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    Wake Youth Was On Way To Storey
Die In
A Ditch
According to an of the
State Highway Patrol office hart
Tuesday niaht. invest!ration u eon*
tinuing into the death ol a 14-year
old youth, who was struck and
knocked front his bicyle on the Old
Stage Road at 9:20 p. m. last Friday.
CpL Bari Greene and State Trooper
Stacy 8. Bailey, who was called to
the scene, are still working on the
Joseph Jeraaac Holeway, the
victim waa feat dying la a
ditch, and pronenaeed dead an
arrival at Wake Manorial Hos
pital. Death was attributed to a
crushed skull, according to hos
pital authorities.
Witnesses reported young Hollo
wly was hit by what appeared to
left front fen
der. It was last seen traveling South
lb the direction of Blalock's Crocs
goeds on N. C. 42, Bailey stated.
The boy. who lived with hie
grandfather, Lonnie HdUoway. of
Raleigh, Ron to 2, ws hit about 129
yards from his hems.
Mr. Holloway informed Dr. Wil
liam Hedrick. Wake's deputy medi
cal examiner, that Joseph was rid
ing his biks to a atom about >OO
yards up the road.
A neighbor, Truman Harris,
who lives an Old Stage Bead,
about It miles south of Raleigh,
told Trooper Bailey that Jo
seph wae struck in (rent cf hb
house and said the automobile
continued an dawn Me reed
wttheet stopping.
Tha unknown killer's car wee
passing a -yellowish bread or cigar
track” Mr. Harris told the trooper.
Hie truck slowed down, then re
sumed Mb speed, he continued.
Harris then went cut to the
rend, found young Holloway
lying In tee ditch beside hie
SaL peliee milts hi tea
aree were put an laahant far
the vehicle, tndudiug the Ra
leigh Peliee Department.
The hit-run car may be marked
with red paint from the youth’s red
W EATFi p: H
Twpmlmi for tke >nt flv*
taji, Tbaniay <kf«asfc Hm4v.
win ninit I to * Mpm itan
maraul. Writ sag law leapn*-
■am far Raleigh wUI W, 52-Jl.
Rainfall will average 1 to 1 'Bar
ter* at am lack, ercurrtei la per
ttaai. tat* Tkariday sag aver tka
ntin Friday mad a*ala aremad
r*M « IwdM OICm
Gem Watch «»*? MOt I - ** rmmltmt * Caa«»aay
FAGS 1 toSaaSfcn c*
Matty tor Taytoe Kadto aad Mi cintal Oa
Mm V. WtolfT* MM C®. __ f*
m« Capital Ctct-Ctla BMUMg CM, rtligi »"'■ VpflfMM Mm
*"*■ PAM 11
MM « WhW*»_OII Cw. toe.
r«pal Cala towtMaa Ca. PAGt B*'
BUrmaa-Ba'jky. lac.
gSTtoSp Co. KaMe la'ito*Ca. df. c, lac.
SnaMVaUa*!** lroal CA
A ‘ V '
Mrs. Mallory, Contacted N. C. Kidnaper,
Fights N. Y. Cop Over Congo Situation
The Carolinian
* North Carolina’s Leading Weekly
Murder Arrests Finally Made.
Will Miss. Prosecute?
U, S., World
Fate Os 21
MBUDIAN, Miss. (NFI) Tfte
State ad Mississippi ettll Jim not
Indicated whether It wIB file mur
persons arretted to Connection
wtth the rteaSw o t three civil
rights vofkfiHe
mtatotor. hero" tln'etarrJl
with violating stril righto of
the slain trie.
The FBI. which made the ar
mate, cannot file murder chargee.
Murder to not a federal offense,
unlace It to committed on govern
ment peope rtg
gtate Diet A tty- W. H. Jehn
een eaid the atete to “reriew
ing the earn and I am net at
liberty to ear hew tong it will
be before we reach a deeicton
ae to whether er net to file
The mace arrests, which came
shortly after W Director J. Ed
Kills Self As
Listens In
are still seeking motives to the
tragic death of a 14-year-old girl
who killed herself while her boy
friend listened ea the telephone.
ed across a chair to the
es her home. Hear the body was a
Jt-celiber revolver, which had
been fired once.
. Dr. Balden B. Been county medi
cal examiner, ruled the death as
suicide. Autopsy showed the slug
had passed through her heart, then
pierced the spinal column.
Police gave this account of the
Linda called her boyfriends, gam
my Hepperle, who lived about a
dozen blocks away. The girl was
crying and said toe would kill bcr
(cowTurtTrir on pa am n
I *
some of the participants who took part in the graundbreakmi ceremonies tor the new St. Ambreaa
Episcopal Church in the Rochester Haights ana on Sunday, December 6, a 4 p. at. Lett to right
ere: Purdie Anders, junior warden; George Foxwell, president ot Lay meets League; Leonard Her
die, senior warden; J. O. White, chairman, building committee; The Rt. Rev Richard Baker, Bis
hop of the Diocese of N. C., turning the first shovel ot dirt; Mrs. C. J. Barber, president ot Episco
pal Churchwomen and The Rev. Arthur J. Calloway, rector. The building trill ha a SIOO,OOO edi
fice and should be completed late in 1965.
Accepts Nobel Prize:
It’s Not “How Long We Live,
But How Well,” Dr. King Says
Nobel Prim winner the Iter. Or.
Martin Luther King, Jr. declared
he la not afraid to die In racial
hi an interview for an ABC-TV
program on the Nobel Prim A
ward* to be telecast Saturday. De
cember 12, at 7:20 P. M. BBT.. Dr.
Hoover Determined To
Stay, Despite Demands
rector J. Edgar Hoover has voiced
his determination to remain In his
poet despite a growing demand that
be resign.
The sudden controversy over die
FBI chief grew out hie comment
that Dr. Martin Luther King Is a
“notorious liar.”
have repeated Dr. KJagls charge
that Che FBI has ast darn aB
H caa to track down perpetra
tors as racial Crimea in the
Rev. C. T. Vivian, an associate of
Dr. King, said:
“We never expected that action
against (Hoover) might come so
soon. But really, whet kind of man
is this that ran call Dr. Kin? the
country's most notorious liar one
week, and the next boast that fit's
a states lighter who’s against peo
ple have their rights trampled by
Rev. Vivian said that “Negroes
are the ones who have bad their
rights trampled for doeadee and If
Mr. Hoover doesn't know that by
now, it's time be learned.'
In Greenwood. Mias. Stoke! y
Carmichael. GOTO prefect director,
“I've bean here since IMI and I
dent am all the Improvement some
people taM about The FBI atb
. King declared: “You must be will-
I lng to die for something you be-
I Ueve.
”1 dent think a man enn be
fully free an til ha eenanen the
fear as death aad I really feel
that I have rssiaaisil this
fear-” declared the noted
From Raleigh s Police Filey
Was Dancing With
The “Wrong” Girl
Robert Cotton, of Route.® Bnx
M. Raleigh, told Officer T. T.
Street. Jr., at 3:20 am. Tuesday,
that a man called “J. T.” pulled a
gun on hlw and fired It because.
"I was dancing with a girl."
Cotton declared "J. T. whip
ped out the son aad shot aa I
was walking oat the dasr - He
was not hit. however, aad the
•Mirer was enable to find evt
denee as to wham the bwßet
had leaded.
The dapper and mysterious “J.
T.” was said to have been attired
in a derby bat. striped shirt, and
dart coat and panto. No one in
tervened knew fata full name or
Three Men Fight
With Can Opener
* t
leader as the wen violent etvfl
righto eampalga who at the
age of U became the youngest
man aver to win a Nsbal Prise.
He wfll be preeentid the Peace
Prise la Ode Thursday (Pse
whtoh wm ha dtowTaTtao
Nehel Prtae Awagde khddsa
pngiem aa wMeh he mprim
ad Ms Inch es fans es death.
Dr. Stag It the third Negri
aver to win a NeMe Prise.
*T don't hare any tour of death.”
add Dr. Kfaw InTho ABC-TV to
“We drove up on David Sloan, Jr,
21. as 200 B. Booth Street, stand
ing In the middle of the BM bioefe
of B. Cabarrus Street with an tok
en pocket knife in bis right hand
and bleeding from hie right
thumb.” Sloan waa reported* tatt
ing very loud and appeared to
have boon drinking.
He taM the eope that lap
Ham 27. as 42S Dakar Street,
aad laray Wiliams. M, as tha
ream address. kad besa fight
jiha hire cMaere thea^toah
dram! whew they twmd both
AH edmHtod engaging la lto
fight, ah ware Injured, aad all
were hauled off to Bie Wage
County Jail, charged with assault
with deadly weapons upon each
New Charge Drings
Arrest; Out On Dail
KBW YORK, N. T.—One of the
four persona oonvloted of kidnap
ing a white couple In Monroe, N
C„ loot Ptobruary, and the only
woman Involved. Ifto. WlUle Mae
Two Groups
Deny They’ll
Cut Off Aid
ports that Hm Southern Leader
ship Confer ymro h«-
support from the Council of Feder
ated Organizations (COFO) are un
true, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther
King, Jr, SCLC’a president, told
ANPI Monday.
—as— aaswlnaa m talaalslnsi
tv law SfrTlOtt Snfl mlrf lmwil
ftptfte lum! IndlMtod lluhl
SCLC and NAAOP had than
dssiad tha aaitad civil rights
treat asevemsaj In Hhnlmlppl
leaving only Tha Congress es
Baote^tej— toy sad
MMTWnw oii MM M
■ »■ ■ a —
Fort Bragg Soldier
G|ls Reefer” Term
WttRON - Bert Bryant Scott, 2d,
■ setdlr of Fort Stag* wheat na
il— heme to New York City, was
given active ppteon sentence
ho— last we—end in Federal Court
after being convicted of acquiring
and transferring marijuana, some
times referred to as "reefers.”
Scott was sentenced under the
Youth Corrections Act, which pro
vides tor a maximum sentence of
four years, plus a two year period
of supervision.
He faced maximum a—tenet
es to years on two charges es
dasHagwMi tee 11 tell weed af
ter entered plus of guilty.
Federal attorneys summed up
evidence In tea ease, when they
■aid deoH sold six bags es "roe
far" te an inferaser, who paid
him wNh throe marked S2O
Tha defendant was later appre
hended tot his quarters at Fort
Bragg, and one of toe S3O bills wss
found wi his person.
R could not be ascertained just
where he will serve his time, but
it will be In a Federal penitentiary.
North Carolina docs not hav# one.
Johnmm fc ehown laat week greeting John Thome*, at Cambridge, Mam, as a luncheon taoeptiem
given at the White Houee by the Johnaorm lor the U. S. medal winner* in the recant Olympic
Gamee in Tokyo. Japan. Thome* won a *ilver medal in track. (VPI PHOTO).
» A r *■.- *
Mallory, 37. was accused last week
In court of assaulting a local po
lice officer during a demonstra
tion at the United Nations Platan.
Mrs. Mallory, who Is free an
*19,000 bail In the North Car
olina incident, daring appeal
es her 10 to M year kidnaping
sentence, was ordered held tn
*3,900 bail by Criminal Court
Judge Walter H. Godwin.
Also charged with felonious as
sault waa Sayywd KhaUalsultan,
21, also s Negro, of Brooklyn. Fo
was ordered held under a $1,900
Both were charged with assault
ing Patrolman John Oallagher
during a picketing demonstration
Tuesday, calling for support of re
bel forces in the Congo. Demon
strators became unruly and four
of them were jailed.
Conrad Lynn, an attorney,
renreeentinr the pair. Identifi
ed Mrs. Mallory as the woman
Involved in the N. C. kidnap
ing. She has also taken part
In a number of civil righto
demonstrations in the South.
Mrs. Mallory, one white man,
another Negro, and Robert F. Wil
liams, Monroe native and also a
Negro, were convicted of kidnap
ing the white-uouplo during a ra
cial disturbance in Monroe in
Williams later Had to Culm,
where he sought asylum and is
now making alleged propaganda
Gov. Sanford
Commutes 13
CR Sentences
Governor Terry Sanford announ
ced last Saturday that he wss com
muting the sentences of 13 civil
rights workers arrested In Chapel
Hill during the early part of 1004
end charged with various civil
rights protests.
One es the defendants was
tbs Rev. Harman Lee Smith, a
divinity Reheal prefesaar at
Daka University, Barham,
wbase conviction last April
brought tears te the eyes es the
women Juors after presiding
Judge Raymond B. Mallard
sentenced him te to days an
the roads.
All of the thirteen defendants
... burglar finds ae way ant
HU Lawyer j ,
OF ttettH a JONER
A 28-yol-3d Raleigh mm. who
allegedly vowed to his Jaafyer,
’TU never serve a (By If they (the
jurors) eonvlet me." foiled to make
good his voir and was sentenced to
servo 30 to >1 years In Woke Su
perior Court list Friday afternoon
after sloshing his throat with o
razor blade in front of too jury.
The incident occurred about fI:M
' Howard Lee Beene, Os lIM
8. Person Street, waa reshed to
Wake Memorial Hespttal after
one e toe jmero yelled tsrtee,
"The prisoner's eat his to—alt"
Beene wae retarnM to smart
(hereafter, however, and plead
ed guilty to a resend charge of
■Meat degree burgtery after
Jadga Haary Medians a had
passed sentence an the first
guilty plea. The Jurist than
sentenced Boone to an addi
tional to to tt-yaar term, hat
allowed toe sent—saa .Ha ran
concurrently. Boa—to wound
wae deoeribed as o "stlgtot eat
ander his chin."
Boone was on trial tor first-degree
burglary, but Wake Solicitor W. G.
(Buck) RsnsdeU, didn’t gr—S far
a first-degree conviction too
capital charge.

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