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Entered at the Poiteffrcc- at Boone,
*r ?' . - Sfcond Class mail matter.
Ediths \Vataugn Democrat:
This great nat'on of ohrf, thi United
States of America, ( n? of the
most powerful and glorious nations
?>f the world, the *honn* ?.f the
brave and tjhe land 6i the free,"
ov-fs its magnificence and :ts honor
to the- fact that it gave birth 2nd
growth t" a government in freedom.
Why did the Huganots and the Pii{Hjijiis
and other such companies
from lands of religious oppression
to seek refuge on the shores of
America, but io obtain the freedom
to norship Goo' according to the dictates
cf their own conscience. Why
did the colonist rebel 1 against their
mother country, England., to form
an independent state, if ii was hot
for their inberenr and God-given
love of freedom.
God's hand was ir the uVruhhe: of
this great nation, which "conceived
in libevtv and dedicated to
the preposition that all men are create:!
equal." The God-fearing men
who formed the constitution of our
nation recognized the rights and
liberties of Americans ami upon thai
wholesome and sound foundation is
built the strength ana happiness of
the American people, o? today.
Yet the attempt is now being made
bv -rcanizo.d bodies of churches
throughout our land kiipwjj ah the
"Lord's Day AI!tanc'a*% and the International
JL-f'oiu; Mpve'mbu.t,"
through tAup^es^niaii Lankford t<;
}psv'{ a law in the Distrii't of Oolnm
Ida. and if possible ' throughouti fbej
Staler Y.vh,- al'j hi observe
a.-' a SnfrbftT.ti 0? rc-t
day on which no trains -bail he run.
no mail carried, no work or sporiS
in, etc. Thereby this act
should it over come to pass will not
o:'il.v unite church and state. but
woUicl he p|||KW5i upon I he liberties
of Amo'icar! cravens. The first
amendment the ronstituiion reads,
"Congress shall make m.? Ia\ys
spociing ah establishment of religion
or prohibiting the free exercise
thereof." ,Y"'ir-j
James Madison, the author pi the
first amendn>en!, says: "Religion is
not, in the purview of human government
and exempt from its cognizance.
A connection between them
would be injurious to both." The
Apostle Paul Says: "One man esteenuuh
;?o day aba v.- another;!
another erJeemeth every day alike.
Ijet every man be persuaded in his
r,\yn mind." The historian. Bancroft,
in snehkim^ of thn .-t :..?i /?r
United States says: "^Vindicating the!
right of indiyidhalitjl, even in vc-j
ligiou. ami in religion above all, thci'
nation dared to -or the example- of j
accepting in sis relation to God the |
principle dr. iaeiy ordained in dudes, j
It loft the un.poral thengs to the'
temporal l ower; but the American ]
constitution iii ttaimpay with ,thc'
people o: the United States wit held
from the federal government
power to invade tie; heme of ve;..-oii.'
the cited'1 of '.ho conscience, the
sanctuary of the rout, and not from
indifference but that, the infinite
spiI'll of etehnai truth might move!
in it:- freedom and purity and1
iielniior eon never he forced StitLf
driven any more than love can lie,'
and no government founded upon!
freedom and separation of church
ami state such as is the government j
of the United States can form any;
laws restricting: the religion of the
people without doing an injustice to
its constitution, to God and to the
conscience of men.
<;. B. H.
Banner Elk. X. 0., March <5, 1628.
Sunday school 9:45 a. m.. W; K '
Gragg. superintendent Preaching at,
11 a. m. and 7:20 o. in . hj, pastor-!
E. V. P. IVs 6:!:>. Mid-week prayer j
service Wednesday 7 p. in. You are!
cordially invited to attend ali these I
. i
Sunday school Sunday niorumgj
at .7. D. Rankin. superintendent:
Prof. A. Jl. Notion, teacher
Comrades* Bible Class; E. N. Hahni
teacher Men's Bible class; Alts. -f- L.
Winkler, teacher Women's Bible
class; .1. B Steele, church lay leader;
H. G. Farihirg, chairman board of
11 o'clock: Sermon by the pastor,
subject. "The Power of Principle."
6:4T< o'clock: The Senior League'
will meet.
7'firt n'pl.ipl" sjprmnw Kn +V>/.
v -,'j i>iic jj?o
tor, subject, "Ingratitude."
Wednesday evening at 7:15: Midweek
prayer service.
We. welcome the stranger at our
LOST?On February 5, a bunch of
key3 between Boone and Vilas on
No. GO Finder return to Democrat
and receive $5 reward- 2t
| Mrs. ?k1 C. Hodges i? spending,
; Itw days in Winston-Salem. thej
j Sliest of her parents.
j Mr. Carl Coach who has a position j
| ivlth the William T. Kilter Lumber!
Company at Tiny. Va.. spending a \
| few days in Boone. i
{ Prospects are nov. fine for the!
{ lavgost crowd of sump\ei tourists!
J in Boone this year (hat has over eis-j
ited the town.
Mr. ami Mrs. James H. CounVili
of Bfdva. M. 0.. \veve over-Sunday
visitors at the home of their parents;
Mr. and M:. B. J. Councill. ?
I Attorneys F. A. Linriey, Brown &|
! Bingham. W. K. Comer and prob-j
j ably others of the local bar are ai-j
'tending court at Wilkesboro. the j
j lV>o.-d of ihfii' being eoiim>ye?i ill the.
i Flub Wagner murder case which\
went to trial Tuesday
? Dr. Fred Hodires oi Boone bust
! broker, dirt fc-r a handsome new
\ residence on Highway Xo. 17 near'
j the home of Pro:'. A. V. Howell.[
W. H. Ciragrg has the contract and!
work on the building will b'egiti tnj
the Very near future.
J. W. !!-yant. county fish wjivden;
requests that all members of lie j
newly-formed Watauga Game aiul I
, Fish Club to meet at the Han'u ;
i Boone hotel Saturday evening at;
j 7:150 at which time some important1
matters '?C coriservation and devel-;
| opnient are to be discussed.
! . ?r:?r
Relatives antl friends will pain-'
j :/cl '.?? learn of "the death of Mr.
Joseph Greene, wha-U occurred at.
j Kuba'nk,- Kj!; daniiaVj 18tJi last, lie!
j was \Vat&y,ga county man. i
jam so- Hi any relatives and friends'
j in the county, He resided on Alc-ai
[ Camp iiiiiil IS'RD. from where he!
moved :.? his pite fcorne in Kentucky. '
Vn ?.yror lust Week ;r- the id p.fl
~u.. . oi -- I ! -*>
tarovjiM cMHti. CilUiV'I ?.S illlU" 1
: ?fn? anio&g !h>i patrons as soon as
I the paper? were delivered to sub- .
j ser:fi- ! .-. Trie price? p.f an S--pouhd
| jpa?t arc! was made U> read $l;.i)Qj
1 when .: .-h-v-uid have been $1.01). |
! Fhe : : u- rests- with the paper, but
it is additional pro?>L thai the ads in'
j The Democrat are really read.
The Boone Drug tympany's store ,
hits been undei>co:n<: a remodeling
for the past few days and the appearance
of the establish me at ha.
been improved. The partit
oil formerly cutting off tin* pie-;
i script ion department and office .has
been removed, allowing about ten
i feet adiiional room. The mezzanine
1 floor in now being: used for the busi|
re:office and prescription ease.
Mr. Kd Mintim of Ait. Pleasant,
I Cabarrus county, with his daughter,
j Miss FiXie. passed through town yes
j tor day on his return from a brief
j visit to his aged mother, Mrs. Rich1
nrd Mif.ton, of Vilas iR. 4<\ D. Mr.:
Mir. ton has been gone from Watauga
for many years, hut his heart still
yearns for his native unuity, and if
he could dispose of his property' in {
Cabarrus he would t-ofbe back.
Mr.s. M. B. Blackburn was right
painfully; bet not seriously, hurt? ]
Monday night. ht? tailing <iuv.ii a
r'iighi. of stairs in her homo. A slight ; i
fracture of the bones in one of hcrj i
wrists was tiie worst injury, hut she it
sustained many bruises about hcr v
e on'1 body. She is resting veryri
nicety and theprospect;, arc wood for", a
her eativ ami permanent recovery; t
A iong distance ' uuhune message n
from Hickory to Mr. S. C. EjSrb'rs }
Wednesday says that Mrs.' t
i-llixafcetB Kraiinoct. inr.ther of Mr.
B. F. Brannock. tovinerly of Boone, i
iip'.v isi' that city. was pot e\ n.wl < <; to;
"live until noon. Mrs. Brannock isi <
extremely old. hut har relatives here t
do not know her exact, age. How-: 1
ever, Mr. iSggers snys she is almost.! t
if not ijuicei 100 yeavs old. jc
Hot-. T. ft." Coffey of Blowing j <
Reck \vu: down Tuesday and told.i
-Thf Dair.uerat that Engineer Cole's
with , corps of helpers began a re-i;
Llfvr , fne YonahlpsseS road fromi
3!owiwg Rock to Linvilie. This is a: i
sh'.t,. . eject and it it understood j ;
tie.; it is to he herd-surfaced, and' i
will make one or" the most delightful. .
drive.. ,be found in the mountains:.of
-vo-t.-n; North Carolina.
-'-V v'v- ?-j? -|-rT J
N'e.vs from the bedside of Mrs. .
?hi;ip Creer of Zionville this morning
is to the effect that she stiil relr.eins
.rimproved is is .gradually
growing weaker. Relatives and1
i - . r 1 -1.1 "
v.i uit- 'ivni oiu iuuy in noonei
and the county at large arc hoping)
[ against hope that she mr.y yet re-1
cover. Her condition it- considered
very serious. |:
Mrs. Bertie Brown McNeil, a.
valued employe of the Peoples Bank j
! & Trust Company for a long while,!
! left Wednesday morning for Philn-i
[ d'phia, Pa., where she will join her
I husband. Mr*. McNeil has had a position
in that city for some time and .
was married to Mis; Brown several
months ago. They will rttfcke their
future home there. Mrs. McNeil
made many friends in Boone who re- ;
gret to see her leave.
On Monday a consignment of 12 J j
pairs, or 24 Mexican partridges were 1
I v'-' '\
ft. v.- -
vv teased by Count y G ame Warilen |
J. W. R*\Van, shipped by the state!
commission from San Antonio,
Icxav. This was ^ at a.lira's ouoca]
of birds bought for the state.
They ivfire divided in pairs and given ;
their freedom Tuesday niormiig. It
might he well to say again that we |
ha' e a very rigid game law and it is.
the purpose of the county and o'is-j
tiic.t 11 zti tens to enforce it to the;
ful lost .
Ti? Republican county convention.
called by Chairman W. 15.
Gand Secretary J. C. Ray, fovj
the purpose of electing delegates to!
the state, congressional and seraito
inventions, will meet in the
.?u> ih >use hove Saturday, Mat ch
_'i. i h? townslup conventions wu:
meet on Friday. March 2 3rd, for thi 1
purpose < f electing delegates to the i
county convention. Each precinct
is entitled to one delegate for each
2T> Republican votes cast in the last
genera! election.
Mr. Homer Brown, who ten years
ago as a there boy. left his home in
Boone to tight vhe battles of life
alone, is home now for a few daysvisit
To his mother. Mrs. Mary
Brown and brothers, sister and many
friends residing in Watauga. Soon
after leaving here, young Brown enlisted
in the U. S. navy and for four
and a half years suited the high
seas, entirely girdling the glol e
while in the service. He got his discharge
five years ago and located in
Xev\ York city where he was married
soon after. During this time he
has been in the insurance business
and says he has made some money,
lie is easily one of the best informed
men. politically and otherwise,
we have seen of late, and his visit is!
being very much enjoyed by his
friends here.
\i... . try.,,.. ; ; \. s BTui.t i.?'in in,a ?iv. .iainc>:
D. Phillips were rmmied at Mountain
City, Tonn.. on March 10th.
The bride is the daughter of Mr.
arid Mrs. J. M. Lyon of Room:. She
is charming and pretty and is one
!>r Boone's most admired and popular
young ladies.
The bridygrrioin is the son of Mr.
and Mrs. B. :i. Phillips of Perkins
villc He !. ah indimtrious yourigj
inaii and commands ninny friends in|
business and .society circles. It is,
not known yet where the young cou-1
pie will make their future home.
Page 2~Reynoids Tobacco Co.:
Graham Bros- Trucks.
Page 'heviolet and used cars;
American Tobacco Co; \V. It. Winkin
tv Co.
Page! McColm*'!! Motor Co?;
If in liters Hardware A- Supply Co. j
Page 1?1 lodges Drug Co.; Watauga
County Bank. j
Page f>?Spainhours*. Inc.; \V. R.
Winkler & Co.; Blue Ridge Lumber!
Co. i
i age- ?s?guoon Annis Beauty Parioiv;
Taylor Motor Co; Bo^ne Clothing
Si ore; Farmers Hardware ^
Supply Co.
"There are a few Republicans in
Watauga county who are supporting'
Governor Lpwdon for the presidential
nomination," said W. H. GraS,
diaiiniun of the county Republican
executive commiyteei following reiv
> 'i -- from this section that the war, solidly behind Svceta*;y
Hoover. Mr. Gragg is a most
nchosiastie l.owdenite and points J
v>th a great deal of pride to the post?
ecord of achievement of the former 1
liinois governor. He and his friends'
ire. encouraged by the drift of sen-,
irnert for their candidate, in map.y ections
of the country at this time;
nd feel thfi. tthe nominee, <i not*
,y\vdt;ri, will be another satisfactory.*
o his followers,
Miss Pearl Hodges and Mr. ftufnsj
ireepe were married at the home of I
lie bride ?n Green Heights last:
I''sdaj afternoon. A few close j
V lends of the couyde witnessed the j
'crerviouy which was performed / .Hy f
?ddcr \V. L. Trivett .?: the Advent j
Christian church. The couple left
mnicdiately for a short trip down-!
rtatc, returning to their home here
Saturday. ; ^ .r-l' I
The bride \* a daughter of Mr. and J
Urs .7. P. Hodges and for several]
?vears has held a position of trust in
the Watauga County Bank. She i.
^specially active in religious worfcj
mil has many friends.
Mr. Greene is manager of the]
Boiden Grocery Company, and i.s 002
af the most successful of Booners j
business meii.
Miss Essie Goodnight, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. \\\ S. Goodnight of
Boone, was Honored at a. delightful
party on March 1 at Kanio, where
she is a teacher in the Ivan I o school.
Mesdaiues A. C. Warlick and Rowc
Henry were the hostesses. The room
was beautifully decorated with jonquils
and cut ferns, carrying out a
color scheme of green and yellow.
Hearts were played at nine tables,
the toy score prize going to Mrs.
J. A. McFafls and the low score to
Miss Ethel Rhyne. Two humorous
readings were given by Miss Marie
StcFayden and piano numbers were
given by Miss Sadie Futtrell.
Superintendent A. C. Warlick then
entered and announced that he had
just received a telegram advising
"lim that he would have to secure a1
| new third grade teacher for next 5e
I year. since Mis? Goodnight would tfc
j be :?atried in the summer to the
| Rev. Ervlii White. This announce- ni
! nicni came as a surprise to the as- f<
| sembied guest;?. .Hiss Goodnight^ is vj
i a daughter > A!:. arid M; <. J. L.
{ Goodnight of Boone, she is a gradi
ate of the Appalachian Siacc Nori
tru ! and has been very popular as a
| teacher and an active church worker.
| Mr. White is a native of Lincoln
| county, graduating in dune from!
! Emory and Henry University.
Following the cards the tables!
| were cleared for refreshments. Each j
! was laid with a dainty te?*i cover ami;
! centered! with a crystal candlestick.
| holding a green and yellow candle.
' The hostesses, assisted by Miss
i Blanche Craig-served an ice course.
! Miss Goodnight was presented
j uit.n a lovely uncle's book and the
j prize-winnet's at hearts also presented
to her their prizes. There were
I about forty guests present.
Little Miss Helen Grain? gave a
| lovely party to a number of her litI
lie friends and school mates at the
| home of her parents. Mr. and Mrs.
j \V. H. Gragg on Thursday evening j I
??t" last week, from 3:30 to 0:30, in
celebration of hei ninth birthday
| anniversary.
Many lively games, music and conI
tests were enjoyed, the most exciting
being the donkey game, which never
} grows old. For attaching the most
I important appendage in the proper
I place. Virginia South was given a J
1 prize. Carrying peanuts on a knife j
I and throwing a ball into a box, j
| three contests which proved thor-.
! oughly delightful. Ruby Trivett won
j the prize in the peanut contest and
j Ruby Dare South proved to be the!
I best ball player.
| At the close of the games the!
dining room doors were opened, a
i beautiful birthday scene greeted the
! eyes of the party. The handsome
birthday cake with its nine gleaming
i candles1 which each child had a
chance to blow t in. Proceeding to
the living room, the little hostess
: opened many useful and attractive
1 gifts from her little friend* A i
! o'clock all returned attain to ihe din ?
! ir.y room whore refreshments were _
I served. A color scheme of yellow* ^
; jVnd white was carried out: in detail.j j
j Irf cream, birthdhy cake. orange-;S
I crash and apple: were served.. 1-iti'kMC
i Yellow baskets filled with nuts and \S
! mints were given as favor*. The j ^
[lowing* quests enjoyed the part y:,
Rub\ Trivett, Martha Hardin, "J
l Anabeil Rivers, Edna Moody; Allie ?
1 Xorris, Virginia Cook. Mabel Wilson, %
' Virginia and Elizabeth South, RuhviJS
Dart South, Helen Hodges, j<
I Setzer, Lyda Clay, Martha Moore,IS
i Louise Taylor, Anhvile Beach, Lou-bC
j ise AjUiins, Mala Steele, Daisy Lyons J?
| and Clnrisse White. ;*5
On the 10th, ltev. P. A. Hicks 01 ,?
the Baptist church and Mists .1 oy S
Heumnn, student worker, >ver6 nil!"
the chapel exercises of the Normal,|5
and Mr. Hicks conducted the devr>-J5j
tiunal service and Miss Bearnan jS
made a talk to the student body. |3j
On Saturday night a number of j ^
young ladies of the Phila Rrtian. I
designating themselves as the "OldI ^
Maids' Club," gave a comic enter-j??
tainvnent, consisting of song, read-1J,
ing, society history, piano solo, and'.'
coinir dialogue given by the dcsig-lj.
bated club. The dialogue was j? J
originated by the young ladies theni-jj.
selves to entertain the other societies'iC
and showed remarkable skill and %
originality on the part of the young]i
Indies. A large,crowd of the student 5
body and people from the town were \
present, and appreciated and enjoyed ^
tht' skill disnlayed l<y the ladies. In
rhp absence of the pastor, Rev. ?
C. H. Closer, who was holding services
at Blowing Ruck, Dr. J. D.
Rankin of the Normal, preached a!
the 11 o'clock service at the Methodist
church. At night too young,
people of the. Kpuuiih League gave;
f. missionary pageant compiled from j
Ft missionary book which they nave
been studying. It was weii presented
by the young people and all
pr esent enjoyed the pageant.
'On Sunday afternoon the voice
pupils of Miss Christine Henkel
gave a sacred conceit in the auditorium
of the Normal, consisting of
tongs and readings. Miss Rosemary
Burogarncr read the t imbers,
Miss Beam an made a short talk.
Then the young ladies gave n number
of solos and reading* in a'
most pleasing and effective manner, i
Miss iienkei's diamatie class gave ,
a play at the Normal Monday even-j
infr that was very attractive to the!
large audience present. It. was a;
combination that was varied in its
nature., being amusing, pleasing'
and pure and was well presented by
these talented young ladies.
/ ;
Newhall, Calif, March 13.?a'
rapidly mounting death toll from the
great torrent that swept into San
Francisquito canyon from the huge
St. Francis dam tonight showed a
death list of 274 while upwards of
700 more persons were reported
In the wake of the tremendous
flood of water loosed upon the sleeping
residents of the fertile valley,
property damage was variously estimated
at from $10,000,000 to $30,000,000.
The breaking of the giant
dam under the pressure of 12 billion
gallons of water at 12:30 a. m., re
used a 75-foot wall of water on ,
ie inhabitants.
An army of rescue workers to-.
ight carried on a ceaseless search
?r more bodies in the engulfed j
illey. where homes lay crumpled in {
Keep Mother and I
ways having on hand
they need. Look thrv.
and make a list of the
come in and get them
Better be safe than
<ma HOD
fl^xDRUG C(
L/ Ik Business foi
IfAV Boone, Nor
A consideration of yoi
Riim-U you and protect youi
army of i'tic-s and insects 1
Every housewife know:
only the best screening.
Wo are stocked with
screening?in nil widths an
Screens rendy-made or
screening hy the roll, reast
W alatiga L
"Everything to 1
Cellar to <
g, V
M Sni y
HHnnN|HMt. %>'wffi VH& a
Think Of ':
Itave you got enough HON
your wife and children from liav
should be taken suddenly away f]
This is enough to think of at
MARCH 15, 1928
The <1 am gave way this morning,
the east and west wings collapsing
and down the beautiful canyon dotted
with citrus groves, rushed the
devastation barrage.
212? CS ^
3abe healthy by althe
simple remedies
l your medicine chest
: things you need and
U R 1) 11 U G GISTS
Your Health \T jftff/k
th Carolina ?$ ^ /&&
.V.W.VlV.V.V.V.V.-.VAV.V.", \
sa ^ >
u* screening needs now will
r against the invasion of an JJ
ater on.
s ihe real economy in using
the best copper, and win ?
d in the standard weaves. 5*
made to your order. Also ^
>nab!y priced.
NOW- ^ |
umber Co. |
Build a House? 5
Chimney" <
" "
four Duty
EY safe in t,he hank to keep
ing a hard time of it if you
rorn them? m
one time.
Our County KXVE MONEY!

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