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Judge Nettles To
Preside At June
Civil Court Term
Rites Held For
Claud Hampton
On Saturday
Funeral services were held Saturday
at Mount Ephriam Church
for Claude Hampton, IB, who met
death by drowning in a rough aurf
at Myrtle Beach, S. C. Monday of
last week.
Burial wu in Mountlawn Memorial
Survivors are his parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Jerry Hampton, two brothers,
J. B. and Billy Hampton of
the home. Other survivors are two
sisters, Mrs. Bonnie Jean Restivo
of Silver Creek, N. Y. and Mr».
Susie Sutherland of Sugar Grove.
WiU Start
The summer recreation program
gets into full swing Monday
June 10. The following activities
are scheduled for the week of
June 10-14: ,
Monday June 10—1:30-3:00, little
league baseball (age 9-12);
3:00-9:00, pong league baseball,
(age 13-15); 5:45-7:30 adult softball
(two games).
Tuesday. June 11 —1:30-3:00,
primary boys (age 8-9) softball;
3:00-4:30. girls (age 9-14), softball;
5:45-7:30, adult Softball (two
games); 7:30-10:00, teen canteen.
Wednesday. June 13—1:30-3:00
little league baseball; 3:(KW5:00
pong league baseball; 0:45-7:30.
rained-out or postponed adult
Thursday. Jane 13—1:30-3:00,
primary boys, softball: 3:004:30,
girls (age 0-14) softball; 5:45-7:30,
(continued on page three)
Enoch Adams
Funeral Held
Enoch Allen Adam*, 77, resident
Of Vila*, died May SI at Watauga
Hospital, following a long period
of failing health.
Funeral ser rices were held at
Rein* - Sturdivant Funeral Hone
chapel Sunday at 1:30 o'clock. Rev.
J. E. Crump conducted the services
and burial was in the Adams
Survivors are a son and daughter,
Dolph Adams and Mrs. Fred
Wilson, both of Boone. There are
14 grandchildren and 7 great
Local Lions Go
To Asheville
Members of the Boone Lions
Club who will attend the North
Carolina state convention of Lions
International, to be held at Ashevllle
May 9, 10. and 11, include:
President Ira 8. Ayen; President-elect
Dr. John H. V. orkman,
A. K. Smith, who is a candidate
for District i Governor of District
31 - B: International Counselors
Richard E. Kelly and Dr. D. J.
Whitener: Vice President Guy
Hunt; and Treasurer John H
Judge Zeb V. Nettle* of Ashe
ville will preside at the June tens
of Watauga Superior Court, which
convenes next Monday. Only civil
cases will be tried and it ii expected
that the business of the
court will be concluded during
the first week.
Following are the names of
those who have been summoned
for duty service:
Julius Miller.
Robert Miller, Billy Dean Harmon.
Ralph Andrews, Henry Rupard.
Paul Critcher.
Harold Watson, W. Romey Triplets
Joe Cook.
Paul E. Hayes, Fred Grimes.
Max Miller, Ivan Younce, Earl
Glenn Triplett.
Wesley Presnell.
Leonard Wilson, Claude E. Norris.
M. H. Edmisten, Stanley Coffey.
Will Byrd.
Claude Miller, Prince Hamby.
Clarence Earp, O. J. Coffey, Piy
Second Week Of Civil Ceurt
Jessie R. Holman.
Robert Arnetfe.
Fred Andrewi, Arnold Triplett. j
Dayton Cook.
George S. Cook. W. E. Hamp- ]
ton, James Moretz, F. M. Hamp-1
J. Bynum Hodge, James W. |
Don H. Bingham, Lonnie Isaacs, |
James M. Burkett.
Carson Cox.
Roger Harmon.
Grady Moretz, Fred Greene.
J. P. Palmer, Jay Miller.
Charlie Wilson.
Filmore Preanell.
Clark C. Miller, Lloyd Wilcox,
H. 0. Aldridge, Homer Shore, |
Fred Townaend.
Watauga Wool
Pool Weighed
The Watauga Wool Pool was
weighed June 3, at Farmers Burley
Warehouse. A total of 20,214
pounds of wool was sold tor $12,007.84.
Nichols and Company. Inc.,
Boston, Massachusetts, purchased !
the wool for their plant at Johnson
ville. South Carolina.
Open House At Telephone Building;
Parade Of Equipment To Be Featured
The public to invited to attend
"open houae" ;,t the telephone
building. 709 fc. King 8t., Friday
(um 7, from 7:00 p. m. to 10:00
p m
Want to tee yourwlf and your
family on TVT Free?
Southern Bell Telephone Company
baa the anawer. "Telephone
Magic on Parade" exhibit will be
in Boone at the telephone building
Friday evening and at 101 E.
King St Saturday.
The exhibit, homed in in air
conditioned, 32-foot trailer unit,
■ill be open to the public. Mr. H.
M. Inabinot. manager. «aid a TV
camera will be in the trailer, and
i TV net will show each vlaltor
u he enten
One oi the renowned ball mUr
■ '
batteries will be used to make
electricity (ram light. The exhibit
alio shows an educational parade
of telephone* from a model of the
first one made by Alexander Graham
Bell to an ultra-modern radiotelephone
in operation, and telephone*
that talk without being
picked op.
Among the other "marvels" included
in the exhibit is a telephone
that answers itself wJ>en
nobody is at home. Then there's a
working model of an Intricate
"Telephone Brain." that uses
dialed information to select any
particular telephone from thousands
of others la a city
The show will display peasited
trans ft tors, called the
since the vacuum tube." Telephone
cable wilt be ihown. and a
"Bell and Lighta" unit used 'to receive
civil defense warnlng*®in
large building*.
In addition to ita iihc aa an educational
exhibit, Mr. Inabinet xaid,
the tractor-trailer ha* a highlyimportant
emergency function in
the atate.
Beaidea the dlnplaya, It haa two
(witch boa rda. cable and other
equipment which will make poaatble
Ka immediate diapairh to
and One at tbe weno of a dkaater,
aa an emergency telephone switching
center. Thia would reestablish
communication* for vital governmental
and relief agencies with
minimum delay If other communitttlooiiihosM
b# jnwyjiH Mil,
SPORTS CAR HILL CLIMB.—Action i« seen in the annual Grandfather Mountain Sport* Car Hill Climb,
as one of the racers roars up the sharp grade to the summit of the lofty peak.—Photo Hugh Morton.
Bob Davis' Car Is Winner Of
Grandfather Mountain Race
Grandfather Mountain, June 2—
Ed Welch of Winston-Salem zipped
the Davis special up the 2V«mile
twisting Grandfather Mountain
course here today In record
time to win over-all honors in the
fifth annual climb for sports cars.
Welch, the defending champion,
turned in a time of 3:23.1, bettering
his old record of 3:25. The
Davis Special he drove is owned
by Bob Davis of Boone.
More than 3,000 fans attended
the races which began at the bottom
of the mountain and finished
at the top at the famed swinging
bridge with 17 major turns in between.
Betty Jeaa Goodwin of Spartanburg,
S. C., pretty Wake Forest
College co-ed, was named qneen of
the event. Amateur golf star Billy'
Joe Patton of Horganton present-1
ed trophies to the race winners.
There was one accident. Charles
Strong of Greensboro wrecked his
Jaguar on the eighth turn. He was
The results:
Class F-Touring—Won by Ed
Welch of Winston-Salem in a Dolvo
in the time of 4:07.0.
Class G-Touring—Won by J. H.
Ottman of Charlotte driving a
DWK in the time of 4:13.1.
Class G-Production — 1, Phil
Styles. Burnsville, MG-TG, 4:04.4.
2. Ken Davis of Winston-Salem,
Porsche, 4:19.7.
Class F-Pr»ductlon—1, Ed Alexander,
Greensboro, Porsche,
3:43.2. 2, Richard Fonde, Knox
Villa, Tenn. MC A, 3:46.5. 3, Ben
Shepard, Winston-Salem, Porsche,
Class ^-Production—1, Harold
Butner, Burnsville, Austin-Healey,
3:40.2. 2, Ralph Long, Prospect
Hill, Austin-Healey, 3:41.6. 3, Lawrence
Bowden, Raleigh, AustinHealey.
Class C-Production—1, Johnny
Belk, Hickory, Jaguar, 3:39.3. 2,
Bob McKauthin, Hickory, 3:38.0.
3, Buddy Reid, Charlotte, Jaguar,
3:48.9. (Bclk set new record for
Class C-Modified—Won by Jim
Campbell of Winston-Salem in u
production Jaguar, 3:99.2.
Class B-Touring—Won bjr George
Hawkins of Hickory in a Ford
Ranchero, 3:42.2.
Picture-Taking, Hillbilly Show
Preface Opening Of Horn
Mayor, Incumbent
Board Are Given Nod
Democrat* of the town of Boone
met in convention la*t Wednesday
evening and nominated Mayor
Gordon H. Winkler, Councilmen
Howard Cottrell. Wayne Richardson
and Grady Tugman, all incumbents,
as candidates in the
city election to be held June 18.
Chairman Homer Brown presided
over the meeting and spoke
briefly to the crowd which filled
the courtroom.
Mayor Winkler and the incumbent
councilmen were placed in
nomination by Mr. Leo K Pritcbett.
Mr. John H. Council!, was
nominated for Mayor by Mr.
Grady Moretz 'and Mr. Lewis
Reese for councilman.
The tally was as follows:
Winkler 200, Council! 61; Cottrell
228, Richardson 230; Tugman
205; Reese 86.
Nominated and elected by the
convention to the city Democratic
executive committee were: Jean
Rivers, Homer Brown. Ruth Mc
Connell, • Gurney Luther, Grady
Election Books
Open Saturday
City regiatration books will be
open at the town hall June 8th
and 19th for the municipal election
June 18th.
Those who haven't previously
voted in the town election, or who
have reached the age of 21 since
the last election, or become qualified
through length of residence,
must register in order to participate
in the election.
The Army's first atomic power
reactor is now in operation.
A Mammoth (lash shot of the
Daniel Boone Theatre, picturetaking
by approximately 100 professional
and amateur lensmen, J
and a one-hour hillbilly musical!
show are slated for the evening ,
of June 15 in Boone, it was announced
this week by Leo Derrick,
publicity director for "Horn
In The West", outdoor drama
which opens June 28.
The flash shot and picture-snap- ;
ping are part of the annual C'aroUnas
Press Photography Clinic
and meeting. The photogs will meetj
earlier in the day at Grandfather
Mountain for lectures, more picture-taking,
and to select a Photo
Cecil Campbell and the Tennessee
Ramblers, with the Jolly Sisters,
all well-known recording,'
television, radio and public-ap-j
pearance stars, will provide an
hour of entertainment, beginning
at 8 o'clock.
The Sylvania Electric Company
wilt handle the flash shot and
representatives of the concern
stated that picture* of the crowd
will likely be published in many
leading newspapers.
According to Derrick, the hillbilly
show will start the evening's
festivities at 8:00 and the first
flash shot will be snapped between
8:30 and 8:45 The second half of
the show will be followed by another
big flash of stage scenes
from "Horn In The West".
Photographers will take individual
and group shots of "Horn"
performers In costume and cash
prises will be awarded to the best
published pictures. Caah award*
are also available this year to
television cameramen for the first
time, according t« Hugh Morton
of Unville. Morton, owner of
Grandfather Mountain and one of
the country's foremost cameramen,
will host the day-time festivities
at the nearby Avery County resort.
In announcing preliminary plans
for the event, Derrick said he felt
that Boone sponsors were fortunate
in securing the Cecil Campbell
group and the Jolly Sisters
for a performance "Campbell has
« wide following from fcU movie
(Contiaucd on page three)
Kites Sunday
For Former
School Leader
Smith Hagaman, former Watauga
County Superintendent of
Schools, and retired superintendent
of ^he Baptist Hospital in
Winston-Salem, died Friday afternoon
at his home at 221 Eden
Terrace, Winston-Salem.
Mr. Hagaman, who was 88 years
old, had been in declining health
for six months. His illness had
been serious for about a month.
Born in Watauga county May
fl, 1868, he was a son of Hugh and
Elizabeth Wilson Hagaman. Reared
in the Beaver Dam section of
Watauga county, he attended the
public schools and Cove Creek
He joined the Beaver Dam
Baptist Church at the age of 12.
He became a leader in the denomination,
teaching In the Sunday
Schools throughout the years
as well as in the public schools.
Mr. Hagaman served in the
State Legislature from 1000 to
1911, and was named Superintendent
of schools in Watauga county
in 1019, where he served for 10
years. He served 11 year* as superintendent
of the Baptist Hospital
in Winston-Salem, and was
credited with having contributed
greatly to the growth of the institution.
Retiring from the hospital post
in 1045, Mr. Hagaman continued
to serve Forsyth county as a member
of the board of education un
til IMS when he declined to run
for re-election. He had nerved the
board for ten year*.
He became owner of the Trailway
Laundry in 1944 and remained
active in buainess until recently
He was married in 1M1 to Miss
Blanche Sherrill, who died in
1921. Hit aecond wife, Mra Stella
McCartney Hagaman, survive! in
addition to five daughters and
three sons: »Mr». J. C. Hagaman,
Chattanooga, Tenn.; Mr*. Hill
Hagaman, Mri. J. C. MeConnell,
Mr*. Fred Ma*t, Boone; Mr*. Dean
Swift of Cove Creek; Dr. Len
D. Hagaman, Boone; Hugh Hagaman,
Boone; Mack Hagaman. Wln•ton-Salem.
There are IB grandchildren;
HV great grandchildren
and three sisters: Mr*. Will Smith,
Johnson City, Tenn.; Mri. Ellia
Moody, Joneaboro, Tenn.; Mra.
Ray Dotaon, Glady*. Va.; and a
brother, Emmett Hagaman of
KnoxvUIe, Tenn.
Service* were conducted Sunday
at 1 o'clock at the Pint Baptiat
Church in Boone. Dr. Ralph Herring
of Winston.Salem conducted
the rite*, and was aaaiatetf by Rev.
William Eaton of Boone. Grandsons
were pallbearers and honorary
pallbearers were members of
the Baraca Sunday School Claas of
First Baptist Church, WinstonSalem.
Mr. Hagaman had served
as teacher of this claas since 1934.
Burial waa la Mountlawn Memorial
Traffic Deaths
Flalrljh—The Motor Vehicle.
Department'* nummary of traffic
death* through 10 & to., June S:
Killed thi. year 3M
Killed to date left year: 418
—_ .
President Klaenhower h« call
ad labor racketeering "an abonl
A QUEEN AT 3— Peggy Martin, 3-year-old daughter of Dr. and Mrs.
John 0. Martin of Boone, aurveya her "aubjecta" from her "throne",
a (tump on the bank of Diamond-S Lake, where ahe waa crowned
Queen of the 1967 Watauga County Flahing Rodeo laat Wednesday by
Mlaa Marilyn Bolick of Blowing Rock (ahown at right)—Staff photo
by Joe Minor.
Fishing Rodeo Brings
Out Junior Anglers
[ More than ISO junior-grade
fiahermen tried their hick and
•kill at B. W. Stalling!' annual
Watauga Fishing Rodeo, held laat
Wednesday. May 29, (or the alzth
conaecutive year at Diamond-S
A d u 111 accompanying their
children, and other spectators,
■welled the crowd around the lake
to well over 200 persona before
time was called at 8 p. m. and the
prizes ayarded.
Little Miss Peggy Martin. 3year-old
daughter of Dr. and Mrs.
i. G. Martin of Boone, was chosen
Rodeo Queen and appropriately
crowned by Misa Marilyn Bolick
of Blowing Rock.
The rodeo opened at 3 p. m. and
ended at B with refreshments. Although
no count wai made, Mr.
Stalllngs estimated that about 100
baas and blue gill were taken
from the little lake, which is
cloaed to fishermen throughout
the year, except for church and
Scout groups.
Prizes donated by Boone merchants
were awarded at the close
of the day's activities in the following
Largest Fish—Jerry Hayea, son
of Mr. and Mrs. Farthing Hayes
of Perkinsville, a decorated cake
from Twina Bakery.
Sportsmanship—Paul Miller, ton
of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Miller of
Perkinavllle, $1.00 in trade at Appalachian
Barber Shop.
Moat Fiah—Denny Norria, son
of Mr. and Mrs. Coy Norria of
Todd, a leather book satchel from
Crest's 8 k 10.
First Fish Caught—Jerry Dotson,
son of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth
DoUon of Boone, Route S, a Tshirt
from Church's.
Smallest Fish Caught—Terry
Shirley, son of Mr. and Mrs. Guy
Shirley of Boone, a camera from
Palmer's Photo Shop.
Biggest Thrill Landing a Fish—
Bobby Shirley, son of Mr. and
Mrs. Guy Shirley of Boone, a
water color set from Smith Printing
Host Skillful Fisherman—Jerry
Fox, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert
Fox of Foacoe, a fishing bag from
Farmers Hardware * Supply Co.
A new prite added this year
waa for parents who registered
their children for the rodeo at
S tailings Jewelry prior to the
event. Mrs. Perry Greene of Boone
won ten silver dollars in this
Local Co-op Makes
Plans For Open House '
The Blue Ridge Electric Membership
Corporation ha* scheduied
an "open house" event on
Wednesday, June 13, at ita new
building on the Blowing Rock
road,, according to an announcement
by Neil Fariea, manager of
the Watauga District.
The public if invited to viait the
new building between the hours
of 10 a. m. and 4 p. m. on June 12.
Special preparation are being
made for the event, aaid Mr. Fariea,
including a drawing for door
prixea, and the serving of refreshments
to all who attend.
Constructed of fire resistant
material by Taylor Brothers of
Lenoir, with wiring and lighting
by Ayer* Electric Shop of Boone,
the building is one of the most
modern and upto-date In this
area. It is electrically heated by
radiant ceiling heat.
Spacious, well-appointed offices,
ample storage facilities, a large
parking area, and • drive-in pay
window are features of the new
MMMflnWhen the office is
closed, payments can still be made
by using the night depository at
V .-v;i
the pay window. = i
Mr. Faries, Mrs. Pauline Hodges,
cashier, Mn Edna Collins,
assistant cashier, and other key
personnel will be on hand to show
visitors around and point out the
various features of the building.
The corporation serves approximately
3,000 members In the Watauga
District. Kr. Farie* said
Dairy Month Is
lial.^h, M;i> 20
Hodges today designated June as
Dairy Month in North Carolina.
The governor said in a statement,
"Milk and milk product*
afford a livelihood or an import-;
ant supplementary source of income
for more than 39,000 families
In the state." ,
In urging citiiens to loin in the
etwervance of Dairy Month.
Hodgea said dairy farming
ranks among the
tea is North

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