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Ira Lewis, Courier Head, Passes
PITTSBURGH 1; ,s F 1. A . !.••
y i r old piesidont of the Pitts
burgh Couuoi . one cl America's.
Jaigtsi, Negro nev.-spa i it'i' :.. died
Sniurdsji of 3 I'tiiil atilt, k in a s
at .He Ho'.'l Commodoiv n Sow
\ ork ( it y.
Mr Lev..... who had held the
t pest of preside' t ■■ -.d general
e«*cr of file Pittsburgh Cou
Publiahmg C 4. puny for the pa.-u
"ight yours was also president <t
Interstate United Newspapers Inc.,
aiid i. \ ice jin. .dent ot the Na
tional N. fi i Pubi.-her: Av-ociu
A native of I.- xington, N C
he received ins early education in
the public schools ot Charlotte and
attend'd Biddle University
He came to Pittsburgh 37 years
ago and woiKed a.- a while
taking a bus,ness course, A few
years later he became associated
with Robert 1. Vann as an em
ployee of the Courier.
Foe a number of years he served
as sport.- editor and was appointed
to the no-it ion of general managei
in 1917 He became aclin:< head uL .
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Funeral services were held
hire alst wck for Mrs. Harriet
Vaughan, an ex-slave who died
at ht age of IXS.
Only a week before her death
she foretold her passing by say
ing that one of her four dead
children appeared to her in her
sleep and sa.d. “I'm coming
back next week to lake you
with me."
She is survived by two j
daughters, Airs- Mary McCray,
77, and Airs. Delia Edwards. 79.
Busy Little Bees Are'nt They?
WASHINGTON (ANP) Branding civil rights legislation
as Red, inspired. Gov. J, Strom Tburmsnd of Soutn Carolina,
Dixiecret nominee for President, denounced the FEPC, federal
anti-poll tax. federal anti-Lynch and anti-segregation laws in
a radio interview here* iasi week.
Interviewed on ,» transcription by Charles Palmer, the can
didate hold listeners of FEPC as follows;
'ln my opinion, the FEPC, the db-ealled fair employment
practices act, is a most vicious un-American proposal to break
down slate lines and turn America into a socialist, fascist or
communistic state.
The clamor for federal anti-segregation laws, he said, "Jldmes
ffldm agitators and socially maladjusted persons who do not
care or do not understand the individual circumstances of com
tnuniiei where the races must work and live together,
"If -such laws were passed there would be no Harlem in New
York, no Chinatown in San Francisco, no souihside in Chicago nor
communities of the sfcAri in other cities."
* Although agreeing that lynching was "the waist form of
murder," and that payment of pcllt axes j® vote was bad Gov.
Thurmond said that it was the job of the states to take care of
these problems at the federal government."
He said, "Under the guise of anti-lynching, the Reds, pinks
end sarfcvsmvfss am making use of the horror which the Ameri
•| can pmpin have for lynching to change our form of government."
A tned. bewildered and egfi
spattered former Vice- President
: of. the Un'tcd States . tood on a
street in a North Carolina town
this week and asked "Is this
Arm nc*a?
The man whom he asked push
ed him away and raid, ' Get your
nands off me".
The town was Burlington, and
the former Vice-President was
Hen: , Wallace, the Progressive
Partyv candidate for President
of the Unitea States whose cam
paign trio through Nortn Caro
lina nas N-en mnrked by a in
ception imparralicled in Amen •
■ hict - r V
The tour begun. Sunday even
1 inf* in Dirham, where an already
! gaunt and haggard Wallace was
'met at the til port by a crowd
of more than 500 persons who
: appeared anything other than
i Reception Pleasant
lociuded in the crowd were a
j bus and more than a dozen car
j loads of Wallace supporters who
; had come into Durham to at
: tend the Progressive Party's con
vention which was being held at
I the Durham City Armory,
j Following a brief session of
• posing durntr which he was able,
for one of the few times in North
: Carolina, to summon the weli
know Wallace grin, the Third
Party candidate left the airport
for the State Progressive Party
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* ».*■*•' • ; - ■ i^^Sl
' \ ■.'.■\>
- : T: •
■•>*. '•'■ •' •;,■£ . : ;•.
* m v ff|
JllillF ... .. - 's&MSfcf&'x
m&sr j^«i. ?gKj|S?r :
&st *:f
Jitff ISfeSSsSMBS: -if Jill
* *" • 'll
*-^;. : .f » w •jjtSi l i -'** y r '’' ; '
, '**KBBB^^St£' r •£> ■■■•■ >'^:
. aß|r
,^ v , - -V. ; • :-,.■
*4: :'■!- 4& I
i "M w ' •■•.•;(■
'".' ■• - -" , ■ • V ’’'■
il : • &xx ■ ; . % v gaßfc
iLJf ... ■ .’:. ;'•■ .;.
A y %W< ,
' .' • :,,,-/• :4r«,' ? >!^
The Rrv, J W. Junes, pastor •
cl the Fayetteville Street Bap
list Church, above, was united
in marri.qe to Mrs Alga Flor
ence of White Plains, N. Y , at
the home of Grover Jones, son
of the Rev. Jcrtes, at 37 Man
hattan Avenue in Greenburgh
Sunday et 7:00 pun.
The ceremony was performed
by the Rev. Louis W. Hughes,
■pastor of the Union. Baptist
Dr. Charles A. Wesley To
Be Among Speakers At
Urban League Meeting
Edgsr Lav, Managing Editor,
Tampa Daily Times, and Chas.
Wesley, president, College of Edu
cation and Industrial Arts Wii
berforce Ohio, will speak at the
first public meeting of the Na
tional Urban League’s Annual
Conference which begins in Rich
mond, September ti.
Richmond's Mayor Horace H
Eld wards will greet the Urban I
League gathering, as will the *
Honorable Oliver W. Hill, who
made national news recently as'
the first Negro eleetd to the Rich
mond City Council. Others on :
the evening’s program are Presi
dent J, M. Ellison. Virginia Un
| .on University, and Eugene Kin
! okle Jones, general secretary, Na
lionai Urban League.
Meet in South
The national interracial social
| work orgr-niration is meeting in
, a city of the "Old South" for the
| first time in a number of years
"It is more than a coincidence,"
Lester B. Granger, Executive 1
• Secretary observed, "that during !
1 the conference, the sound and l
; fury of an extremely bitter pc.
! liticai campaign will be resound- j
j ing over the national scene, with .
the- quest ton of civil rights n chief
sub).:-:-’ of acrimonious debate,”
"It is fust as impossible," Un
| Urban League head continued,
i “for the National Urban League '
jto .attack the socio-esonomi? '
I problems of thd WetSiai pbpuula-;
LContlnuwi on page 6, Ist Section) ’
Church at White Plains, and
the couple left immediately for
Columbus. Ohio, where the
Rev. Jones is a delegate to the
Lett Carey and Foreign Mis
sion Convention from his
They v ill spend four days in
Columbus and leave for Ra
leigh where they will be at
home to iriends and well-wish
ers by September 4.
j Notre Dame, Ind. Upwards
of 3,000,000 Catholic students in
thee United States were pledged
to work for great social justice
for American Negroes in resolu
| lions adopted at the closing ses
sions yesterday (Aug. 29j of the
I thirteenth national conference of
the Catholic Students Mission
I Crusade.
Held ; * the University of Notre
Dame, th * four-day conference
was attended by 3,000 student del
> egate rep'-ssenthuj Crusade units
| in thousands of American com
mun;tie.«. Several hundred Negro
1 delegates host prominent parts in
' the conference which also was
l the tare st missionary meeting
'every hold ini he United State.-.
J Introduced by Robert Smith
| Shea, Executive Secretary of
Xavwi University. New Orleans,
La., rhi resolutions on the Negro
held that “prejudice and unjust
' practices against Negroes arc
baaed fundamentally upon ignor
ance of th. hiriorv of this group
;of Amc ricans and a rack of re
(Contiaaed on page 3, Ist Section)
( 1
j RALEIGH A partial lint of! -
' addition? to The faculty of Shrew i
' University for the 1948-49 school i
| term was made public recently by ■.
: Pnu.ident R. P. Da rut-1.
I New members will meet with the l
: entiic staff at the annual faculty
: cqu.'*r Tices to be held for two;
i day- beginning Monday, Septembei
13 fit 11 o'clock.
Other staff additions will be an-j
rui.mccri prior to the conference |
which each ver- precedes the fresh- j
t.-i lontation period, scheduled j
year to begin September Id
New staff members include:
Miss Casearea E. Dawson. A. 8., j
Shaw University, A. ML Columbia :
. sity. Instructor in Educa
i on; William A, DeCosla, B. S., j
W iberforce University, M S. Haw- j •
ar University. Instructor in Chem- .
istry: Miss Ann \V. Ferebee, B. S.. j :
A. M . New York University, In- i
'hue:.,; i n psychology and Reli-1
riot Education; David N. Hender
son. A R. Morgan State College, i
A M. Columbia University, In
structor in English and Personnel j
Counsellor; Thomas E. Kee, A. Bj
Shaw University. A M. Columbia t
University, Instructor in Romance j
U'oi,turned on page S. Ist Section) j
, ; i
| Liberian legation and the Liberian
, minister, C. D. B. King, adminis- !
to ed a stingirig rebuke to a local
; hotel which sought to decline ser- j
I vice to their guests recently.
1 he Fairfax hotel, a new and rea- i
■onably swank hostelry located in
; the fashionable section of the ‘
; Northwest, st'nt ornate invitations :
ito all oj the foreign embassies and
S| diplomats to patronize their dining
I room which they described as one!
lof the finest in the capital. The Li-j
|be dan legation have three dis tin- j
I i koished visitors from their home
-11 land in the United States, Counsel- j
! ,or R- S. Bright, speaker of the
house of representatives, B. G. Free
j man and Postmaster General Nk*t-i :
jbe Brownell, decided to honor )
; them with a luncheon at the Fa ir *
s ’ fax.
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“ I show that Americans are really’ on l
"j the lev-til when they scream about.
£ -mother nation’s deficiencies, the
| American Veterans committee has
. recommended another special ses
-1 '•'’•on '•* congress immediately aftei
. the national elections in Novem
; her to pass an effective civil rights
" program
t Joseph A. floretv Jr„ acting j
f : chaimnn of A VC, urged his entire
. : membership to demand adolhei !
Q j specical session to pass an inflation'
t j control bill,, the Taft-Ellcnder >
B ; Wagner housing bill as ’.veil as a
..j civil rights program
a j In reference to the recent special i
. | session of congress, Clare ty said. I
,i i < Continued on page 8, Ist Section)
i |f|SSr
llpil- •» fc# ' Ly
HBWL? jfc* *;
fsHHI HR aaaHik_ 7fi»7: ..
S |B|wsS3g- ' ."f w t? 4 Jt-.fc 'SI
& * %->> <& Jill - JlillPf : 'Ufr.^S.
m , -. ■ ■
f.'»* - • m * I .
tk-l \ ♦ t Ivw
V f ly•
t■' v '* -# v
R||i < ’ Jjaffif ~ a&L .<• , f is . Y s
Ht?&* ■' , t\< -Jf ) .'<T7
MHy v ‘ ll x< *l fsyMi *i
X ; ,*??* ;x I r
■■ ■ -./■ Tw - ' •"■■ .
| Beatty Named To Head
State Committee For
“Elect Truman Drive”
Beatty, former chairman of the
Cumberland County Voters S ague,
has been chosen by Senator Wil
liam L. Dawson, chairman of the
National Citizens Committee, for
the Re-election of President Harry
S. Truman to become of the
Suite organizers
In accepting the appointment, Mr.
Beatty said "It is indeed a plea
sure to work for the re-election of
a man who 1 feci has done more
and wifi do more for our race than
some of the other candidates.
•‘Ho It as gone to bat lot our race
and it uo to us to match h -
deeds with uur dollars.
“There are hunfh'eSs of us who i
have admired the president’s cour
ageous stand in standing by his'
civil iighu bills, ami only wait ike
opportunity to learn where to pi.«ce !
theh conn ; buttons"
Mr Beatty immediately appoint- I
ed Miss Van Leigh Statten, chair- 1
man. working with Miss Statteni
are Mrs Elizabeth Arnold, E W
McMullen. Parkton; Attorney Her- i
man L Taylor, Mrs Gertie Wildes, j
Dr. Franklin D Will.sK.n. Frattk
Burns, Cedar Creek; Miss. Nat ha-
GENEVA (ANPi A resolution
condemning legal barriers to inter
racial mixed marriages was pass
ed last week by the United Nations;
Economic and Social council.
No one objected to the principle
of mixed marriages expounded in
the resolutions, but one section ol
the ruling was aimed at Russia.
This called for the condemnation
of forced separation of husbands of
wives of different nations.
The motion, as a whole, was i
aimed at .he United States where.
many of the various states have
passed laws against interracial mai
The adopted resolution reads;
"The Economic and Social coun
cil deplores all leigislative mea
sures which forbid mixed marriages!
between persons differing as to:
color, race, nationality or religion
and in general such other legisij- ;
tions or administrative provisions I
as restrict freedom to choose a j
spouse, with the exception of re !
slrictions based on family relation !
ship, age. nature of functions being '
exercised or other similar reasons,
as well as those provisions which
deny to a woman the right to leave ,
her country or origin to reside
with her husband in any otlnu
CHICAGO (ANPi - The Afro-
World fellowship, a non-political i
organization composed of Negro:
leaders in labor, business and civjf j
circles, does not see eye to eye with j
GOP presidential candidate Thom
as E. Dewey on the matter of mak
ing Italy the administering auth- i
ority over its ex-colonies of Libya i
Eritrea and Somalia.
In a terse letter to the New York j
governor lost week, the group;
charged his proposals ignored the I
legitimate claims of Ethiopia, m. :
regarded the will of the African
peoples concerned, and held that!
Italy is too disrupted politically j
and poor economically to foe of any I
help to the Africans,
tContinued on page 8, Ist Section) (
Robert H Beatty
ii-iie McGee, John Frank Duprw
and Mark .1- Bullock who will act']
as Treasurer.
Sunn:vi September 12. will be >
known as Truman's C.vil Rigiu: i
cuy ami county has been asked to :
-el a-.ue If) minutes so that the :
< ivj) rie.hth program may to pr< - .
sen ted to the congregation. <
A. & M. Presu
Uncle Toms h
Gray, President of Florida A. and
M. College. Tallahassee, exhorted
Negroes to ••aggressive and poti- •
live apitation*’ in outer to achieve -
their full right" under the Amer
ican Constitution and criticised <
some Negro educators rind business '
people who he charged are “con-;;
trolled by the white community ’ '
Dr. Gray was addressing the Civil <
Liberties meeting of the 49'.h an- s
tiual convention ot the Improved i
Benevolent Protective Order of '
Don't Wait For Blending . . .
BOSTON 'ANP) The American Negro will ml disappear
and be swallowed op by whiles. William M. Kepbari. sociolegist
at the University of Pennsylvania, said in a report published
in ihe American Sociological Review this week.
Kephari, opposes the theories of certain scienii-N who say
"that in due course there will be no Negro probkm because
there will be no Negroes."
The contend, he reports, that Negroes "will gradually be
come lighter and lighter by virtue of the infusion <A while blocc.
| an d by preferential mating among Negroes themselves, and fin
ally will have disappeared as a minority group.'
This theory is untrue, according to Kepnart. bet. us; a neg
ligible amount of white blood is being infused to the Negro now.
I He considers that a thing of the past end also said that light
i skinned mating among Negroes is hoi necessarily sac.
He said:
"Miscegenation between Negro and white is net numerically
significant. The amount of while blood being infused into the
1 Negro today is probably negligible insofar as the Negro becotn
! »ng any lighter is concerned."
He added, "The pattern ks the white plantation owner and
his Negro concubine was culturally accepted. From then on, mis
-1 cegen&lion between Negro and white became less and less."
The color pattern in mating among Negroes is merely ecoaom
Seal, he reported. The light skinned Negroes he Said are usuad.y
"privileged economically and follow the familiar white pattern
of having a U.*wrwr birth rate than do the lower income darker
; members of the race.
V> AI lAt !•: t;. I7S \!•
PORTER -- Shu it
liiv.l Par' . ! ■
i'.,i .* lv shewn U'. .
at the ah. .;* >:* \
h\ Mis , A:a\ > P. ■ iv e
Tarty candidate tin- ■-\ . i
amt f{i< iini' r
t ear old Tu,..n sii ‘
bt r who joined an-.', u.. :. :K .1
every meeting of th ).■.
grfS'ivf i’:ift« in < ids, !:, : -i ,
Ilia it is ti i mils "ji . > a: o
stand, for the th nits av,!.
t ulcred people -iioui , :,.
7TU Tcor.?
Lilli iLDisI A’
s»Lnw isL i-v.... ■
1 <■ re-', ksdi'ori of ,'i 7y .7 isti
: uoy a piop'i. ai to 1 1 . - ■-- •
R. .ilTi tO C'.spi i. I, -A '■
The Grand l.odut* v u-e ue.o i
and pulled awe- .from giganGt
dent Hits *
i Speech
Apnr; 'from calling' "urdeit.ei
cd leadership" that could be p; o
aided by the pre/.et sr-ional grow
among Negroes. Dr. Gray mwitfc
that all legal technique., for taiK.ii
cipation be utiii/ d. and that No
groes themselvct show a greaD
read.ness to uvaii thur.-elves c
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