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Mail Shot In Head
As Tensions Erupt
Is Victim
2MBNWOOD, 10«. <NPD—Ten-
Wan axplmtert tet» violence hen
•tar the weekend, leaving a JO
- Negro civil rights worker
aaitautlyWM > td«rittled as BQae
MsOhsa, a reprusatallvs as Ike
natter eunmtttoe. MeOhee wae
abet dwteg afeWa to i«a*gre
gate a keatoea mavte ttastea
A physician at Greenwood hospi
tal said X-rays showed a pellet at
•anil bullet entered the left aidi
of the head in front of toe ear, be
low toe temple, and lodged behind
the nose. The bullet came from a
small calibre gun,
A spokesman for SNOC said Mc-
Ghee was shot qt he sat in an out*
to front of e Greenwood case. Wit
nesses said the bullet cams from i
pemlng station wagon occupied bj
two white men.
Boh T-eHor at AM
• SMCC field secretary, aftd Whit*
volunteer Marie Winter. *U at Chi
lisMHvhOaL r—nrtil fnrs
toorso ai aoumweet mtmissbppa wora
•opbcniom ILU *,tnd ttwhmen
nIsMMS at tka John W. Idgtm
Junior-Senior High School.
The hat may he found on Page
11. The CAROLINIAN is coope
rating with the administration
and faculty of ligon in order
to sxpedito the time it would
normally take to register the
more than 1900 students who
wUI mttor the school In Bep
tember. Next week, look for
the the names of eighth and
seventh graders, their home
room teachers and room num
From Raleigh's Police Files:
Mn. EvendeU Ligon, es 520 E.
Martin Street, told Officer Joseph
Winter* at 10:45 p. ra. Sunday, that
bar husband, Ligon, same
aildr—, assaulted bar with hi*
band* and fists in tbs 500 block es
X. Martin Street as she was walk
big bane from church.
Tbs complainant agne to the po
lice station and slgnM a warrant
and Ligon was booked and arrest
ed for action in Domestic Relations
Court Mrs. Ugon reportedly suf
fered bruises about the face.
Raya Rayford, R es W B.
ear H C Nipper at Ml p an
■t-m***”--mr m. y ■ k ' f ■'W TJ ** - " - tkhpt' IDWBIMMi E PTMWMMMMHWWWWMi
■M » V » t . ;,; v ‘ KnK-.IH /
If JKbdk JBB
i r HE ? .
* jßh, '
HC. AND NATIONAL OMEGAS SOLD FOETH Os DCimat TUb li«aifll*iMM iflte«tf
t arrivaisai Ui* operand^7Tc^*nS^*u*u^“-^T?**^*-^ ?aSS?£
SjSa.cTfc. £h!‘ih!»!i!jiSij? I liyOiNiiyy^^
Sfciiwtt c jg*J*g^ l^ l jy^
The Caro liman
VOL. 22, NO. 42
Grigsby Quits Police Dept.
43f®p ‘ H ’•Sfl
T. ' -Wt-llfrfffa v''
NIGHTSTICKS IN ACTION Elisabeth,Now Jeeeey: Policemen brandishing nightsticks
morph i to subdue and arrest a rioter as he attempts to gouge the eye of another policeman here
August 12 th during continued racial demonstrations. Tide was ths second night of such clashes
for both Elisabeth and Paterson, 20 miles north of here, as Negroes persisted in hurling bottles,
bricks and Molotov cocktails at helmetsd police. (VPI PHOTO).
JesMeand me
ever my right eye. Ha wee
vary large.”
Rayford claimed tbs man attack
ed him because be didn’t like the
side of die street Rayford was
walking on. He suffered “a cut
head.’* the report concluded.
Jes Jordan at Ml a. an Mon
day. he mas la Edna'S AH
Night Case, H W. South St,
and Sen Fries. fl. es iM E.
hit bbn hi the Case wMh a
North Carolina’s Leading Weekly
Omegas Hear AST Grad
At 4911 i Annual Conclave
DENVER, Colo. Scouts of
stage screen and radio miser<l a
grand opportunity to add to their
recruiting when they did not bead
the BRO sign, hanging out from
the Silver Glade Room es the
Cosmopolitan Hotel, here, Sunday
afternoon, when the Talent Hunt
Show, presenting ten of the most
talented young people In America,
was held.
The event la an annual affair of
the Omega M Phi Fraternity and
can be ooaily aodalmed os *fto
highlight of the Orand Conclave
of tbs 35,000 umber organisa
tion. The partietpanta won tha
right to axhibtt their werea in o>
rrmtnats. bald in thdr
rnsnontlie districts. The Talant
Committee la beaded by Zeal E.
tty. gave the mere than 166
filigatu. sf*t—**~r the 46th
Grand Conclave, In a lanebcon
art dram. Tasoday, -*—*‘—*~*
to the nadargradoate, the
■ grant set challenge behevSd to
have ever been given to man*-
bars es the Greek letter argan-
He admonished his brothers
that excellence wu the key to
most of the ills that beset them
and the raw. Be outlined the fact
that rises the ban of prejudice
mw* suMiMiw-Hm began to fan
that then should bs s new rooval
uation of the vahiu in Ufa. Be
pointed eut that there toould he a
W ]•; A T H K H
tinp4Titflrtt nccpt rather co#l 4ty*
BmmA ihmm tai n wgt c#>
■mwp »»■”»«“«*■
Sees New
Future As
P. 0. Clerk
< ■ -
Raleigh police officer Alfred L.
Grigsby, of K-5 Washington Ter
race, resigned |tis Job of almoat
seven yaara bare last Wadnaaday
to take a poaition as a dark with
tba main peat office,
■ I v, H
■ i* w- •
fe::... -:;m ’JiLd
, . . enter* postal wash
Tha 58-year-old officer wrote a
latter of resignation to Chief Thom
as W. Davis as follows:
Dear Chief Davis:
L the undersigned, am submitting
my resignation to bo affective (Ms
data. I am resigning to accept other
employment I consider my other
employment an advancement and a
I have enjoyed working with you
and your department very much.
While with your department 1
gained a prodigious amount of ex
perience and knowledge, none of
which shall I ever forget. 1 wish
for you and tha department much
continued success.
Vary truly yours,
Mr. Grigsby began Ms dados
wttb tba peat office last Satur
day. and Warmed a CARO
LINIAN rspnafsOvi Teas
day of Me weak that be felt
greater i|)irtis». ”1 like
ehsOongaa,” stated Grigsby.
A native at Chappells, 8. C,
Grigsby attended Bettis Academy
in Trenton. 8. C, Voorbees Junior
College, Danmark. 8. C. He receiv
ed his AM. degree at Bt. Augus
(cowipnmn <m rsos p
Wads’* AM min
MW j __
a. a. mm mum
paos s
tafa iM» MMm
Frtata* MUm ce.
MH »** “*
cmOu MM cm.
BMiiw»‘i Oadcfaa.
rajS-cete SSSTc. *f acoit
»AOK n __ t
■m OwanT Tire c*.
mm a
a»rw can awowc c*.
FBI Traces
Record Os
Wayne Hood
GOLDSBORO A 13-year-old
Meal ght lb aver seven months
pregnant bare, and a man revealed
last Thursday aa a prison aaupu
was charged with being toe un
born child'* father and with having
carnal knowledge of e minor.
Joe Leak Nettles, M, wae
iMUdad a ttto to seven year
attar aatortag* ®** nr *
havtaTearnaJ kaewl?
edge at toe child.
Sentence wu imposed by Judge
Joseph W. Parker, to run concur
rently with a sentence Nettles wu
serving for armed robbery when
he ran away from an Edgaeombt
County rood gang in July of 1961.
(coiimroipoi* paoi p
Gun, Knives
Mar Weekend
At ffliadbourn
several knives kept local pollca of
ficer busy daring the past weekend.
A shooting; and a stabbing com
bined with another separate cut
ting, made toil an especially tough
three-day period on the imal! local
Chief at Paiiee Ralph Free
man stated that Alfred Ward,
41. was abet to the feraana
with a pktol which witnesses
•aid was hetag played with by
fee Bubs* Ward, Jr- whs la
aet related to Alfred Ward.
Alfred Ward wu than alleged to
have drawn a knife from his pock
et and stabbed Jo# Roscoe to hk
toutetou to toe heart, the oops
|£ COfttmbUl hH|^|jtopffl
Dom wert cniriwx oy otncwi
with aauult upon seek other wtth
ties illy arupcim
Mrs. Agdslend Plewsta hu
charged Alfred Ward with stab
htog her la her buttocks, short
ly baton toe sheettag-stoMteg
In another incident, Joseph
Brown, If, walked into too lout
police station and collaspod on the
Elks’ 65th
Meet Opens
August 21
MIAMI, Fls. Miami's Ilk’* and
citizens have spread out too wel
come mat tor the 68th National
Ilk’s Convention that will bo called
to order by Dr. Hobson !L Reynolds.
Grand Exalted Ruler, Saturday,
August list, at noon at tha Bis
cayne Bay Auditorium.
The twin munlelpelHies of
Miaul aad Miami Reach are
saaptrottof wtth their betel
aad anlarlalsmani facllltlee to
glvs toe vlattlng Bilk toe groat
art Convention to toe history at
the Order.
The local Convention Committee,
headed by W. O. Perry, hu provid
ed a full variety prog am for the
wuk of August 11-68, Opening with
s gala Moonlight boat ride, leaving
Saturday night at 6:00 P M. and
returning from a trip to Bimini in
tha Bahamas at 4:00 A. M. the fol
lowing morning
Local Hsslqusrlsra where ett
gneellena wfll be amwared eri
(CWBWto cm PlAOtt »
7%e School Dropout:
st n«rr mm
*1 commit Crimea for excite
ment kick*. That's bow 1 got my
These were the words spoken
hr Marshall Barnes. 99-ysar-old
veteran convict who lives la the
990 block of Austin Street and
who told a CAHOUNIAN staffer
Monday tbe|
brief, but ex-1
citing. In his 1
opinion, story of I
bis life. Barnes I
has been in and I
out of trouble I
since be was 111
years old. |
in 1902, fee I
tired of attend- I
In* school and I
took to the I
streets in its I
place. As a re- 1
salt bote* toe BASJTBS
young by law to oaks such a de*
doioe. ha was placed to a pro-
31 s
fin Luther JC mg, Jr., is shown receiving the Alpha Kappa Alpha?*
highest award, the Anna Eleanor Roosevelt Medallion of honor,-
at the 41af National Convention ot the AKA'e at the Motel Shera
ton in Phiharfalphia, August S-M. Making the presentation ie Mrs.
Marjorie Parker, goaf National Baeileus el the SorOrity. Standing t
to Dr. Kind’s right is Mrs. Julia P. Pur nail, General President dr*
tha Sorority. , "
Rocky Mount *9
' h T
by ths National Medtoel AMoclatlen
at fts 69th annuel suston at the
Stotter-Hiiton Hotel hi Watotog
tog D. C„ August a-4to, hr hi* else
tion to die chairmanship of the
board of trusts** of this ofgsniu
lion. Ths National Medical Associa
tion Is composed of soma SHOO Ne
gro doctors throughout the United
Statu end the board of trustees is
the policy making body of this or
The recipient of this honor start
ed his career in the national organi
zation by leading the North Caro
lina delegation and wu soon sleet
ed u secretory of the House of
Peiegstu. From this position he
wu elevated to the cities ot Speak
er of the House ot Del*gates. After
serving two terms in this position
ha wu elected to the board ot
Trustee* and at this meeting to
m Demos
Chided By
DC Scribes
(gpeetol to The CAROLINIAN)
Two noted Washington. D. C. col
umnists, Mary McGrory aad Ted
Li ppm an, have recently made
scathing attacks on North Carolina
The issue es the wer-on-poverty
bill wu being dieeuwed to the
House es Rspreuntativu recently
and one crude! decision wu to
keep Adam Yarmollnsky off the
teem which would wage the war
over the issue
fcuriTocpip cm root i>
bation school until be reached the
age of fifteen.
Upon' release, Barnes returned
to bis old kabitet—the streets
and roamed them for four mors
yean as the leader of a gang
which consisted of other misled
youths, such as himself.
When asked why he didn’t
raturn to school be stated. ”1
thought H was mere impor
tant to be the leader of a gang
and think es filings fee as to
da than to retara fa uktaL*
A gang of this caliber natu traily
demands action againat society
These actions netted for Bamse
the following jail terms:
At age 19. he was found guilty
es larceny of Wake Farmers Mar
ket Highway No. i. North, and
ha received 19 months and was
paroled S months and 9 day Iktsr.
After three month' of mingling
with society, he returned to jail
this time oh a charge es tmfrgf-f
la an affray. Ha received four
■-,./■ a .4
1 shsJce tor ttn SgnSSp
tdWLgwdSi raa:
Od IM general aSnaara the
member* of heard at mm Ms
to « Banfarsnaa at 4M WMta
Haem to discuss «m guest
administration MUs rstotsd to
Miss. Bows
To Court
After 10 Yrs.
BILOXI, Mias. - Whan severe,
Negro children registered quietly
at two previously all-whtta schools
hers Friday, tba hut State In IM
Union to comply with the historical
U. 8. Supremo Court deetotan of
May IT. 1554, had integrated below
tha collage level.
Na HUdiuts wen reported
hi this Golf Ceaat reoort as 4M
ahUdrte wetted eager abet
taw subsets ufsHiuiiiiMMi
by and FBI agseto wetshsd
ClaimSngto M ths nations’ third
oldest city. BQosd was founded in
lIM, and to daasgragatlng its first
grade classes under a Federal court
order that alee applies to Jachten.
the State ftoptfad, ciarMdal» in
the Misatoslppi delta, to eadar atmi
lar orders to begin intaggntoae this
monttw and was paroiedk «
days. ~rr '
with a
tent to kllll to which ha pleaded
toll defense. He was eonvictod of
assault with a deadly .weapon,
for which be received IS afbetha.
A longing for hia mother, whom
be bad not can for two years,
stimulated hia seespe for a 99-
day visit with bar la tow York
City. Upon bis capture, bn rnceiv
ad extended time, but due to
within two years. _
Banco io at proooat onrilnj
time for. oo bo put it. “Just frying
to be helpful.”
He took a rnwed sdf sfrntgua
and a bowio knife from hia43-
y ear-old brother who bad inten
tions of committing a murder

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