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    He Was Trying To Do Good De«d:
McNeill Acting NCTA Sec *y
The Board of Dtreotoro of tbs
North Carolina Teachers Associa
tion recon tly appointed Fred D.
From Raleighs Police Files;
Shoplifter Does
gglaP— go
..< ki<m toejlfiflßmf' 1 1
Cent Store.
Mia Tata reputedly admitted
to the eop that the atole one pair
of red panitee and ooa bra, valued
at $1 and gIJO, respectively.
As Mat* afltetak —isthil
her, the allegedly itowi Mia
Jolla Waalati, a M-year-eld
white alaglri at the aten. In*
to . fUaa window. Shs then Is
Mid la have atteaptod to ran
■oath Me Os the etore ae hard
it brake the plate glass and
"Get Out The Vote”
(An Editorial)
The decision of the National Newspaper Publishers Aaocia
tion to support an all-out “Get Out the Vote” campaign u a
sound one in a year of so important a presidential choice. It is
true that during the summer there has been great emphasis on the
registration of citizens, not only in the South but in die urban
areas of the North, as well. While men and women have been pay
ing the supreme sacrifice m die South for the right of the ballot,
too many of the residents of the North have adopted a "Let John
Do It” attitude about participating in political elections.
There can be no excuse why a people, sruggling so hard for
full equaliy under the law should be apathetic about the baric
right of the ballot. The CAROLINIAN is enthusiastically sup
porting this campaign which should move more than a token
number to the polls on Tuesday, Nov. 3. We stand ready to as
sist in any way we can in educating and helping those who want
and need such assistance. Thanks to die dedication of many
groups and organizations, thousands of Negroes have been placed
on voting rolls in the Bouth. Every responsible civil rights organ
ization has adopted some form of emphasis on voting. It is now
up to every individual to be fully aware of Its great potential and
act accordingly. In short, we must resolve dow to vote in great
numbers on Nov. 3. Only .in this manner eon we perform our in
dividual duty. r ' . • •
‘Ladv Bird* Johnson
Issues Equality Plea
ARLINGTON, Va. lds. Lyn
don B. Johnson began ter whistle
•.op tour of tte southland Toes*
day morning with a strong pick
for equal rights for all Americana.
Ee ore a wildly cteertng crowd
o( thousands of flag waving and
tenner carrying fans. Mrs. John
son said. “We are a nation of laws,
not men. and our greatness is our
abUty to adjust to national eon-
Mrs Johnson, whose given
name is Claudia, spoke from tte
rear platform of tte gaily colored
"Lady Bird Special" as she ses
terktd on tte four day tour which
takes ter through IMX mße mots
covering Virginia. t^Osrettnte
Deadline Far Registering k Monday, Oel. 12* Be Sure To Get Your Name On The Books No 1
' 1 1111,1
11 McNeill, Jr, currant flaM ropre
• aantattva. to serve as acting emeu-
I ttea assratary while an Interim
m m j n i. 1..
iSgT*. ll "
Officer t. C. Patman at ?:00
a. a. Mender. Bart whOe aba
was in Baltlmara. Md, Mat
91 hiaamß rtMgeKarmS
map hank, and teak meat at
her candy from a candy Jar.
The strange part of the entire
incident was that the cop could
fipd no sign of forcible entry to
bar room or to the bank.
Committee of the Board Interviews
Charles A Lyons, Jr. Dr. Lyona as
aumad the duties of at ad*
missions at Haward Puleewnr on
Seplembrt L
Due te the rest r net Inn «f Mrs.
Barbara H. Doujqn. McNeill u also
serving as Acting Coordinator at
PUD D. MsHtn.l. ID.
after serving an Iha staff tor on*
A former biology teacher and
Martin St.
Baptists To
Hear Orator
1 The Martin Street Baptist Church
at Raleigh will feature Mrs. Annie
M. Ivans at rayattsvill* as its an
nual Woman’s Day speaker on Sun
day. October 11, at 1140 am
JOttoaik a grsdaato
steal CaOsgi in On—Sirs.
She toagta ta^hs^O— ber-
Pol varsity.
Mrs. Cv— Is affiUatod with the
NEA, the ATA and the HCTA. She
icon—p ow eaos »
To End Its
The Raleigh Branch of Tbs Ra
tional Association For tbs Ad
vancement of Colored People, to
now in its second and final weak
of an oil-out registration drive.
Tbia apodal registration effort
tag—da to allow as near as pas
state of those who are now un
tbewStaM MsUao that tberatav
with the many thpuwindt who arc
+ + + + +> + + +
Ooer 17,000 Welcome Ftnt Family:
Crowds Hail LBJs
II I 111 ■ I Min nli mwirt ' ~TrMM—Mm—lM—MßTlM—Minimal HieCMfIMHMMWnrrMMM—M—M
North Carolina’s Leading Weekly
» ■ ■ ' » 1 *j if ■ ■'■ —■■"■l in.—i.—
- milt I———Ml II M "■■■!
Kills Own Mother
With Axe; Relaxes
A FAMILIAR SCENE Af/anta cafeteria owner anrf arch-eegregationiet Loafer Maddox,
hit, shoves one of several Negroes who attempted to integrate Ms “now” reafaurant there /aat
weak. He opened the "Latter Maddox Cafeteria" on the tame tite of Ms old “Pickrick, Inc." How
ever, he it now facing contempt of court chargee for failure to integrate at ordered by the courts.
Current, Williams NAACP
Keynoters; Sessions Begin
ORXENSBORO Elaborate pre
par stions have gone into the plan
ning for the Slat Annusl Conven
tion c< tte North Carolina Confer
tnea of the National Assodstkm tor
tte Advancsmont of Colored People
masting bom Oetoter HO with
headquarters at tte OTUnry Hotel.
Bishop Baber
To St Paul
AME Sunday
On Sunday. Oetoter 11. the men
of St Pstd AME Church will hold
their annual Men’s Day program.
This year they are very fortunate
in securing as the featured speaker
Bishop George Wilbur Baber, now
presiding ever the Second Episco
pal District of the African Metho
dist Episcopal Church, comprising
the District of Columbia. Maryland,
Virginia and North Carolna.
Btehep Baber Is watteoolly
haaw far Mr dywwtee and
wps«Ud l, ? < te anafhar high
spat to hla lang career as a
On Sunday night tte program
>*«tt hw assembled a vary in
teresting program, built around the
AMB recording with tte Bsv. Dr.
Martin Luther King. Jr.
Beginning at MO sun. Sunday,
ton Mala Chans of St. Paul will
101 BoOamode Street (north of
Dr. O. & MutowN^Orecg
ad hard to aaspaaii wtth state
aonfaruaoa effleteb Kelly M.
I‘Ttrr-lr St, a mi Charles A.
— Halt inritriT hi «ha
aglahm aal atoll righto warh
alntehy at the St Jamas
honor at lev. J. E.
as Bn Chsd CiaalHia
Tte Bsv. W. E. Banks, Thomas
ville. State Youth Advisor, prom
ises a lively session with the NAA
CP Youth Councils and Collage
Winners In
Feat Named
Winners in tte annusl Releigh
Furniture Pmttvsi held last week
ware meda public Monday of tads
Tte grand prim. United bed
room end dining room suites was
won by Mall J. Pearce, of M
Bt. Ooorge Rood.
Otter winners Beret Thornes
E. Kee. of lM Unartn Court, an
(CMimn on pam n
Chapters on Friday and Saturday.
A now feature—beauty and talent
oen test—will attract many youths
to their banquet and closing sassien
In the ballroom of tho O. Henry
Hotel an Saturday night John Ed
wards win assist to this promotion.
Olastar B. Currant Now York, di
meter as HAACP branches. will
(amraivwD~oM sass w
Mother, 3
Kids Drown
In Automobile
UIBNTOgf A mother and her
throe children drowned in a oar
early Saturday morning when the
automobile In which they were
riding loft the highway and
plunged Into a rain - soaked creak
t> ‘n a dead were identified as
Mrs. Mary Ida Kinsey, 28, and her
children, Terry Lynn. •, Theresas.
8. and Tony, f-weeks-old. Accord
ing to Jonas County Comer Oeorge
Davenport, all four drowned.
Pour persona, also in tte ear.
aurvtvod. Including the husband of
Mrs. Kinsey and the fatter of tte
children. Ray Kinsey. 40; driver
of tte vehicle Willie Koonce. also
40; bis wife. Mrs. Blanche Koonce.
42; and Aaron Murrtel. 2T. none
of Wham required hospitalization.
AJB wars residents of Trenton,
rpfrrtnnr C. E. Oakley
quoted driver Koonct as any
omumusa ow rasa n
Fsund Or
His Porch
jumn jRThs
_mjvsh* uSSooi"ln*Wiis(ilD
kUL Oaorg*"iofttn, Jr, NHfear*
staiitly. Mrs. Btbol Lottfti. W.SD
rnuuMy nsvar knew what bit bah.
8he t wm preparing breakfast ad
Barth* In th* day, Ida MB*
ar, George Let tin Ir., had tab*
on o shotgun away tram the
young ■—» and hid N.
Raymond Meadows, Jailor at tbs
Fender County Courthouse, told a
CAROLINIAN representative oar*
ly Wednesday morning, that be
cause of young fcoftln's mental
condition, he was immediately
charged with murder and return
ed to Cherry Hospital, when ha
will probably spend th* rest of his
Whan found. Mrs. Loftin’*
body was hanging out of the
window, with a cut over am
». ceased by tbs breaking
is at th* point of Impart.
Chief Deputy Roy Bradshaw.
Jr., stated Loftln had been a pa*
tient at Cherry several times and
had been borne for about ate
Loftln was spotted sitting calm*
ly on the front porch of bis home
after the fatal dead. Be ran to a
neafty wooded area after ha saw
the oops and put up a struggle
before being subdued.
W K AT H 1: R
» starts aaa* five Cays,
through MsnSay, win
svsracs t to • Sscrtss kotow aer
aui with lltUo or he rate iqnhl
■emewhst wanner ThirsSey,
semewhat tool or loSerCey ail
wanaor MouSay.
«—CABOUNIAW - —■■!■■■■ -
rioi i
BMtM i CMI Btor*
■eSsea-80l k - EHrSo
Saha W. wla tor, aaS Co.
O'Noal Motors tee.
Capital Tool OU Co.
Capital Past OU, be sad Cool Co.
Suphounon Music Co.
PspM-Cols BottUaa Co.
Jesse Inn Csuaaso •
out mar, mil,
troy's as Ualoiah
Aiuhany posUae. lac.
Crass Poultry Co.
(very's as nalolch
■roach Bon king aaS trust Ca.
MaSata-Brlh-KArSo as Sabtah
wo4o*l Auto arise
Bowls Motor Ca.
■arise Smears Tractar Carp.
pa os a
Cstsabl Ctoroa
I —fp ou ca.
inm Coaiorr Mb Co.
pao» a
I brria Theatre
■ ■ ■ || ■ ■ F* (nVl I>
On Hand To
Cheer Trig
Ilk* R in the jwart tfTdSSbL
Dm ncipllM
over 1,000 well-wlshaea
lelgh-Durham Airport to great him.
Authorities at th* sirperthKiiab
ed atiieru to itar sway, IMM|| of
parking Inadequate*, MhjßMr
pleadings Ml on deaf edHt
TWere was also a am||MlW
aini m i Um a iAa A |m^Msmanlmh4de
trtzno jam irons bn
iteietgii. Jne t't csiucnt then haui»
struggle through a liMKNRNB
to inly
CoUeeuro was SMBT to
• **oo* *MaMb«o
efaMir h y OesdestF^eatSl^^t
• ilty ••**•**
’ '** •' , jgrtjae ■- -J[jfcrj(g ~ J
MTirißß Ym
fO«t>Btomplnc 'W# WftUjHlphlHNMl'
and would liivi fSTlnlilp
‘Comes To'
nr ouum a jbnm
a second thought g£
I*. C. Stab Pair ,
sue I
Mather Daachtar
a 111 Mr Tns it Aoto rshltll S
Ualoiah Offleo Supply
Larry o’ Cut-gab Oraearr"*a
U. ■. atohos JionerrM CwaßU
Seven-Up UoMUaa Ca.
CbimMhi IMbbbb SmMb (
Casual Bavfaln Clara •• -
ttaaaai Hri
gBoV r^|r

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