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Both Moore And Gavin Contacted: -
N A ACP Asks Rights Stand
VOL. 23. NO. 36
Reward In Rreak-Ins
Seek Leads
In Thefts Os
Many Items
____ V
The harassment of Hlh* CARO
tmJO* Offices. cau*«V
ins. prompts the management to M
ier a reward of $25 to the person or
persona giving information leading
to the arrest and conviction of the
thief or thieves guilty of any of
these crimes.
Among the missing items are two
typewriters, stolen last Friday
night, a 4x5 inch Graflex Camera,
praqtically new, stolen two years
ago, small amounts of cash and a
it w tools, such as 1-4 inch drill,
acrew drivers and wrenches.
In each instance, the police
department has been notified
of the break-ins. No suspects er
clues have been uncovered to
date through this source that
brought back any losses. How
ever, information should bo
given to the police ss The CAR
OLINIAN, upon finding any
clues will, In turn, refer same
to the local police department.
In the event that there is any cir
cumstantial evidence needing au
investigation, the management of
The CAROLINIAN will accept such
Information without the name of
the informant being made public.
The CAROLINIAN is confident
that the guilty person or persons
will be brought to justice. However,
most of these stolen items » e very
expensive end the management
feels that offering a reward will
expedite action in this matter.
Temperatore* ter the five gay pe
rt-*. ThurMlay Uironsh Monday,
will aiera** 2 to i detrvei helow
normal. with cooler weather Snn-
Say an* Monday Scattered thun
der th««m »11l occur mostly dor
ter the cvcnln* Thnrtday throash
Monday and rainfall will avrraca
about ' oar-Oalf of an Inch. The
normal Inch and low temperatures
for the Raletch area are Si and SI.
Borin > Cut »lor*
Ao . ’»>ador ThooUrs
Row. Shi* Co
Mu IT. Winter* «»< Co.
Eeruritj Melt Msrktt
Her tunica Ml rumor* Bank
Soot, ern Bell
linn mleti TBo On.
»cn« Realty to.
RaleirS Fnneril Nome
pepsi-tela Bottiin* Co
Jeae Imh Snnans*
RiKmore BIUi
(kUirll ParUng CO.
pixie Dry -Cleaner* LoooOry
Reiter Brake Skop •* Baluisk. Inc.
kmhurn Pontiac
Eranck Baakin* >a4 TrwM Co.
Poßuo-Belk-Wtrß* of Ealclfk
laMfk Sartos* iM Goan Am a
I \GE 7
I at* t Aa to Eate*
I eartr Brea. Ramklor
b*?BMn CO
North Carolina’s Leading Weekly
A TIME TO REJOlCE—Preaident Lyndon Baines Johnson, fait, seated, shakos hands with
the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., alter handing him a pen during the signing of the historic
Civil Rights Bill into law during a White House ceremony last Thursday. Looking on ora some
of the men who supported the Bill.
Carl Rowan Will Speak At
Urban League s Convention
an. director of the U. S Informa
tion Agency heads the list of im
portant speaker* who will address
the 1964 National Conference of the
Urban League here August 3-6.
Seam 666 Urban League dele
gates and visitors from cMes
across the nation will hear tho
USIA director, me of aaaay ne-
I CMonial Store*
R. E. Quinn Fornltor*
C. Karl Uchtnun
A. aa« P.
1 Eftatn BallSer* Co.
Boat General Tir* Co.
Carolina Bottom Corp.
RlOteway'l Optician. Inc
PepM-CoU BottUng Co. of Baldgfe
! Bufialoe and Co. Buldcra. Inc
'PAGE 11
Carotma Power and Ugk* Co
g iwpftiß Theatre
i Joe Mumicka Promotion*
Peetle* Oar cool Plamo Boataurant
O'Neal Motor*, lac.
R E. Stoke* Concrete Contractor*
Pee Wee Hunter'* PtarM
n.*mi Record Shop
i Penney »
! CcnsoUdsted Credit Corp
Mother and Daughter Store*
Royal Crown Bottling Co.
I Bonn'* Bern linta
tloaal pebHe flgerm to address
the flog toy eoßferenee. All »m
--• lona wilt ho hold at too Sher
aton Hotel.
The former U. 8. Ambaaudor to
Pinland, who succeeded Edward R
Murrow at USIA head last January.
It expected to diacuaa the impact of
race reUtiona.
Conference hoet it the Louisville
Urban League headed by League
President Thomas A. BaUantine, Jr,
Judge of the Jefferson Circuit
Court; Executive Director Charles
T. Steele; and General Chairman
Harry Lawman of the Arrange*
More Squads Os Federal
Marshals Needed In Miss.'
NEW ORLEANS—SeveraI squads
of federal officers are needed in
Miasiasippi to prevent further at*
tacks on integration workers, ac
cording to the Rev. Fred L Shut*
tlerworto. civil rights leader, last
Mr. SheMeewerth spake eat
to toe wake of toe disappear
'ZZ/ZS? < Ararat i". 1 mr
adagham, secretory of the See*
then* Chrfcttaa Leadership
Conference (SCLCt. Altxnto:
sad prteHtnl of the Sselhicn
Conference Bdncottoml Pend
.y. New Ortiiah aM c*v«
men is Committee. Mayor William
O. Cow gar prill greet the delegates.
The theme of toe eenfereaee.
"Poverty Re-examined: OM
Pr*hl*me New CAsllongoe.’’
will be dteeesofd to e keynote
eddrem Sandey evening, Ang*
net t by Whitney M. Tovng. Jr,
exeeettvo director of toe no
tional prnfeoetanel interracial
social work agency, new to Ms
fdto yaar. The Laagaa has
hrantoaa to « eMtaa to M atotaa
and toe Diatrtet of Coinmhto.
He declared that
igators for the federal government
should be "armed with power to
act to prevent Such acts as are new
happening to Mississippi— end per
haps will happen to Alabama"
‘There h no alternative to a
thorough federal investigation of
the entire law-enforcement system
and methods in Mimferippi and Al
abama. and vigorous prosecution of
officials who either allow mob na
tion or encourage brutality by tostr
police office." Mr. fbuttleewortb
He recalled the many request*
that have been made to the federal
government lor protection of civil
right* workers in the south, espec
ially in Mhetartppi. Alabama and
Negro Support Still
Undecided In State
CHARLOTTE—Ths North Caro
lina NAACP Conference will aerie
eeparete conference# with Demo
cratic gubernatorial candidate Dan
Fired Tutor
Said Target
field home eg a Hagro artlijßaM
er and civil rlgMs leader. Ae
crose-burning, whtah occurred on
the night of July 4. is tea latest
incident in whet civil rights leaders
in the area view a* mounting KKK
activity in Halifax County—ln re
cent months the scene of an Inten
sive Negro campaign Ipr equal
On the night of July t, carloads
of robed KKK members several of
them aeon to be masked and car
rying guns—staged a motorcade and
rally in Enfield and traveled bite
Negro neighborhoods In that eem
munlty in a obvious attempt to
spread fear and terror.
John R. Salter, Jr.—field secre
tary for the Southern Conference
Educational Fund (SCSffi - mid
that the croae that burned an July
4 was aimed principally against
Mis. A. Road Johnson who, with
her husband. Is on* of the active
leaders In the eounty-wid* Halifax
Voter* Movement
Mrs. Jehnam, who rsaanMy
(set her too eh tug Job swing to
her etvll rights aoUrtttes, has
AM autt lu Federal aourt a
galnet a number as Halifax
County officials, ta an affart ta
regain bar teaching pastil an.
One as fito officials toe la sab*
Is Jaa Branch as EaftoM, attor
ney far Ow eeanty school board,
who Is also the state campaign
manager for the Bamasratla
Other eromm have bean burned
recently in Halifax County, baiter
mid. but ho indicated that tho on#
of July 4 was the largest Be said
It was about IT fast tall and g teat
acrom, had boan heavily wrapped
in tobacco Moth, and burned about
ISO yards from Mr*. Johnson’s
home. Salter also said that Mrs.
Johnson has boon resolving many
anonymous telephone calls.
*Th# Mtnattea. paiUialarlg to
(COWWWJXP ox mm e»
NEW YORK—Workft Heavyweight Boring Champion Cat
sura Clay, (hit) Uttar* to Black Muriim leader Elijah Muham
mad at ha addressee a rally hare June 28th. In the foreground are
two guard* etanding in front ot the dait. Violence llared up at
the meeting attended by an aatimatad 10.000 Nagroae whan a
man triad to enter and was ehovad and kicked back into the afreet
by guarda. The man was anti-Muhammad. (C/J»f PHOTO )
K. Move and Republican standard
bearer Hobart Gavin in an effort to
ascertain the views of each regard
ing the implementation at the re
cently enacted Civil Rights Bill
(HR TIN) if elected aa governor In
N. C. NAACP preaident Kelly
M. Alena agar, ftr.. eg Charlotte
aald: "The question before the
aelared people as Tarheel la new
. la. will Jndge Dae K. Moore, if
elected la November, aarare the
Negro people that the maay
onoosr aging, . . .seen reeels-
Denary deeelapmanti In the
Md as mac relatione can-
Nnnar The NAACP proxy add
ed that "Negro ritieens are
deeply concerned aa ta race re
lation! not getting bach Into a
* "Nagroee want continued program
in the Arid at education, medical
care and hospitalisation, houalng
and employment on all level**, the
NAACP national board member
emphasised,' adding, "We want
the elected Governor to continue
construettve Usee of communication
between Us office and the Negro
leadarritlp as our State."
dlanander said the "new gover
nor realises his modal obligations
peculiar ta thcee who conatitute
gavnumnd . , . and be fair and
Justice'which are bade la all."
JfeMpdag fsertoat the program
mala Ip TsrftgdfcTdnrialhmHnt
years in the aaha as laao relations
might be stymied or earthed, Alex
ander stated that N is "unfortunate
that die Negro voter seldom has the
ehoiee between a completely liberal
candidate and one committed to
status quo in race relations In our
State. In the beat of the campaign—
with bis opponents fomenting the
race issue, even the meet advanced
southern politician la apt to run to
cover. We have seen this happen
la North Carolina, many times '
"Oeaght hi this dilemma.”
Alexander arid, "North Care-
Nan Negroes generally aappart
le and serial beam such aa
pubNe housing. ariahaeai
wagon aerial aeeartty and ado
*blee-voting*, M la what every
ether craft ar prefers! ea dees
la Me own bast tatareai
"Although many white eititans
feel the Negroea are “moving to
fast* (as evidenced by the Urge
vote given Judge Moore), Negroes
of TarheeUa will net relinqulto
their efforts to win complete and
absolute equality with their ballots
aad ether protests "
Cleric Injured
The Ban. Bn. •. W. Larkin.
U 66 E. Danis Btroot, waa Injur
ed to a ana ear udlial near
label an Sunday and la new am
flnad to Waka Mamartel Boapi
Tratodtag Men as tea Beaky
Maun* PUSrta* as tea AME
teearsMaas and kmlasa as wall
as shock tajartoa. However, kto
eondttlm B repevted as sad as-
M r. .MH mm
1811 wßlMmm
■■ •
I »
■ » ' t* I ■
AWARD-WINNiNG LAWYERS Recipients of the'liref
annua/ “Lawyer of the Year Award " of the NAACP Legal Dofanaa
and Educational Fund are from loft : R. Jaee Broom, Carafe A.
Haft, and Jack N. Young, all of Jackson, Miss. The Mississippi
cooperating attorneys of the Legal Defense Fund are the only
lawyers in the entire state who handle civil rights casts. The p*
ward consists of a plaque and SIOOO in law books tor each man. .Jt
was presented in Washington last weak on the eve of NAACP Na
tional Convention.
From Raleigh s Police Files:
Officers Baker and Origaby ar
raatod Fred Wilson,, 51. and Mrs.
Mary Spenoer, 80, both of 207
Camden Street, for engaging In an
affray with a deadly weapon—a
knife at 4:15 p. m. Sunday.
Wiloon received a ißceratlon ov
er his left eye and one across the
bridge of his nose. He was treated
at thelm||Aal Par his hurts sal
rriaaag&’l* 4
He ww Bm complainant in tfet
xpifhria at and
beam thmatoned the alftorih
telling i|ph "Don't yes ever
<wam mjßeJtetiso again. Pvt
atoaadrJMd paa that MM he.
BL YSrti. Si Bowwai j
Thrifty Larry Stngletary. ee* of
Mr. aad Mrs. Cards Stagietory of
imp ft. Marita Street, pdariiaasd a
IU D. >. Savings Band Monday as
Mile week with preftte earned by
selling ihte newspaper.
Larry, who raid 10# CABO UN
IANS teat weekend, Joh» aaverel
ether lade ta toe exclusive "IN
11-year-eld Larry haa arid The
CAROLINIAN for the peat two
■e is a Bay Seout aad briaags to
Pack IPS, St. Matthews AMB
Chare h. E. Davie Street
A regaUr member of Martin
Street Bepttri Cbarcb, Larry la la
the sixth grade at LarilU Hander
Slamantary leh eel.
Evers* Widow,-Kids
Move To California
widow of martyred civil right*
fightar. Medgar Ever* and har three
children last week were reported
ready to move into a new home
in this collage community.
According to Ray Wilkin*.
NAACF executive secretory,
Mm Myrll* Ever* bought tee
bouse In this Lea Angeles sub
urb for 696.166 recently.
Since Ever* - death, Mr*. Ever*
has received 960.000 In contribu
tions from a trust fund for tha
education and support of her chil
■vara, whs was field aaera
tary far tha NAACF In Missis
sippi. was slala ta am bash on
Jan* U. 196!, when sememe
Says King
Seeks To Be
“Super” Man
TAMPA, no. (ANP>-A 46-year
old attorney for the southeast dis
trict of the NAACP. last week in
directly accused Integration iot Mar
tin Luther King, Jr, at making the
antisegregation demonstrations In
St. Augustine, Fla, as part of hit
grand design to become a "super
A tty. FraacMeo Rodrigo**, a
Negro, did net refer to Dr. King
directly to toh statement to toe
Tampa Dally Tribaas. However,
to write remarks, ha IdaaM
ftad too team rofarrod to as
Ktog, hoed of toe Sowtoem
ChrMton Leadership Confer
ence. according to the Tribnae.
King is directing the integration
fight in St Augustine.
King was not immediately avail
able tor comment on Atty. Rodri
guez's statement.
■'■” l 11 Him 1 —X—to l
fora." ( i #
An employee of The CAROLINI
AN reported to Officer James R.
(Bobby) Days at 1:41 aon. Satur
day. that two typewriter*, valued
at $126, and one shirt, were stolen
from the offices of the establish
ment. i
Day# found a broken
break-ins at The CAROLINIAN.
win b» in time
v V\iv..
cut him down wMh a rtfla as ha
was sntertag hM home la Jack
sou, Mbs., after ha had attend
ed a civil rights rally.
Authorities have arrested a white
segregationist for the crime, but
have been unable to obtain a Jury
conviction against him. Ha is Byres
DeLaßeckwith, whose twe trial!
hava ended in hung Juries.
21 Students At
Ligon High To
The predominantly white W. to
Enloe High School In LoogvteW
Gardens wilt receive twenty-one
Negro students from toe John W.
Ligon Junior-Senior High Bchbol
in September.
Transfer requests, made by the
students parents, were unanimous
ly approved Tuesday during the
regular meeting of the Raleigh •
Board of Education.
Superintendent Jeaae Ormond
Sanderson. Sr, said nearly all ad
the students live in Washington
Terrace, only a tow blocks from
the Enloe School
One student Miss Powell AML.
Peebles of 1403 Oberlin Road, re- :
quested to be sent beck to Ltoaa. -
She attended Daniels Junior High »
School last year. This request MBA <
also granted. -H
Only one transfer requmt man .
made fay the parents at Jwakar
George Thomas, of TOT & Btom*
Street who requested to bo trgMg
ferred from Ligon to Dentals. Mem
ber. agreed that the bey should stay
at Ligon, since he will be la toe
ninth grade this year and «mM
only stay at Dentals out year «

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