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    "& GREETINGS -In this, ihe sea stti H*
*jft of “Peace on Earth Goodwill Tow-
ard Men ’, your newspaper. THE CARO
£9 LINIAN, extends to its many readers
"gjf Sind friends its best wishes for a holi vv
'S& day devoid, cf the petty annoyances, ills
S* and rancors of the times as well as for
vx? the strength of mind and body to meet .vT,
and solvr the problems of ihe ctming
COLUMBI Ohio A yivir • '1 !
County farmer who claim •- ( he was forced t It’<
his valuable North Carolina farm m order to 'ooip''
threatened ,rnob violence, wo granted a( hoist L'mimr
ary sanctuary this week when <Jhio State of!lends •'<•
fused to permit his extradition.
The farmer. lia ('ostein, i • being n -ld at l.orain.
Ohio pending the outcome of tlie extradipon I.tattle
Find The Newborn Babe And Slay Him
(An unfold story of the nativity)
Ho there, thou black man. whither did, they go? '
The Roman captain shouted. With clanking swards and
shields before Lem. the Cyrenian's hduse. the thundering troop
roared to a halt. Lem s group of dark-skinned children sat on j
the stoop
•‘We've ridden this rugged road: from Bethlehem seeking
a man, his wife and baby child hern n !cw nights agf and
bailee] as King of Jews. By Herod we will be reviled unless
we find and slay Him 4 ' -old Lem smiled and; silently breathed
a preyer: 'Please Lord forgive This lie that I must tell"
''Oh sire, turn right and fake that pass through the mountains,
and there thou const o'er take them. They passed at first
light," The horses and D.ldiers rumbled away, soon out of sight.
Headlong they swept entering the narrow gap then an open
meadow but then they deemed rot that they had slushed
into quicksand until 100 late. Then men and seed, ail screaming,
sank to their ’M of death. Old Lem sighed his thanks. C»od,
ih>s Thou wrought. ’
And down the road that led to Egypt land Joseph, his <f-.nk<v,
led wh’lel Mary rode
She clasped in her arms the Const oi ild who was * give
Ihe world a blessed hope a reverent > ode el life, and seme «" >.•
eternal abode. >
Carnegie Grants !
For 9 From NCC -
DURHAM • - Jean A ’ M ante:
«f North Carolina «.*' -
cd here 1■ >’ «• ek th >» ; ■ -nit -w
--aid from the Carm sic F< undatibn
for the Advancement of Teaching
have been approved for nine North
Carolina Collette pr C.-w Ail of
these teachers have begun r(. e-.mi
Dr. Joseph S Hime.- f 1 ;e <ic •
partment of soeiol"a.v is In ginning
s study tailed “Sore F.-. ■• •• • ;n
M.ite Selection Amom, Y.-ung Peo
ple;" Benjamin F Hudson, pi >-
lessor of French, is using his
subject "Dttf' mmin.' the !>••••••. t
For Disparity u. the LcvCi >. f
Washington < ANP> - One
the largest manhunt;- in Pinmv
Georges county ;n ye ms
called off here last week when
two 12-year-old white guls aci
rnittd to police that their tale of
being raped by a colored man
search and attendant ingSHRU
was a fabrication. The five hour
search and attendant investiga
tion drew FBI agents. Maryland
State troopers, detectives and
uniformed policemen of the coun
ty and its towns into the case
At least 65 policemen man'’
in cruising cars, were engaged
directly in the hunt for the‘myth
ical criminal, while officers in
the Disti iet. neighboring counties
and states were aimed n watch
for the man.
All the time, the two girls vw
receiving examinations an-t treat
ment for hysteria at the Lelan.i
Aroused by the growing de
mands for equality by Ne
groes here, the Ku Klux
Klan stirred up its venom
Cnee more last week as close
to 1 Ofl hooded persons pa rad
near here end burned a 15
foot cross at midnight,
Gov. William M. Tuck tele
graphed Col, C W, Wocdsctn,
superintendent of the Virgin
ia state police, to investigate
the cross burning to see
whether any laws had been
■‘The activities of the Klan
idrgani/ation are offensive to
the sensibilities of the law
abiding citisens of Virgrna
bo said. "We ll net.allow any
of our people of any race
to b« subjected to terivmt
or innlirmdaPcn in any form
by the Kian os any other
torganixaticn whose main
strength and fores is based on
Kim airtmty is believed so
.At hieveme/it ■ . • A- -‘ MvD.n
. f ..jli',;, , ,
■ C. Ib-ndy. of •....
, .j..,j_. crjupi) ,I<■(u.-jjm • jj.,! ft-. brr , ]*i
. 11. .- ' , t t •. . 1 .. / , -t ' :•• • J \
r tin;/ NV .lodes m o,:< kens of
i Durham C'-iinty "
The study v.-i n it is being begun
■■ by PivU . C. A Join-.- of ?; c
■ "The Infill; ; ■■ f *Slaves
B- uglr from lirr Empire ■■( Swig
*: hav wiifc Spec. .i Reference to choir
- Injection of African idea!, into
>J. 11. McLendon. direr! r of mh
f (CohUivied oil back lit sect ion <
Memo ’ H ’ i!. f'its.-jIJy ibev
admitted that no oni had totie'h
ed them and that htc-v had rip
ped ’heir uv-'n cicfmng : ndt
cate maltreatment.
According to police, fiie !•.>..
girts had concocted the story to
••coyer up” their absence with
out percussion from a northcM t
Washington church home tor chil
Richard Clift, white, found the
. e : rls crying in ■■ muci bank near
; Queens Cha|x.‘l Road in the Col
lege Heights F'D'-Pes area Wtwm
■he stop-p(d his car to see what
>v. as wrong, th girls sobbed out
a talc about being attacked hy
Co;need man. They said thus’
: hough.t Clift would take them
: hack to the home, but instead,
the man rushed them to the hos
pital and then not if :<'d the pa.
: hce.
be stirring in this vicinity be
j cause of the prominent civic
activity of Negroes in this
Among the Negro accom
plishments arc the election
i area during the past year
f Oliver W, Hill fco the Rich
mond City council, the elec
to the board of supervisors
iion of Wiliism A. Lawrence
1 of Nance mond ctcunty, the
t naming of a Negro deputy
sheriff in Nansomond county
and the appointment of Dr.
I S H. Penn as a member of
; the school board in Roanoke.
It is believed that the Kian
' has also objected to the es
forts t! the NAACP in scour
ir.g equal sclt.ol facilities for
i Virginia children of both
Police -eporSed the cross
j burning on the night of Dec
-10. State Trooper J. L. Col
; tins said he found a charred
! cross the next morning near
i .Here. . ... _
which is Itcitig waged bet we on \'n,fh f\*iivl«ua a n tl
Ohio Sturt' officials.
Accused late last summer of an af!.emjvlod < rim
in a I assault upon Miss Be i vie LuiL'ht'T, an ehdstecu
yeat old while girl of llonderson Comity, <' e-J"it Hod
tiic date when Ihe fhrents of mol> vitdofv-e tic,nloju-d.
Although no indictment had bow* re! unit'd agitin
him. (Vision was picked up- in Loraitt on August 7, but
Adopt of i S c: Rea ion;*:
S'- I ',- Plan. aniio’.it ■.'; ■!! ■ a ■•voek
toller,vine the nui tine of South
*•• n State off icials and educator.:,
■■ i lows •( cilit: 4 ‘*■ • ■ Ih ■
•■V :■>< a, t‘g. N'AAtT m: ,!i
fit d Nee: 4 '.; students to apply f ,4 > ,
admi.fiun to (<4lege and <: . ;k!u
dc schools within thou • t,*o ■
Thuistood Marsha la .• u * ■- * I
. nuns. 1 for th* NAACP. dc* la • u
; hat the :* a: J v:\e; s■*
ec.llcge prosiam pvnpo. hy the
I a-oul :• : a Rc'ti*Ti.d ( vans :!
i violntion of Supreme t. oi.u-t nym- ;
< ite.- handed down ,n Du fPiktc
I and Sipuel *;vc .
4 -We maintain, he d* •! m<
•■that tiie plan to :• ip e- .oie:;
: students from on* state to an
other i i !;;adn:itr i■; . m /
I violation *! the I S 'ku„cn-’
| ' Pi 4, h 'Try • .
j A: ■'arena; ■■ •• «• o; *n . •
i fii-d f. lored voufil -g. .iniW
medical i chools in their respe> -
4 tivr states rather than submit to
1 this unlawful pian
T •*• NA ACP ift*;nw 4 s a.-
f meni was in keeping with the
vie,'..-: expressed by the lioard of • I
: cc! .■ f 4 • A A !
■ weeks aeo in the adoot:»n o! a
i (’solution ’.v i i sc-sred lb- :• o i
- as 4 false c; nomy coni rived ! * j
make the t üblic !> Sieve !i: -t
• ec.jalitv is attainable within the ,
••separate but equal !.•••■ it;c.
1 anil the futility of plaring of th
'right.-, of'Negroes in the hands -d
the .southern the rco*>!u j
lion continued ■■■• state cii.u .
‘•Equality is .I'tainabie ~nlv thru
: unre.-ncted access to identical fa ‘
The NAACP took the lead in
condemning ice program <>v
ng the ‘‘plan cud not meet tlr f
requirements of the supreme k
court decision that rae’t state of- J
‘ •rT equal educational opportuni
t!*;• > regard-less of race.”
, public in New York last Wcdnes
. day. declared tiiat the program 1
involves ‘‘false- economy con i
*riv. -J to nwk" D’w no.!-’., ~*■- ■
licve that quaiit’’ is nttaitiahh' • i
within the framework of segre
gation, and it is a device to <ir
cumvent the elver intent, of u
prem.e court, decisions Inequaii- j
; dies of cducatcuial opportunt'.’ j
tire nicvitahic ip n segregated t
An •rpiios:?.*.' •.-•;•-w win taken
In a host of .southern cdueato .•.
v-'iio hold */i2t the plan is not
what Negroes want or deserve .
.but that it is an improvement
{over existing conditions.
: (Continued on back Ist section)
(A. < 01 il i RKVERSES
IN ft! I ill. SHOOTiM;
ATI NVi \ AND \ N*‘
cr*< eomirtfd t<v i Inner court
to si'. u> ten years for shoot
iiiß * wltiti.’. man found himself
H free man last week w hen 'he
fieorpia Courl of Appeal' lure
rcversfrl (lie d‘eision
.lea' PinV'ton ‘it <ila.vo'U
{ »urif> ms vtndicatcvl of
■ liarges ulien thi higher court
derided that fre shot Kay St* e»c.
a Warren ( ounty farmer in'
self rteft-nss. The appelate c'nut
said he hail ■ riuh: to shoot ’• irr
| defense of himself and his saw
! ilv '
Aixtorrtlns to the court. Rccsr
noshed the rountj One to
Pinki ton's home seeking re v
vrri£e." following an alfcrralion
lift wren Reese's two sons and
I lie \c|»ro. Reese, was quoted
as sayink he "would liave been
OHJ" not to liave carried a
I tmin, ;
■ .
The Carolinian
X .
.- e ... 5 - >L vr k i&MM .* ' - uhdiMm-i i. m,:....., * ~...? ■ •: ■ —___
24 Pa ges j NOR 777 CAROUNA ’5 LEA DING WEEKL Y ( copy lOc
558.860 Pm
plague i Ni. ; !' Church for the
: .vt gcvf-'fai yc-r-n :, p:>. .1 up
\V;\s .VitiiTU'/i as cic I oni;.<n t in iwo
suits fntn I Ing $58,503 in the- h. -,v
York courts
In the major action the New
York law firm •■•; Snitmy md
Snitoy. .••.might and obl.imod «
tension of •• •. rmt of atforh
-.•"•ni. tor $45,000 -wliii h thr* church
owes the firm in legal tees
In the .of '.,no ■ the fir >
Charkr Taylor of Corona. L. J.
rougnj (r> collect $9,50”.70 'in $
he charges that the chuiro ov/es
him for his service to i k .NV .v
V!; rk col \fo ren c< ■ uv. 15 <1 voi id &
minisior froin Jutvl jh44 to N■>
\ cm' iD r. 1048
Based uuon. its desire to coiled,
fees which it •charges are due
it Io 1 • se t "Vie<• s rendered huriot;
j‘rock tol'lncr B i.-.h•: p i)av id 11,
nation of t oUr ccK arv! Second.
ary Schools Mr Ncgrors, headed
by S. !. Dimnn, hwd ic. I.SIb on
mini convention in Wilmington.
N. sh, last week. Owblaudilii as
U.-f* supervisor of Negro high
schools, Vlr, Diimiin brought the
association for I.lir first time to
a tecondary Institution for an an
nual roe ois tiff, (AMP)
um. role:.:q.'d by n I udod !'<>njm iv. to tie* t m l!"
a rv>'nco of cii a rye:: py;n;>:d lino
4 1 nitnediali• !\ i'oilowititf Id ; roiou ••(; Si" wus .'igailt
I'loi'.cf] ifp by a fbi.yahoj.fii (hutniy deputy sherifi mi*l
IfiFiMu) over to Deputy Sheri!! Nani Rhode.' ••!’ !I<• nrl 4
snnt ilie, IV ('. who put him aboar<l a hr;;in to- briny
him back ' r > No. tii ('arolitiH v. ahouf; ti>« formality <l!
ex! adition.
- • • vifcl > j jp 30 !! * ij
•m jt . *i
9 m ’ 1
£ v ...A* rZ&J J- •••&• o .***a*to
■x* «igj i
~. 4 . k 4 .'*sE<; 'f 'V -y.T T ;
v iC. ■: '■'S’lf'jP’Sffi iF¥. ; r/fe.^PS f 44 * f' ' " ■ ” ’•
- JSpI! -v
Gmiihfield Folowing »
liccring before a i try which
decided that he was incapa
blr- of kJ. wing right from
wrong. Paul Wise 2$ year
eld white farmer charged
will assault on a 6-month
old infant, war, sent to the
Ti'i,r. \ ■:i■» \< ,
I'. OS ! Ili'.H'f; ft ijiu rfl«ri ini :n
,a! ion Ifum any other nuiiPckv
, o.lT.lift Hu Nf’W -li'.l.i-hi'i
j cornm:■ i‘‘v under !' :i r : i;i |r >■)».-*) ot ;
I educofion revealed in tl . Hurd
;an ruul i'op.'i'i I'n-* week.
Alt bins Kb null)! Jins been tlon< ,
: since t >.f aidi-dlrCrin'.UiaUna
la w.; ;. : pill, It:'-* f • Lf' ' t ! 'if "
! years ago . (ill nr •< achievement:. i
!cai> ! mode, ihe report elided. :
! In ii„ offc-ri.s-. So improve inter
racial ;a lation:, in Mew Jersey 1
. commission plans: to study ih<? prac*!
j Wees of private hospitals ill ihe :sc-}
eoptnnce of pnijcnts and the itiv- j
iriM of employes.
The committee has also asked i
' the lerisi-tbire to .set to ij m!l ra
|very serious net • t cli.-wvirnir.cliort” |
j m admittance policies of piivuir
i business schools. ]•
V, \SEI) ON < < •f-.ot?
Act.-. "dine to sin repaid v-iuri j
; covered the pest three years I'm: j
i greatest number ot com plan :•
! came on Ihe basis of rare and cot- •
j or. Most of these come on the quo.- I
'Won ■■ i ' employment md in tltfi
State Hospital ior (hr Insane
lasi week.
Wise was charged with as
r.auJfing the infant daughter
cf Mr and Mrs. Willie Hun
ter while Mrs. Hunter was in
■ho Wise h-. me near Smith
field caring for Wise's aged
&r»d ill mother.
, ri’iaiuifr-'.'tn! v. 'industry i |
Koch eat a large t■ urn I .*ei of j
cnrrip'.'iinis have been made l'ip ;
'ay yc.'i.: !;>,'! lire year before ••net ,
iii ihe first, yeci.r. This inc.r-easc, ihr
report pointed out was not bocimr-t •
of more discrimination in die;
stab: but bec;ui;:'.! "more people •
arc becoming acquainted v-'ith the
provisions of the law,"
Or the complaints during the:
i v-t three years MO we;e n <
ployments, 38 on diseriminatiOO
dismissals: rcveii on refusal to
work vrlth; 12 on upgrading oi
downgrading: 13 on refusal to re
fer to jobs; two on discriminatory!
advertising; seven on diserimina •'
tory working eondifinus. and two!
on efiisal of union membership
Os there cas-’s, 29V complaints j
-vert: based c*n race and coloi;
•cu:ht .m cteed, and one on national j
< 7 s ysiin ATION
Cl:;:slued .recording to employ !<-
mg group-. 374 cases were against t
manufacturing industries; 23 iHi !
ity and transporation firms, 47 j <
'Cbnt.ima.-ri on buck page) .«
t'eston's attorney-, however, secured a w ri t of
!'■';e; corpus and had him taken off the train at Cm
"oiiUiU. I pon hr* return to Cleveland he was set .free
h .fudge < ha -h M-"Nainee of the Court, of Common
I’• pi: tie fa•.:( that still no indictment had been
I ■! >fj against him, he was picked up again a few weeks
(Continued on back page)
.Above are shown members of
the Senior Choir <f the Davte
Street Pretbylrian Church, who
will be presented in the Davie
Street Presbyterian Church,
who will be presented in a
Christmas musical® at the
church on Thursday night at
The choir is under the direc
tion of D. H. Keck C E Light
tier is its president. The Rev.
C. Andie Kearns is pastor f>l
the church
i2eyr. mim
Ms it* pKib. Tc si!!- &
proof br?r> Lhflt
Jerry Edmond'‘•On knows
what he's talking about when
he says that he will be 124
years old on Christmas clay.
Eldon Roark, c 4 iumoisi for
the Press - Scimitar, first
quoted the aged. Negro about
Fus years and -mid he saw no
reason to doubt it. Some pc:
pie -wrote they didn't believe
Recently Roark received
a Setter that gives evidence
from 75. year-old H. T. Grills
of West Point. Miss,
Grills stales that Edmond
son was an old man when he
was a smell boy. 'T was born
in 1373,” Grills wrote.
The NaHonal Commit fee oti Seg
regation in the Nation': vopitui i-*
distributing a 90 page booklet eh
titled, ‘Fegregatlori in Washing
ton. ” .'i damning Indk'tncnt of dem
crw'y a- no .astray at home. Use
shame of America.
Heralded by school and church
programs and lighted by glowing
Christinas trees and windows, th .
: Christmas spirit moved this wee! 4 .
> from the crowded streets of
i ; downtown Raleigh and into the
1 : residential areas of the city.
* | Altnou-gh lighted garlands of
I | Christmas green continued to
! j festoon the packed streets of the
| i shopping district, the week saw
! ; the emphasis shift from th city's
t ! stores to its homes, chuiehe. an !
j schools.
T!:o round of Christmas f 4--
, grams in the city’s schools b>
; gan Sunda> afternoon, as the iun
- :oj- musicians el the elementaly
1 gradey. were presented in then
| first concert, an afternoon or >
„’am of Christmas music Magen
rt the Blood worth Street YMCA
j The young itiusicians, whose.
; .ygr averages eleven years and
iv,i st r. f whom have had their in
i struments for three months or
>,. ss drew the enthusiastic »o
--: plan so of an audience of teacn
;, , . nt-. irid friend • once they
'Continued on back Ist :-ectic-r,>
F'.ch'-a of hr- j..x»c! icputatton. a
u uK v,niter who itole Sti.5CH) fro;.-
t)- ; p hank aud had returned near
a ail of it h.’fovo being caught >■.■•
iv'-n fine of S&4O and h prob.,-
'icma-v sentence of three years m
: tjrc U. -S. Di.Tnct court here Car*,
i week.
The Janitot Rwnaine . Albea,
: W as •)!-•'.' placed under a suspend •
cd sen l cnee of a ’.car and a day at
the federal reformatory in Fetes
-biirr, Va He worked at the High
' Pom! Savings and Trust company
of High Po nt
Albea origtnslly took the money
June 13 and 14 from a cash box a
clerk had left out by mistake He
| was picked up by the FBI afte*
:hc had passed one of th* missing
I bills to a doctor in High Point.
4 When caught h; quickly admitted
he had taken the money
. However, in the meantime Albea
..'had returned all the money to the
bank except sß3s he had usset to
pay hi Us. He repaid the other mom
. Icy by taking out all his savings
ejand also getting" a loan of SSOO on

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