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    S>Mjtfte»ifo»w Made By Their Own Chosen Leader;
Boycott Finns. 10-000 UNO Students Urged
Cops find
Bloody Mgr.
In Office
Homer E. Sharpe, 65, manager
of the Lincoln Theatre, 122 £. Ca
barrus Street, was shot and robbed
in his office by an unidentified
Negro man Monday nignt, accord
ing to police files. The incident
took place at 8:45 Monday night.
Officer* L. B. Council and R.
C. Covington Investigated a tel
ephone report of armed robbery
and aaaault with intent to kill
at the theatre and found Sharpe
upstairs, bleeding from a
wound in hie left hip.
On the desk the officers found
a cash box which "seemed to have
been disturbed.” Behind the desk
was a large pudale of blood, the
report staled. Blood tracks also led
from the office door to the pro
jection room.
Gerald Avery, the projection
ist, who called the cope, said
ho hoard a shot In the effice,
went to the office door whore
ho saw the man, wearing a
gray east with a white hand
kerchief over Us face from the
eyea down.
A tif'i'V O* 1- *- "- ' 1
til * trV A'.. Uu. Ul 111 sAAiiJ: f -
Avery said he quickly re* 1
■•'H.ion roor ...a
Saarpe came to the
uas later and said
■ i,” said Avery.
Ho mid he than assisted Mr.
Sharpe back to the office and pro
ceeded to contact police headquar
Officers are still parching lot
the bandit, who waa described aa
IT. 1“ tan, and wejtfua* about 176
Boycott Biased Finns,
UNC Students Advised
CHAPEL HlLL—Carrying signs
reading “Constitutional Rights
Apply 24 Hours A Day,” about 35
University of NTorh Carolina and
Duke University professors and
faculty members inarched down
this town’s Franklin Street Tues
day night.
Part of the “Committee of 100.”
a white group, they are consider
ing a court test of an anti-picket
fin ordinance passed by the local
Board of Aldermen Monday, by a
vote of 4-3.
‘Reefer* Rap
A 23-year-oM St. Augustine**
College student. Melvin Ber
nard Brown, was bound over for
trial in Wake Superior Court
here on a charge of pssimlng
marijuana or “reefer” as It la
881 Agent F. E. Epps, testi
fied that Brown had a small a
mount of marijuana in his
suitcase when he was nabbed
revealed, according to Epps,
that Brown was a user ratter
than a peddler sf dope. He h
exported to be tried soon.
TOP STATE WINNERS Carbon Blalock, aaaiitant director of the N. C. Agricultural Em
tarnion Service in charge of 4 -H Club work, h ahown congratulating the four top A-Har'a who hare
been rejected to attend National 4 -H Conference in Waahington, D. C. They are (left to right)
Note Smith, ill. Trinity, Rt. 1; Hint Helen Cheek, Warrantor, Rt 2; Miee Betty Scott. Brown
Sumaaht, Rt. 2; and Don Chaplain, Columbia.
The Car olin iak
LBJ And Wilkins Hail
House Passage Os Hill
Entire NC
Voted “No”
ii* a -j
--uv - rr.‘ ,6's eiiliit U-man
■ , -,al delegation voted
"no”, along with the minority Mon
day night, Ip U. S. House of Rep
resentatives wasoed a sweeping and
historic ciytf rights bill. .
The voto yrms 380-130. The bUI
now goes to the Senate, where it
faces s determined effort by South
ern lawmakers to "talk it to death"
by filibustering. It is expected that
the Senate will not start debate
until late in February, rowever,
* tcoNnwroro on page t) 1 *"
This new ordinance limits pick
eting to between the hours of 1
a. m. and 7 p. m.
The faculty members stopped
Tuesday night In front of City
Hall said one of Its members read
the First Amendment to thee U.
S. Constitution to Chief of Police
William Blake. Blake informed
the aldermen Monday night that
his force was not enought to pre
vent violence after dark.
Mike Lawler, prrridsut of
Urges 18.888 Students To Balk
the student body at the 16.688-
itodent university, urged his
fellow students to boycott all
businesoeso which do not servo
all raees In an addreos last
Thursday night
Approximately 88 Negroes and
whites were arrested here Satur
day, bringing the total number of
arresta since December 13 to 634.
One spokesman said the com
mittee may aak for a federal court
injunction against the ordinance,
based on two arrests made Mon
day night undo- the newly-passed
law. The group also said it may
violate the law In order to fight
K through tbs courts.
A spokesman for the American
Civil Überittes Union said the A
CLU will handle the case, If nec
North Carolina's Leading Weekly
ITS THAT TIME AGAIN With St. Valentine's Day approaching, Miss Mar gar ie Ham
lin, Bennett College freshman, of Florence, S. C., spending her first year away from home, cannot
be blamed for being pensive as she ponders whether “Dan Cupid ” has her new address.
NCC’s Dr. Massie In Challenging
Founders’ Day Address At St. Aug.
Dr. Samuel P. Massie, president
of North Carolina College at Dur
ham, addressed the Saint Augus
tine's College faculty .stfaf, alum
ni and student body on the occas
ion of its 87th Founder's Day Ob
servance Sunday, Feb. 8. Approxi
mately $28,000 was realized from
this 6-day observance which began
Feb 4.
"W* live in a truly wonderful
world. Wo live in a world of great
social change. All over the world,
the bond of colonialinn and second
class citizenship are being broken.
Carl Rowan is head of .the United
States Information Agency. Robert
Weaver is the head of the Housing
and Home Finance Agency. Dr. J.
H. Franklin, last year a teacher at
Cambridge, he is now a professor
. . . It Aug's keynoter
Negro 4-H’er Will Attend
National Convention In DC
Four North Carolina 4-H’ers have
received the top honor offered in
4-H In the state—that of being
named os delegates to the National
4-H Chib Conference. The confer
ence will be held in Washington,
D. C„ at the National 4-H Center,
April 18-34.
Dr. Cariton Blalock, assistant di
rector of the Agricultural Extension
Service in charge of 4-H, announc
od that the four top 4-H en select
ed included: Mas Betty Scott,
at Chicago Dr. Martin Luther King.
Jr. is man of the year for TIME
Magazine. Alfred Edwards, a grad
uate of Livingstone College, a col
lege that does not even teach ag
riculture. is now Deputy Secretary
of Agriculture. Asa T. Spaulding,
president of over a 350 million dol
lar -business and is building the
tallest building in Durham, was
cited in TIME Magazine last week
for what he is doing. Harvey Rus
sell is vice-president of Pepsi Cola.
Margery Wilson is a junior Court
Judge in Washington. Juanita Stuot
is a Judge in Philadelphia ” he con
"You students live in a world
where you should know something
well, learn well. You ought to be
the best students there is. Learn
English well. Communication is the
greatest art of them all. If you can
not read, if you cannot talk. It you
cannot write, you are lost for that
Is how you converse.
“You really came here to learn
how lo learn. A student ,is not •
vessel to be filled, but a fire to be
kindled. These times demand groat
hearts, men and women with a
sense of responsibility of the part j
they must ptay. We as the educated j
have the responsibility to bear the •
Brown Su/ranitt. Rt. 2; Miss Helen
Chock. Warren ton, Rt. 2; Don Chap
lin. Columbia: and Hoke Smith 111.
Trinity. Rt. 1. Miss Mary Alico
Thomas. Magnolia and Howard Wil
liams. Olin Rt. 1. were selected as
alternates. Mum Cheek is the only
Negro selected.
There were 13 boys and girls in
the final judging and were inter
viewed by six judges. They wars
+ + + + +
Shoots Man In Face
‘By Error’, Thinking
He’d Killed Another
“I Meant To
Kill Other
i Man:” Wms.
A 37-year-old Raleigh man ap
’ parently went “blind with anger”
for a short time last Thursday af
ternoon. He shot a friend, thinknig
it was a man with whom he had
engaged in a violent tight an hour
Raymond Williams. 200 Parrish
Street was the an*’ 1 ««•>•» *fi« vic
tim was George PriJM
Tate. SO. whu ?
lived tin
above address tMr
Tate was shot ii
the right cheek 3|f| V*.?!toMS
with a .22 eolibn
had bought tht
same day to fell
a man names'. I
Graham Harris.
1521 1-2 Battery TATE
Drive, according to information
which Williams gave to Police Of
ficers Norman Artis and Alfred L.
Grigsby, who Investigated.
Officers touod Mr. Tate sitting
hi front of his homo at 3:J5 p.m. at
which time ho aasuaod Williams
of shooting Mm.
Tatossaid 1m Wba standing In. the
kitchen wheh William* ahot him
Apt Rnvpdssß on t the front porch
Tote said Williams ghat tw*R. hut
only one of the bulngts struck him.
Plan To Aid
Shaw Drive
The Raleigh Ministerial Asso
ciation * integrated) and the Ra
leigh Ministerial Alliance < all-
Negro) both, voted this week to
oome to the aid of Shaw Univers
ity in their financial drive.
The Rev. Dr. Paul H. Johnson,
chairman, executive committee of
Shaw Trustee Board spoke to the
Ministerial Association meeting at
the YMCA on Hillsboro Street,
Tuesday, at noon.
The Rev. Paul Carruth, pre
sident, entertained a motion
made by the Rev. W. W Fin
la tor, pastor of Pullen Memo
rial Baptist Church, "That the
association would go all out”
to help Hhaw In Its financial
Dr. James E. Cheek, president
of Shaw, spoke to the Raleigh
Ministerial Alliance on Monday.
The Rev. Oscar W, Burwlck, pre
sident of the group, announced to
Dr. Cheek that the Alliance had
already voted to come to Urn aid
of Shaw with all of Its churches
putting forth a special effort in
raising money for the 88-year-old
"The nearly 140 churches in Ra
leigh." said Dr. Johnson, "will
make a great impact on the en-1
tire Raleigh Community.”
Winners Os
Silver $ $
Announced i
The following persons were win- i
hers In the Silver Dollar contest i
druing the past week: ! \
Mr Wade Smith. A-22 Wash- i
ington Terrace, 81.00. receipts i
from AdtP and Shoe Mart: Mr ]
Sylvester Adams. P-14 Washing- i
ton Terrace, 82.00, with receipt ■
from Security Meat Mkt. and re- ]
wiving 81.00 from the manager of i
the market also. Mrs. Ella Jones •
81.00, C-6 s Washington Terrace, J
receipt from AAP: Mr. T. R. Sea- i
well. 81.00. A-10 Washington Ter- j
race, receipt from Colonial Store:; J
Mr D L. BUrwen. 81.00. 1020 >
r E. Jones, receipt from Colonial J
Store: Mrs. Ruby Mial, 108 Heck J
St.. 81.00. receipt from AAP; Mr. j i
Worthy McLean. 1808 Oak wood •
Ave. 81 00. receipt from White Oil ,
Company. ' i
x . . . bound over In shooting
‘Dixie’ Was
Freedom Song
in n«w i urn
NEW YORK (ANP) “Dixie,''
sometimes considered the "no
tional onthem" of racist elements
of the South, was sung with gus
to lln Freedom School at the
Riverside Church In Mornlngslde
Heights during the one-day school
boycott here.
Sang by children who had
stayed eat of school to protest
the slow pace of Integration,
new words written to coincide,
with current
movement* in the Smith wdto
Zetas’ National Basileus
Coming To Raleigh Sun.
Dr. Deborah Partridge Wolfe. Ed
ucation Chief with Hi* Committee
on Education and Labor of the
House of Representatives, and
Grand Basileus of Zeta Phi Hetn
Sorority, Inc., will be guest speak
, . . speaks here Sunday
Horton's Cash Star*
Lincoln Theatre
Ambassador Thaatra
! Sears
Capital Pool Oil tea A Coal to.
White Oil Co., lac.
Mud «on-Belli—Eftrde
t W Winters A Co
ilrritoiK Stores
Smith t.oai A Oil C*.
■Ulrich Business Collect
Capital Coca-Cola Bottling Co
Trrrare Insurants A Baafty Co
Raleigh Puneral loss
Acme Realty Co.
lames Sanders Til* Co.
MtLaorin Parking Com pane
The BrlU Company
Amburo Pontiac, Inc.
Branch Banking A Trust Co.
Weaver Bros. Rambler, Inc
Al Smite Batch Co
Ralrlfb Seafood Co
Rawls Motor Co.
Colonial Stores
R E. Quinn Pomttere to
forreli C oal Co.
Bunt General Tiro Co.
ASP Stores
Looden Oil Co.
Lawrence Brothers
Shot Mart
Estates Building Co.. Inr
Economy Shoe Shop
Bargain Center
Emma Lana Dress Shop
Officials At
Enfield Beg
For Time
ENFIELD A committee f rom
the Enfield - Waymtn N.A A.C.P.
branch met with the Enfield
Town Council last week request
ing renewed consideration of a
petition originally preeentod to
the Councilmen June 8, 1888, ttt
which approximately four hun
dred signers had asked for a Ne
gro policeman; sidewalks and bet
ter lighting for areas of the Negro
community; improved sewerage
garbage disposal and general de
segregation of all facilities open
to the public In the town.
Spokesman far the colored
elttsens waa A. Reed Johnson.
tv * i ‘ * * 4 iii. r>
tbr COt! i! «i«*w w, ifc.
E. Shervette. Jr., of the peti
tion prodded them regarding
their Intentions of taking ac
After pointing out that the
Town of Enfield had made some
of the improvements, such as ex
pending 813.000 of their total 818
grand allocation for new sewerage
work jin the Negro community.
Mayor Shervette and the board
contended that they could go no.
further until and unless the bud
get for the new fiscal year includ
ed euf talent J unde. * , J
A iUtor >■>«* elriantoftiJiri!
hinged on whether or hot there
(continued on pack ii
er Sunday, Feb. 16th, tl am. at
St. Psul AME Church. Rev. 1„ S.
Penn, pfcstor. This service is In ob
servant!* of "Finer Womanhood
Week", sponsored by the Omicron
/.eta Chapter of Zola Phi Bela So
lority. The local “Woman of U)«
Year” will be announced at this
time. also.
In her capacity aa Education
Chief, Dr. Wolfe hi a member
of itio Full Committee staff
and is responsible for all But
ters pertaining ts legislation Ef
fecting education and related
subjeeta. She Is serving at~ the
liaison between the House es
Representatives sad the Depart
ment *< Health, Education and
Welfare on all adaeatlonal But
ma i
TempsraMrss next ftva Says wUI
avsrags about I to 8 degrees be
low normal, warmer about Friday
and cold again about Saturday
throath Monday. Balnfall will ave
rage about one tnrb about Friday
and Saturday, mors raU exported
about Monday
Carolina Builder*, lac.
Warner Mamorlala
union Motor rtnanco
Ridgeway’s Optic lain, lac.
Peebles Orlll a Hotel
Capital Bargain Store
Capital ttlgn Service, Inc.
Motor Finance Co.. Inc.
Raleigh Furniture g Storage to
Rote * S-lO<- Store
Consolidated Credit Corp.
I G. I. Tucker Bros., Ine.
| tt'renn-Pharr
I C. Penney Co.
Flythe Kales & Service
Carpel Center, Inc.
Wnmble. Inc
Pine Stale Creamery
Pierre Muate Co.
College Paint Shop
comm unity riortct
lames H Anderson Co.
International Mortgage Associates
Carolina Power A tight Co.
Security Meat Market
Cmstead'i Grocery A Traaaiet
Turner Tiro Service, lac.
schllta Beer
PAGE 15 »
supreme Brahe A Alignment Service
Buffalo Battery shop
Dunn's Ease Service
Mechanics A Parmara Bank
Abram * United Bent-Alto
iVrenn Electrical Co.
Price la Bight Grocery
Washington Terraco Apts., Inc.
raylor Radio A Blsctrtoal Co.
Wood’s S-lSe Store
King Colo Motel
central Drug Stare
Acme Laundry A Cleaner*. Snc.

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