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    May Mete Out Jail Terms
N. C. Judge Warns Medic, Attorney
MalconX Backs Goldwater
End Os
CHTOAOO <IfPT> Metertvn X,
former No. 8 mu behind the
Black Muslims’ leader KUab Mu
hammad. bee been fliß as eurprle
ee ainoehaving the Meek nation
alist movement, and mtogltac
with tbe orthodox anrtertppsn at
ffijtofttrMto , 'aji»
Negro magastaae—*beny. ant
the Satarday Toialng M.
In his autoMofraphy. Maleohn
•nnfwim the imHtlvn candideoes
of President Lyndon B. Johneon
and ArUone Sen. Barry It Oold
water. and adrteae Negroes that
“with Sen. Ooidwater. the black
people at leaet know what they
are dealing with."
In suggesting that Negroes
would fare better with Ooidwater
as President, Maleolm observed
that the OOP Presidential hope
ful was "like a wolf," while his
Democratic opponent was dubbed
"a fox”
(cmwntutit on pact t>
RCA Meets
The Belrifh Aseo
eiatieß will boM Ha first eeeet
« Tharsday. gsptsmbm 17. at
t p. m.. hi the Charts Heights
This h an important stra
tegy planning meeting. Special
attention win be given te the
pellllrial. eeosiasiile, and edm
aie arged to attend. The Bev.
win iTiraft osar normal sksspt
tws to tfcrss iagrass above aor
llra assists among a b»H-tecb
aa« Wtn occat mainly aa rrtesy
■as atato aOsat Mangey.
PAC« I !». C. State VWr
SI taat-ar Tartar liSi Ml BwlM Sa
hart- aa cart Star* ruinaa'a taStn Stef
Mfii i ssLirtiiy
Thirm i Smr« Star ream m
Paehter CtarcMt rbw Baataaraat L, orttaa lag.
g**M**'- £2. ParrtCata ■■Utaaa Ca. rt Batata*
rrciin oowi rmflßs ■anjMß (Wta
Marta I, ta. Uc Stara lutircii ~
Waafctagtm Tm«i Aparunrau, lac. _VT_
Canncntty narta* f* 8 . 1 “
BuliVwi ap,. PtaSto SantoaCaavMT a* » C, tea.
Baaa Ja«atari tart
pacSTs y*»? **L
ArtM Baattr Ca. Batalpfc lata Offtoa
Sanaa Sartara T*a Ca. PASS IS
Crattal Drag State Paaaay Purtaara Stafnr
McLaarta Parkrtg Ca I«Em* p—iral Berta
Magna-Davta PASS IS
SS.Va-. LASS? “• ~
w Aa f. &
North Carolina *s Leading Weekly
♦ + ♦'♦♦♦ + +
Slate’s Shriners Plan School
Plan Told
DOBHAM—The Shrinere as toe
i Desert of North Carolina me plan
i atog an all-out attack on school
1 drop-outs. - according to aa an
: e —to base this week
; by Imperial Deputy-at-Lerpa, Frank
; G. Burnette.
The fraternal brother* wBl bring
. every drop-out powdblo to too
! Shrine Youth Bowl Gem*, which
i will be played to County Stadium,
December 5. A gwhl committee
I SaadtotOSSMrW
Potentate Themes F. Poeg. Grand
Master Clark S. Brown and IN.
Charles 8. Carroll, Superintendent
of Public Instruction, aro honorary
chairmen. Burnett* Is general chair
man of the committee oa arrssigo
being asoghi to
feme drop oats keek to saheeL
The plans call tor a mammoutb
parade to precede the game. Floats
are to depict the evil at drop-outs.
Tbs purpose of to* floats b to show
the drop-outs tost they art not only
crippling lliiimsilves but tony aro
bolding bock toe economy at the
state and impairing our aoaiety.
The committee is sltampHns to
get toe names and edtoimm as or
my drop-out possible and plana to
bring torn to to* gams as goesis
of toe Bhriaars. Shrine temples.
r. >4
- I mm|
I Pi
ARCHITECTS DRAWING OF “ NEW" SHAW Th» abova photo mas drawn by tha Ra
high aiMtaetmtd Ran at Edwatda, McGee and Scoril, thawing tha propoaad improvement, as
Sham Univanity tn the vary near future. Included in tha drawing an: Gymnatium, auditorium,
women’s and sisdi dormitories, 3 buildingt for tha Fina Arta Cantor, addunittrationu building,
student union building, ehapol, science hall and many other features.
Shaw University Reveals Plans
For All New Facilities In City
Ths anbUetfe drtn for atm
bulldlnas tbaS its soon jortssop
MWtaLlllMßttkMl *
Dtlhm B. Check. Brart
•am aa ana Bag
fcoMBR tto® yhio Arts Cm^Mi
bonding program Is ggttmsSsd it
firs mfllton dollars ($0,000,000)
Two Whit* Boys
Bound Over Or
Arson Charges
hare Ttrtarto"thaT>ctofa«r'sS tana
KIDNAPS NEGRO BABY Miss Anna KHen, 28-year
old Gannan babysitter, it thoam in Guetaeeburg, Germany laat
weak in a police elation, holding little Jenruter Sender*, 20-
month-oU daughter ot Spec. 5 and Mre. Jama s Sandora, Rationed
then. Her lather arrived a abort time later to reclaim hie kxdnop
ed c MM. Saying the woman had a “mieguided mother metinet,"
police charged her with adbuction at JoanUer, who wee returned
» .
mrw BBRW - Dr. John to LtW
tman, Negro physician of Mew
Bern, was warned in Craven Coun
ty Superior Court hare Tueeday by
Judge Chester Morris that be is
oonsktarlng finding both a color
ed attorney and the doctor, who Is
tteUwyartdltent, in indirect oon
a M hear eutm>t as eaart
the haste at Dr. LHtamn's art
tag that the lawyer be admit
tad ta a tegUil ehartty after
he rad begun inlet the tana.
The Coinjook purist further
stated, “I have not owda up my
atod. unlem I change It, X intend
to send both them men to jail for
SO days.”
He aatd ha based thie statement
on finding of facts indicating the
oourt was misinformed as to the
true condition of Frailer.
The pthffwf w«to no comment
and left the courtroom hastily,
while Dr. littman la free on a
130.000 band In a civil action in
whioh ha la charged with aliena
tion of affection.
Edward Canaan as Raleigh,
meretary as the North Caro-,
Mae Bar. who was premat,
said ho was "“looking Into the
Dr. Littman was allegedly re
sponsible for having the lawyer
Thin As
drew. Baldwin. St, «t WSSartH*
war eantenoed to a long prison term
herw JSmday after pleading guilty
to wntoiaßMihlmy In a June 27 butch
er krftfO slaythg hem Her victim
C 47-year-old Samuel David Col
elm of this town.
Mrs. Baldwin probably think*
new maybe she should have
adhered te the wanting at tha
maa ah* arardarad. after aha
was handed a 15-17-yaar prison
term In Colnmbm County to
parlar Court by Judge W. A.
Jahaaon as UUlngten.
Tha woman was first charged with
firet-dagra* murder. Invaatigatora
testified Mr*. Baldwin cams to the
home la which Mr. Collins lived,
located about ona block from her
own hotna.
When the victim answered his
(cowrnmip on pads #>
Jackie Sets
Parallel In
Two Crimes
NEW YORK ClTY—There Is an
insidious parallel between recant
events which have taken place—
one down South in Daaletavllle,
Oa.. the other up South in New
York City.
The aegutttal by an afi-whSe
with the mnrdar at a Negro.
Washington. D. C, (7. S. Aney
tha eeqelttal by a New Yerfc
City Orand Jury, amatty while,
bat graced by the praam ra of
Oaarga Sehayler, have the aaam
kind of stench.
How the world can wonder at
riots in Harlem and Bedford-
Stuyvaaant when American Justice,
Sessions Open
SL Aug. Year
“As Saint Augustine’s College
launches into her ninety-eighth
achool year aa an integral part of
tha educational program for
this region. I greet you. one end
all." stated President James A.
Boyer at the outset of the 4-day
Paculty-Staff Orientation and
Planning Conference September
Tbe ardent scholar, educator,
and college president applauded
the college and its alumni for high
achievement to his remarks to the
assembly: “The excellent work of
this institution to being reflected
prismstically, aa it were through
out the world tty brilliant and out
standing alumni who are making
aa enviable record to their varl-
* * v *’ * 1 *' ll E
. T i.m HI ■■■■lll »m
Race Meet
This Month
NEW YORK—Thirty-on* minis
ters and laymen of to* United Pres
byterian Church. USA. along with
several leaders in the national sec
ular civil rights organisations, aro
te participate in a two-day confer
ence on religion and race in Cleve
land, September 17-18.
Purpose of the meeting is to sssk
ways the denomination’s Commis
sion on Religion and Race can offer
additional help in the civil rights
struggle, Dr. Gsyraud S. Wllmors,
Jr., executive director of the com
mission. said.
Plans call for tha first day to be
spent in discussion with tha secu
lar leaders, on tha church’s role tn
civil rights sctlon. Including prob
lams and opportunities that are in
Righto leaders scheduled to
take part Inelsds Oteeter Car
rant at the National Association
for too Advancement of Colored
People (NAACP); s wprasrnts
tlve of too Blndent Non-Violent
Coordinating Committee (EN
OCH and David Cohen of Cleve
land. A posalbte but not dtfIn
From Raleigh’s Police Files
Waitress Beaten
By Man, Woman
Mrs. Sadie Page Turner, 22. of
1108 S. Blount Street, a waitress
at the Sir Walter Coffee Shop,
told Officer R. V. Pearce at 9:82
a. m. Friday, that she and James
Bee. a cook at the same establish
ment hsd an argument over a cus
tomer’s order and Bee slapped and
choked her. The manager of the
shop then had some of the other
employees pull Bee off Mrs. Tur
Ae she started ap to the
dressing room, the complain
ant stated. Miss Luey Slade,
another employee, Mopped her
and started cursing her be
came of “the faas” she had
with James 800. Mr*. Pag#
said she thou passed by tha
glade weman and was pro
when Miss Wad# sad den ty
picked ap a bottle sal “Brack
ed” Mrs. Tamar acres* the
head with It.
After receiving treatment at
Wake Memorial Hospital. Mrs
Turner want to police has don ar
OHjfcaort* ll* pgtpldoßl
of tho North Carolina Oonforoaoo
of NAACP Branches, KoQy MUtar
Alexander, hr., predieted boro tfato
week that tho majority of Netrooo
will vote for Prooldont London
Balnea Johnson on NoreatiNT t
Tho militant root leaden al
ee aaitf that in Mo opiaioa. tho
raetal ritaatlea la the North
eooid spread to tho Seath. Bo
termed it possible to hero fa
cial diaorden la the Seath be
cause the auae eoadltleaa pea
rail In bath ooatloaa.
“I think the Necro rote haa in
creased a pood 138.000 in the State
of North Carolina. Thio vote la
certainly a rota that Mr. Oold
water haa loot."
Alexander stated Ms feehaes
about Ooldwater la that holt
net the typo of candidate that
can attract tho Nepre rote.
The Ooldwater philosophy, he
•aid. Is not raproaaadaldW of
anythlnp that Noprooo are
concerned with. Tho Nsprees
In this election year sfleeer
the eoantry wfll rata: over*
whefanlnplr for Lyndon K
Johnson. stated Mr. Alow
Alexander aoknowlodpod that
Ooldwater win pot some white
support in the South, and said ho
may carry the states of Ajphowio
and Mississippi.
Ho concluded, "Wo (M else
where in the South there on
enough people ■ Interested in tho
social issues.” he stated ppodfotiac
that President Johnson would Win
throughout the major part of tho
ters and signed two warrants, ona
charged Miss Slade with assault
with a deadly weapon. And tha
other charged Bee with assault
and battery. Both were placed to
Wake County Jail.
Attacks His Wife t
Then Flees In Car.
Mr*. Nina Tarter Kearney,
28. of 1111 Walnut Street, re
ported tea cop at lEsdl ua
Monday, trat her oetranged
husband. Calvin Kanrnay. H
earns to the beam where ten
I* living and whan she epen
ed the door, he hit her with Ms
hands and flats, featshtot Mr
down, tom kicked, bar anjha
tog? IMS ndaadfetoeS ML
when haJML ntU^TtHtm
She signed a warrant. atauglua
assault and battery. btst EtefeWai
she does not know wmMK'-In to

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