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    Wake Forest Man Jailed As
Bullet In Neek Kills
24-Yr.-01d Woman
Kidnaping Trial Opens
North Carolina *s Leading Weekly
Raleigh Student Attacked
Cops Seek
Os 17
Mi*vChrol Aim Adairs, n +t 900
Radley Road, vu assaulted cm the
grounds of the J. W. Lag on Junior*
Senior High School here about 3:45
pm. Monday aa rim was Changing
clam—. The young Ligon junior
vm unharmed by her assailant,
At 3:05 pjn. Monday, George Len
ar ood Foxwell, assistant principal,
at the school, told Detective Sgt.
Jeter H. Bowers of the incident.
Mias Adams described her as
sailant as being about 5-8 tall
and weighing about 180 pounds,
•he said be had a black ker
chief an bb face and a hat an
lap es It, bet could give ne
farther description es his cloth
Second Man With Him
A second man with the assailant
did not touch her, Miss Adams
stated but pulled the attacker away
and left the campus with him. She
described the second man as being
6 feet tall and weighing 185 to 200
•. 1
Mrs. Kennedy
Accepts Post
With State
Governor Terry Sanford Monday
appointed Mrs. Annie Brown Ken
mdy. Winston-Salem attorney, to
the Commission on the Status of
Attorney Kennedy, who will
serve an indefinite term, was born
October 13. 1324, in Atlanta, the
daughter of Mancy and Mar; Lou
isr Brown. She attended public
schools in Atlanta and earned her
undergraduate degree at Spelman
College in IMS. She earned her law
decree at Howard University in
Mrs. Kennedy is a member of
the Board of the Forsyth Tutnrcu
toais Ass n, and a member of the
Forsyth County Bar Assn.
She is married to Harold L. Ken
nedy and they are the parents of
Thelma Mitchell Keck, left, well-known Raleigh civic and religi
ous leader, is shown receiving the 1963 “Woman of the Year” pla
que from Mre. Ida Evane Washington, during a ceremony Sunday
at St. Paul AME Church here. Thit wae a part of "Finer Wom
anhood Week,” sponsored by the Omicron Zeta chapter of the Ze
ta Phi Beta Sorority. (See story).
College Registrar Interviewed:
Guilt Os Accused Bandit is
Doubted In His Home City
Roosevelt Ruben Wright Jr., 20-
year-oM student teacher at the J.
W. Ligon Jr.-Sr. High School, was
released from the Wake County
Jail this week after being booked
on a charge of robbery and shoot
f»T n v
%. ... * ‘9
* f ’ j-
IF ’ w - w
A;f. 4 bSEX m
t aim ’
bell. Brooklyn, N. Yleft, a recent graduate in photography at
j A&r College, is one example ci changing patterns in Greensboro.
He is a salesman for technical equipment at a leading doemtoam
! photography firm (Carolina Camara Canter ).
ing at the Lincoln Theatre last
week. HU bond was $1,900.
Wright, who Uvea at <l9 S.
East Street to believed bock at
I bis student-teaching duties la
Cited For
« rimterito Mb ChafObr of *S*r~
Zeta Mi Beta Sorority presented
Mrs. Thelma Mitchell Keck as the
“188 Woman of the year" Sunday
at St Paul AME Church.
Mrs. Keck's contributions to the
Raleigh Community are many and
varied. Beside* being a busy wife
and mother of two teenage chil
dren, one attending college and the
other a student in high school. she
l* active in the following commu
nity activities:
She is an active member and
officer of the Davie Street Presby
terian Church; a member of the
Board of Director* of the Raleigh
Day Nursery, Corresponding Sec
retary and reporter of the Raleigh
Citiaen* Association. Recording Sec
retary for the Executive Board of
fha Auxiliary to Wake Memorial
Hospital of Wake County, and only
Negro officer of the Executive
Committee; financial aecretary for
the National Association of College
Women; publicity director at Shaw
University. An active member of
the NAACP, she has worked with
white group* in encouraging white
citizens to participate in the local
freedom marches as well as partici
pating in the demonstrations her
Mrs. Keck is nations! editor of
Up the HIU". a publication of Jack
and Jill of America. Inc. and re
ceived a certificate of recognition
for outstanding contributions to the
growth and development of the
program for 5.000 mothers. 13.000
children representing 110 chapter*
from coast to coast.
She is also a licensed real estate
Her most recent act of charity,
Barton's Cash tear*
Raleigh SvSmm Ceile«a
BoS sea-balk—CftrS *
State Off Ire Eeulpmeet Ce.
g. W Wtotefs A Ca
Meehan!'* * Panears Raah
White Ob Ce.. tat.
Was#: »-lSe Star*
laai Sana Draw She*
CblmhHl Itorti
Casual reel oil 'ce * Coal Cs.
E E. Qelaa PernUar* Ca.
Hunt General Tire ce.
AAP Stare*
Uata* OH Ca.
Batata* RellSthi Ca.. tec.
Wreaa Oaetrfcal Ca.
Naiaaa*t WsysM* PreeMart
Ctivttu ttMcn, lac.
EgT.ST'oSES! ~
Carat lea Fewer A light Ca.
Thee A Ceeetry Pure Hera
Bargain Center
AraCe La angry A Clean* rv to
OTisal Mater, tee.
Wearer Bras. EaasMer, toe.
At Ssatto hates O
Balstoh seafses Ca
Eh a*as Parntter* Ca.
Wctim Was
Visitor At
Local Home
Mrt Alma Maria Upchurch Snoll
ings. 34. of Holly Springs, appar
ently never knew what hit her |
when she was shot at close range
here Tuesday afternoon at 730 S.
Woodworth Street.
James Jefferies (Ike) Davis.
43. of Wake Forest. Route 3. her
alleged bey friend, confessed to
Dm murder of Mrs. Snelllng*
shortly arter he was picked up
by police, a few minutes after
the fatal deed.
Mrs. Sneliings, pronounced dead
on arrival at Wake Memorial Hos
pital. had reportedly been meeting
Davis at the address on Bloodworth
Street for about one month, some
times twice a day. according to
aworn statements from witnesses.
The house is owned or rented by
Judge Upchurch.
Police officials were first made
aware of the shooting when Mrs.
Clara Gunter called headquarters
at 2:03 p.m. Tuesday.
When officers arrived, an am
bulance was taking Mrs. Snell
tngs to the boepital. She had
been shot once In the lower
part of her neck.
Mrs. Gunter and Mrs. Doro
thy Loo Hodge are believed to
have boon eye-witnesses to the
crime, which they 'said started
when Davis Insisted that Mrs.
Sneliings leave with Mm and
she refused.
He is th*r> alleged to have pulled
, ■* - V - *•** •*****■ *■'**'■*• I
into um Uoor. Mrs, Sneliings still
told him' ihe was not leaving, and
that is when the fatal shot was fir
ed, the witnesses agreed.
In hit statement to police, Davis
said Mrt. Sneliings accused him of
having another woman in his auto
mobile. Davis declared the only
person in his <gpr at the time was
prgnk B. Simpson, his boss, with
-wobsJAfc he took refug* after shoal.
inf Mrs. Snollings He has no pre
vious record with the city-county
records and identifications bureau.
(Continued on page »>
Ask Weaver
To Halt Va.
Project Now
folk attorney, who charges the Nor
folk School Board and the Norfolk
Redevelopment and Housing Au
thority with a joint program to
foster racial segregation in Norfolk
has asked the Housing and Home
Finance Agency to investigate the
In a letter last week Atty. Jo
seph A. Jordan Jr, requested
Dr. Robert C. Weaver, HHFA
administrator In Washington, to
invalidate the housing author
ity's certification and to with
hold further federal funds un
til bis charge has been investi
gated and corrections made.
Jordan referred in his letter to
recent protests by the Roeemont
Junior High School PTA and Oak
wood-Rosemont Civic League that
the school boards plan to build a
new high school in the area would
avoid integration.
School Board Chairman Francis
N. Crenshaw said last month the
new school was being built because
nearby Nomew High School
totenuttonal Mortgage A.kk uu«
I Smith Coal * Oil Co
. Abram'* Untied Rant-All*
I ollege Paint Shop
Halil*- la via*
Taylor Radio A Electrical Ca.
Womble. tor.
Price I* Might Oracery
i Plrriteae Store*
Security Meat Market
Raleigh Puaeral lon*
Acme Really Ca.
! lame* Sander* Til* Ca
!M> Laurtn Parking Company
i Medlln-Davl*
The RrtU Campaay
Amburo Pontiac, Inc.
Branch Banking A Trn*t Ca
V. T. Grant *
Browning'* Barber Shop
Poole'* Pta Shop
Buffalo A Company Ballder* lac.
Capital Bargain Store
shoe Mart
Thlem* Record Shop
R. B. Stake*
linreln Theatre
Ambassador Thaelre
Buffalo Battery Shop
C. A M. Promotion*
Supreme Brake A .M.gnmenf Service
page is
Sander* Malar Ca
, Bonn * law Service
' Carroll Coal Ca.
DEFENDANTS tN MONROE KIDNAPING —Shown are she four defendants in the Mon
roe kidnaping: John Lowry, 22, {left), a freedom rider from New York; Harold Reape, 19, (can
fur) J and Richard Crowder, 21, both of whom were leaders of the Monroe Non-violent Action Com
mittee. After 2 and one-half years under indictment, they went on trial Feb. 17 along with a 4th de
fendant, Mre. Willie Mae Mallory, right. (Sea story).
Begin Selecting Ju ro rs In
Monroe Kidnaping Case
MONROE—In the most celebrat
ed kidnaping case in recent his
tory. tour persons, including a white
youth, went on trial for a crime
they elaim never happened at all.
Th# only woman charged. Mrs.
Willie Mae Mallory of New York,
entered Superior Court Tuesday
wearing a red beret
Mom Throws Infant In
Trash Can; Is Freed
The 24-year-old mother who plac- 1
cd her new-born baby in a trash !
can here last September 23, in an 1
effort to dispose of ft was given 1
five years probation here recently
by Crmiinal Judge Hans G. Tanzler.
The young mother, Mias Ad
lee Williams, had been examin
ed by a court-appointed payrbt
»- >• < *■’ ’• *
- . |
iuunu uer io he sane but naive
and Illiterate.”
She wbs represented by Assistant
Public Defendant Everett Richard- |
Rocky Mt. Cleric Ordered
BackToChttrch By Judge
(Special To Th* CAROLINIAN)
George W. Dudley, prominent local
minister, who was restrained by an
Injunction from going on the
grounds of the Rocky Mount church
where ha has Restored since 1998,
wa* dissolved last week in Edge
combe County Superior Court.
He was permitted to return
to the pulpit of the Mount Zion
Baptist Church when Judge
Walter Bene dissolved the in
junction issued late In January
by Judge Jasepb Parker.
The Injunction granted the re
quest of 14 members of the church,
restrained the embattled minister
from even going on the grounds of
the edifice.
The Rev. Dudley is president of
the Rocky Mount Voter* and Im
provement League, a Negro organi
zation. and a membe rof the gen
eral board of the Baptist Conven
tion of N. C.
The complaint lodged by
the 14 male members contend
ed that they had fired Rev.
Dudley as minister la Septem
ber of 1982 because ho had
usurped the power of the
board* of deacons and trustees,
condemned some members from
the pulpit, presided over meet
ings in a dictatorial manner,
waa spending church money
without authorization, and oth
er charge*.
In the Civil Court action Mon
ft ftftZft ITLdftfe,
.: ■ ft.
yft. I^F
ft ft ft . .'
fl i
I Hr
JVO BOYCOTTING FOR DIANNE School worker Mrs. Mary Davis angrily pulls bar 14*
year-old daughter, Dianne, up the steps ot the Showalter Junior High School in Cheater, Pa., W»
gpr discovering the girl in a picket line, boycotting the school last Thursday. Sir Chester school*
were boycotted by several hundred Civil Rights pickets. (UPI PHOTO}.
The four are charged with kid
naping a white couple in the after
> math of a racial incident here in
( 1961.
The twe ether Negroes en
tered innocent pleas Tuesday
as did Mr*. Mallory, hut the
lawyer far the white defendant
received permission from Judge
son. who said the mother remem
bered nothing from the time of the
birth of the child until she went
looking for a taxi to take her to a
In reconstructing the defen
dant’s statement that she was
unaware of being pregnant. Dr.
Rdwali mid It waa "passible
and unprecedented.”
in, ju Use i*«t- pf thr
young mother’s otherwise clean
past record whtl* admonishing her
concerning her conduct white bn
day, tha 14 plaintiff* former mem
ber* of the bnprd of demons and
buqrd of truataua, offered gome 13$
affidavits purportedly sighed by
members of the church.
Dudley, in his successful effort
t* get the restraining ordAr dis
solved, offered 22 9affidavit*\ pur
portedly signed by members of the
solved, offered 229 affidavits pur
portedly signed by members of the
church, as well as affidavits signed
by the clerk of the church, the cur
rent board of deacons and board
of trustees, the treasurer of the
church and assistant pastor.
Winners Os
| Silver S $
Die following persons were win
ners in The CAROLINIAN'S Silver
Dollar Contest tor the past week:
Mrs E. M. Trice. 107 Center St.,
receipts from Security Meat Mar
ket snd Shoe Mart; Mr. Albert Pur
cell, 11)4 1-2 F, Morgan St , Wood's
One of the plaintiffs later refer
’ Walter Brack to enter Mb plan
Len Holt, an attorney from Wash
ington. D. C.. reportedly withdrew
from the case, according f&ona
of the defendants, Richard Crow
der. 22.
However. Mrs. Mallory said that
her attorney. Walter 5. Haffner. of
Cleveland, Ohio, was flying td Mon
roe and expected to arrive yester
Mrs. Mallory, the most well
known of the defendants, is g na
tive of Macon, G*., who was prrest
cd irf Cleveland where she haid fled
•‘for safety," tried to avoid extra
diction for two years.
Robert Williams, former presi
dent of the local NAACP chapter,
took refuge in Castro's Cuba, whor*
he still Is with his wife and Chil
dren. I*.
The choosing of a jury wae ex
pected to start on Wednesday.
The defendant* are charged
with waylaying Mr and Mrs. re
Bruce (Retail uha were in ike Jr
... .1
when <Mr trip ie*b them I
through the Negr* see lie*. P*-
Vtmdb *
Howeveft It wae cUfjSbd b f till
defendants that the. White e*<(p»*
entered JnUiama* heme voluhjirily
escape the riot** element* out-
S&4 Begins
Drive For
Under the leadership Os Mrs. Au
gusta Turner, the Raleigh Citisens
Assocaltion has launched its annual
membership drive. This effort is
aimed at bringing all area individ
uals and organizations interested
in educational, economic, political
and cultural growth Into the Asso
ciation's membership.
Contact with prospective
members Is being made through
letters snd personal contact.
The Association, a federation of
Individuals and organisation*,
believes that an increased mem
bership ran give strength to Us
social action; that, as H grows
and attracts more of a cram
section of the community’* eltt
tenry, Its voice will b* beard.
A matter of extreme urgency be
fore the group now Is this matter
of elections on both the state and
national levels. The Association, es
pecially through its political action
committee, is doing research' wlih
the hopes of setting before the
public the qualifications of eacn
candidate for public office.

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