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Clyde Hart, director of Nation
e.t Opinion Rr-rareh t ruler. Uni
versity of Chicago, has recently
appointed John !! Blown, Jr., an
interviewer for tin National
Opinion Research Center. The
N'ORC is a non-profit agency for
measuring public opinions with
a staff of highly tr lined inter
viewers throughout Hit t mtcii
States. Mr. Brown is one »i Un
feu Negro interview rs for the
Mr. Broun is principal of
Npatilding High School, spring
Hope, ami will srrvi part-time
with the NORC. The new ap
pointee attended the Raleigh Pub
tie Schools, and was graduated
from St, Augustine's College. He
holds the Masters degree front
Columbia I niversit, w here he
majored ir. Guidance, personnel,
and Administration.
is® cawaibn
At the monthly meeting ;-i the
executive committee Raleigh
Branch NAAC'P plans were made
lor starting the annual inembe-
Wsip sam? fernd-raising cfempaitih:
At the u;u:a; me robership
meeting to bo cold in March the
principal speaker will bo the Rev
Mabk- Gary, pastor of Gr. co A.
M. E. Z. Chm ch.
Tiu- first k-s of fund-ia's
ing programs will be a (trine; so
be given at th- Blood'vorth St,
YMCA on Siturdav. March 13
19#8 at H on p V ,-ki t>- thi.-
dinner will soli for $2.50 p c ■••
Tie. P.ran -h has appointed a
youth council to concent *-at«. : on
the drive to get more young pee
p'd active in NAACP work and
also Us direct then 'activities
Members fii ;hr youth ec-uni -i
are: W. L. Greene and Leonidas
Frazier, co-ehah men, J. E. Shep
ard. secretsrv Edward Finch*,
A. W. Sherrill. The Reverend C
R. McCreary nd G. C. Tippett
Plans are also being mad.- to
sponsor the y -utb group of Urn
branch in a radio foi urn
SI 0,000 If Bf
>. it•') Co n.i junior grown -
/hose members won live awards
m the 3947 production and mar
keting conies' of the National
Junior Vegetable Growers Asso
ciation will have another oppor
tunity in 1948 to improve their
Mi-Hat records.
In announcing the eighth an -
nual contest. Prof. Grant B. Sny
der of the University of Mas-: :
chusetts, senm. advisor to the a
- points out that North
Carolina boys and girl:- between
the ages f 14 and 23 arc- now eli
gible to compete for the- 5(3.000
m agricultural scholarships oi
ferrd by A. & P Food Stores
each year.
"The annual contest, in which
junior growers from 43 states
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Regional School
Plan Hit By Fla.
White Students
Miami (ANP) ln riotous pro
test aver the March 4 meeting
of the Southern Governors Re.
gtonal council at Gainesville
Fla,, w group of 35 white stu
dents oi the Univo sity of FJor s •
<da have labeled the caucus "un
democratic*' in that its sponsors
'advocate an unjust and inequit
able system of 'education in the
south "
The students were motivated
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OH 80V:... VM) * HVJTA li(>\!
Head N.urse Resstr Smith
Met aiifet v ri svate
is '*• ov. nOia -tuvtg W iiip <*! imes
2s«*i ottr an okVi inimd -a - hail
FTA Rights Battle Hit As
Labor Strife Looms Among
Reynolds Tobacco Workers
Philudelphi;i (A;NB) Pc-nn
ryh-aniu still oisns 1o «dd o "coi.
on*,:;' n-giniCitl t«? the Penns,v
var.ift National guard, said Brig.
Gen Frank A Weber, slat, ad •
ju.tan; genera i.
Although the actuation of Pa.
p; r.pose.i units ■ fa: lx-fur ! sc he
dulc the sr.-re will very rmphal•
fai y "foj.'u'v itu army policy,
and dot's not propose t>- foihiv/
the dornocuiiu n,. t;on of N* c* ,v
Jersey -n rrexing the- troops
There have boon no colored
metrrb- -rs of the'in:.:.
National guard in 30 yea as.
N. C. Progressives Assail
Civil Rights Opponents
GREENSBORO T hi progr. ,■ -
.»ivc Pariv of North Carolina cx
:j,i.:”e c.inj-rji;: - . iTic-cTe.L. ficrc
Satin uay want •in ; ecoi d thai j,
•d.nds yqiiaivjy fc p - -m w.a
.-xten-oiTj oi civil i iaj.’ -- oi ~11 ci!t-
in their action primarily as a r«-
- suit of the Wakulla Springs meet -
; ing two weeks ago at which time
- mne- southern governors met and
;severely criticized President Tr...
- ma n for hit: request of a civil
rights program.
These execunves meet ing at
• Wakulla Springs last month «sn
pact c -
• for the joint financing and opera
oi regional education such »s
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' -aiv: :<-r I’,; „ iiorri
it <-i)!t\ at tti; livspilit! !<> Mr,
anti .Mrs. Nathan Ksx-otf t»l 515
•t.iidcn Mrtet.
u ]\ c TO\-v'n t.-**,*? \' t »•
bfi \ ■ • Km :••<! 11'Ui u*cw, ■ in tni 1 ’ vt?-
year h bO ween th» ri. J.
Rc-yi'i.'ict: . 'OciVco t )'<r.p.jiiy ai>J
CTO Uitiiec T-.n -ct O W; rkers, L-> ...
T!u- R( ynolds Com >••?•>• ,s Hu;
I-u •• ’ • - I'G.vvr . ! rCogr;xa» in the
V -.:jsi<»jj-S,: i, .-*: . Vt ('•!<• 1.n.,,!
•;> v.-Hh ;,v. (ivrcTC.j high i„-r
--•■'■ nt;:.:<. of NY-gro rneo; r-. ;■ me ,i(
■ large . al
inion- n s, nh.
Resp-jridmg co:n - v i-cei-jt-s-.-
: t-> .1 NT ’’ A(I, i : U; ~. >,
J’v.-i it no tor,.c, i-p,.-som.s ~ r
a aiyod ;.v .• j‘(i i,oi<,n ;.
WI'MI«-,|. ■! Vic HAKTU 1 v. f
l- 1 idi • v; n,», - -! v.-o• •
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The froeivssivc Parry is backing
H cry A Wallnc'- >-• >r Prcsldonl.
A pol! will be ovndn ted through
o', 11. r TI o.i l i ‘v ores'ion. ’
; '"natoi ifoc-y and Go,..rnor Cher
; v sp -ik for .you vrivn they op
oos civil right;-,;" N'-rth Carolina
j Students for Walloce, oi,'ga*ih;ed .i
j meeting held in Civ-ye! Hi)l la-t
vru, end, will inivat.- ft:«• poll on
one ty campuses.
I |.n Wdition to the poll. The p>'o
■ gressive Party will cimulate a in
n-ion addressed to vuntx -of
> roiling for outage m
‘ iw- «€•. dost JyiK hiiiv nnd ib poll
t; x and for federal p. o tec tier. ;,oa
<\ ensicn ci other eiv'l rights. Miss
: Mo* • Pi h-i , party cuainra, stucco
Charge Gov, Dewey Plains
To Block National Guard
Anti-Segregation Drive
Albany, N. Y. (AN?) ~ At.
cording to unofficial reports Gov. .
Dewey’s adiib,wi-.i ration is trying :
10 2 L). . HilWßild . \ i't.: O T Bvi i ~
kci:. <U, Dear: Eineruu, of 1
Colkrgc ui* :vi' divine r>\ How are.
i. v.i VOiS- ‘'* ■ v *.„* Tc hCI d Filc Ji V a t h) :s
tivtiii;. 2. >22 Cuiumbia Ko«Ki. N. W -
Washing too. D. C He Divo b.u sday
Marc i x Iji d. a i his ho me aft-e r an *D*
nc-.Y of about a year, Interment v-*r
a. huek C. at Hi'. (.* v :vif'’. \
v li- da./ he v ied. Dr lUiloiCu
was a\\ a rdoct in abson*;a a Howard
Un.vrr ay A. r-oa- Awaiu
ioi ‘in'. . . shtf-o p«:iso'u *x‘..
aerie v; runt ir, medical education.
h*orn in 8< aners au. th. I\. H.. .be
'• i ’ 1 V' shine;on ;-t an early
<t(2*: it'.c atn need iiabtie sotoou
«' i. s: rdu<rca i. m I'l ! tcoton
• Ins • masters of arns there.
ts.-: n. rn'eduhne frrm Hcuvaru
• on Uuuea on back i#? £a i
Washington (ANP) Rep,
Rank in, returned to Washington
ihuisda.v irum a week s stgv
John Hopkins hospital for a
throat ailment .treatment.
J!: f; ■ i stmement an ac
cusation, once before made, that,
Howard university is a "hot-bed
of comraunuim," and that the
school is doing the country rnou;
harm’than any other institution.
Rankin v,..- replying to Re
publican Km;!.-;:. Republican
W isc-onsin, v, no advocated assign
ing colored doctors in white pa
tients except when individual. l
strongly objec*.
Pin sician Gels 12 Years.
Still \ aces I ho (.barges
Detroit (ANP) Dr. Hcmdee
E. Ta»n. 39- > ear old admitted
abortionist. was sentenced to 12
1-2 to 2i> years in state prison
:pon conviction oft he rape of a
woman, patient by Recorder's
Judge Paul £ Krause here Wed
In addition, Turin is under sen
tence of a yoai in the house of
correction for non-payment »<*
temporary alimony, and faces
charge- of obtruding justice., an
< •uUro-.vih of a mans laugh'.-,
case, and another involving an
abortion perforated on a 15-year
old girl.
to quietly kill Assembly man Win,
T. Annrcwr' bill to outlaw sogre
ration in -he Now York Stale
(Continaed on nack page)
B§, ■Mx
» gmMlm
.Mrs. Homs 11-nywood of So. I
( hath;,in frirai-i- Raleigh, has
fri'CH ;i£ uii cd by Ih? Koi-v M rD. 1
Pimiu; . t'cmtunj »>; Ni-u York
that h i leUi-r ;>n i Vrefrc
•{,i\e Mi-(a I’roriai’ts ’ ?ias been
-r/.-rt. -i h. the fuitfc,'> as on- ol'-t m <-n sh:’ has been
awarded a cosmetic- tuH vt.
An aU ev.pi-nsi- Hip to tlcr
r.tucia was awarded t-- Mr-,:, vo
iniiu Ii .ex-lira. «!' lf'V.' 17th
Street. Philadelphia. a> first prise.
.Sc-t-CHxl prize, n Phi lee. eofid-.tli,. •
liiin, and third, a I.engine Vt'itl
nanoi- wrist waieh were avvardeei
•:, ( A Persons, itami!-
l«a -\vr.. F!> ria. Ohio, and M.s»
\fsia A. Pegrairi ;* Van i ourt.
OHioil tiicb., respe, tivi-ly.
is snov.n a *>■ 'production
«>i PnuwJent Tminan s letter to j
Thomas W. Voting-, president of
the Nfgpo Publishers Association i
W TNT ON A former state troop
er who was ordeiect 1c resign ftoin
hi-- job after beating a Negro pr.s
one. in his eust'-Jy was fined Sad
Tue-dny when assault charges w- r
heard before Judge W. B Boor- in
Hertford County Recorder's Cotir’.
The former patrol, r-an. ,!. W.
Reavis. w:» charged with ha ’ing
beaten Cleveland pierce when the
latic'r was arres'ef! or a speeding
charge near Auiander last January.
Paiioi--,...:; John fcaekett v, n'r
we-. with Kravis at lit- liirie was
■ '.ftCi { mijPO i-,f> Tift ‘ li t
No Retreat In Rights Fight
States Chairman McGrath
n-:ton . ANPt A sis
11.0 0 ekiegatu-r, ,1 Negro Demo
,iat - met with Democ.atic- No
tinea: Chairman J. Howard Mc
‘ .rath in the nation y cujiita:
jvionnay to urge no retre-at by
tae admin is test non on th, viv:l
rights program. The committee
gr, a -at ol a. . nft-rc-nce oi .-jt-'-s
comprising the eastern rogitm of
t Notional Conferenc of Nk
gr.i Dem vats neld in Baltimore,
Teb 21-22. Stales .- epr,-.- vntc i
w .- Miiine. New Hampshire
Now York, New Jersey, Dela
ware, .via: y:ai,o. and PeliiiSyi
H-iiicii nr t«»
Negro Press on Its dlterrMw of
NegTo Press Week which wUI Be
Shaw University • ricial- this
week declined lo comment on
porn ttint (he Unive. uy i- seek.-
ign to purchase Suh. -ov,; o iand
.:• ihe Ct' vis H«.-i,;nts seetuin )>■
,-t as an athletic staoivm.
Although the school officials ad
mitted that Chavis Kialri eitj
owned park w Inch has been use;,
m tin past for Cmvc sity
events, is quite mneh nu; ’ - they J.--
elau-d that possibilities of Un poi
chase of a new siic a-e "too 1-
tor discussion at this time.
According to npoits release,.: by
Assistant Budget Director R G.
Devton a mjuext for the pure!;; .-
land <:t tia back oi Ch.ivi- Fn :U
| ■' been mad- by the Uuiv-vi m;.,
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Appeal Made For
Funds To Defend
Mother And Sons
NEW YORK Au urgent appeal
foi fund;- for the legal defense- of
Mr-. Rosa Lee Ingram, widowed
mother „f 12 children, and her two
young sons, now under sentence a.
death in Americus. Ua., went out
i his vvtvk to I i ;e j. 6OU broncr: cs I >f
the N.’itconßl Associ.’iion for uu.
•Advaui t ineni <>f C i- ,*d People
,'Wi !:, their t'i „nc> ‘; A so
The group was assured ; y
Chairman M< O• ath that the:-
would be no re treat by President
Trunksti nor hlni-voli nn the civo
lights program.
M.- McGrath said that the pro
gi am is “a Hght for Human,
rights. It is a just and righteous
cause, ano tb re tvrii tie- no *•■
The dek-iat i>.m conferred with
M: McGratn . i m >rc t' an
hour discussing many things of
imp’-irtance h- N. voters
ine nail n
r*ri«-r to th--- iippoinlmer.t with
• Cont.nueo op. .c\. page)
m.« ivoil by a series ox special
programs ihroapiout the country j
(taring Mie owning w**vji.
GOLDSBORO Flood wata.i
j which inundated parts of the state
■: in tlie wake oi last c-lUs rain.'
! co- 1 Ihe In-, oi two men and a
| woman Sunday after the rampag
in'-- Meuse River ov, . flowed its
: brinks near But-khorn.
Tire throe dead an 'lt’s. Martha
Tolt-.r.' li* i- brother Sum Nelson, and
Claude C’an-av ay. Mrs. Toler's
three-year old child vus rescued
is iV.thrr. Eddit h oler, who wag
iinutii-/ .<> save -lie ud; i three,
Aceordinu to in account t-1 the
' tragedy ioio by Ms. Toler he had
Cfi (iie three ,id oils end the child
in Ids which located near
Jie river wMl< he -.cent to see
• whether it would bc j iiecesssury to
| abandon it.
Upon his return t, tlie house ho
iiHicil t':a they had left, that the
house was empty and that his boat
was leari ,from the
H- cod fields near ;.- house, he
went after Clifton Parks, his em
ployer, for help
* )xm then- return the two tncri
icurid the three people clinging to
Con inued on p ige eight
the most shoe king vm-earriagjes of
justice in die 39 years the NAACP
has existed" Walter White, secre
aii v. iiraeri the to arrange
mar. nii.-.-*.ing- and seed speakers
n. i.;lurcbo.-. trade union- ami othei
) organizations io a concerted eam
; i iiisn to raise fund.-, for the Ingrains
, and other legal dell*. use work of
hr Association.
; Th- - ntenc-e.- imposed on
Mrs Ingram, .os impoverished
- ■ eern, ipe-; h< ons origin -
-.-ted la a-", a gument last Novaat
o-. vviilt ®rm white farm*
cm. John Hd Sir atiorc Mrs. in*
ra f n.. pigs bad rooted under the
y ■ ' vl ’c ”■ iai.-y r -o.t
so fai’tli -si Wilke: -1 WO! k-cii
• Continued e.n page fourl
JACKSON Mi.-.-:. (G> - The
Uritted Vegro and Allied Wat Vet*
-•rails hUbnaitted details of two al
leged mu'-riet.- to- A toi n- y Gc-nciat
Torn Clark this week.
The document v. - A rrribc-d b',y
Gw-rite Murphy. National Com
mander of UNAWV a reported
cyowi'.ess account of the even lx
The tin n reported slain by the pu
la-. , -.ere identified ns George
Thomas and war veu-ran Walter
rahner. The report d .cribes a se
tt-: nt events IcaJuSf up to trie
; killings.
One story relates ho v on Feb-ti
ai> 23 in Jackson. J. V vV ih,iiur
■ a young Negro veu ran was arrest
cd iJs Nt .io cotv- or. a charge o,
drunken*-:;s. After placing him un
der nr.-- ' . the office! pushed h-m
mt« 'I > Street aij.'j immediately
i-dot mm in the hip. .-.Tying he I .J
iii'-unptcd to escape.
E; rlier on November 15, at £u •
• wards, a village 25 miles from
, Jackson. Walter Palmer, a vetei an
■ was als. arrested at a party and
later -Lot dead by a local officei.
His clothing showed he was shot
in uve back, but th: officer ciriimc*.
he had tried to escape.
According to Murphy, spokes
i man for the United M.gre and Al
lieri War Veterans, no preliminuiy
, hearings, <a officio] u'vcstigatior.i
• have been made in ■ -her oi these
Local Omegas To Hear
Lvvin (Ms Alderman
FMilugh Chapters of Omega Ps*
Phi Fraternity -ire holding their
! ahnual Cot. Young Memorial Day
Program at Gveenleaf Ohajwsi.
; Shaw University, Sunday at 3:20
! p m.
Tin Rex-. Kenneth R. Williams,
tnuufx't of she board of Aldermen,
; Winston-Salem, Norm Ccj-olina. tne
First N< cro to be so elected, pastor
of the First Institutional Baptiv
| Church and a member of the facul
;Lx of Palmer Memorial Institute,
I will br the speaker,
i The Roy Mr. Williams is a giaZ
i wave of Morehouse College, and
| hotus a M. A. degree from Bosto*
i University. He served S 1-2 years
i !ri the armed service* during World
i War XL of which eighteen months
j wen spent iu th..- Pacific Theatre
1 He retired from the army with tne
; ftnl? of major.
I'ae cro.- .ram is being sponsored
b> the lota lota Graduate Civ. pier
Delta Psi Chapter of Simw Uritver..
; sity and Kappa Epsiliw- Chopier oi
St. Augustine. Culler

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