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'ro Ti-iEC L.(vw A-^rx) xx) x'fiiG x'KsaxMON'sr."
VOL, Vll.
N. C.. MARCH 15, 1874.
NO iX,
.. .^yjpgW{jHWgrW'WJP:i»4uq,«u»w«g»>iPa»>>-'agCT:a3»*Mi*uByw“«-»u*^^j^^
VEHUKEE Association,
li jT.av be borne ia mind by the
S'ferisengers of the churches, (hat
i he last session of ibis body, a sug-
_«;^tioa was made in regard to alter-
iti^- the time of its settiiij:, from the
:sBiturday before t’ e first Sunday in
(.Icioher, to the Tuesday after the first
.■Sunday in that month.
Inprejiaring the minutes for the
Cress, our clerk inadvertently omifc-
ftal that article.
It appears, therefore to be Ir.s or
sw-v duty, as Moderator of the A.ssccia-
rion, to bring it to the notice ot tiie
o'hurcbec in the best wav we can. I
more agreeable to those in atten-
! dance, and better for tlte preservation
of cooked meats etc., prepared for the
occasion. Provender for borses
would also be a little better matured,
four days even being some little ad
vantage in that respect.
7lh. Because ail the brethren, sis
ters and friends of the Association, as
Avcll as visiting brethren from sister
Associations, could in case of an al
teration, witness the proceedings in
the Asociation and also hear all the
during: its session. Here
The Revolutionary war preventeil
anv regular session, of whicii there
are any minutes recorded until 178‘d,
when .the Association convened
in Hertford county in May of that
year. In 1783 it convened in Alay.
In 1784 Saturday before the third
Sunday in May. In 1785 14th At,ay.
Ifsomeotthe old mini.sters and
members who have gone before u
could arise from tlicii' graves and be
hold a change in the time of liolding
our Assoeiatioir-*, I do not thir.k they
would be mortified in the lea.^t de
’SYlietiier the time is eliaugcHl or
assume tlie task by selecting
'iANDMAiiKS as a medium ot
Tlie eluirciies were reernested to
»MiiSider the matter and through their
N^e^‘scnge!■s to the next Association^
.vjgnifv tiioir wishes on the subject.
The question is, whether the As«o-
aiation siiall comnienoe on Saturday,
it now does, and continue Sunday
itod Mondav, or commence on Tues-
tberwlpr-^nd lyntume tkrvgV
’Aedaesdaj and Thursday.
A change set-ms to be desirable for
iltks following reasons.
1st. Bcoau-se in that case tlie Aaeo-
•*iAti( n would not interfere with the
taonthly meetings of tiie churches.
k% it is now, tile meetings, of those
h.ei(l on the first SumHy, have to be
jr'iven up in October, because their
i«inib'tcrs and messengers must go to
‘he A.ssociation, wliich is held on the
ssiuie day.
2d. Because it would lasseri the
amiiber of those persons, who now
*iteud on Sunday for pur[x>ses of diss-
*ipation, show and disorder.
31. Bec-ause it w'ould lesson the
number, it not abolish entirely, of the
would then be three days of business,
as well as three days of preaching,
and one would not interfere with the
otlicr, because held at difiereiet horn's
of the day.
According to our present arrange
ment, the messengers of the cluirches
cannot hear the preaching on Saturday
and Monday to any extent. And
many of our own brethren, as well as
visitors, desir*^ to witness all the pro
ceedings and hear all the preaching
but .can not do so.
I have stated seven reasons in fa
vor of a cliange and will now men
tion one ayainst it. It is the only onel
friends in general
In 1786 tliere were two sessions, ■ not, is a matter of very little eoncTora
May and Oetober,the October session
commencing Saturday before the first
Sunday. Tii 1787 two sessions, one
in Virginia in Iilay and the other in
North Carolina, in October. In 1788
the same. In 1789 the same, the
one in October commencing Saturday
before tlie second Sunday in O'-tober.
In 1790 two sessions, the one in
October commencing on the 10th
(lav of the month.
The Association at this time em
braced 61 churches and 5017 oom-
raunicaats. The number being' so
large that it divided—19 churches
located in A^irginia and formed the
A^irginia Portsmouth Association,and
the 42 in North Carolina retained the
Orirrinal name—Ivehukee. In 1791
The Kehiikee was held In O-Aober.
•In 1792 Saturday before the ' second.| of the brethren on tlie sul.icct either
to me a? an individual. I shall
here but a little while longer, to wit
ness either the advantages or disad
vantages of a change if one is made
but I think a change would be ad-
to the brctliren and
A trial of it lor
one year nt least would not likely
result in any great im'onvenieuce.
The Upatoio Association in Geor
gia was lield last year on Tuesday,
Vfednesday and Thursday, and Eider informs me the brethren
there are well pleased with thechang*
thew liave made.
if our churches are opposed to any
change I am content of course, and
shall have no hard ft'elings towards
any brother for his preference.
I would he glad to hear from anv
hick jr l/:ard.'■u,.'gc?dvd, .-’i/M .;p,t October.* Same*' time" in\ priva
liquor booths that are usually found
«ij ©r near the grounds occupied by
the Association.
4th. iiicoause it would promote a
««irtailment of exjienses to the people
va oejuipages and finerv whitdi are now
borne for mere parade and shovv on
i^inday of the A.ssoeiation.
5Ui. Because it would relieve the
lkmiiie.3 tJiat amiinmodate tlie |»eople
who attend the meetings. As things
are now, Avivesand daughters of these
ikmilies find difficulty in leaving
home on Sunday, »o lus to hear the
jtt-eaching, bccam«e they have to
jwovide for the accomodation ofsuch|1777 isa August. In 1778 thare
» large number of persona on that i were t-wo sessions, one hold in May
6th. Because the weather would
likely b« a littl« cooler, remleriag it
that is, that a cliange of time would
abolish an (dd cuatoia of very long
This objeetion is entitled to ail due
respect, and dernaads our serious con
Old School Baptists are partial t®
old customs as Avell as old principles
and I admire them for iL I am also
opposed to new things ar any iusva-
tions on the Faith and Practice of
Gtid’s chosen heritage as laid down in
the Bible.
But I am nt a fern? to see any sa
credness, in the time of holding an
Association. All the days in the
v/eek are tlie T>ords and one day is ns
good a.s another. Churches, as well
as Association.?, change the time for
holding their meetings, wheneverthey
think proper to do so, without .sup
posing that thereby they commit aay
The sessions of the Ke’nukc^e Asso
ciation, since its origin,have been of
ten changed and no harm dona by it,
that we are aware of.
The Asptxiiation was formed in
1765: we are not informed as to the
month in which it was held on, for
several veal's thereafter, as to the par
ticular time. In 1772 It was held in
August. In 1775 in Octolier. In
1793. At this time there wa.s anoth-
division. The clmrelies now number
49 and th.e members 3440. Those
church'^s situated on the South side
of the Tar River formed the “Xeuse
Association” and
the other retained
publicly. ’
C. B. Hasskli,.
W'illiamdon, February, 1874.
the original name. In the yoar 1794
the Kehukee was held on the 27
Septemlier and daj’S following. In
1796 Saturday before the 4th
Sunday in September. In 1796 same
time. In 1797 it began on Thursday
the 21st September. In 1798 it was
held in September. In 1799 It com
menced Saturday before the first Sun
day in October. This was the second
time I think that it (jommenced
Saturday before the first Sunday in
October. Same in 1800. Same in
1801. Same in 1302. In 1803 it
began on Friday and held 4d;iys. In
1804, the same. In 1805 the same.
At this .session the cluirchea situattxi
North of the Roanoke river were dis
missed to form the Chowan As.H3cia-
In 1806 Kehukeo Ava.s held on
Friday before the first Sunday in
October, in 1308 on Saturday before
the first SuKclay in October, and luis
been held at the same time it appcxirs,
ever since, making 06 years in suc
cession of this period and 43 years
previously of irregular timea.
The objection therefore to another
and the other in September, oom-1 changa from Saturday to Tuesday
meaning on the 28th day uf tka last
named m©»th,
cunnot Ikj conclusive,, evMi on
score of precedeut.
A^ALTX)5JTA, Ga., \
August 2d, 1873. j
Elder P. D. Gold
l)(*ar brother, lis 1 have not attend
ed meeting to day I fee! inclined t»
write a few liii0i which you are at
liberty to publish if it will not croAtd
out something valuable to the chii-
dr«n of God.
According to record left by my
1-wreats, I am to-day three-scor*
years old, have had a hope in Christ
and been indentified wrththat peopR
who, Avlth Christ and his apostle.i
preach salvation free to poor sinnofA
through thfi* soverign grace of God,
near two-tiiirds ot that time, and
tha church haA never had cause to
bring a cdiarge against me (hiring;
that time, and feel that I can adopt
the language of David and siyv, surd-
ly the goodness of the liord hax mi
le; wed me all the days ol ray Idc, yK
I am many times made in fceluig tf
cry out and say O ! my leanneA-5 mj
Icannesi.s; and my nnlikenesB to m-r
blesseel Ixrrd is often upon my rr.ijid.
I here feel inclined to narrate a few
incidents connected with tlie histoiy
of my life: my parents both died i.»
1820 and my brother-in-law witl*
whom I went to live r(unovei iV»m
the countv of PuUock to thi? .se>?tio‘4,
then a frontier and wildcrm'ss. rvian-
trv. in the date ol 1825 and toaud it

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