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By J. C. R.
With the exception of Dr. Henry B.
Perry, who has warmed an aldermanic
seat for a number of years, brandnew
laces will hover about the city's
council table after
gpMSPSpl Mayor of former exW
iwii P^-ience will deco
rate the gilded ped--'TPl
estal lately occupied
by Honorable Tracy 1
t: Jj Councili. This was
K | 3 ^he judgment handec*
down by a small
rf -<vrf-, f|l group of citizens
-IfSSSf' who assembled at.
l8P| A the court house on
^ g ? Tuesday evening . . .
and surely no one
J. C. K. could doubt the wisdom
of these nominations . . . for
they're all bang-up good men, thoroughly
capable in every respect.
* ? *
But having nothing else to do, the
Sketch Man earnestly shifts the position
of his dandruff, and attempts
Ito offer a platform which would, in
his opinion, create intense interest
amongst we of the proletariat horde
who know little ... in fact nothing
. . of high finance, the deceptive
fluctuations of the municipal
bond mart, the exalted art of coupon-clipping,
the refunding of what
we DO KNOW to be an oversize
indebtedness . . . just finance, in
other words. And here are a fewsections
of this "personal platform"
which we offer, free gratis, to our
nominees of Tuesday evening:
?? * * *
"Section I. We promise to remove,
"without further discussion or notice,
ot lAQcf V?olf nf AflUf-Jlmn- ?U?*
P imperiis shoe-shines on the sidewalks i
of thie e'*y. nr-d uInc.- it. earcfullv to
he sure, on a few selected spots for
the cultivation of dahlias and other
"Section IT. We promise, vow and I
declare that our energies and a small
portion of each tax dollar will be ex- *
ponded in leveling the unsightly
dumping ground which now disgraces
a conspicuous hillside, and cover, with
dirt, et cetera, the cans and Model Ts
and dead cats and putrid vegetation
which now offers its offensiveness to 1
the public view. 1
"Section III. We swear by the eyebrows
of Allah that henceforward the 1
unbearable odor of pig-pens will no 1
longer be carried on eoeh invigorating
septiyr to the delicate nostrils of '
summer visitors . . . for there ain't 1
agoing to be any more pig-pens after '
we gather up the reins of govern- J
__ _ t
"Secuon iv. Due to the fact that
Mrs. Carrie Coffey Williams has sue- J
ceeded in creating amongs liome-own*
ers the hitherto unknown habit of *
paying water rents and other obli
gations to the city . . . we shall retain |
her, indefinitely, in the position she
now occupies.
Section V. Without fsynr or rtiality
Chief of Police I^ee Gross has ^
executed the duties of his office faith. ~
fully and efficiently, and If he's will- ,
irig to wear the badge for a few more
years, we'll happily arrange the aalary.
"Section VI. The Federal govern- \
ment is making available to nearby j
towns and villages cheap electric y
energy . . . and it shall be our pleas- ]
ure to carefully investigate such pro- j
jects with a view to making available t
any savings possible for Boone home- j
"Section VII. In a period of low t
interest rates, the Town of Boone is <
carrying an unbearable burden of in- I
debtedness. Having at heart the welfare
of tax-burdened citizens, it shall r
be one of our main objectives to slice
a 'per cent or so' from the carrying
charges of said indebtedness.
"Section Vm. Realizing that civic
pride has languished in the bosoms *
of a majority of Boone people, we j
shall personally sponsor each and ev- t
ery movement which tends toward el- t
evating this promising city to the po- y
sltion it deserves in Northwest Caro- .
Una." l
? (
Of course, there are those who :
will say "yea" to this suggested plat- '
form . . . other;- who will echo an em- 1
phatic "nay" . . . but folks generally
will have to admit that there's a smat- <
tering of sense in it, and a "fairly '
good sprinkling of old-time democracy.
The nation is certainly moving
forward toward recovery under Mr. ]
Roosevelt's New Deal program . . . 1
maybe a "fresh deck" and a change
from "Culbertson" would help matters
here. All is not well . . . that's 1
a cinch . . . for three-hundred-andfifty-dollar
bonds, so it is said, still
purchase more than a thousand dollars
worth of tax receipts. We'll see
what we shall see!
And Just as we're closing the column
a cute little feminine subject,
who has been on relief rolls ever
since Mr. Hoover's reign, prances
out of a nearby photograph studio
with a handful of the prettiest sort
of pictures . . . and the thought occurred
that another branch of Industry
is being resuscitated by the
~ood old Brain Trust!
ipnWTBMWBrwIriifcMiniriiii tinW^'Trffl
An I
Mrs. Fletcher M. Johnson of Irvi
cal Mater by Colder
1^' ^
NEW YORK.?A small vivacious wc
and silvery hair has been selected by ?.
mittee as the typical American Mothe
Johnson of Irvington, N. Y., widow, 59
teen grandchildren. She is the mother
Many Notables Attend District f
Veterans Gathering Held
Tuesday Night.
What has been described a3 the
argest and most interesting meeting t
>f World War veterans and their n
vives ever held in this district, took q
dace at Legion Hail jn Boone Tues- t'
lay evening. t
District . v:r"-tv?rti|jjenrier Wlle^ ?
Pickens of Lir.calhtorr, -District Cbnf
nander Aubrey Cntahoim or Cross- r:
tore; Mr3. M. H. Shumway. State o
Auxiliary president of Lexington, and V
rfrs. H. G. Smith of Lenoir, district n
!ommitteewoman, were among those h
vho were heard by the large gather- p
ng of veterans. Many interesting n
alks were made by representatives k
>f the other posts of the district, and b
l picnic lunch! was served following fc
he business session. e
Auxiliary Meeting ?
Tuesday afternoon the Legion Aux- 11
nary met ir. regular cemi s.nn?>?i nca- 3
lion at Daniel Boone Hotel, the meet- *
rig being in charge of Mrs. H. G.
Smith of Lenoir, district committee- g
voman. Mr3. C. W. Teal, president of v
:he local Auxiliary, made the wel- t
:oming address, and the response was c
oy Miss Aurelia Adams of Lexington. 5
tfiss Annie Dougherty sang several c
beautiful selections, accompanied by
ilrs. W. B. Stallings. The department F
) rest dent, Mrs. Shunrs?ay, =*noke as ^
iid Miss Bertha Wright of Troy and e
Mrs. Charles Younce of Boone.
A gift from the Auxiliary was pie- (
lented to Mrs. Shumway. Many visitors
from other units of the Seven:eenth
district were present.
rwenty Justices Named i,
By Representative Swift I
RALEIGH, N. C.?The omnibus a
justice of the peace bill, introduced a
n the House of Representatives some 0
lime ago. is waiting for such changes r
ao ma-y i/c mauc utuuic it 1a euocicu ui
3y the General Assembly. This is one \
the controverted bills, local squab- j s
sles reaching: the floor in the naming c
>f the justices. Terms are for six
pears, unless otherwise specified, and \
those named are required to qualify c
.vithin 60 days after April 1st. s
Watauga County men recommend- ]
*d by Representative Swift and in- r
eluded in the list follow: t
Bald Mountain, J. A. Wall, R. F. f
Vannoy; Beaver Dam, Perry Far- r
thing; Blowing Rock, J. T. Miller; r
Boone, A. J. Edmisten; Blue Ridge, f
J. M. Bradshaw; Cove Creek, O. B. c
Moody; Elk, C. C. Triplett; Laurel ?
Creek, Claude Edmisten, G. C. Ward; f
Meat Camp, C. G. Hodges, Cabel t
Winebarger, Harmon McNeil; North
Fork, ?5. R. South; Srmwiict-iiaw, Fred
Edminsten, Earnie Triplett; Stony
Fork, W. S. Moretz, E. B. Hardin; j
Watauga, E. B. Fox, Arthur Mast. t
Blowing Rock High School was sue- 1
ccssful last Tuesday In defeating the !
boya of Boone High by a score of 2 <
to 1. Beach, Boone pitcher, allowed 1
five hits and struck out one man. <
Lentz for Blowing Rock allowed three .
hits and struck out thirteen men. i
ndependent Weekly New
ngton, N. Y., Selected as Typii
Rule Committee.
a t
>man with sparkling dark blue eyes
he Golden Rule Mother's Day Comr
for 1925. She is Mrs. Fletcher M.
, shown above vith one of her thirof
six children.
Jorlii Wilkcsboro Officers Nab
Two Convicts One Hour After
They Leave Boone Camp.
Two negroes, long,term prisoners at
he State Prison camp near Boone,
rade a daring get-away front their ;
uartcrs Friday night, only to ba^cap- ;
ured Just about an hour later through
he diligence of police officer^ at
ram the site of the camp by use of
ne of the highway trucks, the North
Vilkcabono police were immediately
otlfied by telephone, and within an
our a chase ensued as the truck occu;?
k,? .i? ? ? - -
ivw ?J uit. *1 tgioca ciucrcil U1C
ctghboring city. They were ovcrta:cn
by the law at the lower Yadkin
ridge, but it was necessary to puncure
the tires with bullets before the
scapces could be stopped. The truck
verturned but the occupants were
iot badly hurt. Prison camp officials
rrived shortly and carried them back
o Boone.
James Green, 44, one of the neroes,
a native of Winston-Salem,
.as a preacher before he was aenenced
to a ten-year st retell for mnrler.
Eugene Wilson, 28, was from
fount Airy and is serving a five to
ight-year sentence for robbery.
Captain W. H. Brown, camp buicrintendent,
highly commended the
Vilkes officers for their swift and
ffective co-operation.
n n n 1
jiven run raraon
A Month After Death
RALEIGH. N. C.-Govemor Ehrnghaus
extended a full pardon last
/eek to a man who could not accept
t, because he was dead. Joe Home,
:illed by another prisoner at the Kennsville
convict camp in March, was
bsolved of complicity in the robbery
if the Bank of Denton, Davidson
bounty, in September, 1932, but it
vas found he had nothing to do with
t. The parole is to clear his name
ind for the benefit of the members
>f his family.
Pardoned also were Sylvan Palmer,
Valter Bridgeman and Victor Fowler,
onvicted along with Home, and all
lentenced to fifteen years in prison.
Sen Lowe, serving a term for autonobile
larceny in Guilford County,
old Solicitor H. L. Koontz that he
ind four others committed the bank
obbery and the four convicted had
lothing to do with it. Mike Stefan off.
oreigner, and Lester Green were two
>f his companions, Lowe said. Stefinoff
and Green were electrocuted
or killing the cashier in a bank rob>ery
at Taylorsville.
LuTiiESAno 3EKVE iiliiiiLii
On Monday evening the congregaion
of Grace Lutheran Church served
i dinner, as is their custom occasionilly,
in the basement of the church,
lonoring the following, whose birthlays
are this week and during the
nonth: Miss Lona Moretz, Miss Amy
Louise Fisher. Miss Katie Lyon and
Mrs. A. R. Smith, who was a spejiaily
invited guest. Others present
'rom out of town were: Mrs. Clarke
>f Greensboro, who is visiting in the
ieffcoat home. Miss Rash of Hickory
ind Mr. Ford of Penland.
spaper?Established in tl
Case Growing Out of Robbery of
Criteher Store Tried by
Judge Phillips.
t inal Docket. Trial of Civil Cases
Other Remaining Judgments 011 Crlni1
Now Going Forward. Term to
Last Through Next Week.
Ralph Gilley and Grady Hartley,
residents of the Bamboo section were
given sentences of 3 to t years and
2 to 3 years, respectively, by Judge
Don Phillips in Superior Court Tuesday,
after they had offered a last
minute plea of guilty in connection
With the robbery of the T. L?. Critclier
store at Bamboo. Their confine
ment is to be in the State Prison, and
Judge Phillips specified that they
were to be engaged at "hard labor."
The case attracted considerable attention
due to the fact that a safe
containing several hundreds of dollars
was taken from the store and was not
located for several weeks. Diligence
of local officers finally connected Giliey
and Hartley with the burglary.
Convicts Given Sentences
lames Green and Eugene Wilson,
negro convicts at the local prison
camp, who escaped from their confinement
last Friday night and appropriated
ft State truck to carry
them down the mountains to swift I
capture, were arraigned, and given |
twelve months each for the larceny j
OX Uic Veiliuic, bcutcntic t.O uC^T.". (
at the expiration of the term3 they are
how serving.
The case charging \John Church
v/ith seduction was dismissed.
Henry Miller, reckless driving, dismissed.
Perry Moody, larceny, 6 months
sentence, suspended on payment of
goal and $50 to prosecuting witness.
<5X> make report to court for two
>\i!) Folk <colored). larceny, twelve;
rrtonths on roads.
- The unusually light State docket
that the court will continue all of
next week,
Charles Jenkins Injured
In Automobile Accident
Charles Jenkins of North Wilkes- j
boro, well known to Boone people,!
who was seriously injured in an automobile
accident near Greensboro Sun-1
day, is reported as being in "fair con- |
dition" at the Clinic Hospital in that)
city. j
No one was with Mr. Jenkins tus hio
car crashed into a closed drive at the
Womans' College, and he was found
unconscious early Monday morning.
Severe lacerations and bruises may
constitute his injuries, it was believed
the first of the week.
The baccaulaurvAtc sermon for
Boone High School will be preached
in the Methodist Church or. April 28,
8 p. m. Rev. J. C. Canlpe will deliver
the sermon.
Class Day exercises will be held in
the College Auditorium on Friday.
May 3. 2:30 p. m. Graduating exercises
will be May 4th, at 8 p. m. in
College Auditorium.
Miss Evelyn Caudill of WinstonSalem
will be crowned Queen of the
May when students of Appalachian
College assemble on the campus next
Monday afternoon at 4 o'clock in the
annual May Day exercises. The event,
which is sponsored by the Y. W. C.
A., may be attended by the general
A soft ball tournament for the boys
of Boone High, Blowing Rock High.
Cove Creek High and Bethel High
will be held at College Field today
(Thursday), 1 o'clock. The winner will
receive a new ball and bat. The tournament
is sponsored by the physical
education department of Appalachian
State Teachers College.
All persons interested in the organization
of a county baseball league
are invited to meet at the Court
house In Boone on Saturday afternoon,
April 27. 3 p. m.
The A. S. T. C. Varsity baseball
team will play High Point College
Friday, and the Greyhound Travelers
or Winston-Saiem on Saturday.
rlWfeliTTilt" I ' "T'li" if"? liitni f in ' " 'iiVi
le Year Eighteen EightyTHURSDAY.
APRIL 25, 1935
j Alice McHenry's Smile
of Victory
Omaha Girl Recovering from
"Up-side-down" Operation
FA L.L. RIVER, R. I. Alice McHenry
of Omaha (above), whose
j "upside-down stomach" operation,
j here was quite successful, is now
j up and about playing with her Easj
ter gilts.
Representatives of Departmen
of Health Arc Heard at Local
Mass Meeting.
A representative group of local cil
izens were present at the courthoua
last Friday when Drs. Branch an
Richardson of the State Departmen
of Health, discussed the possibility 0
Watauga being included in the State
wide health program, recently er
nniioo.) K? thn I'unrvAnnnn V..}!/... A .
Under the plan as presented thi
county would secure the services c
la full-time health nurse, and thre
I full-time doctor^ would have charg
| of five counties. The gathering wen
Ion record practically unanimously a
favoring the proposal. The next ste
is to find out whether or not $140
ner annum may be secured from th
[county's treasury with which to dt
fray Wataugao' portion of the e>
Ipense. The matter, however, has nc
yet been laid before the Board c
[Fathers tin joy Banquet
With Future Farmer
On the evening of April 17th tt
Cove Creek Chapter of FXiture Farn
ers had one of its outstanding evenl
of the 3'ear, the annual Father an
Son Banquet. Every member of th
Agricultural Club invited his fath?
to meet the group at the Cove Cree
School. A large number of the fat*
ers came. The program for the ev?
ning opened with indoor baseball i
which the fathers showed they coul
still hold the bat over their sons. Aft
er the game the group was serve
(with a nice dinner prepared by th
Home Economics girls and agricultt
ral boys, under the supervision c
Miss Annie Dougherty.
Music for the occasion was fui
nished by Hard Thomas and his banc
Interesting speeches on agricultui
were made by Superintendent W. I
Walker, Wade E. Brown, T. V. J
' Agent Davids, County Agent Collin
and State Horticulture Supervisor I
R. Niswonger.
The club has elected as officers fc
the year 1935-36 the following:
President, James Brown; vice-pres
dent, Glen Anderson; secretary, Jam*
Sherwood; treasurer, Ben Horton; r<
porter, Paul Fox; conductors, Robei
Lewis and Clint Elliot; watch doj
Shelton Dugger.
Mr. Frank M. Payne of Boone, gei
eral agent for the Security Life ar
Trust Company, on his return fro
the Home Office in Winston-Sale
Tuesday stated that the insurant
IuuSiHcoo m really good and gcttli
better. Records of his company sho
a 90 per cent increase in new bus
ncss the first half of April as cor
pared to the same period last yea
while paid for business is ahead H
per cent. The company expects tl
biggest month in its history and tl
agents are being congratulated f
having made possible this fine sho\
Incidentally, a series of Instruct!
i advertisements for Mr. Payne's age
i cy is beginning in The Democr
today. ?
J ~3H?
Twenty-six ukskt in Municipal
XominatiKg Convention
at Cj 5 house.
Dr. Perry OnIv\ffiprn?yii ltenomlnated
by Poople^^or Counclll Defeated
by Four Votes. Election
to Be Held May ttth.
D. Jones Coctrell is the Democratic
j candidate fcr Mayor of Boone, as a
j result of a second-ballot decision of
Hie nominating- convention held in the
courthouse Tuesday evening at which
time twenty-six citizens of mixed political
allegiance participated in the
routine business of the meeting.
Dr. H. B. Perry, a veteran member
of the Board of Aldermen, was the
only incumbent to receive a vote of
approval, and his running mates are
to be Charles Rogers and L. T. Tatllli..
Hr .1 r> PuuDin * -
pal&chian College. was a runner-up in
the aldcrmanic balloting.
Mayor Tracy Council! in the final
. voting received 11 votes arc compared
L to 15 for I>. J. Cottrell. The vote for
aldermen was as follows: Dr. Perry,
23: Charle3 Rogers, 18; D. T. Tatum,
20; J. D. Rankin, 10 T. E. Moore
was chairman of the convention, while
" ! Wade E. Brown acted as secretary.
Cottrell Has Served Before
Mr Cottrell, who Is one of Boone's
n oldest active business men, has served
acceptably as mayor in previous adpablc
executive. The new members of
t the board, Messrs. Rogers and Tatum,
are successful business men of the
town, but have not previously seen
public service.
These nominations are tantamount
- to election, since Republicans do not
c offer a ticket in this overwhelmingly
d Democratic municipality, and there is
t no indication Wednesday morning of
if any independent nominations. The
t- election is to be held May 6th, and a
i- new registration of voters is going
i- forward at City Hall with Mrs. Frank
Williams as registrar. However, it is
is reported at the office that aurpriaif
ingly few voters have become eligible
e for the franchise since the reglstrae
tion books have been open,
p Rev. Canipe to Speak at
? District Meeting Juniors
On Wednesday. May 1st, 1935, the
>t spring meeting of District Number 3,
>f Junior Order, United American Mechanics,
will be held with Elk Park
Council No. 88 at Elk Park, N. C.
ITliciv will uc a business session at 4
o'clock p. m., at which time the diaO
I trint rlocrrno airill * " ' s . ?.
0 win iic wmcireu on new
members arid district officers will be
elected for the ensuing year.
ie At 7:30 p. m. a public meeting will
1_ be held at which time the following
? program will be given:
^ Song, -'America," by the audience;
e Scripture, by Rev. LeRoy Gentry of
!r Elk Park; invocation, by Rev. Mr,
k Lee of Elk Park; address of welcome
t- hy \'r Wallace Gentiy of Elk Park;
5r response to address of welcome by
11 Prof. Teague of Newland; presenta^
tion of award to council making the
best progress during past year, by
d Clyde R. Greene of Boone; acceptance
e of award; address, ' The Present Challenge,"
by Rev. J. C. Canipe of Boone;
^ benediction.
Special music by a string band will
r" enliven the program.
The Third District is composed of
"e Avery, Mitchell and Watauga coun*
ties. There are six councils in this
district with a membership of 315.
s? All councils are expected to have large
delegations in attendance. Clyde R.
Greene of Boone is deputy for this
>r district. C. W. Snyder, Ficid Secretary,
and pnasibly some other State
i- i officers will be in attendance.
5- 5 n? ? ?
-t ^tieritt Captures Man
Wanted in Wilkes
; Early Speaks (Sanders), wanted In
^ Wilkes County to answer charges of
assault, was arrested last week by
a. Sheriff Howell and deputies near
,d Rutherwood and held for the officers
m in the neighboring county. Speaks
m was wanted in Wilkes, it is 3aid, on
Je charges of cutting a man with a knife
.- and for cursing and abusing and
w threatening the lives of twe women.
,i- This is the sixtieth man that Shern_
iff Howell has arrested for other
states and counties since he went injp
to office.
v- Seventh grade graduation exercises
for Blowing Rock Elementary School
ve will be given Wednesday evening, May
n- 1st, 8 o'clock, in the auditorium of
at' that institution. The public is invited
to attend.

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