt, YWCA i‘\<'ci;Uvc -i-cri
’..0, the Kcv. \V S. Banlteld.
S. S* A. C.iitircji. and the Rev )
T. I . Hannans. >iani> Struct Chris
ii-*i ( hnifb. Carolinian Photo.
ed into a trailer-truck on the
liomberton Highway four miles
south rtf Fayetteville.
The ear m which the three mere
Following these, meetings the two organiza
tions involved decided upon presentation of
Uh ir views to the Raleigh School Board Several
me dings between representatives of the groups
have been held with a view toward eonsolida
•lion of their grievances and appointment of n
joint committee which will appear before the
school Board.
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i.AKK CITV S ( i ANPi '
'.in:..- than sou
rr;.is bitter!> der»t»wrn.s?d soulherr.
whites :»:« um in di ms t-v‘'
e, •-■ • : ;ct ■: ’• «><_ Prcsf
cic n‘ Ti'urm-’.r. dwn.B t rally -to-* j
m M? Clair tkijxiixx L’harrh Sum i
d.-.> &rxi adoiMrd $ ;
va •tA •* of i iy.vd NV.Mtt DflVlO i
or is'. if ilt-?- need arcss:
% i
:a a. \vo:.;id bv bo\4 :n (MHurri. 1
S C. /• ith : .r; •.'.•!<• vlVa atiCt any
seeki.further to humiliate the ;
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Student Helpers
Aid Unfortunate
I'hiladOip.h ■:,! inward houev ,
..■;d human reiatxovis d unde,.-
isiviidiub. A i of young i' opje
1 .->[ all race.-, and re 0 gams from '.u
leal high school, end colleges, ivoa
j leant- to hi Ip die city \ unfortan
! ~ti repaint. repair. ar.<3 spruce uj
j their hi.iiiii.:-'. Tie- work o■
• week cuds under the pnnsorsfup
ii>i Hit v.ii i ;.ii Ordi i i::! ilxo Kneads
* i'iu.y arc known as to week end
' campers.
The school re,ore> , 'nteri last week
■ x- th. student? repaired and pain)
; <*d color'd home? nr. r 121 h ar.J
v .xirrront Avcnur-. were Rutger--
. Reyn Miiwr Tempi*.*. Havc-rforc!
|\i w Jersey College for Women
j H lidwin. and Swti.Thir.nre.
I They plastered painted, mend
ed furniture, fixed doors, and re
placed broken window panes. Foe
working in unfortunate arid deiap
idated homes has been helpful both
lto camper* and those who benefit
j alike. David Richie executive sc, -
I rotary of the Friends, committee
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were riding caught fire foDawi.u.
the explosion of two 50-gailois
gas tanks on the toco*. The truck
driver was also Injured, j
Tile Raleigh Brat eh of She N A
’a t: j' Week oemn an invee
j ligation into employment policies
! en’ the eliv j i-cl office following
: ('tkr'm-e of denial of employ men t la
Negroes in other than custodial and
carrier branches of the .service.
I’he K/vACP iiiverthalton tvaa
launched .»o tlw bo as o' eoinplaiiif*
• that only eight of the city's 7-> car
i’iei- its*:-. and tiiiit nt! save
18 oft! e office's 300 crepiovees av..
S;i e ;pc!id< nci v. ;!h 1! <• N A
' A C. P end With ;I; u • of the com
i plain ants, D Stator, In.fcoe, Ratotgii
oosl master. flatly dc-iued the al- •
locations of racial bias in the of
fice's hiring policies and attribut
: ;-<i the absence o! Nrgm clerks to
' the Irek of Negro ciig.'-bles on the
last Civil Service clerk register.
A.>Sl rks I'AIItXKSS
Mr. In.-coe fun he' > aid: “Yi.ut
rev | assured tn-'t consideration
will be given m iuturc appoiti*-
fvients on the basis of those whore
flic- Civil Service Com mission qual
i ifies for appointne -.t. without re
gat'd to race, civcd or color’'
in response to queries from the
j Labor a net liidustry Committee -.a.
■ o Rah a- bianco NAACP, Air.
i In«coo stated that ais office would
!be unable a- hxsppl; figures and a
: racial breakdown or, the number
;c> persons who took craminations
were placed or me eligible list
!• who remain on the eligible lists or
■ f ■*'■■■■; \v • • • been >, i bsot;Us*fitly ftp •
n ; i
He siuy-i-led thc-l each queries
f■ ■ dii'ctrd ii; thi f'cu.'h Region.)'
Office ,'! iiu- Oiv.i Service Com
Cor,‘in led on a. >g<> ■ sghi
-*••• ■ .'•y'e*•• -• -iw-'n.- f
f" • , ;■)•■•:.■ t -ij
Herman Taylor, practicing at
torney of Raleigh, who this week
was notified ol his appointment
I*, the NAAfT National Legal
Committee. Attorney Taylor, who
j is a graduate of Va. Vision Uni
versity School ot Law, formerly
.worked with the NAACP legal
department in New Vork City,
and came to the state several
years ago to accept a post as in
strut tor in the N. (’. College Law
j School.
He has handled numerous
j NAACP civil rights cases in North
annual campaign oi the American
Red Cross which begins March l
is receiving endorsement from Nc.
gro leaders throughou. the conn
try Among these are the follow-
I mg.
From .!u late Dr. iVi O Bou*,-
iiclri, vice president and medical
director. Supreme Mutual Lite In
surance Co.. Chicago:
"The American National Red
j Cross is; impressive in the imm©-
isity and variety of its wide-sprtad
i organization. Despite t»us H retain*,
i, i'icxibiiity and nlertcd prepared
ness in its programs No other uis
i ganization could have so quickly
I converted a war-time success to
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