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New Buildings Must Be
Erected To Meet Modem
Fire Regulations Here
Program Asks Churches
To Borrow From Banks
To Meet Present Crisis
(An Editorial)
The time is now!
The cause is Shaw University.
The CAROLINIAN believes there is no reason why Shaw
University should not enjoy a prosperous endowment along with
a new campus of modem buildings. The time has come when not
only accreditation may be jeopardised, but also the entire physi
cal plant of this institution unless two to three million dollars are
raised now for new buildings. Retiring a quarter-million dollar
debt is only a very minor need of this near 100-year-old school.
The fact is the whole echoed plant needs to be rebuilt.
A very simple plan can assure Shaw University of not only
retiring her indebtedness and regaining accreditation but also a
brand new campus and endowment funds as well. The plan is for
every ana of the 1700 to 1000 baptist churches along with any
other churches interested in Shaw University to call their trus
tees and congregations together and vote to go now to a bank in
348 Years OLD
f vBEBhISSDb 1
te ' *
LEONARD BUILDING is the oldest structure on the camp
us, having been erected in 1871. It received minor repairs in 1942.
m/ . ilfli f 4 IuBIhHM
mg JPMJ||I|
ESTBY HALL wee erected in 1873. About $20,000 *orth of
gopaks was dona unit in 1963.
>J. 'f9 ... • a
GREEN LEAF AUDITORIUM was built in 1879. Aside
Horn firs escapes, no external renovations have been attempted
on this ancient structure
Jtittik jifcim, iinp.l !
CONVENTION HALL on the campus at Shaw Unhrersitr
0m buHi in 1881. Harm last repaired in 1948.
Dr. King ‘Man Os Year 9
The Carolinian
VOL. 22, NO. 10 RALEIGH, N. C., SATURDAY, JANUARY 11, 1964 PRICE 15c
Knifed In
Chest At
Own Home
New Yost’s Day dawned bright
and promising for most people In
Raleigh last Wednesday, but It held
only KM unknown and ominous
promise of violent end almost In
stant dead! for James Earl (Piggia)
Spencer. V
Police lmmdiatmk jmmMnA Leroy
IBUl) McClain. R. Eden
***£*s M. I wto%&!d in foe
left chest an the front pitch et Ml
home, 907 Camden Street, at ap
proximately 10:18 pan, after an
swering s knock at bis front door.
When he was stabbed. Ipsa
ear allegedly cried ant, “He get
am. somebody cell an ambu
lance." He then swayed bask
into his house, leaving a trail
of blood In one bedraem, and
fell mortally wounded In an
other bedroom,, as ho tried te
teach s bed.
Deteethre Sgt Larry Smith
informed thh newsman, who
arrived at 19:36 pjn» that as ha
tamed the man ever from Ms
left (Me. onto his hack, about
IS minutes after foe stabbing,
foe victim exhaled hie dying
McClain, who was relased from
prison less than two woks ago, was
reportedly a visitor In the Spencer
household earlier in the evening,
left after a short while, and is be
lieved to have secured a butcher
knife during his absence.
The weand In Spencer's cheat,
trap util closely by foie writer,
ed foe weapon Info foe area of
hie heart and twisted It asM
the hole appeared to be foe efoe
et a half-dollar In etrewmfer
“Bad blood" was reportedly one
motive triggering foe total assault
ftoNnwni'ii paps »>
Yew Column
Harry 1 * Golden. tnterasMeualiy
famous editor oT The CARO
anther 1 foe book, "Only In
America," will hart a weekly
MUtartal"* *** naeSmm*"'’
3 Explain
Little Fed’
Plan Here
Clarence 1 eefoet— and Sena
tor David Clark, i iprewntlng Lin
coln. Catawba and Iredell Counties
were present at the Raleigh Citi
zens Association meeting lest
Thursday night to explain foe “Lit
tle Federal Plan" and offered ideas
In support of it The steel on waa
held at the Chavis Heights Bscs
ation Center et t o’clock.
North Carolina’s Leading Weekly
,-V • fteOß marder rap
bAOi u. j i/v/in. wt-LiVA riciurea here is the
room in which James E. (Piggie) Spencer, 36, died after being
fatally stabbed on News Year’s night. (See story above).
Washington Beauty Named One
Os LBJ’s Private Secretaries
WASHINGTON. D. C —Christmas
Day. 1901, waa the date tor an of
ficial debut tor an American Negro
woman, who did not know until
December IS, that she was to be
come probably foe first Nogroand
one of the fores private secretaries
of the President of the United
States, according to the Associated
Negro Press.
FOr Mae Oeratdtas Whitting
ton, a stateeapee tt-year-eld
Wtothgtinlan. Me boa taken
§ta"dmfo i "ri "fVmtdtm* foto
PNhperald Kennedy on Friday.
Bbosmbsi tt. In Dal lee. Texas,
Gerry, ae she Is known by her
intimates, was doing her routine
White House duties tor Presidential
assistant Bill Moyher, late Monday.
Dec. M. when the President, him
self, 'informed her that she was
going with him to Philadelphia and
then on to his Texas ranch.
Gerry, still not knowing what to
make of It all want home and told
her mother. Mm. Dorothy Whitting
ton. what the President had said,
and than packed her bags and left
with the Presidential party by heli
copter toem the White House ts
Andrews Air Force base where
they boarded foe FresJdentui
.. stubbed on hispereh
... private secretary to LBJ
Parham Is
New Mgr.
Os Mutual
Sherman O. Parham, staff man-
Agar on the Raleigh District Os
North Carolina Mutual Life Insur
ance Company has been promoted
to manager of this District, effec
tive January 1. Ha will succeed
C C. Smith, Jr., who retired De
cember 91. This announcement wee
made by foe vice-president and
.aganap director of the Company,
j William A. Clement.
1 rzs
*mi Mm MfoMft 8— mg
in IM9 to
stair Manager. Re is well qual
ified far hie now pesHten, far
the Staff which he has assuag
ed for a namber as yean has
! compiled the meat ee(standing
record tor evtr-all yorformance
an the District.
A several times trip winner to
Company Sales Conventions, Par-
I ham is a graduate of Hampton In
-1 stituto, and the LUTC insurance
course. An outstanding civic, rblig- j
; ious and community leader in foe |
state, he waa selected the “Man of
the Year" by the North Carolina
Hampton Institute Alumni Associa
tion for 1961.
.In the spring of 1991, ha he
roine the first of his race to an
nalmce candidacy far the May
(OONTDruip* ON PAM »
World-Fanous Leader
Is Given Signal Honor
NSW YORK The Rev. Dr.
Martin Luther King, Jr., last week
was named winner of Tima Mac
astne's “Man of the Tear’ award
for IMS for his brilliant leader
shin and chamolonlm .of civil
REV. DR. M. L. KING Jtt.
Capt. Collins A.'.‘Maker
Givdli Final Rites In City
V. B. Army Captain and $•-
lelgh native Collins AN* Whit
,tu«d m Perm any on Briar*
Two Bound Over For Murder:
“Not Guilty,” Dad Pleads;
“He Is," Daughter ReMrts
Two men were bound over tor
trials In Wckc Superior Court after
hearing* in Raleigh's City Court on
charge* of murder. Judge Samuel
Prettowe Wlaborne was the pre
siding Jurist.
Dallas Oriffta, M. farmarty
as Otopton. ptoaitod not guilty
Monday to the marder as his
wtfs, Mrs. fory Arils Winston
Griffin. 47, at bor hams. 11*7
N. Mato fltreat, Apt, 7, on Fri
day. Met. *9.
• =6^^— —-BU\ FROM THEM
PAog a
Horten's Cash iter,
Potty Oar
London OU Co.
Gets Watrh ahoy
Emma Jih Proas Shop
4. W. Winters A Co.
■tendsrd Coocrote Prodscto
Salel( h Bosteeas Collais
PAGE * *
Colonial Oteros
■oat Ooacral Tiro Co.
R. X. Qatoa PoraMars Co.
Slag Cote Motel
AAP Mores
Cor roll Cool Co.
Poos'• Boss Sandro
Sufel'h* Poaonl Broil
Aeaao SosMy Co.
righto causes, and became the
first Negro to receive that honor.
in announcing their selection
the editors of TIMS sal
King, president of the Southern
Christian Leadership Conference,
“dominated the news of that gear
and left an Indelible mark —for
good or 111 on history.'
Time did net pinpoint Dr.
King's achievements or In*
vohrements In the campaign
far racial justice, bat petntad
eat that be enjoyed the Ms
fide nee et “hie people"
through the tnsplrat'no he
gave them hr enuetattng the -
Christian principle of ’for
bearance." *
King, the Thne announced said,
lacks some of the quill ties of
some of the other civil righto lead
ers. And yet, It added, the Impact
of his overall leadership was un
matched by the others.
The announcement read In
“King Is In many ways the un
likely leader of an unlikely or
ganisation—the Southern Chris
ton Leadership Conference a loom
, dky. December 21, Ifhr a abort
I I'Utess ' V
k /*#•%-***■* wet* oonduct
■v- item'm Raf CoMmgaMonoi
! Ofiriatlui' Chun* ban Ifaiilrir
jcSSoSKk Blow dL&rlaregitf
rictaUng. Intormont waa In th*
National Cemetery wltb mil mu
tlary honors. V
A graduate et Washington High
Bohpol In the mid-1940'*. Captain
i Whitaker, - waa cited in recent
year* for exceptional bravery In
line of duty. He worked hi* way
up from a Private, after bring
drafted, to Captain.'
captain Whitaker to survived by
hi* wife, Mrs. Knoru M. Whita
ker; one daughter. Catherine:
and two sons. David and Ernest
Whitaker, all of the home: his
parents, Mr. and Mrs Claud* E.
Whitaker. Raleigh; one stater;
Me*. Effte W. Williams. New York
Clip; and thrw brothers. Albert,
Rochester, N. Y.: Claude. Jr:.
Chicago, Illnoiso; and Charles of
New York. N, Y.
Han s roe, Ids M-yoor-oM
laughter. Alberto Oriffta. told
foe court foal her father waa
Indeed gallty > Manas she aaw
him sheet her mother Ova
Under rigid cross-exam (nation by
Orlffln’s rourt-eppbtntod lawyer,
Alton W. Kornegay. the young girl
held to her story, and could not be
shaken by Kornegsy. Griffin was
lum iurfm Ttla Ca ,
Me La nr In Parking Caatpany
Tha MM Canpanr
Araknra Pmllu, toe.
Branch Banking * Traat Ca.
paoe ’•
Carolina MMara, tea.
Warner Mowrtalo
onion Motor Hihh
paSW *
Tomer * Tiro Barrlca, toe.
Raleigh goaf nag Ca.
Aata Ptarennr Ca.
Al tattfe Met Ca.
Rawto Motor Ca.
Central Drag Mara > i |
PAOt » ■ e
Maehaalea * Panaata laafe
Taylor RaAla A Urtrtral Ca.

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