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    Riots, Looting, Arrests
Mar Harlem, Brooklyn
■ r®HHr Jr *■■
NEW YORK RIOT SCENES Top photo shows how me
taJ gate « and smashed windows of Harlem drug store on Lenox
Avenue hooked early Sunday morning after a night of rioting. Hel
meted oops walk along Lenox Avenue, near 132 nd Street, in cen
ter picture. A young couple is seen hurrying along in front of of
ficers. Policemen restrain an emotional crowd Monday night out
side the Levy-Delany Funeral Home, 7th Avenue, after the body
of IS -year-old James Powell touched off the worst weekend of
rioting in Harlem's history, is removed for burial. This bottom
scene was taken Monday night. ( UPI PHOTO).
LBJ Orders Probe
By FBI In Harlem
NEW YORK—Since the death of
James Powell, 15-year-old Negro
youth of Harlem, who was shot to
death by a white policeman, Lt.
James Gilligan. last Thursday, the
worse race riot in history has in
vaded this racially tense trouble
More than US persons have
been Injured, Including over 30
cops, wearing steel helmets, as
Negroes rioted, looted stores
and otherwise created bedlam
In this ghetto, composed of over
*MM persons. M percent of
whom are colored.
Demonstrations took place Fri
day, Saturday. Sunday and Monday
nights. Mayor Robert F Wagner,
who was vacationing In Spain, cut
his visit short to return to this city
Officers have fired shots over
the beads of demonstrators “as
a warning.”
Crowds swelled to more than
IJM Monday night, with more
than 15* yelling. "We want Jus
tice—down with wfcitey (the
Harlem term for any white
Gerald Ecans. 4« W. Snath St,
* til enter the IMh gTade at the 1.
tv. Lir«n Junior-Senior Hl(h
School in September.
The IS-rear-eld youth » a mem
ler of the Maurt Calvary Holy
Oorch, between Crape and Battle
He reached the 1M mark last
week, becoming the newest mem
ber of The CABOUNIAVS eacta
EBs” and thus Joins Bonnie Best.
Larry Singletary. Johns Person and
stfcen In this club.
Gerald slates. “I bay some of my
awn clothes with money I earn by
selling The CABOLTMAN " He io
the only son of Mrs. Pearl E. Cor
tngton of the a bore address "I like
to work most of ail_" Gerald ad
mits. hot he doeo enjoy ptaying
toftkoll net in a while
Gerald says he * eager to attend
Ugon. “hocaase I want to hnrry
tcqiernstmTooi page n
In Cairo. Egypt, Malcolm X. stat
ed, “The Negroes in days gone by
did not have ammuntion as they do
now. If something is not done soon,
all hell is going to break loose."
James Farmer, national director
of the Congress of Racial Equality,
has taken the Negro leadership in
the tense situation, demanding
many changes in Harlem, including
more Negro officers.
Several telephone threats
were mode earlier this week
against the Ilfs of Felice Com
missioner Michael J. Murphy.
President Johnson said Tuesday
in ordering a complete FBI investi
gation of Harlem to determine
whether there has been any federal
“American eitiseus have a
right te protection of life and
limb—whether driving along a
highway In Geargta; a raad in
Mississippi: or s Street In New
York City -
Rioting and looting alao spread
to Brooklyn, Monday, another bor
ough of the city of New York's
MHp> \j
The Carolinian
: -—~—- ——
VOL. 22, NO. O
3 States Send Delegates To
Set 3-Day
Talks Here
Tbs SoufjcßOtCKlk Lawyers Asso
ciation. meeting m Raleigh Friday,
j Saturday and Sunday of this week,
is expected to attract more than 100
attorneys from three states—North
Carolina, South Carolina and Vir
ginia, according to Attorney Lisbon
C. Berry, Jr., public relations direc
tor. of Wilmington. President of the
Association, Mrs. Ruth Harvey
Wood, of Danville. Va., will intro
duce Spottswood Robinson, U. S.
district judge, of D. C.
Raleigh's Meadowbrook Country
Club will be the scene of the gala
annual sessions in which wives and
children of the lawyers are also
The theme of the meetings
will be “The Impact of the Civ
il Rights Law upon the law
practice of members of the
Southeastern Association."
Sessions will get underway Fri
day afternoon with a hospitality
Dr. Howard
Faces Law
2nd Time
R. M. Howard, prominent Chicago
physician and a former Republi
can opponent at Congressman
William L Dawson, was haled in
to Felony Court last week on a
charge of performing an abortion
on a 34-year-old woman.
However, Us ease was con
tinued to Aagnet 7 by Judge
Daniel J. Ryan. Dr. Howard’s
bond was sot at H IM.
It was Dr. T. R. M Howard's
second difficulty in recent
months. He previously beat a
charge at engaging in an alleged
racket to obtain money from in
surance companies through false
claims filed by mortlsts.
In the ease last week, the
woman charged Dr. Howard
performed an abortion on her
in Us office. She said a form
er boyfriend, described aa an
actor named Arnold Wards,
M. arranged for the sknrtltn
paid the dsrtsr UM.
Warda was charged with con
spiracy to commit an abortion.
His case was also continued to the
same date. His bond was set at
AME Zion
Council To
Rocky Mt.
8. O. Spottswood. chairman.
Board of Bishops. A. M. B. Zion
Church, announced here recently
that tM Connectlonal Council
will meet in annual session at St.
John A. M E. Zion Church. Roc
ky Mount. N. C.. July 39. August
ed at the IM4 General Cen
fCffßCt wtt kl ffllfWfd MM
pvt to fvree. Kvdfaf tv to-
North Carolina's Leading Weekly
+ +
’’L: . !
shl Hr
- - IlHr * ' IMWir
JT . 1 mmdL
NEARS 108 TH BIRTHDAY John Hood, who will be 108
years old on September 3rd, was born at New Bern, as a * lave of
Capt. Billy Hood, on Sept. 3, 1855. He is nhown with one of hi* 13
children, Mra. Pauline Clark of Shelby. (J. B HARREN FOTO).
John Hood, 108, Now
Failing In Gastonia
GASTONIA—Up until about a
year age. John Hood, who lives
with his daughter. Mrs Thelma
Hood Byrd at 302 N. Pryor Street,
Gastonia, could tell you of many
events which happened around his
native New Bern, before General
From Raleigh s Police Files:
Tommy Barbour, assistant mana
ger of the Kwik Pic Grocery, in
formed Officer R E Keeter at 7 50
p. m. Monday, he stopped Troy
McDonald as McDonald was going
to leave the store without paying
for a box of Alka Seltzer, worth
33 centa.
The hex was concealed in
bis left frent packet and “he
had am intent toe es paying far
It," the manager stated. Barbour
came to police headquarters
and signed a warrant against
McDonald far shoplifting and
the Utter was placed in Wake
County Jail _
Schuyler Lee Allen, of 805 Cotton
“Bob" Lee surrendered at Appo
mattox. Vs. one hundred years ago!
During the peat several
months Heed has been in de
clining health and the towns
people—all raeea—have missed
Ms hearty greeting from bis j
(continued on root ti
Place, cam# to Police headquarters
at 12:30 am. Tuesday, and itatod
he gave to A1 McMillan the sum
of *IOO 40 in cash and 312 in sav
ings to take to the bank and deposit
for him Allen i* operator of the
Deluxe Grill, 200 block of E Ca
barrus Street.
Allen continued. *T gave him
the money shoot 0:15 am Mon
day.” He said his only Conner
tten with the subject waa that
MeMllton eats regularly at hie
place of business. In addition to
the aforementioned money, Mc-
Millan alee allegedly took 113
more, making the total 323048
Mr Allen came to the ttation and
itgned a warrant for larceny »-
gainst the thief, sddiiig hu home
town u Lumberton. but he might
have gone to Baltimore. Md
Used Heavy
Guard, But
Work Ends
mi cmr - The focal pok#
of state, national and interna
tional attention during the past
week has been the little weather
beaten First United Presbyterian
Church, located on the outsklrta
of this 800-populitlon tobacco
growing upper Wilson County
town-community, where a twen
ty-member Integrated team suc
cessfully completed the work
camp painting and Bible school
project from which s group of In
terracial youths were driven a
month ago by the grand dragon of
the Tarheella Ku Klux Klan
James R (Bob) Jones.
Only sfter the assurance
from the office es Gov. Terry
Hanford of adequate police
protection waa given—fol
lowing a series of meetings
between the offlee of Dr. Elo
L. Henderson, Catawba Synod
Executive of Charlotte, and
area Good Neighbor Council
(coNTnvunToN eao« »
Tutor Dies
In Garner
Puners! services for Mrs Cvs P.
Wiley. SO. of Garner Road, who died
Tuesday, will be conducted Thurs
day. July 23. 1 p m at St Ambrose
Episcopal Church by the Reverend
Arthur J Calloway.
Burial will be at 4 pm In tbs
Cedar Grove Cemetery, Kinston
She was s retired teacher In
the Raleigh Public Schools
Mrs Wiley is survived by her
husband, U. Jake WUey; one daugh
ter, Mrs Christie W. Deaver of
Garner; four Sisters, Mrs. Charles
G Irving, Sr., of JUlelgh, Mrs. Ma
mie Davis of Kinston, Mrs Barbara
Cole of New York, and Mrs Ila
Lawson of Goldsboro; one brother,
Leroy Brown of Philadelphia; and
three grandchildren.
“Powell Day”
Set For Adam
, NEW YORK Congressman
Adam Clayton Powell, Jr , will re
ceive one of the greatest tribute#
ever accorded a public figure
when a group of outstanding New
York citizens will hold "Adam
Powell Day" In Harlem on Satur
day. September 19, according to
an announcement by John H.
Young, chairman of the "Adam
Powell Day" Committee.
Among the New York City citi
zens leading the committee as
Honorary Co-Chairmen are: Dr.
C. B. Powell, publisher of the New
York Amsterdam News; Dr Dan
Potter, executive director, Protes
tant Council of New York; Hon.
Hulan E. Jack, former president.
Borough of Manhattan; Dr. Anna
Arnold Hedgeman. Rev Richard
A Hildebrand, president. New
York Branch. N.A.A.C.P; and
many others.
(cuwnwuap ow r/om
.. * * « * "f* V 4 f* * • f
lii it A Is.JO Ul\\Ji\ MW <l.i w<\iWtt iiLtiU i 4 4« >w w«j, . 4
Miss Step/uuu Jo Swaiugai t, above, lives in Oakland, CaJtjytiiU
She attends Oakland City Collage where she ie now stwdytn§
criminology. She has formerly attended Oakwood Colleff anc
the Golden State Academy. Mias Swanigan likes sewing, reading
and all outdoor sports. She is active in many echolastic, ciria, and
social organisations. To bee- -v* • Hi***"'/* consultant or a proba
tion officer is her hope. Sue „ ,rv (asuree 35-13*35.
stands S’ 3” tall and weighe 1 IS:/be. Ine * — Bronte America"
Beauty Pageant will be held tk September this year.
Local NAACP Chapter
Set* Special Session
A panel on die Operation and Ef
fect of the IBM Civil Rights Law”
will be a special feature of the
regular monthly meeting of the
NAACP Sundey, July 20. at 3 p m
at the Tunper Memorial Baptist
Church, pastored by the Rev. D. N
HEw* J•* ..
W\. * •* . - pj
thia Flair Redder, 24-yesr-eid
elementary school teacher. Is
shewn aa «ha walks to Wtothrep
Callage, Reek Hill. 9. C. an Man
day. July M. Mrs. Redder, an
boner (eum laud a) graduate at
Jehnaan C. Smith CatvefoMy.
Charlotte, N. C„ bteams the first
Negro to enter the previously all
white women’s callage. Rha haa
enrolled In two graduate coaraoa
la library science or the eeeand
six week term. <UPI PHOTO)
PACt t
Barton's Cash ators
L. and B. Associates
Aeas Malty Co.
Jobo W. Winters tad Co.
Tire talas sad Service
Oaarsnty Aceeptaace l|fnrj
Security Meet Market
paos a
Baielah Panerai Heme
Pepst-Cols Beullag Ce.
Jesse Jeaet iaasaft
Btltmore Hills
McLaarla Parking CO.
Mate Dry-Cleaaert Laundry
■otter Brake Shop et Eeleiik. In.;.
Am burn Peattec
Branrb Benklai sad Trust Co.
Modten-MUt-Eflrds of Mletfh
Balelgb Savings sad Loaa Ass’s
Weaver Brea. Bamkler
Wade s Ante sates
At Smith Botch
■awls Meter Co.
Model* tor Ja*4fh J tSSUA
Jr., haa announced the fellow*
ing pane I lata. Aiteraey Mieliat
0. Klnkelsteln. aeatstani g&£
era! counsel for the Civil Rights
Commission, Washington. D. Ti
who will dtocuas the ‘’Right#
Law and the workings es the
Com mission **
Dr. Vivian W Henderson, vtattmg
pi ofessor of education at N. C. State
of Raleigh, who is on leave from
Fisk University, Nsshvilia. Tenn.,
will discuss “Equal Employment.”
Attorney Samuel S Mitchell. “Pub
lic Accommodations,” and Attorney
Georgs Green will speak on “Ovll
Rights and School DMegregptfe* *
Attorney La Vern Chamber* re
gional counsel for the NAACP, will
appear on tie program. Ralph
Campbell, local NAACP prgßdent
Harold Webb
Speaks Herd
As a phase of Rummer SCBupl.
Instruction at Shew UnivereHy,
Harold Webb, science consultant.
North Carolina Department of Pub
(cotnv*vto~QM paor n
pei led. Thursday through Maedey.
win average sear mieail Renews
ever the mouatelne and two to
fear degreee below normal else
where. bey-time temperatures Wffl
be hack to normal Utter part at
period. Rainfall win average a hate
Inch to an Inch or mere With
heaviest raise In Coates! area.
Rainfall will error ae eeateered
riiowere about every day through
the period.
CoteaUl Stores
B. E. Quinn furniture
London Oil Co.
PAor i
A. snd P.
Estates Builders Ce. -.„JSS»T
Dui.n't Es»o Service iraUM"
Taylor Radio and Electrical Cb..— -
Csroilna Builders Carp.
Rldaeway's Optician, tee.
Pepsi-L’eta Bottling Co. of Slllflß
Mechanic > and Pamirs Bank 3»
Gem Watch Shop
James Sanders ttte Co. :•
Hunt General Tire Co. ~S 2
PAGE 11 - - jjpji
Carolina Power and Light
Lincoln Theatre
Paso I . ,
Buftalaa and Company BuUderrpw* .
Page 1,
McLeod. Watson and Lanetr jji "rr
PAGE If - Sy.
Royal Crow Bottling Co. - !'■
The Shoe Mart
■has Pelt Metal ~ 9BS.

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