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Kington Mon Kilted As
F atal Blast Rips Into Jugular Vein i
From Raleigh s Police Files
The Raleigh Police Department
received the following message
from the State Highway Patrol, via
teletype from Washington, D. C.
cops at 4:13 p. m. Monds^^^
rape against Everett Jenier
Einhards an. X, believed te be
going te bene of Meads or
relatives la Raleigh, N. C.
Tbia subject made a long dis
tance call Cram D. C. te Ba-
Mgk awhsage TE MW altar
Tha local police were asked to
cheek and adviat the person to
wham the telephone la listed.
Washtagton’s message concluded,
*Tf Richardson is apprehended, we
wffl extradite him.”
■Bk m f- : *
STUDY IN PAIN Jenty City, N. J .: Sergeant James
Simpkins carries an obiviously pained and badly wounded Louis
Mitchell from the riot-torn Lafayett Garden Houses here early
August 4th. The 18-year-old Negro was among many wounded
during second night ol racial violence here. (UPI PHOTO). .
CALM RETURNS /oner City. N. Pour-yemr-old Josh
Carter h sitting pretty aa he rides on the handle bars el Laura
PolYe hike late. Aug. Sth Normal relatione and quiet returned
to this city, Aug Sth, attar three nights of violence. At the Booker
T. WeaNngton housing project that had been the battleground
hr hstmrtad pokes and rioters on previous nights, pokcesnen
ftrttd fame ftaarfnrf Chatting amiably with civil rights workers. (U-
Mrs. Margie Davis, 33, of Ml 1-1
E. Hargett Street, stated she •didn’t
even have te take the wttnees
stand” In test Thursday afternoon s
hearing of a larceny charge against
She had been charged wttb
larceny by Mrs. Nancy Seats
McLeod, a t Beats 9. Raleigh,
la an tnalimit which allegedly
teak place la the 3M Mask as
W. Sooth Shoot loot Salarday
Mrs. Pools said Wat tha eeas
a tew warn rats after aha report
ed It aliasing.
- I ■■"■"">i. I i iJM.■'■■■■■■»■»'■ n" ■■—■■■■■ '*""
Dr. H. Eaton
Is Indicted
over County Grand Jury ah SGI
Tuesday morning delivered an in
dictment to Superior Court Judge
William J. Bundy charging Dr.
Hubert A. Eaton prominent in
medical, civic, and other circlet
of the Eastern Seaboard and pio
neer Civil Rights worker, with the
| murder of Mias Alma J, Frederick
on July 30. 1063.
A capias was baud for tha
physician - surgeon, who has
pioneered la hospital and
school suits, and he wae im
mediately released on 910,d00
bend. Distriet Solicitor James
C. Bowman stated an autoepy
determined Wa fr ad wist
[ Uon..
[ The death certificate signed on
July 30th, 1003 by Dr. Eaton, list
ed the cause of Miss Frederick’s
I death as Anaphxlactlc Shock from
I Penicillin. Death took place at Dr.
Eaton’s North Seventh Street
Clinic which la one of the finest in
the South.
Was Frederick was school li
brarian at Charity Public School,
Charity, N. C. Her home was In
Kennansvllle, Duplin County.
■ Bn— ■ ■
Jury Frees
Man In Death
i On Highway
It took a six-man all-Negro Cor-
I oner’s Jury, impaneled by Wake
County Coroner Marshall W. Ben
nett leas than 30 minutes last Frl
, dsy afternoon to find ao probable J
I cause against Zl-year-old George
I Rufus Hinton, of 816 S. Boundary
[ Street whose automobile struck so
I 80-year-old man and killed him at
I 13:95 a. m. Sunday, August 3.
I Three wHsiais to the sad
not have peaalbty avoided Mt-
I ting Oscar Evans, whs lived at
Ms W. death Street and was
walking la the highway after
being treated at Wake Mamerial
Hespttel far a bead weaad. Be
had bean waned aaly momenta
before by two policemen against
walbtag la the street
One of the officers, testifying
I stated Mr. Evans’ Mood showed a
I content of 14 per cent alcohol.
I when only 14 per cent is used to
I adjudge a parson under the influ-
The driver of s ear Baton
amiKnii%»>MS. a white
(coemumn'oM paox ay
PAOg •
Xseten’s Cam Store
asedutca Faraisma. lac.
Hu ism’istViniw
FAOg 1 ?* n ** tU
Acme SeaHy Ce.
lam on ca
Mu W. winters and Ce.
The CagNad Cess-Ceta Realms ce
Baieteh BeeSeeC
M«l _
StajoLrastoto ce.
•mrksnmn of kaletch. toe.
a stele* aevmss and tom Ae* e
FAOE I wm%
. ■ - - ---■ - ---- ---- ---- --- . .
North Carolina V Leading Weekly
' ' MB—nss— mmsmm —M— —m
Mail Is Unfit,” Claims
Attorney J. R. Walker
Sum City
To Rapair
Own Home
"Thai building it unlit tor human
habitation" said the Rov.-Agtorney
Jamee R. Walker, Jr, 90, laefeThura
day as Charlotto* dtp JaU. Ha also
claimed the fadfflty should be In
tegrated. ptamr mi fresh out of
tha JHMfcor&taji held far alleged
ly defying tbe ettp* building codes.
He,' was In th# offices es no
A native as Ahoakla, IWaMgr
OtototaidK topßancas iajJklddM
-oMetata 'cratiiriag^tbe*
stltatlenal «aarilea as, "The
gear property ewaer being able
to keep sad haprase toe pre
party when white real estate
. dealers want to feme Me pear
Negro ewaer to MR eat te Mam
(cawnNofiTgii PAGE I)
J Imm. /f
-A I y^'dH
Ml III llll—fc II H
PmMt, INil VHTtin MHfi
smalhm! a"flH toad Svm
en ebem tee weebnsd,
a. E. RaEm PUrUxm
ram (terries Ce. es If. C, in*.
A. sad P.
VndnlVßnnte Cs. aad emor
PAM* *
Pvpst-Cete geMUaa Ce. es UaUl.h
ri> G m ll n
Stetonniee and rnam amk
Torm 'SamraaM* rad Sattr Ce.
MOt ■ series Ce. es l». C, las.
paos n
PWwt wamssli Ce. tee.
Dean’s Ease Oarvlc*
If stem's Wsystds
Kins Crie Stetsi^
tteTteM gspate terrteT***
v&szz asrs* ~
CLUB 54 CLOSED On* of seven pieces padlocked by po
lice officers Monday morning was Club 54, E. Davie end S. Blood
worth Streets, operated by John Stewart. (See story).
Dr. Lyons Quits
As Head OfNCTA
Tha Mertb Carolina Teachers rector es Admissions, he will aloo
Aosoelatlon has announced the serve id Administrative Secretary
2£ri£Jv A who 01 Unlversltar Scholarship
/rn^T^innni^^y 7 .’. ra Committee, and wfll have general
bLSS sssra < oS l s* "*■
University. Washington. D. C Dr. Anooaadad Dr
Lyons arm aasume his duties at mmi— t M '
Howard September 1. 1964. wuuam •'r ll * l
In addition to his duties u Dl- (cotmmvm am paw g»
Will History Repeat Itself?
Aeocrdtag to EUan M. Owaltney
es 113 N. Mason Street to tonlth
fleld, N. C., both Prsetdents Lin
coln and Kennedy were concerned
with Me issue of civil rights Lin
coln wad elected President in 1880,
and Kennedy in 1860. Both were
slain aa a Friday and in thi pres
ence as their wives. Both wars shot
from behind end In the hest^
named fsbnstn sod both were
Sstamea wae bora hi I6M and
John Wilke* Booth, who amsssl
natdd Lincoln, was born In 1838
and Lee Harvey Oewald, who shot
Kennedy, was born in 1999. Both
BooM end Oewald were southern
ers. favoring unpopular ideas. Both
ware themselves assassinated before
going to trial.
Both aSßMßinated President'* wiv
es lost children in the White House
Lincoln’* secretary, named Kenne
dy, advised him not to go to the
theatre Me night he wa* shot and
Kennedy'* secretary, named Lin
coin, advised him not to go to Dal-
Mm MOkm Death toot Lt>-
eeln to n Mantra and ran to a
wareisnee. Lee Harvey Oswald
toe* Kennedy fram * were
beam aad ran to a theatre.
Tha names Lteeela end Ken
nedy contain seven letter* each.
111 APPOINTEE —Durham
bean app stated by Fredliat lgn
af the Nnttonal Cfttosns Caas-
Nams. M Mn
aarved aa tbs Ceasadths et
Equal tmplarmmt OppsrtanNy.
Appointed by tl»e | Lnte^Prssidsnt
j^MßrnratorT Latter K. Hod
ges ao be addnaaad a fear state
conference as Me AME Chunk
In Parham Taoeday adekt
Nab 7 In
On Bonze
Seven house and business pla^i
la Raleigh war* padlocked Monday
morning off affidavits charging Mr
gal whiskey traffic.
However, before the day was
ever, toe order was relaxed In
two places where children bad
bean lacked sat as their hemae.
Judgs Albert W. Cowper signed
the padlock erdsrs Pri day in Waka
County Superior Court after Robert
Hedrick, City Court Solicitor tiled
aemplatntn asking that thf place#
be closed.accompanied by affldaw
* These niter In Me padlock
tier erst John Stewart and
r OMb 94. earner of S. .Blood
worth sad B. Davie Streets; O.
EL (Berry) Bagwell and Safety
Tsai Company, tit W. Morgaa
Street; Braes Evaaa’ piece at
111 E. Davis Street; Lawrence
NC Teachers
Stage Meet
At Hammocks
"Education for World Responsi
bility” la the 1964 theme for the
Eleventh Annual NCTA-NEA Joint
Leadership Conference being held
this wsek at Hammocks Beach in
Swansboro. The foiir-day Confer
ence will open Thursday, August
11, and last through Sunday. Aug
ust IS. Pre-regtstratian Indicates a
strong attendance of educational
leaders from across tha state.
Dr. Lois V. Edlnger, newly-in
stalled president of the Notions!
Education Association, will address
the assembly at the Second General
Session on Friday afternoon Mlae
Edlnger. assistant professor at toe
University of North Carolina, at
Greensboro. Is a recognised educa
tor In toe state and nation.
She baa beee vtes pteetdext
as toe NEA’e Department es
end etee president of Ns Btvto
teo es CJaasreem Taatosm and
eel. state, end snM—l edxes
Hen ii—Nliii
Having earned her bachelor'e de
gree In history from Meredith Col
lege. she bepn teaching to too
piedmont towns of North Carolina
and moved on to become a pioneer
In television teaching In the state
In 1960 Mias Edlnger became praei
dent of the North Carolina Educa
tion Association, and began work
on her doctoral degree, et the same
time working aa a part-time in
structor In the School of Education
at the University es North Caroline
in Chanel Hill.
Speaking to toe topic of her se
lected theme for toe National Edu
cation Association. "Education for
World Responsibility." Dr. Lois Ed-
Inger Is certain to present a wealth
of Information to her fellow lead
en In too field of Education.
NBA Consultants on the Confer
ence program are Mrs. Elizabeth D.
Koentz, president-elect, NEA De
partment of Classroom Teachers,
and Dr. John H. Starle. consultant
for local associations, NEA.
Mrs. K cents, toe first Negro
to be selected to bead toe NEA
DepartmeM as Claeereese
Teachers. Is she s Nerto Cara
llntan sod member es toe Nerto
Caret tea Teachers Aaseetatteo.
She attended toe poMIe kbeets
as Salisbury, where she new
teeehm special sdxrestex She
received bar mtort degree
Cops Find
GOLDSBORO - The Now Hops
section of Wayne County ws( the
•can* of a roadhouse shotgun kill"
ing Sunday night.
Lonnie Clifton Hicks, 36, Ot BeuM
3. La Grange, has beam eharggf
with murder in the death of »
year-old Woodrow KlrktaaA • M .
The Mooting took ptoea at •
"Juke Joint", end according to Sher*
iff BUI Adams, toe place was dd
serted whan ha and two deputiee
Tha sheriff sUted Mat Kirk
land's body was tying to Ms
yard and said ha had been kill
ed Instantly whan a shatgna
blast ripped tote Ms togntof
Hicks fled immediately into Le
noir County, where be surrendered
to authorities. He la being held'to
the Wayne County JaU here under
a $3,900 bend and wiU receive •
preliminary hearing Thursday be
fore Goldsboro JusUce of Me Peace
Troy Pate. • •• * v
"Kirkland was knocking seme
women around" In Me «•«*-
hense, Adams Is nested as toy
ing when saked Me msttvs far
gunning the dead nun, *1 told
blm to leave them alone,” state!
tha toiler.
He said Kirkland then came a!
him with a knife and ha ipn to h t
ear and loaded hi* gun.
Whan Kirkland fallowed him out.
Hicks it alleged to have shot, hw: .
deid ' s3|§g!
■■ a,'.Wig
L.ti Jmf f .
f&r m
wi -V. A
L if
Pauline H Woods, of Dnrbem.
was recently appointed n com
munity consultant with the
State Deportment of Mental
Health and became the first
Negro ever to serve in tfete ca
pacity. WIM headquarters at
list Hillsboro Strati. Mrs.
Woods’ duties win taka h r
throughout North Oaraftna A
graduate es North Cnrpllnn Col
lege, Durham, when she earned
(ha B. S. degree. Mr*. Weed* al
ee received the M.S. PH. degree
at NCC with a motor to pubKe
health education. Mrs. Woods
was a visitor In the offices of
Poor Mostly
White; Look
MEW TOPlC—Contrary to popu
lar ballot tha vast majority of A*
mtotato’ pear are neither black nor
living la dspruced areas like Her
lam ar Appalachia. These “forgot
ten" poor are tha five million In
visibl# white families who live bid
den In city sluma
Writing In the current tsana as
Leek Magulne, Michael Har
rington, anther es the best-sell
ing beak. "The Other America.’'
says that as the 94 mlllien fam
ilies died by President John
sen m peer, 79 per cent are
A family with an annual Income
below 13,000 Is csugorized by the
President as poor. Also debunked
were other popular myths conetrn
ing the nation's poor.
Herrington finds that: Iflr
The peer generally are net poor
heaeme they are lasy; May
For Students
On Page M to (Ms week*
CAROLINIAN, the aaatee es
CAROLDnAN*h > eeepe«C
tag wtto efftetale es M»
eeheel la expadHlng the Ntoi
H weaM aermaUy tahe PW
a student to find Me close.
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