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dent Murry May, Mra. Sarah Harbin, employment aervico repreeentetive of the Employment Good
Neighbor Council, who spoke Monday, September 21, In Greenlee/ Auditorium on "Total Per
formance,” Miee Caeeie Stanley and Joeaph KoIHe Acqui, aleo students.
Hospital Orderly Charged With
Abortion Death Os Mom Os Two
knowledge is a dangerous thing,
and Sylvester Marlon Grtfftn. 86-
year-eld orderly at Hadley hos
pital, wishes now that he had not
Mrs. Harris
Woman's Day
Womans Day was observed at
Bush Metropolitan AM E Zion
Church leal Sunday. The speaker
was ;Mrs N. W. Harris, wife of the
pastor. Mrs. Helen Mack Mitchell
was- mistress of ceremonies. Mrs.
Annie H. Thorpe introduced the
Mr* Hern* spoke from the »ui»-
ject. "The Role of Women in this
growing Civiliation.’ She began
by aying that woman have a dis
tinction and indiaponsable role in
the | Christian Church and this
growing civiliation haa lifted
women to a new place in the
The role es women In this grow
ing civiltiation is one worth tell
ing becaua it it a valid part of
the history of the Church and the
history of women like Mrs Mary
Mc<Jtoud Bethune. Mrs. Daisy
Bates, Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt, Mrs.
Martha Todd Lincoln. Mis* Mahalia
Jackson. Mrs. Patricia Robinson and
Mrs. Charlotte Hawkins Brown.
They were deeply committed to
their faith, and loyal arvice to the
rapacities. Mrs. Harris climaxed by
saying, God can mightily use us in
thee* days of peril, decision and
transition if wo will dedicate our
selves to the task. God grant the
women of the growing civiliation
the will to rise to their opportu
nities and the wisdom and power
for tho living of these days
Mrs. Harris rally captivated her
audience and wt say thanks! to
7:10 p. m . Mrs Poeolia Tyson
was the speaker. Mrs. Tyson too
wa:her bat si she spoke on the
sufcjbet: ‘ Faith. Hope, and Charity-'*
Mrs, Tyson gave us much informa
tion: at she eprV* of Naomi end
Rut} end the faith and courage
these had admonishing a a Chris
taint to love one another. She era
intrtducsd by Mrs. Marie Mare.
Te*m raised for the day - tt.OM.IS.
AS t p. m- the VC* young peo
pin# naoattng was hold. The speaker
wdr* Mas Cynthia Jan Adams.
of Mr. and Mr*. La Ad
anus of the Church, who spoke on
"Chttoto* Honor Boa" She did e
final fob with tho subject
IBodkona Ibeeoit Matter April
i IMA St toe Fat Office to lUieum
gjX&atm. •*" -
Sua tS? .V.V.V.'.V.V.V.'.’.V.V.'.V.V m
. i
sra»tiMmee U tnr*.-oST
JSSahrs" -
used his meager medical knowl
edge to perform an abortion On
a 83-year-old assistant cafeteria
clerk in 0 drugstore chein.
■le victim was Mrs. Beth
M. Wooten, mother of two
daughters, who died In freed
assn's hospital of septicemia
(blood paiisening) eaased fey
‘lnesmploto abortion.”
Yes, We All Talk
QUESTION: How can I describe
the normal speaking voice?—H. L.
ANSWER: The eminent
speech pathologist. Robert
West of Brooklyn. New York,
state* the character!*ties of
the Ideal voice are:
1. It must tie adequately loud,
i 2. It must havs clearness of
, tone.
3. It must have a pitch suitable
! to the speaker’s ase and aex.
j 4. It should havs a slight vlbra-
I tn
j 5. There must be a graceful in- ,
I fWHnn of ntteh end fmw which I
{follows the meaning of what it
Yet other authorities, when
speaking of a normal voice, eail
attention to the elusive character
iof the term "normal voice.” We
do know that the so-called norm
al voice Is
1. Baaed upon the listener’s
I 2. Infulenced by one’s age and
I 4. Influenced by the efficiency
with which the speech mechanism
READERS: For my pamphlet Os
consonant sounds for children and
(coNTiNurp raoM r*o« n
cause we are free.” This no
tice waa petted at the deer of
the newly • opened establish
On Monday. Maddox met four
Negroes at the door of the cafe
teria end shoved them book to
ward the sidewalk. The Negroes
irovTtNi'tn mow nans n
took him to Believe* (heepttal)
for psychiatric treatment”
Records show that the boy was
treated at Bellevue and Wasaaie
Mrs. N. W. Harris 1* a graduate et
Livingston College, Salisbury, and
taught school In Mocksvtlle. in
Davie County, for two years. She
wae once the assistant organist of
•t Paul AME Church. Henderson
villa, and is currently president of
the Interdemonetional Ministers
Wives’ Alliance of Raleigh. She aleo
fine time to nerve aa an Instructor
in the Church School of the Rush
Metropolitan AMR Zion Church.
WINS TROPHY FOR BRICKLAYING— Thomao Alton. 19. kit. of Roof 1. Warrantor
it thawn at left receiving a gold mmol tor haring bom » wrnrm in a liold of 33 eontottantt in a
bricklaying contoai at tho 96th N. C. Suite Fair in October 61 1963. Voting Alston had only boon
in training lot* than ono year, whereas th* others had boon m hairing approximately two yean.
Next to him h hit employer. Jama* L Richardson. oho ot Warrantor On tho right h Mr. Bodd
tngiteld, a lair otliciel. The N. C. State Pair for 1964 will bo hold hen from October 13 to 17.
Before she died, Mrs. Wooten
Identified Griffins as the one who
performed the illegal operation.
Oho told police that she submitt
ed to the operation In her home
on August X. She entered freed
men’s On September S, and died
three day! later.
Griffin was held under SIO,OOO
how they aft produced, and 36
cents to cover cat and handling
Write Dr. M. H, Boulware, Florida
A4cM University, Box 310-A, Tal
lahassee, Florida—-32307.
State School but two months after
his relate from a two year con
finement he had embarked on a
crime spree.
He selected hit victims at ran
dom on the streets and usually used
a knife to force them to do his
tit is now being held loi tusi
NEGRO vm ti
Negro voters comprise more than
10 percent of the North Carolina
electorate, while South Carolina
voters of color have pushed up their
balloting power to an aatlmated 10
to 16 percent es thet state’s 773.000
MON., OCT. 12
(COMTtNvsb most paos n
been eesteemed with the reti
cence on tho part of seme Tar
Haeie at flying Mr Unltod
■lata Flag and tho North Car
olina Flag. Wa are proud es
that emblems es Uie Nation
and Stole which should to
displayed wherever and when
ever people praper "
The CAAROUNIAN received a
copy of Governor Sanford's letter
end is urging ell North Carolinians
to Join with us in observing Colum
bus Day and North Carolina Flag
Day by displaying the respective
flags of our country and our State.
North Carolina Day was desig
nated in the N. C. Public Laws of
Mr. Current has spent his life in
NAACF work.
Mrs. Ruby Hurley, dime ter.
Southeastern NAACF Region,
working out es Atlanta, fol
lowing many karrewtng expe
riences while working througk
Alabama and Mlsilatoppl, a
wall a ether Door South
statoe. will dettver an aapus
atoned appeal far enrollment In
and support es the NAACP
i men ngm car rroedsan.
Mbs i.—M«t Mack, a veter
an NAACP staffer, in charge
et membership, will be pres
ent to urge Increased p*»»-
■ta on getting NAACT members
to ardor that Tarhaalta mar
centime to lead to that area.
NAACP labor Secretary
Herbert HOI, who has helped
reads into the area ei hotter
job-opportunities far minority
g-onp eUtesas, wfß be preeent
for an addreea and eonsalU
tien et labor problems during
the eonventton at OBrnry He
In view of the presidential mid
congressional elections just ahead,
an analysis of the political situa
tion will be studied aa. it pertains
to Negroes’ beet interests.
Kelly M. Alexander, Sr., Char
lotte, is president of the Tarheelia
NAACP. Charles A. McLean, Win
ston-Salem. is field secretary. N.
L. Gregg. Oreensbcro, Is treasurer
and Mrs. Beatrice Garrett Bur
nett, Tarboro, is recording secra
The NAACP has learned that
only four Negroes in Phoenix,
Arizona support Sen. Barry Oold
water’s candidacy, for President et
the ÜBA, according to Phoenix
NAACP leader O. Beni. Brooks,
who stated that. “Negroes support*
ed Mr. Goldwaters’ bid for the
Senate . . . against an Incumbent
hostile to civil rights in 1952, only
to have him get in office, and
“go Mississippi'’ as Brooks pot It.
Brooks denied the claim that
Goldwtaer held membership in
the Phoenix NAACP, but admit
ted he gave, along with othen,
I *4OO contribution In the name of
Ooldwater Dept. Store to help de
segregate Phoenix Union High'
School district.
(Continued prom pass omi
leaden and the Daily Tar
Heel, school newspaper, publi
cised this allegation.
Ay cock, who resigned as chan
cellor to return to teaching in the
UNC Law School, said he would
not become Involved In the con
troversy since, ‘Tve finished my
term as chancellor.”
Chance'lor Sharp stated he had
not been aware of the old rule and
ordered an Immediate end to the
He concluded by saying, “A
thing like this does no good to the
students or the university.”
• Hwtf o*tw**4r* wtvwrtwwpsA h* thee A.
! rablan Temple No. 112 of Ports
mouth. Va.
In the game between the E-
Hsabeth City State College
Pirates verwus the Norfolk
State College Spartans, Elisa
beth City was rie’ertona, win
ning the encounter by a seers
of 11-9.
Shrtnere loft Raleigh Memorial
Auditorium early Saturday morn
ing by Chartered bus, accompani
ed by a number of the ladle* of
Kabala Court and other friends.
One of the highlights of the af
fair was the mammoth parade,
from the Plasa down High Street.
Portsmouth, to the Stadium, view
ed by more than 75.000 spectator*.
Highlights of the parade were
drill teams, beautifully decorated
floats, many bands and inarching
units .
The eraek drill team of
Kabala Temple was attired In
their golden uniforms and
participated, led by Potentate
Christmas and Past Potentate.
Chsrle* A. (Doll) Haywood.
Officials of the parade marked
It down as being the biggest ever
held, with Temples from all along
the Eastern Seaboard being re
presented from as far away as
Shriners attending were:
Johnny Jones. John Sorrell. W.
W. Laws, Walter Harris. Malachi
Wilkins, Allen Willis, Leroy Brew
er, J. C Johnson. J. B. Christmas.
D. E. Haywood. Leroy Lassiter, D.
D. Brig hi well. M. C. HIU, N. H.
Duke. B. Wingate. Alfonso Trice,
M. Banks. Mr. and Mrs. James
Cooper, and Mr. and Mra. Milliard
Peeblee; „
Others were. Mrs. C. B. Ltgon.
Mra. A. Miller. Mrs. R. Tucker.
Mra. Iris Spencer. Max Smith. Mr.
and Mra. T. Wilcox. Mra. Geral
dine Lanier. Allen Willis, Jr.. Mrs.
E Jones. Mrs. Thorpe. E. Adderly.
The caravan was one of the beat
promoted events put on by the
Bhrtners in recent years. All win
be looking for a bigger and better
affair next year. While there, they
wore quartered et the Hotel Mon-
fCinH—d Proa Page I)
must include a helping hand that is filled with compassion far
those of na who, through circumstances not altogether of our own
making, are victims of ignorance, poverty ajd much of the above.
Too much cannot be arid for the need of Negroes aiding Ne
groes. While we have many while friends, there certainly exists a
woods full of white people who are determined to use all of their
wits, prestige, wealth, etc., to keep the Negro a picture of despair
and unwanted trash.
To combat such circumstances In the future demands the
limitations of any addictions comparable to white supremacy ad
diction. We can ill-afford bad feelings, anger or bitterness. They
only promote frustration, wasted emontinal energy and material
resources. What teems to be needed in the foreseeable future are
tools, and vehicles of constructive, positive nature, geared to the
times embodyiag techniques with sound judgment in the areas of
politics, fronoffift and our civic and social life.
We know the score. The real question is do we have what It
takes to measure up? .. . not through courts alone, but by our
own imagination and techniques. We must commence our next
hundred yean with honesty, reliability, deanßiteso, cooperative
efforts, regards for each other, our eommunity< State and nation
in away far beyond anything displayed in the past. Our lot will
depend, in a large measure, on good managemedt of our dollars,
our minds snd spiritual adeptness to the changing times ss well as
Enough has been done and attempted in the past to justify
a belief that no question remains in ady Negro’s mind that he ie
incapable of measuring up to the challenges ahead here in Ra
leigh, the State and elsewhere. We sincerely solicit a new attitude
for our people .. a new mental conditioning geared to tailor an
image comparable to any group’s image or accmplishments any
where. This can be done. This must be done to continue forward
a progress that, in itself, will make America proud of its tan bro
ther instead of as in the past.,. ashamed to have us around.
Man Held In Miss. Bombing
NATCHEZ. Mias. (NPI) The
home of Mayor John J. Nasser
was hit by a bomb hare Friday
Bight, and minutes later, a bomb
exploded In the home of a Negro
September *9-October 1
Dr. Henry will receive the
Bees Parks Award, which Is
ftven annnally to the person
who has made the meet creative
and srnlfleant contribution to
the non-violent movement for
the freedom of Negress. Ho
will be the third parson to re
ceive the award.
Other recipients an aa follows:
Rev. Prod L. Shuttleeworth Os
Birmingham, who vn honored in
1068 when BCLC mot in Richmond.
Dr. W. O. Anderson of Albany
1962 when Dr. Blag's organization
mot In Bifflingham. Ala.
Dr. Hoary, a Clarkadalo druggist
has headed up the freedom Move
ment in Mlmtaaippi for laanr years.
The Freedom Party he haw hoods
refused to be eompnmiood at tee
If you lived in New York...
your electricity would cost more
In Warn Teak ft* typical monthly residential
bill tor 800 kilowatt-hours of electricity is
814JC lftwlr>t.H for CPftL customers. On
ft* anaemia, oat customers use * little more
than 100 kilowatt-hours per month.
ta most after pieces ocroes the country, folks
iay men for electricity. The average price
which ear reeidentiel customers pay per killo
watt-heur la St per aent lea* than the national
Earn bee CMtL bean able to make electricity
Typical RNft| rotiden* : il electric billt for 500 kwh. Source: Federal Power Commission
■saris* $16.64
family a mile away.
In netifter instance were
there any Injuries. la the
ease of the mayor’s home,
damages consisted of shatter
ed windows and a cracked
front waU. The mayor and Ms
wife were watching television
hades at the time of the ex-
Though the mayor could offer
no explanation for the bombing.
It was recalled * that earlier last
month “stink bombs” were hurled
through the windows of super
markets operated by the mayor’s
son and son-in-law.
Shortly after the explosion,
police picked up an unidentifi
ed Negro who had a pistol tat
his ear. The man was said to
have been seen near the may
or’s house before the explosion.
The other bombing hit the home
of Willie Washington, in the Negro
section of town. No Information on
the damage sustained was tmmedi- 1
ately available.
TVMvq#vr»Hf» Comrtery fimt (w m
lag dispute with the aU-white Mis- j
slsslppl delegation which has eon-1
(latently refused to allow Negroes
to participate.
Henry is a board member of SC
LC end state president et the NA
Miami $11.71
ending October X. ISM Lncettfn jt
A. Total He. copies printed Otet frees
•. Paid .Circulation
1. To Term Subecribere Bv Mail,
Carrier Delivery or by Other
I*** Thr *HP»
utiiCit or mHOrwiSB.
C Free Distribution (including samA
Mell. Carrier Delivery, or
D. Total Me. ei Copie* Distributed
(Sum of line* 11.81 and C)
Assorted Jellies 18 <*. it 4 lor 99c
Sliced Pork Steak lb. 49c
Fresh Ground Beef 2 lbs. 75c
PorkSaus&gt lb. 35c ©r 3 lb*. 99c
Good Weiners lb. 38c or 3 lb*. 99c
Fresh Spare Ribs lb. 35c or 3 lbs. 99c
No* 1 White Potatoes 10 lb*. 49c
Rib Beef Stew lb. 29c
Center Cut Pork Chops lb. 69c
Fresh Pbrk Roast . lb. 39c
Luzianne RT Coffee lb. 67c
Crown Peartut Butter 2 lb. j&r 69c
orrx stondAt an£ fridat rm s t. m.
such a bargain? W* b«v* Installed large
more efficient generating plant*. W* have im
proved our methods of transmitting and dis
tributing electricity. W* have worked herd
to introduce every reasonable economy.
While then an a few please where yeur
electric bill would be leas, C&hL is proud to
supply dependable electric service at prices so
much lower than moot people pay.
Am iaaemee owned, utility company
So* Francises $9.9$
n. AWt *.
One, la the fifth Presidential air
plane. the Catholic Digest Matte.
BPsnntea oweorroMroEg
unusual orvonTyinix iget|»e*
The name end Odium M VubKtlicr.
MW and editor n P. R
Jwvay. ma Btet Davie Street Ra
leigh. North Carolina. Owndr as the
or otttr oeeunuci • sem
preSSmU MtaSS to nStlii*
aim ejit
. 1 tertuy Utet me Sted.
* •U& , ?.T5b82 f 9 **
PuStimtr -Owner
Chicago 1J0.09

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