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    Volume Xlll.—Number 11.
Chowan Group Encouraged
.Over Road Prospect After
four With State Officials
So Much Time Consum
ed Necessary to Com
plete Later
Citizens and Highway
Officials Realize Each
Other’s Position
As tin; result of a tour over Cho
wan County roads Friday, a group
of men in the county are greatly -eh-!
couraged over the prospect of better
roads as soon as State highway labor ;
and equipment are available. In the,
tour were Merrill Kvans, highway!
commissioner for the First Division,
and T. J. McKim. division engineer,
together with the following local
men: W. W. Byrum, Joe Webb, Ha-1
leigh Peele, J. Clarence Leary, T. C. j
Byrum, E. W. Spires, It. C. Holland,
Jim Morgan and J. Edwin Buffiap.
During the tour various roads were.
pointed out to the highway officials.
which it was hoped would be added!
to the highway system and other
where necessary work should be done
as soon as possible. Both Mr. Evans
and Mr. McKim appeared very anxi
ous to provide relief requested and
expressed the opinion that what re
quests were made were not exces
The first road visited was Paxton
Lane, from the old Hertford road,
which Commissioner Evans agreed
should be put on the State system.
From that point the party went
over Indian Trail, stopping to con
sider the Haywood Hughes Lane.
Only two houses are on this lane, so
that the opinion Was advanced that,
these were not enough to justify tak
ing on the road.
The group continued on to Drum- 1
lond’s Point and then to the Per
il limans County line below Joel
' v'ebb’s farm, with attention given to i
drainage over the route. Coming
nack to Route’l7, the party traveled
wer Thick Neck road.
The next leg of the tour was down |
Paradise Hoad, coming out on Route!
.12 at Waiter Miller’s store, after;
which the group enjoyed a shad din-;
ner at Hotel Joseph Hewes.
Beginning the afternoon trip, the!
group first went to the cemetery,
where R. C. Holland made a plea for
extension of the hard surface road to:
the western boundary of the ceme
tery. The highway officials express
ed the belief that this could be done!
without detriment to any of the other s
projects in the road program. Con-
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Aces Defeat Roper In Final Game While Girls
Lose to Plymouth; Joyce Bowen of Windsor
Chosen as Queen of the Tournament
Before a record crowd in the
armory Friday night the Edenton
High School boys’ basketball team
won tournament honors, while the
girls’ team was defeated in the final
The boys entered the finals after
defeating Plymouth and Windsor,
being paired with Roper to fight it
out for top honors. The Aces easily
outclassed the Roper boys, the final
score being 82-13. The visitors
scored only three points during the
first half and scored most of their
points in the third period when
(loach Tex Lindsay sent in his entire
second string. Keeter was high
scorer for the Aces, being credited
with 11 points, followed by George i
Habit with 10, Jack Habit with G
and Batton with 5. For the visitors
Collins led with 5 points, D. Spruill
with 4 and N. Spruill and Biggs with
two each.
It was the Aces’ second tourna
ment championship, having won last
year from a strong Windsor outfit.
Edenton girls on Friday night lost
to a strong Plymouth team 20-13,
having reached the finals by defeat
ng Roper and later Creswell in the
| by a score of 11-10 in one
f the most exciting games of the
tourney. Mansfield led the scoring
for Edenton in the final game with
11 points, while Eason scored the
remaining two points. For Plymouth
Chapin scored 12 points, Veasey 5
and Sexton 3.
There were five teams in the
tournament, which included Eden
ton, Creswell, Roper, Plymouth,
Windsor and Chowan.
The highlight of the affair was
f|_ Bubbling! _)|
Chowan County's political pot
began to bubble Tuesday morn
ing when A. S. Hollowell, Eden
ton merchant, announced that he
would lie a candidate in the np
poaching Primary election for
County Commissioner from the
First Township.
Mr. Hollowell lias never held
, public office and in announcing
his candidacy said lie would use
his effort and influence to the
best interest of the county.
Having been reared in the upper
end of Chowan, he is well known
throughout the county.
Mr. Hollowell’s announcement
is the first to he made in Conner -
1 tion with the May election, and
I thus far it is the only indication
of a contest for any of the offices.
Offices which will be affected
by the election, which will be held
, May 25, are: County Commis
sioners, .Sheriff, Clerk of Court.
Representative, Treasurer, Judge
and Prosecutor of Recorder’s
The deadline for filing for
county offices is Saturday, April
13, at 6 P. M„ while the deadline
for district and State offices is
! March 16.
Heavy Criminal Slate
Is Docketed For Next
Term Superior Court!
i i :
Cases Docketed Include
j Negro Charged With
I With the spring term of Chowan
! Superior Court scheduled to begin
i Monday, April 1, Clerk of Court E.
W. Spires this week released the
j calendar as arranged by members of ,
| the bar. This Will be a mixed term
j with eight criminal cases listed, one \
| of which is a murder charge.
Judge Henry L. Stevens of War-'
! saw, is scheduled to preside.
Criminal cases calendared include
the following:
Willie Edward Dillard, who ip
, charged with the murder of Lula;!
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■ the selection of a tournament queen
1 j between the two final games. This
\ j honor went to Miss Joyce Bowen of
I Windsor, who was presented a silver
| basketball and George Habit, captain
•[of the Edenton team, also presented
,|her a corsage of red roses. Con
: | testants from whom the queen was
■ j chosen included Betsy Shepard of
I; Edenton, Garland Spruill of Cres
i! well, Frances Ange of Plymouth,
.[Annie Belle Blount of Roper and
■ I Miss Bowen. The winner was an
i nounced by David Holton, the an
■ [ nouncement bringing forth rounds of
i! deafening applause. Mr. Holton in
II a few remarks commented upon the
; j splendid success of the tournament
; and paid tribute to Coach Tex Lind
i say for arranging the affair. Mr.
i Lindsay also gave credit to J. Clar
ence Leary, Jr., for his support in
making necessary arrangements.
All of the participants were asked
;to gather on the basketball court,
, with the boys and girls in separate
; lines facing each other. All the
, lights were turned out and at inter- 1
. vals four spotlights were turned on,
■ each in turn being announced as
i the spirit of friendship, cooperation,
, sportsmanship and the spirit to win.
■ While the four lights played upon
i the boys and girls they were asked
i to join hands while a sextet sang
i “0 Tell Me Why”. Members of the
I sextet were Beverly Moore, Char
lotte Bunch, Dorothy Lee Chestnutt,
> Nelle Perry, Josephine Mills and
Ruth Goodwin.
, At the conclusion of this colorful
ceremony the boys’ game began,
i which ended the tournament.
" Edenton, Chowan County, North Carolina, Thursday, March 14,1946.
T. B. Meeting Called
For Organization In
Court House Tonight
Frank Webster, Execu
tive Secretary of State
Group, Speaker
Tonight (Thursday) at 8 o’clock 1
a meeting of the proposed Chowan,
County Tuberculosis Association will
be held in the Court House; This
will be the final step in organization
of the association, for W. ,1. Taylor,
temporary chairman, has contacted
all proposed members of the board
of directors, as well as the proposed
officers, who have been named by
the nominating committee.
“This meeting may be termed a !
mass meeting,” says Mr. Taylor, j
“and, therefore, all who are interest
ed in the cause of waging a fight
against tuberculosis in Chowan j
County are urged to be present.”
Member's of the board of directors!
and officers will be officially elected
and installed. Various committees,
will also be appointed and informa- i
turn necessary to the functioning of
the association will be announced.
Frank VV. Webster, executive sec- 1
retary of the North Carolina Tuber-:
culosis Association, is scheduled to be
present and address the meeting on
.matters' pertaining to the association
and the. problems of combatting tu
Red Men Elect Two
Tribe Representatives
Chowan Tribe of Ked Men on Mon
day night elected representatives to'
attend the Great Council meeting!
which will be held in Elizabeth Citv
May 19-21.
The representatives elected were
J. Edwin Bufflap and R. B. Hollowed,
with W. R. Israel and W. C. Hol
lowed as alternates.
The local tribe will present W. J.
Daniels as a candidate for Great'
Junior Sagamore and feels very j
much encouraged over the prospect!
of his being elected.
J. I). Hughes Home
After Navy Discharge
J. D. Hughes has recently been
discharged from the U. S. Navy, af
ter being overseas for over a year.
Mr. Hughes served most of his
overseas time in the Pacific and was I
stationed in Japan when he was dis
He has taken the job with Chest
nutt Cleaners that he held before
enlisting, taking over his duties
Monday morning.
Two War Veterans
In Surveying Firm
Jimmy Gibbs and John Wheeler,
two local returned veterans who
served overseas, have organized a
surveying firm, which will be known
as Wheeler & Gibbs.
The two veterans are equipped to
do survey work of- all kinds. They
are nbw endeavoring to find an of
fice, but until then they can be con
tacted at their respective residence
j Period of Readjustment
OffieU V. S. Strut Corpi Phott |
Their job done, these soldiers are exercising sdre, lame and injured
muscles in a physiotherapy ward in a LVS. Army General Hospital.
Our job is to help these and thousands of other wounded American
fighters by continuing to buy war bonds.
Dr. J. W. Davis, Jr.
Commissioned As
:| First Lieutenant
Awarded Ravenel Cup
. For Best Thesis on
Public Health
j Junius W. Davis, Jr., son of Mr.
and Mrs. Junius W. Davis of Eden
! ton, received the degree of Doctor
of Medicine from the Medical Col
lege of South Carolina in exercises
held in the Baruch Auditorium of the
college in Charleston on Friday
afternoon, March 8, At the time
of his graduation Dr. Davis was
commissioned a first lieutenant in
j the Army medical corps. The Rav
lenel Cup, awarded annually for the
i best thesis on a public health sub
ject, was won by Dr. Davis.
Dr. Davis attended the Episcopal
j High School in Virginia and re
ceived his bachelor of arts degree
'from the University of North Caro
lina, He also received a certificate
in medicine from the University in
j Chapel Hill before going tb the
medical school in Charleston. He
will continue his medical training in
! Philadelphia during the next fifteen
months, holding an internship at the
! Episcopal Hospital in that city.
Dr. Davis’ parents attended, the
i graduation exercises!
Miss Nelson Powell
Helps To Entertain
At Albergo Bernini
Enlisted Personnel Al
lowed to Mingle With
Officers at Club
Miss Nelson Powell, daughter of
I Dr. and Mrs. J. A. Powell, was
■ among the American Red Cross hos
tesses at the Albergo Bernini, Rome,
Italy, on January 19, when for the
first time enlisted men and women
mingled with the officers and nurses
by whom the well-known club had
been used exclusively.
Miss l’owell was educated at Duke
University and New York Univer
sity and employed by the Sperry
Gyroscope in Brooklyn, N. Y., be-
I fore going with the Red Crdss. She
is enthusiastic about the services
being rendered to members of the
armed forces still overseas by such
Red Cross clubs as the Albergo
j Here the military club is now pro
viding enlisted men and officers in
formation and shopping service,
tours, game rooms, a barber shop,
snack bar, motion pictures, dances,
a library, a package wrapping cen
ter, a music room, sketching and
photography service and a writing
When the new club was opened,
the American Red Cross closed the
Corso Club, largest in the Mediter
ranean, where enlisted men by the
thousands enjoyed club facilities
during the preceeding ten months.
Troop redeployment necessitated the
Town Council Agrees Take
Over Beaver Hill Cemetery
When Land Offered As Gift
| Last Chance ]
Edwin Gill, State Commissioner
of Revenue, has issued instruc
tions to ail deputy collectors that
they remain in their -offices Sal
urdav. March 16. until 5 P. M.,
for the purpose of making out
State income tax returns without
In conformity with the instruc- ;
tions, R. F. Tuttle will he in his
office at 1(1.') West (Jneen Street
to render assistance to any who
j may need it.
Reports Show Red
Cross Quota Only
At Half Way Mark
Chairman J. Clarence
Leary Concerned Over
Lagging Situation
J. Clarence Leary, chairman of the
Red Cross Fund Raising drive, re
■ ported Tuesday that thus far the
, county had barely passed the half
way mark and was right much con
jeerned that the drive is lagging to
.(such an extent that unless contribu
! tions pick up considerably, the quota
j will not be realized.
Up to Tuesday Mr. Leary reported
I contributions amounting to 51,247,67
! while the quota for the county is
•: $2,500. Os course, Mr. Leary’s re
- port was not complete, for it in
i’ eluded only the bulk of Edenton’s
• contribution and the Rocky Hock re
-3 port. However, these two reports
? should have been much mime, accord
’ ing to workers, so that it is hoped
sj contributions from other sections of
3] the. county will be sufficient to carry
i, the total to the quota.
-j- Mr. Leary is very anxious to have
‘ the various canvassers complete
■j their work, making an extra effort to
I contact as many people as possible,
1. and then report at once the amount
■! collected.
:! Chairman Leary is rather disap
pointed at the progress of the drive
thus far, especially because of the
i need of funds by the lied Cross and
the fact that this year’s quota of
■ -$2,500 compares with a .'*<>,7oll quota
I last year, and even then last year’s
quota was oversubscribed, lie ex
'' pressed the belief that if everyone
would do his or her proportionate
share, there is little doubt but
that this year's quota and even nuich.
j more,; would already be in hand. He,
j therefore, urges everyone to iuako a
; contribution at once, so that Chow an,
j County can 'maintain: its . previous
| record of meeting every Red Cross
! quota set for the county.
Edenton’s firemen were Called out;
j Monday morning When Kenneth
Wright’s radio shop near the Eden
ton l’eanut Company caught fire.
The small building was badly dam
aged and quite a few radios in the!
building to be repaired were also
Members of Group Now Eligible For Appoint
ment as Instructors; Course Strenuous; Class }
High In Praise Os Lee Jackson Greer
Nine men successfully completed i
the strenuous water safety course
completed last week at the Edenton
Air Station pool. Seven of the num
ber were from Edenton, one from
the Air Station and one from Eliza
beth City. The course was conduct
ed by Lee Jackson Greer under the
sponsorship of the local chapter of
the American Red Cross and through
the cooperation of Commander Bert
Creighton and other officials at the
Air Station.
Those finishing the course will be
appointed as instructors and as such
will be certified to teach swimming,
life saving and water safety in
general. The course itself consist
, ed of teaching techniques in teaching
the non-swimmer, the better swim-j
mer and the life saver. In addition
, to teaching methods, the men were
taught ten styles of swimming, all
mPer Year.
No Strings Attached
Except To Properly
Due to Mechanical Con
ditions l ull Story
Next Week
Town Council bad tini'iv- business
Iconfronting, it Tuesday night than
i it has in many months, so that they
; remained in session until almost mid
night. . |
Possibly the most important ar
: tion taken was agreement to take
over Beaver Hill Cemetery. R. C.
j Holland, representing' the Beaver
| Hill Cemetery Corporation and Bea
ver Hill Cemetery Association, pre
' sented the proposition that the Town
i be deeded the ground, 10 to 12 acres,
with no strings connected except
agreement to properly maintain the
! cemetery. *
The belief was expressed that whqt
few hold legal title to the ground
j would readily consent to the arrange
ment. •
’ This week The Herald was crippled
■ in setting type for this week’s paper
A due to the installation -of a new part
Hon a typecasting machine which re
■ j quired most of Tuesday and prdetio
> ally all of Wednesday morning. 'For
' that reason a more complete report
1 of Tuesday night’s meeting of Town
[ Council will appear next week.
- Engineer Agrees On
; Solution To North
; Edenton Problem
Plans to Draw up Pro
ject For Curb and
T. J. McKim, division engineer
, for the State Highway Commission,
, was in Edenton Wednesday of last
I j week in connection with investigat
• ing what can be done on Broad
; | street in North Edenton relative
. ;to .a drainage proposition which has
. t been, a source of worry upon the part
, of North Edenton citizens for a long
; time.
Mr, McKim was accompanied by
Mayor Leroy Haskett ami Street
. Commissioner J. Edwin Buffiap. both
i of Whom explained the. trouble and
i suggested that the. .State construct
i j curb; and gutters as a solution- of
i( the problem, Mr. McKim agreed,
: except for the fact t hat he expressed
j the . opinion that the street is
1 rather narrow,
However, Mr. McKim said he
i would prepare a project for install
ing curb and gutter, although he api
valued the opinion that if the im
provement is made by the state, it
■ will be a town obligation to install
': a storm sewer to carry the
I away. {
i life saving carries and releases, ar
tificial respiration, elementary div
ing, surface diving and general safe
ty practices in and around the wateV.
With these instructors availably,
it is the hope of the local Chapter
that every person wishing to learn
to swim will be given an opportunity
and those already in, the know’ will
be given an opportunity to swijn
better or to become life savers.
Those completing the course were:
Ben Askew, Bill Bunch, Jr., Richard
D. Dixon, Jr., Rodney Harrell, Jr.,
Emmett H. Wiggins, Samuel White
and George Willoughby of Edenton,
Malcolm McGregor, of the Air Sta
tion and Peter Carlton of Elizabeth
■ City.
■! Members of the class admit that
i the course was very strenuous aid
s were high in praise of Lee Jackson
1 Greer, the instructor. ’

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