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FAYETTEVILLE- dull was fii- |
ed in (hi United States !)’• )' it : j
Court for K.< Urn N,ir:h C»rnlm«:
tliis week by Attoi in . il<■,; ,
L. Taylor of Raleigh and P’avr-be- 1
ville in in effort to tmlt 0i1.',:--
discrimination aroin.i! Negrii chil
dren in the -offering of school fu
cilitics in Lumbert.on. N C.
Named as defendants in the suit
which is the lust of its type In'
be filed in a Federal court, in Ihs j
State are the Board of Graded
School Trustees of Lumbortnn and
C. A Hasty. V. J. Griffin. J. IF;
Herring. ,1. Talmadp't- Graham. N
A. Smith and H. A. McQueen,
members of the Hoard <>f Commi-
Sinners for Robeson County.
The action was filed ivy At'.ornej
Taylor in behalf of nvolvr grude
and high school stub yon; of Em
berton and charge;.! that the d
two Negro schools. Red Stone j
Academy and Thompson Klt :r
tary School. arc- in a serious - tale i
of dlsrepait mil eonduu',- a ■<
rious hazard to the health and case
ty of the students
In contrast, the c: are
ed that the school-- at'endod I
the white students .ire w-- -irr,--.. -
to-rtatc . sanitary and >■ fft•: tn •
(Confirmed on png'- 8, Ist l icet mn >
, NEW YORK - AND N- ■-
York's lea ung mcniMl men U -m
hospital• at d m-d ■ .v ' l l
sponsor clinics a! tire 53 rd animal
convention of F c National Med..-,.:
association to i.« held her. A up. •
Dr. .! Hu-;.. And',-,- F.MT,
ptofe.-sn: of in- dn oie. ('elu’r.:,. ;
University, will sponsor ■'< symp.
Slum on ; uppiii'filiv-- disc., s >t ->v
lung and the evaluation of strop-"
iomycin in the t'f.-,tmu;i of tuber
culosis Tic or: > •• •'.! h ntH
August 1? bey mm rig a! p
Bellevue h>»- ijF d. 1 olmnbia lie.
sion. amphithit'itre in c and !) ;
At Bet! )• i ;»cl nir.pjtai Xugii't j
20 a! 10 m. Dr Ha ivy Gold, pm-;
lessor of dink d ph-u tna.-ol'h'y. i
Cornell Unr e; itv n-v-iic..! < die
will lead a di-eic- niti an the ,
men? of congestive heart fa On tv :
(Continued on j>ag-' 8. Ft Section!
HE, All IS VWlbb
Tallahassee, Fla. t ANP -
M-Sgl. John E. Shepheard.
formerly assistant adjutant
general of the 93rd Infantry
division, arrived here last
week to lake over duties as
sergeant major of the newly
activated ROTC unit at Flor
ida A and M college. Ana
Jive of St. Augustine. Fla..
Shepherd was sergeant major
of the Ifamnlvn Institute R.
O, T. C. unit before com mg
to Florida.
' ' ■ ' :« • Yf
• x |
Charles P. Hovard of Des Moines, fowa was selected to deliver
She keynote address at the new party convention nominating
Henry Wallace for President in Philadelphia July 23-26. An
attorney* newspaper publisher and prominent lowan Repul>«
sie»n leader for the past 25 years, he resigned his Republican
pottts to support Wallace. He is a member of site American
Legion. Elks and Sbfiner* and has served as parliamentarian
at national conventions of tfcc NA.VCP in recent years.
4* *
L -
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Announce Group Insurance Plan
School ft Plan
To inf Rare Schools
Washington (ANP! Many
Negro f rhoand couo <|es
are eligible for the benefits
of the federal school lunch
program, it was revealed here
this week.
The department of agricul
ture announced that $58,800,-
000 was being allocated to
states artel territories for Ihe
This program is designed
i give better diets and more
nutritious food to school chil
dren. If is aiso expected to
provide a larger market f r
farm products. These funds
will help the states in their
school lunch activities,
Virginian Fined For
Sitting By Negroes
At Religious Service
attorney and candidate- lor the
V S. serai, . Hownrd K Can-vile,
was fined $25 and rests in po
i [ .p ry.yi t last, week for violation
f Virginia's .cgresaHon laws.
Carwile used two Negro at
torneys to handle his case. They
•A'err Oliver Hill, the newly elect
Negro meiiibet of th fi * itv
ronm i], a 'id Mart hi A. Martin
They have fded for an appeal of
Fie case.
The SIOO bond SC< for the ap
peal bv Judge HanFd < Mount e
prQ'i bv ct coloxtcl onysicnan.
Tir Leon A Reid The appeal wi;i
HALF Kill Tin Progressive Par
tloony lulfiikd all ihe d v
qmrcrriei:»« tor a pi.tec on the N 1
C ballot, bv filine with the State ;
Board of Election' (uialifying pe
titions with the signature.- of 35,-
000 Nor!!'. Cc.folina citizens, ovei
; 1.000 of vvh.-.h wen? eefificd b>
<*i’tiiV\ chcitrineii m valid m ao -r with the Rules on ! Kegul->-
lions of tie Board
"Despite what, v, <- •'-.•<» to he
arbitrary illegal and undcmocrai;-
rules, and against almost impo*;-
i hie odds, the canvassers of the;
(Continued on page 8, 1.-’ Sectioni
be heard in Hastings court.
Carwilo was found guilty i *r
,it ting in 1' - col--red sort ion
religious service in the c i t y
owned Mosquc auditorium.
According t-> testimony brought
out at the hearings. Carwile and
Ids wife were spotted by ushers
sitting in the center section whiers
was reserved for Negroes. When
thev asked him to move he was
reported to have said he did no
want to “look cockeyed" at the
speaker in the white sections on
ti 10 tilde
According to T,t. F. 0. f igan. j
who was the arresting oftiew-, |
Carve.Ue said that he could nor
rsove bccau.-° his cons cjen ri
wouldn't let him move. He A i
move into rhe white section later
; !
The defendant is seeking ele
lion as a senator as an indepen
' dent candidate. His attorney !
•.••ere from the colored law firm of 1
Hill. Martin and Robinson. !
Maurice, was sitting in for Jit.- • : *
lice Carle-tors F. Jewett who d>-
qualified himself. ; i
\uss. (.ov. \tta< ks
j «]
JACKSON. Mrs. i\\Pi
The Presidint is wiHinc to 2am
hie the welfare of tir American
people f«r political expediency,
fiiv Fielding: Wrirht of .Missis
siripi and vice presidential ran- (
didate of the (iixierats. ‘•aid iast
week after hearhiß of the Pres
ident's two orders establishing
fair employment practices in
federal agencies and equal op
pnl 4 unity for all members of
the armed services.
C.ov Wright said
"It wa.s clearly demonstrated
at (lie Philadelphia convention
that neither h- nor the leaders
of the administration hesitate
I to gam file the national welfare
for political expediency."
Speaking of the armed forces
order he said:
“All military men of prom
inence a "id ability have advis
ed against 1 this step. It is ice
ognired tha. what the president
has now decreed will inevitably
result In destroying the great i
cst force in the world.
•His order decreeing FEW in
all government agencies, bu
reaus, departments and offices
is but another tragic cap! ilia -
tiim to minority and radical
gronp pri''Mtw,’' *
Boston Lawyer Wills
Fortune To Improve
Regional Relations
CAMBRIDGE, M-e•:. (ANP) An unaerermined sum was
left for Ihr establishment -of a fund which would work tor better
relations between the north and the south by a wealthy Boston
Jawyer, il was revealed here this week when the will of Edgar
J. Rich was filed in Stic Middlesex County Probate court.
Bich, who died at the age of S 3 July 57. named this fund
ihe Lmco'r, and her Trust funr; for the Winchester Public li
brary to "briny about better relshens between the north ani
* *
H:s will left SI 10.000 in spec.fic bequests to friends and re
latives wd the rest of the estate to the Lincoln and Lee fund,
The value of ihe latter fund will not be determined until tho
estate has beer, evaluated.
A native ci Winchester, Rich had specialized in the study
of the history of the Civil war and the Reconstruction period in
American h'storv.
Income from ihir, fund, he said, would buy "books, parr,
phlcfs. pictures and momentes relating to Abraham Lincoln and
Robert E, Lee, including books relating lo the Civil war and
the causes loading to it, and books relating to the Rectmstruc-
Imn period, in the hope that by the lives of those great Ameri
cans there may come aboui a better understanding between
north and south.
Rich's will ako provided that in case the fund could not be
spent "wisely" foi the purposes indicated, part a*f it may be
used to pey for lectures on Lincoln and Lee and to give prizes io
pupils of Winchester high for the best essays on those men.
Truman Army Order
Meets With Varied
Popular Response
W ASHING TON - A,.' P • The
mcffcctivencs • of President Tru- ;
man's executive order asking tor:
"iujlity of treatment and opportsm-!
sty in the armed forces, wa.s set
forth by a statement made by the
chief of staff, Gen Omar Bradley.
*he f'nv following the issuance .if
the order.
Gen Bradley is reported a- hav
ing told the pre s at Fori Knox,
Ky . that the army will keep segre- ’
cation ;•■• id!it: as the nation does
Reporter;, quoted the "liberal." i
general say in:., ‘Tie army is not ;
out •<: make any social reforms. '
The nrpiv will put men of differ-;
ent races in different companies, it 1
will change that policy when tl)c |
naf'oti a a whole changes it."
Gen Bradley wo: considered as;
one of the country's leading Jib--
era-3 s v bile serving as admini.sfH- 1
for of the Veterans administration j
He is alleged to have left VA ter-j
ribl.v disappointed because he was!
not able to change the policy of,
the administration into (he liberal!
agency that he hod hoped it. would :
be. 1
PLANS TO RAISE $1,000,000
NEW YORK (ANP) A local political leader of Havlcrn.
Herbert L. Bruce, said last week that he planned to raise $1,000,-
000 among Negroes to supfA.ri President Truman in the 1948
campaign for Prsidemt. He said this fund would be "the Negro's
contribution to the tight to make the Truman civil rights pro
gram a living reality.
"We intend to ask 1,000,000 Negroes to give Si each and
demonstrate that we know how to reward our friends. We will
j spend the bulk of this money to educate the 5,000,000 potential
Negro voters through the press, radio, and’ magazines. We also
expect to turn over $500,000 to the Democratic National com
f wrmn v questioned
Negroes ,11" now jikcly to pi hop
Gen. Bradley in the same question
able category as they have already
planed Gen. Eisenhower The latter
was considered a liberal and a
friend of the Negro until he testi
(Continued on page 8. Ist Section)
More Than I
Needed To Si
Issues, Says V
NEW YORK (ANP) -- Rat n) j
nM religious anlagonisin in tht
United States will not be amelior- i
a tod by education or legislation 1
alone, but by a combination o'j
loose two forces working in the '
community, according to Dr. 80-;
bei't C. Weave! of the American j
Council on Race relations, speak-;
inc at Teachers college, Colurn- ;
bin' university, at. n conference on !
human relations.
COPY | |,|C
RALEIGH. N. C. The Wake
i.'onsumers Mutual Association ol
Raleigh and Wake County, thru
membership in the North Caro
Lna Council is eligible for group
insurance with the State Capital
L'fe Insurance Company whose
principal of!' ce is in Raleigh. N.
The- insurance covers the lota’
; ..set;., in paid-up shares, in Ike
. ruanizatKin. Therefore, each shares ;n this insurance
in p, snort, it ! > l!i( amount of
monev invesU'-d in paid-up share.-:
,n the organizalton If a rnombe:
his mv( ted anychere irom 5 to
1000 dollars m his organization
he or .-he ts insured for a J;kc
, me tint.
The primary purpose of this in
'Continued on page 8. Ist Section'
Rep. Dawson Asks
Negroes* Support
For Pres. Truman
lor for dollar and vote for vote
■ support of President Truman in
! the coming Presidential ean;-
i ;v:>tgn was called for by Congress
tnan Wiliam L. Dawson, one of
1 the two Negroes in congress, this
j WPf‘k.
Rod. Dawson, a Democrat, bas
ed Ins support of the President,
an the assurance that he will not
turn his back on the civil rights
program he has advocated. In his
statement Dawson said:
“The rights of full citizenship
are within your grasp and mine
The final battle is on. President
olve Race
j The notion that education is !
; a panacea which will cure all
• social ills is old fashioned, Dr.
1 Weaver pointed out. Ediu ation
i has too often come to me m ap
pointing a committee, doing some !
research and writing a pamphlet;
i about it. Irtlergroup relations!
; can’t be solved by committees, j
Education has mad? the prob- ,
' Jem of intergroup. relations more j
■ complicated. Minority cron P s
I nave more of an understanding !
i of the premises of American de
: mocracy, an urge to participate;
: fully in it and the tools with
which to protest discrimination. !
Education Lag
“We have educated our minor- j
itv groups for opportunities that j
Iwe have not educated our ma 1
jority groups to make available,’’ |
IDr Weaver declared.
Discussing the President’s order !
! for equal treatment in the armed
I forces and in federal civil service. -
iDr Weaver indicated that he j
! thought such legislative action j
was highly important. Coupled I
i with education, legislation en- !
j courages people to discuss aues - |
I tions they might otherwise be
; tempted to ignore Litigation j
I brings issues out inlo the open 1
1 (Continued on page 51, Ist 'Section; I
Texas State Assistant To President
Mrs. Constance ! . H. Daniel, shown above, reeentU assumed her
v'uiies .is Uintinistr.ifi'e Vssisiant to President H O’Hara l.anier of
texu- Stale > nivershy. Houston, Texas. (FSA Photo by Vschon)
G.O.P. Quits Poll Tax
Fight in Face of Dixie
Solons’ Talk Marathon
WASHINGTON The fight to
eliminate payment of pod tax*-'!
as'a f.. y. for voting i . Ucu
e-ral elections received its fourth
setback in as many successi\ e
Congresses this week as R« publi
can leadership voted to drop th*-
measure after a six-day southern
Thus come true predictions
that the special session of Con
gress called bv President Tru
man in an effort to secure action
Tnurtan leads the fight T have
ev* rv reason to know that Prest
den* ’ will not turn back
and will continue to go forward the civil rights of everv cit
Don in every phase of Amruican
life is assured.”
The Illinois congressman is a
I member of a national citizens
, committee for the reelection f; *
President Tinman which is work
ing to raise funds and support for
the President.
He said:
“President Truman must he re
elected. No man cm be our friend
and be against the President. He
has lost many supporters because
he dared to take a stand for full
■ first class citizenship and equal
: opportunities.
"We must take our stand hv
< his side and match deed for deed,
i (foliar for dollar and vote for vote
; and then some more.
Athlete Seen Running
On Street Arrested,
| Jailed In Louisville
LOUISVILLE (ANP) A young athlete seen running on
the street last week was clubbed and arrested by police here
and then sentenced to 10 days in jail and a fine of $25 for “attack
ing four policemen.
The athlete was Carl Johnson, 19, & member of the Ten
nessee State college track team. His mother. Mrs. Elizabeth
Johnson protested before A. J. Bartholomew, administrative a**,
j sistant to Mayor Charles Farnslty, at the Town Hall meeting
\ in the citv hall.
She claimed that her son was beaten by four polieejtsetv
j Jeff Mclntyre, assistant *o Safety Director David A. McCand*
| Jess, will investigate her charges.
Johnson explained to the court that he was running down
the street to keep in shape for the track season. In court his
head was bandaged where he claimed that police clubbed him.
The policemen said that they became suspicious of Johnson
when htey saw him mnrisig. They claimed tnatt hey were seek
ing a prowler at that time and thought that Jackson might be
the prowler.
Detective John O'Bryan said that Johnson struck him. and I
! another officer reported that the college runner tore his coat,
j r*jrn- . ..uuuiwujwaA-tiwva '.. jir.yirvti nis«rr-Tr-T\aig»Mi»uri--n— ntr-imr rriiuwi.mi mm hiki nrri ii->ii»riirtiiariirirrn-(inir-nn-ffiri~i‘--~*f* l “‘*‘'*~*~ r *"
-m pressing if.ues #’ -.»id
be j’vu oi by a longue ip-tL---
* ov,'r civ--. ; ufs
Despite the Republican leader
ship's expressed determination to
"yt honor: ;n time to wage a pro
per campaign”, it. chose to call
tip as the first measure on the
csssion’s Senate calendar the
highly controversial anti-poll tax
measure which was certain to en
counter the determined opposi
. t;on of the Southern Democrats,
Progress Blocked
As a result, the second week of
the session found all Senate pro*
j_;i'Ss blocked by a Dixiecrat fili
bi. -ter on the question of taking
up the poll tax bill.
Were the bill actually on the
floor for debate, the filibuster
might be broken by the invoking
of doture were a two-thirds vohi
icomiriuea on page tt, Ist section)
(»;> Philander Smith
Grads fret Degrees
five graduates of Philander
Smith college won degrees of
bachelor of arts and bachelor of
. dene- during commencement
exercises hold on th ecampus laM
.veek, Bachelor of arts degrees
wnt. to 60, and bachelor of sc>
; ence to five.
Baccalaureate services we r c
conducted by Dr. Albert J Gat*
:in, Jonesboro district superin
tendent of the Methodist North
Arkansas conference, in Wesley
Chapel Methodist, church. Follow
.. ; g th*-- (•.-tmmenccxnent program,
in siumrn meeting was held.
Thi:. das . was the largest grad
uated i.-i tin- .school’s 18 year his
,rv. Th- institution has an e >
i oilment of about 1,400.
— - ■" J i

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