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v A
ram*? t.
reputation as "i*ic- tv. at liberal •/ •
(!..- Stmt horn Stan-. was <hiv-wr
into \O i Anrdy J «>t wc- k «»: : .. c. a*.s
mom oi Coloiv ri rvupl ivogiicc!
t tonal A- .-ocialion foi .he Advanct
refusal <o r: ft:Aler i:o : . peert vr v-.-t .
ers in six counties fn in- i oro.ii
reason «>!.bo. is a tii;;'. it race.
While listing troupe spa ~
Robeson, iV -i.. Bums.' 'ck Wmi -
Transylvania ami Ha " •rsrtn C w
la .-. Tins! y L. S; as . < ... a;.;;,
<»( the Ley ;. <*i \ : (. . •TiUve »-•! in'.
North Carolina Conn :-. ■ oi i!iv
NA A CP. declare.: ih. . i. ...
‘•unquestionably o'-ht areas who;
similar incidents ' akoa .;.•*
but wore not rep; rut;
At Fan mo!!! ia R. ' Count.',
wr.ore oboji 1 (i(i Nft*'; t juii'Dip -jv
To resist: .r on tu p »
w ons **vrc u* •«*"' I* '■ wvf n *
m. and 5:40 p ro
Mrs Rosa tiu.»r. t»i me I* if"*
Precinct applied for ie° strain'p at
it! m. Sh< u?ha fav., an t'vajrii/;
at ion w idi lo Ped u‘?Tij 12 noun
oursfn. vvliii ii h«o.* win • • nchi to '. '
amt oxjdai ! S i"o. • i 7.-. on PU ■
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v. i. 4PPeovfes
\\ Duh UOOltf/S
Si THOMAS. Viavin l-!:md>
iANPi ! *,• roc, :,i i wnino .• ■
'•> President Truman ot Judge Hei -
man t. Ad a- sc i ■■ ■■ " s. ill
as U S. district jut- es the V.-
gin Islands wt»s un .moivdy ap
proved here last we- k by !Jk> li.t;.-
1 i 1 1:vt■ assan;; a in . . ,!. -.
assembly ac’optet-. Jad .e Moo- '
was p. ni.-eb for the -.nd*. rstaiidire-’
and dignified way m which ha wus
adinirb.-uc: ad justice • the island.;
over ti v past nin-. yr<>: . and a.-jo
the judiciary commi.'* to report
fa\..-. bt-. - n ,-,aUon.
A lormer Chieap 't-m, Jti ig
.floore is respected every .ii •
room m the i - immunity, and i,a r >
long be. ii looked ■apf.-o as u Viniin
island: r by reason of hi- intHnutc
connection wiih • U mcTt c? rs fev tb•*
ini pro Vi' mmi of
Wallace Demand
For Protection
Sent To Truman
dent Truman and Gov. James
Polsoni of Alabama this week had
on then- desk • a demand from
Henry Wallace's campaign man
ager that they us-- their full au
thority to permit Negro and
white* citizens to hear Wallace
and h»s running mate Sen Glen
H. ' Taylor, “under conditions
which insure the protection of
their constitutional rights by the
federal and state governments."
C. B. Baldwin, Wallace earn
paign manager, issued the State
ment as Taylor stood trial for
refusing to obey segregation law
in Birmingham.
Taylm-’s arrest, coming a few
days after he successfully cracked
greup of boys who were formt
iGiidents in the boys' dormi
fery of ihe C*-.'!ored Orphanage
of Oxford are shown making a
sileni plea to ihe public for aid
in their fund-raising campaign
for the purpose of building a
new dormitory to replace the
cne whose ruins ore shown
above which was destroyed
several weeks ago.
While response to date has
been gr?: Hying, considerably
more help is needed. Contiibu
tions m* y be sent to T. A.
Ha me, superintendent of the
Colored Orphanage, Oxford N,
Senator’s Jim Crow Case
May Reach High Court
i(OLi) ALA. '*!*•'! ! •
i\ ASM; I.T (.ASK
WETUMPKA. Ala. (ANP) - -
Two while men, charged with
jape of two colored women, '.vaiv fc
, c\ oreiiminiu v nearing List week
J idge W. K. Strickland.
They are now being held without
bond in the Elmore County jail.
The accused are John O. How
ard, Jr.. 30. and Jack Oliver. 30.
: They are being held on two
counts, armed robbery and rape.
On !ht night of April 23. ac
cording to police, they stopped an
automobile in which Sam Gray
son Jr., 25, and his .vise. Anna.-.
23; Willie L. Jackson and his wife,
Maiinda. and Charlie McCloud of
Wetumpka were riding by fj ing
' into one of the tiros,
Then the men arc- said to have
forced the women from the ear
at gun point and to have* taken
them to the woods and raped and
: robbed them.
A whife* woman living on the
1 highway near the scene, heard
! the shot and called the highway
patrol. The three colored men
walked to Wetumpkn and re*p**rt
l od the incident to Sheriff Lesie-r
'L. Holley. The sheriff caught the
white men and the women and
j emoted them.
Solicitor ’!- G. Jo-nos;, the pms.
Routing altomcv. and Sheriff Hol
ley both say t.hev will prosecute
this case in open and -oppose all
the pi act ice of segregation in
.-peaking' at. a broadcast Town
Hall of the Air meeting in Char
lotte, N. C., was • branded by :
Baldwin os an example of “the
' arrogance of the white suprema
cists. in its rawest form.”
' The outrageous arrest of Sen.
Taylor and others." Baldwin said,
shows that the white suprerna
-cisrts ere determined at all costs
to fight the efforts of the net
party to make racial and politi
cal democracy in the United
I States a reality ”
Baldwin pointed out that in
timid ai.tem of Negro voters sup
i porting Wallace had occurred in >
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?CA!f TOD n
‘J!L nn. ! i- i\ it U \jt L : j
if cyp f
V- -n r*B4' if i»vK u'4 iiv L !«;,-. f; *
ip jj.6* r * *\i
a ? i:l\ L I
W A S H INGTON > •uihorn
sponMwcd lesfislution for the joint
Lancing' of regional universities
by 15 sou thorn stylos which bris
bt-en almost uni vet snllv opposed
by Negro educators and organ!-
>:a t] oris, was ; era it a blow in the
Senate, Tiwrclay. bv Senator
Woyne Moire. R., Oregon.
The measure, propo-s'd by
'COMiini! 1 r fir* hsoS i
! NEW YORK. A li^ht
which may for the first time
‘•ting to tin U. S. Supreme Court
... .a ?onvf «i• t» t -.iv bi'vs re
t>uiring ••••parut t»*n Negro and
white citizens in public meeting
• place* was under wav in is week
; jas Senator Glen H. Taylor prt
„ p<; red ti * appoai :';.*■ ‘ is. unt con-
viction in Birmingham, Alabama,
• for tu enter a church
; ;oarKi-<; !■••; N- s ..n-v ; f
the S 'Ulhc-n Negro Youth Cor,
‘ Possibility tb.ut Taylors con
.) viction might reach the U S. Su
• promo Court and be reversed
trio re —in invalidating seg
i legation laws tJiroughout t!to
• Sou tii •.'.;,s seen by Swn'
, l.intielri, ottnimo’v and veterans'
direot.e: d the National tV.dSac;-
f id, €■ or. ■’’u wno at-
S tended Taylor's Uia'.
Altorncvß at t;'io New York of
lice of the NAACP said no such
, ... ~ . .1 , 1 . ■ S' . -
L. .'.tw t v* . :«• 1.., k^U
T; £ C'in(■ Court.
a The ia.-- - will first be appealed
1 to "o- Alabama circuit court and
ied if nec< sary to the Ala
ban - .a Stiprctnc Court, where a
i c\ 'rsid would invalidate the
•' Birmingham rugregatiiun laws
r and in effect all segregation Jaws
in tho state Limif'lri said.
Senator Taylor, Henry Wal
• e.oi's vice pivsident’.a! running
i mate: a:.-' fiiu-d S' SO and eiver
‘Cooluiued on l>.a ■ p^gei
1 ayclttn life
t pholcis Justice -Ija>A
Fayerit-viiiU Judge Lu
ther Hamiii: . n of the Cum
berland C-t untv Superior
Couri clearly indicated his
intention to administer jus
tice to all people here recent
ly when he sentenced Robert
L. Thames and Clarence
Junes, white youlhs ot near
Rockford, to serve six months
each on the county roads for
assaulting two girls.
In passing the sentence, he
said he wou ! d have been dis
appointed had the jury not
returned a vc-roict of guilty
and added:
"If these were Negro boys,
they would certainly go to
Iho raod-s ana so must these
white boys. It must net be
said that in this state there
is one kind of justice for one
color and another kind for
another color".
The gitiS, Mis* Mary Me
Donald and Miss Ernestine
McDonald, tvtified that the
two nven made an indecent
prorkHsal to them and that
when the/ refused to accede
.to their advances became <tr»
raged and struck them with
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voi r mi: xxvii, \:o. i 5
■*■*-**•*•*-★ ■*-*-*-***★ *★★★★★★★*
!y , ry I u. ,f i h 1-10
<raw4 f. s §c
. b-j Os 51 */ i ■ huNi
Kansas City. Kens. The 33rd
session of the l.tcnerai con tore nee i
of the Aliu-mi Molivxbrt Fp.-c,-
pol Church niv. ned in Kansti*
City Wednesday morning to be_
gin wh.t developed into one ot
the mo.-t tuii-uliouk cr.d licctic
.-, ;.-, : ;ins in th< hi-.t'iiy of the
A 1 :>. ■■ \ .u; Ciui Ki'd by
hirst s. b-os ;.nd the shouting
■town of speakers h it flic aged
i and vvearv proiales of the di'uren
: limp with fatigue <,n the second
: day of tlu* coiifcrcTicv.
The pit- conference prchelvn-s
■ of heated sessions were sent on
tiH-ir ,•. a - -, to fulfillment on Tin;
m ivning as the Rev. S. H.
Gurn’-S of ;-V-e:-V!.': N. \..
lemyrd the holding of positions
: r*n |>y(> cr-urch S FjPlSi’•'p*'l v..0T»1
mlt*r-c by TclciVi (*.s us tee bixhop'
Passes on Qualifications
Tbo ('ivmmit'tofi onv of trie most
; powerful in thr church, is respom
| for conskie?*atu'>n of tnc
cha r a etc r r» u3lifica ti o n an d
Cop Brutality Rapped
In Priest’s Speech 1 o
Louisiana Police Officials
NEW ORLEANS - - So- ci ■i 1—
- Scoring brutality by law enforce -
' ' nioni officials and coiling lor fuT
* ! recognition of civil rights by ;.U
; 1 i.uliircirvn. Th, Re- Vrcrcr:! J
- O'ConndL S M wanted offitvt,-.
. -if their areat rcsfkms-.&tlities in to
- Jay's troubled world
Fr. O'Conn- II spoke at the final
'Messier; of the Louisiana Peace Os
: ice-rs Association co- v ention. lie
general chairman ox the Ca’lso
’ i c Cor,-mi*!or of Smith, an itt
; t j ; :r;.;: 1 organiza tiers >. clergy and
I i'-.vrnen.
j' ‘The attitude of em. reemni of
. fiver.-, toward No-.', rocs and their
. ,-ighi: must be a ;,i»t attitude if
,-a v arc- to have justice picvailii'.-t
5 : anywhere in the world.” he -• ■>i:-
-■ T'.iv demand for dvi! rights must
jtteve. be identified w-h Commas:
. I ssm."
: i Warning against dec-Mts of Com
| munisi.i. the CCS ieacer said; • Wi h
i it: spacious urgune,. i- that Com
munism was a mere political party
j liks any otlu r political party, the
\C -miViuniAs were able to deceive
j fair minded people, folks wh •
j vrere willing to gra-.t any .ran
| n rdoin in his poUiiiuT beliefs.
“But Communism not a p<-i.-
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- - - - ---
Watch Congress
Pearson Warns
! D. C Press Club
WASHINGTON, D. C ~ Dr -w .
j Pt;u*.-oii, columnist and radio Com-,
; ii'iiid'O!', a-.-cried ts-at : h< • -Ice- -.-
jo;' iib-ral congrcsstn-'n Is of tre-l
• mendt-us importance to tnirmritsc*;..
jin an add toss betor. a c.if-aeiiy
audieniv at the fifth annual baa
! nut i of the Capital Pm-*- Club holt.
I i-<«t night at Hnv»>rd University
I Declaring that close attention
■ should Lu paid to choosing the men ;
who [»ss on legislation-and app- - ;<* !
Ij .ialions in Congress ‘.'.'id to .he;
i executive appolntm -its of the!
i President, Mr. pears- -r* warned thel
Iff v - J
*k 'T
vfe ft- ...
; diG, , %:■ ■■ i
t ■ > W'” %■ ty '
i ~.y-..
—Thomas K. Bvers, who was
elected as Johnson C. Smith's
Outstanding student for 1547-48
in co-operaiioti with the inter
collegiate competition program
of the United Negro College
Fund which is being sponsored
by the Wesiinghouse Corpora
tion. He will compete with 31
representatives of other College
Fund member institutions.
rir>lll Truman las! \ve<. < to\ ">va- c eci
!o the senate lor corn'llmat ion the
names of 253 du-imga. -hod null a;/
■tiidui s. reserve officers' framing
corps, for commission m the rc.go
far air forts.- as srcnr.i lieutenants.
Nine fit this number ->vi-i<- Neg. jc.*.
Fovl> -lorn oilier y-'ingui;. n-e
military students, six of whom at*
Negro students who art under ;h
statutory regular estaclishmeiu of
fleet age of 21, will b l ' offered re
serve commissions in the organized
i(-serve corps until they attain ine
legal age. With theii consent ;,nc-/
will be called la active duty in ine
Os iht- eligible to accept comru.
sions at this time-. 172 will join iiv
it-gular army ,md 81 regular a
- Tie. Negro student.;: who tv-M
join the regular anny arc E.,i w -1
Greer of Welch, vV. V. . and Ai. B.
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N’ugio i\ wspapt-rmcn and tVit-l !
, cues's that n-ac*)..inary comm l tec j
chapmen in Congress ' can tin mote j
• damiu-i to the caus’i of p oyrcs.y
if, ,n ’ "'.coty Souths u Congress
While statin?', that he had not j
! made up his mind about whom he;
will siiupon tor the Presidency in j
; the ftti-thctitning cleclions, be con- j
! jidertjd the election ill CongresGnn-1
|ai district*- us important if not -iVbrc {•
! Important, than the election *'l; e i
(Continued on back pag?) t
of Ki? pr.v TM
5 £,» Lit lj‘ \;i L. I I fc*> G S \*« 1K I
r t|Ho A TI^M.
•» vi¥ iJ L. LI W U i -u . '•
i Winston Salem Harold F..
! St,.-.■•..0n, hopeful for the Hcpubli-
L. n Presidential nomination told
! newsmen at a p; iss confrwnco
j held Tuesday that he would sup
j porx anti_poil tax and anti-lynch
legislation i ! nc .'J elect: ci to 11 1 • .*
; Presidency.
Although the former Minnesota
Gove; t;-r faded to commit on
ies opinions concerning Pres; -
herd Truman’s civil rights pro
! gram during two formal speeches
which he delivered his stay in
Wjnst; >n-Sn’em, h« gave reporters
o c!ear-cul yes ox; the matter ;• f
supporting its two most contro_
ve-siai phases.
In hi? main address delivered
in the stw. which was broadcast
|on Tuesday night, he declared:
-I am fully rwaro that there
are situations in t’.-e South th: t
i are vet - , difficult for anyone who
j has not lived he; years
\ I nHfD C * 14 >t r]
Educational Need
i ••] recoenizc the imrsortanre of
' the principle of state’s right? I
also believe vciy fundamentally
in the concept of human rights
.. }.»'•.. 4-’ ,• .• Amor..
. S til 11 Vt.U V OrUMZ i.' > > dU;
•‘I believe that It would be pos
sible to work out a iu?t and
j sound balance between human
i ighis and state's rights m i« pro
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NEW YORK ' ANP > - F.uni- cYI
Carter ol this city, lawyer ami
woman leader, sailed early Sum - .
; .iy moriiiug aboard b. S S Queer.
Mary to attend two world confer
. r;(i.•:. in Geneva S\s ••yr-rlaiul
, She returns in June. She is ivp
-1 resenting tlx In;crn.b.oTißi Cou.ic,.
.f women at the Uni'cd Nations
1 Conference for Non-Governmental
i ormtinZM* )oi;s. and vv i.j be a spoke.,-
I man ff.;• the Notional Peace c..n
--[(•! •. nee at the Countu of the Worl .l
Cnion of Peace org?i ion.,
. is trcasDier of this laser group,
Mr?. C'a ter is cha; •nan of uv
■ }){>;,;<i trustees oi the Naton 1
.'Council ol Negro worn to. Lab city
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Expectant Mother Shot
lo Death \t E.b “tOUT
EA&TOVKR l.frs. Ann i
Belie Hudson, who according to
nudieal authorities was an cx.
pedant mother. wax bo* to
death Saturday aft-ern >■ •« it the
home «f Mrs. tree if i t'sucr
wife of Fred Carter, it lids been
reported here..
Mrs, Hudson died a few mift
uU“s she was shot through
the ne, k with a |nsi-:l allegedly
fired Ivy Mrs. Carter.
Mrs. Hudson had just arrived
from I hihwlelphia. ,'a.. accord
ing to reports, and hired Fred
Campbell final tax. driver, to
take her to the ( arter home,
liut w hen she arrived she was
refused admittance and asked
to leave -V. she was about t«
enter the taxicab she was shot.
Mrs. Hudson and Mrs. Carte r
had worked tngi-tbci in Phila
delphia until two months ago
when Mr. and Mrs. i rtrr cm roe
home because Jack Carter, lath
er of Fred Carter, needed Fred
to help on the farm
S eed Carter is now in a Vet
eran’s Hospital and Mrs. ('al
ter is in the t
- Cnuvdy jail in default of S2,tlob
he ml on it charge of manslaugh
ter. _ _ _
Ala . Cops Kill
Birmingham !ANP} Po
lice bullets snuffed out the
life ot 19 year old Marion
Franklin Noble last week io
bring the number of police
homicides to A'u t vn the past
30 days. All the victims were
Police claim that all four
were "resisting arrest."
Local cop violence has be
come so severe and frequent
that ihe Birmingham NAACP
has called a conference of
city leaders to plan ihe curb
RALEIGH A campaign In Ra
!igh and Wake County in interest
~f th» Uniutd Negro ('allege Ftirici
will clt'.-t Sar.urdaj May. la. wbaii
i Lnai imports will be taken.
Toe drive, which began May !, is
pr.rt of u nationwide effort to raise
$1,400,000 to at cl 33 member col
leges,. in this fifth ycai of
! aniit!” on il'n part • 1 the I'tu. ■
W. <.'. Davenport. V - >ke Co. F.utu
Demonstration A gem has beer
named chairman ot the Fund Rais•
1 ing Commit:cc A goal of SI,OOO
has hem set by the local group
•.Continued on pag< fouri
lamhdates I.OM-:
Da>. Republican and Reuben
! Ha-per. Democrat, ttrdidates for
■ .ooiTiinalion f<u :.a;i■ representa l ive,
j were defeated in the primary tac.
| here last week.
Mr Day, a Fernd i..- Mich.. te.,ch
|or who resided in Folo-do, jioird
| 12. fl!)? votes, nmniug eighth in u
| field of nine lb was cue of five as
! pi rants who were en.lorsod by ’he
| Luca; C i-anty Repaol .an comant
j tee.
Tallying 8.039 votes Mr. Harp-r.
U f.rganizer for the CIO Unite!
i Automobile Workers union, was
■ seventh ir: a race of nine Demo
; era's. He was one of six endorsed
sby the Lucas County Democrain
| NEA Report Hits
I Pupil Losses In
I Public Schools
yosw hi'in'c-ui 1.000,000 end 1.200 Os 0 i
of the nation’s children, both -went; I
j ,-ind Negro, arc dropping oui of |
S school before comp,cling a high I
! .school education, according to a •
|study just completed oy the Na
j Tonal Education association.
The group of states ranking m
j the lowest one-lhiiil ia pupil hokl
jing power arid also m per child ex-
J penditure. the report reveals, at f
i Alabama, Georgia. Mississippi j
! South Carolina. Arkansas, Floi uiu, .j
j West Virginia Ok I"noma, Ntv. 1
i Mexico. Arizona, Ker'ueky. Yk
j girda, Tennessee, Maryland an--!,
. Vermont.
I While the research division made;
ino attempt to make a population ;
of Ibis terrorism in. this com- killed during the
past month by patrolmen are:
Ike Madden, %?, Mfcvch 27;
John Johnson, March 29;
Almas Shaw, 4S,' 4tp- r >.i 19.
and Noble. J j*
CHI - .’AGO • AND Cohdemrta
, lion of v:■ tii ; nr.'.inetion fuid
i dunjs w a.- i->h*isfuliy delsvei »;-d in? i.J
!;-si •'•cel- S s y the Tit ev. Wallace
; K C :-i •. -f ■ *v* * ..-re -'em 9CO
j cleric and i..y. from 12)
| parishes attending ihc lllth annual
I convention of the Episcopal diocese
j m St. James church.
: ('omr/i: Cn;; rt cent advances
I made by Necrr parishes nod mis
i sior;,' of the diocese, the bifelioj.
j .it';, d churchmen to enlist. ,n a
| fight e.airsst the city slums, espee
; icily i: those areas where puohc
i schools and public accommodations
| were inferioi and the streets inciv
! senhablv filthy.
j S.;c< :al mention was made by tb“
i bishop of S'. Edmund’s parish,
; widen will hold ns first scrvic?
! June 6 in a building recently pur
‘■..ease;: fxon'i the Hid’ : c Orthodox
; dlurch of .S : . Const;;ntiae 1 ur
| chase price of the building war
| .>17.0,000.
Became Mother Twice
While in Law School,
Passes 111. Bar Txani
Wesley Johnson who as a stu
dent in John Marshall Law
school, gave birth to two chil
dren. was notified that she ban
passed the state bar examin
ation here last week.
A student at the ‘aw school
since 1945, Mrs Johnson took a
two-week vacation from stud
ies in the first year to give birth
to Marie C hristine In 1946, she
repeated i>y giving birth to
Viola t'ecile. Her husband, a
painter, sat with the children on
class nights. They also have a
son, Harold, 15.
She will receive her license
to practice Monday. May 17, at
Springfield, and then will ert
gage in practice in her com
I breakdown in the stater reported m
' the lowest one-third, it is to be
| noted that the Negro population oi
j the United States is grates! in some
jof the states in the lisi. This leads
jto the conclusion thru large num
bars of Negro children are among
the; total "drop-outs’ per year.
Figures noted in the beginning
mean that 12.000,000 to 15.0090.00'*
c.hildrer. discontinue their formed
i training some time- bet ore the flttul
,j year of -high school. About 547 out
iof every 1.000, ho re fort reveals,
!thus leaving school prematurely
failmj to acquire the secondary
i school training, winch should be
; considered a minimum essential.
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