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    President Johnson Telia Pixie Hechleiw,
Despondent Wife Kills Her Child,
Grandson, Then Takes Own Life
In Dunn
DUNN A despondent mothi
whose estranged husband is no
living in New York City, killed her
daughter and grandson hers Tuss
day morning hap*
sel with a bullet in the head
Harnett County Coroner W.
A. Warren rated tbs killings
doable murder sad suicide al
ter Mrs. Cara Riley. 44. killed
her daughter, Mr*. Janice Ja
cob*. IT, and Mrs. Jacobs’ U
aoonth-old sen, Tony.
The woman first fired two
shots from a M caliber pistol
and fatally injured Mrs. Ja
cobs. then she pumped six
Ms young Tony, and finally
killed herself with a shifts shot
hi ths bead.
Police Chief Alton Cobb stated
Clark, found the bodies when she
Speaks In
Rocky Mt,
. It J.~k HAMKN
B atari MOUNT—There is still
, than Mt (Or you when you reed
this message Thursday, October 29,
to load up the family and drive
into Rocky Mount, N. C., where the
Bev. Ralph D. Abernathy ot Mont
gomery, Alabama bus boycott fame
will speak Thursday night at the
Booker Washington High School
auditorium at eight
Dr. Abernathy is being brought
to the city under the sponsorship
of the Rocky Mount Voters and Im
provement League of which the
Rev. J. Hutten Costen is secretary,
and Mrs. Selena H. Hall is record
ing secretary. The VIL is observing
its fifth anniversary.
A few years ago tthe organ
isation presented Dr. Martin L.
King, Jr. to an audience of two
thousand from over Eastern
Tarheella. A similar capacity
crowd is expected for this
week's event Admission is free
to aIL However, it is anticipot
ed that an opportunity will bo
riven the public to contribute
to the program of the Voters
and Improvement League
which has taken the communi
ty leadership here and, on oc
The forecast for tfco Best ftvo
Ityi. Thursday through Monday,
will ivnin 3 to 7 degree* above
normal, tontine cooler about Fri
day and Saturday, becoming
wanner again by Monday. Little
If any rain la Indicated through
Reveal Durham Lass
Received 35 Grants
Miss Sylvia Sloan. 17. student anti
daughter of Macro A. Sloan, vice
president in charge of home opera
tions of the North Carolina Mutual
Use Insurance Company, Durham,
Make Tues., Nov. 3 A Day To Remember! Be §urc To Cast YOITI Vole On Thai Derisive Day!
The Carolinian
North Carolina ”« Leading Weekly
• ... _ . ... . ————————^
Alabama Court
Halts Trial Os 200
PRISONER HURT IN RIOT ltunste* mt Jessups. Mary
land are shown helping a guard carry an injured prisoner back to
his cell, following a riot at the Maryland House of Corrections last
Friday night. Hundreds of screaming convicts rioted lour hours
after they were outwitted by 12 guards they tried to hold hoetage.
Over 100 State police and prison guards, using dogs anl chibs,
finally restored order. (VPI PHOTO).
Master Barbers Back Dan Moore
W. Raymond Jones, of Raleigh,
secretary of the Master Barbers'
Association of North Carolina, In
formed The CAROLINIAN Tues
day afternoon that this body, boast
ing 1,000 members, had endorsed
Democratic gubernatorial candidate
Dan K. Moore for governor of the
This action took place, Mr. Jones
said, when the Negro group met in
the Extension Building at Salis
bury on October 18, dismissed the
N. C, had a difficult problem fac
ing bar—which of 35 scholarships
to accept After much deliberation,
she chose Howard University, ac
cepting it* $l,lOO yearly grant cov
ering all tuition, room and board,
for four years.
the NorMMCaroUna
Governor's School far Gifted
Children, scored » an her Na
ttonal School and College Abil
ity fed.
One of the rejected schools was
Duke University, Durham, which
integrated la* yew. Mias Sloes
picked Howard for what she con
sidered a better social environment
“You mu* deckle what you want
to be successful socially, or aca
demically." She said. «■««*>"'«
on her decision.
NBm Sloan feels that a*
SMBtuMtowml r
H ilsilamly Negro
body, and jhoaatWie
Issues and decided to back Judge
Moore. “We feel that Moore la go
ing to be elected,” Jones said.
Proceeding this andmssmewt.
however, was a meeting wHh
the Associated Master Barber*
Association of North ■ Carolina
(white), attended by Jenes and
S. M. Hett es Durham.
This session took place on Sun
day, October 11, at the Holiday Inn
in Burlington.
The Associated body makes all of
the law* relating to barbering in
North Carolina.
Jenes said be and Mr. HoH
treap If a Negro might bo ap
pointed to Om Beard es Ber
ber trsmlaars. He said a Negro
barbering teapeator la ate*
From Raleigh s Police Files
Man, Bro.-ln-Law
Jailed After Bout
Graham Harris, 40. at UZII-1
Baltiry Drive, tefirmad Officer
John Baker, Sr, at SOS p. a.
Snndarjo wm and
volte, es 0M Payetterille H
“Jumped ea aw* abate km wife,
Betty, wbeja Prtvtttela tetter.
tew fd UMawiTstet rT
Harris and his wtfa had allaged
Ip cogaged in an arHiminf during
the ewty pari es She ivuisg
In 'Basis
MONGOMKRY, Ala - The Ala
bama Court of Appeals has upeet
the contempt convictions at over
MO Gadsden demonstrators Who
had been summarily arretted end
Jailed In 'June, IMS.
NAACP Legal Defease Fuad
ill sissy Narnia* Amaker as
Mitw lark Ms# Oscar W. Ad
' amt Jr. eC halted
Op wQllpMNMye
dried |g QidMan. whan ♦ Circuit
Court tesnad m Injunction oa Judo
17, MiG uafcinlng any MMns dr
Junction. *o Circuit Judge verbal
ly hwtroeted the aMrtff to «rreel
and Jailed a4*out being charged
and without bail
NAACP Legal Defense Fund law
yers then filed a petition for writ
of habeas corpus to secure the re
lease of the Jailed demonstrators.
They asserted that the Civil Rights
workers hod received no notice of
the injunction, had not been given
a hearing, hod not been charged
formally, and had been dented bad.
After a hearing, the Judge dented
the petition but finally agreed to
set bail Fund lawyers appealed
needed In flw State.
“They didn't assure us of any
thing," Mr. Jones said, “but at least
wa are now on the ground floor.”
He ate* acid the Master Bar
bers sent a totter to Osvsraw
Terry Sanford teat Jtey, een
tetning a raeahiHen that Ne
gress he pissed an the baaed as
era minors, and a aapanrtew as
eatae be appelated
“For four yean wa bava been
struggling for this mova,” the Ra
leigh barber concluded.
Moor* has also been endorsed by
the State NAACP conference. white
tbe Southern Christlaa Leadarahip
Conference as North Carolina haa
Bobort L. Gavin.
fosnawcisp on paob at
charged with Q"g»g*"f in an affray.
Girlfriend Sees
Her Man Beaten
Hobart Moon, dS.af4MS.Ca
banrua Street, told Officer H. S
fenningtoo at 10:13 p. m. Saturday,
ne was walking down the atratt
with ate girlfriend when an un
known man attacked him and bate
him with his bands and fiats w tbs
*Mowa doriand*he did net knew
hto samite wt and could not describe
kirn. Ha suffered abrasions of Ote
right ays and left —safc.
James A Bapar, left- PrsaMaw*
ot Mat AuEusttne't Ooilete, *-
wS'lliwlSwSiw Honorary
Mai gcienoe Pntiniltr> Dwa
Lynch taught French, On*
and Spanish at «h# college tar
Mil ril r«n Ha la alao an
ther at two cooks an French.
Tha award waa made last weak
28th Meet
In Dee Cee
tional Council of Negro Women
will hold it* 28th National Conven
tion, November 11-18 at the Shore
ten-Fark Hotel In Washington, D.
C. It wU Ibe the Council's 28th
mooting in the nation's capltoL
Mm Dorothy I. Haight, National
President. NCNW, has met with
the New York and Washington
staffs to finalise plans for key
note speakers and guests.
“The Challenge of Poverty", the
convention theme, sets forth the
nature and scope of the 28th An
nual Convention.
A mease ge has gone out to na
tional affiliates, local council. Jun
ior and young adult council. Ufa
aaembers are being urged to eoroe
and share in the deliberations and
dccfripna and also fraternal dale
ccasmwCTP on mw w
Book Wk.
Opens Sun.
Sunday. November 1, will mark
the beginning of National Cbil
dretn’s Book Week at the Richard
B. Harrison Public Übrary and its
branches. Children and young peo
*pie will be invited to Swing Into
which is the theme this
Began ferty-ete years age.
Basil Week km became a tea
« g||| in to highlight far
ekSdron Os reading and enjoy
ment sf books. Libraries,
mBmB. kaehularii rivts
SriMmrnpapera ail ever *a
eenntry are taking flda oppor
tunity to ergo jSMraa sad
Durinf the week the Children'*
Librarian will visit the city school
amemhllrt to award over 200 eer
tiefleates to those, who read M ot
mare books In the World's Pali
(cosnmnia on nut s t»
By Lyndon
AUGUSTA Go—Departing tram
his prepared spsoch hero Tuesday,
President Lyndon Baines Johnson
Ist loom a barrage o< advice to
rude hecklers In this racist South
ern city regarding good manners.
Ha was smreute through the
Beep leu*, when bo atteebod
Sun. Barry M. Gold water, Be
pubWrou asplranl for the Pras
ttmOSJßaßSn lihnM. 1
Whan ha reached Augusta, ho
wa* interrupted several thorn by
chants of "Wo Want Barry.”
The President said In his "lee
turn” on good manners: "I was al
ways taught as a little boy that
whan people didn't know any bet
tor, end when they mode mis takas,
and when they ware rude, and
whan they didn’t chow good man
uere. to turn the other cheek and
my ‘Deer Lord, please forgtet them
ter they know not what they do."
"Wo Just M terry," Mm
can declared. "And 1 that
m Nor. I May are going to fool
Ho had daced eimilar, but lam
noisy pro-Goldweter chants at Ma
con, Go* which included the wav
ing of outspoken anti-Johnson ban
ners and pjacards.
However, In contrast to Ms
reespllem at Aaguste and Ma
con, pellet aatiamtod mere than
7MM Jehuseu auppater* as
sembled outside the capital
bulMing as Columbia, IC, i
politically ancorMn city.
Said State Senator Edgar A
For Gavin
. e
Bailor's Note: The following is
part of a statament made to s pro
sinct rally In the North Hills area
on Tuesday night, Octobsr 27 by
Don Kimrey, Republican candidate
for the State Senate:
A feeling of victory is In the air
among Republicans in North Caro
lina this year. This feeling cannot
be attributed to wishful thinking
of various elements which are ap
pearing among the voters this year,
but is arrived at from careful study
At this time it appears that Senator
Goldwater will carry North Caro
lina by from tan to fifteen thousand
Surprisingly enough ear sur
very* indicate that Mr. Rebcri
L. Gavin will run aemewhat
stranger Mum Mr. Oeldwster
and may carry the stale by
from thirty la thirty-five thou
sand vale*. Coming closer to
Near Death
In Hospital
NEW YORK (NFI) - Author
playwright Lorraine Hansberry.
who entered University Hospital
earlier this month suffering from
a strange malady which affected
ber appetite, was reported by hos
pital officials here last Thursday
to bo near death. Tbs “strange ail
ment" waa alao disclosed to be a
"malignant disease In its terminal
The 28 year aid author sf the
Broadway hit show. “A Raisin
k Mm Son," had been on Mm
critical list since Oct 20. When
crigtaaßy admitted to the hos
pital. ah* waa thought to hove
been suffering a mixture es a
F•• ' '
I ...» .~«*»«KRBY
READY TO WORK FOR LB] Attorney Arthur Jackson
fa shown in hia Washington, D. C. office. He is tha Democrmtk
captain ot election precinct No. 55 in Northwest Waeh/ngton
Jackson's goal fa to deliver a (our-to-one majority tot the John
eon-Humphrey ticket next Tueeday. The precinct ia 90 pgr cant
Negro and has a registration ot 2,264, Jackson says he fa stilt
"working on Republicans to vega tor Johnson. (UPI PHOTO fr.
Misters Will
To “Get Out The Vote"
The Raleigh Ministerial Alienee
voted last week to um the cars ot
its members In carrying voter* to
the polls on November a, election
day .
Acocidteg to the Rev. D. N. How
ard. Sr., chairman of Raleigh
chapter of the NAACKs church
committee, the local partors will
recognise ell registered voters on
Sunday morning, November 1.
Ministers will then encourage the
voters to carry someone else with
them to the polls.
Ministers whose cars will be
available art: The Rev* T. H.
Harris, president of the All!-
cnee, poster as Rush Metropoli
tan AME Zion Church; D. N.
Howard, Tapper Memorial Bap-
State Needs 2-Party Syste^t
The great need for each and every American accepting.afhhle
heartedly and with enthuaiaam hia unique privilege and respon
sibility to vote HIB or HER convictions, is more demanding how
than ever. At work today are more multiple-minde4 tcqHlsea
seeking to control the minds, means and lives of die world than
ever before in its history. We are little different in North Carolina
in thir science or technique than persona anywhere elee. ; -
Among us are astute politicians who know all the apgpj|f{hes
and salesmanship. In fact, theira is a business. One can
victim to an almost hypnotic trance brought on by profevripnais
of the science of politicking. These are the tools and ilMflP m •
the world of politic*. It ia a right. It is the American way. __
However, die American voter has the sole right to Wf.yote.
The vote is somewhat like the dollar —you own it untit you spend
it or loan It Moat of us know how hard it is to hold on to the doi
lar no matter how many we may be fortunate enough to tan.
While the vote doesn’t buy merchandise, it belongs tt Mai
Horton's Cask Stars
Bracks Appliance Ce.
terns BesJtp Ce.
Gem Witch shop
John W. Winters so« (>.
eAoa a
CeteaUl Stores
Leaden Oil Ce.
KaJelgh Beateed
Taytor Radto aad Bectncal ce
B. K. Quinn garniture Company
PAO* 1
A*P Stores
Bstotos BaiMers ce.
See Manners Promotion*
Unrein Theatre
Car el las BuUdsri Corp.
Pspat-Ceta Soon nr Co. M Balrl.h
I atof sway's Optician. toe.
PAG! t
ISerhsales and Panner* Bank
Hast General Tire Ce
Electrical Wholesaler.
I Jeffrey. Eeafeed St ere
Duma's Bass Service
fMi C W. Ward. PM BapMak
W. B. Lewis, FayaMsvfHl ft
Baptists p. IL Jehnoen, MNNi
«. BapUak «. B> •pastsm.
Morning Star taphl; ON
l R*NegaiHfa/WUa*n WMM
IFethodteli I F. Epps. ML-dM
thaw AM; N, Mitchell, ML lb
bo Baptist and A J. Calloway,
8L Ambrose Episcopal.
The Rev. Howard also sMttd that
other minis ten, who are oat asam
ber* of the Alltanco may tie con
tacted by voter* who know thorn.
All persons who or# rsgMrad
to vote are urged to make Jamm
ber 3 the day ot the must jIHHM
turnout in history for hunM&JVRs
Kawlo Motor Co
Wade'* Auto Calei
Viiina Builder* Sapply
Mother 'and Daughter Steed*. ted.
Ivey* of RaJetgh
Pcpal-Cola BotUleg Compear •
Hetty Oay
beau Morton
Ready-Mix Concrete Cimpmg
O'Neal Motor a. tat. iMgvnm'
Capital fuel OH Co.
Capital Pool Oh. kt and corn”*. ,
stephrn«oa Made Co.
P-pal-Cola nottllni Co.
Jesse ioatt Saoeafo
Blltmorr NUla
Ivey'e of BaMfh
Ambura Psalter, tea.
Cross Pealtry Co.
Ivory'* of Saloifh
Broach Baakiaa sad Traot OK
Hadsea-Beih-EAid* es Bdtelgh£«L
Raleigh gavfeig* aad Lean Aamttttkm
PACK Id _ -.
Carolina Power aad light CST.—.
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