North Carolina Newspapers

Winifred Brown 80-yea; old retired
physician and the first woman
member of the Howard University
Board of Trustees, died . nroute to
Emergency Hospital Friday after
being struck by a Capital Transit
Company Bus.
Dr, Brown, who was o native of
Winchester V;i. war a graduate
of Miner Teachers College. Cornell
University and tin- Howard Uni
versity School oi Medicine and had
done additional study at tin- Sor
bonne in Haris.
She practiced medicine in Wash
ington i'.-.r a number of years \s
extremely active m the health pro
gram of the YWCA National Board,
and worked for some time wit!;- the
United Stater Public Health Service.
In 182-1 silt was named to tin
Howard University Board el Tim
tees, becoming the sir-! woman
hold such a pod. Since ;otttisi
from the active practice o; medi
cine spent much of the past five
years in operation <>f a fruit farm
at Opecpion, Vo.
At the time of her death lie liv
ed with her ■Ashi-. Di N F'a.rfjx
Brown, a pharm&ci.u. in an apart
inert pnildiiiK winch the two .4
them owned on Tliiiteenth Stn-et
N. \\
She was a rv.-founder of Nali-.r-..u
College Alttmii. Association tin
Frcedmeri :. Hospital Nur e : Com •
mitic-e. The Lend-a-Hand Club i s
Ura%arried Mother and the Alp:.a
Kappa Alpha K : -riiy.
She wu ■ truct: by the bus, wilier,
hurled tier body ad: ‘ ot
twelve lee t. she crossed the stive;
near her homo.
William B. Ever- of Greenbclt.
Md , driver of the bus was arrest
ed on charges of failure to give the
Ughi of V'ay to a pedes train and
f. iiing to give full attention to the
operation of a motor which
He was ordered held loi action
oi a coroner’s jury and was led. i
released in the custody of the Capi
tal Transit Company.
their outstanding contributions to j
t.-.e cause oi interracial justice.
Francis Cardinal Spellman, Arch
il -l-.op -d N>. .. York, last Sunday
w.-nfi rred. tfho coveted James J.
award on a Negro and white Caih
oiic layman
They are Dr. Fredinund 1. Rons
Si-ve, former chaiit’.'an ot 11 .* Ne..
Orleans Urban League, and Mrs.
Anna McGwy, vice president o!
the Cati.i -hi Inlet racial Council ot
The i-er.-ne marked the sev
enth annual presentation ol ,U
---v,ard. whi.-o i. given annually by
the Cat imho Interracial Counts; {
here to the t--o Catholic laymen
“who have load, the most ••utsH-nd
inp contributions during the yea;
to the cause of interracial justice;'
Cardinal Spellman, v. no L a mem
fcf-r oi the Council, said in part: \
'.Men we net equal because othv
men have chosen to call them «o.
..en are equal because God created
them equal We are free men be
because God is free and every
•-ingle on*.- ol us has been created
to God's, image and likeness.”
Negro ea-recipient, of the award.
Dr, Rourr.eve pointed out In brief
address that lire pronouncements of
recent popes on social quesiuns ;
have been'applied to the American
scene by great Catholic prelates
“If is encouraging to note the
(dear-cut stand of the Holly See
through several important encycli
cals," he said, “li is also encourag- ■
Ing to note how these have been pu' ;
into effect by the notable pro
nounce ment; and programs of such'
great leaders as Cardinal Spellman.
Archbishop Hitter of St. Louis,
Archbishop Cushing of Boston and ,
Archbishop Hummel of New Or- j
Mrs. Anna McGarry, the other!
recipient of the award, steer ed that;
the cause of interracial justice is j
“a job for the unorganized millions j
of Americano to make America!
truly American."
Other speakers were Lester E. j
Granger, executive secretary of the j
National Urban League, and Gui-i
chard Parris
WINS $3,500 FOR
i I
.... j i
A local woman was awarded : ,
S3,SCO damage from the Bir
mingham Electric Company
here recently for a fail suf
fered on a bus January 16. 1947.
Ella Jones of Airport Hills won
her ease after waiting nearly
two years for a court decision.
Circuit Judge Leigh M. Clark
announced the decision made
by the. jury. Counsels repre
senting- Ella Jones were Francis j-
H»« unj Carlton Kyno, j
Members of the Shaw Univer
sity Alumni Association cat rir-d
their appeal for the erection of
an all-purpose athletic field and
stadium for Raleigh directly to
the city’s -•ports public last week
m they Iwonm a $200,000 or
foi- funds. *
The a-ppeal. which wa.- i. L»
between halves of the Shaw Uni
v< rsity-JohiLson C. Smith f.
hall game at Chavis Park Sa
day. emphasized the inadr-cmae.v
oi j!i,- n;es*-r.t playing fie!.; and
: alii J tor popular sul>po! t
- ! i ■\, i i ■,: i! :u O a u<- ’.V
Among tbo majui drawba.
to the pi esent Held were e;b
it,- lack ot a grandstand, it- i*v
adequate >ng and r* ■ t tOOYl)
laciii!a aiid it.- lack c-l a i ,If
house oi other accommodation
. the use b\ Jlhietf-r ur:ng t!■
In ii < ai,. .-nee : t the Rev. (
C. t.i:i t Aii t'i Noriuik. Va a-.
dent of the Shaw Uni vers it \ A;
. sue;: ben .... , . ;et kick l's , -eh
tvas deliv< j d !-.v D-. R. P. ',)
iei, president ~*t tie. school.
Following Dr. Daniel’s remark:-
handbills were distributed among
Shortly before press timt
the CAROLINIAN was in
formed that she St. Augus
tine- Hcrses were preparing
to challenge the Shaw Bears
ic a posrseaiL'u game lor the
Stadium benefit.
Case hes oi neither team
could be reached for com
At a meeting easrlv in the
season the Bears defeated the
Hcrses 12 -0. Considerable
improvement Las been shewn
by the St. Aug *e&m since
that date howev©.
the •uidi'-ncf* which inquire-.!
, w .‘u thr.; they would be willing
!to give a dollar ic. a stadium
in m lt-r to Take tin* Ladiv.’ toe.,
out of th,. mud" apd which would
be -an investment in the .om
fort of vour wife, mother, gi:!
i'l tend or yourself'.
Kulicr.vmg d. :■■■■■:,..n >■! tii
■ Hand 1,.*! J J.- wu.- placed
■ til.-- fi« Id and rnchibe; ..f tl:
: physics! education depa: tmeni
! -went through the stand:', collect
.- mg donations toward thi new
Tii, fi.r.t contributm was G -
i year o3ct Julius G Faulkne; te
i tired .Navy veteran who enrolled
in Shaw thi.- yew a freshman
aftei graduating from Washing
ton High School last year.
Mr. Faulkner'-.; SSO contribution
was followed by many smaller
gift. front those attending the
i Alumni Association officials
stated that a similat appeal would
bo made at the Thanksgiving Day
.game between Shaw and North
Carolina College and that a con
certed community - wide drive
will bo organized shortly after
Also under discussion and con
.side;-.:,1i0n are -plans foi the stag
'me ot a post-season grid game
I between the Shaw team and a
i yet-undecided opponent for the
!'benefit of the stadium Hud.
With approximately 500 women j
from every section of North Caro
lina attending, a special session of
the Woman’s Baptist Home and For
eign Convention of North Carolina
was held at the First Baptist Church
here Tuesday.
The messengers heard brief ad
dresses trm Mrs. Cora Pair Thom
as, former mission worker in Lib- j
erin, Africa, Miss Minnie C. Lyons.
• missionary ol Liberia; Dr. O. S Bui
lock, pastor ot the host c-hurcb; Dr.
IP. A. Bishop, president of (he Gen
eral Baptist State Convention, and '
Mrs. Avanta Games of Winston-;
L). Wendell C. Somerville, exe 1
eufive secretary of the Lott Carey i
Foreign Mission Convention, USA. !
preached the convention’s sermon, j
Reports on the work of the organ
ization were given by Mrs. Ellen S.
Alston, executive secretary; Mrs.
I Vioju McMillan, president, and Mrs.
|M. J Brown, retiring field worker.
11.1 1,1. 1.1. H! I.m M. .11 Jiiiimy. 1M.,1 ui 111... 11. i .
" ' --V ■ ■ k I' 1;.:,;...". • .... ~...' , v , .: ■■ ~v »->V.
The Carolinian
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16 Pages
VOLUME -X XVIII iIAU-.i f.jl, T\ QIC! j j CAROLINA WKi-'.K i-.N i >IN <; SAII’R!>AY. NOViiMHKR 20, 1 948 Nt'c’^O
Confer On N. C. Family Life
Health, Family
Life Problems
Aired At Confab
A two d;;> Slate Conference on
the Family was held at the Kde.i
S;:<. ; M-.-tht d.s; « h i-ch I.m -
; y and Wed.under ••
auspice- of *H) Noith (w.
gi'> iJ-Mi- ami' ai '.iii".—-
[eader> and conmJ tv.ns t
the coni- retire were:
Dr. Haloid Tri.uv.. president --1 S'
Aiig.istiiie's Co Hep.*; Mrs A i)
Jarnigaii, executive secretary N
C Conyffs PI A NT. A. P.ti.-, in
i’.vietoi-. Shaw 1.-niveivily; inu v
D i-i.-ilibu:ion. deai; of Si. A::g\:.
tinr’-s College.*
'Hi-- conference, which is fot
- I; iJ i'i} tr:!• N;.-(i ■(-<;»a 0” i.!i i■" . ■
on tilt Family v. ’ ic;: was Iveld ,i
Washington, I). C iri .Ni&j wn
doweled to a.l ~i;..; .i- ~| tin*
str.ngths and w.-ukut s-.- .-1 1.m.-i,
life in the state and ;h«• uttli/ation
'*! c-xirtaig resoui cc. toward in..
:mpi-ovemt'n T .
fkitiei d:-'-e;.-,- ams w h i e ;
wci-f eomiucir-ii during the sessions
revealed an . % ;uv ;l . • s el ii r.ecd •
..-i) t!.i jj.u t da Noiih Cirohna
>in::>. .-.en (liner. ( tor renter
Alabama Official
fired For Failure
To Obey Order
Birmingham fANP) A lo
cal official who refused to obey
President Truman’s executive or
|dw U9BO for Tail employmem
j p. aetices in government agencies
! was discharged by the IT. S. Ttva•
| sury department last week,
j Mortimer Jordan, who sa id
| that tie could not possibly ear; v
; cut the FBPC order, wa- told
l ..if his discharge .n a letetr Horn
! Secy, of tho Treasury John W
! Snyder dated Nov. ft and was
i iired as of that date,
j As a collector of internal re
! venue Jordan had charge of an
| office hiring 350 whites and only
j . tie Negro. He had said he could
i not break the traditions of his
| state to end segregation in the
j office, nor could he hire any Ne-
I antes (because there was not
| enough office space to separate
the races
Secy. Snyder's letter of dis
missal was written in answer to
a letter by Jordan telling why
he could not obey executive order’’
11980. It read:
‘'Your letter of Sept. 17 ad
dressed to the commissioner of
j internal revenue has b e e n
brought to my attention There
in .You express ycur refusal to
comply with the executive order
No. 9980 of the President of the
i United States
j ‘‘T construe voui- contumacious
j action to be a tender of resigna
tion from the position now held
• by you and I accept it to became
’effective Nov. 8, 1948.
j _ “I have designated Mr. Arthur
| Sartnin to be acting collector of
internal revenue and directed
hirn to assume the duties of this
office at the beginning of busi-
Continued on jvnge five. Ist Section
v n.mnnnv life participation' close
tie: ui si: .p- and deep
IV- elinp*.
Dr cussant? on the panels includ
ed 1 Pt Has Holder of Chri t
Mi Etli' ... .!l- !' Nash a, ..
Dr. ( of"!! W Kv.'ii poll, oi (
e! Hill.
The final *e----'on of the c-onfer-
C:a ■ w*:ir; j Was devoled to the
(Leon. "Whitiivr We V » o," included
Mr- 'I-...J-: ■ H Hunter, Mrs. Guion
.?-> - - ... ! Dr. Hoi.>ld Trigg. The
!• . tnur.ary was delivered
by Mr Margaret Edwards.
Dr Mm n Browi;. consqltant in
hi'- ic: tm U. S. Of!ns
L;i k «lioo v,..- a special guest co..
■ -.' I ...! 'oi ine (v-nfet-.-nce
An. ..t- the >por. orr of the con
tVi-e-ce we:, included the colleges
;of si.ite. the North Carolina
C -.•<:•(•:!, of Colored Parents and
IY-acheis. Hie Nurti; Carolina Home
Ee-'ii' mice A-soeialion. the North
r lin , Asm.nation I New to ni-.L
1 iil.(• : * : Anie. .■ a anu itie Nr-..
Farmer.-, of Ame: a-a.
GRAHAM ~ Driven insane as a
.{-suit oi drunkenness, a 45 year old
mt>>) as Henry Chaplain of
Graham shot, and critically wound
ed one of ids three daughters am.
afterwards took his own life i.i
sornv woods near his home tier,
early Monday morning.
Chaplain who was found dead
at daylight, was employed at Lind-!
'vy s saw mill near his residence, j
His twelve year oid daughter. I
Barbara Jean, was rushed to Ala-1
mam-c Genera! Hospital in Burling-j
ton. where her condition was term- ■
.-I serious. Another daughter, j
Therone, 14, was shot in the Teg
but was released from the hospital j
following treatment.
Sheriff C. H. Moore reported that i
Chaplain had reiurned with his
wife to their three-room house ;
around 0 o’clock Saturday night as- 1
ter drinking. An argument develop '
ed near midnight at which time his j
wife called a neighbor. George i
Holmes, to (he house in case iur- i
ther trouble occurred. Chaplain i
went into a rage later .and left the j
.VvL >■-'
His wife said that he had threat- j
ened to kill her earlier in the, eve- j
mug, but added that "he had done !
that so often that .! didn’t pay any *
attention - to it.”
FA YKTTE V ILL F. The attain-;
'.mem o; interracial hannoriy i
; through community cooperation j
| rather than through tin? ecmpuJ-i
; sioir of the law wav advocated last j
I week by Dr J. W. Seabrook pr> - •
; ident of Fayetteville State Teach- '
; erv College, in an address tef-ve;
mv niters of the Fayetteville Ki
* ■■•a Club.
1 '
hi. Seabrook. who matte 3 plea '
for ".nterrac’d! justice.' ..tressed ibe
'fret, that his remarks reflet led hv '
personal views on the matter and
'declared that the “social equality’ 1
; issue was frequently regarded
among Negroes us ..."cover for ex
ploitation’ and a device tor deny
. ing them the things to which they ;
• arc entitled.
"Trie thinking 01 the white m«a
about the Negro," he said, too oi
; ten if. obscured by the emotions;
| spectacles of strum rentalism or uii
terne.*.. On the one hand re is bis
posed to be patronizing and indul
gent, and not to demand of the cot
■ red people the standard ol behavior i
■ which shcuirt b •’. expected of cit
>zer.s On the otht i hand he may oy !
memories of r«eonstructio|| days or :
Ili - fear of s. throat to so-called i
' •'white supremacy."
“The thinking Negro regards the •
‘white supremacy’ issue as so much ;
popp; cock The proportion of Ne
groes in the general population Is -
• smaller now than in the beginning '|
days cf the country The snare ol
Negroes in wealth and position is !
even smaller."
Tiie educator then declared tha'
| (Continued on back Ist sectioni ;
: plan cfiTiTsTTr I
i| .
j NEW YORK - Although acquit
j ted of the slaying oi Isaac Nixon,
28-vear-old Negro veteran who in-!
. sifted on voting in the Georgia j
Democratic primary, the two white '
I brothers who killed him may yeti
face a civil suit, Thurgood Marshall, i
; NAACP special counsel, announced i
| here today. M" Marshall and A. T.j
Walden of Atlanta. NAACP law-;
yers are explornig the possibility 1
of bringing such a sutt in behalf |
jof Nixon's widow.
Indicted by the Grand Jury of {
I Montgomery County, Georgia, M- ]
-A. Johnson was freed after a Sup-!
i urior Court jury in Mount Vernon j
jteturnpd a verdict of not guilty.!
j John Johnson, indicted as an ac- j
jet-sory to 'he murder, was released j
I without trial following acquittal of j
I his brother.
Nixon was killed a few days at j
| ter the state Democratic primary!
j-fi September 8 in which he veiled;
j despite warnings from whites not I
|to do so. He had been active ir
j urging other Negroes to vote in the 1
j primary. The Johnson brothers went |
Ito his home and killed him in fh>- ,
! presence of his wife and children i
The Georgia State Conference 1
jff NAACP branches, on request of j
jMrs, Nixon, employed W. A. Damp
j tor. and attorney of Dublin. Ga., to j
;assist in the prosecution. The N. A j
(A C, P. has also been asked to as- j
jr-ist in the care- of the family whicn 1
j consists of the widow' and 10 chil- j
[dren. the- youngest of which is not \
! Vet a year old. The family will o° j
i removed from Montgomery County |
las soon as on available place can I
be found for them elsewhere, Mr.!
Walden reports. • J
Propose Erection
Ot 50-Apartment
Unit In Raleigh
The Southern Negro Citizen:.
UiagU' tins week announced
pian- f<: ma--.- meeting to be
(mid in - to mobilize popu
.a.-- ruppi ! t for j 50-emit hous
a g project for Raleigh,
Pr.o. to the mass meeting.
'v!n;-:i is scheduled for Sunday,
November 21, at 3 p.m. at the
\V.Je County Court House, the
public- . invited to learn details
• ! To- T'L.p: >i,-vi p; jeef I . call
in;* at t :i« f League’s iicadquarter.-
at tile Home E-kers Hotel Build
ing at 122 E. Haryott St
both o;tv -.-fficia’s and n.-orr
..v-.'a’ Vi -.ii thefv interrstci *n
•f.*» of the nrejc-ct are
cchtduied to be ipres nt at the
ma I.:ee; at AV.K-.l L K Jar
til., ptiblishei- of the Carclma
Timex of Duiham \vill be the
ijriiicipal speaker.
'U: is meeting will be followed
by an informal meeting at 4 p.m.
>e t:u tin-- 1 fJem ot the Home
Ecki L Hotel. At 7;30 meiticcrs
and 'f iends of the League will
Wake Citizens
I Urged To Make \
Bond Purchases
Amhersl, Mass. Despite
its s 1 uspens.E'n .by the nation
al organization, the Amherst
College chapter oi Phi Kap
pa .Psi Fraternity plans to
initiate a Negro student.
The chapter reported yes
ttirday (Saturday. Nov. 13) it
had been informed of its del
mile suspension by National
Preudent Howard L, Kamil
to of Columbus, Ohio, tor al
leged unfraternal conduct.’’ j
The local chapier said that
Thomas W. Gibbs of Evan
Eil.n, 111., already pledged,
will be initiated •with 15
ether pledgees on November
The communication from
the national organization said
the suspension action was un
airt.t.usly voted by the frater- I
nity's 10-man executive coun
All correspondents and
contributors to the CARO- |
LINIAN are requested io
have all copy intended for
publication in the Thanks
giving week issue IN THE
OFFICE oi the paper not laJ
er than 10 o'clock Monday
morning, November 22. j
attend services at the Tupper
• Memorial Baptist Chrnch where
; the sermon v ill be delivered by
! EljJer H Henry.
| Special conferences for .diseus
i sion of the details of the project
! wilt b e he id or. Wednesday an d
Thursday of this week at the
Home Fckers Building. The pub
lic tradesmen of the Raleigh area
■ urged to ittend these ses
: sions which will' -be held from
6 to 8 p.m.
Discussing the aims and pur
pose of the Southern Negro Cit
izens League, us spokesmen de
clared that i* is not a political
■vjanizauor), but one .aimed at
; the moral, social and economic
m-: terrnent of the Southern No
sh o.
T.i-ung housing and emplov
ment as two of the tnaiar prob
icir.s confronting..the Negro today,
thr League has <*mbarki 1 noon
:> program aimed at tho mprev .-
ment of conditions in ‘hcv two
<C 'int.ea on lick isl 'ccti .r. >
As a part of a national promo
-1 lion of U. S. Savings Bonds be
.-inning Armistice Day, Hugh G.
!. ley, chairman oi the Wake
! County Savings Bonds Committee
1 today urged residents in the coun
ty to. put away all the surplus
1 cash they can in E, F and G
Bends and to help the committee
: ell Bends to their neighbors,
•‘This is not a national bond
1 drive such as w<- had last spring
in the Security Loan.” Mr. Isley
explained: ' but a special cam
paign with three aims: to add
more payroll savers to the 7,500,-
: 000 wage and salarv earners who
are now buying bonds regularly
1 through payroll allotments; to
get more hank depositors to sign
|up on the Bond-a-Month Plan,
and to urge fanner.-; to 'build up
i their reserves in these safe
In the rural phase of the cam
! paign, the goal is to reach every
1 possible farm family and urge
them to build up their financial
i reserves against the future by in
vesting as much as possible of
| their current crop money m sav
| mgs bonds. In this the county
savings bond committee will have
the help of implement dealers
. members of the National Retail
Farm Equipment. Association,
which is backing the farm bond
campaign nationally
“The American people are more
thrifty than many give them cre
dit for,” Mr. Islev commented.
‘•Savings Bond holdings of indi
viduals have increased since the
Victory Loan until they are now
well past $47 billion. 532 billion
of this in Series E Bonds. Saved
dollars do not compete in the
market for scarce goods and help
push -prices higher. The Treasury
Continued on page five, Ist Section
; Manorial Council of Negro Worn
j'";. i na lettei to the members of the
'lf Civil 3-.-tvice Commission pro
j tested, tin* appointment, of Judge
j Annabel! Matthews to the rew-nt’.y
[created Fan Employment Practic ~
j Committee and requested hei re
moved therefrom. A copy of the -
j ter was sent to President Harry 3
! Truman.
In a statement made by Mrs
Alary McLeod Bethune, iountkr
president of the Council, upon
hearing of the appointment of
jJvui c Mathews to the Commission
■id upon review of her actions in
A;-.' - rise of Mrs Mary Church Ter
,rt-d iid the Washington Bianch ri
i the Ame rican Association of Uin
-1 versify Women. Mrs Bethune said.
"At a time when the world is
i searching for the basis of human
' j understanding, America cannot aX
! ford to permit one distracting e-c
--j men- to upset the democratic course
|we are now pursuing I feel that
jail appointees to important boards
j and agencies should have the spirit
;of justice and fair play to ah n
! rardless of race, creed or color.
S Only then can we effect a lastin.t
| peace and harmony among all men.
• Excerpts follow from a letter
I sent to the Civil Service Commis
] sioners.
• "The National Council of Nervo
i Women prefers to place its seal
! endorsement upon the appointee;'.
Press Representative
In the midst of an jur of hap
piness and good fellowship, Bi
shop H. T. Medford held the .kith
se,-.uion of the Albemarle Confer
ence- of the AME Zion Chuch,
mbe- BM-i. at WiD”.r • Cha
| pel AME Zion Church. Williams
toii. N, C.
The Rev. A. N. Nixon acting
oastor and Presiding Elder of the
Ericciton District was hos . Bishop
i Medford was •associate..! with Bi
shop E. B. Watson of the 9th
Episcopal District of the A. M.
•E. Zion Church, who delivered
i toe Misionary sermon on Friday
: night.
Much to the delight and bene
fit of all in attendance. Bishop
(Retired) W. W. Matthews of
Washington, D. C. ad a host of
; central officers of th a church
| were visitors who thrilled the
■ conference with sermons and re
'mark;-. Among, these were Dr. G.
F Hall, financial secretary', Dr.
: W. A. Blackwell, manager of the
Publication House, and The Rev.
i C. D. Carson, divisional secretai y
j of the American Bible Society.
Dr. S. P, Perry, of Durham.
1 X. C, and Dr. B. C. Robes m and
Mrs. Robeson of Mother Zion in
[New York City participated in
] the various services of the con
i In the Bishop’s Episcopal Ad
■ dress, he proposed the idea that
1 the work of the Conference
i should be done toy consultation
! and not in an autocratic manner
'as some, have been accustomed
j to. Among other things the Bi
] shop said: (and was loudly ap
plauded) “that the day of dic
i tatorship m church and stale is
i 1 and that the world and the
hurch should move towards the
; recognition of the essential worth
of manhood in all the spheres and
, areas of life and its activities.”
N. €. Parent-Teacher
Congress To Convene
In Wilmington, Nov, 26
Delegates and representative?
1 from all sections ot North Caro
j lina will meet in Wilmington for
! i a twenty-first convention of the
I N. C Congress c-t Colored Parent>
j and Teachers, to be held Friday and
; Saturday, November 26-27,, at the
Wiilisfon High School
“Child in His Family and Conv
: munil.y” will be the convention
j theme. Eminent speakers and par
! ent-teaeher leaders, as well as oth
er agencies, . will outline an ef
fective start for another year of in
creased PTA activity in the 654 lo
cal units, representing approxi
mately 3-4,000 members.
| A special feature again this year
i will lie the ‘‘Problem Clinic" held
Friday afternoon when local, coun
ty-wide and district presidents will
discuss current problems and of A:
suggestions for further expansion
jin the Congress work. A formal -*■
k'ep'ion given by the local PTA
| group honoring delegates 9 and
; friends, will follow Friday even
mg’s session.
; Also highlighting the- special ac
jtitlves will be exhib'ites camp
I displays, histories and scrapbook
(Continued on Puck Ist section)

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