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    I|*y ~. ■ ;J U -||t ’■•' •' ' i
■ •“ • V - • Jaf’
DEJIU VitON S( HUH i t !»■
A Love, is shown the reeeiiM* ■nm*-
plolrrt St. .‘-i tthi v. \Ail; Chuvch
which will hr dedicated Sure
<h<', al ,'! !'. \i in a cc-n mots'
which will he < ■;? jrie,.■ i«■ .■ i "■
Jailed In Infant Attack
■ A '.S' l ... -■ ' ’
srr» KVisoß t»i \. [- ms
H Harris. Direr or of Udi<c<* t ion
si Shiw Vnivniih'. has hr«'r> o»m
od Acting Swi»« - m:.»« #t N* g><*
High School m Vr.rth < arnilna
under the State th-pullT"' tit. <if
E’dsir;: *ou. Hr Harris is also th*-
nrwlv ctert-;, president «*f the
S'ofjh '. :a li-ia fldlrg,-- l i'nl'l
Supreme Court
Appeal PI ann e d
In Va. Pus Ruling
KICK MONO A ’ vis-v. 'ey the ■
Uudrd St if- Sup:Court ;
this week's Circuit Couvi .i A.. ■
peals deci-aon dai ■■ n... lia-ngos in
Mi Arif hue A! ! i ■ w
old Sy» s it ■- ■
ed ‘he v. s'-ioeeiul < n
a Gif" ! i;> i G b b iKii
Vs i he Id A- ■ l a
Ads ;;ncfwent of < ramie
■U. LV -' s: : id
mood, Va frcirt ha
home in Syinaac, N b Win
terhaven, las Fi'-ao •) >. -a [ is?
South Hi!: or ? ode i* c P. p ■ at"'
passenyr ■ when sbr refuse u
to to the rear at the r Quai
of the bus driver, local police <»f
ticers v., . s , „;;ed f. rein ve tic:'
from the hns and p’ a-, '•■■■ nndt::
at rest. Mss. Day's suit for $25,000
damages was tost in a r!i;trii-1
court and vsas carried to the three
judge appellate "'•! vs inch (hr,
week affirmed di> r court
.Ititig. Ms..' A
down the •'■pinion that 'the .ast■ >j-1-
ion of a reasonable regulation by
an interstate carriei for the seg
regation of passenger; does not.
violate the Iv.v a-. i.-tui down ;s\ the'
Supreme Cl un
NEW YORK Enactment of,
civil rights and social reform leg-;
is/a lion bv th< 81 si C'tigress oe-:
pend.-. ;■ v the support of '’nlcrj
and organized active citizen:. of
races and creeds." The Cm v'
maintains edit-' i ially m the De-‘
c ember issue ot • this ••■•"cb The •
editorial analyses the results of the i
N*:vcin be r elect .I'm
“The great danger in the new
Congress is that, (he Republicans
will join the southern Democr-.i:''
in blocking civil rights and liberal
legislation." the NAACP magazine
nsserts "The administration must
be held to its promises and the vot-;
pps trust ’sit up’ with their Con
gressman and Senators t<- rue that'
Bishop I 11. Hemingvin. Ihr
• lidding was recent ly eomplrt
<d -.1 t cost <H approximately
.y’tMKlO, | lie church, winch is
located in Ihr SMI Block ol I ast
flavi, str. cf. is pastored by the
Key | ti Thompson.
SMITH FI hi! ,T) Paul Wise, 2n
year rid white Clayton farmer wa.>
bound ovr-v to JohnstoM Couni’
Superior Couri Wednesday on
di.uyte.- of .iCrmoted criminal as
sault upon a si\ month old colored
The man. who is described in
his r-mmunltv as mentally deff-:c
live, was arre-ted earlier in the.
w <\ on a m.prynf filed is M s.
I 1 i/i i‘i h Huutrt mother oj the
Mrs Hunter bad left the child
:n :; < ■ r whjie .-hr helper! a social
worker h;-, hr and drrsv Mrs
M ih ■ VG- the .•• d ns! herb
ridden mother of *hr defendant.
Ch-.rCng -indifference" on the
she t ook the infant afict the In
cident Mrs Hunter then canted
is. I- . .;. Dr. friaries W Fu;-
M b’li placed urirr arrest liv
I; ;■ ■■••■ Sheriff Je-.-cph T B-inirs
■•i!id -‘' 'ii table Freeland Banco ter.
V.'; •>- s”e uptrH ~ Hi'! 1 . inti was
red aft-.'; a eh ?e f incut 100
U.-ovf irnporl aoL k-crii qu-esl io-ii of
tv ■ ihc k in tnnv
, !;•' n GECne”:-' Ol *.n* iT-v Cl iCs 11)C I'-riJV*
i \e- ,f .- ••trmrvot) law and vi :latc.b
’.ii -.- .- •u• i / ci 1"v \A F j ! fi i (ol no v.-.
■. — w fill! Mart'!-' N M.-rOi!,
: .;•! i-j ci vibWf-u! V. rthbiTiiM; 111.
: •.!•]•>a f p-e.-ented Mr. Dev deet-'r
•- ■' fhert flu* case will be appealed
be! the Supreme Court
Hi, t- ■■ ,r } Dr. .Tu-up: S Him:s
e| the Nerlh CniY'ma C' Ucgc eie
• i tuient i,"f Socif.logv v. ill be
.nnunc the* nation’s leading rdu
c- tor> ntfi ndina th- enr ud nv.
ingv the Am« rican Socinl igirai
S.j-ie' v at the Congress Hotel in
C . IfltiTi Decernbi r2B NT
Th s r.i a high ranking national
professional orgtanzati in of h acti -
ng and research sociologist- in
. th--' United States. President ni
: the group is Dr. E. Franklin Fra
/ht of Howard Univejisity.
proprarm is enacted Into b,«- The
"In southerners must he shr,rn of
' committee pnwei The Senate
.us: piusf la. changed tn block
, fitibusten-:
The Crmlt editorial lists a
yr,l-.urni in p.j-ogi'fss "f anti-pel! tnx
antl-lvnching rud KEP( bills and
■ the I'boliUoii of pegrogatinn in the
| turned forces. Mr Truman has
j promiswi these things," the editor
ial continues, ‘‘but he can’t dji the
job alone. He and his liberal party
must hav help, and that help must
j come from alert and organized ac
live f'ihvfnv .ait rim and rrcuds
| and colors and walks of life who
believe in progressive Ameriean
-1 him;
I -•
! EitrhUicn months of intensive and ,
| :lce !■ .ued effort, or ti./ p- 1 nf
the iiar.tor and ■ - ngreoul • i of tin
I St. M-it.nrvvs' AJVIE f hureh ••'ttt h» j
jeirm. xrd. "'i Sunday afteino'.u al j
, ! f M vitll .; .i.-uicut l • wt:
which vii.. r. ,! i r t. ;.i . I Ih' ■
new chiuvii :li/i -
j The nn e'h *’ j
■ bid in.;O'. i' .n • Hi(i •■ ui‘ I" wiii'/ij i I
j were t Houcdcicd f-loc l-.-/.\i .the "t‘u tj J
Ihi Ihr rhiil work of cot; 'nietion ;
j until Pm present, pj'K’r. the Tley ||
If.. M. Tl.nnps ; .ii. took hold about ;
j eighteen months ago
Altiu.i'.i.ih tu.iny difficulties v-nte,
, •• •e: -f. Hie !.'rv Mr. Chomp- j
iron ;■:.!(■{ iheyr were none ivh-f
| ever in inspiring the ptatibn j
to undeit-ike the building ptogiam j
I "There was sincere interest ami
; ; ..ins ic iii .i• i isll thr p.,11 (,i t,hr ;
j members to bu Id a chutvh. ‘ hr:
J decl’.'.red "and v.w went right b
j work •'
A! the !;u I of l!;,-. I Oil,In,;; p; •
ipr.iiri the pastor >.i,d that thej
church had about $2,200 on hand j
j An intensive bnildiug fund drive j
! " •;•• ’ a ted and l- a •••; a-d ot rigid :
! m.'nthr: ''nr conr-trg.ilion : used ?»p-!
j,. roxima'cly SIO,OOO
iContioued mi page 4 Thu Section j
-*3r» „
> ' '
' • .■■• -H I; : 'b'a
•V! UfKh I . r?« v*' •*’ f>Tr
\ ’ ajrn?.;» frc'ztrl'hr '
transfrrrrd to \ hr\tHo, N <
bolfls the Mirtiop of rftn^in*
mu nt x Motif rhJicr longer {IT
\oars 31 St. Joseph AMF Churchi
Uurham; than any other minister
in this ( onterencf 1 . Tie holds \
ft., s. T H.. atirt f> f», degrees
,ind is «* nf the brocra!
( enferenre t»f ilu A All- i hurdu
rfrrrrtor of the Bov .Scouts tor
the rntire \MI t onne* ion; and
acted as dean of. vehool of reli
gion of Kiitrel! ( oJiege for
The hnlio.av drive m behalf i
<b'- Mo'-Ti (.'arninra t.'olorefi O'
1 phanaa« h * : ; brought m total of
;?81.07.0 1 lien: ronti C utor:- n
. Granville County and the re
rnainder f the elate «1»"--:t~ •* D
e'jriybev 7. 1?18. Sun 4 'T A
Fl.a ni ?v* f i ! I P OUP. . eel.
The campaign was • ->£ned Oo
;-'or IS to 'nrovid" . 'port’jn’dy
f,.i ‘ u 1 n oos of tin 1 list:iUticai
:•> give Thanksgiving nd Cht tst
snas est- tn cash to the instil .
t: .r. tihelp nii'f't needs in the
l.'U tiding fund, Ham me explained
All ri'ceint.s trom hi state haw
t reditf'd to the buddhig fund sint-f
; the cipr-nirvc of the -inve.
C inti iliittior t paling S2.7ntTdi
have been ree (ivv-i from Gran
. v : U<- County ancl t nuivibor -■■
('o)r,mitt.'jw'n hav* r -reriorfed.
: Others mad< '-ni . -mriieU- report
af. iho .meeting on Sunday. No
vember 21 at the orphanage.
<Co’Uinuod ot* hick, page)
ill !l(,l \RV TRIM
lit A lil ST ll.Ni 1
WH SON. Der o A ’ • • •><>
• eight ytv.r-old man. listed as AUor
Ht id tens senteueed to fhc in the
' _;as r at C rr n'ia) Prison ;>i
‘ci bring eonvicte.l of 'first degree
. burglary. Peid is -rliedulec! to die
~) anu-i iy 2h
I lb- charged do entering *h«
i homo of Mrs .1 T. B;-incs sot
! early ibe icornmg ot SepUn-bc:
| Z if»4'! and " u:),e.g Accord
i ing to Mts Rhuifs' o'.dijriony
1 Rcjd ~v oke err as tu placed his
! hand on her -boulder She said she
! got out ol bed and that the man
i grabbed her wrist- She told the
| court ih?i. she screamed and that
I man dived out, the window' of hot
I bedroom and ■ fled.
Officers testified that Reid’s cai
; was found wrecked near the scene
'and that, he was later picked up in
i Norfolk. Yh.
Reid who did not take the stand
I during* the trial, took the verdict
j cnlrnly.
Tuskegee And Meharry Join In
South's Area College Program
!S.-\VAN'\* \ 1!, C, i, - The 1--• t < > * • ■
p|;in, pi'Otio.*; e I ;i , |})i' 'ill' - .ll! f<u' 1h iiiiltli
•’dut n t joint! jttipmi.i I. * 1 ] ,:s ;> THCii.n
ri .:t ■ ?infv 'lt .nctiori’; ' a-lit "m..' j■ -1 *■ ■; t; H
.•-’.(■ftrof; .itinh, nv.i-. launeficd Alond .y 1 ;< Kp-.-i
Ifijr of got ii hr ill yoverrior;, ;,iu! <i. ;•f • ■ • !.• 1
;;! 1 1 i Hold Oglethorpe
Tlt ]ilnii, wl'ich h;r be n i nv-.iiu mijk '
of •'■onl.rovoiMj in oclui.-aHonal n<! itoljHrai m
(•Ic-' for morn than a year v a.-; adopted follow
■ • ' • . ■ - i _
•- - m -- -• :
- - - - - SINGLE --
******r * ******* ****** *
i ~f £ Vi) - } {>££"; jizc’iii wodJ on rc •
iC i tF \ f : •!’:>*:'• ? rt/hovii % f f vcrc?<?r t-"- gi' ■ ‘'}■
i nival rntn • • ~r Oio *.< ■••W'i-it oit.
. iVt'rsni-.djtin ugil Friday at ti c
' Willi ir NY i c ni
lion, its members voted unar.i
! mously in support of a resolution
{condemning th r-egi-ona! filan i>
j established upon a Tgregatrd bin:,
The resolution, -ibn'-d at ••i-Mng
-.; / ir,‘! ptctin' ■: ti,e edotat' : r
t thinking n the subject, endor.-ed
■ the p'innpie ~f >eev "al -cb</.u
--; ivhtetl would pt-» >S)Jt p • '.•
jsuie resource-' t; jarovsde and
I r 1 I ’’ -■ ■ 1 ‘
]i ini j; .ten fU-ji thf.
K s •;»!' I 1 git ni G-ri | y top
j of the pi an*
i plans tnr c; t.,h?i-.hment of separaif'
for fhp two rocp>
The text nf. the roKoifitfion fol
• ~ I!.- A--,or;..!(■•;, -7
; C ' at!.-I Seenttdaiy Jich
: beWeve.' *,>x voted at its meeting
■ r»i Pr-'.inr V r T’' • ijysi. y- it ?
; ii'c* prinrapal ol <c>
; operjitU'n :<nrl rogvn'a) school--, ir.
. f,: ‘ i. ;t p!''lc prof V -?jo.) Vi
j school a to be ’UinL pr« vided u,o
i are pot established upon the bash
jot racial so^ue^alion;
’’And whereas, the Regiorat
, Council on Education. accordu»g
'-ep 'll, propi/ses i". e.-t-'bi:. I.
! :i;i"V) ' racially si rvriMted base,'
hi.-.iifi and professinua! faciii
( iWad t/n paiji;ui:o)
: nitRLTNGTON, Dee. ii; Tv. i
I b >vs wore arrested ?■( thou homes
! early ycslcrday morning or. charges
|of forcible trasnassing .-i:.rci me);
' Ccns dun,Mgr t<> property, -n ror;
! ir-ctjon v'Mi , t hree moriUis <lo
if damage t -i musical .
ments at .r,.-dai. Sellars High
■ School
The youth. Rolicrt Clinton
It 8 Avon Avenue and Wallact
Haiti) of Richmond Hill, were the
'; first, suspects to be arrested in con
j noetton with the. ease.
Initial reports of the 150 damage
to musical instruments in the unis
I ic worn at. .ten-dan Sellars were rc
‘ f'lv. aH Seiyersbcr If;, u;e-.. ' i-v
i has continued since that time
i Chief-of-Police l'». T) Matthews re
i pori.-,.
o*. , X
v j|K sryy:'"
WORK fits I \ mavi - \l-nvi
•i r • i,nwn tfxic Ivlr, an.!
( | Pit-go, . »..-lin 1,, i»j. u
up to- two major divi.-ions of :h-:
Oxford Orphanage fund drivt
NEW YORK (A.NP‘ A jnmt >
:hr! > f iy) :y ?: * f>r>C?i } •;'•, i •,» * ('H "h ( * •
1,3;.,t -.'f -rh h\ Stnt<* Sc-*n Konnc 11; ’
Shrrbeil anrj. Mrs. Ada B. Jacksori !
«r the freedom «f Mt Rosa Let
I ngrain, and foi Chi ,strnas pr
stnts >,f toys, food -Oid cloth;ng :
for her -child! cn. The appeal !
mad- under auspices of the ;
Ncero Yruath Builders .Institute.
Inc., declared:
“We want hell;- so |
ring fox Mrs. Rosa Lee Inga am '
land her unhappy little brood Let i
I her .feel our sympathy, oui warm- j
*h and support from the tmy
dent •ha of the hearts. of A mem '
"W>- call u-pon President Tnt ;
men .end Gov Taimadge nf Ga 1 •
pardon tins ibrnoo Negro metho
! and her {wo teen-ace sons. Let
the door? of the Georgia pris .
he opened and .Vk Inc im sen*
to her halves •where she right- -
; fully belongs,"
! In ,'iddt!*on, the : .pr»ca! a.-.-.on (
| that donation;- be even for H>v.
and food <-lathing for Mr; In
; gram family,
| “In the name of iusbr? and j
! freemorn, we must -give every j
• ounce of devotion to the plinnna 1
I lion of such, hatred and bigotry. j
' which can permit, such a horrible I
j injustice where a defenseless, <
; hard-v. pricing, sharecropper He- j
I grp mother at 14 children can he
)s< ntenced to life imprisonment
i along with .he;* two sons foe an *-.;l
• r *t i» .i v . a • . ... ’I-•* -
j t.i>i he 1 i -uticii»e *lK« ll4<s '« w uut <
farmer who came to hill her with ;
| a (gun because her mule strayed j
•an to hi? farm,”
Tfip ineoTinj:: ol yovi't t'o'r, urpl il'u from
tip - I i.itit'i ei-n pa rs ir tpal i np . tat -
|lp Ipfb'-I ;ip 1 O Ii; • 111".pi* got .<'( I‘, In
f ! *,t» ( u fvYPl.’y - opUp 111 - "Ts n It' o!
Cv'Ts aip i raiiki'i ■ •'' ■,;11 • •t. ■ t.- ib,' mi ‘h-t
polio a.< c.ohS" Hiipf in) \y ii<>. ;■ - "i-iip ,ti!: iup '■ j
S',- a.- ; Oil ft IH'i’l I■ • Hip i i. Np "I tIT * * L.C'll-!
• rniip:' lit I* vvf.wk jfn; of tbr pi up all er it tip-
I;ii j.; !'.id b'.'oti d--i id!, d up"!!
In imp with flip (it- taion lor tninipdui!p
p'srx-sp ,%■ :
nliicli was undertaken to obtain
money i<>r the rebuilding of a
hr dermis, ' - .* ■ Ip, iu...tatu
trcn wltn-h tva-s dc:>.royctl by hre
List spring.
I HFNDERSION-- .Tarue-. A R, "•'•■»)
.1; Ox sou of rresiriitig rider and
j Mrs .T A. Bi-mrp Sr. died early
! Mondav ih-.mi:ii" after a bnef 111- ;
H.e,- *i .1 iibHec Hosr.""ai Hyndor
I A- -,'iui'f • f the !•" 1 t-’r rbivil.'
je, U'-nne- a . :r.d North Curolirw ;
iCodegC, Dm-hi'i!. N C he wa.
; for-, number of years and until hu
•: (i. ,:i ; a rcpii-.'-.cni -fit,- of •'o
' North Carolina Mutual I f'’ In |
. varcc C'l'tvi.'if.' ».-oifei>.g >»:• .
i Oxford. North Carvhra
He war. e irp.uibe’ • t ‘ r - Kappe '
: Alpha P:-> Fraternity ~,,d an n •
in,-! • iv-i ~f t.;n V- J} Ziil
Nli -tiodr-t l-’gilh.
Ii:- was /ear:,or’ to the ioirnc.
| Miss M >•!•. H) kins ’ »xford
North Carolina. One son. Elan ley.
; .-■ br->lhc:-, John T fTwwn hu f -u'
ents. ‘he Rev. ud Mrs. J A
! I.iov. u. Sr., wiviv". »
: i, i riteji .'•■re eonducu-d /roil)
! KG. ci T, rnplr AMF 7 1"" 'Meth
l .->dist (.mi? eh. Henderson IttCisd.-.v. i
i Dccetnber i<l at .1 7.0 o’c'loc:k. The ■
Rev. S L. C own, pastor, otiiciat
■ I'd.
embarkation upon the medice.l and veterinary
medical tea it.tup. phase.; of the prow ram wis
the inr* 1 u-ion oj Meharry Medical Eollepe and
f ; sk prpc lii.d itute as the .first .s -hoola
fur pariu. ipaticn in the program,
Meharry. w hich had been described as in
: -. t i'»u danger of closing its doors unless ad
ditional funfls could he obtained for its eon
I noted, operation bar been i.fdeeted as the rc
(Continued on back page, front .section)
Th-i Raleigh Negro Parent
Teachers Association bv the Rev,
A. J. Forbes, tn an executive ses
sion, Monday afternoon, at the
washineten senool to uatcuss .-.e
'pi.- •, ; V]' ■
c h.! 1 d it- n a' e still :->arn tn g to e
' streets without any mu. e, m .-.pit;:-
ot the,. -A an dn ndano
; teach er The- attf-ndaner teaolier.
rc in. ipals, aryl tcji:iivrs are : '• P
less unles the tourts prosecute to
the fullest those cases brougnt
3 . , f n . ; f
P was felt that the court of
t.< >;, are too sympathetic tow
the suppo he no ;- Nc
p > and as a result have .'uloweci
... t , j v; . e * ■ commit his or
ThAssociation icafts that the
i. or any-.-se chc. ts not doing
ti-,, Ncm o • favoi or heloing him
hv .•.•rreoting flirnsv excuses
that children may room the
•-Ires Is and meicpsc juvenile dc
; linQucn-cv in the community.
The Aswx-iation is demanding
prosecution to tne limit arid let
t. of tin low in cases
t brought before ,t in whi.dh gu:U
is ostahlishcd
$20,024 MAILED IN
rhecks totaling £20.024.75 were •
.-nailed out last Tuesday to worn
cn arid children, members of the
i Christmas Saving Club of the Etc- .
1 celsior Credit Union of Gaston
('•runty, according to information ;
f! icased by National Barber, See- ;
ret ary-Treasurer of this institu- •
t.ion; cme of the largest and most.
‘..tiee-'-ssfr.l Cooperative institutions ;
in the state
The Christmas Saving Club do
vision was established 5 year . I
with Charles Ball as nea 1
r.f the Saving Club. Checks
mailed out for the year 1943 to- ;
a tied 1.500 and there has been j
■a steady increase each year since. |
i ,ass year cheeks totaled $19,405.-
75. Toe .memberships range -from I
SJSSe to $3.00 a week.
The Highland High School of
Gastonia, Professor T. Jeff res. |
Principal, has through its thrift |
club, and Junior Credit Union —-1
better known as the Highland I
rj :I tir i ibeen the Educgtiona.l '
mod Him that has carried the vai- j
i-e of systematic saving to every •
home in ihp icowpnunity. i
See Blory, page 1, Section Section
Winstcn Salem ■ — Ac ope
laiion which according ia
medical records has only
been performed 3S times, was
administered recently on a
newly born baby here and
resulted in saving the life ot
the infant.
Dr, H Remberf Malloy at
tending surgeon at Kate j
Bitting Reynolds Hospital
pc a formed the operation two
and a half hours after the
infant had been bom with
its intestines on the outside
ijf ils body. He reports that
the child has progressed
steadily since an incision was
made in the abdomen and the
intestines were placed in nor
mal position.
HE 1 ROST lANp! Appar
el* ly peace reigns again be
tween Lonnie Barrow, S 3, bleth
er of Heavyweight Champion
Joe Louis, and his estrange
«Ife. Jean Barrow, 2S
Mrs. Barrow swore out an
(C otx 11 ne d on b 3. ck pa g'€)
MOBILE. AU. 1 A NT 1— The
Mobile Press-Ledger, the
city's morning, evening and
Sunday newspaper, refus
ed to honor a request of Negroes
lo print the titles ‘Mrs." or
Miss' 1 e-sere the .'lines r>i
Negro women in its issues, last
A Negro committee re-cenf
-5y j'erined at » mass .sieeling to
discuss “the various problems
of the Negro in Mobiles report
ed the incident; at ibe third
mass meet Inga,
According to the Rev. C. C.
Coleman, ihe papers refused
to do so because of a suggested
“reading- holiday" for colored
subscribers. The netrsptwt
management said that it could
i take no action because, such %
, request s tems-ii to be * thrsat

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