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TWs Bear cob was -ss hard for
Shaw University's Homrconiins
Qacen to handle as ;h< Shaw
Blear eleven proved for Morris
Brown, The title bruin, who wax
&*%s& ' > ip3Sw®'' fttfrin ■ : IK' ■*~‘ : >- ; •', .^|r'-
ts^*r"'i>*'^:. - \t r u ' *** '
Wilmington—Fine -of jJN . .irh
were levied against two Bi •..•*•-
wick County registrars in fed
eral Court at Wilmington Tur.
day after the {wo had be t n
charged with depriving Ncg’
sidents of the county v <;, e
to register in the Spring primar
Similar charge.'. *gair.;-t »•*
other registrars in the ;.anv
county were dismissed.
The two who were fined y
Judge Don Gilliarn were Rum.
D. .Holden of Supply and Milton
Curtis Murrell of Bolivia. The
two against whom the chart;'. s
were dismisesd were Miss- Annie
Nelle Ful-ford of Supply and
Dougins H. Hawes of Bolivia
In fining the two who wen'
adjudged guilty Jude/- Gilliam
expressed the -belief that they had
shown no “intent of violating flic
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PARIS—(ANP)—Person ■■ close
to the situation say that Di.
Ralph Bundle had been on the
point of resigning if the security
council of United Nations ad
journed without acting to reduce
peace in the Palestine debacle H*
was said to have written a note
to one delegate sayv? ' this is the
end of the truce.”
Or. Bunche is reported to have
felt strongly that unless th,j coun
cil backed up his demand with .«
strong resolution, the situation -n
Palestine would explode again in
to a genera! wai
Sever*.! Jewish ’leaders in tV
United Stales have eritieired Dr
Bundle for submitting and .stand
ing by the report of the hie
Count Bernadette who was assi
rated by persons as vet uneap
tutrod and vajounishpd.
Dr. Bunche blamed the Israeli
for failing to give adequate pro
tection to the miss ton and be
cause of this, ho was severely
criticised bv American Jewish
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dubhed 'Sh:i“tv Rr,«r, " was
branch to the Jlntw<’r»ming <.<■!r
braf««M) I■' i»r DeiiOts lltoii b
Shan a.l.!inn>u.s and proißinmi
physician of .Vwport. Tenn Hold
in 5 him ■> . bo\l. fHo% 1 :tn jtr from
jSo \lnmn! King «>id Queen -I
Shan I'ntrrrvKy'f He roe com in;
Celebration received congratula
tions above from President Ro
10-r*. p, ttanirl of bha« and Its
lie A I'nrlongc, President of the
Now York Shaw Dub I hi-- scene
was a part of half-time activi ies
at the shaw-Morris I'rmtn gam<
front left *o iigb* arc, Mr. Itir
longc, President Panic!, Miss
Gwendolyn I.igon. Alumni Quern
prof. I". A Marriof*. Principal o*
Garner Scht-oi. 'tomn• King; an?!
Mrv A. Atm.rnvtg. att'llflanl
J, Strom Thurmond tA South
Carolina, who is running for
the presidency on the Dixie
crat ticket, denied here last
week that he had invited
Gov. William H. Hastio of
the Virgin Islands to visit
In denying; the invitation,
which was published .in
daily last week under the by
line of Ted posta.n. Negro
writer for the New York
Post, the Dixiecrat's top
candidate said: "! did not
gro. It is news to me."
know Gev. Hasbe was n N**-
His denial, by- telephone Columbia, S. C.. added.
"I wouidn, not have written
gro. Os course, it would have
him if I knew he was a Nc
been .ndiculous to have in
vited him."
The governor further added
that he had no personal
knowledge k’l .having sent out
a letter tout that his office
sent irsty letters out in
viting governors to visit him
at the executive mansion,
1 1Votimssivc Parly In
25 Radio Broadcasts
i DURHAM The Progressiva
Party has taken to the air foi the
i final week of campaign activity and
j has siros ?o radio broadcasts scheu
j ulerl throughout, the state, Miss
! Price, party chairman and camti
j dale for Goverm», announced here
| Sunday.
In addition, Henry Wallace, pro
i gressive Prrfvidontial candidate
1 will give addresses over national
! network stations almost every
i Cootianed oh page eight
!<it jo richt, Misses Lovie How
ard, Burlipc on, N ,1,; Gloria
Pavno, Swrdeshoro, \. .1., Elean
or B u. Wilmington, "Miss Home
coming:" and Irene Sylver, Nash
Na:iivil!e fANP) The cen
fennial tub'les of Spruce Street
- R;roti ,t Uh/i: to. to be celebrated
N?-v « jo. mi : r>r with the de
’ vs! '’micot. p’-Ogrr ; ,j and history
;t*{ N.ijhvillc.
It ia caller! the mot.heu church"
■of Ne-'ro B■ i ,*s in this aecti>n,
bocau:--’ it wa?> in 1848 that 500
N, c-. in-mbers of the Bap*
j test CiiHrth (white) wi* vlxvv bv
! nnjtu:-i! ■ l •mu and establish
td the l !'■ jitis* Chu.iii <c >1 -
ored) <>t» Pearl near Walnut S‘„
l now known as 10th Avenue north,
i with the Rev Nelson G. Merry
las the first pastor.
'Those days even ms now. were
i days of great, issues and problems.
The newly established Negro
:church beine the fust in this seo
j tion to fake .such action natural
, I.v fi• -’-d the imagination and en
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The .- ixtii Founder's Day eelebra
] lion of Payne'.- Business and Secrc
i tarial School wn - held at the Blood
| «•? rfh Street. YMCA with a lunch
i eon October u; a; ?, o'clock. Cues*
! sp-ckiT tor iho '.(a i-jion was E. L
■ Raiford, - xccit.ivi -ccrctary of the
! YMCA- Raleigh N C
j Payne',:- B ! ..«*ii:ess and Secretarial
School was founder) October 18
|IP4? by Mrs Sad ye J. Swain arid
• has grown steadily ever since This
j years' enrollment represent.s tee
! lergest in the history of the school
: Gradual?-: are located throughout
the United States, serving in many
’ joffic-’. and l-u -ti'esses of various
; j kinds Many who could not return
•: to the school for the celebration
s :scm letters expressing felicitations
- i Several special projects pertain
■ ing to the school's development pro
gram were outlined. Most notable
• I was th? library development plan.
! Several books have already been
1 ! received at the school and the li
fjbraiy through contributions of in
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9 •‘m.lHa H 111 %& I tbs %0 i
in, J,..y: "I!"!!, 1 !'1
. jHgaaaaaßMH
’ . . > . . , . ■ , ! . ~
16 Page*
W>lming’ton The North Caro- j
Una State Nurses Association :
voted to open its membership to
qualified Negro nurses in the
State at the Forty-sixth Annua!
Convention of the organization
held last week in Wilmington.
Following a lengthy discuss* vi
a /notion to take the step w * j
placed before the body by its j
President, Miss Kdna L, lieinze:-
Hng of Winston-Salem, and was j
passed by a vote of 52-22,
The action of the N C Nurses j
organization is in line with sim
ilar steps taken by other state :
groups in th: past and is in l
keeping with the policy of the 1
American Nurses A, - • itnn
The providing of eligibility for ;
' Negro nur ;es marks formal a.;-
• 1 ion upon a request made by the •
. North Carolina Association of R< |
• gistered Nurses, Ine.. who voted
: last June to request membership:
I in the state and national nurse.- '
j organizations.
The charter of the North Caro- 1
I lina State Nurses Association was j
• amended last year to make pes
l sible the admission of Negroes
to membership.
As a result of the action of the *
; body the number of slate nurses j
i associations which bar Negroes j
j from membership has been re- j
: duced to, eight,
• The second report, meeting in |
i the Community Chest Campaign j
: which began on Monday will be j
I held at the Blood worth Street.
: YMCA on Thursdav night, Oct > '
! her 28,
i The final report meeting is i
' scheduled for Monday night, Nov. 1
jl at 8:00 p in, when ail,units are i
1 expected to reach their goals,
j W, H. Trentman. general cam- ;
ipaign chairman told workers a* j
| the beginning of the drive that!
; the agencies of the Chest are de-1
i serving of the support of every-j
jon ip Wake County and urged;
i all workers to rail on each and i
! every citizen in order to reach !
! the quota.
Agencies of the chest include: I
| Boy Scouts. .Child Guidance
; Clinic, Community Council, Farm j
| Commission. Girl Scouts. Salve- '
ily Service Society, Interracial;
j lion Army, Tuttle Community!
! Center, Bloodworth Street YMCA j
’ and the YWCA.
j A partial list of campaign work- j
i ers and their units Is as follows: J
| Business firms: A E. Brown, *
! Captain: J. A. Mann. A. J. Tor- ]
Iner, Mrs. Annie Currie, L. H Ro- j
i berts, Zack Ellis, Ross Fowler, j
;J. I. Stredwick. E, Reginald j
j Swain. - |
Special Gifts: Attorney F. J j
Carnage. Captain. J. W. Eaton, j
i M. H. Crockett, Prince Simmons, i
ID. H Reid, L. H- Roberts, J. j
I Stredwick, C. R. Frazier. j
Clubs and Organizations Mrs. J
W. S. Lockhart. Captain, Colleges, j
i Dean C. D. Halliburton, St.. Aug-j
listing's College W K, Quarles,;
Shaw Universkv.
Residential: Miss Mave K. Li- {
<*onn, Chairman, Unit 12. Mrs E.
■P. Boyer, chairman, unit 11.
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LOS ANGELES (A.NP) - Because Paul Martin Graver,- 32,
once boasted he could commit the "perfect crime/' he found
himself under arrest last week charged with suspicion of double
murder. His suspected victims were his wife. Mary, 33, and their
daughter. Martha. 8 who had been found by Upland plblice dead
in Graver’s badly damaged car..
The alleged accident occurred neat the Village -of Upland.
The ear was found; resting against an eucalyptus tree. The mar,
hd only a few minor injuria#, but Mrs, Graver died W few hours
after she had been removed to « hospital without regaining con
sciousness, She suffered leg and skull fractures, besides many
cuts and bruises. The child died instantly.
Police at first believed Graver's sAry of the accident, but
later found evidence which led them to suspect he had delib
erately crashed into the tree, He had told them that the child
had been pinned beneath the car and he had lifted it off her.
According to Upland Police Chief Eugene Mueller, the first
suspicion ihal the accident might have been murder, came when
it was learned the woman was not Graver's wife, but the wife
of Ignacio Warner of Washington, D. C., sal d to be Negro, They
had foet-n living together in Los Angeles, Recently they sepa
rated, but she rejoined him day or two before the tragedy.
Warner is also said to be the child's lather.
Police plan to hold an autopsy t».J ascertain if the victims had
been killed before the car crashed into the tree,
Wilmington will be signally
honored when the Southern As
sociation of Secondary Schools
and Colleges, for the first time in 1
jts history, opens Us sessions at
Wiliiston, a school on the second- ;
ary level, on December 8.
The meeting is scheduled to go
through December 10 The occa- j
toon promises to one long remem- !
wcred in this section of the conn- 1
try. Dr, Raphael. O’Hara Lanier,
former U. S. Minister to Liberia !
will be the sneaker for the open j
ing session at Williston Industrialj
Dr. Lanier's appearance in 1
these parts will boos special in -;
terest to all local educators to- i
gether with those in the adioin- |
mg counties. Though quite a ;
young man, the distinguished |
Tar Heel has rendered admirable |
service to his country and race.
Before being appointed U. S ;
Minister, he was acting Presi- J
dent of Hampton Institute. Hb i
academic training has qualified ;
him to till with great distinction j
the following other offices: Assis-!
tarn director of Negro Affairs Na- |
tional Youth Administration:
Dean of Hampton’s Faculty, and
special assistant Bureau of Ser
vices, UNTiRA. There is little
doubt that such an exemplary
character will -have a message
well worth hearing
The. Association has as its naa~ ;
jor objective the development of j
high and colleges for Negroes and ;
to maintain a harmonious rela- !
tipn between them. Its member- j
ship includes 63 colleges -and ;
universities and 146 secondary
It Is the Negro division of the
Southern Association of Colleges
and Second Schools, and is gov-
Contlnned cm page eigSit
Honolulu (ANP) Ben f.
j Johnson, a well known Hono
lulu doniractor, has laker* the
j colorful cloak off our Ha
waiian "paradise". He is pres
ently waging a campaign
against the increasing jsrrt
crowism in the Hawaiian
island, especially in the city
of Honolulu.
Johnson appeared last
| week on Hotel street with a
sign reading "We fought for
democracy—this Jim Civ.w
must go." He charged in an
I interview that most of the
Negroes are being diserimm
aied against in the bars
throughout Honolulu, and es
| cially on Hotel street. "I am
i going to picket these places
as often as f con get info
town frtm rpy ‘business in
i Wabiawa". he asserted-
I **
Johnson also wrote a letter
to the odilw of the famous
Star-Bulletin m which he
| said, in part "We, a* Ameri
can citizens, whose flesh and
fciood have fertile?) the soil
j in every land, ar# confronted
here with a coniagScus dis
ease that is rapidly growing
worse racial fear and jitn
"How can anyone infected
with this disease here call
themselves true Americans?"
Moron is Named
As Acting Prexy
Os Hampton Inst
New York Alonzo G Moron,
genera; business manager of
Hampton. Institute has been nam
ed acting president of the school
and temporary successor to Dr.
Ralph P„ Bndgman who resigned
♦•he post under fire L A A’itUo:
The . ;,*! n took pi* :a at; meet
ing of the Hampton Inoatuit
Bpard of Trusees conducted in
New York City last week and
provides at least a temporary
head for the institution which has
operated since February under an
'"interim administrative commit
tee" of which Mr. Moron was
The appointment was announ
ced by Dr Channing H Tobias,
chairman of the Trustees Board,
who stated that. Mr Moron will
continue to hold office until a
permanent president is selected
for the 80-year -old institution
which is listed as one of the na
tion’s wealthiest fpr the eduea
Protest March Is
Planned By N C
NAA CP Chapters
Raleigh Although, the Na-!
Horn! Association for the Ad I
vanerment a! Colored People may j
he plagued at times with internal
dissention the organization is so-;
3idly united behind a poky of j
Combatting discrimination and j
unequal facilities, local members 1
of the organization were told 1
Speaking at, a meeting of the j
Raleigh. Branch held at the Mar- ;
tin St. Baptist Church,. Kelly
Alexander, president of fire N. C. j
State council oJ NA-ACF Branch- j
es also predicud intensified ac- j
t ivity for equal rights in the state j
during the corning year
Lashing out at unequal school
facilities, employment opportune- *
D- Dwight. H. Wilson, Flake j
I University archivist, arrived in j
| Raleigh Tuesday to attend the j
i 12th meeting ot the ‘Sc*- !
cic-ty of American Archivists j
i which is being conducted at the
| Sir Walter Hotel.
! Features of 'he three-day meet- j
ing which will be held Wednes
I day through. Eriday will include j
touts of the University of North j
! Carolina and Duke University ,
iarchives and libraries as well as,
i lectures by outstanding authori-1
| ties in the field.
j Dr. Wilson, who assumed the
! Fiske post in April, has since un
! covered many important and in- i
| tcresting documents concerned 1
I with the early history of the uni- ;
j versify.
1 One of the more interesting of
, tion of Negroes,
t Although official confirmation
could not be obtained, it was re-
L ported in reliable quarters that
. Dr Benjamin E. Mays, current
i pres> vent of Morehouse College,
be,. offer ;i the post of
. p tident of -iampton.
Ho'.'ever, i',o action up >n this
i l offer is expected before the ena
i | of the current school year.
- ; Mr, Moron, the new acting
-.! president, is a native of the Vir
; : gin Islands where he served as
- ! commissioner of public welfare.
; | For a number of years he served
! a.-- manager of two Federal hous
- j ing projects in Atlanta, Ga.
He is a graduate of Hampton,
. holds the LL. B. from the Har
-1 | vard University Law' School, a
i M A. in social wogk from the
:i; University of Pittsburgh and the
i | Ph. B in sociology and economics
- from Brown. He is also a mem*
- her of Phi Beta Kappa.
! ties and representation of Negroes
on noii'v-making bodies m the
| state, Mr. Alexander told, his aud*
j ience that members of the assn
; elation plan a “March on Raleigh"
, durjng the next session of the
! state legislature in the capital.
The march on the Capitol, Mr
1 Alexander stated, will be con
! ducted in an orderly and peace
; lui manner, but will be aimed at
I dramatic pres entation to the k
! gslatrns and to the state of the
desires of the Negro citizens for a
[state FEPQ abolition of
jimerow laws and for the recog
nition of Negroes‘on policy mak
ing bodies in the state and local
(Continued on page 8, Ist Section)
i these was a previously unknown
! and unpublished letter written
jby the abolitionist and martyr,
; John Brown, to a relative ot an
: earl;, Fiske faculty member.
The only Negro attending the
; sessions. Dr. Wilson .is a native
!of Raleigh and the son of the
j late Rev. A. J. Wilson, who pas
! tored here for a number of years,
I Prior to accepting the Fiske
; post. Dr Wilson spent a number
| of yeary hi the National Archives
■ in Washington, D. C., arid later
[went to Italy as archival consul
tant to the Allied Commission and
! deputy director of Allied Force
Records Administration Archives.
He also directed the reorganiza
tion of the Allied Commission Ar
chives in Rome.

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