THE CABOUNIAIV RALEIGH, N. C„ SATURDAY, APRIL 4. 1964 ' Stars Shouldn’t Represent Half-Free Nation: Whitfield" ■ a i — - CHAMP CHATS —Muhammad Ali, the former Cassius X, the former Cassius Clay, present holder of the World Heavyweight boxing crown, chats with his friand Chico (right), a midget, on the etepe of New York Hotel Theresa, March 22nd, apparently unconcerned over reports that Ns title might be taken from Mm. Emile Bruneau, chairman of the World Boxing Association, amid he expects Clay’s title to be revoked for "acts detrimental to boxing.” (UPI PHOTO). LIVING WITH SPORTS BT CHARLES 1. LIVINGSTON BOXERS NEED PROTECTION AGAINST HOODS. RING GROUP HEADED BT DIXIECRATS CHICAGO (ANP) Boxing is the richest, most exacting mo most controversial of American competitive sports, and yet is the one most lacking of protect] m. Today's pugilists, particu larly colored fist fighters, need protection badly and urgently not only against exploitation from hoodlum elements, but also against the bombastic and autocratic actions of such self-styled, supervisory ring groups as the World Boxing Association. But an exploitation and dlcta tton ofrthe fight game comes ,rom within and without, so, too, must protection be affected freon within and without. There is no question but that a federal boxing commiscioncr is sorely needed to supervise and govern the sport, and to make such arbitral? and auda.ious groups, such as the WBA, unnec ecessary. But because of political complications, such an appoint ment is not likely to come soon. What can and should be Im mediately affected, however, is organization of the prizefighters themselves for their own protec tion. A group uuch as a Boxers Protective Association Is sorely neeed to give them bargantng rights and protection against a buses and domination. Once this is done, the WBA or any other group not offici ally or legally appointed. REAL GUSTO IN A GREAT LIGHT BEER B would be unable to even at tempt te browbeat a champ ion into doing Its biddings by threatening to lift his title, as in the case of Cassius (Mo hammad AI1) Clay, the cur rent world champion. The list fighters would simply ban to gether to fight such usurpa tion. In my column recently. I sug gested that the belated banboxing drives might be motivated by pre judice and Jealousy against col ored boxers, who are now the big gest money earners in the sport. The WBAs action last week has strengthen my suspicion. In this case, though, I suopect religious prejudioo against Clay, because I don't buy the WBA's contention that Clay's conduct is detrimental to boxing. What has the “Lip” done besides brag about himself end his Muslim religion! What's wrong with that? Besides, I can’t see why Clay ihould be singled out for punish ment for signing d pre-title-fight contract, when other champions before him did it without being even reprimanded. The WBA made much of the fact that Clay was paid 150.000 by Intercontinen tal Promotions Ccrp., which Son ny Liston heads, for the firm's rirht to promote Cassius' first title defense. I frown on the mon ey angle, but I don't think the contract Is as binding as thoee which gave other champions the right to return bouts. In ease they lose. Clay’s contract with Liston did not give Sonny a return oeut guarantee; only the right by the 15 firm to promote Cassius’ first tilts light. Evidently, the WBA was try to exploit the fact that Clay's Muslims ties brought him in to disfavor with the Intrepid masses, particularly the white public for whose blood the fol lowers of “The Honorable'* Elijah Muhammad art sup posed to bo screaming. Some people who do not snare Clay's affection for Muslim’s as a religion have evidently fallen for the WBA's line that Cassius’ con duct Is detrimental to boxing, but not I. As far as I am concerned. Clay has done nothing detrimen tal to boxing. Moreover, hie relig ion Is his own business and his constitutional right. He has boasted, yes. So wnat? So have two-ton Tony Qahmto and Herr Max Schmeling, who joined ex-dictator Adolph Hitler in screaming racial epithets at then heavy weight champion Joe Louis. When thoso men bragged, sometimes In the most distasteful manner, the powers-to-be consid ered it a big joke. When Clay, a black man. does the same, he is accused of unbecoming conduct and deemed liable to unlehment. Giants’ Scout SaysMcCovey Top Slugger MESA, Aria. (ANP) ~WUHe Maya !e the great all-around star who can do everything and Or lando Oapeda to a dangerous hit ter, too. But when it comes to sheer, raw power you ham to take McCorey. That was Hank Saw. the Saa rteiietoie file ate sirs'. extoOng the pawer-httttag et left fielder WEb MeCavey. the TTetf trial League's hemo run ee shsasplea last year. Bauer sold last week that Mo- Covey is one of the chief reason* he ooneiden the Olante the moot expkatve team In the NL in 24 yean. He eald that with Mays' MoCovey and Oepeda. plus other lew heralded tout potent swingeri In the lineup, the Olante outrank the Dodgers of the late 40’s, with Roy compendia, Duke Bolder and Jackie RoMneon. In the power de partment. Ester alar la MeCevey. Bau er said the sisat outfielder hHe the baß sa hard that Ts M ever hit the ptteher ta the head, he’d he a guacr.” Bauer ought to know, ho was one of the NL’s leading sluggers while playing with the Chicago WHET WILDCAT* BLAST GRAMBUNO GRAMBLING. La. (Apodal)—The serenely confident Whey Wildcats Moated Grumbling Tigers out et first place hi the Southwestern Ath letic Conference base ball race last Tuesday with two emberraastag shutouts Wiley edged tbs Tigers 1-0. Boycott Os Olympics Advocated NSW TOSX (ANP)—Tormar 0> lympie 100-mater* goM medal win- Mr Hal WhitfiaMU in an artlcls to Ebony Mags sin*. oallad upon color ed athlctaa to boyoott the coming Olympic Garaoa in Tokyd'ln Octo ber it they hoc* not boon guoron teed “full and equal right* as firot class citiscns" by that time. Whitfield, who was the 800-ma tors gold modal winner ter the United States In tee IMS and *Bl Olympics, argues that colored ath lete* hare a reeponslbillty to help spur the civil rights tight end there fore should not represent a nation that is not fully tree. 1 think every athlete and every eoech shoaM bo dedicat ed to the tree! perpsss of go ing abroad to represent a “free country* - Whitfield stated. “We are net representing a tree country* when we do not stand far equal rights,** Why Is Whitfield suggest ing such drastic action? Because, he explained, “We now taco a period whoa action Is needed—not mere waiting and filibustering. ... athletes will constitute about 2S percent of the V. ». Olympic team persenneL If tan athletes boycott the Games, the U. S. would have no chance for victory. A spokesman for the U. S. Olym pic Committee, meanwhile, disa greed with Whitfield and urged that he think “this thing through.** High School Athletics ‘Mix’ In Fla. GAUGES VILLI, Fl*. (ANF)- Negro and white high schools in Dade County (Miami)—will be allowed to compete against each other in athletics next mIL The executive committee of the Florida High School Activities As sociation, masting Here Saturday, approved a request from Dade County school superintendent. Dr. Joe Hall, to allow all 22 county high schools to schedule each other in athletics. There are five Negro schools in Dade County. The ruling was the second special dispensation given to Dade the past yaar in tha question of Negro schools competing with FHSAA members. Last fall, the FHSAA approved a countywide track meet in which Negro and white high schools would , compete as teams for the county championship. The meet will be at i tha Miami-Dud* Junior College track. Dads has been tbe only coun ty to request participation be tween white and Negro schools. FHSAA approval is required on all such requests, since Negro schools are members *f the Florida Interscholastic As sociation. (FHSAA by-laws pro- - hlblt Member teams from parti cipating to athletic* eralmt non-members without associa tion approval.) “The executive committee's de cision is in effect saying that high schools in Dade County are free to schedule anyone they desire," said r*HSAA Executive Secretary Floyd Lay. Lay, said, however, teat he had not received any application from FHSAA membership. CASSIUS AT EASE! Drewad in hu lounging robe and in the environment ol hie home Ca»- eiue Clay, the now Heavyweight Champ etill wave* hit arm* frantically aa he tpeake. The much talkod-about champ woe pictured “at eatp," in hit LouievUlo home. (UPI PHOTO). AFTER THE SHOUTING Kansas City, Mo.: All-American guard Walt HaMMard—rtont ad and held aloft by teammates— o/ tha University <?l California at Lot Angfile* (UCLA) n/* net from goal after Ms tram, the Bruins, defeated Duke University 98-83 in the National Collegiate Atheistic Association basketball Toufnmment finals here March Und. The UCLA Bruins, the new NCAA champs, won their 30 th consecutive game this season and became tha third team in i o years to go undefeated all tha way to the national-title. (UP/ PHOTO), . —BEATING THE GUN — CHICAGO (ANF>—Down at th# Detroit Tigers' training camp In Lakeland, Fla., there la a bit of drama unfolding. It surroiindi the bid of Gates Brown to stick with tha American League team. Wha is Gates BrSwnT Welt bluntly, ha's an ex-convict. Bat, despite hi* past misfor tune, ha Is ana of the most like able of the Tiger*. Brown is not new to the club. He was called up last season after Charlie Dretsen took over the then foundering Tigers. Brown was in several games as a sufb left fielder and frequently was called on when a left-handed hitting pinch batsman was needed. But right now ha is getting his first full-fledged shot at a varsity Job. And competition is pretty stiff. Th* Tigers have A1 Kaline and Billy Bruton, both tested veterans, and Don Demeter, acquired in a costly trade, slated for regular slots. Then, Willis Horton, a highly prized rookie, is bidding for recognition. It seems likely that if he makes it. Brown will again be relegated to duties. There Is one man, however, who is yearning to see Brown make It. He is Pat Mullin, a star outfielder for the Tigers in the 1950*. Pat is now a team coach and was the rcout that signed Gates when h* was an inmat* in th* Ohio Reform atory at Mansfield. H# had been sentenced en a breaking and enter ing charge in hi* hometown of Crestline, a atop on tha Pennsyl vania Railroad. Maton realised teat ha was ■ticking hla aack eat and per haps jeopardising bis future with the Tiger* when h« recom mended that tbs team sign Brown. "We still had a lot of owners on the Tigers in those days, and If] things didn't work out with Oates, you could almost hear one of the owners ask, 'Who was ths scout that signed that boy out of pri son?'” Mullin said. Mullin heard of Brown through one of th# Tigers' parttime scouts who had a friend who was s guard at the reformatory. Pat took a look, and he picked the right day. He saw Brown play two games and hit four home runs off th# wall of tha mess hall. Chicago White Sox and Cleveland Indians also were Interested in Brown, and Hoot Evers, a former Mullin teammate and now farm director of th* Indians, had been down to take a look. This wss In 1959, and the Tigers offered a |6,000 bonus to Brown and he was re leased six month* ahead of the end of his two-year sentence. Brown led the Carolina Lea gue In hitting with a XIA average in 1961. He baited .10# the next season at Denver and was hitting in the -2? r» when along with southpaw Willi# Smith, last season from Sy racuse In tho International League. In his first time at bat for the Tigers, Gstes a pinch-hit home run. He had a good day In Los An geles. going four-for-four and being declared tha atar of tha game. This meant *n Interview on e Loi Angeles radio station. When the proßram was turned in, Kaline, tea star of tea team, told everyone In the dressing room to quiet doom. •“Gates Is on." h* said, “totfs listen." Another testimony to his popu larity with his teammates was men tioned ths other day by Mullin. •'After a pm# in Detroit, Gates came in and took off his uniform. Guess who** undershirt ho was wearing? Whit*y Hwang's Now you don't do things like that unless you really lik# a guy.” DRIVE SAFELY! MUFFLER & TAIL PIPE ••SPECALIZING IN FRONT RND ALIGNMENT" Complete Brake Service EASY FINANCING Hour*) I * 4—Men. Thra VIU-fek • • l* SIPRENE BRAKE AND alignment service 419 OLENWOOD AVE. *ALEIOB, M. C. KENTUCKY GENTLEMAN STOCKY STRAIGHT IURBON WHISKEY ; * z> * - v;; : I * *25 j ■ 86 PROOF • BARTON DISTILLING COMBti§ Bards town. Nelson Coa»*y, Kalwl; WESTCOAST 1 " SPORTSLIGHT LOS ANGELES (AMP) — ‘ Las weekend I took off tor Pal* rx'rwrcs'js with the Los Angelas Angels this sight arv Chart* Dean. Pic* Sim peon, Felix Tssvaa, Julio Na varro, Vie AntenoMp, Bob Parry, Charlto Vinson and Denny lives. I wouldn't bo surprised If tour ft the group made tea final out KWk likely prospects at th* moment asp < Dam, Navarro, Stmpeoo and Rivet Vinson th* lint baseman tea An gola acquired from tea New York Yankee** Richmond tom dub, to a real comer, too. Writer* covering. _ th* Angela on a dally basis have In- - - * dies tad however, that Vinson might be e year away. During two “ulcer season" games against Seattle and USP Coach Johnny Wooden's unbeaten UCLA Bruins made me mighty mad ad limes. But you can’t knock team when they fight back like the true champions they really are, and go on to becoma tha NBA champion*, - By th* way. where Is teat ereap who was out her* to cover tea I*A« Basketball classic and was putting the bad mouth on Walt Hasserd as an all-American candidate? If Walt hasn't proven himself an all-Ameri can. (her* never was on*. The standing ovation given him in tee •Inal gam* against Duke waant be cause he was a good player,—it was >ecaua* he was a great on*. SPORTS PICKUP: Leon Wagner continues to try to lean up teat blast be took ut 'Loa - galas Angsts General Manager • ‘'red Haney a few days ago . The latest quota by Daddy Wmc "1 mim their (Angels) flrst smm >P*ratton." Willi* Brown is bitting tha ball at Ov yrotty good clip tor the USC nine . . . Going into tea weekend series. Brown was four i for slsven and had stolen tour hasps , ... Can Tommy Davt* bacomr top * 1 first player since T s Cobb tb~*£ ' tha major league batting title for • three Consecutive years? Cobb' d}d it way back in HIT-U-19. Tommy • Da teammate Maury Will* busted Cobb's old stolen boas record With a 104 performance la VS. Why can't Tammy D replace Cobb's bottom title mark, teat ... Whan Cobh *c . hi* mark. Toaamy D*s lato dad wa> 1 only two. i I have yet to read any rap* ir tha press against the Son Dtagr . Chargers' great flank* Lane* Ai> 1 worth Oar supporting Arkansas: tn . famous Gov. Oml Fnubus or th * Buffalo Bins* jam Kao* who-1- - * “telling *U who will toten atom •« tha virtue* of Sen. Barry Ooldwo ' ter.” But tea* press and radio bU - away dally about Champion Caeait i x and bis BM religion. 1 Emmett Ashford is tea first Nc 1 gro to umpire to the South for ttu Major-Minor league teams. We’r< looking forward to tea Mm# we will report aa tha flrat Nam* to umpire to the Malar Uafto

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