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    White Man
Aids King’s
Africa Plan
GULFORT Mlise - Clennou
King, controversial Nepro minis
in- s-jjri Monday he would accept
the proposal o" a white business
man :n Jacksonville, Fla., that hr
head a Back-to-Africa movement
for skilled American Negroes.
King said he would leave Mon
day to confer with Bert C New
ton at the Florida city.
The .14-year-old former his
(oi.v professor at Alcorn A&M
< nidge was ousted earlier IbU
fall from Ihr University of
Mississippi campus when he
attempted to enroll
H» said Newton wanted to help
1-nm hart, an Africnn-Amencan
investment firm to relocate skilled
American Negroes in independent
African countries.
k nc. pastor of thr St. Andrews
African Methodist Episcopal
fhuren in North Gulfport said
ins resignation had been accepted
by Bishop Frederick Jordan of
New Orleans.
He said he already had received
a (cue. from Ghana Prime Mtn
, Or Kv.-am Nkrumah invit
ing him to visit Hint nation.
He admitted, however, Nkru
m,ih citeouragod any idea of
wholesale immigration of Ameri
can Negroes to Ghana
ihr plan would call for hi*
risifing Liberia and Nigeria
a iso. hr said, le conduct a
*ur>T.v of commercial r.stab-
Inbiponls in those countries
and determine the need for
skill'll labor,
Ne\v r o!i contacted King after
reading an article King wrote, en
titled. "Negro Americans Back to
King said ne would drive to:
Woodbine Ga.. to visit his wife j
and five children en route to j
Jacksonville. I
TISTS—Dr William R Stras
*nr.r. president of Shaw Univer
sity has been invited to deliver
ihr Educational Address at the
Annual Session of the Pennsyl
vania. State Baptist Convention
nn Thursday. October 16. at
1:00 p.m. at Philadelphia. Prcsi
dent Klrassner has jus! returned
from the Board of Director’s
meeting or the United Negro Col
lege Fund In New York City and
be was elected a member of the
Fund’s executive rommitlce.
Third Week
Os Bonus
Money Opens
Bonus Money program entered its
third wee.k on Thursday, October
16 The week will end at midnight
October 2?. The current month w ill
end on November 12
There are si"-; weeks included in
H>r Bonus month in order that
mniß ioesl and county churches
will harm a ehanre to enter and |
trv for top cash awards
Checks were awarded winning j
churches f«r last, month two weeks |
=ge These receiving top awards j
'»c;-(c First Congregational Christ* I
>an Church. Pane Strep* Prcsby- i
trrian and Fayetteville Street i
Pule? of sh» contest are listed
each week on page 2 of each edi
tion Church members participat
ing -hpuld look on the front page
each week for a lint of C A RODIN
IAN advertisers Patronise these
merchants and turn your receipts
«r purchase, slip?, over to a tfore
-htativc in your church every
H.mdav morning.
A- rrlr: giver; C- churches follow;
- second. sls, third;
tin fourth
...iio *d\ ertise wilh us
en vi-iete your business and we
n rou in ti-»dr- with them
ir . mir ohies'l; is not rin’.,' tak
in the program, '-all the
. f... ur attention
m-.'.r'l Hl'-n anusint both
•■opr-eIF nod him with the contest
rut 2nd s'-'it winning monthly
i o.u i
Lawyer Says Race Relations
In South Carolina Are Good
COLUMBIA, S. C.—South Caro
lina Attorney Gcneiul T. C. Col
lision said Monday the Palmetto
State has been an “outstanding
modal of peaceful relationships'’
oetweer races,
“We have had no disturbance®,
no violence such as that we see
neaking out ail around in
neighboring states, because we
have no areas of integration..'’
”3,bison said in a speech to a
Steltu&bte civic dub.
Hundreds Hear NAACP Officials
.-.»■> LV . ~ 1 ■ N 1 immmsmmmmi lll illlllllll IIIWMMWWP—
. - —————■■—l— -—,—- -
North Carolina T s Leading Weekly
4 4- 4 4 4 4’+’ 4
Morganton Woman h
Cremated In Auto
ißurns Fatal |
Auto Stalls
MOKGANTON-- A Moigantonj
man remained in tail here without i
charge for questioning in the j
death of hi;-, woman companion in!
an automobile fire near here Sun- j
Burke County authorities I
said Will Fleming told them
his car h d become stuck in
nuid and that he was gone for
help a the time fire swept the ,
vehicle and killed Mrs. Betty
Ford about 60, also of lifor
Firming said he and the woman |
wore on a fishing trip at the time, j
Sheriff’s deputies said she body j
was burned •".<■> a crisp.”
Officers are still investigating the
'•c*se. .-.cowing new clues bMote t
placing charges against Fleming ;
As far as eauid be .determined j
i this was the first time that a per
! eon had been burned beyond recoc* i
i , i
!Brother Is |
I Gun Victim !
|fn Hickory
HICKOaV A 58-year-old
i Hiekorv man wa£ arrested and
i charged Sunday with murder in
connection with the death of his
■ brother Lillian Gore, 50.
Andrv Gore void police his bro
| ther came to Ins home here early
i Sunday. He said his brother
i threatened to get a gun from a
! car and shoot him after an argu
i ment.
{ The older Gore told officers
i his brother left the house and
went (o the car. apparently tor the
gun. Ho said lie picked up his own
shotgun and followed Lillian Gore
into the yard.
When the younger Gore opened 1
the car door r,e was shot in the. I
stomach. Hr died shortly after- |
ward at a Hickory hospital
Long Prison Terms j
Given White Boys
:!n Farmer’s Death
TARSORO -- Three teenage* s, j
described as "hardened criminals, |
received long prison terms Monday j
for their part in the slaying of a
colored farmer lasi month near
Rocky Mount.
Judge Chester’ Morris handed
Wayne Jenkins of Gastonia, identi
fied as |he trigger man in the wan- !
lon Wiling. 2 20*25-year term?-;
Willie Ingram, 16. of Lenoir re- |
reived 10-12 years and James Good- j
man, 15, of Concord was given an >
8-10-year sentence.
The charges grew out of the
shotgun killing of 85-year-old j
Clyde Farmer at his home early |
on the evening of September 12
Tlw bo.v? were reportedly
escapees from a detention hone- |
attempting to steel Farmer’* truck |
at the time of the slaying.
CaUtsfcn said there are so many
different racial characi. eristics'
that it is impossible for white and
Negro to live in integrated fa&h
He said attempts at integration
bring about “ciYoaLnsl personal
relationships", and ' no person has
the moral, legal or constitutional
right to create disturbances a~
mpnp tf£ hf rrt«* ftCgtegated
way of Lie.' J
WAIT FOR FOLIO SHOTS Faced with a polio epidemic in j
Detroit. Michigan, residents line up for Salk vaccine shots outside an j
! emergency innoculation clinic last week. Folio cases to date number I
S 523 and the number of deaths has mounted to 16,, Helping in the j
fight against the epidemic is the National Foundation, which has
supplied 100,000 free vaccine shots, several iron lungs and §IO,OOO in I
rash. (UPr PHOTO).
Harry Golden Blasts
‘Massive Resistance’
CHICAGO Writer and philoso- ,
pher Harry Golden, Charlotte, N, j
C„ Tuesday turned his homespun j
wit into a blast at the south’s j
"massive resistance’ to intergra- !
Golden, cigar-puffing author
of the best-seller “Only In A- j
Racist Lays Plans To Make j
All U. S. Schools Private j
WASHINGTON Fiery segre
gationist John Kasper said Mon
day he plans to launch «, cam
paign to abolish all public school-.
In the United Stares and replace
them with private, segregated
Kasper >eid public schools were
“Subject to a lot 01 graft, cor
ruption, socialism and control by
the federal government.”/
“It's time to get back In
something basic” in education,
he said He indicated he would
push his plan first in Vir
ginia where, public schools al
ready have been closed in
three communities to block In
The segregationist said his ac
tivities would be interrupted in
State News
RALEIGH- Mis. Sophnma Hin
ton Perry died this week at the
age of 103. She resided on Rharn
ica ttc Road, near this city. Fun
eral services were conducted Wed
nesday at 3 p.m. at the Davie
Street Presbyterian Church with
the Rev, Rpboft L. Shirley, pas
tor. officiating. Burial followed in
Mount Hope Cemetery. Mrs. Perry
Is survived by one nephew and
two niece®.
(CONtiMnib tJM PA&S •»
merica,” said Govs. Orval Fan
bus of Arkansas and Marvin
Griffin of Georgia have “made
it easy” for southerners to keep
racial hatred alive.
He also said it “ill behooves’
November while he went to Ten*; to stand trial for his alleg-i
ed attempts to interfere with \
school Integration in that, state '
Kasper said he did not know \
i anythin? about the dynamite
bombing of a Jewish Temple in
Atlanta. Ga., before dawn. Sun
day. He said he has only “heard”
of the so-called “confederate un
derground” which is believed rr
Sir Walts* Chevrolet Coittpanr
P AGE .1
I Goodman's End Shop
Sanders Motor Company
I Martin Street Self-Hcmre Launrlr
tludson-Belfc Company
! Carolina Power a Lighl Company
! rtajclcii fn'jimnal 1,..jb
Raleigh Saving* 4: Loan Asnociation
Ollion Motor Company
Joyce & Bailey Furniture Co
O'Neai Mofors
O.K, Clothing Company
Colonial Store*
N. C. Products
Mr. C. Karl Llchlman
Capita! Loan Company
Acme Really Compare'
Wake Finance Company
t.’lvellii Beauty Collegi-
Gem IVflirh Siiop
Raleigh Funeral ilo'iir
S. M Young Hardware < "
A & P. Sup—* Market-
Hut Russos Halier,, a Cleaner*
Awttacsasu; fSjrT;
1 lh«* He rd #v«t*.n Irdu-ttla! Sauk
Court Hands (
Setbacks Toi
Ark. And Va.!
! W ASH INGTON- - The Supi erne;
! Court, meeting in iU first bun- j
j nesse cssion of the 1 858-59 term, j
| dealt new legal setbacks Monday l
to Gov. Orval E. Fr.ubus of Aj - I
j kansas and other forces seeking U>!
i dels.), or block racial integration
i in the public schools.
If also agreed to examine
j the validity of tlure Virginia
laws aimed al the National
Association for (hr Advance
ment of Colored People, uhich
j; has been in th>’ forefront in
the fight for school desegre
gation. The statutes were rul
ed unconstitutional hy a low
|i er federal courl in Rirlunond.
Mcetii.g for the first time since.
it..s formal opening last. Monday,
j the l'.i.di court quickly and abrupt
ly tii-poscri of several oT the ra
i rial problems er.-vdmg its docket,
t in vapid-fire fashion, it issued
'I brief orders:
!i f ).e apireal of Kau
: bus from lower court orders for
bidding him to use National j
| Guard troops, as. he did last year. |
j to prevent Negro pupils from en- j
' I
1C Escape
i Negro prisoners awaiting trial
here for previou escapes over
powered a dupty eriff Monday
and fled after disarming him.
They were recaptured about an
I hour later in the vicinity of the
jail by sheriff's officers.
Prison Official identified
j the men. all felo as Walter
Sicas, !8, Greensboro, who en
tered prison in 1 and was
serving 3-5 years ,• break
ing and entering, , , rny and
receiving; Clyde L, Doggelt,
; 16. Charlotte, who entered
prison in December. 1057. serv
ing an auto larceny term;
Nathaniel Ford, 27. Lumberton.
«hn entered prison In Decern
; her, 10i>6 and was serving Isl
Ins; and Harvey Lee Murehi- j
year* for larceny a,n>’ recelv- |
sou. 25, Willow Springs, who j
entered prison In luty, ISSR, I
and was serving 15 20 years
for armed robbery.
The four were pari, of » group!
of 11 prisoners from the Bonder- |
son County unit who were brought j
to the county jail to await trial i
on escape charges
Washington Terras® Apt*
; Vinous
j Rtoodworth at Tourist How»
\ MeehauKb £ Fanner* Rank
! Heater Well Company
! f'avene** litsiijrancc Agency
; Crpm Cola Bottling ( o of fUl&igh
j Carolina Builder?* Corp.
, Haiwa s Seafood A Poultry Co., Inc.
i Cm stead Transfer Co A Fond Store
j Dillon Motor Finance Company
j Dunn's Esso Service
j Ridgeway’s Opticians
' Warner Memorials
Deluxe Rote
S, H Kress A Company
Family Shoe Store
O K. Rub he Welder*
, Nash nele-Wat ren, Inf
New Lincoln Case
Morion’s Cash Store
lavht Uadi TV Service
R.#!et d i ommbslon House* Inc,
r V. QuUxu f urniture Company
i fire stone storey
Hunt henini tiro company
I f’irkt.-r'ttiy-ont bauV As Trujst Cms.tpa.hy j
Delegates wen? Lot cl at- the N. ('
Htalo NAACP Convention here
that, Mcgroes air. being squeezed
out ot job:, in the South at, the
morning m,f,ion Friday,
Tina statement came from Her
bert, Hill, National Labor .Secre
tary *f the NAACP as he re
counted how technological ad
-1 van cos were resulting in imrm
| nlnyirjent for unskilled or semt
j -skilled Negro workers
j The sessions were held at the
! Marts n Street Baptist Church
"A number of North Carolina
plants are violating ami-discrlmi
nation clauses in F'ederal contracts
by not hiring Negroes." said Hilt.
Ho that a number o! com
plaints had been fiied with the
President's committee, on con
While addressing the converi
‘ Hon, Kelly Alexander, N, C State
| NAACP president, stated that the
present cardinal principle;: which
the organization hopes to estab
lish nr; the fallowing:
1 Government must not segre
gate on I lie jot.
Public msulutionx. facilities, j
and projects must foe unsegregat- j
|cd and equally available to ail ;
| people
-'i. Government must not dr
criminate in employment.
In a stinging appeal, Alexander I
said, “The parents of school rhil- j
dren hold the key to expanded!
iroNTtNirn on pacsr 2>
ToN.C. !
CHARLOTTE! John Kasper,
j known racial racial agitator who
j was booed when he was here in
j September announced tins week
that he would return to this com
munity while working on plans to
further his segregationist schemes.
Kasper said he is writing a book
winch outlines a political program
designed to eventually "reduce
Negroes and Jews to an alien sta
tus in the U 3." He said he had
schetfid Charlotte as iris new home
base oecc.use "I've noticed a strong
undercurrent of resistance to in
tegration here. It’s .lust not organ
(rayiwusD on paof c>
Bi-Racial j
Group Finds \
Lost Child
LOUIBBURG--About 100 pm - j
sons, white and Negro, formed a j
human chain Monday nigh! to;
find a 3-year-old Negro boy lost I
in a dense woods near here.
The Louisburg Rescue Service
began the search for Matthew j
Lewis Burrell. Rt. 1, Kittrell. at j
about 7:30 p.m.. shortly after he. |
had wandered away from his fa
ther's car while the father in
spected some timber.
Volunteer firemen, Louisburg
College students and residents of
the area joined in the search.
The boy was found a!, 0 p.m
in a clump of bushes about a mile
from the spot where he had left
hir, father. He was frightened and
cold, but otherwise unharmed.
'■•'.* . jj*y. v
Pi Mg* t i:i .
O*K RIDGE DONATES \ BCHOOC ~~ Clinton Ilish School *lnrlpoi/s leave Wiist* sficr irrlHnt *.t
! <|toi{. new hipi, wHiwi in o?l iDtJjrc. fßnn.. ins) T!»urr*3i«'-. fnc V?»*♦*?<• Enccsy Cot»n»li*wft Inmi'i! ww
i October S. (DPI TELEPHOTO).
sgfts %
m J|R ; - i
m I®% § I
RAUKHiii Hosts n.a a.c.p.
CONVENTION Scenes re- |
corded during the NAACP ire
} shown here The stale meeting ]
; 'was lioirl in (his city, October j
' 9-1:1. In <«ui nlioto rre Thuv- i
good Marshall, chief legal < oim- i
sr-I. iefi, and I onrad O Pear- i
son. slate I ?g,i I counsel 15 >r- j
! shall addre-sed the convention i
i last Saturday * enter (pH photo \
shows Rov Wilkins, nulnitial cv
: rrutive m 'Tctar.v, during his
| stirring address .»( (hr Raleigh
Memorial Auditorium, attended
h. between 7tMi and l *IOO per
sons. On the right is ,m miiden
! I d ied delegate shown chcr kirtg
j her program between meetings.
In bottom right photo if, Kelly
| Miller Alexander, slate presi
; dm, who was re-elected by the
j delegates.
Fire Claims
Mom, Four
Small Kids
CHARLOTTE A mother and j
her four small children were burn- j
cd to death Sunday when fire j
swept their four-room frame house
before they could escape.
The victims were Mrs. Lucille I
| McDaniel. -10 and her children,
j .Tames, 3, Mabel, 11. Sandra, 7, and j
i Ann 3.
Authorities said two of (hr
rhildren apparently had a
- in time to run to
Herbert Hill
Shaw Address
Shaw Uuivrisil.y students heard
Herbert Hill, labor .secretary for
the N.A.A C.P. on Friday, October
10. He said thal as a result ot 11 ie
automation of technical skills; in
the industrial revolution which is
taking place in this country and
especially m the south many Ne
groes are displaced as mechanics
!* 1 1 il Jl
' .WWTTwf
KK Klansmen
Begin Terms
In Beating
i i'd several months ago in the beat-
!'HR of Claud Cruell. colored resi
! deni; of Upper Greenville County,
i four alleged Ku Klux Kiansmen
| Tuesday began serving terms rang
j ing from one io six y-a- Cruell
j was attacked in April of 1357.
1 He id the attack stemmed from
[ his oaring for the children of a
white neighbor while the neighbor
j visited hiu wife in a Greenville
i hospital The men allegedly wore
j masks.
j The four defendants bad filed
i notice of appeal from their con •
| vmtlons. but failed <o perfect the
appeals Circuit Judge John arm of
Alcndalo Monday signed an order
dismissing the appeals arid the
four utrrendc ed at n ,e C'u.ptjf
sheriff' ■ office
Andrew Mar-hall Roche tor, who
dn vv h six-year *en(enr« i,. ring*
j leader in Hie riot against Cruel!,
and Wade Henry Howard, wh« w»*
vent firmed io Uv-,- v/■ -i ■ were ,'on
fined io the Central Prison camp.

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