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    As integrated Service Held:
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Robed Bailsmen Enter Churcl
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N. C.’s Governor Challenges South
South Must Unite:
Governor Sanford
NEW YORK Governor Terry
Sword at North Carolina Monday
urced Southern moderate* to Join
force* against racial extremist in
the South.
In a signed article in the new
Issue of Look Magazine, Sanford
“Extremism cannot and
should not be discounted. By at
tracting publicity, they stake
themselves seem larger, strong
er and more terriytng than they
are, and thereby inhibit the ac
tivities of decent white persons
who wwt the civil-rights ques
tion* fairly resolved.”
Sanford called tar Southern
white moderates to “find courage
la their numbers”, stating that
Aiiuienca ignores 4,
f Leave Church
WILSON An audience at Ne
groes and white persons ignored
tour robed bat unblooded men In
Ku Klux Klen robes during a raci
ally Integrated Thanksgiving Dor
flHTwt BVTV.
■awavar, the an walked
cat when a Nerro nrfnlater. the
Bov. Xf. K Mam. parifr es
the ft. Mm ANTI Zion Church,
nan «a read the ecrlptare.
r# WHeon, president es
*4 WttSn Ministers’ Aseeefe-
Men, tanned the walkent We*
agansdhid the Warship at the
Viral Baptiat qgveh here.
Tim'Rev. Wilson went on to My,
“I mink it hi very disappointing
that they would come right in and
walk right out of the Lord's house
while the scripture was being read.
I felt that sacriliglou*.”
An estimated 290 persona, includ
ing some IS Negroes, attended the
eerviosa. This was the first racially
tntergrated program of speakers in
• ‘white* church in this town of
20.000 persons.
Three of the robed men took seats
VLioliiMJViAiitittO, MK. MAtOli’ it ae «um
able James W. (Jim ) Reid, right, mayor of the City et Raleigh,
was awarded a certificate of merit Monday night by the Rev. D.
N. Howard, Sr., during the Annual Recognition Dinner for Boy
Scouts, Leader a, Parents and Friends of Scouting. Rev. Howard,
Scout executive tor the Occoneachee Council, is shown in his of
ficial uniform.
From Raleighs Police Files:
the; crime: beat
Exposes Self Atop
City Garbage Track
Jack Watford, an official of the
City Sanitary Department toM Of
ficer Otis Hinton, Jr, «t *43 am.
Monday, that employee Chancey
Spivey, of Raleigh, was standing on
top of a garbage track “acting fun
When Hiatan arrived an the
scene. Spivey had lawered his
was sickle* oat his toegae to
the tee block as E. Davie Street
ZTorZcrr managed to get him
Ms the track's top and wrested him
thr exposure. “He was not
Jamaica ted. nor hsd he had ■
nothing will cause the extremists
to flee more quickly thw the dis
covery that they are outnumbered.”
The North Carolina Governor
urged the moderates to “discov
er eaa another, and ferae the
kind of community organise
tleaa that have ae helped la our
own state.”
Sanford added in Look:
“Politics will change the moment
politicians know there is no longer
anything to be gained from racism.
The Southern moderate catt indi
cate by his vote that he favors re
sponsible change and disapprove*
of extremism. Leaders are far more
likely to stand up and challenge
extremists, if they believe the ma
jority wants them challenged."
in the front of the chnreh before
the service began, and the fourth
tcmmmvup oit page d
600 Attend
Boy Scouts’"
Event Here
Over 600 Scout Lenders, parents
and friends of Scouting attended
the Wake District’s Annual "Re
cognition Dinner* Monday night
at the ligon Junior-Senior Huh
E. r. Rayford, vice - chairman
of the Wake Scouts, presided a M
introduced the special guests.
Shoplifters Beat
Two Store Clerks
Two unidentified Negro women
are being nought by Beietgh eopa
after two clerks in toe Hew Bern
Avenue Piggy Wiggly store declar
ed they stole several items and as
saulted them last Saturdav night
The clerks. Tammy Mttrtirlf
n. as MM Team Street: aad
Jeha Weaver. M. of ttU Bras
well Street, taid officers they
a* the wamea hide Sto mer-
They were aamußed. they said,
as they tried to bold the aliened
until toe cope came, but
one of them brake a wine bottle
over Mitchell's bead, eat Weaver's
The Carolinian
North Carolina *s Leading Weekly
“No Fool Play” In
Local Fire Death
B— \
W pi r | V Wwt*
■ R •fee* ’A
, DEBUTANTE QUEENS. ESCORTS AND COURT The above photo appears to be a
family affair as fathers of the in and out-of-town Debutantes and their courts were marshalled bv
their fathers at the 27th Annual AKA-aponeored Debutante Ball, held laet Friday night at Ra
leigh’e Memorial Auditorium. Lett to right: Miss Peggie Andeteon, out-of-town queen, whose teth
er Oliver Anderson, was her marshal; Miss Margaret Edgerton, end marshal, Weldon Bdgerton;
Miss Diarm Peebles, and Charlie Peebles, marshal; and Miss MUdrad Vivian Campbell with lath
er, Ralph Campbell, Sr., her marshal. (See other debutante photoe on page 15).
“3 Circumstances Challenge Our ,
Highest Creativity:’’ Dr. Via 6. Player
Dr. Wills Beatrice Player, ami
able president of Greensboro's Ben
nett College, told an overflow
Woman’s Day audience lest Sun
day at First Baptist Church that
three circumstances challenge our
highest creativity.
Thu anted epmhtv cited these
Soldier Killed By Car
As He Lay In The Street
soldier was run over and killed an
Jasper Street Saturday at 6:18 p. m.
He wm identified aa Harmon
Dailey. 9. of Btb Trans. Co. He died
an route to Womack Army Hospital
at Pt Bragg, police aaid.
Patrolmen Raymond Miller mid
toe police department received a
call at 8:10 p. at that a man was
lying in toe street, and toe car
Struck Dailey while police were on
their way to the scene.
Two paseersby* had seen Dailey,
summoned police and sought to
help him. Miller mid.
He said Charles Coles of MB
Jasper St attempted to direct traf
fic around Dailey while Wilbert
Cassias To
Join Ranks
Os Fathers
BOSTON <NXP> Leaving no
doubt concerning his preference.
Hravey weight champion Cassius
Clay proudly announced:
“1 expect to have a baby hoy In
about eight months "
In this manner, Clay, whose title
bout against Sonny Liston was can
celled because of emergency sur
gery, iHsrlmrd that bis beautiful
wife. Sonji's baby would he a hey.
he replied: “Why. hm Just got to be
e bey . • « hd . • » S might be g
little gbt-
ae: *We cry peace when there I
Is as pease.* *Ctvtl Bights legi
slated lawmen the need te de
end ear fraedem," aad "Hunger
and depri ratten abound m a
land es plenty.*
Introduced by the Women's Day
chairman, Mrs. Nora Evans Lock-
Garner as Co. K Ist 804th Inton
try. Ft Bragg, attempted to gtva
the man artidflal respiration
They toM Idler a ear “slmori
ran over them aad* struck Delley.
The ear eras driven by Lawis K
(coimruEs on page n
r age s
Mis. tttotar* and Co.
Central Drug ton
fendm dd Ce.
d. g. Setae Paratters Company
dim Oats Md
UP Stores
K atom's WaysMs
■stelae QllSert Ce.
Memer’and DmfMet
PtSSctobUMcf es BaJ«Uk
Btdseway’s Optician. Ins.
nrT'siin and Service
■reeks Appliance Co.
Tartar game and neshrlrsl Co.
Wade's Aeas Mm
hart, Dr. Player spoke on. “Chris
ta in Women in the Space Age:
Moments of Faith and Courage.’’
She described poverty ae “the gap
between what we are end what we
may become," adding, "the breadth
and depth of this gap la indicative
es the extent to which we ourselves
ere improverished."
Dr. Player said the Brat task is
the inner person's recognition of
the need to advance from eonoern
for self to a self-fulfilling person.
She declared eetf eeteeai la
MghOghtlag ear level es eeptre
Hen end “that Is net easy to a
variety where we have been
Catted dsnS-Ads
Sanders Matte Ce.
■ant General Toe Ce
PAGE Id t |
SmMPeSn Co.
leer's of Hlddk
MSsmtirfk-xftrOs sTtodsisk
usMner's Panseal Name
Cemamnttr Ptastat
Canunmdir Bras Mrs
Carer tom tamrvvssaent Ce.
Msdunles and Parmars dans
WMta's Od Ce.. lac.
jßnnM?n»r to
Was Not
According te Information resolv
ed last night by & CAROLINIAN
newmgiw Donate A. Mills. M-year
old one armed white Apex resi
dent, who wee burned beyond rec
ognition et 4:16 p. m, Monday, tn e
one-room shack, might have gotten
out alive, as the door wee not pad
locked as previously reported.
Detective fgt L. B. Council
stated he could find Be evidence
et teal play thus ter. bat said
be end Sgt. Horae# Moore are
sUII Investigating the Incident.
The hat was owned by Thomas
Jackson, a Negro, and friend es
Mills’ body was found In the hut
on Hogan's Lens in the Method
community sfter tthe shack had
partially burned.
Original reports Indicated that
Mills had been locked In the shack
and died trying to get out of a
Council did state Tuesday, how
ever. that tthe door of the hut
might have been closed with a
latch, but was not locked from the
The door did not have knobs, and
a wire or other object had to be
placed through a small hole to o
pen It
C. R. Pursyeer, assistant firs chief,
stated Mills’ body was found In s
kneeling position on a bod with
his heed at one of the two windows,
which wss nailed up with barbed
It was reported that Thomas
Jackson, had left Mills In th# shack
to go to the store. Jackson Mid he
did not lock the door.
As Jaeksaa was returning
freoi the stare with seme Pace
(paint thtnaar), which waa al
legedly to be need by the twe
men er drinking parpanca, aad
a can es barmens far a Are. be
mw bis bat aMase, dropped the
• sea ea the rallread tracks aad
ran te the mis.
Two of Jackson's neighbors, Wll
- wm
Tcmperstarss tor the next five
gars, Tharagay throsfh Moagay.
will air rasa arar seasonal normal
aver North Carolina. M«eh aag
law tomprrataros for Palrteh. 14.
SI. II will ho warmer first part of
dm portog, tarn las eooirr tha lat
ter part as Iho poring. Proetptta
(tea will ho heavy aag wiU over
sea awro than a half-tack.
Body Found; Head
Almost Blown Off
GOLDSBORO A 14-year-old
boy. Shelby Herring hunting in a
wooded area near here discovered
the body of Bugene Bizzell. 30. of
Route 2. Seven Springs. Mr. Bit
toll had been missing since Oct. 12.
The body was found Thursday in
a swampy area off Highway 111,
about one mile from his home.
Wayne County Sheriff Wll
botd wan thnsat Mown from
Ms body by • shot gun charge.
A Ad gun eras found near toe
And EM body and he la re
Freedom Party’s
‘Democratic * Out
JACKSON. Miss. A state eourt
judge has made permanent an In
junction barring the Mississippi
Freedom Democratic Party <MF
DP) from using the word “demo
cratic” in Its title.
The MFDP challenged the right
of the regular all-white state Dem
ocratic Party to alt at the National
Democratic Convention in Atlantic
City this summer.
State officials, acting In be
half es the regular party organ
tsatlen. sought and received a
temporary restraining order
from Stale Chancery Court
Judge Stokes Robertson re
straining 14 MFDP officials and
the party Itself from operating
In the state.
mower Says Son Is
“Sick In The Mind”
“Splendid work" by the New Or
leans police department has re-
Barter, Is
One of this city’s most respected
and oldest barbers died last Friday
after several months of Illness.
David H. Reid, Sr.. 82, was eulo
gized Monday st 3 p m. at the St.
Paul AME Church here with the
Rev. Ben Fsust, pastor, offldatnlg.
Interment followed In Mount Hope
Mr. Retd was born In Morgan
ton In 1881. son of the late Mr. and
Mrs, Henry (Cora) Reid. He it
tended public schools In his native
At the age es Id. he came te
Raleigh te live with hla grand
mother aad uncle, securing am
pler meat st a barber shop. Mg
Fayetteville Street, where ha
worked until his retirement hi
September es IMS, first M a
barber aad later aa a barber
On Miy 13. 1803. ha married the
former t!m Ida E. Hunter.
Joining St. Paul AME Church at
an early age. Mr. Reid served faith
fully In many departments of the
church, specifically on the Board
ot Trustees as secretary; and lend
ML jhl 'EM
Wr Mm
ported to have had a band an
the weapon.
Sheriff Adamr said search par
ties had combed the area near a
creek where the body was found,
without success.
Investigation ronUaued after
Mrs. Eugene Blsrell Informed
the Sheriff that her husband
did net own a shot gun nee any
ether firearms.
It could not be ascertained whe
ther Mr. Bizzeli was In bad health,
but this theory Id also being in
vestigated. along with the possibil
ity of homicide.
sere the Nattenai OffMMis,
would have held theee named
In eentempt es eeert The or-
Amt wm MNMttdtodl
ae that only buatneas shifted
on by the MTDPwtthtn Wean
The permanent Injunction, hand
ed down November
the party from using HS# Rhine
“democratic" since the tradiUatial
party has registered that name un
der state law for its own uee. The
MFDP argued that U was the only
party in the state with an allegiance
to the national Democratie Party
and thus the only party With any
right to the name.
suited in the arrest of a SS-yuar-oM
Negro parolee charged with th#
rape deaths of two white w^smen.
The sasoMh "ba »°PMjKdhr
‘■•v- 4
■KfpK k
m , J§r
v - ; *
INOS New Turki Milgosh X
who changed Ms warns «• MaUh
A1 Shabass. haMa praae confer -
enee at Kennedy Airperi Nov.
14th an hla return front African
visit. Malcolm X, who split with
several months ago, satd that
the V. S. government and Cm
galeae Malm Tshorn be share
responsibility for the kflMags of
while beetagM by Cengvtrse re
bels In Hianleyvllla last wee#
Soil Held As
A Pig Thief
Byron de la Beckwith, thoooeused
slaver of civil rights ltsiiao Martgar
Evers, pleaded guilty to charges of
stealing a pig and waa given a sus
pended sentence boro.
Circuit Caart Judge Arthur
Clark saspsadsd a ftto fin# and
a three wantb prises term tor
ye*W BeekwHb sad throsHsant
•tealiag aad staaghtoring a to
tal farmer’s pig. The judge up*
derad the youths te replace the
Also freed this week were Bwn
white men charged in the 19M ma
chine-gunning of a Student Howto-
OP* %Hi ‘’m-iWs* ll * 1 ”* *

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