North Carolina Newspapers

mam, N. C„ SATtIEPAT. JULY ». IM4
■ 111 11 111 H , V v;v l I,\„ : J ■H •
TIN ALLY bAiht't Eu £/«> Cn>, *> C fc . oup »/ *,T\llc
end Negro adult » g»v* • coot o/ paim to (/«* T l/ •>/ Presbyterian
Church hara July 14##i. 7"he mired group here min and apply
point re tha aide a! tha frame building Two men ware arretted in
and effort to bum tha church early July Hfh The Ku Klue Klan
had- "admaed" tha group not to paint tha artvill Negro church.
Royal Crown Cola Co.
Reports Gain For 6 Mos.
COLUMBUS (U—Pr*«4»r' W
H Glenn rtport* tortting* of Royel
Crown Cola Co and ita Conaolidat*
•d Domdah*. and Foreign Sohanli
arm for fe* ate month* reded June
M. amounted to *1 Mi l'S ester pro
vidlng -41.*: VOflO for federal and
ataita teoomt taxer, as compared
with afßTtng* of IMSJK3 for th#
comparable IKB period, after pro
viding gl.2tl.nrm tor Moral MKi
atate income taxes.
UM first-half tan Hap were
ap M for rent over these far
the safer period as 1M« Per
share Saratoga after uoat ad
vaaced 4* eenta par dtare of
eOMMaaa stack da Ho* the lit
aaaitP period. torrreslng from
M eenta la fee flm half of IM
M gljg par adore fir the tlx
aiaofe period of I*4
Id a regular quarterly meeting
of the mmpanj i Board of Director*
June 24. ih* directora proposed a
3 for I apllt of the company * »u
--thnrired tharet of outstanding
atoek Thia amendment will be vot
ed on by the stockholder* at a ape
etil meeting in Wllmlngion. Dela
ware Auguat 4
Approval of the proposal will tn
creaaa the ecmpenv* authorired
stodk to g million ahare* from the
preoent 3 million If approved, the
new stork will be mailed Aucust
21 to atechholdeta of record August
S There will be approximately 1.-
•M 427 share* outatanding at that
time —-
Glenn attnbutM the gain* to in
i're* *ed diaiributlon of the com
pdttya product which meltid*
Royal Crown Cola. Dtet-Rite Cola.
Jtohi Bes-eragoa. Pxr-T-Pek Upper
10 arid Bev-ltich. a preoweetened
pfrwfeNd beverage mi* He Mid
the company* bottler organisation
continue* to expand It* marketing
operation* *nd plant foetlitie* He
oteOfved that 4 Diet-Rite Col* tale*
have made a major contribution to
the company'* increased sale* and
earning* and continue to gain In
the national market
thife* have bees advanrtnt
ateadiiy and feat la oddlttoo to
to Martuiiqae. Cxrarao. fee De
mla icon RepabUc. Northern
Rhodeels. and tahm. aaw
frdarioix are expected to he
araated too* la Oenaony and
gull an ether operation ha* re
cod tip hem granted to the Supreme
NMNH CXapaay
-Cowrm* tns Caioim#*'
PxblUO** ky Um Csraimlss
«22 VT **”S«
• fetmoVlsNid cU toiw AprU
• -I*M at (be Post Office tn Seletrh
fferth Carolina under the Act of
afarch i*rst
Six Month* *2
Sales Tea «
Sales IK* - R
■ newapoM* dp oot ******* ly
i Ruprly Corparttton id Okma« » ti
manufacture syrup for distribution
through vending equipment. The
1 aompanr ha* some 75 plant* oper
, at mg in Canada, Belgium. Guam
Holland. Japan, the Canary Island*,
Panama, Hondurai. Republic of
South Africa. Southern Rhodcua
Nwanland. the Phtltlptnea, amt
Puerto Rico
Glenn said he is looking forward
- optimistically to the remainder of
the year "Indications are at thi*
lime." he aaid. "that 1904 will pro
duce another record veir for Royal
Crown Cola Co, tn sale* and eain
inga "
“Price We Pay ”
Dealt With New
Civil Rights Law
Federal civil right* legt*lation
give* Southern Mates a chance to
avoid the ruinous com that defiance
haa brought in th# past, according
to a report. The Price We Par/
! published Sunder. July 18
The report, prepared by the Anti
l Defamation League of B'nat B'nth
and the Southern Rational Council,
; document* the vast coat incurred
by th* South * resistance to equal
i opportunity
H Heilaea fee price for dtt
crtaitostion hi fee eeeMfey of
Bfetkera root tn unit!**, employ -
men I, tegal peoeedxre*.
ttaa. reltxre. *nd Mariam Re
peat** rouge free* UM git Mt-
Hon tom to genes notional pew
doe* ufenlii a* fee •** •*
dtorrioatnatiaei ogataot Wogroe*.
to fee IUMH spent for potto*
*iii than and oquipaMrt to
Jackson. Mho. from Me May
feroagk Aeg net I to*. to coat
hot denmartratoom
Telling tta story through new*
stem* *nd editorial* selected from
a large range of publications, th*
report include* th* following a*
reason* w hy the South con no long
er afford discrimination:
—A failure, tn recent year*, tc
some *ec*ion* of the South, to »t
--trart any large amount of new In
dus trr
—Your.g educated Southerners
leaving :he arc* rather than "put
up with all thi* racial atrtfe “
—Th* Maggertng coot to ettie*.
countte* and states for potking
emergenev situation* and for
liti gat iOr,
A iusa of and intbih'y to at
tract faculty and student* to South
ern univerittie*
—A growing movement txt thJ
part of erterta:-er*. cultural ex
; hibitor*. and *pcu-t* promoter* td
; boycott racially segreg.-ted audi
! *nce*
—A loa* of convention and tour
- wt business
According to the report not all
of the waste documented ho* •
puce tag It ask* if th* people of
Mississippi, fer example, can afford
fe* cost to th* humen epirtt feet
comes from being cut off from t
culture* highest artistic achieve
ment' Is tere enough money -n the
world to cover th# coat ti* fe* A- |
merican nfeigot* * interne: :on»!
good trill lost by üßAccdptahie race
■ - _ -W.-M, aS. JO_> J. d
Vo-Ag Tutors
Attend Talks
At A&T
GREENSBORO—A poop of »*-
nculture tochcrs was told last
week at A A T College that the
cofttißuOd decline to farm popula
tion will am reduce the Med for
uwtrur ttoft tn vocational agricul
The apeak er wit Dr. A. a
Edwards, ftepaty aaatataat sec
retory a# agriculture. P. a De
yaitmiui at Africa More, Waab
tngtou. D. C. He waa dellvertag
tha heywoto addrafo am Tam- !
<ar aneraaaa. Jaly 7. si the
CAfMM at Narto OaraHna
Teacher* at A trie alter a held
at the College.
“Tar from it" ha Mid. “the farm
er of the future will need to be ’
better trained than ever"
He Mid the probteun affecting
tha form popehtioS, including: de
clining employ mead opportunities
and undet employ moat migration of
rural people to the etttea, and eco- j
nomic. techno! r. deal and social
preaaurea. which are pushing wo-k
--en out of agriculture, give thr«®-
major implications which win re
quire change* m the approach of
vocational agriculture.
Armed Forces
Ordered To
Uphold CR Law
Secretary of Defense Robert S Mc-
Namara distributed e memorandum
here last week to the three ser
vice secretaries calling upon them
to Me to it that every serviceman
is given equal treatment and sup
ported in “die lawful assertion of
the rights fna rsn’eed" in the new
Civil Rights act
Nothing that the newly en
aeted tow "has special meaning
for serrtoemen all at wheat
%4--a wtwpmAv -11 #*» • wspeswdl
a.-. s, a v a * . #
rntntn ttment to defend freedom
and Justice," McNamara said.
“In the Departmeut at Defense,
this means, primarily, the vig
arena determined, sensitive
manners tn 1 pregram at fester
ing and Menrtng aqaat treat
ment far all their men. and
their families, off bease at well
as on.
"This has been mir policy The
Gr il Rights set creates new op
r c-tuntttea to win equal trtotmert
lor all servicemen, and we cannot
afford to lose any opportunity *0
gain a goal to simple, to Just and
so compelling"
■ . 11l I !■■■■ I ■ «■■■". ——
Mr and Mrs J D Lewis. Sr. of
Pittsburgh. Pa. visited here and
Durham for a two-week period as
(he guest of their son and daughter
j in-law, Mr and Mrs J D Lewis.
Jr, of the Madonna Acres section
of Raletsh
Mr Lewis, who i* a retired dis
trict mananger of the N C. Mutual
Life Insurance Co in Pittsburgh.
; stopped in st the Offices of The
I CAROLINIAN. Tuesday afternoon.
! accompanied by his friend of lor.*
standing, Mr L. W 1 Biggie' Ligon
thinking and less wishing
EXCEPT THAT I smoke drink
and worrv. 1 have taken good car*
of mv health and ;t ha* paid off
«tts« Dock
i V fife |
*v 9f I t( Cildnw Director
Frukia* fe Pi»7 Pewtrrh Center
Mott dog* have worms *t
•"me time in their lives The
mo*t common types ire round
worm* often referred to is
pupey worms They m#y also
h*v# whip worms, tape and
honk worms
If ymi suspect your pdf s
afflicted, it'* important to get
professional help from vour
veterinarian. H* c*n deter
mine through a microscopic
examination of a stool speci
men exactly what type of
worm* your pet has.
Each call* for a different
medication. He'll also deter
mine the exact dosage needed
which will depend on the age
and the weight of 'He dog He
w ill keep your pet if the proh
cm is hook or w hip worm* as
the** »r# serious and call for
proftss.onal rare
Round and tape worm* may
b# treated at home with the
mfehcation your veterinarian
give* you providing y ou care
fully follow instruction*
Care should be taken in
home treatment wife patent
drugs available m drug stores
and pet store* All worm
drug* are toxic so dorage must
be exact Give too much to a
puppy or an old dog and you
may have a very s:ck dog on
vour hand* Give too little to
» hcritfiv adult <Jojl ar.d you
watt act rid of the worm*
Fh#dl*i| Hm Dogs can be
com* infected with rtmewrm
from eating uncorked rabbit
mast, jexk or Reh It t* not
necksaary to add meat o a
tt»p quality prepared d~g food
twh a* Tr.rh'**. ,ji
react c— -------1 t—*e
mr a..
A V C. W > r»I n* V < P
More history as it may bes
t* a a
Aad aa tt came to paM to tola
ESLirs *?-'*--**
eaaae latfrssg wtth toa pßgte
j of may at tod ettfaena whaec
* years new past three scare.
• • a
For in a
j previous Dy-j
r.estyof Pooh
bshs. there
had been setj
up what was,
called Social
Security. Into
the great god
of th* times. I
called U. S I
F " 'm
- ■'
I I wStzNßrw
jar "■RiftlfNKi
C. W. Harder
there poured to monies from
both master and servant to j
build a fund to keep elderly
people trop\ want on their re-'
a a a
And there were Ifsaaasmhi
tfcreagbout the Great Lead an
tM wtth the passing at the years
It waa found by those wba bad
waxed old. that the value of the
dollar had waned. And so, to
keep body and teal together,
many soaght to aae their ex
perience at tight tasks befitting
their years to supplement toe
pittances from (be treat gad
C. S. Treasury
• • •
But the Great Poohbshs held
up their hands and said, "Nay.
H you want to continue to get
j from the U S Treasury the
benefits of the money that wart
j taketh away from thy pay- j
checks for lo these many years,
'hen like the lilies of the geld
thou must toil not. neither must
thee spin, for if thou earn more
than 25 dollars per week, you
lose Social Security."
• • «
| Aad Ihaa a mighty protest
I was set op. The Foobbahs were
ft »«wii TrUmiaa a fai-imW
if* **l*7 "
IfM\ // ■ f/i j waodoot at this
/ oocleot city. Th*
fr*m this s*oqt «t -"on't d*v#i»pm*nt
Is d*p : *’*d ot The Travgter*’ New Yark
W*f!d s Fr> erhibi*. e*e es thttfeen, RRjI
lif*-«ire d's-'-n-if •-j can see - Fu, "si*'
JusMuitji J wbi in ancient tame. «—(-
■I jp
Vi * rrii T
m " '• ,v ' •
SB . -- -ii nifc'- tMfeKlßr
no an
Ron 3an;o of the Cbtcage Cub* who koldo fbe Nation*! League
"Word of S'« «•* «-« *t third b*«* in *»# eeaatni. gets an asefat
from a »i*tttrg ylaret'f-
Whenever Mark Wetrk *orb>*t f > ated *IX-ye*r-oM at.g liMoag
•atebail fan bring* a jar "f i>ter Pax Peanut Batter to a Cab#
gaa* Santo invite* bimself tn to- a pre-gaaM eaadwtek. Mark kae
learned to carry er.ouah bread fm ih# infield pirittr*
The high protein ta r*enut butter amy k# ax* as fee reoaene
Santo <U the leading C:-h bitter last year witb »?. led th# dak
m run* batted la witn *9 md walloped tt borne run. Ho »u
named to the National League All Star teoai. and kit a rincio M
ecore a run hi his only time »t bat
The Jl.year otd Infietder joined the Oiie la Jbae. IMR. and
has been the teas'* regular thud baseman ever since. He w#»
nataed Hattonal - trt tfet.
j that alder pea to wba ton?
I realm rati edA *ax fat and
aSS > latMM >
earn mat ffllll to help rap
And the Poohbshs rapHcd
"Twice blessed is he who dlip#
coupon*, for he neither toils, nor
spins, and thus does not irritate
our great god, U. S. Tlftftliu ).
• a *
And a* It came to pass that
Mm leader* foam toe PM r Men
Known as New Tagfc. g gsp
Katoertoft to. George. M b
laws to permit tfMtoe who had
passed three scar* and Sve to
ears aa macb as they ran Id
and still get the benefits as tha
rrmHAem? toe* panto.
a a a
And this caused great eeM- I
r.ernation among the mighty ;
Poohbahs of toe Potomac.
a a a
And as a great eannefl waa
held by tbe Poohbahs.
• • •
And the decision was to not
permit people to help them
selves. And forthwith with a
mighty clamor of trumpets
there was announced, instead,
a big War oh Poverty, which
was a holy war to keep the
people dependent on the manna
scattered down by the great
god. U S Treasury. The rally- I
tog ery was "Seek ye first toe
U.S. Treasury, and all things
will follow after."
• • »
For this was an era when
there was confusion about
many things. In a place called
Vietnam and a place called
Laos, legions of the Great Lang
fonght and died, and while
same people called It war. the
Poohbahs said no, it waa nag
war. It was adrtatng.
ttoster U PetefMn. a lMi gra4-
Itote at Mknl Aurusttae’g C al
lege ha* tort employed as sate*
represents tire in eastern North
Cara tins by the htter-Ortfogtoto
Fran*, fam. at Manana. City,
tfirtifi* tM Canapany figMUl
tota fat nertlndhg, ewpa and
gown*, gfofontaa, and etaaa Jew
elry. PetersM. g native of
ttartfivOfo, Etortß Cass was
grt rliMli tMfMyrg _at _ the
COTCnB n*R® 1H
Windsor. *i i teacher of diver
sified occupations.
(Ct*rratio MUM FAOf D
men did the project resume
tn today morning, and wa*
fi—a - M —a M—a a—
CDiiijFifira ina rfotaic»ifa wj
a rinsing acrrlee at ddrOUOgi
ah at man Frtdny with toe
Rer. Charles Jones of ChaFei
Hill dclircring tbe meditation.
The Rev. J. Hntten Coaten Is
minister of the etght-mfitober
congregation whose edifice is
sixty years old. >Costea’s min*
Wry here Is In addition to hi*
station wort at Mt. fhgik
United Presbyterian Chore h.
Reeky Meant. Strangely
enough tbe project had to be
enrried ant under heavy High*
way Fatrsl guard.
After the integrated youth team
front the Mt Lebonnon U. P
Church to the Pittsburgh. Penna
area was toM to leave for their
own safety because the sight of
mixed youth was too much for the
localities tad the KKK—dragon
Jones alleging misconduct be
cause the gioap uas housed in
four colored homes: the adult
group consisting of two married
couples, ministers and eollead stu
dents and social workers arrang
ed for integrated housing in mo
tels In Roeky Mount ten miles a
Each day the four to six ear
motorcade was met near the
church by ample patrol ears with
a patrol airplane flying about a
long the route on the lookout for
any attempt to do violence to
waiters or destroy th* ehureh
The United Presbyterian
Church took out extra insurance
on the designated campers. Tht
ehureh was guarded around the
clock by patrolmen and a deputy
sheriff for the week. Even with
that, at least three Incidents—on*
nearly making gbod the threat of
klansman Jones that "not a brush
will be laid on that ehureh .” af
ter his offer to paint it was re
fused secured on as many
nights. With officers near the
church, two white youths alleged
ly were seen driving by the
church twice, and on the third
trip, poured gasoline on the step*
and struck a match which went
out. While attempting to strike
the second match, a deputy sher
iff fired into the air and the two
youths fled In their car which po
lice officers in Rocky Mount soon
apprehended and jailed the men
identified by the highway patrol
men They were scheduled for a
later hearing That was the near
est the dry frame building eame
to being destroyed It is outside
the town limits where fire protec
tion is inadequate. Had the church
burned, homes tn the area would
have burned also because of the
close proximity.
The nest night an out
house 3M feet away was set a
flre. but quickly put out by alert
o‘fleers on the seen* at the
church. A gasoline ean «n found
nearby. Thia waa thought to hare
been an attempt to divert the of
ficer* from the ehurrh tn another
effort to bum It. They aU did net
leave, however. The next night
the officers brought tn a portable
light unit after being tipped that
the electric line* would probably
be cut that night Sure enough
the lights did fail twice during
wee hours of the night Electric
official* claimed, however, that tt
was fe** to lightening Others said
it was tn the colored community
and had the marking* of profes
■tonai work.
There were eleven patrol cam tn
the area when the work was com
pleted. and at the beginning on
Tuesday there waa said to have
been from thirty to forty men
within ten minute* sell, if needed.
After material end morel vic
tory had been won. rumor* were
circulated that the KKK was
swearing vengeance upon the Her
; J H Co*ten minister of the
A* fee project wx# abort to
clow fee writer *w tfeponiod
a whrie nfrteter to fer Baoae
of fe* Bor. Frank
year-old laeal preacher, who
forxacrly served a Bap Hat
church at Bailey and inmate*
of the Coaatp Haase ap onto
about a year ago.
Rev. Moor* Bad bee* wifely
publicised ta fer daily are*
a* haring aMdOielM
•Sttwlßa 38
KKK dragon Bob Jones *r
. dered Wen* awap: *ll they
■ the Kluli had art toM fed*
to leave the cogsred he*eal
awing * tong con versa tior. wife
Moore, be vehemently denied that
hd meant he saw any niiaoondact
on fe* part of fee youths during
U*tr two-day stay near Ms hod*
Whrt told thet tferenta were hfe
rered By the fetAfeidos fWfetfe
tha* Be and Ms wife ntrlted arid
AfrhM ttr 0* aaffty eftJMMfe
tooflst.’ befdmd the FfboFftoP if
tee large crowd «| wbh* who
I oathartd to order the Pennsyl-
-^MSSs T ™ 1
H z’.., ’ \ JL
the Ku Khn Klan of AthdriCO Mtt mm itmo, ». C., Me Sunday
night to heat Kobe" Shelton, Imperial Witatd d t the body, epoak
More them 1.000 klmhUhen fisfemd am Shotted d touted Pmtden
Johnson “following the pohey ad the Conmuniet petty th adapting
the Cirit Right* Lam.’' (UN PHOTO).
vgnians away Moor* la ft hativft
of Maeeleafield. R 6., ftnd owns
three little single-barrelled houftftg
here which he keepa well-painted
and his uatrimname clean and
has an estra good garden.
Only tone will foil if the US
will allow the little white ehureh
to stand—or bum.
108, STILL
ictwtlktto mom FAoa (tot)
QU|- 4 a
QSlglK! S iTOn* fVrrn w flrß
as ttey pasted early ateHMhgft
encomia to wet*. Hr. ItoaodMd
toe writer est a tftwwi yWt, 1
« - w. mA dflkM
FftrUl PCm fw •* HN HU
tort year”, a* he *ei to e foVftt-
Tou see. John Hood was bom
September 3 1889. and is entering
his lflftth year on this planet'
During these years Mr. Hood has
been ft Have-boy and then a frecd
man. Who moved with hie former
master hum New Bern tft th* Lah
-»«♦*» o*w~kr ft r arm whert hft
! lived during th* Recbhstruetiaii Pe- |
th* father *f a fodefly ftf IS
eMteNu. Mr. Hoad had um
served ft* a ehtf eftftß to MftM
tag houaea and hotel* Mr* *ftd
11*91 CwMncQ fWIt rBdR ÜBITy
■ » - rt to :--i to— e A a
J rill lf«t IH Ite WU I MJ
preacher to toe AMR ttoft
rhuteh wher* Mr*. Rytd h aft
arfteftt MhaUftary worker.
Although ailtoi for many months.
Hoed has been in rftflaftrkfthl* poa
?ession Os hi* foeulti** Md contin
ued to discuss current Md past
event* in the light of BiW* prophe
cy being fulfilled
and finish Mgh school, and if I get
a scholarship I would like to attend
Shaw intv realty
Gerald has three sister*. Mi—re
Clementine, Debra and Janice Ev
hour Registration will b* held on
Saturday froih Site to lftte a m.
Tbe Education Meeting talks by
Marques SeJarrhes. profefssor of
law. North Carolina College. Dur
ham; A C. Muse. Danville, Va.; and
Attorney Miehael O Finklaatein,
assistant general eOunsel for th*
Civil Rights Commission, who will
speak on the topic. "Discussion and
Explanation of the Civil Right*
Laws ”
Other members of tod panel
tor lade: A My*. La THa* CRdto
ry. Columbia, R G.; Frad t.
Carmen, Rttelgh; Sato Tucker,
■lebwsnft. Va.; Cheater Austin,
prifwm ftf tow. OftUrgotewu
UniversltT. WMfttogton. to C.
Attorney George R Grteft*. Ra
leigh. will Hitrftftuto tpdfther ten
Johnson, menitfti at Aft
Bar and toft N. C GftOftfftl Ateftto
M C*ftuhitte« ttftMttto tad too
ttoft of officers wni tah* puoa m
Toastmaster will be AtftfWp T.
Local A Grade Small Eggsdoz. 25c
Tide Washing Powder fee. pk*. 29c
Pork Neck Bones lb. 12c or 4 lb*. 45c
Fresh Picnics Pork Roast lb. 39c
End Cut Pork Chops lb. 49c
Fresh Spare Ribs lb. 35c or 3 lb*. 99c
Sliced Pork Liver lb. 25c
Rib Beef Steak lb. 59c
Froaen Cream Pies 3 for 99c
Domino Sugar 5 lb. b« 53c
fmk Ground Beef lb. 3fe or 3 lbt. 99c
Sausage or Bacon 3 tb*. 99c
aooftt tbocgh ru* At wm • #*.
HIM) iO IaSOM if. ■ n
f. Clapton. Wartenfon. fipfteia
ftwftrdft Wffi hft made bp Halftigt
Attorney Samuel t. MrttheU.
Sunday will he devptod mfttely ti
recreational aetlvitifta.
(COWttofegp FROM PAOi DNS)
The eomnittee's hftateaftrtert
are located ft* 10 West 13*th St.
Suite iar. m new rm. etty.
“Wa foftl that the HUM has
ftutoft when Negro etttefttut
meet rally with pHda behind
ear Negro leadership aftd our
Negfu sahttoUnHl** -- all an-
W —a a a M ■- vi mb
■w winMi rwmr rrm tae
ftfoirfJd tin R-dk -•
gftMtotoiltttoi OftMftdftaatoaM a*^_-|«
uiuuioto umii mnun roWfii
haa borne the brunt ftf ftao of
the moat rietoua attach* ever
hurled against a Negro eitiaen
of atatute, despite the fact
t«M sitejSSteTV**
gfodft. id fort made ft rttai eon
tfthutten to the welfare of
eveiy eilueu, legaidUit. ol
me m wugioa. its tat eatitf
haUbh,” Mr. Young said.
red*fffrt?B* ntost ease ond
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but la ft*rWng te getterste new in
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wm be ftfttoad ftnd put to ape
The Central Hfadget Bosro
which was also created a s t’’. e
quadrennial meet will outline thf
functions. A survey of th® ac
ceptance df the financial srst-tr
lie Instruction. Raleigh, was a re
eent guest lecturer in the Educa
tion Workshop class.
Workshop activities in scienee in
struction and material were held to
broaden the teachers knowledge
and understanding of science in the
daily lives of the pupils
Inservice teachers participating *
in the workshop were introduced
to the new basal text in scietiee
which will be used for the first
time in September 19tW Mr Webb
discussed problems of concern td
the teachers who will be working
with boy* and girls in the state thin
sehool year, interpreting the pro
m Announcing:
■ “For Your Gonvemence"
■ *—lc *B. TAILORS.
■ CUtA - v *»# A
1 LAB And
I Associates
■ Ilf E. HARGETT fT.
■ AM. * « R M
■ Call TE 4-4132
I mu. noiffiUifa.

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