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Vohune I.—Number 16.
iStores To Remaun Open Nights From Dec. 17th
Christmas Seals To Be
Put On Sale Friday
Committee Will Make
Thorough Canvass
Of Citizens
It According to Miss Emma Byrum,
the annual Christmas sale
of seals for the prevention and cure
* of tuberculosis will be held in Eden
ton and Chowan County Friday, De
cember 14th. The sale will begin
Friday morning at 9 o’clock, and it is
the desire of the committee to solicit
eve*? home in Edenton and all the
schools of the county. Everybody is
asked to cooperate buying as
many of these seals as possible and
use them on all mail and packages
between now and Christmas so as to
.advertise these seals.
| Seventy-five per cent of the money
from the sale of these seals
nremains in Chowan County and is
/used to buy milk and provide tuber
| cular treatment for the. people of
f the county who are unable to provide
treatment for themselves.
The general committee includes
Misa Emma Byrum, chairman, Mrs.
R. C. Holland and Miss Mary Pruden,
while Mrs. George P. Byrum heads
the publicity committee. „
Following is the list of commit
tees which will make the canvass for
the sale of seals, 30,000 of which
have been received by Miss Byrum:
- y North Edenton —Mrs. L. S. Byrum
s-and Mrs. M. L. Bunch.
Queen Street Mrs. Clarence
Leary and Mrs. C. D. Stewart.
Church Street—Mrs. Lee Moore
_ and Mrs. Caleb Goodwin.
Granville Street—Mrs. M. F. Bond,
Jr., and Mrs. W. B. Shepard.
Oakum Street —Mrs. Arthur Hollo
well and Mrs. W. M. Wilkins.
King Street—Mrs. Albert Byrum
and Mrs. Wm. E. Bond.
Water Street—Mrs. Richard El
Eden Street—Mrs. 0. B. Perry and
' Mrs. Charles Hollowell.
Gale J. G. Campen.
Albemarle Street Mrs. Ernest
Blount and Mosely Streets — Mrs.
W. O. Elliott, Jr.
Main Street, residential section—
J. S. Davis.
Main Street, business section — Mrs.
George Hoskins and Mrs. Geddes
Court Street and Colonial Square —
Miss Frances Pettus.
M. G. Brown Company-— Miss Wil
lie Love Morgan.
Edenton Peanut Company Miss
Helen Goodwin.
Albemarle Peanut Company—Mrs.
Wallace Jones.
Edenton Graded Schools, white—
C. D. Stewart.
Edenton Graded Schools, colored—
Mrs. Fannie Badham.
Chowan High School—P. L. Baum
Upper Chowan County—Mrs. E. N.
Hotel Hinton—Mrs. Herbert Leary.
Edenton Cotton Mills, office—Miss
Mhrgaret Pruden.
Edenton Cotton Mills, residential—
Miss Estelle Rogerson.
City White Schools To 4
Have Long* Vacation
The white schools in the Edenton
administrative unit will close for the
Christmas holidays on Wednesday,
December 19th, and will remain clos
ed until Monday, January 7, accord
ing to John A. Holmes, superinten
This cessation of school activities
JmU enable teachers to spend the
-holidays at their respective homes as
’well as allow a number of the stu
ttents to work over the holiday sea-
Tsupenor Court To Be
Held December 17th
The December term of Chowan
Superior Court wifi, convene here on
Monday, December 17. Judge Clay
ton Moore of Williamston will pre-
in a crowded docket is
aS murder charge and a second de-
IL murder case. In the former
vwoy McClennyfcsfolored, is charged
|Hh killing Wilfcam Creighton, while
llHwood Standing, also colored, may
stably face the latter charge in
i“ ” "
Citizens Bank Pays
Another Dividend
Information was given out Wed
nesday that another ten per cent
dividend would be paid to Citizens
Bank depositors. The payment of
this dividend brings the total
amount paid to date to 80 per
Depositors may secure their
checks by calling at the bank, how
ever all checks will be mailed as
soon as they are made out
Rotarians To Entertain
Edenton Football Team
A special meeting of the Edenton
Rotary Club will be held Friday night
at 7 o’clock in the Parish House,
, when the Rotarians will entertain the
members of the Edenton High School
championship football team and those
in any way connected with this
year’s squad. This luncheon will
take the place of the regular Thurs
day noon meeting and President C.
H. Wood is very anxious that every
Rotarian be present to show their ap
preciation of the excellent record
hung up by the boys this year.
The committee appointed to ar
range for the banquet includes F. P.
Wood, J. L. Wiggins, C. E. Kramer
! and J. N. Pruden.
According to the committee there
1 will be plenty of music, fun and en
tertainment. Music will be fumish
, ed by Kenneth Floars Orchestra and
Herbert Peeto, editor of the Elizabeth
City Advance,, will be the principal
speaker for the occasion.
Return cards have been mailed to
every Rotarian, which are requested
to be returned immediately in order
to know for how many to prepare.
Former members of the club may also
attend this banquet by getting in
touch with C. E. Kramer or N. K.
Rowell at once.
Chowan Basketball
Court Not Lighted
The possibilities are that basket
ball teams at Chowan High School
will be obliged to play their games
during daylight. Since the installa
tion of the new Delco light system in
the school it is impossible to furnish
lights in the basketball court unless
new wire is secured to reach from the
school to the court, some distance
away. Heretofore No. 14 wire was
used on the old lighting system and
it will now be necessary to use No. 6
Superintendent Taylor at present
hasn’t the funds to purchase the new
wire, which woulcj cost in the neigh
borhood of SSO, and unless the amount
can be raised in some other way no
lights will be furnished in the court.
Red Men Attendance
Is Still On Increase
In spite of the inclement weather,
a total of 49 Red Men braved the
elements Monday night to attend the
meeting of Chowan Tribe,
No. 12. Interest in the attendance
campaign has reached a high pitch,
the attendance having been good for
a month or more. Nine new candi
dates were voted into the tribe Mon
day night.
Joe Habit, leader of one division of
the lodge, is leading Raleigh Hollo
well, the other leader, in the number
of points, during the campaign, which
will run through December. At the
conclusion of the contest the losing
side , will be obliged to serve a supper
to the entire membership.
Officers nominated for the new year
were as follows: Prophet, O. H.
Brown; sachem, Josiah Elliott; senior
sagamore, Noah Goodwin; junior
sagamore, W. E. Baker; chief of re
cords, Raleigh Hollowell; collector of
wampum, A S. Hollowell; keeper of
wampum, W. J. Daniels.
At the conclusion of the. meeting
members of the tribe enjoyed a hot
dog supper \fhich was prepared by
Joe Habit.
The Chowan basketball team de
feated Hobbsville last week 29-24.
Fans at Chowan are very proud of
the showing the team has made thus
far, havingyyon all but one game.
Edenton, Chowan County, North Carolina, Thursday, December 13,1934.
Business Section Should
Reflect Christmas
Edenton will be appropriately de
corated for the Christmas holidays,
the business district to be decorated
with 600 vari-colored lights which
will be lighted each night during the
holiday season. The lamps have al
ready arrived and as soon as sockets
reach Edenton the work of decorat
ing will begin.
The original plan of stretching the
lights across Broad Street has been
abandoned and instead the bulbs will
- be strung from the light standards
parallel with the street. This plan
w'll be more simple and in the opin
ion of many will make a neater ap
1 The decision to fall in line with
other Eastern North Carolina towns
i in decorating business districts dur
: ing the Christmas season was reached
1 last week at a joint meeting of Town
: Council and the Board of Public
1 Works.
I The section of Broad Street to be
decorated will be from King Street to
• Church Street.
i City Council Discusses
Mill Village Sewerage
At the meeting of Town Council
r on Tuesday night the possibilities of
putting sewerage in the Cotton Mill
; Village was discussed. At present
- there is a surplus of service pipe on
- hand which was left from the North
I Edenton project and the city will
i agree to pay for what extra pipe is
l needed as well as pay for the engi
neering service, which will cost SIOO.
t Engineer Wyatt is scheduled to be
I in Edenton today to confer with Mrs.
• C. P. Wales, Chowan County admin
, istrator, and town officials and it is
i expected data for the project will be
i gathered and the project submitted
to Mrs. Thomas O’Berry, State ad
ministrator, for approval.
L .. I
City Auto Tags Placed
On Sale December 15
City automobile license tags will be
| put on sale Saturday, December 15th,
; by Miss Louise Coke in the Munici
pal Building. Automobile owners are
urged to secure these tags as soon
as possible. All city automobile own
-1 ers must have their tag displayed by
January Ist, at which time a checkup
1 will be made by the police and viola
tors arrested.
Subsequently to winning- the State i
Class B football championship by the
Edenton High School, Coach Henry
House has received three letters, of
which he is very proud and which
have been placed in his scrap book,
and undoubtedly will be reason for
pleasant reflections m the years to
come. The letters are from Governor
J. C. B. Ehringhaus, who hails from
the Albemarle; Lindsay C. Warren, of
Washington, representative in Con
gress for this district, and Stuart X.
Stephenson, sports writer on the
Montgomery (Ala.) Advertiser, who
formerly lived in Edenton and did his
first newspaper work here.
The letters follow.
Governor's Letter
Raleigh, N. C.
December 4,1934
John C. B. Ehringhaus
Mr. Henry House,
Edenton High School,
Edenton, N. C. .
Dear Mr. House: ■
May I offer my congratulations
upon the splendid success of your
football team and the winning of the
championship for Edenton.
I am always interested in my Albe
marle territory and this achievement
of Edenton boys under your fine
leadership has attracted attention
and won confidence throughout the
State. Please convey my congratu
lations and good wishes to each mem
ber of your squad.
With all good wishes prsonally,
' Sincerely,
Edenton Would Be Ter
minal In Proposed
Mail Route
Plans for the establishment of an
airport in Edenton' are now in the
making, according to Mayor E. W.
Spires, who is very anxious that
Edenton be placed among towns hav
ing airplane facilities.
A number of conferences have been
held with John M. Guirkin, of Nor
folk, Va., head of an airplane corpora
tion, and another conference is ex
pected to be held the latter part of
this week regarding the matter. Mr.
Guirkin is working oh a probable
east coast air mail route and is anx
ious for Edenton to have a landing
It is explained that an airport could
be very easily made at the fair
grounds, it being thought that at a
nominal expense two runways could
be constructed.
At the meeting of Town Council on
Tuesday night a committee was ap
pointed to confer with Mr. Guirkin
relative to the practicability of an
airport and the amount of work
necessary to get the field in shape
The committee, given authority to
act, comprises E. W. Spires, G. M.
Byrum, T. W. Jones and A. G. By
Prizes To Be Awarded
For Christmas Trees
In an endeavor to create more in
terest in out-door Christmas decorat
ing z and incidentally saving trees,
City Council Tuesday night decided
to offer two prizes for the best deco
rated out-door Christmas tree in
Edenton. The first prize will be $5
and second prize $3.
A number of out-door trees have
been decorated heretofore and several
have made their appearance already
this year It is hoped that by offer
ing a prize many more will be deco
rated, thus adding to the Christmas
' spirit.
The Councilmen agreed to turn over
to members of the Garden Club the
responsibility of- judging the trees
and awarding the prizes.
The Edenton Fire Department was
called out late Tuesday afternoon
when a chimney fire was reported on
West Peterson Street. No damage
resulted, according to Fire Chief R.
K. Hall.
i Representative’s Letter
December 3rd, 1934
Mr. Henry House,
North Carolina.
My dear Mr. House:
I am writing to extend to you and
to .the Edenton team my congratula
tions on their outstanding record.
Being quite a football enthusiast I
have kept up with you and the team
with the greatest interest during the
entire section. It hag made a wonder
ful record and it is good that this
recognition has come to our section.
With best wishes, I am,
Stuart Stephenson’s Letter
Montgomery, Ala.
. . , Dec. 3, 1934
Coach Henry House,
Edenton High School,
Edenton, N. C. - • i
Dear Sir:
I wish to take this opportunity to
express to you and. the Edenton High
School boys my heartiest congratu
lations on the success of the 1934
football season. The job was beauti
fully done afid I wish for you many
more successful seasons.
In a few.more days I will be with
the Alabama team, enroute to Pasa- 1
dena for the Stanford game in the
Rose Bowl. I trust some of your
boys will be on a Carolina or Duke or
some other team that will enjoy -the
distinction of playing in the Rose
Bowl one of these days.
Very truly yours,
Sports Editor.
Merchants Prepared
For Christmas Trade
Now that football is over, what
about a coach for next year’s High
School team? Undoubtedly every
body would like to have Henry
House here again. However, if he
is to remain steps must be taken
early to provide the means.
Mr. House would like to remain
in Edenton, he likes the town and
the folks, but naturally will go
elsewhere if he can better himself.
At least one reader of the Herald
has suggested a plan whereby
the services of Mr. House could be
retained, and this short item ap
pears this week to urge other
readers to submit a suggestive
plan to keep Mr. House here.
The Herald will greatly appre
ciate any suggestions. Send them
in, please!
John Wiggins Honored
At University Os N. C.
John B. Wiggins, son of Capt. and
Mrs. J. L Wiggins, was signally hon
ored last week when he was initiated
into the Beta Gamma Sigma Alpha
chapter of the University of North
Carolina, being one of seven of the
1935 class in the school of commerce
to be thus honored. The initiation
ceremonies took place in the Graham
Membership in Beta Gamma Sigma
is restricted to those seniors who in
scholarship rank in the highest tenth
and those juniors who are in the
highest fifteenth of their respective
classes. The fraternity is the only
scholarship organization recognized
by the American Association of the
Collegiate Schools of Business, oi
which asociation the school of com
merce is a member. The chapter at
the Univarsity was established in
Following the initiation, Dean Car
roll discussed the position of the fra
tern'ty in the field of business educa
Red Cross Roll Call
Closed; $217 Collected
The annual Red Cross Roll Call
closed this week with Mrs. J. N. Pru
den, chairman, reporting $217 col
lected during the drive. The amount
this year exceeded last year by sls,
and Mrs. Pruden is very well pleased
with the results. She desires to thank
those who did the canvassing as well
as all those who enrolled in this
worthy cause.
Those not before listed in the mem
bership include: Miss Louise Coke,
Arthur Chappell, W. S. Privott, Jr.,
Mrs. T. S. White, Sutton’s Drug
Store, C. E. Kramer, H. H. Taylor,
Mrs. Nana McKenna and the Chowan
Woman’s Club.
A. E. Jenkins Attends
Auto Show In Kinston
A. E. Jenkins of the Chas. H. Jen
kins Motor Company returned today
from the annual dealers’ meeting for
a preview of the 1935 Pontiac, which
was held at Kinston.
Mr. Jenkins was very enthusiastic
over the new cars, especially the new
low priced six which has just been
announced by the Pontiac Motor
Company. He said that with the ad
dition of this new model at a low
price he expects a great increase in
sales next year on Pontiacs in Eden
ton and vicinity.
Edenton’s share of the cold wave
which has covered the country, bring
ing death and suffering in some
places, resulted in the first snowfall
of the winter, accompanied with
temperatures below the freezing point
the past few days. The first snow,
merely covering the ground, fell
Friday night but was followed Mon
day by a fall somewhat over an inch
deep, which late Wednesday after
noon had not entirely disappeared.
Mrs. C. P. Wales had the misfor
tune Monday night to trip over a rug
and, in endeavoring to catch herself
sprained her left wrist. Mrs. Wales,
however, is able to attend to her du
ties in the Federal relief office
This newspaper is circu
lated in the territory
where Advertisers will
realize good results.
$1.25 Per Year
Shoppers Will Find It
Advantageous To Buy
At Home
With display windows filled with
seasonal merchandise and decorations
suggestive of the holiday spirit,
Edenton merchants are prepared to
take care of the Christmas trade
All stores have supplemented their
stocks with a fine line of merchan
dise, and shoppers are assured of an
ample variety of items to be used as
Christmas gifts at just as low a figur*
as can be bought even in the larger
towns. Extra salespeople also wiE
be employed during the rush hours so
that shopping may be done in the
least possible time and at greater
satisfaction to customers.
The merchants, desiring to accom
modate those shoppers who cannot de
their buying handily during the regu
lar business hours, have decided te
remain open at night starting Mon
■ day, December 17. They will be
open every week day evening up un
til Christmas eve.
Most of the merchants are opti
mistic over the Christmas business, it
appearing that more spending will be
done than in several years. They
urge early buying before stocks have
been picked over and will gladly hold
any article bought now until delivery
is desired.
The hardware stores, aside from
their usual line of practicable gifts,
are handling a nice line of toys t'
will make any child happy. 'Furni
ture stores also have on display many
an item that will make a useful gift
in the home. Clothing stores have
added much merchandise and doubt
less many presents will be bought
there. Drug stores, too, have an end
less line of useful gifts, including
many novelties especially designed
for suitable Christmas presents.
Campen’e Jewelry Store, the only
store of its kind in Edenton, will be
busy showing their many items that
always make desirable presents. Gro
cery stores and meat markets will
tax the appetite of shoppers by dis
playing just the sort of tempting
food desired for the season. In
every place of business is fully pr-- •
pared and anxious to serve customers
in Edenton, Chowan County and ad
joining counties.
Masons Will Elect
New Officers Tonight
Officers for the coming year will
be elected at tonight’s meeting of
Unanimity Lodge, No. 7, A. F. &
A. M., according to A. S. Hollowell,
master of the lodge. The usual time
for the election is next Thursday
night, but on account of the holidays
Mr. Hollowell decided to call the
election tonight. All members of the
lodge are especially urged to attend
and take part in this most important
County Schools Will
Close For Holidays
The white schools in the Chowax
County administrative unit will close
for the Christmas holidays on Tues
day, December 18, and will reopen cui
Monday, December 31, according to
Superintendent W. J. Taylor.
The County colored schools wifi
close Friday, December 21, and re
open on Monday, December 31.
H. C. Goodwin Retturns
From Norfolk Hospital
H. C. Goodwin, who was accident
ally shot while accompanying a party
of hunters last week and was taken
to a Norfolk hospital, returned to Ms
home Tuesday, where he is rapidly
recovering from his painful experi
It was necessary to remove Mr.
Goodwin’s right eye, which was in
jured by the shot, but the sight qf
the other eye appears not to be af
fected. His many friends are bappy
to learn that the accident was not as
disastrous as was at first thought.
There will be a congregational
meeting at St. Paul’s Parish House
tonight at 8:00 o’clock for the pur
pose-of electing a Vestry and hear
ing reports of organizations. All
members are urged to attend.

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