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    Thousands Pay Tribute To Pat White
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them* some of the more than 2,000 persona who attended the last
rites for Willie Dean ‘Pat’ White (inset) Sunday at the Providence
Holy Church. Bottom photo shows the pallbearers bringing his
body down the steps to waiting hearse. (SEE MORE PHOTOS
ON PAGE 14).
Raleigh Native Scores
A First At Washington
'm Metropolitan Life Bisur-
«L*DUtM re
cently hired John O. Plummer, Jr.,
Ml He 1* a of
John O. Plummer, fir., who prac
ticed medicine here far almost 49
Mr. Hammer fa the first Ne
gro in the whole Washington
area, which has seven district
offices, and the first In the
entire Southern Territory, in
cluding seven states and is the
second in the Southeastern
territory, embracing fifteen
eta tea.
Plummer is also active In the
Democratic Party In Washington
where he is a precinct chairman.
He supported the winning slate
of E. Franklin Jackson and Pooly
Jackson, which had another North
Carolinian out as a delegate to
LB J Picks
Duncan For
A 2nd Term
8. Duncan, the first Negro ever
to serve as a District Commission
for the District of Columbia, was
nominated by President Johnson,
last week, for a second three-year
term as commlsioner.
The nomination is subject to
Senate confirmation, but is ex
pected to be approved with little
or no opposition.
Duncan. 54. one as three
District Commissioners, spent
the major portion of his first
three years trying U organise
two departments under bis sa
pervfeton Health and Wel
fare. He fa a native es Salis
bury, N. C., and brother of Dr.
Samuel E. Duncan, presfdepi
of Livingstone College.
Prior to Duncans administra
tion. both the Health and Welfare
departments the subject of bitter
controversy by citiser if the Dis
trict who charged that indigent
Negroes in the District were im
properly cared for.
Although h- met some measure
From Raleighs Police Files:
the: chime beat
fills wifi OITT OF caw.
Mr* GUoy» Jone*. 1108 Hadley
Road. <la ted at Bill am. Monday,
that the 1 and other girl* were
riding about lowti with a man.
TIM complainant r»ntinned,
-My bnshand Mapped the ear
and a* I t°i #ai es It, ke tejaa
to beat me sheet my face aad
Ini **
Mr*. Jeae* told the ceps'**
might *1(8 * warrant •*»*“*
h*r mat*. Miatle B Jeae*. bet
didn't knew fast what *be
non Id d# at the time. Sbe was
treated »MSa*»^*rn»nrUl^tw^
the Convention, the Honorable
John B. Duncan. D. C. Commis
founder of the Washington Burt.
I SB t
? f A ', */£/;'■* Ji
* 9
Bov. Dr. Martin Lather King,
Jr., held a press oonfeswnss In
Birmingham. Ala., fast wash af
ter a ateeting of the Ssathsra
Christian Leadership Confer
ence. of which he fa gradient.
He dheaaeed the Implement—
tton of the recently enacted Civ
il Rights BO In that Stats. Dr.
King said a Statewide teat
would be made team.
Miss Nancy Sue Scott, of Route
C. Raleigh, informed the law at
2:22 am. Sunday, she and Howard
Rogers, ot 22 McGhee Street were
emerging from Staton's Cate. Sit
S. Bast SUeet when a girl sud
denly took off her own shoe end
whacked Mias Scott in the face
with it
Rogers stated he sew the girl hit
the victim, but didn't know who
she was Miss Scott declared ska
had never seen the girl before.
Hometown Hero Is
fiiven Last Rites
Br Charles R. Jones
The loudest ovations ever given Willie Dean “Pat” White
in football stadiums across the State, were overshadowed here
Sunday by more than 3,000 persons paying final tribute to a
hometown hero who “made good” at home.
When news of the 19-year-old star’s death at 3:38 a. m. last
Thursday ana made known, hundreds of his fans in this area and
across North Carolina, were thrown into a state, closely akin to
shock, although it was widely known that “Pat” was a victim of
_ The funeral was held at the
Providence Holy Church at 1:M
pm The Rev. Oeorga L. Jones,
youthful pastor of 1
moving eulogsnnlti*rtnpKL ha
rof aadWthnsgjjm
ufaHai-flfafp «A 4ha hsa»
Qb>m nail A
I mm m
"Bury a»^TpM* aan aatch*me!
Just aay mat to Soemtes’ body ly
ing there. Nobody caught Whits.
‘Pat’ has dons it agaUn. He’s out
run us aH.”
The young set afatoe children
bom to Mrs. Ada Whits, 15 Nash
Terrace, and rto lets Mr, Osp
Court Allows CR
Action At NY Fair
NEW YORK CRT—Ctrl rights
groups, laprsaandsd hr tho XAA
CP Legal Bafaoae tad and eth
er attorneys, this waek won the
right to paas out handbills pro
*—tftfa auillisi a iltoialndnsllnn at
oertato Waste’s Fufa gavihona
Show Set
faTtfaST faMWh Asm!
t-H and m Bator OaMfa Shew
on Thmadar. Mr ML Bags and
girls from the three eawttos are
pgadMaeda? de£
ry animals afoot.
baan'spanaand br’tow’BaMgh
Zliafa I
* B bo gaoad la
•at as tome wanna: Mae Mas
red gg; and, white M. In ad
ad far f— d aha—ftan. sasirvi
mteig mienfa bgjmd
who wM afaa ha srwwnad Mng
Agricultural wartwn gnpmvfatng
the event are: U K. Beaten es
Harnett CounW: *. F. Nmr, W.
H Clayton. M. B. ABright and
J. H Harris as tshnaton County;
E. T. Beveß, W. L. Oraham. La
ray Burton. Ourrett Laws. M. W.
Askew and W. C. na»Mgl as
Wikf Count*.
White. ’P»t’ won the State singles
tennis championship while a aop-
all of^hls
Kims lrtt g Second
TfMiii vblL mm
ft* * ail. ± ~
mb* w®> i
were The Bpe-
Qulntet, who sang, "Nearer My
God To Thee.” As the latter group
left the podium, several as its
memoen were crying.
When White’s body was opened
for a passing view, several women
fainted and were supoprted by the
persons walking behind them.
(comtptobp on rasa *>
Federal District Court Judge
araM R. Tyler also found the
Fair’s regulation prohibiting pic
keting to be vague, arbitrary and
an unconstitutional burden on the
enjoyment of free speech.
He suggested that the anti-pic
keting regulation be rewritten so
ai to allow reasonable picketing
Jaek Greenberg, the Fuad’s
director-eeuaasl, stated that
“we are pleased that the Court
upheld ear content ion that
state actiau m panamim the
Fairs’ sperattea that it mast
gakameute as the fowtoeoth
“This means that the civil rights
crganlaattons with whom we
brought this suit may peacefully
protest the racial discriminatory
practices of southern states whlob
have pavilions at the Fair.”
Judge Tyler stated that the
World's Fair is "so impregnated
wttoj and supported by state and
atop action as to place it within
the —bit as the fourteenth a-
The NAACP Legal Defease
Fund-led attsrasys painted
out that the Fair has leased
Ms property from the city, the
stty raeotvao in earns from the
FOIr, the Fair fa exempt from
«Hy and state team and aH
FakMtetodtaiCTjMsd Improve -
arty whan the Fair diewT
Them conditions, the attorneys
contended, make the Fair subject
(csNipun am pack q
la tkfa edition of The CAR
OLINIAN. a special pictorial
page fa dedicated to Ike mem
ory as Esleigh's beloved Willie
Deass “Fat" White, who led the
Upaa High Esheal to aa away
“lies' athlete
over Utiteti Ugoa.' Tbe^lL
Gov. Sanford Stops
Church Burning
VOL. », NO. 37
Shaw Is Not Moving: Prexy
+ + + +
Officers Charged
300 Persons
Involved In
Race Riot
! —HENDERSON Police who took
r ® rt in th * •”*>•* s 1 ‘he Motor
‘ —eight Restaurant early Sunday
find themselves not only
■La bad spot due to the postpone-
SSl**Of the cases of* 10 persons.
Sbharged with refusing to obey pe
glice orders and with aiding and a
-1 betting to incite a riot, but two of
r them are faced with assault charges,
growing out of what is said to be
malicious use of a gun and simple
Sgt. H. E. Tyndall as the
local police department was
charged with using the barrel
es s gun span the person es
> George Davis, while Deputy
Sheriff F. T. McGhee fa facing
' a simple assault charge against
1 one Otis Lewis. The two efleers
I are white while the complaining
| witnesses are Negroes.
The complaining witnesses ob
tained warrants for the two officer*
Tuesday morning and they were
turned over to Sheriff L. B. Faulk
ner. The two men charge that they
were at the trouble spot hut took
no part in a general mixup. said to
have involved more than 300 per
sons of both races.
Eight Negroes and two whites
are charged with failing to heed
police warnings and inciting to riot.
They were scheduled to be tried on
the charges Tuesday, but their
With 9s,
OCALA. Fla. <ANF>—Aa elder
ly Ocala woman was near starva
tion Monday. June 29, with more
than 55.123 In sosets only a few
inches from her bed, where she
was found by two grandnieces
from Lake City.
The iriian. Mr*. Suns Hen
rietta Howell Caanoa. 77. was
taken against her will to Man
rue Memorial hospital for
treatment. Doctors said she
win be In the hospital for sev
eral weeks regaining her
Her grandnieces. Vondle Daw
kins. 27, and Mary Lee McNeil.
SO. Lake City, found their aunt
in the bed with only a few crack
ers for food In the house at 612
W. Havana street. They called a
doctor and an ambulance, but
Mrs Cannon refused to be taken
to the hospital The Ocala sher
iff* office stepped in and order
ed her taken for treatment.
A check at the house tarned
up a smalt strong hex with a
number at deeds to paresis of
property and a stack of mon
ey. A close check found the
starving woman had nine *l*4
bills, six IM Mil*, two 51 bills,
and 1* sliver dollars —a total
of 11.032.
A closer cheek found four
lIJN savings bonds, and a
cashiers' cheek from a Lake
City bank for M75.M along
with a pass book to an account
ai Ocala's Fidelity Federal
Barings and Loan Aooctattoa.
shewing a balance es 992145
a grand total es souse 94,123.
Mr*. Cannes own* a rental
bouse and collects 922 a month
from It to g* wtth her 949
a month serial saenrHy check.
There was no explanation for
her apparent voluntary starvation I
North Carolina * Leading Weekly
• - 'M | ill m mpdbumik
~* .■! ,jj>'
Wf , Sr,. * v *
PEEVES GOLDWATER Fortran Republican, Attorney
George A. Parker, it shown standing me he needles Senator Gold
water ebout hit potition on the newly-enacted Civil Rights Bill.
Lawyer Parker, the only Negro member of tho Platform Com
mittee, wm insistent to the extent that the Senator it taid to have
become peeved over the gruelling. Attorney Parker it a prominent
lawyer in Washington, D. C. and was founder and dean a4 Terrell
Law School. Ha shares offices with hit son, Barrington Parker, in
the 1100 blocg & (>th St., N. W.
State’s Negroes
Nix Goldwater
And Dan Moore
When James Farmer told Inter
viewers outside San Francisco's
Cow Palace that Negroes would
choose men and measures, while
CORE was picketing the Republi
can National Convention, and
when delegate Jackie Robinson
told ABC commentators that no
self-respecting Negro could sup
port Ooldwater, they were both
echoing the sentiment of the Ne
gro political leaders In North
Carolina, according to a cross
section Interview.
The story of Oeorge Lee. vet
tran Tennessee Republican
wae written all over In Greens
boro when the State Republi
can Convention was held there
In February. 4 veteran Re
publican and the only Negro
on the ticket for state office,
of any party, was dropped by
Horton, Cash Itoti
Bslelch Commiiaton Unas*
Guaranty Arreptsnrr tfonr'
Wholesale Motor Sal«
Thr Shoe Mart
Heaven Textile r».
John W. Winter* and Co.
The (a pita! Coca-Cola aotUilif C .
Huai Geaoral Tiro Co.
Jam-* Saadori TUo Co.
aelelfh Peaorol Horn,
Popal-tola Batatas Co
Jots* Jones Soaaago
Blltmore Nllla
SScLeorln Parkis* Ce.
Dixie Dry-Ctoaaori L*oX«rr
Bettor Brake Shop as Beloifh, Ik.
Ambers Pontiac
Branch Banktas sad Treat Co.
Hedsoa-ltolk-EftrCa of Koloifh
Beletfh Savings aad Lam Asa’s
Weaver Brea. SUmMer
Tfcoaspaas CadUlac-OlSimobile. Int.
Wade's Ante Solos
Al Sana Entch
Bawls Motor Co.
tho Goldwater-rigged conven
tion when it was learned that
he would not support the can
didacy of Senator Ooldwater.
Thle seems to have been the
pattern. There were few. If
any. from any delegation Map
porting Goldwater.
Negro Republican leaders and
Temperatures IMXI five da VS
Thorsday throush Monday will
sversf* asar normal or sllthtly *-
hove, with only small day to day
rhansos Indicated Nigh aad law
temperatures for the Kalelgh area
**-«*. Dally wldaly scattered after
soon aad evealag thunder showers
will average less thas a half Inch
for the eatlre period.
Coloalal Store*
R f. Qulan furniture
Taylor Radio and Electrical C*.
lon don CHI Co
Dui.a't Esso Service
King Colo Motel
pAor •
A. sad P.
fatales Builders Co.
Wethlnstoa Terrace Apts, lac,
Rhode* furaiture Co.
Carolina Builders Carp.
Bldfoway's Optician, tec.
Pepsi-Cela Bottling Co. of Staloljb
Royal Tiro aad Alignment Co.
Arm* Realty Co.
Mechanic, aad farmers Bank
Community florist
Terraco Insurance and Realty Co.
Central Drug Store
Security Most Market
Pago li
L'mstead Grocery aad Transfer
Mgktaor's funeral Nome
Carolina Power aad (Jskt Co
Uacota Theatre
fisher Wholesale Co., lac
Pas* IS
Mr Lend. Wattea aad Laneir
Royal Crown Bottllaf Co.
Sanders Motor Co
Trustees In
Session At
Shaw Univ.
Shaw University's Trustee Baar4
fact Tuesday, July 14. in a tetefa)
aassion. Presldant James E. Cheat
announced «t the meeting tiuti
the eurront indebtedness of the
university has ban liquidated. To
date, alius the Emergency Cam
paign was launched six months
ago, Shaw ha# received a total of
M 15,405.77.
The trustees voted to romata
Mil. a .it. w, , i| tM e
Ml® bfMwM' Bue®» afMlMl*
nary plans caO far construct
ing high rise type of buildings
for academic and residence,
with the envision of the m
auieitton as land contiguous to
the University. The Board of
ficially approved the tale as
the Weet Campus for IttSAM.
The five-mlllion-doUar develop
ment program will officially be
gin the year of the Centonnla, in
IMS. Dr. Cheek stated that the
Centennial Committee will bo
comprised of representatives from
the trustees, faculty. Baptist
church, alumni, friends and sup
porters of Shaw.
The program will cover a five
year period to underwrite the cast
of new facilities, and a complete
ly new academic program. The
present curriculum Is being re
vised. A new curriculum, designed
to give the students the pepper
tools for living in this space age
will go in effect, and more, and
bettor-trained teachers will bo
BLM cmr— Deeptte a warnlns
by Xu Klux Klan Orand Dragon,
Jamea Robert Jones, to the Rev.
Jamas Hutton Cotton, last week,
that. “A brush will not ba laid
on your church." the controvert
alal palntlns began at Toes
day morning.
Jonas becked Basra slier
Oerarner Tarry Italetl teak
a firm stand aad. la ae aa
eertoin terms, told him aad
ethers sI the Klaa. that this
State needs ae help la w»*
farcing the lew. Sanford alee
warned the Dragen that leeal
aad State law enfereeaiiat
effleers would be an hand to
tael) any dlstarbaace. Six
teen adult Negroes aad whMo
psrssm are doing the verb.
Two white youths were arrested
early Tuesday, allegedly attempt
ing to set fire to the wooden First
Preebybterlan Church with only
eight Negro members. They were
Identified as Kenneth Wayne
Owens. 21. and Ronnie W. Howell.
Id. both of Rocky Mount. They
were placed in the Wilson County
Jail and charged with conspiracy
to commit a felony, burn a ahmFch.
Police officers said the twdhad
driven by the church several fames
as the cops were hidden at the
A beat 1 :«B ia Tweeday.
they backed their ear up to
the eenerete steps of the •
ehnrch.onc es HMmupuL^tt
The* wind Mew oof the match
land as snotner wee about to he
j struck. Deputy Sheriff David Can
(coMToronTmi r/.ua iT* **

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