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fe. : N d^3^y'jgtgfeSSj^g^tv--v -.-.ur.- . -
snmvi'Hri) Mi*s EUzab.-th
T. Andrews, .vhose engagement
has been announced by her par
ents, Mr ami Mis David \V.
Andrews of 1318 Oberlsn Road
Raleigh, to Millard Smith of In
other jirn ert.v in,•;■.:■ \va.-. add
ed to the list of iron. ■ mitered
by mir.-nCy greu;: ,<t CaiVlU
tionol nail last we. k when an un
identified ',. ’.t ; -■’ f: i i 1 s
Irruin Euiii.pian nun.,!'.. '. ‘he
United States, io mme U.on, it,-
OCX i:l the mpi snub-’ •<■■”!i-.n to .
section 'rcre.vcu to. > ■•;. .- n
The sponsor.'; of the meet in 11..
American A . delation <• . A ■■■■ M-.e-rn
for h.e ineiuem ... ii-’ier tiehvv
ed person;:;;.-, to tlu m.:-.t ter
group S.<:d that ! kr.e.v ::■> ;hc . <•:
this "serious sass) t>n'.‘ v.: . n '. a'.
ed ".•.11 thi iradiUm.. :,i rciotKi
ano of (:u
This particuisi .". . t.-g :v.c Up
niftca. t ... P < ; I :.- liar; ■ S
Truman adur* - ii»*. o> a. < .. •:.
on the e\ i .n ■ in ): suit to in.
lias Itiint. ~ c-m-sn m Emperor
Haile S. !;,. a. . '■:;■ d n. apt,: ■■■
#y, Haddi.- AU-.u .;.. hou. i.£-.•: :,a
Jesse R. On- :d or of \■ - -
gro agricultural extension work in
Alabama, was appointed by Secy
Cl Agirctiilure Ch-.r’.cv F.
to make ... research .-.i-.'dy of Nv.jrt
land grant. <-ollt git was an
nounced here last week.
The stale of Alabama loaned D»
Otis to :ho department of ayrteul
ture for thi.- -tudj in which the
GETS PH. I>. Alien Ericson
t Weatherford, formerly supervisor
of recreation for Negroes in Ra
leigh, North Carolina, was award
ed .he degree of tfotor of philoso
phy in health, physical education,
and recreation by the Pennsyl
vania Sate College at the end of
of the main summer session
Dr. Weatherford was a grad
(Co)ffln«ed on page 8, Ist Section)
dtapoii*. Ind., was honored by
a shower forth bride to be- at
hei home on S;t urday evening.
Miss Andrews is Home Dem
onstration agent for Gates Coun
re:..;;, of the Ethiopian legation
snid He added;
,M!Mm i k SHOCK*-,
“But the minister was profound
ly .'.ete-u b-. the i.cclder.i Wi
.;;• ... expect any sv.U: thing .
i.-.l on '!’." X'mn-d States and
p; .;u ui.,.■ ly it. Wasi<!ii{ti'.n ”
Tl.t i : were notified of
V . ' IV cj:. i >..- ,
\ ...: next to Ras Irani
tr.e r.ext h.»x. Ti.e embassy said
that .ui uiiivb utiiiod woman told
the ' •■! '. have the Ethiopian
-moved He told i'r.e dtails to Or.
ncd iOw ShapU y. retiring pres deni
•/', I**4 > PfdJIV!
. I '' 1 • ''- .L> *-* I'
Tht: !)au;.:t:n*r>: it the Airierican
j?<i-n-osu:it;D c-Vv n*;::-•; of ihe \u,U.
: wav »;•'•:. ro-P 1 * *ulc Ua !h$ in* i
a or oi Iho ha)] He k-TU it v/as
;v W; J • *ii; : ;n .e ’.hat th«* DAR
does run m hicßaU- in the
. hail .
. colored school'’ may ix- used in re
search projects under the Research
and M: . r.cling, Branrian said.
Although Mich inloj-rriatiou is al
ready available on white colleges,
none has ben available on the
: colored. This study will last about
; tour months
Thi. act g vc- the secretary of
agriculture the right to make a
■ contract with public and private
institution's which he trunks can
make certain lypts oi researcl
"more efficiently, more rapidly oi
at less cost than the agricultuiul
So inr the department had no l
utilized the services of the Negro
colleges because of lack oi infor
jmution. After conferences be
tween Negro land grant coiierv
head: and department officals, in
! eluding Dr. K. D. Pattcrsop aui
j Claude A. Barnett, special assis
; units, t; was decided that the siir
! v<jy should be made.
1 ’ T ~* cs ■ ‘ .•> ui - >r* U YD ’V,
! k.JI . K.J UN, Y/dlilt.-U Uio lu. .uv . **»
; agrlcultuial economics from Cor
nell University. Ho has been Aiu
: bamu state leader of Negro exten
sion service since 1G44 Before then
1 he was direeteor of Agriculture of
I Tuskegee.
I On his Alabama job he super a staff of 89 farm and home
] demons::-ation agent* and aides
In iiis s f udy. Dr. Olis said, he
! will first study the Reseaich and
Marketing act, then visit the Ne
; gvo land grand colleges and asso
| ciated institutions. Through this
; process he said he would probably
■be able to determine how she
| schools may best be utilized under
I the terms oi the act.
The Carolinian
16 Pages
Approximately 95 lead. ;: i.-.jtn
ah' pa; ts of the state h..nrd item
d.iatn Guberoatoria) Nomine-’
■IV Kerr S. , pi-mnxe ‘ New
! 1 i" '•■; the .'date’s rural popu
-1 tu a and N C Mutual'*’ Prc*.*i
wV-nt ('. C Spaulding; promts, a
n'.o:v ttiililanl fight agairutt ra
■ ! i!V.<)Uitie.x this weer
'i'.*'.- two were among the half
dozen state business professional
. .a etJm a.fe w 1
spoke at a meeting at the 810-ul
worth Street YMCA on Monday
which ma“ked reactivation of
the North Carolina Committee or»
Nrg; , Altai..,
It Mr. Spaulding .*, ad-duss the
'. mv.:t:ve r.harpiv attacked •.";■• ■■•
Durham bank- r and insurant:'
ir.g ; lid continuing differentials
in edueattonal .and ot ier faemtios
acec.-ded Negroes in th«? state and
ti<-. .a • d that •■pet::.s uiwig" ha.t
p.aved tee expensive born a : a
rial standpoint-
ComjUuiion Ignored
C ong provision* oi 'he stal
i constitatic-n which, so.-bid dls
<-rirninati*in .n the u.*.< nr a Hoc a
. iit.n of stab funds, Mr. SpauM
mi! d< ciarsu tnat ’hve o.ivt- ta-ea •eoaar
now time 1 : to, io begin gtlliiiß ;
kimiis u)V3imi■>;
mmm to si k
Mrs. Sadie X M Alexander,
prominent Philadelphia attor
ney, and a member of Presi
dent Truman’s committee on
civil rtgh s was refused a glass
of milk in a restaurant at the
Richmond Yu., airport Thurs
day unless she drank it in thc
basenn fit
As se< retary of the National
Urban league she had arrived
in Richmond to attend a ses
sion of the annual conference
Mrs Alexander, wife and
law partner <>i Raymond Pace
Alexander, said that t harles
Houston, of Washington, had
!*“« n retained to bring the
necessary legal action.
HENDEPSON Severely burn
i ed when his clothing became ignit- .
|ed as he poured kerosene on a j
' kitchen fire. Dr. T.. F. G. Dent,
i president of Kittrell College, was |
| taken Io Jubilee Hospital Thurs
■ day following a fire which destroy*
led his home on the college campus
The flames quickly spread ;
throughout the kitchen ana the rest ,•
of the house Di Dent war injur
ed as he attempted to rid himself
'of his trouses which had caught
! fire from the exploding kerosene. |
Mrs. Dent was also treated at
the hospital for cuts about the j
I face which she sustained in trying;
; to break open a door in the house ■
Heodi.”’-on firemen who respond '
! ed to the alarm said that the house
• was-.aimost totally destroyed when
i they arrived Few belonging.*, were,
saved. j
getting tlie ’separate" and it v.
'l’ve been accused oi being
too t'.tsy-going , tie sruu. and *.v».
’ :.i A hint to :..u- yvise ;s r.ul
tic.e U. j am willing, r' need be,
to t...kc .: back seat ami to per
mit Diu .: to u.-.e othet ntellt ti*.
Declaring that time had come
loi a change, he turned to Louts
Austin, editor of the Carolina
Tint ■ derh""<J:
‘ T.- j p» ' often .ooused
tro of wed; ing a handkerchief,
i m no longer going to be an
Uncle Tom’,Mr. Austin.”
V ictng a necessity for ’‘wak
ng up”, Mr Spaulding added
, lb .At the hope for the race in the
*tate lav ;n reorganization, and
me :•:■ and more effective use of
the ballot.
He then expressed the hone
that the gu.up would have the
serenity to “endure that which
cannot be changed”, but also tiv
determination to change that
which could.
Urges Court Artier
”li it is necessary to go to
court”, h< added, ‘‘get the law
yers end Ci. 1 > e >urt”
In conclusion he urged car; -
ful, accurate and painstaking
('Continued on page 8, Ist Section)
NEW YORK (ANF) Because of
his health, Walter White, execu
tive secretary of the NAACP will
take a year's leave with pay, be
ginning December 1, it was an
nounced here this week.
WhHe is now serving in Paris as
a consultant on race problems to
the United States delegation to the
General assembly of the United
When he returns to America,
November l, he will orient Roy
Wilkins, the NAACP assistant sec
<Continued on page 8, Ist Section'.
HOUSTON (ANP.. -- The 68th
i annual sessions of the National
Baptist Convention of America,
Inc., which reelected all of its oi-
I fleers on ti c second day of the
| meeting, closed down in Sam
i Houston auditorium here Sunday
i with a final message delivered by
Dr. D. V. Jemison, president. More
j than 15,000 delegates attending the
. essions heard Dr. Jemison declare
hat. "it is net my duty nor the
church to teii Baptists how to vote.
; but you must vote your convic
tions for you; best interest after
j.*tudy and prayer.”
One of the highlights of the
■ convention was the address given
I y Dr. Mordecai Johnson, presi
dent of Howard University, on the
"Booker T. Washington” night pro
gram. Dr. Johnson told the gath
ering that he held “great hope for
full democracy." He commended
ihose who were actively working
for equal opportunities for all, and
particularly praised the major
| league baseball management tov
The tragedy and turmoil of
.vorUl affairs which lias tran.--
ivn.-d the Holy Land into a
blood-stained battle field this
week tesuht-d ,n the appointment
of a former college professot to
; one- of the most precarious and
diffieu'i jobs on the world scene.
The. job is the UN mediator for
Palestine, and the mart who was
: appointed to it this week, follow
ing the assanation of Count Folk*.
Bernadette is Ralph J. Bundle, a
j former professo; o f political
! science at Howard U.
Dr. Bunche, who was the top
assistant to the Swedish diplomat
whose hie was snuffed out by
submachine gun bullets used by
! Jewish extremists, escaped death
nimseif only through the press
, uro oi work liad detained
him at the mission headquarters
’ on the Island of Rhodes.
Accompanied Bernadoite
As chief of the United Nations
Palestine secretariat. Dr. Bunch'
• usually accompanied Count B<-r
--liadotte wherever the latter ’a nt
m the Holy Land.
On Friday however, Dr. Bunche
; had r« retained behind to complete
work on a report on the Palestine
situation 'V.'bk-h was slated fui
• ariy presentation !•* the I" N
General Assembly
Dr, Bunche was appointed child
of the; Palestine secretariat an thv
latter part of last year.
He had formerly held position
with the UN Trusteeship division,
with the Dumbarton Oaks Con
ference with the Caribbean Com
mission and with the Office of
Strategic S. . vices
A. native of Detroit, Mich., he
was a Phi Beta Kappa graduate
of the University of California
and did graduate work leading to
his Phd degree at Harvard Uni*
He became an assistant profes
sor in political science at How
ard in 1928 and became head oi
the department of political
science ten years later. He left the
latter post to enter government
sen Ice in 1941.
having opened the door to tour |
Negroes in organized baseball.
On the political aspect, he de- j
dare that he was “joyful over the '
I situation,” but stated, ‘‘l don't like;
Dixiccrats and hope they are de-.
frated, as their cause is very up- j
I just.'
j The reports by the various com
mittees and departments reflected
the growth of the influence of the
Baptist group. Dr. J. P Barbour,
I told of the expansion of the Na- j
lionet Baptist Voice, while Dr. A
|M. Townsend said that the Sunday |
j School publishing board was fur-;
I thering educational pursuits with i
! its profits, and was render ing fi- |
; nancial aid to all Baptist institu-1
| tions.
I Delegates also witnessed moving j
1 pictures, directed by Mrs. W. G.
: liines and her son, both of Tennes-;
see, show Lng the Baptist Hall of
| Fame, and alsc relating the story
!of the missions board while Dr
Cui: ,iiLici, on p«ftc 8, Ist Section)
tK* C'-K"
N A.VIGO 1)1 \N J>, William
,*.tuart Nelson, whose appoint
nieiu a-. ilimii of Howard I’ni
xeisit. was announced this week
Or. Nelson, who is t urn tlv irv
mg as professor aiui dt.ii*. of the
Howard t adversity S<h-v>! u
j rriigioi) will euiitinne to serve i«;
the present in Hrat j>"*t.
In hi* new post In Nelson
will b> revpoti'ible to the Fn i
d* ist oi .tie I! uivrr*it\ for lh.-
superr t'ion ol liic »■-durational
dirisions <»f the university and of
student |i. rsomn-1.
NEW YORK—Backed by Citi
zens Committees formed in eight
een key cities throughout the
country, and with the pledge sup
; port of twenty Negro newspaper
publishers, the National Citizens
, Committee this week stepped up
the tempo of its drive to re. lect
Presid<:nt Truman.
Southern Negro office holders,
among them the recently seated
| Councilman, Oliver Hill of Rich
| mood, Va-, and Reverend K> n
; noth Williams, Winston-Salem
N. C., Alderman, whose election:
Ito municipal offices broke cen
tury-old precedents in the South
'are taking active leadership in
the Truman reelection drive.
Mrs. Anna Arnold Med gem an,
Executive Director of the Nation
al Committee, completed this
week a swing through the South
to spur committee organization
and help plan state-wide partici
pation in the national Commit
tee’s; program foi supporting Mr.
Truman’s reelect ion, both with
votes and funds.
Gee is Set
Stale Citizens Committees have
set for themselves high goals—
both voting and financial—Mrs.
Hedge man said. ,
Richmond, Va., through its
Chairman, Dr. Harry T Penn, has
set a $50,000 quota.
John H. McCray. President of
the Progressive Democratic Par
ty in South Carolina, sent in $1 ■
000 for fww organization and
pledged SIOO,OOO and 100,000
cotes for Mr. Truman.
The Alabama Citizens Commit
tee under Chairman Arthur B.
Shores, has pledged $50,000.
Memnhits. Tern*, has set a gnal
of «2S 000. Chairman John E. Ar
nold. Jr. and his committee have
adopted the alocsn "A dollar a
man for Truman and Civil
iCon'.mued on page 8, Ist Lection)
New York—(.ANP) — Dr W. ¥
li. Dußois, militant Negro lead r
ant director of the NAACP s sp..-
chi] research otaneb, will he
dropped from the assocum-a;-a
! employment rolls when his con
tiact expires an Dec. 31. arc . dm--
to an ami m:.cement m.’-dv- ()'•:'>
last week by the group .’ b-.-anl oi
; directors.
| The . action was taken V'-am-e
i pv. J.H.Bi,;: ritlcized the a scoria •
-ti.-n'* executive secretary. Waif
\ White, for accepting a >.--u.
j consultant to the IT. S.- U N doh
: gut ion
; The board's viewpoint w -
Ithat Dr Dußois had been ”un. --
,' p I’lUivr ” wit:: t i.e > '
*■. v s! c-; -a i*■:\ in • r
:: living that in his opnaof VVmt
j Hie i; st interests * Ncg •
j n<-.sition "is politicui ar-;i ni.t
* 'fa .dam cf the wmrld ”
80 In February
Dr. Dußois who cMebndod ho
! V.:uh birthday last Februaiy ’•
i-’cri asked by Mi Wmu- io et :■
■in preparing an rigenda )c. m-'
UN meeting w t->
; Paris. He refused, saying m c.c; 2
■ ha nothing ta help his fe11,... ...
•rxtiulo because he had : :
vo:king tor some time on mt
latiomd affairs for the m.socu
.on arid liad presented mar.
: nomorando to the bor..d ;h; -at
ns findings He added that he tiid
lotk r.-’-w '.vh.ethet the board, ever
aw this material,
i Jno executive group a;s, :tu
1 up against its research duector
; > charge of violating confMono. * .
‘if the association by giving a
memo to the press on the dispute
1 before it liad enough time to
: study his charge's.
The executives concluded <- i
; this basis that “it will not be in
! the best interests of the assocm
, lion to continue Dr. Dußois as
j staff member beyond the term
jof his present contract.’ They d;
! meted that » formal notice be
> ran-.mi.tted to Dr Dußois
Back in 1934, Dr. Dußi is had .
i ’is first crush v ith the associc.
j ‘ ~n, when after 24 years with i./u
l .ssociation’s publication, tnc V ■
I sis, he resigned because ot o dir
!" utc with the board on the bnric
! Continued on page 8 Hi Scvti-’.-i.'
[publisher ill
I*. R. Jetvay, publisher r.i
ing euictiy at his home at 1115
1 ast Davir Street this week fol
lowing a few days of illness.
Mr, Jervay became ill at. the
at 118 East Hargett Street
where he maintains his offices
on Wednesday of las! v.rck 3rd
had to be taken home. He is
renorted mill'll Improved but
is still weak.
j day investigated liic death of
j James Willis Dudley, 26-year -Id
Charlotte youth, who fell or war
I shoved over a downtown railway
; Hustle early Sunday morning
1 Dudey's body was discovered
1 under the trestle before dawn.
j Friends told police he had left horn.:
i "to fake fa walk" shortly before
i he died.
orynj ms wen rs%
EJ4I f i fl* & J lii t l il ' ii
BiAS IN SiLviluc
WASf'lNG‘i'( !>i Foil'hvu
j thi •). ii on ;i, Cm be; [,;■• , i
;to clirninno' (.IdTcren'-ial-; lm:; ■ i
! upon 1 iii-t- 111 to- jl’iir'd t. ,
; Pre;.k ot Tvuniun t r. jn
; nouwed appointment of a re'/Cu
i ir.emiv.-r •. wnmin.i- t n Vic*.i:-tid ■
jhi TixuU'uij'il an i uppcntnii!..> ■ 1
j the- Arnioil Services."
Named tolho connr.-t!•.'••* were
I two NcfilVir:-:, Lester if. Ci 1 Vm.
; executive "w; o*}l vof the Nail;.;.
1 al Urban I .at <.;<>, oral .1 n
j slack-;*, pulslj l -:H’!‘ of tin.- Chica” j
! Defender
j .Other in- mbcm of the tVnv ~
ih o ini’lia !■ C I A’,.h : o !•
; hurialiUt. 1 , (.. mine.-I tout; induct; ,
list Chard-.; pro:- id-erd
iof Lovire Rvoiihers Corporation
f'M'i.d fonnmpUißirmavi of )'••• Prc:d
id'.mv' ■ C. mmhtm on Civil Died ■
, It'viehn t.D Primer, prmck ni --i
1 f.k fl. e. f r,'..'. e' e ii' -. 'p. 1i :
! of Os
mi, I''.> by, ; or;aier if. S. ! 1 • pi, ..o
j Justine solicitor, dumtiftn.
Hr.suil of Order
(issued by P; Trumap .sm
| oral men til.-, aso. bn! v. as m he
; merited b;. the upp :mmcnt of its
I \ 3' l C: mbe f‘s o h ■ tr % i** w<t k.
1 O:) ■ f li.l e f Irsi jobj ivhj d \ j
; €*xp!:c # t.O' 1 1 •.• (*:.>!ifro’>l \ho. lio* *
i nic v. dioi' i'i nd netion. upon 0
; rites of re ?o ramendui:ion. niridc two
! weeks :.::.( hv a nroup top Nk
; ity in tlaa services.
00rn;va. rU ii Ifi1 fi tipon a t>r: o in* 1 r. 0 1; t
■of the (' ■ wrruu-
Win. L D. '.i .’tup ■•.-.■a .!•.■':• r. ; -
I jfl fi I'B Si B y ‘ -i
IV i;c, Puhbbi l ■
I ht\ 1 liUlmVi
i? PLO yL t *it Lii
FAR 5 , MOT ‘NT - - Hobo rt H, Best
cubaen-; Cv-nimH-Vee toa tiao - ; -
1* e Fail"! O'.' 1 ?: 0 « <.l> nio/ai u ifi ..
i . 1 v. < ■ ;v. :.o bC■ j .•:;:. -• ■
WHUom i, Da . a•-.•
Other officors oi the ;Uato earn-
Mangruiu O FayetUviik.
fi Qpf PWP
u OUI- yu,f
id ilirthhmen pv
OR npir.a.-
rnHuiiuL ti-vniiLv
Elgin Pieiri, Fla. Fite Sold
iers were- killed and 2b injun
some seriously, co practice bmP .
fro-m high flying i.'SAF bo’.nU rr
were dropped into tin area wins.
they were engaged ;n mafienvi
According to U. S An;;,-' .<i. 1-
rials the bombs, 6D 500-pt tin 1
ra%sitet, were dropped h ,-m. -. , ",
E-blits which were at
lii-t during :eluvarsals for the an
grouni jriam-uvc-rs known
■■Operation CoinJirat ' whudi <
siated to begin on Monday.
All oftht- dead and all save ow
of the injured were. Negroes. On
fConainued cn page ii. Ist Sactinn)
it w
" " " "m.
* m£M.- ■:
/ \ a >% .
Oil l
Amnu-srs mitt oetv.w
cratic Cnhcmiii-'i iai Nominee t l
V-.err Srolt, ss : \. a spr*.)--
cr a. the iti.liii inerting oi il e
newly rent treated North Car
fiJina Committer on Negro Afia’-s
which was field Moditaj at t- n e
81'ixJworth Street > JiCA. See
story on mis page.

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