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BEGINNING OF THE END Cassius Clay, Jr., the poetry-spouting “Louisville Lip,” jabs
deposed heavyweight boxing champion Charles (Sonny) Liston in the left shoulder, which reported
caused Liston's downfall at Miami Beach, Fla., Tuesday night. Clay became the new champion
on a technical knockout at the beginning of theseventh round when Liston failed to answer the
bell. (UPI PHOTO).
Cassius Clay Fixed And
Sonny Liston Is Nixed
nr iuouNMi imms
iot to grlhe wegr the dopezters
tnd the creeter number et the fans
shink siwuM go. Dm Clay-Lis
ton fisticuff, held here tonight
(Tuesday) was no exception.
Aa soon u poetry-spouting Cas
liu* Miarsellus day. Jr., realized
that Charles (Sonny) Liston was
not able to continue the melee, in
the seventh round, he began
bouncing around in the ring and
yelling like a wild man. Many of
the few fans (8,000), who were
Broughton’s Curriculum Geared To Meet Need
Os Student; Ligon’s Is Not: Rev. J. W. Fleming
“Where Are We Now In Race Re
lations in Raleigh?” was the ques
tion posed by the Reverend John
W. Fleming, acting chairman. Chap
el and Religious Life at Shaw Uni
versity, to students and faculty
members on Monday, Feb. 34.
The Reverend Mr. Fleming re
viewed the progress made toward
tchieving equal rights since June
1963, and quoted various news me
dia which implied that greet strides
were made during the past year.
However, he stated, that people
YMCA’s Funds Drive
Plans Nearly Complete
Plan! for the Bloodworth Street
YMCA Capital Fund* Campaign
are nearing completion, according
to an announcement by C. A. Hay
wood. Sr„ chairman of the Board
of Management.
Fred J. Carnage, Raleigh's well
known attorney-at-law. and veter
an member of the Board of Edu
cation, for whom a public school
was recently named, will serve as
general chairman. A. E. Brown, re
tired district manager of N. C. Mu
tual Life Insurance Company and
veteran community leader, and J.
W. Eaton, principal of the Washing
ton Junior High School, will serve
ss co-chat-men.
V/ake Forest
Seeks Negro
Grid Stars
Wake Forest College last week
made a strong bid to become the
second school in the Atlantic Coa»t
Conference to use Negro athletes,
when its head coach declared he
was battling the University of Min
nesota for two youths who are both
standouts at Dudley High school
here. \
Bill Tate, a former assistant coach
at the University of Illinois, took
over the coaching reins at Wake
Forest from Billy Hildebrand re
cently. Tate is trying to reverse
twi«ia OWPACK Q
here, could not reaHy understand
what had haopennd. It wag also
misunderstandaWe why Clay. yeU
cC, "It was not fAed." *
/ Another conjecture nade' tt
r more complicated when It was
announced that Liston's pane
was being held up. Listen was
reported as being the recipient
of more than one and one
half million dollars. The re
sult of what wfll be done with
his share of the money will
come later. No one wants to
believe that the fight was
There is no doubt about Liston
have been refused service at places
that were listed as desegregated.
Some Negroes, though qualified for
jobs, have been given the “run-a
round" by firms that have outward
ly posed as favoring integration.
Reverend Fleming also stated
that some testing revealed that
one restaurant permitted Ne
groes to come Monday through
Thursday, but would not accept
them on Friday, Saturday and
The real sore spot has been the
center seated. National President at the National Council ol Negro Women, waa guest speaker at a
meeting called by the local President, Dr. Ellen S. Alston, right seated, last Thursday night. The
meeting was held in the home of Miss Mays E. Ligon. Miss Height brought much information and
inspiration concerning the National Project, the erection ot a monument, in memory of the late
Dr. Mary McCloud Bet hone. Members present: Dr. Ellen S. Alston, Gila S. Harris, Elizabeth
Jordan, Dorothy S. Lane, Sara~B. Brower, Delores B. Wilder, Louise M. Latham, Geneve P.
Brown, Hattie M. Edmondson, Elfie Young, Harriet Jones. Roberta Ward Addie Harris, Vivian E.
Irving, Louise G. Flagg, Daisy W. Robinson, Esther Michael, Augusta Turner, Ann Hurdle, Addie
G. Logan, Vivian T. Brown. Omelia R. Johnson, L. P. Wimberly, Jessye R. Mebane, Maye E. Lig
on and Miss Dorothy I. Height.
being nixed. He was nixed
apparently in the fir* round and
was pgaer abjp to show the killer
Instinct and the ring poise that he
has shown in his other fights. He
was not the ring master that fistl
ana has pictured him to be and
even though Clay back-pedaled
and did exactly what the experts
said he would do Liston was nev
er able to cope with the situation.
The alleged blindness that Clay
is said to have encountered in the
fifth round was another conjec
ture that gives cause for concern.
public schools, he stated. Negro
children from West Raleigh still
pass by Needham Broughton each
morning on their way to Ligon. Al
though requests for transfers were
granted, the burden of going
through the red tape procedure still
rests on the student and his par
He opined that the school
board is passing responsibility
that is rlghtully Ms own. Flem
ing compared the curriculum
at Needham Broughton with the
curriculum at Ligon, which In
dicates that Mu farmer school’s
enrriculem Is geared more to
meeting the needs of present
living than the latter.
Reverend Mr. Fleming noted that
the Negro political strength, vote
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‘Lightning’ Strikes In Sordid Mourner
Raped By Boy, Robbed
By Men, Woman Says
The Carolinian
+ + ♦ + + +
In Current Vote Drive:
Over 1,000 Are Registered
v>v > *T -Sk . B
wumT *'■-'** •
t w ,Jm dHmmßmgmxii;
m \V;y '
Rev. James Farmer, national director of the Congress Os Racial
Equality (CORE), and Floyd Bixler McKissisk, Durham attor
ney and national chairman of CORE, conferred at length here
Tuesday with Governor Terry Sanford. Also present were Capus
Way nick, the governor's racial “ trouble-shooterand others. (U-
Durham Sheriff Vows
Action Against Aides
A forth Carolina’s Leading Weekly
DURHAM—Sheriff J. P. Mangum
told the CAROLINIAN, in a tele
hone interview Tuesday night that
It and when Edward Evans swore
out warrants tor two of his de
puties, for the alleged beating that
he says he received at their hands,
they would be suspended.
The incident has raised the
ire es local persons doe to the
Incidents leading up to the al
leged beating. I. E. Jacobs and
Bill Jones, both members of the
sheriffs county Isw enforce
ment staff are said to have
gone to the man's home and to
* have ordered him Into I rar
and to have carried him to Ja
robs' home where be was said
to hs-e been beaten up.
Sheriff Mangum said both of the
deputies admitted picking Evans
up. but denied beating him. He said
they alleged that they picked him
up because Jacobs' wife Is alleged
to have reported that a Negro,
wearing a cap and glosses, followed
her as she drove toward her and
that he waved at her and smiled.
It was further alleged that when
ehe got home she coined her de
puty-husband and told him of the
In last week's CAROLINIAN
Use address of Roosevelt Ruben
Wright. Jr., Elizabeth City stu
dent - teacher here was listed
as (IS 8. East street. The
young man does live at M 5 ft.
East Street. The CAROLINIAN
regrets this error and la happy
to correct it.
City And
County Are
•'V - i i osm» >***- ■
The current Raleigh-Wake Coun
ty registration drive has already
added over 1.000 new names to the
registratlop roll, according to the
numerical count made by the Joint
RCA-NAACP registration commit
While every effort will be made
to enroll every eligible Negro resi
dent in the Raleigh area. specM
emphasis is being focused upon the
county townships outside the city
limits. It is within these areas
where the Negro registration is par
ticularly low.
Before the present drive be
gan. there was one township
without o single Negro regis
trant. As far as can be ascer
tained, this la the first time any
real effort has boon made to
enroll Negrooo In the voting
districts outside of Raleigh
The registration committee Is
very pleased to learn that various
women’s organizations have decid
ed to take an'active part in this
registration campaign. The League
of Women, Voters, headed by Mrs.
Bertha Edwsrd*. hss announced
that on Saturday afternoon. Feb.
20, members of the League will
help round up potential registrants
around Moore Square where one
of the special registration commis
sioners will be located. Other local
women's clubs will participate on
subsequent Saturday afternoons.
The current registration project
h being aided by volunteer work
ers sent here by the Student Non
violent Coordinating Committee.
Post Office
At Method Is
OK’ed In D. C.
Construction of the now post of
fice, at Method, was further ad
vanced with the announcement last
Wednesday by Postmaster General
John A. Gronouski that a contract
has been awarded to Mrs. Marguer
ite B. White, c-o Mr. Hal Thomp
son. 655 W. Lenoir Street, Raleigh,
tc build and rent the building to
the Pose Office Department. Mrs.
Harvcleigh Rivera White, has been
postmaster at Method for many
"We are continuing to build
new psu offices where they are
needed,” Mr. Gronouski said,
“but we are constantly re-as
sessing our construction pro
gram to determine whether
present buildings cm bo alter
ed or remodeled to take care
of stir expanding volume of
The construction program is be
ing concentrated in those areas
where the need Is urgent and suit
able space cannot bo obtained ex
cept through new construction. ,
We now have about 45X100 post
office local ions throughout the
country, handling a volume of 65
billion pieces of mail a year," Mr.
Grounouski stated.
Menter Os
Shaw Bears
Spann. Shaw University's cage
mentor, has been selected by fel
low Central intercollegiate Athletic
Association basketball coaches as
the "Coach of the Fear.''
The affable bpann brought
his Nhaw Bears from the dol
drums of the conference to the
first division during the 1 Mi
nt season. This Is his second
season at the Baptist Institution.
Presently, the Bears are tn fifth
place in the loop with a 11-3 con
ference mark and 13-4 overall. Ac
cording to sideline Observers, this
is one of the finest Shaw club* in
10 years. Evidently, they art think
Tsmpsrsturss seat ft vs days wtu
average I to » dsgrsss below norm
al, Thersday through! Monday. Net
murh day to day rhaagea Precipi
tation likely Ist* Thuredey night
and Friday. Enow sr rein may ave
rage shout three-quarters of ss
pace t
Horton • Utb Store
I The Capful Coca-Cola BotlUnt Co
Prl<« It Right Grocery
llunn't Etto Service
electrical Wholesalers
Mechani't A Paratara Kaak
Hud-onltelk— Eflrd’s
i. W Winters A Ca
Public Service Ca. at N. C , In
kaletsb Satinets Collage
Wreaa Electrical Co.
! Security Meat Market
Ealrlgb Ptuteral Soma'
(rat Realty Co.
Itmrt Saudeis Jtla Ca
MiLaurla Parking Company
The Britt Company
1 Amburn Pontiac, Inc.
Branch Banking a Trust Co
j Weaver Bros. Bam bier, Inc
Bawls Motor Co
Baletfb Seafood Co
Colonial Mores
Condon (HI Co.
Terrace loanrance A Bealty Co.
I Taylor Kadto A (Isttrual Co
: I mvfead's Grocery A Transfer Ca.
j S B. Quinn furniture Co.
Cops Arrest
Three Here
For Crimes
Mira Willie Mae Auetln, about 34,
of 817 S. Blount Street, reported tt>e
was raped by a 19-ycnr-old boy aa
two men robbed her of fW teat
Saturday around HI p. m.
The Incident waa not rcpert
ed to Officer F. C. Gregory and *
3. R. Munni until 7:48
Mira Austin raid ahe went to the
home of Mra. Willie Mae Evans,
Ml E. Cabarrus Street, at m,
knocked on the door and akfjd for
a man named Perry. When toform
ed Perry waa not inside, *s>rnid
she proceeded around the comer to
Dakar Street, where she mot Louis
Steven Riddick, 18. of 801 E. Davie
Held Knife On Her
Kte AuvUu raid y *»<>*'; It 12
dick brandished a kiUfa attar
hitting her. He then carried her
behind a houae, where be raped
her at knife-point, aha staled.
Aa Riddick watt carryln* out
his 111-fated lot. Mtea Austin
claimed two men. Jamra and
Rasroe Hinton, both of 4 Meck
lenburg Terraco in Chavis
Heights, came up and took 817
out of her shoe. They did not
molest her In gr» way, the vie-
. . . held far rape bora
Winners Os
Silver $ $
The' following persons were win
ners in the Silver | contest durtni
the past week:
Miss B. B. Hart, 713 Darby St.
Winn-Dixie and A&P; Mr. Un
wood Smith. 1206 Mangum Street
Prloe Is Right Qrocery and W. T
Orant. Mr. William Lee. 800 New
comb Rd.. ALP and Hudsoo-Belk.
Also Mrs. Kathleen Peebles,
763 Bunche Drive. Colonial Btore
and Carolina Power Sc Light Co.;
Mr. Eugene Johns. Jr.. 883 New
combe Rd., ALP and W. T. Orant;
Mlm Jo Ella Perry. 846 Newobmbe
Rd.. ALP and J. C. Penney; Mice
Rebecca Alien, Holman Street,
Price Is Right Orooery; and Mrs.
D. Perry. 708 Darby Street. Hud
son-Be lk and Hcilig-Levine.
Smith Coal A Oil to
AAP Stores
Gem Watch Shop
Bunt General Tire Co
Estates Building Ca.. lot
While OU Co.. Inc.
Carolina Builders, lac
Ridgeways Opticians. Inc
Carolina Pawer A M|ht Co.
I Tilton's Shoe Bepalr Shop
firestone Stores
Emma Jane Drew Shop
College Paint Rbnp
Acme Laundry A Cleaners, Inc.
W rod* S-ISc Store
Lincoln Theatre
Ambasaador Thaetre
International Mortgage Associates
C. A M. Promotions
Buffalo Battery Shop
Supreme Brake A Alignment Service
Tire Sales A Service
Better Brahe Service
Capital -~uel OU es A Coal CA
Abram's United Bent-Alla
Community Plertat
iSrreU Coal Ca

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