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Boyßape, Girt. 3. r
vii i c Tilin uinucy
I The Carol ini a a
A/brfA Carolina ’s Leading Weekly
■" - ■ ■ i.I. —. . ... i a— „..i ~, • 'aft
vol. n, NO. 4« a- ? r srailwih. N. c, Saturday, October 3. i9w~wad |§
NAACP To Greens!)'o
+ + <|* , + r 4* » *p
Atlanta's Lester Maddox
Defies Court Again
h * . % -hf":, ■*
Court fij. r
.► alaed IT rwihritlllr Hwm
dec, a rite-hard minBELvETS
tfate mafopoUtaa qjßrgte pity,
coart in a contented proceeding
after be bed opened a new case/
terta and refined eu ins’ to Ne
groes Monday orthte week.
V. 8. District Mn rnugft
A Beeper leered an erdsr td
qairing Maddox to appear afa
bearing Friday, OeMwk’t*
•agbTte taSr IpllSb." 11^
The motion tor tbe raw order
was brought bp tbe dhglnal Ne
gro complainant, who sued him
id tbe first test of bis Piokrick
eUtty rather than ssree Wy»
Ms eafetS ajfia?£!y>iS
big. “Thtluit*?mUSkSS
eteria dees nptaceept Integra
tiniots as eestiiaers neither
or obits. We
race, eoler or weed, bnt be
(compete ow nm s>
a. i i ■ ■—■■■■ i . y ■ i i ,
Ttasttttgft fa tin stxt flv#
4avs. Titndiy Mnsuh BCtsAar*
wffl tvaiie Bdtr fflinssl, wtth n .
111 Si
2*2** MarnOnM*
tS-St Sunn.
Prrefutation wffl averse* 1-0 to
I tech, wttfc beany klrfur ■niwU
occnrrtos Than Say and ftteay
and asaln a boat eider.
- I I « imAi
===== Sift FROM THEM
Cart ■'* CM* Star*
Carolina Pvwor aa4 UIM Co.
PA4.B 1
Tiro Bain * Borotoo
Brook* Appltun Co.
lak* W. KWm aoa Co
(to Watch Shop
Sim Federal Ua Jtart
Mi>t« Mm*r Co
trry'a ot »iM|ll
CnaMMtor Co.
BwdltakßlNl I--a
asr,**- —tmm
[iwTfiZr* 11 *'" ,r
aSS k3m*
ACCIDEItt, CLAIMS ONE UPB Polk* officer removes George Cowans, 31, from the
wreckage of Sit car, which hit • bridge mbutement on the Major D#egan Bxpreeaway in Bronx, N.
Y. lari week. Anrihrn man inthacer, Joaaph Andrews, 33, of iVeopark, IT. wo* killed in tha ac
ridatd. Contone woo taken to Moniaani Hoapital in a critical oandNton with multiple injuries. (U-
Pl PHOTO). < •
Threatens To Bomb Home Os
Jim Brown After Muslims OK
ducer of the Mike Douglas televis
ion (how toot week ogtoil re
ceiving a threat from a woman
caller to bomb the heme es Cleve
land Browne* ~ ftopboll Her Jtos
Brown if he repeated views, stated
early over a network program, ex-
MufUma" oegaptoettep.
PACK »•___
fSSTTP* WMb ka
liiiiaai PMotaf Mw ■
W ' - - v
nS JmSTon mc
MbMmMMmM o—.
oo ro ported rocdvta| ySaaf ooflo
hod ooM te Lash
smitsjsr- **
' aoporate atete ter Mogreao < ~iaß?
tp *»
mSTdooSSb Jham! Uwm rapart
Growing Negro Vote
Power To Aid LB J
A Macro note which to almost
double what it woo lour yuan dee
la Cm Couth, ghres Praeideat Lyn
don B. Johnson a strong hand hi
fteam*iuteaaed°lMt wcatoMd? **
boon toefattortag jM^/te^oS^m
'***"%*» »
ad to Cm u£ - ( 'Saw
■tote tnatai a Wpirt!!
The Caw. Dr. thwtlp Luther King.
whose **** * roduMr a tenadtete&
4H nattroat.dM aot dater Crown,
who put oa tbo show aad raitar
stpd|hi». the Muslbns.
. hsoaa*at Imm wwmm *
Brown, Cm Browns star hCtodt
to itho national Football laoguo's
champion ground galnor. 8a to atao
au highest paid playar la
pro fboteaU. drCh a salary late ssa
tha Macro rote, now mbiprising
about tt portent of tha electorate,
goo solidly Democratic as aspaat
ad. FroMdaat Johnson wUI aosd to
pull only 40 to to pssoent at tha
white rota to carry such stetos as
Ksrfh aad Coute CtesHas. Georgia
sad Florida.
Clralsu —sd by <ha B ipteC
can Party aton at aasrylag tea
heTte Ms*io vote la tea state
tmteMbCMMi sr Mjo^tf
.iA". A AA;
9 Otter
raw YORK (NPt)—An Illiter
ate. 17-y**r-old Ntgri youth. 4*»
Ooribed by hi* mother a* “rick and
f evsrsexy” last weak confaaaad tba
murdar of taro woman and tba ray*
In* o< IS othan ranging in ages
Jnm S to U.
ergy as crimes after he was ar
rested. On* of Ma Intandod ate*
fritewedtom ta hit hama aad
oJTsh sriMß‘tk^yalrth l tried
to nt h a* alarator hat who
mod aad writ* aad says ho
diMaat kaow why ho eaatmit
tod tha crimes, b Anthony
former porter and
St eonfaaaad aad b aocuaad of
tha murder of Mia* Charlotte Lip*
aft, a school teacher, on May M,
and Sirs. Mary Payne, an !?-ye?.r
old woman, on Labor Day.
During his cor.fc.uon. Sponcc-r
also told that fab rap* victims in*<
eluded a fiva-yaar-old girl. 1 don’t
kaow why I do it," Spencer said.
“1 gat hso dachas, pass out and 1
hoar funny _nol*aa." _
1 Joar"^bJ^bmtt
Hosts Meet
Oct. 8-12
nual Convention of the North
Piwiihu confereno* of the Na
ionalt Assodlnbon for the Ad
vanosmsnt of Colored (NAACP)
will oonvaao la Oraenoboro Oc
tober g-10 with headquarters at
i tbs O'Henry Hotel, 101 Bellomede
Street The first day sessions
(Mintaters Conference, nreaidad
tObOOmiiteSew eftrnsawe vew^oi
over by the Iter. Otto Hairston, lo
cal NAACP Ministers chairman)
win ht held at St. Jamas united
Presbyterian Church, Roes Ave
nue, Dr. Julius D. Douglas, minis
ter. A banquet for the ministers
wffl ho given at night.
AU toslimt sessions, workshops,
and eommittee meetings wffl be
held In O’Henry Hotel.
Contrary to previous yean, there
wffl not be a Sunday mass masting
tbto year as the final feature wffl
be Sbs NAACP youth department’s
Talent and Beauty Contest in the
OffIOUIJ Hotel baU room Satur*
dsyjtMl teetwee
droos to the ministers Thursday
night at Si James V. 9. Cfaureh
on Bom Avenue. Prtdav night wffl
boa social for the delegates fol
towing the keynote address by
VF/U. BE HONORED AT TVFFER Tha Tupper Memorial Baptist Church wUI honor
tope ot Ha oldest, active munbara in a spadal service at tha church Sunday, Oct. 4th. Lait to right:
Edgar Ewans, Mrs. Elisabeth Hawkins and Mrs. Harritt S. Jonas. Not pictured is Jamas Alston.
Sunday wUI ha Homecoming Day at Tapper. Tha testimonial service tor tha honoreee will follow
the Felkmahip Dinner at 2-JO p. m. Tha Reverend D.N. Howard, Sr., h pastor at tha church.
Arthur Spencer, 17, of tha Bronx it lad from police headquarters
hen where he allegedly confessed September Hat to the rape
murders of on tl -year-old woman and a 3 9-year-old auhoof teach
er In Brooklyn's Crown Heights section. Spencer, an amateur box
er with e police record dating back to 1938, was arrested altar an
other tope victim saw him and, claiming that he was her attacker,
alerted the police. See etory. ( UP! PHOTO).
• OteteaasmßeHManßamaMaMaaßmaaamaaamaaaMMameßtosasiaißieitoataiMMamatMmmemaai
From Raleigh s Police Files:
beWndtom TT
Mrs. Mbkens, said she asked
him wheThe wasted and then
topped UnVA an slasMe belt
Micksiis, appfflrtnily tsfßfiitsi
by this act sr aeatotklng else,
went tote a rage sad rat his
wife gh tha spper atomaeh. tow
er right ana sad tell hand with
a peeket knife.
According to the polio* officers,
who arrested him, Mickeas had
been drinking heavily. Mrs. Mlck
ens was rushed to Wake Memorial
Hospital, while her spouse was
carried to Wake County Jell and
charged with assault with a deadly
weapon with intent to kill.
This We Can’t Ignore
(An Editorial)
We ere not wanted anymore than our weakest, poorest, ugli
est, hungriest, loneliest, forsaken, downtrodden, illiterate, black,
smelly unkept, light, ragged brother among other things ... in
the minds and hearts of our white Christian fellow beings. What
ever techniques may be used in die immediate future by the race,
<ccwwupgp~ow rang ») '
Local Shriners In
Fish Bowl Classic
Uaftor the dtreetton as Ctotof Po
tentate Jeaspfa Bernard Christ
nua aad promotional director
Jamas Charts* Johnscm/the
Shrtatrs to Habato Tsmpto 80.
m ' gtteny itr^dS»tMt:m‘
Ml s.m. Hern,
W sift awake to gni a maa
standing Hi her roam. )Bii couldn’t
see Ms trie as Ms beck was turned
she said, and se she made him
awgra of bar faring wide awake,
the' man calmly walked out of the
Mrs. Ma&amb stetod she was
pesMive it was a man celled
~B*-H*s". the rated Had Bath
ing misting frem the hsase, aad
weadered saw be gained entry.
Is did the aep. The deer was
toeked and gtore was as sign
es ferelble entry.
— im
ITT of Raleigh, staged a too art*
van to Nor Toft. Virginia to attend
the 17th Annual PMb Bowl Yorir
Konaram os paps a
Dr. Sharp
mtiorr mob Bm ab’
wemTmrth? ttorcmlvMMyMm?
tagofttoe on the wrtttiM^gtfßn
chancellor. u Mis"^
Man stadente to Ikm A ?
wMheto regard to mae er ddto
y. The PnjvwWty wffljsito
to aa an adytocry body to ptott
to to separate iworno. exoaptm
oases where the students maumt
to mixed aostßunante «SThte
as. nTfliJfSilifflr
— , , ’ .
Aaron Henry
Gets Award
ATLANTA, ft#-Dr AsmHi
Henry, of Clsrkedsle. Miu,-who
led the* etotob - ‘Pre-drim
delegation to ft# DemacteUc ,Coa*
ChristiarT Ustortto^JteronteV
highest hifjife.
t 00WTtogBh‘ t)
vHy The!
Flag Os
■MUBmui* ,
■ i
i ntom^Haß
a.• •
Observe North
Carolina Flat
Day October IB
North Carolina Governor Terry
Sanford sent eat i.rmU aebee
Wednesday, urgiag all North Caro
lina manufacturing Arms, Stete ef
to display tha United Steteo and
North Carolina Stete Sago as Mon
day, October 11 Pies Itoy.
The MsM thief isiiaSai
slated. Ter away years » have
ceowmwdntoi pass »
Ligon’s Parade
May Be Best
Evsr Held Nsri
TTomoownlng win ba ohaartoTte
tha John W. Ligon Junior Oggte
High Bohoel bora Friday. OoMw
a. as ths Uttls Btoaa > ptoy he*to
Mow Barn’s j. T. Barber Ugh
Ths parade, white aaacal
fcr praaadaa tha gates, wCI bo
ii ... Imm. ee* o._
totob Memorial AadMostoa* to
Hargett Itraat. dawa to B.
u fcUate Mite
turn toft aad oa to Chifto
Fate __
boot ono oror staged by to. total
high school as mors emphasis wtt
bo placed oa duality, rattier thaa
uaaoratag flttote an*
sored by the tour upper atoms,
will ria for top honors. Other
floats will depict sooaao at act*
•not, mithfimßtkT. Lilinfr CMk
the I rn?mm*m iShoel?™*
Many other bends levs bees be*
rlted to MrttaSMti 1b the afteb
I.J kaLhaZSj
sm neve UMneetea umt vn tHI
part. _ .
Cto night.

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