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I'aiiMyra Tree, . .:" ! the yacht
Raiubow, is t . . - 'in . a hitxiG
thrust thiougrh the p ti h< . . . .
She makes a secret ..' .? a?ul j
discovers a stowaw She - . .e j
poirjtrsl ii: hi- wild
telfs him avl < < his co uwun*
to c'amc rit the door?she -ees a!
jwfjeP he ree. v oppey-ho vd man. with j
a ten-inch knife kel'j : .:: j
nihfc !in>! liurke. the st -vvav.;.;. e : : j
plains tba* it i- a . L'.r.t |
isijra . kezi. N'r '. ?Ja\ . Burk* !
irtd the brown mur< -jo \:p on d^ck. j
Tl... J- ... . u : t- ?
uii m/.' v. .i a .?s t-M' tusrpj -> '.mi j
wilu tans of an : :v r.turesome ivfo.j
which his dstent-. s- rvf use $? hc-I'eve. j
Now read on:
Eiu-mies ? and Friends
Some sixteen dao- later '-! > ;
Crawford'-- caoiii a JOfffererua a-a* (
'Bill my ii&fcv. n y dour. ' Pal
mvra's mother was j to test "'
can you say every thiar'- going right
when Pa!n- spends t? est of her time
ijst< T'H"-' to that, that miser
stowaway; (hat-?human toad. He;
father is ?esicie himself ur.xie(
The man made deprecatory 5
sou lid.
"Kvente'.V said the ftostefrs ifhpre.s-j
sively. -have >n?y too wet! shown j
that T. that we intervened j ist n!
lime. Your vJau<ch; ; was ;i the j
verge of falling in lovfe with John!
Thu rstan."
Fhe father entered a protest.
"\ doivt sue wc-'.Vt sra>tii'<i ?n\
thin,;." i
"'(.j ..-, aiv vi>ur >-ya<"
ttiaiui..! hv hostess. "A.- ' said n
CaliiVi nia. Van. with his ret'iiiedj
ntfeoaafil',. lit.-- ial.o the's
in Hit-.? 'Thfc Voting King rharle?"!
into a gilded tratfce. l'lru -toe. "if.;
<>:o contrary. is a greifX. 1 :.1 bring.
Me looks vto'.l !i inhere
Itiil hue, it, these 1.1 r' <:par'. ;
meats, "I: this mm ". deck, his
hands and feet Seen: the way."
She paused l" sir,:V :-.i tho:u reassuringly .
"Surely, with Jijfcis at hi- worst.
Van ut his bent ? need we tearV'
Meanwhile, Constance Crawford j
was forward at the Rainbow'.-, how,t
.-ailing through the tropic night upon
enchanted waters.
When .John Thurston presently
joined i ,. ! stance, she looked ii;i with
u frcwr. "i was just thinking," she
explained, "that Tree doesn't
at all realise what Burke may he
getting into his '.nine, i believe the
iil(.'.e fraud's quite puffed ap, over
the idea he's made -air.'..-: bur: of
Thurston answpreij minor absent-1
ly. "V.nyfirtiv. in.' s-uua 'Burke's over:
the siil; ;it Honolulu and Kone ior-j
She arsv:ii.ed. !
vohtf v;"ijs siiyr.t ""in tihV- 1
Then: "To tike in go too,'" be fcarstj
out. "i've been frying to tc-!i fun,
I've taken your advice.;, ssfcotj her to!
hevor.K- my wife."
"Vw," sue answered without inoy.-i
Incr. "I know.''
"Sii. toi.i von'."' So: t-'t'-huniort. '
"No. You did."
v?s e^arjcLneii "Suppose ' doj
'On ttte coaltarjr. Yoo'v* been
splendid" Sr..- glanced #J> friendlily.
"But ! still th'.nfc it was tup right
thine: to do. A week. or f.vo hence,
absolutely no hope; Oh, why uidn't.
you spunk In California.? She originally
liked you best. P? sure of 't.
l>ocv still, if she only knew. Or,"
Constance added ruoful'y, "would it
they'd let tier .1:0/1;;." j
Hp laughed with some bitterr.e.vs. |
"Oh, 1 know what vou mean."
He foil ;T?to a sodden lor-.I
When TUuistot! ?] >>{;<: ujaht It v.-a a
apparently in an effort, to .'it ion- a
more cheerful vein.
"Sec-tnittttly." he said. ' i nave ar,otiter
well-wisher aboard."
With a pocket flashlight he made
visible for her a small object of woven.
fibre; a bark cord wound around
a packet perhaps two inches square;
"BU ' ">
in;-!." hi' explained, "Olive incarnated
himself before me. Looked about
furtively, jerked my coat-tails up.
fastened this round iny waist. Then
he gave me a friendly grin and vanished."
"But," she puzzled, "what . it?"
"Inside there's a bit of tine mat.
seven hairs and a tooth," a good
luck charm.
"But, but why?"
"How should I know
She was thoughtful. "At any
rate," she said finally, "he seems to
be wishing you pood luck."
She examined the amulet again
with an absent attention. Then, the
smile fading from her lips: "John,
promise me you will not leave the
Rainbow at Honolulu."
The yacht was pushing on at her
best pace, setting up such a livelystir
at her prow as to achieve the
small- private rainbow for which
she had been flamed.
Bark* and Palmyra vrcre on dec!
?Burke feaS quizzically regardinj
tht i-Msivv Palmyra.
As though defining her ver;
ughts, he yoke.
"Excuse rnc. Miss,;* he
* others?" a slightly cor
'n::. wbat ? latr v- But y iii? V? h
you're different. Yksure wasn't in
u*r>led for their ?ittie o! Ifrdcag
?>f life. 'N&fcnve meant y-fo
>h i thing lively-Uke. something u
and doing:.;
i'he gin laughed. * Xat t re." ?fc
said. 'meant me *'? v a tfivctio. Itr"
in my l?k?od." she affirmed. "First
a Norseman ravaging the coasts o
Engkii\d. Then. a British admir?
ravaging cvciythirg else. Aiui las?
id plain Ebendzer. with .lor;
ravi Actios. ruling onr* mor
uY'on thy coasts : England.'
Burke unirned in admiration.
The ?$ ). turned to go: then pa a so
kn irhina back at him ever ho
shoulder. "Yon, jponape Burke." sh
?a1 ; 4-you and I?I'm afraid v.uere
bora too late."'
At the rate the Rainbow was sai
In the I'l-ntiiu^ i'w,:y. ad >he hat
hoi, thui ho h.el-i !v. y last. Nov
pair of arms yho >?< ! hs|
ie.jr, it was evident tiio,;
soon make a landfall- indeed, a
ready oyes wore peering Ihimftfe
powerful glasses eekihg for th
(irs: sBHdowy silhouette of the peek
of Oiahu.
As iho Rainbow raised the pan.
lama of dead craters that stand:
rather barren, above the verdai
town of Honolulu, none open he
decks was so expectant a.-; Palmy?'
Tree. For from the chaff of I'or
::pv Burke's narration she. had wij
l owed tile clean strain of beaut;.' an
1'orer.nee that is the life of this i:
land world of the palm tree. He
imagination was a-glow.
Through the gateway of itonc
ioki she was to sail on into thi
world where Happiness is iiueen.
She Was sail acvnjs thy ira.-i
letis sea as those hroyvtt mariner
of ,>!d,
A? the gill, thus deep in reverb
>o;l watching the distant, peak
;hf> ~*\(>r:\rr*e iv.riiv- f.f it hri>>pn .
jpM- side. Taming. she starJSssj ;i pi)
encountering the l.rov:r) man (alive.
He ..'ifi: tongue to a few a viable:
pi 1 plexeti, then fei! hack u;
i.n pantomime. The hour of depsu
iPi>j had cur.'.e. Scon Burke and h
wiaM g' vet the .hi..- and fhrevt
into ohiryior:.
Palmyra smiled. She tried i
overcome ber aversion, to rl-spbti
to Kis attempted farewell. As !:
had done, she moved to speak. fown
herself helpless, returned the a mil
Tht brown man, thus countei
snc.nd, laid, the square finger up.)
her own breast Having thus idem
fieii the girl as the being of" tV
drama, he raited his hand, with e.
tended 'arm; straight over hir. he a
She thought he invoked the Or
-above. But site gave this ap vrht
she ativ that he waggled, fSntterc
tiro fingers.
Whan she shook her head, r
frretf u'bv. he abandoned the uprai
e<! hand as futile. He brought o)
a ring. Palmyra Tree had never set
such a ring; tortoise shell inlaid wii
silver. There were letters on i
seemingly one word, thrirc- repeat,
and so ii.'.rated bv discs?the woi
j Olive pointed to the letters, thi
] to the frit ! and once more held nlo
I the hand rvith the moving fingei
| F.ut attain she shook her head,
j The brown man stood baffle
I Then grinning anew, he hurrit
away forward.
The savage, presently retornin
thrust into the. girl's hand a lith
graph, an advertisement of Egy
tian cigarettes.
ife pointed u> the silver letters
the ring and pronounced the wo:
"Ni," then to her with a secoi
''NT," and to the picture with
third. He dropped the ring into h
At last the girl who was nam
Palmtrce understood. For there
the advertisement was a palmtrt
The upraised hand bail symbolic
i the paim?herself, Olive but soug
the; watao:. a. democrat- eve
ray lee
k>- to y.ivo her a ring with her name I
upon it.
' When the hour of 'cavetaking|
\*| canted hoc. ever he seemed to have.
entered, the stlehee. and the fare-j
i. \veHs devolved upon Pen ape Burke, I
As the little stowaway reached;
. hot in his r'v.ird he achieve*! a Mm
fcloqiu it p fwlinsr. ''You've
, ' i"--n kisui t'rne, nussA' he said- t
, t r.-p-it'i' t'to'.gel it. Xor you
J*- She shook hands with nr. uriasp
stinted friendliness. "I'm sure." she
- i. 'Sye shall see you again."
i- Sharply he glanced at her. as jf
: get* to know whether really had]
h a hope- Then he shvugged. is.
nci-wise. "It's a largt ean lady,
k; With you and roe it's .fust lights.
missing in the dark; a hail, and then ?
a< thing.'
A minute latt-r. Palmyra's pirates
iy.cre swinging over the. side into
their boat.
Burke raised his hat jauntily. But!
* 1 it was rather a? the savage the girl
c ! looked. Over the- white man's shoulr
tier he seemed to be watching her to
the grill with that strangely expresI
' sionies- hot I'.:* rji stare.
\\ *As that Van's arms \vt round
A'kA (Arte-. ~>;< i* u-ii.' t.. .......U...
u 5*< .
t Palmyra faced ^brhptly away and
I-} >n.iLolied tha ifc from her linger,
h \r-." (it- whimpered, "I'm certainly
i to have seen the last oi him."
One short week ashoiv and the
j good ship Rainbow was at sea again.
)- j Round she \va- now far the heart of
3. | Oct ardeu. the Equatorial isles of
it! Mu-ront-sia. A.> the yacht was to
r j put John Thurston aboard a Philip-,
a: plrio transport at Guam, only a ! it tic
i southing:, said, the hostess. would
!- take them in among the Gilberts,
d 5 the Marshaits, the Carolines, that
i-' Milky Way of atolls along the Line,
r * ? which Ppnape Rorke had talked
: so aiUinnfrly.
(Continued Next Week)
is ? ;
Seed Potatoes
- Ch~>r.,ieiatir.2 with cite liepatlni.-.-it.
of Ajtrii nituvi fti? making .arrange)
. i incnts to l<uy certified seed potatoes
5 . 1 all fatm.jrs in tin- eouitty 'vho;
i: limy A-st'o them. There seems !r. Uc?i
a shoirtige o? seed to supply the de-i
j ma mis ?!' Watauga farmers this year'
. ; ami those desiring seed should plare
j. their orders with me at onee. 1 anil
i-. not going into the business to moke.
money Inst t", assist thfe farmers ancli
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Outitanding Happenings of Week
Gathered from Everywhere Condruied
for the Busy Reader
Rodman W'anauiCikev. son of the i
late dohn vVaua maker. the merchant 1
r>rha ?. died at his homo m Atlantic '
City, last Thursday morning. He '
was *>- years of age and was said to }
have been the highest insured man
ir America. carrying some $7.50ugj <
vvv iuf uisuvancv.
Vnemph>y merit is in excess of
norma) throughout the country, accoding!
t?? a report by the prcsiiit.-n
t of the national industrial conference
hoard, given out in Xcw
York recently. The report stated
that there was a decline sn unemployment
(hirmg IP27. but that
! -*28 the number of -jobless
been increased.
Atlantic City. March 15.?Samuel
l\ Leeds, president. of the Allanlie
City chamber of commerce, bus
admitted that the parade of girls in
1 each attire ir the annual "Miss
America" contest, staged here even
y fall, has beer, held for the last
imic. While plans are being drawn
for the 192$ ".Miss America5' contest.
no girls viii appear clad; in
Paining' suits.
Floyd Bennett and Bert Raleh'on
v ill accompany Richard E. Byr'd
when he takes off for his attempted
flight over the South Pole. In addition
to the tri'-motored Fokker.
Fokker Universal and Bel Ian ca monoplanes
have been assembled for the
i expedition and a tri-mpiO) Ford aUI
metal plane being constructed.
| The i xni'dition is expected id cost:
OLOlH) :niil fr,?in rt?*n ot\/I ? ?r, I
tli years will be requ>re<i.
Miami", i'la.. March ? With
,000.000 acre's at' rich muck lands
[ ---menaced by incessant fires, solui
tip** of the fire prove nriori problem
: < ?::wtrable with that of the national
;\yas sowltht hcvb Sat as day at.
\ Just about fch tin
] the year hfeeUs j
i a t >nic to brace liiirs up I
' after the lijiori; of win j
I rev.
; :
Is "Our Best Tonic"
i |
! 1;':. pleasant to take. Will
; not iffipi the stomach.
(lives strength and
!' p^r-:
Will ?rich your blood.
An extra large bottle for
Boone Drug Co.
The Stars
ualiiy Paint
r gallon, Quality Paint
K3 more for the average
ed by the cost chart*
si _ ^ ^ ^
ot only gives low 5 year
but gives property a mois1st
decay and depreciation,
low the cost chart at this
ig economy.
cniletV nv?eti?}r of the Evorsrlasiesj
fire control JgjkrH. KxjWt'U. ;e'.;eiully)
astrt> thr.~ >:?;-! tracts of tive rich;
stuck lauds arc threatened v>. tth runsj
>sle? some solution is found, while]
is a side issue the city of iliava: isl
seeking relief from a ski)? nuts- j
trice which reached the wo.-t stage j
rf the season yesterday when heavy
pal! of whitiMoo o sraokt darkened j
the city iM se.vend hoius i nd d moralized
traffic arid shipping. The]
rnick lauds*, composed of decaying!
vegetable matter mucK like peat,!
try out each win tor arid fir:-:? spring;
;{) over t)k- scattered areas an 2 often
assume serious pro portions. Sowk*
tuaents of the Wamp lands ha.vcj
5 to 25 Mil
>j\/ t
10 to 45 Mile,
No other car in T1
approach these asto
And that holds cqu?
There's a simple, lo
tacular periurmanc
pound of car weight
Jrt other -words, a r
engine with a new a
The problem of wei
of dc sign. The pro!:
simplicity of parts,
major body pieces)
y ~ _lt _ ? *
nigu power rnaoc i
construction and D
High speed made pi
center and i;a hotly o.
of body)
This is Victory Derr
the car and win or
Demonstration Pria
by ii n n g i
i in i
i win matte my seem
on the following date
unpaid 1 925 and 1 9i
on or before date of
Again I call attentioi
ihat all taxes must 1
May. Those unpaid
May. Those unpaid 1
over to the commissi
levies to be made on
costs. See me at th
BOONE?First Monday and T
NORTH FORK, March 8?The
Potter's store in the af to:
MEAT CAMP, March 9?Mov
Sievens' store in the after
STONY FORK, March 12?Co
Deep Gap in the afternoo
EI.K, March 13?Trivett's stoi
BLUE RIDGE, .March 15?Sto
WATAUGA, March 17?Collin
Cruris in the afternoon.
WATAUGA, March 18?Vaile
vSHAWNEEHAW, March 19 ?
LA OREL CREEK, March 20?
and Ward's store in the i
Hagaman's in the aftemo
COVE CREEK, March 22?Ma
in the afternoon.
MARCH IS. m* |
Vau:e<l the tires on spontaneous
combustion. bill air tao&i commonly
accepted explanation ts> that ventttreti
by industrial nmi agricultural
interests thst the ficcs fgetierasly
starfc from carelessly attended moonshine
Mil! fires or those started by
tin-itsrlrtU'sMv camuers.
Tourist: "is the London tog realty
so awfully heavy'.'"
Londoner: -"'Terrible."'
Tourist: "How ilo the- vehicles get
Londoner: "Well, the first one
makes a tunnel which all the follow!:-.;:
ones pass through."
>. l> IV!iwi-.
k\ p;?j- Hour in
? ill 13/2 Seconds:
]C Victory price ciar > can
nishing get-away ir;uies'
rliy ttna of Victory -p.'eu i
gical answer to thi:. .spec- A
:e ? :uje<(;ial!ct/ /*>? .<- per
)C\v ant! superip " kin.! of
ltd superior kind of body.
ght solved thru simplicity
iTcm of design solved thru
(No body sills?only S
"easibla by nigged Dodge
odge quality materials . . .
radical by a lower gravity
Oerbang. (Chassis full width
tonstration Month. Or;
ie qf Dodge brothers bi>,
l-s. (Full details on request)
ONE, N. C.
ok.y Six y
i B?iaTH&R.5
fiiii n i kiiw
id call for 1927 taxes
:s at places named. All
26 taxes must be paid
i to the law requiring
be paid by the 1st of
before that timeonay.
>y that date will turned
oners, who must order
property, thus adding
ie following places:
uoadnys. Y'fi
imns* store hi the morning and
etss's store in the morning and
i?Voting place.
oK's store in the morning and at
n. *
ric's store.
-Hoishouser's store.
s' store in the morning and \ a'-le
Jones' store. /
J\ B. Hicks' store in the morning:
lerwood's in the morning and at
bel in the morning and Sherwood's
sriff, Watauga County.

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