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    Raleigh’s Leading Citizens Look On:
.. - . * ! ! ‘ . -■■•' ■. J ’. “ - ■
NAACP, RCA Presidents
Assert Selves At Meet
Many of Raleigh’* Negro leader*
had “ringside seat*” a* a fiat fight
broke out between a minister-civic
leader and tit* president of the 101 l
ll NAACP branch last Wednesday
night at the Bloodworth Street Y
Hie closed meeting of the politi
cal action committee of the Ra
leigh Citizens Association, tempo
rarily erupted into an open brawl
as the two leaders staged a physi
cal display of their strong disa
Starring In this brief epiaeds
as challengers were the Rev.
Jeha WUaaa naming, presi
dent es the Raleigh CHlsens As
■octatien. varans Ralph Camp
bell. leeal band at the National
tsaarlstian far the Advance
ment es Oelerad People.
Fight tins* wa* approximate
ly %M p. m.
This writer, who was attending a
meeting in an adjoining room, and
wfea has “covered” everything
from baby christenings to murders,
was an eye-witness to the after
math of on* of the most unusual
Incidents that he has encountered
Preyer Wins In Primary;
Lake Holds Runoff Key
Although Democratic gubernator
ial candidate L. Richardson Preyer,
tenter federal Judge from Greens
boro, won the Democratic nomina
tion for governor of North Carolina
laat Saturday, Dan K. Moore, his
closest runner-up, signed a state
ment asking tor a runoff on Satur
day, June 27.
Meanwhile tefioa defeated Dr. 1
Beverly Lake, >who stated Satur
day night that he is retiring from
■olitics, also staled he plans to in
vestigate the cram burnings which
were reported Thursday night in
Eastern Mirth Caroling and re
portedly gw works of thhKu Klux
Kim to discredit his caafeaigh. to
ths*wwk of eMkHhwsr or'
Finds Fetus
Os Baby In
Branch Here
The fourth baby in recent years
wsa discovered last Wednesday af
ternoon in a brand) behind Capi
tal Grocery Store, MO B. Cabarrus
The dtoeevety was wade by
Willie E. Jones, a long-time
employee as the store, who baa
been credited with finding
several ether premature or
Jones reported to Officers Nor
man Artis and J. E. Deye at 4:10
p.m. that he had discovered a pre
mature baby at the edge of the
branch. The officers were Joined
by Detective Seta. J. R. Munns
and F. C. Gregory.
Wake County Corner. Mar
shall W. Msniudt, who she
CAMOUNlANNneusman at the
time that ha believed this to
be a premature fetus, whom
j»ms»jh«uM ue* be be
A crowd of over 3M persona ga
thered at the scene.
Jones, who Uvea at MS B. Ca
barrus Street, stated be has found
Jour babtes behind the store over
• period of eight years.
Investigation is eonttnuing in
the ease.
,£■* jS,
BABY FOUND IB BRANCH Shown above n the branch when an undeveloped tetm waa
ieumd Ndt Wedmedey adtameon Thh wee the fourth human life dtecoeend in thh branch in seven
fern* QNntdmfh X
during eleven years so a journalist.
Our meeting in the adjoining
room was interrupted by the on*
next door.
According to asw of the city’s
asaat raepactnd littssns. now re
tired. who seas In to* raeas and
allegedly**" started when Mr.
Campbell, than spaairing, was
“cat across” by toe presiding
officer, J. A. Shepard.
Campbell is then reported to
have informed Mr. Shepard h* was
“out of order," whereupon the
Rev. Mr. Fleming, who was sitting
next to Campbell, is said to have
also challenged Campbell’s right to
continue speaking.
-D* yon want to do some
thing about tit.” Campbell was
hoard to ask toe cleric in a load
voice. Fleming immediately re
plied “Yea." famped ap and re
portedly punched Campbell In
the face. Campbell then alleg
edly countered with a blow
which landed an the preachers
Chairs began to scatter long
Maore. torn ha weuld urge his
supporters-some SSt.llS to vote
far toe candidate net reepsu
stble ter toe fire*. 1
He stated farther that hie
voters “teat might pa fishing an
Jane *7.”
Judge Preyer. who garnered
306,896 votes to 343,468 tor Moor*,
urged a stata-widp television de
bate last Saturday night which was
turned down by #oore on Monday.
Moara, who campaigned aa a
middle-as-toe rmdeg, balds a
strong hand in tin Jnn* ST run
aft, although Meyer was the
viator Batorday.
has labeled TTayer
Howovyy,' the final outcome us
the Jah* ST runoff depends haavt*
ly on just whom Dr. Lake decides
to back tor th* nomination.
Two Say
Same ill an
Shot Them
Raleigh Police Officers O. C.
Pratt and C. B. White reported at
9:30 pm. Wednesday, that Alonso
A. Mclver, 21. at 216 Lee Street,
told them Charles (Checkerboard)
Howard, 31, shot him hi the cheat
and left armpit. The incident took
place on Ihyettavllto Crossing
about 6:46 p. m.
Also toot at this time waa Mil
ton Washington, 20. es 413 W.
South Street, who was blasted in
the stomach, allegedly by Howard,
Mclver nil be waa standing
fating Howard when he saw
him “paint a gun at me and
time or loot times.”
Misses Carolyn Jackson. 1302 8.
East Street, and Moselle Burnett.
614 S. Bloodworth Street, claimed
they were witnesses to Howard
having a gun in his hand both be
fore and after the shootings.
Mas Barnett said she waa
leaking when Howard pat the
gun back into hie pocket and
ran around the Carroll Build
ing. Fayetteville and Hunter
Howard was believed arrested,
charged with assault with a dead
“I Was Not Invited” To Commencement
Elder Spurned By Massie
The Carol/max
VOL. 22, NO. 31
Negro Minister To
State Legislature
I tSf: *3# i IfipwFwßv*
y i'* r> ',-^M
’ s\', ; . s ,£x . 'Wwlt ■*¥»•iivJs^^BWpWHßiEai
* % ? iIL ;//yi
*m t % j|l|& " >-ZMi ffl > - " \*s^/ r,:/-
*£* ♦cvftf 'I '-w; iu «^H
:. * >.-..jpaWW|Ppi
Rev. William R. Crawford, it shown receiving the friendship, con
gratulation handclasp from his wile upon hearing at his head
quarters in Winston-Sahm last Saturday night that he had be
come the first Negro tinea Reconstruction days to be nominated
on the Democratic Forsythe County ticket to bo-a member of the
State House of Rereeentatives. (UPI PHOTO).
Arrests Mounting As Cops
Nab Liquor Law Violators
By late Tuesday night, more
than eighth-five persons had
been arrectod during the second
night's roundup at accused boot
Some 306 persons are expected
to be included before the arrests
are completed City, county end
state officers are still canvassing
Wake County with mora than 100
warrants tobeserT*A^_
largest campaign by andar
eover agents against fltogal
North Carolina’s Leading Weekly
whtaker la Wake County's Me
lon. The lunati charge the
defendants with celling Ins
paid er wsenshlas boeae. Manx
iwai had several warranta
against then.
The crackdown started on MOn
dap night of this week u 41 per
son* were aneeted and taken to
the ABC Law Enforcement Office*
far prcceeetng and bonding, if they
had any banding money. If not,
they were placed In Wake County
J. C. ■aaadere. eeperrleer hi
charge el State ABC under
pant t
Holloa’* Cl* ewrr
Bom* Jeweler*
a new ruiMn
■•• theta M
Geo Watch Nwf
WuUwIM Tvnn Apta. lot.
Hoy’* Drtvo-lu Cteaaer*
■tlaa e»th—enrC t of Baietih
Ma w. wean a c*.
Carter*. We.
Central Wars Bton
Blltmore HtUa
Biuofleidl Church Furniture Co.
AanlaMmni Ca
SahjaMhaWiTht ** ********
Branch BouMau * treat Co
* u " A *** rt *°*"
Weaver Brae. BaaaMer
WaCe’i AWo Bate
Bank MaCar Co
g«aaw-eewert»_Tta«tor Carp.
Barr n,rm
Rev. Crawford Places
3rd In Forsyth Race
WMtom R. Crawford was selected
to toe State House of Repreeenta
tlvtetrom Forsyth County last Sat
urday and became the first .of his
nugtite serve In the N. C. Lalhto-
Mis since Reconstruction.
ISA format Wmaton-Salem Al
toiwua. to* Bav. Crawfard
.toped Urird amastoa^Uti^af
votes of the (Sard SOW- billots
cast in the Initiative campaign.
The 83-year4Md minister and two
other Democratic candidates will
face Republican opposition to (he
November general election. Thera
was no Republic primary in th*
county, but the OOF will field a
full slat* of candidates tor the
House of Representatives.
Pastor as the Manat Pleasant
Methodist Church hare, the
Rev. Crawfard baa ah* served
an, the school beard far tea
years. He also previously ran
for tot Democratic nomination
for th* State House es Repre
sentatives, bat last by almost
80S votes.
A native of Wlnston-Salam. Craw
ford attended the lower grades in
hit home town, then graduated
from West Virginia State College
cover agente, termed the raid
“one of the meet eueeemful
and wall-eryanlaed ever con
Some of the peraone already ar
reeted are aa follows:
Arthur L. Moon. M 3 E. Darla
St., two counts; Annie Bell Hock
aday, Apt. A. Wayside Apts.,
Boundary St., two counts; Lucin
da Burt. 934 E. Bragg St., two
counts; KoasaUc Burnett. Ml S.
Saunders St; games McKennie.
335* Cannon St.; Mary Taylor 904
Johnson Alley, two counts; Fran
(cawTmtiib on mm r>
ColenUl gtorri
A A <t»lu Furmtur, Ce.
Celt Urhtaiin
Steves* Oalt Service
A and P.
Eatate BnlMen Ce
Pcpet Cola Bottling Co at Raleigh. Inc.
Carolina Builder*. Inc.
Rldgoway'e Optician*. Inc.
( i retina Power a tight Co.
Coaaaivakr riortet
CwMead’a Grocery * Traaefer Ce.
Sonthcra Parakarr Ce., lac
Taylor Shot Service
Raleigh SaeleeS Narlet
Becartty Meat Market
Anabaaaatfo- Theatre
Page M
Lincoln Theetro
McLeod - Watson a Lanier
Mechanic* * Parmer* Bank
■ant General Tire Co
Dr. A. C. Deßerry
Taylor Badta a Electrical Co.
King Cole Motel
Terrace monraaro * Beaky Co
Bean’s Brno Service
and Gammon Theological Semina#'
in !9ff.
‘1 think this represents a break
through and shows th* people are
thinking in terms es government
tcosmwoipoM PAOB I)
Jailed In.
Death Os
Clifton Thorpe, SS-yeer-old
Wake County resident, wsa ar
rested here early Sunday morn
ing In connection with the fatal
shooting of his brother-in-law at
a night spot, earlier in the morn
A resident of Route 6, Raleigh,
Thorpe la being held in Wake
County Jail without privilege of
bond, pending further Investiga
According to a statement by
Wake Deputy Sheriff Jay Tur
ner. Ervin Anderson as Route
7, Raleigh, waa shot about 1:30
a.m. at the Jeffreys Grave
School Club on Lead Mina
Road, north as the city, eff the
Creedmeor highway.
Anderson waa dead on arrival at
Wake Memorial, where he was
rushed after the shooting.
It could not be aooertalnsd Just
what triggered the abooting. but
both parties are believed to have
been drinking.
A hearing la scheduled this week
before Justice of the Peace H. A.
Again In
John Horvey Wheeler. M-yeer
old preaident of the Mechanic* and
Farmer* Bank. Durham, an ap
pointed ss an at-large delegate to
the Democratic National Conven
tion in August recently, Thl* nomi
nation made Wheeler the first Ne
gro member of North Carolina del
egation in recent State history.
The banker haa heeded Mechanic*
and Fanner* Bank for 13 yeari and
ha* twice been elected president of
the National Negro Banken Associ
He Joined the bank In 1939 after
graduating with honor* from At
lantic Morehouse College.
Since that time, be ha* been a
force in the politic* of Durham ai
well a* many community activities,
including libraries, boy'* elub.
United Pund
Wheeler haa headed the power
ful Durham Committee on Negro
Affair* for many years.
He t* alto member of the execu
tive committee of the North Caro
lina Fund. North Carolina Good
Neighbor Council and ether out
standing bodies.
Wheeler obtained hie law degree
from North Carolina College In
1947 by studying at night* and In
hi* spare time from bis duties at
the bank.
(cojrrorUEß om page r>
tonao Cook waa arraigned Stay
IT. an first degree marder ahar
gos In toe shooting dsnth of a
white bartender that almost lad
to a toil (tot, May M in Now
York. FoUoo mid about MS ang
ry white persona gathered in the
Harlem tavern shortly after the
■hosting sec aired and threat
ened to tyneh" Cook while ho
waa being Identified by a wH
naaa. (PM PHOTO).
S. Turner
In Oberlin
Funeral servioaa ter Seaton Oalas
Turner. Sr,. Tteyear-oM native of
Raleigh!# MbtiSte section, ward
conducted Monday at the Wilson
Tempi* MMtodht Church, with tne
Rev. Oscar W. Burwkk, pastor, of
ficiating. Burial took place in Caro
lina Biblical Oardens. /
Mr. Tamar, whs died on
Thursday, May tt. was employ
ed by the Uultod Stales Feet
Office for over 4d years. He
was the son as the late Mr.
Grand Ison Tamer. Sr., and Mr*.
Jesse Beley Turner.
A member of the Wilson Temple
Methodist Church for many yeasr.
Mr. Turner served as church secre
tary, and a member of the Men's
Club. He was also a member of
Mentor Lodge No. SA. Masons, the
YMCA and of the Retired Postal
Service organization.
He is survived by his wife. Mr*
Mildred Turner; four daughters.
Mr*. Clementine Singletary, and
Miss Gladys L. Turner, both es
(conthtukd on rut s>
RikuL+ y -
* an ife
From Raleigh’s Police Files:
dent described below wee ob
tained frem the records and
files of the Raleigh Police De
partment through a day-to-day
check and each eaae la authen
tic. No personal opinions are
ever expressed In this column.
Because of the vast number of
names obtained each week. H
le impossible to inlerviow every
person mentioned.
Mias Annie Jean Porter. 30. of
506 W. South Street, stated at
1030 pjb. Saturday, her "friend".
Robert Jones, 33. seme address,
sent her to the store to buy some
thing and she was gone too long
to suit him.
Mias Peeler declared when
■he returned to the heuae,
Janes struck her “ever tup es
no head” with a wee den
Grads Seek
Ouster Os *
New Prexy *
DURHAM Ammunition la be
lievod to horn boon fumisbod it
the foot of Dr. Samuel F. Mamie,
president. North Carolina Collage,
whan ha failed to invite ptaaiddßS
emeritus Alphonae Elder to to#'
Commencement axsrcisa* and as
extended samion of th* Alumni As
sociation an Saturday, in th* toy*
of-war that la going on to ouat the
collage head.
Whan Dr. Elder waa apotted
sitting In bn sadtease Sunday,
there war* many who wander
ed why be waa not an to* stag*.
This writer and many ethers
asked to* former president why
be was net an Ike platform and
he gave a flat a as war, *T was
The breach widened, soostfln
to many intonated persona, who
th* speaker. Judge A. Lags His
tin bo them, traced the history »
the school and tetiwi to mphtien to*
contribution mads by Dr. Utter.’ ’
The general ataaant, meeting
Saturday Is mtd tojtenv Mh
Hassle *te retin* tt ti*r*perted
that » aomwtttm wm naaaad
by to* fluaaiti to Study too an-
Own Life;
Leaves Note
The death of Robert Thomas
Cooke, of 1018 Nassau Street, waa
ruled as suicide here Saturday by
Dr. William Hedrick, medical exa
miner of Wake County.
The body of Mr. Cooke Was found
Friday by the six-year-old of a
neighbor. The child had been sent
by his mother to borrow a stick oi
butter from th* Cook residence.
The cease es death, according
to Dr. Hedrick, was a deep gash
In the neck, which severed toe
jocular velog. Cats were also
found screes Mr. Ceeke’s steal
arb and on his left wrist
Detective Sgt. E. W. Rhodes of
the Raleigh Police Department,
stated the dead man left a six-pag*
not*, written In pencil and on note
book paper. The not* waa dated
ftiday at 13 noon.
Rhodes further stated that a
neighbor of Mr. Cookt'a told him
she heard him arguing with his
16-year-old step-daughter. Miss
Betnice Curt-ins on Friday morning
fcoNTWiigp on paob n
. Temperatures win tiaStoai five
Sesrses er men tolew ssnul Car
shewers, « aufeMtoNis ea -
She signed a warrant and he
waa jailed for aaaault with a dead
ly weapon.
At 10:45 p.m. Saturday. Ofli
oer* O. E. Cox and C. W. Jones
observed Joseph C. Allen, S 3, at
the comer of Battle and Orape
Streets and he had a jar of white
whiskey under his shirt.
Allen, when he saw the oops,
ran south on Orape Street, and
! Officer Jones chased him down
: and had to struggle with ABew.
. During the struggle. Jones ttaiww
, Allen on the ground, and the pris
oner cut b gash In hts own fan
i head by striking some graveL
After being treated at the hos
pital for the wound, be waa charg
ed with Illegal pninsHsn. restat
ing arrest and damage to attg pro
property. the officer's unlfrm

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