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-Z^ioii's Landmarks: Wilson, N. C.
B. W. Jenkins to Natiianiel Amon.
Continued from Vol. viii, No. 9.
^illlLDREN that are conceived
in sin are brouf>rht forth in in
iquity under the sentcncc-
‘‘Cursed is every one that con-
linueth not in all things written in
the book of the law to do them.”—
And as humanity progresses in its
sphere, so does the seed of Satan in
its sphere, from whence come wars,
fightings, deceptions, lies, delusions,
disobedience, hatred, malice, veng
eance, enudation, strife, divisions and
all idolatries of various sorts and siz-
So under consideration of these
things no marvel at Satan’s raulti-
tada of ministers.
I do not write this in the spirit of
burle^queing, for my- heart and hand
U'emhle when contemplating this
weighty matter, and all that I can
my “Thy will be done in earth as^ in
lumvon and agree in the penitent
question of Job. How can man be
just with God ? Well let us search
iiRid see if there is any way for any or
sll to be saved and justified with
Got!—O yes, I have found soraetiiing
good—John 1 : 1, and 1 : 14; Matt-
8 : 17 and 1: 21 ; Luke 1 : 25 and 2 :
11. Well I have found a Saviour—
bless the Lord, O my soid ! Let us
see if he is qualified every whit—
Matt. 28 : 18 ; Col. 1:18; Rev. 22 :
IS. Thus a qualified Saviour is
fmmd and let us see if he stands^ in
the will of the Lather—Johq
h ; 40 ; lleh. 10. 7. Then we see a
qualified Saviour standing in the will
the Lather and the counsel of
jicaee hetwee them—Zeeh. G: 13.—
Now let ns search and see what is
fot5iid—Matt. 1 : 21 ; Isa. 49 ; 25,
; Zeeh. 8 ; 7 ; Matt. 18 : 11 ; John
12: 48. Thus we find a Saviour
qualified standing in the will of the
Lather and a people loved by the
wili of the Father. Now let us see
if it is everlasting—Isa. 45 : 19 ; 2nd
Tim. 2:19; Ileb. 5:9; Psl. 37; 39.
18o, the salvation of this people is as
God, eternal. Now the inquiry fol
lows, WTiat are they saved from?
Lzek. 36 : 29 ; Matt. 1: 21 ; Rom.
5 : 8—yea from sin . and sins. How
is this done? See Heh. 9: 26; 1st
Cor, 5:7; Heb. 9 : 14, 28; 10 : 5,
14. Yea, by a free olFering and sac
rifice of himself—what is the cause ?
see Jere. 31 : 30 ; Hos. 11: 4; John
15 : 18 ; Rom. 8 : 36 ; 6 : 5 ; 1st John
3:1:8: 17 ; Col. 2:2; Rev. 3 : 17;
1st King 10 : 3 ; John 3: 16.
sinners. M e may wonder in grief | fill it in time. TIius Lmmanuel
and sorrow and yet find no other j arose a sufferer and a Saviour with
name or help for ruined man. Tea, i the glory of God in his face. To
we may wonder, laden with sin, | him Jehovah said, I will go forth in
through all the Jewish di.spensation, j tliee, thou shall pav the price and
beholding their towers, their temples, j bring my chosen home, and thy work
tlicr wall, their armies, thc-ir altars, | shall crown heaven and confound
priests and offerings, and no other > my foes, to which every angel came
found to take away our sins. A ea, j forward casting crowns at his feet.
we may see I-Cngs rise, and Princes
crowned. Prophets clad, and Aaron
in the beauty and excellency of his
priestly .office—but none of these
can take away sin. Yea, we may
draw near the altar, smell the pome
granates, hear there the bells, take a
serious view of the ark, Uriin and
Thnmmim, also the various orna
ments—both for beauty and profit—
there converse with the Kings of the
East, West, North and South rela
tive to the power of their kingdoms,
notice the Shekineh and the school
of young prophets, ceme out, walk
round her buildings, examine her
walls and make a fair report—no
other name given under heaven by
which a man can bo saved.
I have shown you how man sinned
and died—not a corporeal death, but
an eternal death in two senses, viz :
Violation and separation—for aa Gotl
was ot too pure eyes to look upon
Sill with any allowance, and under
these circumstances a disunion exist
ed between God and man, and God
could not change : so, if any man
ever sce.s God in ])eace, he must be
saved and changed and brought to
chanting the
21; 1st John 2: 2: Isa. 53 : 10, 12.
Thus we see that he (Christ) was
made sin for his |x;ople and that he
suffered in their place and stead for
that sin which could not be forgiven
in this world nor the world to come;
bat, in this offering he paid the price
and declared them free from law and
justice, insomuch that law and jus
tice become witnesses of his right
eousness, and the Lather declares
himself well pleased—.so, he stood a
Saviour, a Redeemer, a Surety, a
Mediator, and the head of an ever
lasting covenant in all things ordered
well and in fulness of time came in
the volume of the Book, as was writ
ten of him, and suffered what was
God by a power which he not ih>| prescribed by law for th.eui whose
Thus we .sec the moving cause was
the love of God and that for a pur- of his own glory, that he might
raise a temple of praise in the present
world and connect it with his angelic
host in the world to come, and that by
the man Christ Jesus, the only name
given under heaven whereby any can
be saved. We may search the man
sions of the high heavens amid crowds
. ■ iphs and brilliant .angeL—no
himself, hence it is the power of God
^irough Christ his Son which hps
made them one virtually in his eve|'-
lasting covenant by will and work.
So it was in the arrangement of this
great body—Father, Son and Holy
Ghost—that virtualities were equal
toactualities ; .so that, when the angel
that held the law reported that man
had sinned, Emmanuel and
said : I work and die ! Then in the
virtue and virtualities he come.s in
the garden and clothes them with a
coat of skins,a protective figure of the
common and special salvation : as an
issue of the counsel in which Father,
Son and Holy Gbost as equal part-
neiw in harmony kissed each other,
the angels clapped their wings and
brought forth book.s, and in one of
these books the Holy Ghost, by vir
tue of the blood of the Lamb, writes
the names of the chosen seed and calls
it the Lamb’s Book of Life, where
upon the Angel of Justice comes for
ward and seals the book with seven
seals. Then another book was
brought forward in the which was
written the catalogue of nations un
der a promiscuous vail so that none
(man) should know the elect from
the non-elect, except by their fruit.
Thence the Angel of Justice came
forward with a great sword to smite:
to whom it w’as said by Jehovah,
Thou shalt sleep for a sea.son until
thou art bathed and my fellow clad
with a robe of zeal. Thence another
book was presented by the attributes
tv »:=i)'UT it wv/i nsid. The ■ choaldst
names were written in
Book of Lite, and now
the Lamb’s
i.s exalted a
prince and Sa’^iour, and advocate,
also an intercessor who intercedes for
all his people, for they all sin and as
long as they sin he tvill in
tercede. But let no man sin in the
love of it the plagues written
in the book come iipon him. Now
as they are righteously saved let us
see if there is any righteousness for
them, for without holiness none can
see him in peace—Isa. 24: 17, 10
Jere. 23 : 6 Rom. 4 ; 6, 5, 18 ; 1 Cor.
1 : 80; Phil. 3:9; Rev. 19 : 8—thus
w’e see Jesus is their righteousness.—
Hence let us .see how this comes and
what it is : T'he Father was
the Holy Ghost was right, also the
Son was right, and in their equality
peace, union and harmony Avas right- Hence God the Father
and God the Holy Ghost liave come
forth in the Son and thus it is
ivritten, The of God
manifested to as. Now the order in
which he has come is described from
Genesis to Revelation—all synoni-
rnously,and righteously,and answera-
ably to the opening of tlie seal. This
righteousness which is called by Paul
the righteousness of obedience, he
had no need of for himself, neither
for any of the trinity for they were
righteous without it. So he has it
to spare, and as none of his work
was ever in vain, but according to
heavenly order, so this righteousness
must be disposed of in like manner
and love of the fulfilling of the law
praises of God
Almighty saying, Thou art worthy
to suffer and redeem, and to receive
the reAvard of thy labors. God
loves them and the angels love and
Avait their return. Thus Ave see
Jesus made sin and the virtue of
his works opened the book and loos
ed the seal so that the attributes
coiild bring the secret in time.
Now let us see what they say about
Jesus (the Christ)—see 2nd Cor. 5 :
which he Avas under. Thus we must
love, as be says “I h.ave loved th®e
Avith an everlasting love.-” The
.same Lav bound him to do justly.—
Thus it is AA'ritten ; The jirst Lord is
in the midst and the .lu.stifier also.—
The same law bountl him to use
charity so that his peopU) shun id re-
ceiA’e ill the abundance ol grace.—
Then Ave find that this righteousness
is given to liis elect people—Isa. 61:
10; Rev. 7 : 9, 13. Thus it is im
puted, righteousness imputed to the.m.
Rom. 4:11; 1st Cor. 1: 30. And
the righteousness contains everything
needful for them (iiis elect) in this
world and the world to come, and
an application of this is a manifesta
tion to every soul. He (Jesus
was and is their eternal life, and
svhen this is applied be is to them
eternal righteousness. And thus it
is Avritten—the Lord our righteous-
ne.3S—Jere. 33 : 16—and is called by
Dan. 9: 24-
eousness. It is also Avritten, that ha
-an everlasting right-
Avrsdorn, right-
is made unto tliem
eousnes.s, sanctification, redemption ;
and in John it is written That ho is
in the Lather, they in him, and he in
them-14: 20. Then certainly ray
frieiid.s, let tliem be many or fcAv,
they are safe as God himself, and
thus being’ so, are godly.
Now find the man you Avished mo
to, a gos|>ei minister, the man Avhom
God I’aises u[>, a servant, light, ex
ample, seer-teacher, help and pat
tern of good work.s in the household
of faith; for, as God raises him up,
he gives him all nece.ssary spiritual
qualifications to fill his place in the
house ef God—-may he be Aveak or
strong, great or small, as the .scrip
tures give a fair show of this. Young
men and old men, and men of riper
years, these terms and phrases are
all relative to the order of the church
of God. The same is found iji the
ministry, all things tliat are god-like
in the house of God are first wrought
in the ministry that they may be
thoroughly furnished u:rto every
good Avork and word, and the hus
bandman that laboreth must first be
partaker of the fruits of the vine
yard, Avhether he ho strong or weak,
for the Lord has ordered it, that
each one shall fill ])Iacc to the
perfecting of the body as it has pleas
ed him and has as much use for the
weak minister as for the strong one :
and all of them have the same privi
lege for the advancement, for none
of them as yetlmve found the depth
of the fountjiin opened for sin and un-
cleanncss. The we;
the strong minister
minister and
e both under
usitivc obliga-
discharge his
and feel the saniC
tions Avhich are
faithfully and juunl.
duty, teach, edity
God’s children : arid
i.ster feels to lack in
the weak minister,
ister goes forth in \v, ,-l and doctrine,
addresses his andiein :: with his ^ul
draAvn out in love to • iod and for his
cause and people, ar . Avhen oppor
tunity serves Ire ’; ,'oi to consider all
and comfort
iie strong min-
lis as much as
rhe Aveak min-

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