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n. c. Mbits fight to go to court
TEACHERS VIEW BEACH PROJECT —Ah -ve, Dr. \\ r'iar:; Si: ,-pe, noted Oralv. spec
ialist, vho is donating is mole lit:-.;- I.OOc-,■.;■<■ •■: ch .-state ;;>.>! hunt-. - - t.<’
the North Carolina Teachers Association a ; .-.-reatioii • -iva is -lt<■ .■ •. with Mr. ana
Mrs. John Hirst, caretaliors ■■■:-. the estate, t • --v!«-.?!?! he • iYered to :• c :!.• land i .’ who
suggested that it be civ.-ts to the teachers instead.
RELOW — Part of the ‘_»l On tea-.-io rs , ho . -• a: Y d Y:< ■. b : a •> <>! -he
state as they listened to Dr. Shane- then: to the estate an! ■- ani-e tu help
them with its development into the finest --:rr-> rec; eat ion area in the conn-;;-
LO- 'iSVILLE The hd bie, iff
of ,> umoiv.l.l:-v rs innuendoes,
i-ori rb.;rc ; pi :v.r .'C Vv >•
d«> 13‘ji; d-;.!-v. ihe .’..Gs,
QuadmiUl iIU .-Jv S ‘ 01 Ir G»'; i.:
C<v-.-fwnce <»i G- AcE Z Cto'f.:
voted t■! rtmre Si. WiUijj.t
Wait-. i> MaU'-.e-vr., .. vsmvon. i.;.-
C prel •. f the- s:h b-oKipat Xsts-{
trie? cempri • trig Coiidoi'-nct.'.-; if;
»«r«b CWohiw t,d Arkam.i.
It whs ev. u /■; at . -. .o.
of iiwr conli-;v:nce lii-.u tin- Bis -J;
vv ufd . , . Ld ing, at this
meetin ; ■ an o*:(\ <x *, ol his allege,,
niisi;eata!v!i! - f o l-.-rm o Pres ,r
--. ing E.’fle; ,T R <i \ir:berbr-; a
■ rn F’ : os. v , Car
Alarm y C. i- . ia Tuck? t
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MILU AS Kl I ,' A v V ) Al
though she is tbi Negro
rmplojfi- ot » Iota! Letter >er
virr firm here Atiss Gnldir
King is. in r barge- < ■ all pro
duction v. *>rh. Hi i .»«'• is 1,0 a»-
•Ingram. Retrial Motion
Due To Be Heard Soon
NEW YORK Tn. c.m of 'Mrs
Rosa Lee Ingram- am? her 1v....
teen-age .-ons. semen!-. n- life uv.-j
prLsi ciiiitm for kiiiios a white
sharecropper in «t'il-dc.l>nae. wih «e
arpuea ot, Jam 1 54 u. the Supnaii
tptowfi ot Georgia by ..a-.i ;\ai
Washingitn {ANP; —A bill
io prehibii Ihe segregation
of pupils in district public
schools was introduced ir, the
house of representatives here
lasi week by Rep. Klein iD.
N. Y.) a member cf the house
dittrici committee. The ban
or. segregation would become
effective "as ts the beginning
of she Erst school year fol
lowing the date of enact
The measure was referred
ic- the di.iJ.iict committee who
will assign it ic a judiciary
subcommittee which already
bus two measures under con
sideration that are designed
to ban segregation in public
places. The hearing, original
ly scheduled lor early last
week, was postponed because
of the illness of Ren. Powell,
author of one of the- bills.
sign work to oilier mployes.
>hc v.- recently promoted to
tin present. posit •r» in the
firm's teorganurAiio-i when its
i>«ntr died and Idl pur. of it
1«s an assistant before then
Mis- King, oas manager.
| den and Et ward K. Dudle- ;tt
ji'OriK-ys fur the Sah.”ai Associu :
j iu'-n for the A;iv;e.-:eiu;.nt of' t-'ui
Torc-rt l Yi-ple,
•1 On that d..te, the N.VAOP lawyers!
I wail present a moti.-n for a new i
j trial for the Jr.&ram.i, coni end ing *
.1V (-; ,4 . w 1 , ; f '} (* . f ; s .
LA vt LLS'Lii
Air. So; m :...• r: v aifj ii :b; 11 hi? h<; u
fit ,in effo to naU w denial
\ Li- » which bad
g. *>'Uis iv - 1 rars.
il(‘ cfeclimNi (. ,j Y.UtU Dt, hwevc-'.
c&si*s v-iiii*.’ »vou«.d u? Liied j ■ ;.a
.tinif cQikicx't’ ic<*?s anti ol
r.;Yt Ltfrd E vm? Com;nm.i c Wuica
-.v. rt- -•(nut. id ter ic* *- Tucs.. h.;q
< on four)
li’lYli.3 iCWtii (’ V AiCfiC; Wi'S p l ,f j
iauced at <be first n1«l to;
; the :n;ee ui mordt:, . j'he NAvuT
j will if lu-eessary, cur.' ;hv: cc.-e ta
! the U: wed State:- h-.-.rcine
;in aider to obt...iin jn ’ic® fa: .In
(Cominur'd nr v-c-- pnoet
'Tut? Papdi inttam
mtlb V/ akujliin i/Vl\
★ *★★★★★ ★ ★★★★★★ ★★★★★★★★★
No Foul Play In Fleming Death
South’s Race Segregation
Called ‘Help To Reds’ By
Priest In Savannah Speech
A"• V- f i <>•T Fr O
**[■■ .. . w :;• , • . :■%
nm ey pin t mi
htrtaL fiwtL <c i
needy 0i Uk a. .4 5 £
Demil U. S. Supreme Civ.i tvi
)„ ( c-'-rlain ihi- ,-ek th;.! i- ■: -
This i!i; j at om ... -.lit- leuil. ni
'•;i iCi’ ■ i ’h» bt-arfi • . *■ .»!
FA YK TTE VI.L.L.E The stu
'iehciier.- Cobeye. nca.*ci Elmer W.
ileij-. erj.Dn, r>.--r;r , : ■ err!..ri of
iht- Karions) C-HJi'Cil u Pennon*
*nt c '(., in .*.) E’.j')in senses i ;
• n Ch OO ; . oTiX'ill ici .* p.i ' 1 uCi‘t* idSt
Dr He.r.aei-<>?;. wno - hVrUicvjH
vv’r.T'n ihc FEPC BjJi. L.*B4. ui.-*
At a it’Milt of ihfr meedro.4
'' -- •-< • •- )Cr:ipo.rO3.y rhADTriv-ir..
vrUh -M <;■ h Josephvn-e rk-rry of ?TfO Hc k DC'-*‘‘ T *>. , -'* < (fiir'idi’t't'f'
Fu ;>■ i•t \ •- i«3e St,.* e i\ ; ■ n h«: ry C ol
i e ot. v, j:.., aDo s-i-cs ft c d th n jmp o , t
! Aiiiof* o‘ ihe KEPC jal! io
ing held u‘ the* Mia. jO' a.l Calboji-
Coriimiaiity Service Cenier
Mrs, ; D. VVotk i»?f.,"x■. ■:*u f Ive .:c
“EBSB OtfiflS ?i
C A.ROL3N IA?\. when* lhi-> .*..i
:«neet Thursday mottling, it to uit
noum-ed this week by Judi'e Fred
Senate Rejects
Bill To Permit
Area Colleges \
j tVASHJKGTON L>.- the naiaa\
, niargln of a 38-37 vc.:t*. the Senate
today -tnl bad? to ;.ie judicial.'-
i tommim-tf the resolution ratifyiny
ne plan of the sm.uhi.rn governv. s
No establish segregaitd region-.'
I i.r>)l:-.-;,.i(i!ia: graduate wUc-ges.
j i his vc'u virtually ..i. 1: flic',
Savannah. Ga. Racial m.\iV
; is an aid to the- “com
munistic that is
■ I- • the
. v -,..ui.:! -. ;y> S ir. ’matter ■’s
an “osi; like attitude.' Msgr.
T. Jan.'S McNamara. outstanding
Cathode prelate and rector of IT-
I Cathedral of Si John the Bap
tist here, declared m an addru.:
txjfore members of the local Ki
lt" .-poke i. favor of Pres.' lent
Bar;'.’ S Truman’s < 1 vil ■ rights
p-ogt-soa, asserting that his pur
pose was to face facts and "my
h -pe is that in facing them we
me-, be inspired to give- greater
sub>!,,nc-c to the AmorLan dr. am
of ecjTifi.'.tv be-ose :: -i-L.-v ■
you. I did not say ’social equal
itV. uCCoUivt* JO O' V
that is 5 r. d-hening used by
f nose inirmc'.D to our country c
host intcrcN’t to divert attention
m -ack
... E. Gists ns. the- liev. Bruce id
Williatnroi A. R- St-nk-y. the Kcv.
■i. > it;:*.' oil (' Vv" Newell.
i; v. G D. Wooten. Dr. Wat.-on
F *, K ; .is..; H VV. U.. I kins.
\D\ TRI \ L SET !N
NEW YORK - -The fight to gain
oamission to the law school ol
Ihe Univeishy of Oklahoma for
Mrs. Eda Si-puel Fisiier will be
(erif.weri on Monday (May 24)
with the •-!>. .ling of'a now trial
vie District Noun, at Norman.
Thun: od Marshall, special
,s.-s v.-sei hi* i n;- National .As-. t;j•
tion i.'f the Advancement of Col
ored People, and Eduard R. Dud
. ‘v. assislair 1 special counsel left
here Tuesday (May Ffe) to join
with Amos T. Halt, an OkJahoana
:.tlo;-n-. v in representing Mrs.
Fisher in hci legal bait to to en
t'-s the- side supported all-white
law school.
Tiic new trial was granted in
responsr- to a me.tion filed on
March II on beitalf of Mrs Fish
er. petitioning the court for fur
if-'-T relief against the Board of
Is of the
University of Oklahoma.
The request for a new trial foJ-
S'V-.ed refusal of the 'Jaw school
to admit Mrs. Filter after the
United Slates Supreme Court had
handed down a decision impos
ing up-.n fin - State of Oklahoma
ihe obligation to provide her with
an opportunitv for a legal edu
cation forthwith.
■ f ')i :his session of Co’igrcss sicco: a-j
ing to Lt-she Perry. Wasbinglor j
*i; t ion for- the Ash ~< !«: rnehi of j
[i s present,Uivc of tbe National Ae.-j
Ci.jorec people.
The fight. a ( ..iiast 'be extension j
of segi-ggaitun to the .csionai jc-vCj j
i «t''ont»»'.i.-d on back
More thari 2.100 tcnc hors fruni ui:
; !KU':s« of the ;-la)e lay: week vu.-..< (.
1 unanimeu* ;»ud ersti:\3>-:ic appt'jt
;a] of plan: for the .coop la nee o:
she 4.000 H nri mocks Beach . ; i ■
[ which has been often:..; to the Nw ’ .i'
< .. 'iin,: Teachers Association ar
; cciealional area.
Their approval came alter the
leacher.*. had filled hundreds of au
i 'omohil'.s and more Uu.n two-dc/.en ; tor .he journ; y to Onslow'
i County where the beard, used p.u - :
:saii> a- a hun'ii.e a lot fishing loo.: :
ay [ )i' Vv'iliiaiiu Straij.e is L'Cateo.
Di. Sharpe. an inernaiionail. !
i famous braiii specialist, has offered .
' the land, which’ embr ces mere-:
i tnan four miles of the most Lcauu- '
i iuf beach to be found in tile Ei.i- ;
:■ 'a Sift ■ij t; , S. ' C.: ' a'SC;; , j
! the state.
MXTIS i > i.\ > i it' R f KPT ION
A tremendous ova*on gtt-e'eU j
. Dr. Sharpe as he stood on a b<u 1
: conv overlooking tie: inland water-;
; '-a ay to tell them the bet. en j
is, ;iy theirs and to ai i. r to matcii |
; ..tolkn-tnr-doHar the iunds whieuj
1 liiev must raise for dev: ioprm i
and unpiovt ment oi me propety.
Dr. Sharpes brief . jenech, wtecu !
j was followed by cheor. non likciy {
i to bo heard at a foot; aii or i
: bail game then at a ;atruo i m, a
1 teachers, came u'.c.un.s a recess i i:
an atl-dr.y meeting of directors at j
I the Hammock's Bear . corpoia.ion *
, wmch had been nans. I by the
. icisdaun in handle dDans of the:
During Inis meeting ?lu- commit • j
: lee adopted plain establishing ]
quotas foi til; states 171 sehoo 1 |
, oonvmuniiir-s which v. ii permit toe;
raisin ; <>i t.h< $100,00:: minimum v»»- i
i veiajjtftjfciat fund winch was the jaa- i
.joi conditio;: affecting the gift
‘ I): Sharpe. r.-.Wfccer, advised h, - :
> he-uroi a no- 10 limit inemselves foi
the raising of the nuirmum figur
since lie would match every debar j
(Continued on ijuck page)
Vuro liireclN Falhofie 1
Youth (hnsresh In Pa.
~ {
; Philadelphia. Pa. (Special) ’
J am. 5 Tod Harr is. Negro student
at LaSalle College, acted as :
chairman at the gc neral sessions :
: Ob' the Fifth National Congress oi ■
•tiie National Federation of Cathy- ;
. at- College Students here. More :
than 1,000 delegates from Catho- j
lie college.-- throughout the Unit- ;
ed States attended.
USE IN CAMPAIGN In .j surfing appeal j
Satinday night over ..x major niil.o ■
i rial ions which cover x the state.;
1- oi iiit-i Govern'ii 0 Melville,
: i>! niighton declared:
■j witO ii dearly understood. that |
• ! cm not running toi the high of- j
' tier oi U. S. Senator on a platform j
; in- pi-ogiam deliberately chosen for ■
.he pm pose of ca flying cla».,!
ugainsi class, or race against race."
, Broughton .;lso discussed ihe fluc
i cured tobacco staouiz.b.ion corp,..i-'
..nor: U4O and tabor-manage-,
It ■ ■ r . ®dir,j if awa*.
j m< nt relationships.
! Broughton. woo as govcixo*-
equalized while and Negro teach
; . »-:- salaries in NorL; Carolina, is
;.: ghlj regarded oy many Negroes 1
| nt the state.
On the < .•!' civil rights.!
; the war-time govern;.; declared i
i that the civil right* proposals of |
: President Truman "a.e obviously I
i die., led by political ixperiiency m |
I a presklciHlal election year,” i
f»ir.min»’harn Bailies
i or Southern Jim Crow
A behind-the-scenes story
about what happened in Bir
mingham, Ala., when Senator
Glen Taylor, vice-presiden
tial candidate, was arrested
has been brought back by
Miss Moranda Smith, of Win
ston-Salem, assistant Region
al Director of the South At
iantic Region, FT A-CIO, who
was in Birmingham to ad
dress the annual Southern
Youth Legislature, sponsored
by the Southern Negro Youth
"What most people- don't
know," Miss Smith said, "is
that three other churches
had been closed lo us, one
after the other, before Rev.
Oliver lei us meet in his
"Th meeting had been ar
ranged hrsi to be held in a
church on 18th Street, 5h e
biggest Negro church in Bir
mingham. But on Friday, the
cVps came and picked up the
paster, took him down to
H uni.nurd on back po-JC-t
W A SI I IN (J TC ).N —(AN P ) —A ,
was 'Witnessed here Saturday wli
■ the -selective service board each
lor the policy oi segregation pi
Easto\rr \\ ile Faces
t c
Utff Shot gun Death
; FAYETTEVILLE Magistro- *!
: vJe.u.i- Neamon las. week touir;
! proi.iab’e ruus:- in en.irgc* of man-'
; .hiughh-i against Mrs rveils Car- ;
! or, of Easlover township in the!
I .:ioi slaying of Lit.-r Anna Bell,:,
i Hudsoc
| Mrs. Carter w<*s buund over ia|
j the May List term of vpenor ci,.c
lamia: .. continuing : ;m! of §2.000.
Sheriff N. H. McGea-hy arid Fro i.
i Campix-il were the c ’ly witnessc
-1 .<> the preliminary heaving. No
i --vid'. ace was offered by tne e
teiidaet : epresented by Attorney •
X. H. ivlcGeadfcy, Jr.
Sheriff McGeaetaey 't -blied that,
md h.-artied Anu Miss HudsO" •
:.. .in ivea i!i:(■ a j ,0( ■ i dly fit the
| ho.!; -us Jack Cwui Mrs. Carter*
! lather-in-law and --a. -.olci by Mrs •
| JaCK Cane:' sbat she c.r-oid not stay !
I i'il tb. hoi lit .
Sluctly after ile- conversation'
Mrs A? veils Carter, standing in*.
| Lit house, «U«:gtuUy tired a sho |
; ;.n>: through tiir sernen door at Iv.,ss ,
j Hudson, hitting s.ej 1. the nee.. |
| ‘'lF.. said the mothei-m-lavv. "to.u |
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1J 13 m Voters On
.Vh Hanover Fount)
Hcsiist ration Book>
4 1
1,921 Negroes have placed thru'
I names on the boon* <ii New Ha:i
--1 over County, it was .earned Tiles
I day. and most ot tne.-e are eligible ■
1 10 vote in she May ~A Democratic j
: Primary, as few Negroes have I
registered on the bonks of Lhe ile- !
, publicans.
Before the campaign of the Ne
i gro Citizens Council „i.u the Jou;
nal got underv.aj to gel more names j
:on the books, only 7/8 Negroes j
were registered. During the ear., j
■ paign, 1.143 more persons were!
! listed.
Registration was u.-’crly , :\u;
! Negroes experienced . 1 difficu/i.. i
: in this county in registering m {
I direct contrast to the experiences j
|oi Negroes in six counties in U«c;
jslate, _ ....... i
l'i i Allen Fleming, well know
and prominent local musician, u. a
city jil cell Apri 8m was cam: :
by iicuti intoxication which -
ed :n a fatty enlargement of the
liver, according to Dr. vV. B. Fortjr. .
! Professor of Patnoiogy at Duke*
: University..
Ur. Forbus te.<lifi»*d before a
: coroner's inquest held r the Cum-
I t eiland County Courthouse Veu
} uesday morning, al the request of
iJoe E. Pinkston, county coroner.
I • Death could not be attributed lo
! Ihe traumatic woun h seen r -n the
surface of the boa/.” T)< Forbu
! said.
Those injuries, according to M e
irdhologist. resulted from !c. •
agonal movements of the body im
mediately precetding -enth.
Dr Forbus stated 'hat he M-«d
(Continued on uack page*
shrewd game of “buck-passing*
ben the department oi army and
ii attempted to blame the other
iractired in the last war.
Testifying before a commission
of inquiry at the YMCA. Col,
Campbell Johnson, adTnin.isti
! live assistant to the director
selective sc-rvice. a
j clause in the Selective Service
j pet of HHO which says that titer- •
i win b.- no segregation because
. Oi race or color. The provisions
1 of this act were followed in the
-; selection of men, he declared.
'The segregation came in the de
livery. This was due to the
: ,’s request to deliver so many
■ white men and so many colored
! men.
In reply to questions by mem
j bers of the commission. Col
i Johnson admitted that separate
files were kept of while and eol
-1: on-d selectees. The racial idem
tity was determined bv mfoima
tion provided on their draft cards.
He claimed that writing one’s na
lionality on a card is not a form
of segregation,
Janies Evans, civilian aide to
the secretary of army on the
ether hand, cited examples where
ihe selective set vice often sent
the army a certain class of men
I who wore turbans and robes and
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| RALEIGH Attorney Belford V
! Lawson of Washington. D. C.. gci
| oral president of Alpha Phi Alpha
! Frau rmty. called full democracy
the best antidote tor Communism
.ii an "Education for Citizenship”
address Sunday at Shaw Univer
Attorney Lawson, who represents
' 12,000 Alpha men throughout the
j country, spoke before a large aud-
I i-. r.ce which included nearly 100
! members of the fraternity, repre
senting the Raleigh graduate chap
ter and undergraduate chapters at
Shaw University and St. Augur
i tine’s College.
i Characterizing the hate as ‘the
I servant of all the people,” the dyiwe
!mic fraternal leader. ::<al.le.nged his
j hearers to “demand absolute imri
‘ unequivocal equality L every ivabs
i nl lifeA
i Attorney Lawson scored thos.
who attempt to excuse segregaiioa
| t Continued on pugc J-uuv

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