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Optimist Club
Installs New
Slate Officers
Officer* of the Boone Optimist
Club were installed Monday night
in special ceremonies attended by
members of the Lenoir Optimist
Club as special guests. The club
here was sponsored by the Lenoir
Hugh Cranford, who is past di
rector of the Optimist Internation
al, past governor of District 18,
and past president of the Charlotte
Optimist Club, installed the off
Those who will be in charge of
the local club this year are: David
N. Spainhour, president; A. E. Mc
Creary, first vice president; Joe
Todd, second vice president;
Doughton Greene, secretary and
treasurer; Nick Stakias, sergeant
at arms; Hubert Inman, immediate
past president.
Directors for two year terms
are Joe Todd, John Miller, Jack
Williams; for one year terms Neil
Faires, George Flowers, and Nick
In adition to being installed as
president, Mr. Spainhour was pre
sented a nine year perfect attend
ance pin. Mr. Stakias and Mr. Mc
Creary received two year pins.
Mr. Flowers was installed also as
a new member.
Ned Leftwich, past lientenant
governor and past president of the
Lenoir club, presented the Boone
Optimist Club with a banner of
the Optimist Creed, as a gift from
the four members of the Lenoir
Optimist Club who were respon
sible for the forming of ihe Boone
Present at the meeting also was
L. E. Dimmettee, charter president
of the Lenoir Optimist Club. He is -
Mr. Spainhour's father-in-law.
Howell Is Given
IRC Scholarship
11111111 ~
Robert Gene Howell has been
named by International Resisatnce
Company officios as the recipient
of the IRC Watauga County Science
Scholarship. The scholarship,
worth $1,000, at the rate of $290
per year, will be awarded annually,
according to Carl Smith, manager
of the Boone diviaion of IRC.
Mr. Howell's Selection was based
on transcripta of hia four years
grades at Appalachian High School.
He was among several that com
peted for the acholarship from the
high schoola in Watauga county,
and hia final selection was made
by the operating sfaff of the Boone
plant. He alao had to express a
desire to follow a science career
on his application to be eligible.
It was necessary that he be accept
ed at the college of hia choice
before making application for the
Mr. Howell, who is the son of
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To Democrat ?
Subscribers <
Subscriber* living In North
Carolina are again reminded
that subscriptions are now tax
ed at S per cent. '
A number of renewal* have
been received by nail locally
with only %ZM rndoaed, where it
should be |1U. We have to pay
this tax on the very low sub
script ion rate. If a reader live* (
Outside Watanfa County bnt in
the State, his subscription la
U.M per year plus tax, and he
will need to send II. M.
We would appreciate complete
cooperation In this regard.
Due to taxes, increaaed cant
of publication, etc, the news
atand price of the Democrat la
now I cento, the first time this
price has been changed since
the founding of the news pa pr
II year* ago.
CHERRY PICKERS.? It's cherry picking time on the campus of Appalachian State Teachers College.
Miss Elizabeth Wood, of Columbus, Ohio, and Mrs. Inez Conners, of Shelby, participants in the Foreign
Language Institute, climb atop the rear of a truck to pick the red berries.? Photo John Corey.
Parkway Extension News Given Out
By Commissioner At Monday Meet
Democrat Staff Writer
A story book sense of liming
it a mid-summer meeting of the
Parkway Comimssion in Boone
Monday, gave a dramatic touch to
in interruption by a long distance
:all from the Washington office of
Congressman Roy Taylor to an
lounce House approval of a bill
ooking to the extension of the
Jlue Ridge Parkway into northern
The announcement came midway
n a luncheon meeting of Parkway
Commission members and guests
it the Daniel Boone Inn, where
lost-member of the Commission,
V. R. Winkler and other Boone
>usiness men entertained the
(roup. The call came to commis
lion chairman, William Medford,
'ho made Jie announcement.
The bill would provide $35,000
or a study to determine whether
he Blue Ridge Parkway should
>e extended through southwest
forth Carolina into Georgia.
At one point in the debate of
he study bill, Republican H. R.
>ross of Iowa asked why the state
if North Carolina couludn't pro
ride funds for the Parkway study,
ie withdrew his objection when it
ras pointed out Uiat the Parkway
i federally owneil and operated.
The study would be conducted
ly the Interior and Agriculture
lepartments. If the extension were
constructed, it would run about
78 miles past some of North Car
ilina's mountain water falls.
Other commission members in
ittendance at the Boone meeting
?ere Vice Chairman Frank H.
Jrown, Dr. Kelly Bennet, Robert I.
?resley, W. F. Osborne, and Mrs.
Corinne Killian, secretary of the
Guests attending were Fred J.
)verly, superintendent of the
Ireat Smoky Mountain National
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Mrs. Robbins Is
Red Cross Leader
At Blowing Rock
Mrs. Pat Robbing of Blowing
Rock has been named Fund Chair
man (or the town of Blowing Rock
for the Red Cross Fund drive
which begins July 15 and con
tinues through August IS.
Mrs. George W. Grove is serv
ing as co-chairman. Mrs. J. D.
Jones, treasurer, and Mrs. Carrie
Johnson, Mrs. Fred Fincke and
Mrs. W. W. Williamson will work
in key posts as committee mem
"Our quota thia year is $500.00
for the town of Blowing Rock,"
said Mrs. Robbins, and it is very
important (hat we meet that quota
to continue the services offered by
Watauga Red Cross, one of the
most vital oeing the blood bank
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County Rescue Squad
Ready For Operation
The Watauga County Rescue
iquad I* now ready for operation,
iccording to Capt. R W. Watkliu
rhe aquad now own* a panel truck
ind has a boat, outboard motor and
escusitator available (or use.
Members of the squad are now
aking training in first aid, safety
ind- rescue techniques.
The Retcue Squad la still In need
>f several items Of equipment in
>rder to be able to handle emer
(encies effectively, and donations
ire being sought from anyone in
teres ted in helping. Person* in
terested in making contributions
may leave them with 'Zeb Kirk at
Kirk's Restaurant, James Marsh at
Watauga Savings and Loan Associ
ation, or with any member of the
The rescue truck and equipment
was on display on King Street last
Saturday. The Rescue Squad meets
each Thursday night at 7:00 o'clock,
in the Apaplachian Slate Teachers
College Physical Education Build
ing and applications from qualified
men are still being accepted.
Travel Up
Roanoke, V*.? The Bluffs Dis
trict of the Blue Ridge Parkway
had a total of 178,609 visitors dur
ing June, Parkway headquarters
here reported this week.
The Bluffs District consists of
the Parkway area from the Vir
ginia line to west of Blowing Rock.
The headquarters is Laurel
Springs. The district had 154,203
visitors in June, 1060.
Parkway headquarters said the
four districts of the parkway re
ported 753,418 visitors last month
and 702,558 in June, 1960.
The Asheville District counted
306,927 visitors in June as com
pared with 264,249 in June, 1960.
The district covers the parkway
from near*Mt. Mitchell, about 28
miles north of Asheville, to the
scenic highway's southern termi
nus in the Great Smoky Mountains
National Park near Cherokee.
The districts in Virginia ? James
River and Rocky Knob ? reported
122,938 and 144,854 respectively
during June. Both were decreases
from the total* of June, 1960.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Briggs r.nd
Mr. Chester Jackson were Sunday
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Craw
ford. Mr. Briggs has just complet
ed a two week's stay ,'n Paducah,
Kentucky, where he was filmed in
a new picture with Spencer Tracy.
Watauga Budget Estimate
Anticipates Revaluation
Local Levy To
Produce Sum
Of $255,170
The Wataugi County tax rate
for the coming year has been set
at $1.00 rather than at 95 cents,
the additional five cents to be
placed in a fund to be used for
payment of the 1962 revaluation
of real estate in the county.
The one dollar rate is based on
a valuation of $26,000,000 and is
expected to raise $260,000, which
added to the dog tax of $2,400 and
the poll tax of $6,200, will bring
the total from the local levy to
Forty-one cents of the levy goes
to the general fund, 8 cents to the
health and welfare fund, 2 cents
to the debt service fund, 29 cents
to the school fund, 14 cents to the
social security fund, and 6 cents
to welfare administration.
A five per cent allowance, or
$13,430, is made for insolvents
which would leave the net tax
revenue at $255,170.
A break down of the budget est
imate shows receipts of $3,280 from
the state intangibles tax, tax pen
alties bring $2,500, cost on tax
sales $500, court costs, $5,000,
schedule B licenses $1,000, mar
riage licenses $400, interest $1,500,
miscellaneous $800, and State aid
for the Veterans' Service Officer
Mate ana reaerai grants are:
welfare administration $12,000,
fines and forfeitures $15,000, old
age assistance $130,248.00, aid to
dependent children $198,400.00, aid
to totally and permanently dis
abled $55,242.00, equilization $7,
000.00, hospitalization $7,042.50,
State aid to library $4,000.00. The
estimated expense in excess of
revenue is $7,686.50. The total
estimated revenue is $672,489.00.
Estimated expenses include for
tax releases and tax collector's
commission $11,000, general fund
expenses $116,568.00, health and
welfare $50,669.00, State literary
note retirements $2,600.00, State
literary note interest $855.00,
school expenses $92,457, old age
assistance $149,040.00, aid to de
pendent children $176,640.00, aid
to permanently and totally disab
led $63,360.00 and hospitalization
Money Order
Fees Changed
New money order fees which
became effective July 1, are at
Up to $10, 20c; $10.01 to $50,
30c; $50.01 to $100.00, 35c.
Mr. R. C. Winebarger, secretary
treasurer of the N. C. Rural Letter
Carriers Association, says that since
the application blanks will not
show the (pew fees for several
months It would be well for pa
trons to clip these figures and
keep for future, use.
OPTIMIST CLUB OFFICERS.? These men figured in the inUllation of officers for the Boone Optimiiti I
Club Monday night. They we, left to right, seated, Hubert Inman, immediate past president; Joe Todd,
vice president, David N. Spainhour, president; A. E. McCreary; standing, fc. E. Dimmette, member Lenoir
club; Ned Leftwich, Lenoir; Hugh Cranford, of Charlotte, who installed the officers; John Miller, Nick
Stakiaa, Nail F aires, tad Jack Willisana, directors. ? Photo Flowers Photo Shop.
wmmmmmtVT -?-?tvmmmsmm m ??i? n ? ..
MEETING PRINCIPALS. ? John Hollar (left) and S. C. Eggers (right) pose with Rufut R. Clarke, presi
dent of the Federal Land Bank of Columbia, S. C., who made the main address at the annual Stockholder*
meeting of Federal Land Bank Association of Boone Saturday morning. Mr. Hollar is manager of the local
association and Mr. Eggers president. ? Staff photo.
1,000 Hear Land Bank Official
Speak; Lower Interest Rate Noted
J. E. Holshouser ?
Resigns As U. S.
Dist. Attorney
James E. Holshouser of Boone
who had resigned as district at
torney tor the middle district of
North Carolina, effective July 0,
agreed to a request that he hold
office until July 14.
Holahouter announced earlier
he had resigned and that the re
signation had been accepted by the
Department of Justice. The depart
ment made the request that he re
main in office until next Friday.
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I t J 1 thoUM?<? person* heard
I H Urke Uy Saturday that
&ZTnI Und Bank *"<*'?
Hon of Boone ,nd the Federal Land
Bank of Columbia (S. C.) have
taken the lead in supplying long
term credit to farmers. Mr. Clarke
Bank* n /"r 'hC Federal
Bank of Columbia, and he was
ipeakmg at the annual stockhold
er. meeting of the Boone F. L
?. A in the Boone Elementary
School Auditorium.
"f- ^rke told the group of
fimM their frien<u >nd
I i even "lough they had
I r?7 of ?^?.ney #t the con,r?ct
, *"*!* ot ?% interest, they would
of 514% k thi' year 11 ">? rate
He attributed this saving, for the
borrower, to the fact that the land
the ,UCh * ,ood reco?,'l i"
uUtio^nCH W?rld "nd Uwt "* ?P
uution and strength had grown so
^' L?nrWniZation W" ?bl? to
ZEtauSTL? ' g00d n,te
ln* ?wned by the
.tockholder., whose borrower, are I
e ?tockholders, Ju?t passe, the
wvings on to the stockholders
theIni^diCtlnf f"ture lrowth ^ I
association ,nd the Fed
Zbicb 0, ?' CoIumbi?. with
?ted Mr grouP U affili
Mr. Clarke Mid, "Only a
lew 2E* V?J.0Ur "^'ation had
.h" ln ,oaM Tod?y
't i? a three million dollar auo
F^?rn. 'U year' the
Federal Land Bank of Columbia
wa. a $73 ,000,000 bank. Tod? 't
i. a $190,009,000 bank^ndipre
win 'L? yeir* from now we
will be a 1300,000,000 bank "
He uid the FLB ha. no trouble
getting money needed to carry on
"?ur money supply
? unlimited bccau?e we buy it on
to ?et ?, nUrkel We ?*"
know tl? m?T "nd tbe Public
now. that our bond, are the best
they can buy," he laid as he ex
igency fr?Wth ?l the ,cndjn?
J*?** 00 the stage a. ,pec
* K Matthew,,
,h* Und Bank. Service,
aahlngfon, D. C., and J. H War
["? ft*** 0f u,. WtaSJX
Jwn Federal Land B.nk Aaaocia
thV'f,r,t" aaaociation
ance .nH u Z in ?ttend
"d Matthews praiaed
th!ir^ ,r?UP **d IU officer, for
S r i, r?COrd "'tendance.
S C. Lgger*, preiident of the
CUrkt *l*2c,aUon. introduced Mr.
hi?? 1 ??teonwd tbe itock
?"? SuSS
(continued on w. t?g)
Winkler Is Given
Auto Assn. Post
Raleigh, July 10? W. R. Winkler
of Winkler Motor Company In
corporated in Boone has been ap
pointed to lerve aa area chairman
of the North Carolina Automobile
Dealers Association (or Watauga
County, it waa announced today
by Rupert E. Atkins, President.
Winkler will act as liaison officer
between new car and truck deal
ers in Watauga county and the
State and National Aaaociationa.
In announcing the appointment,
Atkins said Winkler will keep his
area informed of State and Na
tional affaira affecting the retail
automotive industry and will ad
vise NCADA and NADA of local
happenings. Winkler will also head
a county wide membership cam
paign for both organization in
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Frost Seen
Light to fairly heavy frost was
reported from different aections
of the county Monday morning.
Tempers tores 1b some cases
were said to have been aa low aa
M degrees bat la Boom the of
ficial weather station gave a low
of 4# degrees. No damage to
vegetation was reported.

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