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mjtj general interest.
Volume r —Number 17.
IBensation blanks
AjLEntitled to Bonus
Should See W. J.
■J The final date on which World War
r veterans may file applications for
S adjusted compensation certificates has
1 been set for January 2, 1935.
Any veteran who had more than
, jSixty days service in the World War,
f or any dependent of a veteran who is
dead, who have not applied for
r “bonus” certificates, is requested to
f see W. J. Berryman, chairman Sol
diers Relief, Chowan County Chapter
Red Cross on or before January 2,
with proper honorable discharge, so
that an application may be filed,
i Veterans eligible for the “bonus''
|k certificates must have served more
than sixty days during the war pe
riod—April 5, 1917—November 11,
1918, and have been honorably dis
charged. Certain high ranking com
,missioned officers, civilian employees
the Army and a few other similar
■passes are not eligible.
I Dependents of veterans who d’ed
Kin the service, cr since, who failed to
Ripply for the certificates, or who die!
Bjfter filing, but before receiving cer-
Hpficates, should make application be
guile it is too late. Widows and
»dren have preference over depend
parents. If there is no vv'dov. or
I child, dependent mother may file, or
I if mother is not entitled, dependent
Kptther may file. Dependency of pa
|Hent>s is presumed after age 60, and
Hsefore that age evidence of depend-
Hency must be presented.
LMass Meeting: Called
™ For Friday Night
/& mass meeting will be held in the
ithowan Court House on Friday
at 7:30 o’clock at which time
Hthe National Re-employment service
«will be discussed. This meeting has
■been called by Floyd I. White, man
lager of the National Re-employment
■office here, through Major A. L.
■ Fletcher, Commissioner of Labor, of
K Raleigh, who is also manager of the
I National Re-employment service.
I Concerning this meeting, Mr.
I White has the following to say:
P “This meeting is called to consider
I a question of vital importance to this
I city and county, and in stating its
Kptifpose I want to point briefly to one
Bor two facts that will enable you to
Bweigh the matter intelligently. The
■time is here when we must decide
this community shall con-
the benefit of a nation-
service or wheth
'*< • Ball permit a return to the
that existed 18 months ago
sands without work walk-
BjHwp'TKrp.ets. with none to help or
the way to possible employ-
“First, what does the employment
|B»rvice mean to us; second, what will
■s collapse mean; third, why must
decision be made now; fourth,
|Bhat can and must be done if we are
H retain it?”
is invited to attend this
■Any Expected At
Ks Christmas Eve Dance
V What promises to be *ne of the
P most successful dances of the year in
will take place on Christ
mas Eve from 12 P. M. to 4 A. M.
at the Eden ton Armory. With col
lege students home for the holidays
and other visitors here, it is thought
many will take advantage of this
The music will be furnished by
Ppul Jones and his orchestra from
—■ Rocky Mount, who have won quite
a reputation for furnishing dance
I music of the best calibre.
proceeds from this dance will
|||B. U8 ed to purchase sweaters for the
||BBnton High School championship
of the gold footballs
wmch will be given to members of
Mi Edenton High School State Class
football team have
IKM received by Campen’s Jewelry
||Bore for the purpose of selecting the
Bples are very attractive
4ike fitting souvenirs for
JKU tßPwhich has gone through a
Ihedule of ten games without being
'« Bf#. upon. Fourteen footballs will
I given, including one to Frank
fr # ' 1
QifiU |
If 1 cJ. , 1$
r Y
$2 « |F IT were possible, your Home Town Newspaper « ||
| would like to give as a Christmas gift to every person in this community '
1 that which he or she desires. But since that can not be done, we wish ■ j|j|
J# to offer you as our Christmas gift, not only for this happiest day in the ' M
jj| • year, but for all the days to come during the next year these things: «
& ! ISews ... i
1# All the news of the territory in which it circulates; clean news, con- , W
ft 1 structive news, hopeful, wholesome news, news that is appealing to 1 ro
B • , the young as well as to the old, news that will bring happiness to , fS
i 1 every household. !
|' ! Principles and Ideals ... i j|
|These intangibles, expressed in an editorial policy which has the , vt
flu ’ courage of its convictions, which is fearless in the expression of '
Xfi righteousness and in the espousal of justice, and which seeks to ,
§ ’ offer intelligent and helpful comment on the items of news which ‘
uH , have an important bearing on public opinion or public morals. , v&
| ; Readership and Service ... *
jo ’ These qualities expressed in devotion to the good of the community, 1
m , which makes it a community adviser, a civic booster, the big brother . v*
jj|| ' of the neighborhood, who works unceasingly to make this community ' aj,
, a better place in which to live, who helps to protect its people from .
jo ■ imposition, from fraud, from danger, an ally of the strong, and a ' Id
91 , defender of the weak. < fi
, All these, the principles upon which the best type of newspaper is , ®
> founded, we offer to you as our Christmas gift and with it goes the ' jjjj|
I ' heartiest holiday greetings from J. EDWIN BUFFLAP.
S%i .CoDvrinbt i
f fi- M> Uh* r* 1 rfiti, Bi Ah ifiiif. A * * I*l It |
Taylor Books Good
Pictures For Holidays
The Taylor Theatre management
has gone the limit to provide good
entertainment during the holidays
and feels sure that movie-goers will
be well pleased with the splendid ar
ray of pictures that will be presented.
Today and Friday little Shirley
Temple will be seen in “Now and
Forever.” This popular young star
is supported in this picture by Gary
Cooper and Carole Lombard. On Sat
urday Big Boy Williams, a new
westerner, will thrill movie fans in
“Thunder Over Texas.”
An added feature for the holiday
season will be a midnight show Sun
day, when “Roman Scandals,” star
ring the inimitable Eddie Cantor will
be screened. Ruth Etting plays op
posite Eddie in this picture that has
drawn record crowds everywhere.
The picture will be repeated Monday.
On Christmas Day Joan Bennett,
Francis Lederer, Charlie Ruggles
and Mary Boland combine in “The
Pursuit of Happiness.” This picture
faithfully depicts life in the colonial
days and the contrast with modern
American life furnishes much of the
Edward G. Robinson and Mary
Astor will be seen Wednesday in
“The Man With Two Faces.” This
picture is said to furnish delightful
entertainment to everyone who likes
mystery stories replete with love
Chowan County cotton growers
very unmistakably demonstrated how
they feel in reference to the continu
ation of the Bankhead Act for the
control of cotton during 1935 at last
Friday's poll of fanners.
Out of 700 votes cast, 693 were in
favor of the measure while 7 opposed
it. /IfMfßfenkhead law, nationally,,
was swept into victory by a 9 to 1
N. K. Rowell, County Agent, spent
Wednesday in Williamston attending
a meeting relative to the peanut
situation. } '
Edenton, Chowan County, North Carolina, Thursday, December 20,1934.
Two Suggestions To
Retain Henry House
In response to the Herald’s
question last week, “Can We Keep
Henry House?” two suggestions
have been received by men who
are anxious to retain the services
of Mr. House next year.
In the first instance a plan is
suggested that 100 citizens agree
to pay $5.00 toward a supplement
to Mr. House’s salary as teacher
in the local school.
The other suggestion is for the
staging of a series of home talent
ministrel shows through which an
amount large enough might be
raised to take care of the extra
salary necessary.
Mr. House has expressed a de
sire to remain in Edenton, and the
Herald welcomes any suggestions
whereby arrangements might be
effected to keep him here.
Service Leagues Need
Money For Stockings
The Seryice Leagues of St. Paul’s
Episcopal Church are badly in need
of money for the Christmas Stocking
Fund at last reports. According to
Miss Sarah Jones, leader of the
senior group, the age of those to
whom stockings will be given had to
be reduced, and even then approxi
mately 100 are on the list.
Any desiring to donate to this
cause should get in touch with Miss
Jones, Miss Helen Badham or Miss
Louise Coke immediately.
First 1935 Oldsmobiles were view
ed this week when the local dealer
visited Charlotte Wednesday. A. E.
Jenkins reports great enthusiasm
among Oldsmobile dealers at the first
showing and with Oldsmobile’s gain
of 100 percent more sales in 1934
than in 1933 there is evidence of a
big swing toward the new styling
which Oldsmobile introduced.
Mr. Jenkins said Edenton gave
Oldsmobile a good business this year
and--'lie expects a greater year in
Red Cross Assisting
To Control Pellagra
The Red Cross, through the Chow
an County Chapter, this week begins
a project to control pellagra in this
County. It is surprising to find that
this blood impoverishing disease ex
ists to an alarming extent here. In
several cases there are as many as
five pellagra victims in a family.
After conferring with Dr. J. A.
Powell, County Health Officer, and
other physicians in the County, the
Chapter with the assistance of Mrs. J.
K. McMullan and Mrs. Percy Perry,
case workers for the emergency re
lief, is distributing yeast to these
If anyone knows of a sufferer in
the County who does not receive this
treatment, they are urged to report
the case to either Dr. Poweil. Mrs. J.
N. Pruden, Mrs. J. H. McMullan or
Mrs. Percy Perry.
A delightful surprise party was
given Mr. and Mrs. F. F. Muth Sun
day night by friends, celebrating
their 48th wedding anniversary. The
party was held at the Muth home on
West Eden Street.
Those enjoying the evening were:
Mayor and Mrs. E. W. Spires, Mr.
ahd Mrs. George W. Lassiter, Dr. and
Mrs. M. P. Whichard, Mr. and Mrs.
Ti C- Byrum, Mr. and Mrs. R. H.
Bachman, Mr. and Mrs. F. O. Muth,
Messrs. W. J. Daniels, C. H. Wood, C.
Si Cozart and Mr. Shaw.
Those gaining a place on the honor
roll for the past month in Mrs.
George Mack’s section of the ninth
grade are: Wendell Copeland, Mable
Harrell, William White and Evelyn
Those who had a .perfect attendance
were: Beulah Barrington, Dorothy
Bufflap, Orphia Cozart, Frances Dail,
Mary Elliott, Mable Harrell, Mar
guerite Hollowell, Sarah Jones, Lil
lian Mizelle Kathryn Saunders, James
Byrum, Evelyn Skiles, Wendell Cope
land, Ewell Hobbs and William
. V . V ' '
Rotarians Entertain
.Class B Champions
Herald To Be Printed
Day Late Next Week
Due to Christmas Day falling
on Tuesday, on which day the bulk
of the work of The Chowan
Herald is done, and in an endeavor
for the paper’s employees to dis
miss from their minds all idea of
work and thoroughly enjoy the
holiday, The Herald will be print
ed Friday of next week instead of
Thursday, the regular day of pub
We hope our subscribers will
not mind receiving their copy one
day later to help a few more to
enjoy a Merry Christmas.
New Home Agent Is
Highly Recommended
Miss Rebecca Colwell, successor to
Miss Nelle Caldwell .as Chowan
County’s home demonstration agent,
has been in Edenton this week, ac
companying Miss Caldwell through
out the county in order to become ac
quainted with her co-workers. Miss
Colwell, a graduate of E. C. T. C.,
Greenville, is from Wallace, N. C.,
having taught home economics in
Cumberland County two years and in
Sampson County 7 1-2 years. She
also was engaged in emergency relief
work in Tyrrell County during the
past summer. She comes to Chowan
County very highly recommended.
Miss Colwell left Edenton today to
spend the Christmas holidays at home
and will return to her new duties
here on January 1.
Miss Nelle Caldwell also left Eden
ton today for her home in Dillon, S.
C., where she will be married on
December 26. After her marriage,
she will reside ir Raleigh.
Two FERA Employes
Transferred To E. Gty
Due to the main office of the Fed
eral Emergency Relief Administra
tion for six counties being establish
ed in Elizabeth City, two members of
the Chowan County office have been
transferred to Elizabeth City, wher.
being Minton Dixon and George C
Wood. Mr. Dixon will be the dis
trict statistician, and Mr. Wood dis
trict farm rehabilitation officer.
The remainder c.f the local person
nel wiil remain here in various ca
pacities with Mrs. C. P. Wales acting
as chief case worker in charge of the
branch office here.
E. W. Lordley, formerly a resident
of Edenton, was named R s adminis
trator for the district, which in
cludes Chowan, Perquimans, Gates.
Pasquotank, Camden and Currituck
Good Response To
Christmas Seal Sale
Canvassers fer the Christmas Seal
Sale have completed their work and
while no definite report is available
at this time as to the amount sold,
Miss Emma Byrum, chairman, is well
pleased with the response to this
worthy cause.
While there will be no more can
vassing done, anybody desiring to
purchase these Seals up until Christ
mas can do so by seeing Mrs. R. C.
Holland, Miss Mary Pruden or Miss
Emma Byrum at the Chowan Motor
Added to the beautiful decorations
on Broad Street Tuesday was a beau
tiful Chirstmas tree placed at the
foot of the parking at Water Street.
This tree was donated by Capt. J. L.
Wiggins and the decorations furnish
ed by X. E. Copeland.
This tree, lighted at night, forms
a beautiful sight while looking to
ward the waterfront.
Members of the Red Cross roll call
who have not heretofore been pub
lished include the following:
Canvasser, Mrs. Rupert Goodwin—
J. C. Bond.
Canvasser, Mrs. Aggie Holley—
Mrs. W. L. Walker, Miss Hattie
Banks, Steven Welch, Hattie Beasley,
Rev. H. H. Trotter, Rev. L. G. Nich
ols, Mrs. Rosa Hogan, Mrs. Effie
Canvasser, Rev. S. N. Griffith—
Mrs. L. J. Luton, Mrs. J. T. Holley,
Miss Tamar McClennv.
This newspaper is circu
lated in the territory
where Advertisers will
realize good results.
$1.25 Per Year
Speakers Praise Boys
For Wonderful 1934
Fifty-seven Rotarians and mem
bers and officials of the championship
Edenton High School football team
gathered in the Parish House last
Friday night when the Edenton Ro
tary Club was the proud host to the
football warriors and their coach,
Henry House. The Parish House was
attractively arranged with a football
serving as a center piece on the
table. A sumptuous turkey dinner
was served by St. Mary’s Guild,
which was enjoyed no less by the
Rotarians than the football boys.
Senator Lloyd E. Griffin was called
upon to offer prayer and after a
welcome address by C. H. Wood,
Rotary president, the meeting was
turned over to C. E. Kramer, who
acted as toast master. Captain J. L.
Wiggins, John A. Holmes and Henry
House made short addresses, each one
praising the football team and the
record made the past year.
Mr. Wiggins vividly brought out
the significance of the three words
“Objective, Sturdiness and Achieve
ment” as applied to this year’s foot
ball record, and reiterated the great
amount of favorable publicity ob
tained therefrom.
Mr. Holmes, himself a coach and
close observer of high school football
teams in North Carolina, paid high
tribute to the coaching of the local
squad as well as the generalship of
Paul Spencer, who was given the cre
dit for not calling a single disastre.;:
play during the season.
Mr. House, modest as he is, gave
the boys full credit for their achie- -
ment and during his remarks ,c
his opinion of the qualities of each
member of the squad.
Mr. Kramer also called on Paul
Spencer and Frank Holmes, both of
whom appropriately thanked the club
and citizens for their support.
The principal speaker of the even
ing was Editor Herbert Peele, of
E izabeth City, who praised the team
for blinging the State honor back to
the Albemarle this year when other
wise they would, according to com
parisons -have gone to the western
pa t of the State.
A stunt put on by Oscar Brown
was the source of much amusement
in which Fred Wood, Millard Bond.
Jr., Melvin Layton and Bill Harrell
walked blindfolded through a basket
ful of “eggs” scattered over the
Music for the occasion was fur
nished by Floarjs Orchestra with Dick
Harrell singing several solos. Mrs.
W. H. Coffield furnished piano music
for the Rotary songs which were led
by Rev. C. A. Ashby. Each one pres
ent was presented an attractive
souvenir by The Chowan Herald.
Many Attend Oyster
Roast Os td Bond Post
A large number of Legionnaires
and ex-service men were present at
the oyster roast held Tuesday night
by Ed Bond Pc-st, at which members
of the Edenton High School cham
pionship football team were special
guests. The roast was held in the
Chowan Motor Company building, the
oysters being steamed in the plant
of Oglesby Brothers.
Short addresses were made by
Mayor E. W. Spires, Major W. S,
Privott, and W. W. Byrum, com
mander of the Post, each of whom
urged everyone eligible to join the
At the next meeting of the Post
Tuesday, January 1, the Auxiliary
will be invited, when an interesting
program will be arranged and re
freshments served.
A White Christmas will be cele
brated at the Edenton Baptist Church
at the regular church hour on Sunday
morning, when gifts will be present
ed to be distributed among the needy
in the community. This form of
celebration has been observed for a
number of years in the Baptist
Church and it is hoped many will at
tend this year.
A cabin has been constructed just
outside the city limits on the Suffolk
Highway, where all kinds of fireworks
are now for sale, the name of the
place being Harris’ Fireworks Cabin.
As a special inducement, this con
cern will give away free on Saturday
at noon 500 packages of fireworks.
V ./

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