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    Duke Students And Faculty Group Seek Integration
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Dr. Julian ? Others To Speak Here
“Children Better Off With
God,” Mother Teis Police
CORBIN, Va. - “The children will be better off with tht
Lord,’’ said Mrs. Winifred Browder to the polio ai’h r she alleg
edly killed her three offsprings Tuesday. Mrs. Browder said she
was satisfied that God would forgive her
The woman, who is 33-years old stabbed five -year-oid Jo .
Ann m tli'- throat with a pair of scissors and drowned the olli'i
two tots in a pail of water.
They litre hngrar, Jr.. 3-years
old. and -O-mojifh-old Sidney.
She- said: "I thought, they would
hr better off . . thev were so)
voting that, they have a long ways j
to go
"T res r et. leaving God, but I
rio:i ( resrpt my eh.idren briiis;
iu heaven new. I knew that
Ruling On Greensboro Golf
Case By Supreme Court Due
WASHINGTON - The Supreme
Court agreed Monday to rule on
a civil rt?rh!.s case brought by .-4. x
Ncgtue;; who were sent,clued to 30
days in jail for U’espa.-x-in-. v.lvn
lfi\v irk'd to play poll on a public
couv- c mi. Grerusboro.
The Nt-.-troes were arrested
n( Ihe Gillespie Pork Golf Club
lire. 7, 13.1.7, after Ihcv paid
ends fern and started out
mi (be runrse despite ostlers
to leave. the morse. onee-eitf
ourruted. t);i(i been leased b>
<>veniif-fti*ro so if could be run
us a public--but mb nttmiei
pat course for whites Oil!'.
t The court row will hear hiuu
tnetibs or the Negroes' appeal and
ha)td down r written opinion la
In ,j worn! civil rights case, the
MEMPHIS, I'ctut.—Dr. K. Stanley .lopes, world-famous Me
thodist evangelist iml missionary, predicts that school integration
will be accomplished its the South in the next HI years.
When it happens, Jones f«id :> church audience .Sunday nigh!.
"Our Democracy w ill bp sounder and our consciences clearer.” lie
said fears of intermarriage arc groundless.
“Sf: legation in the South now »> only ,i figment of imagins
Heit Negroes work >» our homes, handle our food and care tor our i *
yonilf. tVb*t differenee does it make if Negroes sit alongside oar '
children in schools.”
JUMPED FROM BURNING PLANK Four of the eight Navy airmen who parachuted to safetj
nviiiri a. bnrnins patrol plane, point to the spot on the map where the plane crashed near San Diego.
Calif., recently. The survivors said the two pilots of she aircraft save sip tlietr lives so the other men
could leap |o safety from the torpedo-laden craft. Left to right arc. Allen I- Van of Hnrrodxbur#. Kjr.s |
wl.ewis H. Wheeler, of Marquette. Mich; Lawrence Gahbcrt of Belinont, Mich.; and Richard ReisHman,
of San Diego, Calif. fl’PI TELEI’IiOTO).
the carolinian
North Carolina's Leading Weekly
God didn’t approve of it. but
i knew, also iw a Christian. if
f was realty son;,v tie would
forgive me.
• I asked for forgiveness, af
ter I killed them." she eon
•tCONTINIII li ON twee >
j court refused to hear a Savanah. !
■ Ga.. Negro woman’s challenge of j
i racial segregation In federally
: aided public housing. Mrs. Queen ,
11 ChoenV appeal was rejected in ai
i i brief order. Two lower courts nil- j
•; ed that technically sire had no]
rich' to sue,
Tlic North Carolina golf course
vs ached the Supreme Court \
after the Negroes involved had!
been twice convict i-vt in the'
! Greensboro Municipal Court of j
: breaking a state tre,spans law.
rise North Carolina Supreme
| Court reversed their first eon vie i
: tion on a technicality hut affirm- :
ed the second on -Tune 4. IPSB Be
' tween the two decision,', federal
J! .Judge Johnson J. H c.s ruled
I that Negroes could not. be ejcclud- .
' cd ftotn the Gllesnio Golf Course •
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' lljjmSmff
fgSk |f
DR. I‘s,R<'V S„ H fl ’ 4 *s
~.!o speak February It;
SUN: t Chan ce Seen Now Co r
Legislation On Civil Rights
tors Tuesuuy forcemv only a slim
chance for civil rights legislation
; in the wake of the Senate’s refusal
; to make a major change in its aa
ti-fiiibuyb'i- rule.
The fpitr-duy filibuster fight end
i d Monday night when the Sops'ie
j approx *.-d. 73 tv -2, a comoromiat*
!by iv: .iov at a: Scpfj r l..yridi»!l P.
’ Johnson )’!>>■ . providing for ••>
Ha'iwa Indians’ School
Til 'wo-yea; old fight waged:
by the Halle - a Indiana of Warren
and ITaiUax Counties came to an;
end lost week when U was reveal
ed that they have won their own
Clint of tin long battle, began !|
two ye. ago when the Haliwas !
bonatmeted their own private in* t
slitution near Hollister, wits reach- \
cd when the school war designs t- j
cd a of th<* Warms County j
Public fit o‘ System
The -.late Mioci'ted f. i•— iris
Smjwesf ;
Wm fro
V- §k*m
||p '
... to begin series
. mild rule modifiertioti.
But (hr libera! bloc. v. hich
.sought tighter debate curbs,
prossi.HCtl to renew Hi- buttle
in flic next congress. Sen. C lif
ford I’. fuse- (R-N .I.t. a leader
of the bipartisan gi .nin. •- r Gs;
"This is only a battle and not
tile war."
The Johnson nix? Vision provide.:
it OMi.srtai on ever i)
and money to the Hollister
school which hereafter will be
operated by be Warren Coun
ty Board of Kdncaiion.
Stale News
• i
!•!AG IT vu: I
RALEIGH Tim Raleigh -mu
Wake County Business and Pro- j
feseiooal League ov.-t at the Blood*
worth Street YMCA Tuesday nigh;
of this week, Cailcr Charles Smith. •
Jr., president, presided. Reports, of
hT ‘JC ffJ* *f **
jPA (»», ?
j Modern * inam r i n
j sloi*?au's i' stor*
!PAG* .*
i«tr».t -cUi/iMt* R ntK a tnj.M <o
! liHrtah Savin;;o a Loan A ‘>omum?
, PAG* %
nil* i( oLi Bottling t o
( M. -John >V Wintffh
| Wimbf rlfy Klee.tri-*’ v’»>n»p;in .
j PA tv! f.
i R h. <|:jiito I'unuttii!* t n.
I Halfich V nnprjtj Homs'
| K^armiy’ij Grcrcry
.Surely Kvt ermine tins <nmpnn>
Odom int St.'atr St:»rr
ParoiSua Power a Ueiit C.vmivuiv
Raieitjii Seafood t onapsnv
i Capital I.oan Company, Im
j Route VaufcHin Co.
; Hamilton Grocery
PAiiF g
Col'Hilal Sfoith
The Hood System Indnslrial Bank
Standard Cirntrr Block Co
Taylor Barilo A TV Her vice
;Mr C. Karl IJIi Ihrt,
Raleigh OnnoisMcn House Inc.
PAGE r t
i A A P ?sii|ipr Market#
Os Religion
is Planned j
T'!>r.'.~ nationally-known journa* •
I'ots and authors, an outstanding
scum list 7i United States Senator, i
;| t*d tlf' Father of Modern Hepub*
lie,-in ism" will he featured in Ra
leigh's twentieth annual Institute
of Religion ih'Kinnms January ID
Speakers will be heard on fix sue
ii-:-, :ve Monday nights op the -jen- i
red (home of "Man s Expanding
(Tbit . SiKDied!- d by Hi ■ United
Church, the Institute has long been !
; a cof,-:’Ts;in|i.y institution and all
• wv. I Otis Mill be open to the public i
l.cadtrig i»ft the series on .Janie i
f -if' hi %vpl he Gerald W. Johnson. !
Carolina native whose i
rot ered more than thirty years
1 and v bore journalistic l carper has
! covered more than thirty yeaars
| Most re-rent ly he has been assoc!
; a tea with she "Baltimore Sun" and
: "New Republic Magazine.” He has j
I a’ o produced a popular television !
j program in Rail (more and has pub*
Georgia U.
Halts All
Atlanta Admissions to all]
; whools. in the Georgia State Uni - i
| versify System were stopped in- |
i definitely Monday by the State i
Board ot Re-ymits.
The action vas in compli
ance -Ailh a recommendation
by Governor - Fleet Ernest 1
Vandiver. Following the fed
eral dislrirl court derision
Saturday that qualified Nc
ernes must he admitted to i
Georgia State College of Busi
ness Administration. Vamli*-
ver suggested that all applica
tion'. he suspended until the
iconriM t> ov pAeui j»> j
Crippled Man Hams,
ISf VS(IN \ ee-lppteft ir.on
i burned lei death Sunday night
v iiep fiep enveloped the iwiis
house in whith he Jived alone
PolieF i hie! John Medlin >w»»ii
that ihe body of John AVI!
lia.m.s. 6S. was found in the
doorway of hl« house, lndir«t
ic.£ be apparently tried to flee
(he flaming structure.
The fire apparently “started
from a stove, Medlin said.
I '\nr M.jif < rranirt'
l : h ••••■< one store- ».
,\tiihMf,.i*tfti ritralte
i >moo;. Baker-
Nee Uncoln i air
ll.tvlp Sn-cet tint!
iyat Illusion Terrace At?t»•
I‘AGf: if.
Binuri worth M. Tourist Ho"
| lintlri Well fompatu
*’Rv»net.'i fttfuraiiee Agenc"
i l'eit»FC«!a. BottUnir Co. ol Rale I kti
; 1 .1 roll ft it Bulkier- Cot |>
WsiMjn’s h r food S- Poultry Civ , Itie,
Uni strati Transfer Co. & Foot! Store
j I» lion Motor l iinmee Company
' Uturn's Esso Serviee
Ridgeway's Oink-ian*
! Warner Memorials
! Com Wato It Shop
-8 11. Kro-s A Co.
Raleigh TV Service
I Met-ho tiles A: farmers Bank
Martin Slrccl Self-Service Latmdrv
At me keally i <m|i»n>
IVltlfe Oil Company
N C. f'rodtirl,*
Wake finanee < omp.tny
Sullivan's Grocer.
| S. M. Voting Hardware
At Durham
DURHAM Several i.'iiUr- Unl
vetfdly students. with .some (ac
uity bock)nr, are circulating pc
f H flttlr iiiplmup pe,r*y«,r.. I * H
,u * <» \n ,m in
ei a I rex la ol ion.s m |.|-,c univer
sity's admission ixriicy.
Three ' interested .students" are
circulating a petition pmenr. 1 1;<■
i university's undergraduates. A
| well-organized group, which in
cludes some faculty members, is
Records Os
Voters Are
Given Up
! la. Agent)
for the U. S. Civil Right-- Com*
j mission Tuesday won the right to
examine disputed voter i-«-s*».-t....
i lion records which a defiant Ala
bama judge had withheld.
Juogo George WaJlan of Cireuit
Court, admittedly' inviting a tail
term for contempt, turned the voL
| er fiies over to humediy called
; .
Flames Kill
At Raleigh
A .six-year-old girl succumb •
ouLurduy night to bum- she re
• •cived when her dn- s ca.iighl. fir>
ruin an open lu-uJcr.
I’earlir Vac W.itUjiv. died
second and third - decree fwirii;-
ii liii I* duel ir-. said I’ovprrtl
her Imk'y from Peek (o liiiri-s.
Her death t a me ai si. Agues
Hospital sonm six hours after
(h<- fire
Police ;>a'd bad beep ,sI ,i -
um mqfr the heißer l;-;;, run fJVIt
into a sty>of when the clothim-
I'temed. Her mother, Mr.-, Lotus'"
Watkins, who wui' iwiig a neigh
bor's telephone, saw the child
running with her elothin • afire.
She rushed i.o the girl and
smothered the flames with :
blanket, but wax too late to pre
vent, the fatal bums.
.. ■ .a i
<IT A I »r. Anna Arnold Hedge- j
m ill, fmnin assistant to ai .. ..r !
\\ I'.tio pi l\>w i«ik ( i|v and |
ill pi CM'ot associate editor us the
New \pfl Age newspaper* will ■
speak foi Hie Mplip Kappa \i- ;
pha's I'ounder's l>:*y -unda’. . 1
,f;i U!<:ir.v 'Yt at (he churn u’elerk
isei'VP'C il Ihe | it' ( IV) pt Ist
WAITING IVIR CASTRO Followers of rebel lender Dr. Fidel Castro bold a Cuban flng over their
deep onfside (lie Nwttenai Hotel, Havana, rreenlh. Ilr CnslroV men have taken over the eily’ ant? jja
vtiita is awaiting the arrival of the rebel chieftain. tjiri PIfOTOi.
c id oi Hampton In-Jbute. Virginia, departed fr«m xjew York's Idle■
uilft .Airport hist ’let'll for a two month lecture and discu-sion tenr u
Use .Asian Kepuklie. Chosen by the l N. state Ih-parf!>.-!>: to inici
pres this eoimlry in India. Hr. Moron v. ill speafe I" crmips of s.-h-i u
inii cdtiealors. government and business leaders and i»JH<*r group'
Tliis is Hi, Moran’s second assignment from (Re si.H- ft-psrlmeu'
Hr t appointment was i» head ihe i >. «Jeh ::;;ina to the V. ...
Indies Conference in .l.rniaiea. ISS'h wlih'h niarkcrl the res! time
N'.fiii hid he n elmsep to head a delegation from fir, rousiiry (,i
ln!i-;nal ional cotifcrenee.
"‘Carolina Kissing Case”-
Ipp2a'£il 3 Lsafei -'m
I WAI'BTBOnO riebm-l Y. A,!.
■ I han>d, pre-fidant yii Un; U»Sfc)'»i Co"n
--•• I !.y Gtiaptn* of. the Nationei A so
• | tion for sh« Advancoinfui of
i Coiorcd P*:<};. , lijM pei. -,M n I
[ | week that the d.ccif ion r,;,ardin:
! two youngsU-rs would be appcnled. I
• j A fH'lition mptcsling Uw rrtu’p i
; from Morrison Training .Softool
| the t'.S’o yo'./Dd 1a <v ,■. ■ • . j
j wiil there for kirsiii" w! itt- .1
! whs dismissed Me; Monday afi
i tp-tin.
j lb announcing bis dcci'ion to a
; iwii-1 ill ........ ■ l
tty, Superior Court .i'Mry- W-iiS-cv* :
I .lohuson. Jr, „,:J: "Thi, I ,-.-iii •
j )ir?l. upset ihe fipdiiu:.'. of IS. j.--
Fire Destroys 21 100. > •
In Wins ton "■ Sal em Area
W lN£ T O N -8 Al. ha t 'l' w n
homes burned to Hu: around ikp; '
here bite Fra:. \ and a vouti;; mo
ther am! cbdd had a nm row * '
cape ;u our of i.hc bfetzes.
Tlw home of Mi ;<nd Me. Dan*
I te! Hill was destroyed in a blozo
| which Marten shortly before ti P.
jM. Mrs Hill .-laid eh. was rmJ.m
] and awoke to find ’hr horn e rn-j
! Ritifed m IT,me H'w only had I
j time to miib her fiyr year-old i
1r 1 did firr- ! loffi the wind
I whipped fire H'J! an emplu’r- of:
i the M JO’ Bottling r'o bore, M:i;. :
away a I work ;H il.' 1 in:-,
Mr and Mrs, rtave Barden an !
i elderly couple, were a-wa;. from
flu'll- liomc io< Mod just:
iviihi the eiiv iindl. ylii'ii it i
eoi'i.i (in- e.ii' (i'l lday a.He'noon
if- ■ i i. rl . ~, : ,
Aed I I-J vid • f'i ■■ ,„ri
| ■ :l ■ eii • ,-■> t.i-.
. & r .
■ h'-i.T! Pi-jch e;\ aL-if' e-t,.
i- (. . ; Aiif,..,... ~ i ft ■i■
«Is u thins was .iuv-4 iioui liUc hou -c
(comini i;u on r \<.[ »>
]P” “ _ I
Steps into Path
- '.Vins ton i
JattMvs .ifeui >O, o $
Goldsboro, VAfs jk*Hr<t Saturdii.'
Mishit h\ l into thv
i»i a eiir on I S- If7 i>nu
Si fhr V* 1
t.o sljt* hi j
< {fH I ft-V:'. 7: fj f ’■
I X Goldsboro, tv if* tu Hired sh - •
i i’Uv tjri-f itrda\ sitorni«ig when
}?#? i *i* il»lo Uio of i
ijn # rural
OiJJr ROflfSl rvf ptc-i

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